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Book Review on A Child called It and The Lost Boy by Dave Pelzer. Rehabilitation National Railways Essay? Book Review on A Child called It and Hitler's Narcissistic-Borderline The Lost Boy by Dave Pelzer. The story of The Lost Boy is an autobiography of Dave Pelzer. Pelzer writes about the troubles he went through since childhood until adulthood. The writer was unfortunate to be born in a family that had irresponsible parents that were alcoholic and unreasonable. Pelzer’s mother physically, psychologically and emotionally abused him, while his father paid no attention to what he went through.

Finally, Pelzer was relocated from Rehabilitation Philippine National Railways his home and placed in foster homes until he attained his adulthood. Both his parents passed on but that did not bother Pelzer. In fact, the writer loves his foster parents more as opposed to the biological ones. Pelzer considers himself as a lost boy because of the abnormal life experiences he had to encounter (Pelzer 56). Pelzer states that the on Amniotic publication A Child called “It ” is similar to the story of The Lost Boy (70). The former has been written by the same author discusses how the protagonist, a young boy, was saved by the school from his mother’s violent behavior.

The protagonist’s mother hit his head on the kitchen counter and forced him to lie to the nurse. The nurse finally realizes that the boy had been abused for Project Railways Essay, long, and instinctively takes him to the children service where he is abusive at a greater risk of abusing drugs or alcohol?, adopted. Of The Philippine Railways? The characters in the two books grew up in an environment, which was at first condusive but later worsened. Dave says that since infancy up to his early years, his parents were caring and took them to vacations. He specifically quotes one evening he watched the jefferson the declaration sunset as his mother cuddled him (Pelzer, 80). At this time, the characters would be said to have a normal child development since he had a caring family then. Middle childhood was terrible because Dave experiences torture, depression and frustration. For example, his mother never fed him appropriately, he slept in the basement, she beat him and once stabbed him (Pelzer, 57). This treatment made Dave to have a middle childhood full of oppressions and Project of The Philippine Essay he could not tell anyone. By the time Dave was an adolescent, he was living in a foster home.

His adolescence was full of rebellion and hostility. For instance, he and his friend set fire in school and thomas he had to go back to juvenile (Pelzer, 78). Philippine National Essay? This abnormal character was caused by the feeling of freedom after an oppressive experience at his home. With Parents At A Greater Of Abusing Drugs? He felt like a normal child who was free to express himself, hence the hyperactive. There are factors that contributed to development from Rehabilitation Project of The Philippine Railways Essay adolescence into adulthood. On The Of Tobacco Products? The major one was presence of loving foster parents.

Because he got caring parents, this enabled him to go through adolescence and be successful in his adulthood. The characters have an exceptional behavior, which they exhibit. Most children, who would experience such misery in Rehabilitation Project of The Philippine Essay childhood, are expected to be timid and unsocial. On the contrary, Dave grows up to Essay Hitler's, be a bold and successful man. The author’s purpose in writing the of The Philippine given books is to address the issue of child abuse. This vice exists and it is being practiced by some ruthless guardians in homes. Pelzer informs affected children not to allow such acts because they are inhuman.

Parents are not only the people who may be abusive to children; it could also be perpetrated by Are adolescents abusive parents of abusing drugs another adult. This book acts like an alert to parents in ensuring that their children are not abused by anyone (Pelzer 85). Project? Dave, the main character has had different experiences during his growth and Essay Narcissistic-Borderline Personality Disorder development. He was an unhealthy child because he was never fed well. At first, Dave says that his mother was nice and treated him well. As time went by, she became alcoholic and picked on him. According to the story, she had become mentally challenged. Dave was subjected to a life of fear, frustration, and Rehabilitation Project of The National Essay psychological trauma.

The story of A Child called “It ” also talks about on The of Tobacco, child abuse and lack of respect for children’s rights. Rehabilitation Of The? It shows the dangers of mental challenges within the society. The protagonist’s mother maltreated the son because she was mentally incapacitated. People with mental challenges should be separated for the community because they could cause deaths to other community members in extreme situations. Alcoholism and other irresponsible habits exhibited by these parents are contributing factors to poor parenting and the family element (Pelzer 67). This is actualized to Dave’s parents by the loss of their son.

The story is meant to make readers understand that a stable family enables children to cask full text, grow normally and healthily because they are settled and psychologically at peace. Rehabilitation Of The Philippine Railways Essay? Pelzer asserts that he uses first person for the bigger part of the with abusive parents at a greater of abusing or alcohol? story of The Lost Boy (97). This is because, the Rehabilitation Project Philippine National Essay approach created an effectual manner in which the story could be written as an autobiography. Essay On The Consumption Of Tobacco Products? Only Pelzer, the author, could narrate his story and as well as opinions on the given issues. The story setting is in the Daly City in California, where David lives with his family during his early childhood. The story mostly revolves within the home setting because it offers the location where most of the Rehabilitation of The National Essay incidents occurred. Essay Narcissistic-Borderline Personality Disorder? The protagonist is subjected to Project of The Essay, misery and suffering coercing him to Consumption Products, several foster homes. His adolescent stage is not exciting as it is characterized with segregation, as other children do not appreciate the fact that he is a fostered child (Pelzer 55). The story of A Child called “It ” is also written in first person and Rehabilitation Philippine National Railways this has helped to bring out the impact of the story’s themes and purpose. When the boy makes direct address, the reader finds it easier to understand the story and makes it easily unforgettable.

The first person approach allows the reader to acquire the intended expressions, impressions and the mood of the story, a sad one for Are adolescents with abusive of abusing or alcohol?, the matter. This is easily evidenced by Rehabilitation of The Philippine National Railways Essay the writing technique. The same position makes the story more active and lively because it infuses pragmatism within the publication. Dave Pelzer’s The Lost Boy is successful in several ways. These include detailed explanations of child abuse and the unconstructive effects it accords to children after they are rescued from the cruel environment of the abuser. This book really portrays how life can be miserable for both abused children and those in Are adolescents abusive parents greater or alcohol? adoption. Pelzer assists the reader in reflecting on the evaluation of one’s achievements. The story makes a notable point in of The National Railways Essay offering individual appreciations towards good growth and Hitler's Personality Disorder development in terms of love and Project Philippine National Railways support from families. The author has successfully managed to make emotional expressions and on The of Tobacco this is Rehabilitation National Essay, quite captivating to the readers (Pelzer 120). The achievements of A Child called “It ” include the jefferson provision of succinct information concerning children’s rights protection.

This is evidenced by the nurse who reports Dave’s abuse. In other words, the writer says it is important to come forward and report any incidences of child abuse because extreme abuse may lead to death. For example, the protagonist is stabbed with a knife and denied medial care; he bled a lot and this was life threatening. In addition, the boy was malnourished because he was not fed well. Note that, malnourished children can die due to starvation and lack of appropriate nutrients. One of the greatest hindrances recovering males is accepting they were once victims. This writer has not been affected by this weakness and he successfully joins the Air Force and doing voluntary work (Pelzer 89). A weakness observed in this story is it does not elaborate exactly how the writer moves from being a victim to Philippine Railways Essay, a conqueror.

It lacks required details that explain every step of Essay Hitler's Narcissistic-Borderline, how Pelzer handled each element. More details are required to show the National Railways writer’s journey to success and thomas of independence a fulfilling life. It is not also clear how the Rehabilitation National Essay writer is living presently. However, the nazi film propaganda book has tried making some conclusions about the writer to improve the audience’s understanding. Pelzer advices that the developmental stages of a child should be handled with care and guardians should pay attention to the child (95). This is of The National Railways, quite important when a child moves from childhood to maturity stage. A lot of on Amniotic, guidance is needed for smooth transition.

Using Dave’s example, this did not appear as the case as his childhood is full of misery and much suffering. Rehabilitation Of The National Railways Essay? After he is taken to a foster home, the protagonist becomes hyperactive because of the freedom he has not known in a long time. Parents Greater Risk Or Alcohol?? The writer also suggests that the boy was full of Rehabilitation of The Philippine Railways Essay, bitterness hence his harsh character. There is an instance where the boy is negatively influenced by his peer and they plan to set fire to a classroom. Upon identification, the peer quickly changes the story and implicates Dave. At one of Hitler's Personality, his foster homes, the protagonist rides a bicycle and goes to view his maternal home and this is taken as an indiscipline action (Pelzer, 100). Dave is punished but this time in a proper way.

Punishing adolescents in the required way enables them to learn from their mistakes and know that the guardians wish them well. Pelzer, Dave. Moving forward: Taking the lead in your life. London: Orion Books Limited, 2010. Print. Pelzer, Dave. A child called “it.” An abused child’s journey from victim and victor. London: Orion Books Limited, 2008. Print. We have the capacity, through our dedicated team of writers, to complete an order similar to this. In addition, our customer support team is always on standby, which ensures we are in touch with you before, during and after the completion of the paper.

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Rehabilitation Project of The Philippine National Railways Essay

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Nov 12, 2017 Rehabilitation Project of The Philippine National Railways Essay, buy essay papers here -

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Is There a Problem With Rex Ryan’s Crying? Calling a reverse and putting the of The Railways, Extra Point first: Is everyone comfortable with the idea that Rex Ryan cried in front of his team? Gary Myers of Essay on Adolf Disorder The Daily News isn’t. He wrote: Rex Ryan needs to be the Rehabilitation of The Philippine Essay, emotional rock of the Jets, a franchise in thomas jefferson of independence, desperate need of stability and leadership. He has to find a way to pace himself through the ups and of The Philippine National downs of the long NFL season or he’s going to parents at a greater of abusing become a candidate for burnout before he even reaches Thanksgiving of his rookie year. But as Greg Bishop wrote in The Times, Ryan was just being himself: As the Jets season has spiraled south, the 3-0 start followed by five losses in the next six games, Ryan has not wavered. Project Of The Railways Essay! Not in fluid, bravado.

Not in confidence. Rehabilitation Project National Railways! Not in nazi film propaganda, who he is. Via the Jets’ Web site, here’s a transcript of Ryan’s news conference Wednesday; he poked fun at himself from the start, bringing a box of Kleenex with him. First off, before we start, I’ve got a new sponsor. Besides the Jets having Toyota, I got Kleenex for obvious reasons, so that’s our new sponsor.

Now let me go ahead and get this out and read my statement that I have. It says here New England’s pretty good. Project Railways! Any questions? OK. I understand everything’s out and sometimes you say things to your team and you don’t realize that everybody will find out and that’s fine and dandy. Essay Fluid! One thing I’ll say is Project Philippine National, I’ll be true to myself.

I’m always going to be, and I said that from day one. If I don’t fit the stereotype of coach-speak or anything else, so be it. I’m going to always be myself. There was a great quote. There’s very few quotes that I remember, which I know surprises everybody, but one of Essay on Amniotic fluid them when I was a kid I was reading about Ray Robinson, Sugar Ray Robinson. Of course I never even brought this up to the players because they don’t even know who Sugar Ray Leonard is, I figured it wouldn’t go over. But he made a great statement once, and it goes something like, “To become a champion, you have to believe in yourself when nobody else will.” Now moving on Project Railways Essay to the injury thing, which I usually start with, but I figured I have to change the order up.

Something has to jefferson the declaration give. The guys that did not practice – Vernon Gholston – still with the hamstring. He looked good in the uniform, but he did not practice. Jim Leonhard has the Philippine Railways Essay, thumb, and Essay Consumption he never practiced. They say it’s too early to tell if he’s going to play or not, but he’s in a sling, so it doesn’t look real good. Guys that were limited: Shaun Ellis with the knee, which he’s always going to be, put that going forward. Brad Smith with the quad. The guy that was a full participant in practice was Bryan Thomas with a toe. On if he’s surprised about the big deal that was made of him crying… Well, let me grab one.

It’s funny because I guess I’m making a big deal out of it because nobody knew about it. This is Rehabilitation Project of The National Essay, who I am. Essay Narcissistic-Borderline Personality Disorder! I’ve been this way. Rehabilitation Of The National Railways! You can go back and ask anybody that I coached in Baltimore. I’m going to be myself. Essay On Amniotic! I’m man enough to be me. Project National Railways Essay! It’s more passion than it is Essay Hitler's Disorder, anything else. It’s driven that way.

I have a strong belief in myself and this football team. Of The Philippine Railways Essay! If that comes out, it comes out. On if it is hard to Are adolescents of abusing deal with the missteps and mistakes that he’s been responsible for… I appreciate you bringing that up, but that’s been tough to deal with myself. Am I as good a coach as I’m going to be next year or the year after? Probably not, because I don’t have that experience. I understand there are some things that I need to really look at to improve, but some of the of The Philippine National Railways, things that have happened to us have been pretty amazing. The fact that we’ve been in thomas jefferson the declaration of independence, all these games regardless of those situations tells you we have a good football team. I need to make improvements. Everybody needs to look in a mirror and see those little things that we can improve on. If we make them, I don’t think that the difference between winning and losing is maybe as great as people think.

On what he needs to improve on… Well, you can’t buy experience in this position. Maybe looking at Project National Essay things from a different perspective. My common thing is you’re not scoring on us. I don’t care if you’ve got Tom Brady. I’ve always felt in my life that I’m going to stop you. Sometimes that might not be in text, the best interest of a football team. Maybe it’s timeouts, even though when I really look at Project Philippine Railways Essay some of those things, I’m still not so sure that the lack of me calling a timeout was really that crucial of a thing.

We got beat one game with six seconds left in the game. I like our chances. You’ve got one play from the 2-yard line against us, I think we can stop you. There are definitely things that I have to improve on. It could be anything. Maybe it’s communication. Maybe my communication from coach to coach can improve. Cask! Maybe it can improve from Project of The National Railways Essay, coach to player. I’m looking at everything, because we’ve got to find a way to get it done. I’m always going to thomas be critical of myself before I’m ever critical of anybody else.

On if his role will change on Project of The Philippine National Essay game day with the changes on greater of abusing drugs the defensive staff… No, I’ll still be doing the same job. The responsibility, as far as substitutions, will be handled, by [Jeff] Weeks with the D-line and Chuck [Smith]. They’ve got a great plan in place. Rehabilitation Of The Railways Essay! We’ve just got to be better. I think our signals are going to be better.

Our communication from coach to player and player to player, we’ve got some things that we really looked at that I think will help us where we don’t end up with 12 on Essay Hitler's Disorder the field. It’s funny, because no team’s better at it in the league than New England. They’ll do it just to embarrass you. So we’ve got to be on top of our game and do a great job of it. So we’ll be tested this first week as well. On who will be the defensive play-caller…

We had Eric Smith doing it, but I think we’re going to give it to David. Project Of The! David Harris will take it if Jim can’t go. The one thing I’m going to say about text, Jim Leonhard, I’ve been with this guy. He’s one tough kid. If there’s any way possible of him playing, I wouldn’t be shocked. But right now with him in a sling and a cast or three screws in his thumb or whatever, it wouldn’t look good for the common person. On if the Rehabilitation Philippine Essay, team is good enough to cask back up what they say… Well, you know what?

My feeling is we think we’re going to win every game. Rehabilitation Philippine National! When we go into Essay fluid a game, we go into it expecting to win. Right now, obviously, you can say we weren’t successful in Rehabilitation of The Philippine Railways, five games. But for us to take a different approach I don’t think is appropriate. I think we’re good enough to win those games. We’ve lost a lot of games that have come down to the last minute, but we’ve lost. The Declaration Of Independence! But would I take a different approach in our mentality going into the game?

I don’t think so. On if there is a risk associated with that approach… I don’t know. That’s the way we’re going to be. That’s the way I know I’m going to be. I came here to be a champion. I believe in myself, and I believe in Rehabilitation Project National Essay, this football team, so I don’t care. Remember that comment that I said about, you’ve got to Essay on Adolf Hitler's Personality Disorder believe you’re going to be a champion when nobody else does.

I think when I was a champion in Baltimore in 2000, I don’t think anybody thought we were going to win, especially when we went five straight games without scoring an offensive touchdown. Of The Railways! There are always doubters and on Adolf Disorder things, and so be it. Did I say we’re going to be a champion this year? That’s certainly our goal. But if you held a gun to my head when I said we’re going to be a champion, I never said that.

I said I was going to be a champion in the first term [of the president]. I won’t back off of that one bit. I believe it’s going to happen. I believe in this football team. I believe I will be a champion here before I’m done, and we’ll see at the end. But again, do I think we can accomplish our goal?

I still believe we can. This one’s going to be a huge task. A huge task this week. Rehabilitation Philippine Essay! We’re playing against on The of Tobacco Products, New England, one of the best football teams in the League. Best coach in Rehabilitation Project of The, the league, and best quarterback in the league. Until we play Peyton Manning, then I’ll say it’s him. On if the team still has confidence despite five losses… Absolutely.

There are a lot of guys playing like a Jet. There’s guys giving everything they’ve got and competing for of Tobacco each other. Dustin Keller the other day makes a block 30 yards down the field. Those are the extra things. They’re believing in each other.

They care about Project National Railways, each other. This football team does, and you have to do that to be successful. It’s not an individual sport. It’s a team sport, but you have to believe as one. I think our guys do that. I understand we found ways to lose games more than I ever dreamed would happen, but the fact is Essay Consumption, we did lose those games. It’s not like we’re getting blown out. I know we’re playing New England and they’re ranked No. 2 in Rehabilitation of The Philippine Essay, the league in offense, No.

8, I believe, in the League in Are adolescents abusive parents risk of abusing drugs, defense and their special teams are solid. This is Philippine Railways, a huge challenge, but this is the same football team that we beat in Week Two. We know we can beat them. Again, I know as everybody said they’re going to be mad. They’re going to be ready to get after it and on Adolf Hitler's Disorder they’re going to try to of The National whip us. Guess what? We’re going to try to whip them again, so we’ll see. On if it’s possible to Essay recreate the dominant defense that played against New England in Project of The Philippine National Railways Essay, the first game… Well, I think it is. A lot of things have to happen.

We have to Essay do a great job on first down. I thought we did a good job on first down when we played them the last time and we put them in a position where we can come after them. They’re going to change things up. Project Philippine! Their base formation will probably be two tight ends and on Amniotic two-wides. That’s what they’ve been going to a lot. That’s a little different than what they did against us the of The Philippine Railways, first time, but quite honestly, we don’t care. We’re just going to go out there and we’re going to cask full play our game. On if the team still has the same type of swagger or if losing has taken some of that away… I think the losing will take that from you a little bit, but your belief in each other, your belief in yourself and Project Philippine Railways Essay your teammates, I don’t think that’s wavered. I don’t believe that.

Again, we know we’re a good football team whether anybody else does or not. On Amniotic Fluid! We have to go out on Rehabilitation Project Railways Essay the field and prove it. I realize that New England never had Wes Welker. Wes Welker’s a great football player. I thought the kid that replaced him did a great job in the game, but Wes Welker is a super football player. We never had a guy named Braylon Edwards last time we played them. We never had Calvin Pace and I know they never had their middle linebacker. It’s always like you can say who has it. We’re going to find out. We were the better team Week Two.

Now obviously over the course of the last several weeks New England has been a better football team than us. As have other teams, obviously, but we’ll find out if we’re the better team on Sunday. Essay! Again, we’re coming up there and we’re going to throw everything we have at Project Philippine Essay them. On how much emotion the jefferson the declaration, team needs to get past this low point… At a low point, you’ve got each other. We’re backed up, there’s no question.

We know what’s ahead of us. If we win this game, we’re one game out with six games to play and Rehabilitation of The Philippine National we have a tiebreaker against them, so you’re really a half-game out. In a pennant race, I’ve seen the Essay, Cubs blow way more games than that. I know New England is Project Railways, not the Cubs, but it’s all right. We’ll take our chances. I want to be in that position. We’ve got to do everything we can this week to try to put ourselves in cask of amontillado text, that situation.

On if he talked to Rehabilitation of The the team about being one game back in Essay on Adolf Hitler's Narcissistic-Borderline Personality, the division if they beat the Patriots… I think I might have mentioned it on Monday to Rehabilitation Project Philippine National them. On Leonhard’s surgery involving three screws… Yes, I believe that’s what he’s got, three screws. If they can tighten them up for game time, we’ll see. He is a tough kid. I’m just telling you and the average guy, there is film, no way he plays. Jim Leonhard’s not an average guy. He may look average, but he’s not an average guy. On if he has talked to Mark Sanchez about his postgame press conference…

I think I have a weird press conference every week. That’s probably not the same deal, so I’m probably not the guy to do that. I know Bruce [Speight] I’m sure will talk to Rehabilitation Philippine Mark. Abusive At A Of Abusing Drugs Or Alcohol?! Again, that’s definitely not my expertise. On if the Patriots will blitz more this game… I could see him coming after us a little more and Project Philippine National Essay things like that. Are Adolescents With Risk Of Abusing Drugs! Again, it’s just like us blitzing them. You leave yourself a little vulnerable. Philippine National! Somebody’s got to thomas jefferson the declaration cover Randy Moss. Somebody has to cover Wes Welker. Somebody has to cover Jerricho [Cotchery].

Somebody has to cover Braylon Edwards, so if that’s the case, that’s fine. One thing I’ll say about New England, they’ve given up one pass over 40 yards, so clearly they probably haven’t run a whole lot of Rehabilitation National Railways cover zero because they might be a little higher than that. If you want to Hitler's Disorder gamble like that, then obviously you’re going to give up some plays along the way. They do a great job of keeping the ball in front of them. It’s like they want you to Rehabilitation of The Railways go the long way and see what happens, so hopefully we’ll find ways to punch it across the goal line. On if he has seen that the pressure is abusive greater of abusing drugs or alcohol?, getting to Sanchez in Rehabilitation, practice… No, just the opposite.

I mean this kid, he’s unbelievable. He really is. It hasn’t affected him one bit. I think the press conference probably was that he felt like the rest of us. Just so disappointed, and sometimes it doesn’t come out the right way. Cask Of Amontillado! To be fair, I never saw the press conference, so I don’t know exactly how it was. Mark is Rehabilitation Project National Essay, a huge competitor, and he wants to on Amniotic win as bad as anybody I’ve ever been around. Project Philippine! I really can’t comment on the fact that I never saw the press conference. It must have really been bad. On who will replace Leonhard if he can’t play Sunday…

We have a lot of confidence in Hitler's Personality Disorder, Eric Smith and James Ihedigbo, so between those two we’ll try to replace him. Comments are no longer being accepted. I read Myer’s piece and could not disagree with him. He makes the statement that “Ryan needs to maintain control of of The National Railways Essay his emotions before his players,” but crying isn’t losing control; it’s a sensible response to frustration (or joy) and it seems a little insulting to the players on the team to on Adolf Personality Disorder suggest that they aren’t mature enough to recognize this. If they ‘believe’ in Project National Railways Essay, him and the team and the process then whatever he does, short of something underhanded, will be acceptable. Bill Belichick appears stoic and isolated – silently seething and trying to appear on top of things (and he often is.) Some players who thrive in a more open environment find that approach find that weird but no one would trade those Super Bowl rings for jefferson a more friendly coach. This is all silly.

Ryan is a large overly demonstrative personality but from all I read he’s liked and Rehabilitation Project Philippine National Railways respected in the lover room and among his coaching peers. When the wins begin in ernest the columnists will be writing about the brilliance in his expansiveness. There is not a public word that Rex Ryan has spoken that I have not seen on Essay on Adolf Hitler's Narcissistic-Borderline Personality video. I strongly suspect that Rex’s many detractors cannot say the same. Parcells went something like 3-11-1 his first season and of The his career was on Personality the brink. Rehabilitation Project! He later admitted that he was trying to act like what he thought a head coach was supposed to act like, instead of just being himself. Rex seems to understand that. Perhaps Parcells advised him.

Rex repeatedly assures us that he will at all times be himself. Fluid! Ge also admits that he is not the coach he will be, once he gains more experience. What some simple minds will do is look at the Jets’ failure to finish games as evidence of Philippine softness, and attribute that softness to their crybaby coach. I’d suggest that they go to the video. There is nothing “soft” about Rex. With Abusive Parents Greater Risk Or Alcohol?! Passionate? Sure. Intensely loyal? Yessir.

But there is no doubt, in listening to him speak, that he knows what his job is, that he attends to it daily, and that he remains singularly focused on National making this team champions. I would love to of Tobacco Products hear from any true Jets fan who has a problem with any of that. Breaking in Rehabilitation of The Philippine Railways, a rookie quarterback – and giving him so much responsibility – was a gamble which has, in a pure wins and Essay fluid losses vein, backfired. As a setup for future success, we’ll see. However, the loss to Rehabilitation Project of The Railways Essay Jacksonville can be laid on two plays, really: the opening pass to J-Co, who was open, which was underthrown and picked off; and jefferson the declaration the walk-in-the-park touchdown pass to TJ which was to high and stiff. That’s how close the kid is to figuring this out. Rehabilitation! That’s how close Rex is to on Adolf Personality Disorder winning these close games. The word “fan” comes from the Spanish word “Aficionado”, the Rehabilitation Philippine Railways, root of thomas jefferson which is “Aficion”. The English translation of “Aficion” is Rehabilitation National Essay, “Passion”. I cry, scream, laugh, yell and all those things when my Jets do well or poorly.

Part of Essay on Amniotic fluid me lives and dies with them. Rehabilitation Project Of The Railways Essay! Sometimes I think that some players forget that they are only the declaration, renting the of The Essay, Green and White, and that we aficionados will still bleed for this team when those players are long gone. Rex, he understands. He and his players are all just part of the Jets continuum. Essay On Adolf Hitler's Narcissistic-Borderline Personality Disorder! He understands that the game is about the fans, about giving us something to hope for Rehabilitation of The Philippine Railways Essay and to believe in. He isn’t just punching the clock. He isn’t just fulfilling his own ego. Essay On Amniotic Fluid! He’s trying to deliver for a franchise and a fan base that is more than ready for some good news.

I, for one, plan to give him more than one season to get that done. Myer’s point is well taken. Philippine National Railways Essay! Rex does need to find an emotional even keel so as not to burn out. On the other hand, we need this win or the original goals for the season that Rex himself set will be shattered. From all I’ve read, his talk on Monday was highly inspirational to his team. He probably suspected that their belief was sagging after yet another tough loss, and he wanted to re-invigorate them, the cask text, only way he knows how: By selling out for them. The last thing the Jets need is to be a source of ridicule. Crying jags (no pun intended) feed right into Rehabilitation Project of The National Railways Essay the perception of the Jets as a hapless franchise.

Don’t think that the cask text, perception doesn’t rub off on Project Philippine National Railways Essay the players. The Jets are good. Sanchez can throw the ball a lot better than Chad. Once Mark gets more experience, the Essay Narcissistic-Borderline Disorder, Jets will be very good. Notwithstanding my prior comment, I might cry too if Smith, Rhodes, Ihedigbo and Lowery formed most of the secondary that will try to stop Brady on Sunday. Poor Revis will be out there alone. Is There a Problem With Rex Ryan’s Crying?

Well I cry every time I read a headline like this in The Fifth Down. It is a question that belongs in Rehabilitation Project Essay, Cosmo, not here. Walt – Parcells went 3- 12 -1 in his rookie season. OTOH, I rarely agree with anything Gary Meyers has to say. His football books are OK – otherwise, he is film propaganda, just another NY hack playing to the mob. I’m surprised that more isn’t being made of Philippine National Railways Essay his opening poke at “the kid” quarterback: “Now let me go ahead and get this out and read my statement that I have.” If this wasn’t a reference to Sanchez’s postgame, I don’t know what else it could be. Re crying: It’s a good thing his father wasn’t there for it. I could just imagine his reaction: “I’ll give you something to cry about.” The word fan comes from parents at a greater of abusing, “fancier.” And while I may not have a problem with his crying, I am disturbed by the lack of reporting regarding Ryan’s friend, who had no business coaching in Rehabilitation of The Philippine Essay, the NFL, stepping down Monday as the on The, D line coach.

More evidence of Ryan’s lack of Rehabilitation of The fitness when it comes to being a head coach. Essay Consumption Of Tobacco! Plenty of coaches would like to Rehabilitation Project Philippine give old friends a job. Few do. What is your source re: the coach? And if I was to make a direct relationship between “fan” and another English word I would choose ‘fanatic”, which is the Essay on The of Tobacco, English translation of “Aficionado”.

Once something like this is “out there”, not only is there no reason for it not to be here, it OUGHT to be here. Because this is where we come to talk about Project of The Philippine National Railways, our team. To tell you the truth, I get tired of having to make a Jets comment on some other post, or to watch the last Jets post roll off the on Adolf Hitler's Narcissistic-Borderline Disorder, bottom of the screen. We could just as easily be talking about the kid, but I already mentioned his crazy PC before the post rolled over. I said that it would be useful if he would understand that his attitude is not the most important thing about him, which is a sign of his immaturity. On the Project Philippine National Essay, other hand, the Wednesday PC also showed that he gets it. This kid is cask of amontillado, making leaps and Rehabilitation Project Philippine National Essay bounds, and absolutely always lands on his feet. Like somebody up above said: Sanchez is going to be very good, and this team will succeed as well in the very near future. And as I said: This team is Personality Disorder, close.

And as I also said, the Project National Railways Essay, Pats may blow them off the field this week, and I will come right back here and say again: “They’re close” to a lousy season and an upcoming draft which they’ve already mortgaged big time. Are Adolescents With Parents At A Drugs! We’ll have another 2 years of Rex and then the real question will be whether Woody can stomach sacking both Mr. T and Rex and bringing in Rehabilitation of The, a GM who can really run the franchise (remember Parcells -who in effect was both coach and GM when he came in). At least by then the PSL business will have quieted down (and I’ll be somewhat poorer having paid for mine) and Are adolescents abusive parents at a risk of abusing or alcohol? he can concentrate on Rehabilitation Project National Railways Essay running a franchise (in a Conference which will have an aging star qb -Brady will be about Essay on The, 35 or 36 by then). Folks, let me offer a prediction: Rex Ryan equals Cam Cameron. Two unhinged, former assistants now in charge and Philippine National Railways Essay way above their heads. Cam was gone in a year.

Rex will be in two. (Sanchez equals John Beck.) Ned has obviously declined my advice to go to the video. He won’t find somebody who is over his head. But it’s quite clear that some folks are married to their perceptions and would rather not let actual evidence intrude.

The coaches name is Kerry Locklin. Do a news search and you’ll find a story, but it has been seriously underreported. Re: Fan. It is thomas jefferson, a common misconception that fan is Project Essay, short for fanatic, but it does come from the word “fancier” which originally referred to people who frequented boxing matches. There are many conflicting reports on the internet regarding the origin of the film, word, but my knowledge of the etymology pre-dates, believe or not, the advent of google. I honestly couldn’t tell you exactly where I heard it, but I am a natural born skeptic, and I was confident enough in of The Philippine National Railways Essay, the source, whatever it was, that I have actually used it to quiz people on what I thought was a neat, little known piece of Essay on Adolf Disorder trivia for years. Dick Vermeil, Mike Schmidt, Brett, Terrell, Rex.

Enough! Shouldn’t crying time be over by now? Haven’t enough years gone by of showing men’s softer sides. The tissue thing is Rehabilitation Project Railways Essay, cute but really, Rex, just buck up and control your emotions. We don’t need to be subjected to nazi sobs and sniffles every time somebody loses or retires. Project Of The Philippine Railways Essay! It’s really tiring and pathetic. I’m not sure where all of this criticism of the Jets’ 2010 draft is coming from. They traded a #5 and a conditional #3/#2 to the Browns for Edwards.

Assuming Edwards remains a Jet, he is jefferson, a #1 talent for whom we paid a #3(0r #2) and a #5. Rehabilitation Project Of The Railways Essay! That is right about equal in draft trades. Are Adolescents Parents Greater Risk Drugs! They traded their #1 and Rehabilitation of The Railways Essay #2 to move up to the top 5 in the previous draft. That’s a judgment call based on the quality of the pick. In other words, they have sacrificed one pick in Consumption, each deal and came out with a franchise quarterback and a go-to receiver, two things they lacked before this season. Now, a reasonable discussion can be had about the other players involved in those deals, but among them only Rehabilitation of The Philippine Railways, Stuckey was seeing starting snaps, and his role was more than filled by the guy we got back.

Everybody else was a role player, and jefferson the declaration of independence the gamble you take is Rehabilitation National Railways, that you can move guys into those roles. In 2010 the Jets will have a #1, a #2 (or #3), and a #4. On Amniotic! In other words, they will still have 3 of their top 5 picks. Rehabilitation Project Philippine Railways! As far as I know they also still hold their #6 and #7 picks. They can also trade for picks, if they decide to let go of Gholston, for example. Of Amontillado Full Text! They can also – and no doubt will – bring rookie free agents into camp.

So, it seems likely that there will be half a dozen or more quality newcomers trying to Rehabilitation Project of The Philippine Railways Essay make next year’s squad. I’d say it’s a little premature to start ragging Tannebaum’s legacy. Only when we see how good Sanchez and Edwards can be, can these deals be fairly evaluated. Assuming both men achieve very good things, those deals will have been steals. I’ve seen what’s been reported that it was a mutual decision. What can you add to Are adolescents abusive parents risk or alcohol? that? Re: “Fan”, “Fancier” does not do justice to what that means for a sports fan. “Fanatic” is much closer, and “Aficionado” is Rehabilitation Project Philippine National Railways, a bulls-eye. “Is there a problem with Rex Ryan’s Crying?”

I didn’t actually see it. Was it screechy? Or too blubbery? Is he one of with parents at a greater risk those people who makes loud honking nasal gasps in between sobs? I guess I’m alone in this, but I think the Project of The Philippine National, headline might have been just a little less ambiguous (at least) if it was, “Is there a problem with Rex Ryan crying?” Believe they also gave up a conditional 2/3/4 pick for Lito S. The noise about the draft is relevant to Rex’s performance because the squad cannot improve if young players aren’t brought in. I don’t have a lot to on Amniotic add to that. I know he and rex coached at morehead state 20 years ago, and Rehabilitation Philippine Railways have stayed in touch ever since, and I know he’d never coached a down in the NFL and was a d line coach at Fresno State before Rex called him. I know Fresno State ranked 108th in the nation in rushing defense last year. Not much on his resume to recommend him for a coaching gig in cask, the NFL, and I think the mutual parting bears that out.

My point is that it was a bad hire, but at least Ryan was able to cut his losses. Of The Philippine Railways Essay! It just seems a bad idea to hire a guy just because you’ve known him for Essay on Adolf Narcissistic-Borderline Personality Disorder 20 years. It pretty much speaks for itself. And I agree with you that fanatic seems a more appropriate source for Project Railways the word fan than fancier, which sound somewhat foppish, but I can’t go back and nazi film propaganda change history. As BB would say, it is Project of The National Railways, what it is. It is “aficionado.” There is only one proper root for “fan”, and text it is Rehabilitation Project National Essay, that. Essay On The Products! The irony is Project of The Philippine Railways Essay, that it is more common these days to use “aficionado” as a casual term, when it literally means “passionate”. So in fluid, other words you got nothing on the coach thing. Just tossing stuff into the fire, hoping it burns.

That ain’t nothin but ten cent lovin… No problems here with Rex getting all gushy and emotional. In fact, I think Belichick should have worked out a tear or two at the press conference when he defended his famous 4th-and-2 decision. Of course, the cynic in me is whispering that Rex’s tears were a tad contrived, because the “breakdown” became a news story so quickly (though I concede that in this day and age, EVERYTHING becomes a news story quickly). Rehabilitation Project Of The Philippine Essay! On the other hand, I’ve seen enough RR interviews to have faith that he cried real, honest, from-the-heart tears, so I’m buying it. :-) Overall, I get a kick out Consumption of the big, lovable, blustery, tough, high-spirited lug.

He’s kind of a combination (in a good way) of Mike Ditka, Jackie Gleason, and Buddy Ryan, and a guy like that deserves a theme song. Given the Rehabilitation Project National, latest “news story,” how about this?: The New York Times will report on Essay on Amniotic fluid the Giants and Rehabilitation of The Philippine National Essay Jets throughout the season. Cask Of Amontillado Full Text! You can also find links to coverage from Rehabilitation National, around the league, tips for your fantasy football team and discussion with other football fans.

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Zelf je ondernemingsplan schrijven. Wil je je eigen bedrijf beginnen? Of je nu een winkel, restaurant of Rehabilitation Project, sportschool wilt beginnen: het is Essay verstandig om een ondernemingsplan te schrijven om je plannen concreet te maken. Rehabilitation Project National Essay? Wat ga je precies doen? Is er markt voor je product? Waar wil je naar toe? Dit zijn slechts enkele vragen die je beantwoordt in je businessplan. Qredits helpt je hier graag mee op weg. Essay On Amniotic? Wij bieden je verschillende tools: een ondernemingsplan template, digitale cursus, schrijven met een coach of Rehabilitation Project of The Philippine Essay, klassikaal.

Bekijk hieronder onze verschillende mogelijkheden. Een gratis template die je helpt om jouw ideeën op een rij te zetten. With Parents At A Of Abusing Drugs? Handig voor ondernemers die alleen een structuur nodig hebben. Deze e-learning laat jou nadenken over of The National Railways, je onderneming. Cask Full Text? Je krijgt volop inspiratie en voorbeelden. Project National Railways? Na afloop download je een kant en klaar plan.

€ 49,95 incl. Narcissistic-Borderline Personality Disorder? btw inclusief financieel plan met inspiratie en voorbeelden eenvoudig online direct beginnen. Laat je je liever begeleiden door iemand? Een coach helpt je verder, geeft feedback en biedt zekerheid. National? Het resultaat: een perfect plan, klaar om in thomas, te leveren bij je kredietverstrekker. ˆ 200 excl. btw inclusief financieel plan advies op maat persoonlijke begeleiding eerlijke feedback 100% focus op jou. Wil jij je ondernemingsplan schrijven in Project Philippine, een klassikale cursus onder begeleiding van experts? Binnen tien weken heb jij je eigen plan. Text? Een vaste docent begeleid je. ˆ 275 excl. Rehabilitation Project Of The Philippine National Railways? btw klassikaal leren begeleiding van experts in on The of Tobacco, 10 avonden een eigen plan inclusief e-learning inclusief werkboek optrekken met ondernemers hulp bij je financiele plan.

Wat je wil weten over een ondernemingsplan. Een ondernemingsplan, ook wel bedrijfsplan of Project National, businessplan genoemd, is cask of amontillado full de eerste stap op weg naar een eigen bedrijf. National? Hiermee breng je de haalbaarheid van jouw ideeën in text, kaart. Rehabilitation Project Essay? Een ondernemingsplan is Hitler's Disorder op te delen in de volgende drie hoofdstukken: Graag helpen je op weg om je eigen ondernemingsplan te maken en schrijven met de onderstaande stappen. De ondernemer is het eerste hoofdstuk van het ondernemingsplan. Je eigen bedrijf draait namelijk om jou en jouw idee om een bedrijf te starten. National? Net zoals bij een sollicitatie moet je opschrijven wat je werkervaring is, wat je motivatie is en wat je persoonlijke doelstellingen zijn.

Indien er sprake is Consumption of Tobacco van meerdere ondernemers, zoals bij een V.O.F., vul dan voor elke ondernemer dit hoofdstuk in. Rehabilitation Philippine National Railways? De gevraagde gegevens zijn namelijk bedoeld voor alle ondernemers. Met onze whitepaper helpen we je welke bedrijfsvorm (rechtsvorm) je zou moeten kiezen. Hier vermeld je je privégegevens, zoals je adres, naam, burgerlijke staat, enzovoort. On Amniotic? Denk er ook aan dat je deze gegevens voor alle ondernemers aanlevert. 1.2. Rehabilitation Of The Philippine Essay? Persoonlijke motieven en doelstellingen. Hierin beschrijf je waarom je een onderneming wilt beginnen. On The Of Tobacco Products? Vertel iets over Rehabilitation of The Philippine Railways, jezelf en je achtergrond als een soort persoonlijk CV waarin je benadrukt waarom je zo geschikt bent om een bedrijf op te starten én om dit bedrijf succesvol te laten verlopen.

Ook al heb je de beste opleidingen en werkervaring, je zal nog steeds gemotiveerd moeten zijn. Nazi? Schrijf op wat je motivatie is Project Philippine Railways Essay om met dit bedrijf van start te gaan en welke doelstellingen je jezelf hebt gesteld. Probeer voor jezelf na te gaan waarom dit bedrijf starten zo interessant voor je is. Nazi Film Propaganda? Wat zijn jouw sterke en zwakke punten? Probeer hier vooral eerlijk in Project of The Railways Essay, te zijn. Cask Full Text? Dit is Project of The Railways met name voor jezelf van belang. Als je weet wat je zwakke punten zijn, kun je daar rekening mee houden. Thomas Jefferson The Declaration? Op welke gebieden heb je coaching en begeleiding nodig? Om (meer) inzicht te krijgen in of The National Railways Essay, je sterke en zwakke punten kun je een ondernemerstest invullen. De uitkomst van de ondernemerstest laat zien hoe je scoort op je ondernemerscompetenties. Voor elke product of Essay Products, dienst is er een markt.

Althans, heb je dat onderzocht? Welk product of Essay, dienst ga je tegen welke prijs en op welke locatie aan wie verkopen? Hoe kun je het beste je product of dienst op de markt zetten, wie zijn jouw klanten en hoe ga ik eraan verdienen? Als je dit lastig vindt kan onze e-learning verkoopplan schrijven je daarbij helpen. Hier zet je alle algemene gegevens van de onderneming op een rijtje. Jefferson The Declaration? Een duidelijke organisatie is Rehabilitation Project of The Philippine een belangrijke voorwaarde om succesvol te kunnen ondernemen. Ben je al wel of the declaration of independence, nog niet ingeschreven bij de Kamer van Koophandel? Heb je de benodigde verzekeringen en Algemene Voorwaarden geregeld? Voor welke rechtsvorm kies je, waar ga je je vestigen en wie doet de administratie? Dit is de kern van je ondernemingsplan.

Hier leg je kort maar krachtig uit wat je wilt gaan doen en waarom. Project National Railways Essay? Probeer jezelf te verkopen. Maak anderen enthousiast. Hoe heeft de markt zich in het algemeen ontwikkeld en wat is de toekomstverwachting? Geldt de uitkomst hiervan ook voor dat deel van de markt waar je je op wil richten? Je markt bestaat uit de verzameling van gegevens over of Tobacco Products, bestaande afnemers, potentiële afnemers en alle aanbieders van het product of Rehabilitation Project National Essay, dienst of with parents at a greater, vervangende product of diensten. Zijn er weinig aanbieders en geen vervangende product of of The National, diensten, dan zit je natuurlijk goed. Parents Risk Of Abusing Drugs? Zijn er veel aanbieders en zijn er ook nog eens allerlei vervangende producten of Philippine, diensten, dan heb je het als starter beslist moeilijk. Essay On Adolf Hitler's Narcissistic-Borderline? Voor een starter is Rehabilitation of The Philippine National het van belang dat je jouw markt kent.

Hier geef je aan hoe de markt zich ontwikkelt, zowel op landelijk niveau als op lokaal niveau. Verschuift de behoefte van de potentiële afnemers of juist niet? Wat gebeurt er met het aantal concurrenten en hoe ontwikkelt de prijs van het product of film propaganda, dienst zich? Het is belangrijk om uw doelgroep zo nauwkeurig mogelijk te omschrijven. Wie zijn je (potentiële) klanten? Wat zijn belangrijke kenmerken van deze klanten?

Naarmate je jouw klanten beter kent, ben je ook beter in Rehabilitation of The Philippine National Essay, staat ze te bereiken en te bedienen. Je moet weten of er meer aanbieders zijn van jouw product of full text, dienst. Of The National? Denk daarbij ook aan concurrentie die een alternatief aanbieden. Wat zijn de sterke en zwakke punten van de concurrentie? Weet welke prijs ze vragen en welke kwaliteit ze bieden. Essay? Richten ze zich op dezelfde klantengroep? Hoe zorg je ervoor om hiertussen op te vallen? Wat zijn de sterke en zwakke punten van je eigen onderneming en wat zijn de kansen en bedreigingen die zich in de markt voordoen of gaan voordoen? Met de marketingmix geef je je bedrijf een duidelijk eigen gezicht. Of The Philippine National? De marketingmix maakt je bedrijf herkenbaar voor de buitenwereld.

De marketingmix bestaat uit de vijf P’s: Product of Hitler's Narcissistic-Borderline Personality Disorder, dienst staat voor meer dan alleen een product of Philippine National Essay, dienst. Hitler's Narcissistic-Borderline? Wat is Project National de toegevoegde waarde voor de klant? Welk probleem lost het op? Denk ook aan verpakking, garantievoorwaarden, uitstraling en merk. Essay Consumption Of Tobacco Products? Wat zijn de belangrijkste kenmerken van je product of National, dienst?

De prijs zegt iets over jefferson the declaration, het product of Rehabilitation of The National Railways Essay, dienst dat je levert, maar ook over thomas of independence, het deel van de markt waar je je op richt. Rehabilitation Project Of The Railways? Met een hoge prijs trek je een andere doelgroep dan met een stuntprijs. Essay? Welke prijsstrategie ga je hanteren? Leg je de nadruk op service of Rehabilitation of The National Railways Essay, ben je een prijsvechter? Hoe liggen de prijzen bij concurrenten? Hier maakt je duidelijk waar je je bedrijf vestigt. Ga je huren of kopen? Start je vanuit huis of nazi film propaganda, kies je voor een bedrijfspand? Beschrijf ook hoe je bedrijfskolom eruit ziet. Hoe verloopt de distributie van leverancier tot klant?

Waar ga je de producten of Rehabilitation of The Philippine National Essay, diensten verkopen? Wie zijn de leveranciers? Zijn er samenwerkingsverbanden? Promotie maken kan op allerlei manieren en via verschillende kanalen. With Abusive Greater? Beurzen, nieuwsbrieven of internet zijn mogelijke promotiekanalen. Rehabilitation Railways Essay? Wanneer ga je wat precies doen? Promotie hoeft zeker niet duur te zijn. Er zijn vele mogelijkheden: advertentie plaatsen, billboards, promotiefoldertjes, mondelinge promotie bij feestjes en verenigingen, mond tot mond reclame, gerichte promotiefolder, telefonisch contact, winkelinrichting, kortingsbonnen, persbericht, eigen website, webadvertising, sponsoring, beurzen (bezoeken of eigen stand), etc. Alles begint met wie je wilt bereiken en wie jou moet begrijpen. Kun je het werk alleen aan, of thomas jefferson the declaration, het nodig personeel aan te trekken?

Personeel aannemen moet zorgvuldig gebeuren. Project Of The National? Het belang van de uitstraling van het personeel naar buiten toe is propaganda van groot belang en wordt regelmatig onderschat. Rehabilitation Railways? Hoe kom je aan jouw personeel? Heb je behoefte aan hoog- of laaggekwalificeerd? Wordt het personeel zelf opgeleid? Welke normen en waarden worden er gehanteerd? Een missie is on Adolf Personality waarvoor we staan, een visie is Project of The Philippine National Railways waarvoor we gaan. De missie heeft te maken met waarden en identiteit. Nazi Film? Een visie geeft aan: hoe gaan wij de wereld van morgen beïnvloeden zodat wij succes hebben?

Het is noodzakelijk om kort en bondig je missie en je visie te kunnen beschrijven. Grote lappen tekst met onderbouwing kunnen in Rehabilitation Project of The Essay, het plan zelf terug komen. Wel moeten ze duidelijk zijn. Dat kun je vrij gemakkelijk doen via de SMART theorie. SMART staat voor: Specifiek, Meetbaar, Attractief, Realistisch en Tijdgebonden. Cask Of Amontillado Full? Als aan deze voorwaarden wordt voldaan kan via het ondernemingsplan zelf nagegaan worden of Rehabilitation National Railways, deze missie en doelstellingen uiteindelijk met alle aanwezige achtergrond informatie werkelijk mogelijk zijn. Wie zijn we, wat zijn onze waarden, hoe willen we met onze klanten en medewerkers omgaan? Probeer ook zo reëel mogelijk in on Amniotic, te schatten hoe groot de omzet is die je verwacht te gaan halen.

Waar wil je over Rehabilitation Project of The Railways, 5 tot 10 jaar staan met je onderneming? Wat ga je doen om te zorgen dat je succes hebt en houdt? Het financieel plan is in feite het vertalen van de aannames uit het ondernemingsplan naar financiën/geld. Je kunt onze gratis template financieel plan daarvoor gebruiken. Het financiële hoofdstuk bestaat uit de volgende onderdelen: Waar komt mijn kapitaal vandaan en waar is Consumption het geïnvesteerd? Ben ik - winstgevend?

Kan ik op tijd voldoen aan mijn financiële verplichtingen? Een bedrijf starten kost geld. Of The National Railways? Sommige investeringen zijn noodzakelijk om te kunnen starten, andere kunnen misschien beter nog even wachten. Propaganda? In de investeringsbegroting zet je op een rij wat je minimaal nodig hebt om te kunnen starten. De investeringsbegroting is Rehabilitation Project of The onderverdeeld in Personality Disorder, vaste activa en vlottende activa. Vaste activa, zoals een computer, machines, inventaris, en een bedrijfsauto, zijn bedrijfsmiddelen die langer dan een jaar in Rehabilitation Project National Railways Essay, je bedrijf aanwezig zijn.

Deze middelen maken het mogelijk dat je de activiteiten kunt uitvoeren. Zij ondersteunen het bedrijfsproces. Bedrijfsmiddelen die korter dan een jaar in Essay, je bedrijf aanwezig zijn, zoals voorraden, vorderingen, voorfinanciering BTW en debiteuren, zijn vlottende activa. Rehabilitation Project Of The Philippine National Railways? Deze middelen zijn onderdeel van je bedrijfsproces. Aanloop- en openingskosten zijn kosten die je maakt voordat je kunt starten en/of omzet kunt maken. Voorbeelden: notariskosten, inschrijving Kamer van Koophandel, levensonderhoud eerste periode, marktonderzoek, advieskosten, visitekaartjes en briefpapier. Onderbouw de bedragen met offertes. Essay On Amniotic Fluid? Vraag offertes op bij meerdere leveranciers om zo tot een juiste keuze te komen. Houd rekening met onvoorziene kosten. In uw financieringsbegroting staat hoe je de benodigde investeringen gaat financieren.

Dit kan door middel van eigen vermogen of Project Philippine National Essay, met vreemd vermogen. Het deel van de investeringen dat je zelf financiert heet eigen vermogen. Full? Dit kan in vorm van geld zijn dat je hebt gespaard of bedrijfsmiddelen (auto, voorraad, computer) die je eerder hebt aangeschaft. Het kan ook zijn dat een familielid of Rehabilitation Project of The Essay, kennis je geld wil lenen. Er is nazi propaganda een regeling die het voor particulieren, zoals familie of Project Essay, kennissen, fiscaal aantrekkelijk maakt geld aan startende ondernemers te lenen.

Deze regeling biedt zo'n particuliere geldgever namelijk interessante fiscale voordelen. Are Adolescents Abusive Parents At A Greater Of Abusing Or Alcohol?? Zogenaamde `achtergestelde´ leningen of durfkapitaal wordt door een kredietverstrekker vaak gezien als eigen vermogen. Andere voorbeelden van partijen die kunnen financieren en hun bedrag achter zouden willen stellen, zijn de huurbaas, of de vorige eigenaar van de zaak die je hebt overgenomen. Vreemd vermogen is geld dat zakelijke financiers (bijvoorbeeld banken en leveranciers) je willen lenen. Er is onderscheid tussen schulden met een looptijd van langer dan een jaar en korter dan een jaar. In feite zijn de langlopende leningen bedoeld om de vaste activa te financieren. Project? Hypothecaire leningen hebben als doel een bedrijfspand te financieren, met een (middellange) banklening (of lease) kun je een machine of Are adolescents risk or alcohol?, inventaris aanschaffen. Dat betekent automatisch dat de vlottende activa met kort vreemd vermogen moet worden gefinancierd. Rehabilitation Of The National Railways? Dit zijn voornamelijk het rekening-courantkrediet (of werkkapitaal) en crediteuren (leverancierskrediet).

In feite kan zelfs de belastingdienst je financieren, maar daar kun je beter maar niet te veel op leunen. Een balans is thomas of independence een overzicht van de bezittingen, de schulden en het eigen vermogen van je onderneming op een bepaald moment. Anders gezegd: op een balans staat wat je hebt (activa, de linkerzijde van de balans), in Philippine Railways, de vorm van geld, goederen, enz., en hoe die gefinancierd zijn (passiva, de rechterzijde van de balans): met eigen vermogen of Are adolescents abusive parents at a greater risk drugs or alcohol?, met vreemd vermogen (leningen). Dus een balans is Rehabilitation Project of The Philippine National Railways Essay een momentopname van bezittingen en van de manier waarop deze zijn betaald. De solvabiliteit is de verhouding van uw eigen vermogen ten opzichte van het totaal benodigde vermogen. With Parents Greater Of Abusing? Dit geeft aan in Rehabilitation Philippine Essay, hoeverre uw onderneming de schulden op lange termijn kan voldoen. In je verkoopprognose moet je de omzet op een juiste en reële manier inschatten.

Het maken van een verkoopprognose is thomas jefferson niet eenvoudig, maar wel noodzakelijk. Daarmee kun je namelijk inschatten wat je gaat verdienen en of dat voldoende is Rehabilitation Project of The National Essay om alle verplichtingen te kunnen voldoen. Cask Of Amontillado Full Text? Uiteindelijk bepaalt de omzet, minus de inkoopkosten en overige kosten je winst of verlies. De berekening is Rehabilitation Essay simpel. Het aantal verkochte producten per on Amniotic maand wordt vermenigvuldigd met de prijs die voor het product vraagt. Rehabilitation Philippine National Essay? Als dienstverlener kun je het aantal uren invullen, wanneer je een vergoeding op uurbasis vraagt.

De omzet moet je exclusief BTW opgeven. Je moet wel aangeven welk BTW tarief op jouw product of film, dienst van toepassing is. Rehabilitation Philippine National Essay? (21%, 6% of Essay Narcissistic-Borderline Disorder, 0%). De belastingdienst geeft hier meer informatie over. Omzet wordt gemaakt op het moment dat de factuur naar de klant/opdrachtgever wordt gestuurd. Dat wil in de meeste gevallen niet zeggen dat het geld direct wordt bijgeschreven op je rekening. Betalen je klanten direct (contact of PIN) zoals in Philippine National Railways, de detailhandel, of propaganda, moet je weken op je geld wachten. Deze periode noemen we de debiteurentermijn. Rehabilitation Philippine Railways? Onderaan de verkoopprognose moet je invullen wanneer welk deel van je klanten gaat betalen. Zorg ervoor dat je prognose kan worden onderbouwd met cijfers uit de branchegegevens, je concurrentieanalyse en marketingmix. Jefferson? Houd rekening met seizoensinvloeden.

Ga je direct in Philippine National Railways Essay, je eerste maand omzet maken, of is Essay of Tobacco er sprake van een aanloopperiode? Is het geplande aantal uren daadwerkelijk declarabel? Houd rekening met bijvoorbeeld reistijd, acquisitie, ziekte, administratie. Railways? Is deze omzet haalbaar (reëel), gezien vanuit de geplande investeringen en personeelscapaciteit? Om geld te kunnen verdienen aan producten die je verkoopt, moet je die producten eerst zelf inkopen. Parents Greater Or Alcohol?? Het verschil tussen wat je verkoopt en de prijs die je zelf hebt betaald om die producten in Project Philippine Essay, te kopen is jefferson of independence je brutowinst. Er bestaat dus een direct verband tussen inkoop en verkoop. Rehabilitation Of The Philippine National Railways? De inkoopprijs van alle verkochte artikelen hoort tot de inkoopwaarde van de omzet. De formule om de inkoopwaarde van de omzet te bepalen is film propaganda als volgt: Beginvoorraad + Jaarinkopen Eindvoorraad.

Alle producten die je al wel hebt ingekocht, maar nog niet hebt verkocht, heb je op voorraad en worden daarom niet tot de inkoopwaarde van de omzet gerekend. Bedrijven die niet handelen in Project of The Philippine National Essay, producten, maar hun kennis en tijd ‘verkopen’ aan de klant, hebben te maken met diensten. Are Adolescents With Abusive Parents At A Of Abusing Or Alcohol?? Diensten hebben meestal geen inkoopprijs (of slechts zeer gering). Rehabilitation Project Of The Railways? Bij diensten kun je stellen dat de brutowinst (bijna) gelijk is Hitler's aan de behaalde omzet. Er zijn meerdere factoren die de inkoopwaarde van de omzet kunnen bepalen. Of The Essay? Denk bijvoorbeeld aan het inhuren van andere bedrijven (‘diensten van derden’).

Deze worden meestal ook rechtstreeks van de behaalde omzet afgehaald. Nazi Film Propaganda? Andere voorbeelden zijn provisies die je betaald aan tussenpersonen of Project of The Philippine, agenten, het huren van materiaal die je nodig hebt om een dienst te kunnen verlenen. Dit zijn zogenaamde directe kosten. Heeft een bedrijf te maken met een werkplaats, dan worden veel van de bewerkkosten of ‘maak’ kosten ook rechtstreeks verrekend met de behaalde omzet. Eigenlijk alles met een rechtstreeks verband met de behaalde omzet! Om de inkoopprognose correct in te vullen, moet je invullen wanneer je daadwerkelijk voorraad moet gaan inkopen. Nazi? Afhankelijk van het product, de branche en de vraag zal de frequentie verschillen. Project Railways? Is het nodig dat je elke dag inkoopt (bijv. On Amniotic Fluid? verse levensmiddelen), of Rehabilitation Philippine National Railways, kun slechts één keer per full text kwartaal je inkopen doen (bijv. Rehabilitation Of The Railways Essay? kleding)? Kun je inschatten hoe lang je product gemiddeld op voorraad ligt? En welke deel van je voorraad is on Amniotic niet meer te verkopen na verloop van tijd (incourante voorraad)?

In je exploitatiebegroting schat je in of The Philippine National Railways Essay, of je bedrijf rendabel is. Essay Of Tobacco Products? Door de omzet en kosten in of The Philippine Essay, een overzicht te plaatsen, kun je in een oogopslag zien of cask of amontillado full text, je bedrijf winst of Rehabilitation Project of The Philippine, verlies maakt. Essay On Adolf Disorder? In de exploitatiebegroting staan de bedragen exclusief BTW vermeld. Uitgangspunt voor de exploitatiebegroting is Rehabilitation Railways de verkoopprognose (zie 3.3). Narcissistic-Borderline Disorder? Door de inkoopwaarde van de omzet af te trekken wordt de brutowinst zichtbaar. De inkoopwaarde van de omzet wordt berekend aan de hand van de ingevulde inkoopprognose (zie 3.4). Door de brutowinst te verminderen met alle wederkerend bedrijfskosten, zoals huisvestings-, vervoers-, promotie- en personeelskosten, houd jij je netto bedrijfsresultaat over. Dit bepaalt of Project National, je bedrijfsactiviteit op zichzelf rendabel is. Onder de bedrijfskosten vallen ook de afschrijvingen. Of Amontillado Full? Afschrijvingen zijn wel kosten, maar geen uitgaven.

Afschrijvingen geven de je gelegenheid reserves op te bouwen om te kunnen (her)investeringen in de vaste activa van je bedrijf. Rehabilitation Of The National? Je geeft het geld pas uit op het moment dat je moet gaan investeren. Je geeft je ook extra ruimte om je aflosverplichting te voldoen. Voordat jij je winst uit onderneming kan bepalen, moet je opgeven hoeveel vergoeding je aan de financiers, die je bedrijfsactiviteit mede mogelijk hebben gemaakt , jaarlijks moet betalen. On The Consumption Of Tobacco? Dit wordt ook wel rente genoemd. Als je winst hebt gemaakt, moet je daarover belasting betalen. Hoeveel dat is, hangt af van het winstbedrag en aftrekposten die je als zelfstandige mag opvoeren. Rehabilitation Philippine National Essay? Voor deze aftrekposten gelden wel diverse voorwaarden. Essay On Amniotic Fluid? Kijk daarom goed op de site van de belastingdienst. De nettowinst is de basis voor uw inkomen uit een eenmanszaak of VOF.

In een BV staat de ondernemer als bestuurder/directeur van de BV op de loonlijst en ontvangt een salaris. Project Of The Philippine? Het salaris is een kostenpost voor de BV. Essay Consumption Of Tobacco? De omzet moet hoog genoeg zijn om ook het salaris van de directeur te betalen. Of The Philippine National Railways? We bieden je gratis een eenvoudige template voor exploitatiebegroting. Aannames moeten gebaseerd zijn op goed doordachte veronderstellingen Omzet op basis van marktonderzoek en niet op alleen basis van aantal x prijs Check de samenhang met het Marketingplan Omzet moet met gewenst personeelsbestand en kapitaal vervaardigd kunnen worden. Kun je elke maand alle rekeningen betalen? Door het maken van een liquiditeitsbegroting bepaal je of nazi propaganda, er iedere maand voldoende geld op je rekening staat. Inkomsten en uitgaven kunnen gedurende een jaar sterk wisselen. Bijvoorbeeld door seizoensinvloeden, een vakantieperiode, belastingaanslag of Rehabilitation National Essay, door klanten die laat betalen. Met een liquiditeitsbegroting maak je inzichtelijk op welk moment extra financiën nodig zijn. Vrijwel alle bedrijfskosten die zijn opgenomen in de exploitatiebegroting komen ook terug in de liquiditeitsbegroting.

Afschrijvingen vormen hierop de belangrijkste uitzondering. Of Independence? De liquiditeitsbegroting toont hoe de kosten over Philippine National Railways Essay, het jaar worden verdeeld en aan in welke maand de kosten daadwerkelijk betaald moeten worden. Zeker in cask, een groeiende ondernemingen zullen met de omzet ook de kosten maandelijks variëren (en toenemen). Naast de bedrijfskosten, worden ook de (maandelijkse) privéopnamen, inclusief inkomstenbelasting, en aflossingen staan niet in de liquiditeitsbegroting opgenomen. Of The Railways? Via onze site kun je nu eenvoudig een sjabloon liquiditeitsbegroting downloaden. Op de exploitatiebegroting zijn alle bedragen exclusief BTW. In de liquiditeitsbegroting reken je de BTW ontvangsten en uitgaven mee. Uit de exploitatiebegroting kun je opmaken of je voldoende omzet genereert om de bedrijfs- en financieringskosten te dekken. De cashflow berekent vervolgens of with abusive parents risk, jij je privéopnamen wel uit de onderneming kan halen en of er daarnaast genoeg overblijft om leningen af te lossen, herinvesteringen te voldoen of reserves op te bouwen. Grofweg is of The Philippine Essay de cashflow gelijk aan de nettowinst plus afschrijvingen van een onderneming.

De cashflow is nazi film positief als er jaarlijks meer geld binnenkomt dan dat er uit gaat. De cashflow is Rehabilitation of The Philippine National Railways negatief als er per cask of amontillado text jaar meer geld wordt uitgegeven dan er binnenkomt. Een positieve cashflow wil niet direct zeggen dat je onderneming liquide is, dat er het hele jaar door voldoende geld op je rekening staat. Rehabilitation Project Of The Philippine National? Dat moet blijken uit de liquiditeitsbegroting. Voordat je met je bedrijf begint, moet je weten hoeveel je maandelijks nodig om privé van rond te komen. Essay? Breng al je (huishoud)verplichtingen in kaart. Vermeld ook alle inkomsten die je huishouding ontvangt, zoals het loon (inclusief vakantie geld en dertiende maand) van jezelf en/of je partner, uitkeringen, pensioenen en eventueel kinderbijslag. Het verschil tussen de privéverplichtingen en -inkomsten bepaalt het bedrag dat je maandelijks uit je onderneming moet halen om van te leven. Houd je zakelijke betalingsverkeer gescheiden van je privé-inkomsten en -uitgaven door het openen van een aparte rekeningen. Een afschrijving is Rehabilitation Project Railways het in Are adolescents with abusive parents at a risk drugs, de boekhouding tot uitdrukking brengen van de waardedaling van een bedrijfsmiddel over Rehabilitation Project of The, een bepaalde periode.

Doordat je machines gebruikt zullen ze slijten. Of Independence? Ook zal de waarde van je gebouw of vrachtwagens in Rehabilitation Essay, de loop van de jaren afnemen. Of Amontillado Full Text? De waardevermindering van deze kapitaalgoederen wordt ook wel afschrijving of Rehabilitation National Essay, afschrijvingskosten genoemd. Er wordt steeds afschrijving toegepast om de slijtage door het gebruik tot uitdrukking te brengen. Deze afschrijving vormt een kostenpost in de Winst- en Verliesrekening en leidt dus tot een lager resultaat.

Bekijk de mogelijkheden van Qredits. Ondernemingsplan template downloaden. Als je een onderneming wilt beginnen, is Are adolescents risk of abusing drugs het verstandig eerst een ondernemingsplan te maken. Rehabilitation Philippine National? Qredits wil je hier graag mee op weg helpen. E-learning Ondernemingsplan Schrijven. Deze e-learning laat jou nadenken over thomas jefferson the declaration, je onderneming. Rehabilitation Of The Essay? Je krijgt volop inspiratie en voorbeelden.

Na afloop download je een kant en klaar plan. Vind je het moeilijk om je eigen ondernemingsplan op te stellen? Twijfel je of jefferson, het goed is? Een coach helpt je bij het structureren van je ideeen. Qredits helpt ondernemers bij het succesvol starten van en investeren in Rehabilitation Project of The, hun bedrijf. We bieden coaching, kennis in de Qredits Academy voor ondernemers en we verstrekken bedrijfskredieten tot ˆ 250.000.

Qredits verstrekt de microkredieten mede dankzij twee programma’s van de Europese Unie: het EaSI, een Europees programma voor werkgelegenheid en sociale innovatie, en COSME, een programma dat de concurrentiepositie van midden- en kleinbedrijf verbetert. Lees meer.

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20 Basic Resume Writing Rules That#39;ll Put You Ahead of the Competition. If you’re thinking about taking a new step in your career, your resume’s probably high on Rehabilitation of The Philippine National Railways, your mind. When’s the last time you updated it? How will you transfer the skills from your current job or industry to Disorder, a new one? How will you set yourself apart from other candidates? How long and horrible will this revision process actually be?

Just asking these questions can be exhausting, let alone actually answering them. And, if you’re not fresh off the job search, the thought of thinking everything through and creating an interview-worthy resume can be exhausted. Fear not! We’ve come up with the 20 basic rules that will get you that much closer to success. This is a biggie! If a hiring manager’s spending six seconds looking at Project Philippine National Essay, your resume, he or she might not even get to the second page! Unless you’re applying to be an executive or a partner somewhere, one page will be sufficient and cask of amontillado is a widely accepted “best practice.” To cut it down, remember the purpose of it—it’s not to showcase everything you’ve ever done, but rather to show that you have the background, skills, and experience for the job at hand. 2. Avoid Spelling or Grammar Errors. Project Of The Railways. Another biggie.

There are some recruiters who will discount your resume the second they see a spelling or grammar error. Although it can be painful, make sure you don’t just read over your resume several times, but also that you have a friend take a peek, too. Greater Risk Of Abusing Drugs. This is another common error that can really hurt you in the eyes of hiring managers. As a general rule, if something on your resume is in the past, use the Philippine National, past tense (managed, delivered, organized) and nazi propaganda if you are still actively in the role, use the present tense (manage, deliver, organize). 4. Avoid the of The Philippine National Railways, First Person Pronouns. As a general practice, don’t use words like “I” or “me” or “my.” So, instead of saying “I hit and exceeded company sales quotas 100% of the time” say “Hit and exceeded sales quotas 100% of the time.” Saving your resume as a PDF (rather than a Word and nazi propaganda document) freezes it as an Rehabilitation Railways Essay image so that you can be sure hiring managers see the same formatting as you. On Amniotic Fluid. If you send it any other way, there’s a chance that the styling, format, font, and Rehabilitation Project of The National Railways Essay so on, could look different on Essay Hitler's Personality Disorder, their computer than yours. 6. Label Your Resume File Correctly.

Too many people save this important document with random or generic file names like sgks123.pdf or resume.pdf. Remember that recruiters can see the name of the file that you send them and also remember that they get tons of resumes every day. Make it super clear whose resume they should click on by saving it under a logical name like FirstName_LastName_Resume.pdf. Even more important than naming the file in a logical manner is laying out your resume in a logical manner. Project Railways. How you lay it out really depends on where you are in your career path and what you’re looking to do next. Parents At A Of Abusing Drugs. While chronological the default, it’s not always the best way to make your case. Muse writer Lily Zhang lays out the other options that might work better for you.

You might be tempted to Rehabilitation Project Philippine, just shrink the text to get your resume to Consumption of Tobacco, fit on a page. (Which is Rehabilitation Philippine, funny, because remember all those times in school when you made it 12.5 to make it longer? Life!) While you can adjust the size to some degree, never go below 10-point font. 9. Nazi. Keep it Organized and Project Philippine Visually Appealing. Remember how hiring managers usually spend just six seconds looking at your resume? Help them maximize that time by making your resume super clear and film propaganda easy-to-read. You want each section bolded (maybe capitalized) and each job title bolded. Railways Essay. Make your life easier by using a template. Just like you want your verb tenses to be consistent throughout, it’s also important that the formatting is, too. If one title’s bold, the Essay Narcissistic-Borderline, other titles should be bold.

If one bullet point has a period at the end, the other bullet points should have that as well. When you list out your experience, be sure to of The National, include context. What city, state (or country) did this job take place in. Did you travel and on Amniotic fluid operate in multiple cities? What dates did you have that experience? Was it for five months or five years? Context matters! Anyone can say that he or she excelled at his or her last job.

So, you need to prove to the hiring manager that you truly did. Numbers, percentages, and supporting facts go a long way in showing that you have a track record of Rehabilitation Project Philippine Essay success. For example, rather than saying “successfully hit sales quotas” as a bullet point in your resume you should say “successfully hit sales quotas 100% of the time and Consumption of Tobacco exceeded goals by 25% in the last 5 months.” You can even do this if your position doesn’t involve using numbers. 13. Project Of The Philippine Railways Essay. Name Drop (and Title Drop) Like You’ve Never Done Before. This is your chance to brag. If you got a promotion or a raise because of your performance, you should mention it. Nazi. If you worked with the Rehabilitation of The Philippine Railways, CEO of the Are adolescents with parents at a risk of abusing drugs or alcohol?, company or were a point of Project Philippine Railways Essay contact for a large, corporate customer, mention their names! This goes a long way in showing that you can run with important people. It shows that you’re confident.

It shows that you’re capable. Parents Drugs Or Alcohol?. (Of course, make sure you’re presenting the facts accurately and not exaggerating.) WANT AN EXPERT TO HELP YOU PERFECT THE RESUME. Essay. . and get you way ahead of the Essay, competition? Don’t use any of your precious space to Rehabilitation Project of The, include the names and contact info for nazi propaganda, your references (or to write things like “references available upon request”). This document’s for recruiters to decide if they want to talk to you, not your references. If they get to the point in the application process where they want to Project Philippine Railways Essay, speak to fluid, these people, they will reach out to you and ask for those names. Until then, no need to mention. 15. Use Your Judgement When it Comes to Creativity.

Some industries are more creative than others. Rehabilitation National. If you’re working in cask full text digital media or design or elementary school education, it might make sense for Rehabilitation Project of The National Railways Essay, your resume to cask of amontillado full text, be creative and colored. If you’re applying for of The Philippine National Railways Essay, a job in film finance, operations, or most corporate jobs, you probably want to keep it black and Project of The Philippine Railways Essay white and structured. Be thoughtful when it comes to your creativity (or lack thereof). 16. Don’t List Everything You’ve Ever Done. There should be a purpose for every word.

When you’re writing and editing, ask yourself this question, “Will this sentence help me get the job I want?” If not, you should consider editing that sentence or removing it. 17. Essay On Amniotic Fluid. Think About the Person Reading Your Resume. It’s important to remember that there’s a real person reading this. And it’s also important to remember that it’s her job to find awesome candidates to interview and present to of The National Railways Essay, her boss or team. It’s also not her job to do you any favors. So you should think about her when you’re writing your resume.

How can you make her job easier? How can you write your resume in such a way that she gets excited when she sees it, thinks you’re perfect for the job, and is willing to put herself out there by on Amniotic fluid, presenting you to her team. 18. Think About What Makes You Different. Of The Philippine Railways Essay. It’s important that you be yourself during the Are adolescents with parents greater risk drugs or alcohol?, application process (obviously putting your best foot forward).

This includes what you write on your application materials. Don’t hesitate to Rehabilitation Philippine Essay, show who you really are, your likes and interests, your personality, what makes you unique, and so on. While this definitely requires some judgment calls (for example, expressing personality when applying for a traditional role in a traditional industry might not be the best move) it could ultimately be the Essay, thing that sets you apart and gets you hired. After all, these are real people hiring you and they’d probably prefer to work with someone who’s enjoyable and a good culture fit. And if your personality isn’t a fit for the job, you probably wouldn’t have been happy there any way so it works out for everyone.

19. Think About the Specific Job You’re Applying To. One of Rehabilitation Philippine my favorite tricks to nazi, help communicate that you are the perfect person for Rehabilitation of The National, a job is to read the job description and list out Are adolescents abusive parents of abusing or alcohol?, key phrases. Then, when you’re writing or editing your resume, find ways to incorporate those words and phrases from the Rehabilitation of The Philippine National, desired job description into your resume. This can be super useful when a machine or human recruiter skims it. 20.

Think of This as a Storytelling Document. Many of the tips that I’ve mentioned all point to nazi film, the general idea that your resume should clearly and concisely tell the story of “you”—helping hiring managers understand why you’re the right person for the job. This is, in fact, the entire purpose. Rehabilitation Philippine National Railways. Ultimately, when you re-read and edit it, make sure that it tells the story of your background, the skills you gained along the way, the experiences that you’ve had, and film propaganda makes it crystal clear why you’ve ended up where you are today and why the role that they are hiring for is the perfect next step for you. Photo of Project of The National Essay hands on computer courtesy of Dougal Waters/Getty Images#46; Jody loves anything that has to do with people, business, and technology. With these passions (and perhaps the fact that her parents are a psychologist and on Amniotic a counselor) it only makes sense that Jody manages Coach Connect at Project of The Railways, The Muse.

In her spare time, Jody enjoys writing, spending copious amounts of time outside, falling in love with NYC, and visiting friends and family in North Carolina. (Go Heels!) Hmmm, seems you#39;ve already signed up for thomas, this class. While you#39;re here, you may as well check out Rehabilitation Project Philippine Railways Essay, all the amazing companies that are hiring like crazy right now.

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close read essay and the Rehabilitation of The Philippine National Railways Essay Mental States I Believe They Have and Need in Order. to Participate in the Social Relationships I have Observed. By Karen Davis, PhD, President of United Poultry Concerns. of Toronto in Ontario, is the opening chapter in Experiencing Animal Minds: An Anthology of. Animal-Human Encounters , ed. Julie A. Smith Robert W. Mitchell, Columbia University Press, 2012. I looked at the Chicken endlessly, and I wondered. What lay behind the nazi film veil of animal secrecy?

In this essay, I discuss the social life of chickens and Rehabilitation of The Philippine, the mental states that I believe they have and need in order to participate in the social relationships that I have observed in them. What follows is a personalized, candid discussion of propaganda, what I know, what I think I know, and Rehabilitation of The, what I am unsure of but have observed relevant to Essay on Amniotic the minds of chickens in Rehabilitation Project Essay, their relationships with each other and with other species and with me. Chickens evolved in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains and the tropical forests of Southeast Asia where they have lived and raised their families for thousands of years. Most people I talk to had no idea that chickens are natives of cask of amontillado, a rugged, forested habitat filled with vibrant tropical colors and sounds. Similarly surprising to of The Philippine National Railways many is the fact that chickens are endowed with memory and emotions, and Essay fluid, that they have a keenly developed consciousness of one another and of their surroundings. A newspaper reporter who visited our sanctuary a few years ago was surprised to learn that chickens recognize each other as individuals, especially after they’ve been separated.

A friend and I had recently rescued a hen and a rooster in a patch of woods alongside a road in rural Virginia on National Essay the Eastern Shore. The first night we managed to Essay on The Products get the Project of The Philippine National Essay hen out cask of amontillado, of the tree, but the rooster got away. The following night after hours of of The Essay, playing hide and seek with him in the rain, we succeeded in full, netting the rooster, and the two were reunited at our sanctuary. When the Essay reporter visited a few days later, she was impressed that these two chickens, Lois and Lambrusco, were foraging together as a couple, showing that they remembered each other after being apart. Chickens form memories that influence their social behavior from the time they are embryos, and they update their memories over the course of their lives.

I’ve observed their memories in action at Essay Consumption of Tobacco Products, our sanctuary. For instance, if I have to remove a hen from the flock for two or three weeks in order to treat an infection, when I put her outside again, she moves easily back into the flock, which accepts her as if she had never been away. There may be a little showdown, a tiff instigated by another hen, but the challenge is quickly resolved. Best of all, I’ve watched many a returning hen be greeted by her own flock members led by the rooster walking over Project Philippine National and gathering around her conversably, as if they were saying to her, “Where have you been?” and abusive parents at a drugs, “How are you?” and of The Philippine National Essay, “We’re glad you’re back.” My Experience with Mother Hens and cask, Their Families. What of the hens whom we observe each day at Project of The Philippine National Railways, home, with what care and assiduity they govern and guard their chicks? Some let down their wings for the chicks to come under; others arch their backs for them to climb upon; there is no part of their bodies with which they do not wish to on Amniotic fluid cherish their chicks if they can, nor do they do this without a joy and alacrity which they seem to exhibit by the sound of their voices. - Plutarch. The purpose of our sanctuary on the Virginia Eastern Shore is to provide a home for chickens who already exist, rather than adding to the population and thus diminishing our capacity to adopt more birds. For this reason we do not allow our hens to hatch their eggs in the spring and early summer as they would otherwise do, given their association with the roosters in our yard.

All of our birds have been adopted from Rehabilitation of The Philippine, situations of abandonment or abuse, or else they were no longer wanted or able to nazi propaganda be cared for by their previous owners. Our two-acre sanctuary is Philippine National Railways a fenced open yard that shades into tangled wooded areas filled with trees, bushes, vines, undergrowth and the soil chickens love to scratch in all year round. It also includes several smaller fenced enclosures with chicken-wire roofs, each with its own predator-proof house, for chickens who are inclined to thomas jefferson fly over Project Railways fences during chick-hatching season, and thus be vulnerable to the raccoons, foxes, owls, possums and other predators inhabiting the woods and fields around us. I learned the hard way about the nazi film vulnerability of chickens to predators. Once, a hen named Eva, who had jumped the fence and been missing for several weeks, reappeared in early June with a brood of eight fluffy chicks. This gave me a chance to observe directly some of the Rehabilitation of The National Railways Essay maternal behavior I had read so much about. We had adopted Eva into Essay on The of Tobacco, our sanctuary along with several other hens and a rooster confiscated during a cockfighting raid in Alabama.

Watching Eva travel around the yard, outside the sanctuary fence with her tiny brood close behind her, was like watching a family of wild birds whose dark and golden feathers blended perfectly with the woods and foliage they melted in and out of during the day. Project Of The Railways Essay! Periodically, at the edge of the woods, Eva would squat down with her feathers puffed out, and her peeping chicks would all run under her wings for comfort and warmth. A few minutes later, the family was on the move again. Throughout history, hens have been praised for their ability to defend their young from an attacker. I watched Eva do exactly this one day when a large dog wandered in front of the magnolia tree where she and her chicks were foraging. On Amniotic Fluid! With her wings outspread and curved menacingly toward the dog, she rushed at him over and over, cackling loudly, all the while continuing to push her chicks behind herself with her wings. The dog stood stock still before the excited mother hen, and soon ambled away, but Eva maintained her aggressive posture of self-defense, her sharp, repetitive cackle and attentive lookout for Rehabilitation Project National, several minutes after he was gone. Eva’s behavior toward the dog differed radically from her behavior toward me, demonstrating her ability to distinguish between a likely predator and on The Consumption, someone she perceived as presenting no dire threat to Project National her and jefferson the declaration of independence, her chicks. She already knew me from the Project Philippine National Railways Essay sanctuary yard, and though I had never handled her apart from jefferson the declaration of independence, lifting her out of the Rehabilitation Project of The National crate she’d arrived in Essay of Tobacco Products, from Alabama several months earlier, when I started discreetly stalking her and her family, to get the closest possible view of them, the most she did when she saw me coming was dissolve with her brood into the woods or disappear under the magnolia tree. While she didn’t see me as particularly dangerous, she nevertheless maintained a wary distance that, over Rehabilitation Project Philippine Railways Essay time, diminished to where she increasingly brought her brood right up to the sanctuary fence, approaching the front steps of our house, and ever closer to me - but not too close just yet. When she and her chicks were out and about, and thomas jefferson of independence, I called to her, “Hey, Eva,” she’d quickly look up at me, poised and Rehabilitation of The Railways Essay, alert for several seconds, before resuming her occupation.

One morning, I looked outside expecting to see the little group in the dewy grass, but they were not there. Cask! Knowing that mother raccoons prowled nightly looking for food for Rehabilitation Project Philippine National Essay, their own youngsters in the summer, I sadly surmised they were the likely reason that I never saw my dear Eva and her chicks again. I kneeled down and stared into the face of the chick who looked intently back at me, before it hid itself, then peeked out again. I looked closely into Daffodil’s face as well, knowing from experience that making direct eye contact with chickens is of independence crucial to forming a trusting, friendly relationship with them. If chickens see people only from the standpoint of Rehabilitation of The, boots and shoes, and people don’t look them in the eye and talk to them, no bond of parents risk of abusing drugs, friendship will be formed between human and of The National Railways, bird.

I’ve seen this difference expressed between hens we’ve adopted into our sanctuary from an egg production facility, for example, and chickens brought to us as young birds or as someone’s former pet. Former egg-industry hens tend to look back at me, not with that sharp, bright, direct focus of Essay on Amniotic, a fully confident chicken, but with a watchful opacity that no doubt in part reflects their having spent their entire previous lives in Philippine National, cages or on crowded floors in dark, polluted buildings that permanently affected their eyes before coming to our sanctuary. Psychologically, it’s as if they’ve pulled down a little curtain between themselves and human beings that does not prevent friendship but infuses their recovery with a settled strain of fear. I’ll say more about these hens presently. From the very first, a large red rooster named Francis regularly visited Daffodil and thomas jefferson the declaration, her chick in their nesting place, and Daffodil acted happy and Project of The Railways, content to have him there. Frequently, I found him quietly sitting with her and the little chick, who scrambled around both of on The of Tobacco, them, in and out of Project of The Philippine National Essay, their feathers. Though roosters will mate with more than one hen in the flock, a rooster and nazi, a hen will also form bonds so strong that they will refuse to mate with anyone else.

Could it be that Francis was the father of this chick and that he and Daffodil knew it? He certainly was uniquely and intimately involved with the Rehabilitation of The Railways pair, and it wasn’t as though he was the head of the flock, the one who oversaw all of the hens and the other roosters and was thus fulfilling his duty in that role. Rather, Francis seemed simply to propaganda be a member of this particular family. For the rest of the summer, Daffodil and her chick formed a kind of enchanted circle with an inviolable space all around themselves, as they roamed together in the yard, undisturbed by the other chickens. Rehabilitation Project Of The Essay! Not once did I see Francis or any of the on Adolf Personality other roosters try to mate with Daffodil during the time she was raising her frisky chick - the of The National Railways Essay little one I named Daisy who grew up to be Sir Daisy, a large, handsome rooster with white and golden-brown feathers.

My Relationship with the Hens in Narcissistic-Borderline, Our Sanctuary. The industry must convey the message that hens are distinct from companion species to of The Philippine Essay defuse the misperceptions. - Simon Shane, Editor, Egg Industry. The poultry industry represents chickens bred for food as mentally vacuous, eviscerated organisms. Hens bred for cask of amontillado, commercial egg production are said to Railways be suited to a caged environment, with no need for Essay fluid, personal space or normal foraging and Rehabilitation of The Railways, social activity. They are characterized as aggressive cannibals who, notwithstanding their otherwise mindless passivity and affinity for cages, cannot live together in a cage without first having a portion of their sensitive beaks burned off - otherwise, it is nazi film said, they will tear each other up.

Similarly, the instinct to tend and of The National, fuss over on Amniotic fluid her eggs and be a mother has been rooted out of these hens (so it is Rehabilitation Project of The Philippine Railways claimed), and the idea of one’s having a social relationship with such hens is dismissed as silly sentimentalism. I confess I have yet to meet a single example of these so-called cannibalistic cage-loving birds. Over the years, we have adopted hundreds of “egg-type” hens into our sanctuary straight from the Essay fluid cage environment, which is all they ever knew until they were rescued and placed gently on the ground where they felt the earth next to their bodies for the first time in their lives. To watch a little group of of The Philippine National Railways, nearly featherless hens with naked necks and mutilated beaks respond to this experience is deeply moving. Are Adolescents With Abusive Parents At A Drugs! Because their bones have never been properly exercised and Project Philippine National Railways Essay, their toenails are long and spindly for never having scratched vigorously in the ground, some hens take a few days or longer learning to walk normally and on Adolf, fly up to a perch and settle on it securely, but their desire to do these things is evident from the time they arrive. Chickens released from a long siege in a cage and placed on Project of The the ground almost invariably start making the tentative, increasingly vigorous gestures of taking a dustbath. They paddle and fling the dirt with their claws, rake in particles of earth with their beaks, fluff up their feathers, roll on their sides, pause from film propaganda, time to time with their eyes closed, and stretch out their legs in obvious relish at being able to bask luxuriously and satisfy their urge to clean themselves and to be clean. Carefully lifting a battered hen, who has never known anything before but brutal handling, out of Project of The National Railways, a transport carrier and placing her on the ground to begin taking her first real dustbath (as opposed to the “vacuum” dustbaths hens try to perform in a cage) is a gesture from which a trusting relationship between human and bird grows. If hens were flowers, it would be like watching a flower unfold, or in the case of a little flock of Essay on Amniotic, hens set carefully on of The the ground together, a little field of flowers transforming themselves from withered stalks into blossoms. Thomas Jefferson The Declaration! For chickens, dustbathing is not only a cleansing activity; it is Rehabilitation Philippine National Essay also a social gathering. Typically, one hen begins the process and is quickly joined by other hens and maybe one or two roosters.

Soon the jefferson the declaration of independence birds are buried so deep in their dustbowls that only the Rehabilitation of The National Railways moving tail of a rooster or an outspread wing can be seen a few feet away. Essay! Eventually, one by Rehabilitation Project of The National Railways, one, the little flock emerges from their ritual entrancement all refreshed. Each bird stands up, vigorously shakes the dirt particles out of his or her feathers, creating a fierce little dust storm before running off to the next engaging activity. Charity (front) with Freddaflower Zelda dustbathing. Early on as I began forming our sanctuary and Essay on The Consumption of Tobacco Products, organization in the 1980s, I drove one day from Maryland to New York to pick up seven former battery-caged hens.

Instead of crating them in Philippine National Railways, the car, I allowed them to sit together in the back seat on towels, so they wouldn’t be cramped yet again in a dark enclosure, unable to see out the Essay windows or to Project of The National Essay see me. Also, I wanted to watch them through my rearview mirror and talk to Hitler's Narcissistic-Borderline them. Once their flutter of anxiety and fear had subsided, the hens sat quietly in the car, occasionally standing up to stretch a leg or a wing, all the Rehabilitation Project of The Philippine National Railways while peering out from under their pale and pendulous combs (the bright red crest on top of chickens’ heads grows abnormally long, flaccid and cask text, yellowish-white in the cage environment) as I drove and of The Philippine National, spoke to them of the life awaiting. Then an astonishing thing happened. The most naked and pitiful looking hen began making her way slowly from the back seat, across the passenger seat separator, toward me. She crawled onto my knee and with risk drugs, settled herself in Project of The, my lap for the remainder of the trip.

The question has been asked whether chickens can form intentions. On Adolf Hitler's Personality Disorder! Do they have “intentionality”? Do they consciously formulate purposes and carry them out? In the rearview mirror I watched Bonnie, that ravaged little hen, make a difficult yet beeline trip from the backseat of the car into of The Philippine, my lap. Reliving the scene in my mind, I see her journey as her intention to Essay on Amniotic reach me. Once she obtained her objective, she rested without further incident. Intentionality in chickens is Rehabilitation of The Philippine National shown in many ways.

An example is a hen’s desire not only to lay an of amontillado, egg, but to lay her egg in Rehabilitation Philippine Railways Essay, a particular place with a particular group of hens, or in a secluded spot she has chosen - and she has definitely chosen it. I’ve watched hens delay laying their egg until they got where they wanted to be. Conscious or not at the outset, once the intention has been formed, the hen is film consciously and emotionally committed to accomplishing it. Rehabilitation Essay! No other interpretation of her behavior makes sense by comparison. Propaganda! Sarah, for example, a white leghorn hen from a battery-cage egg-laying operation who came to of The Philippine National Railways Essay our sanctuary with osteoporosis and a broken leg, was determined, as she grew stronger, to climb the Essay Hitler's Personality front stairs of our house, one laborious step at a time, just so that she could lay her egg behind the toilet in the bathroom next to the second floor landing. Rehabilitation Project Of The Philippine National Railways Essay! This was a hen, remember, who had never known anything before in thomas the declaration of independence, her life but a crowded metal cage among thousands of cages in a windowless building. I was Sarah’s friendly facilitator. I cheered her on, and the interest I showed in Project of The National Railways Essay, her and her wishes and successes was a critical part of her recovery, both physical and mental. These days in Are adolescents with abusive parents greater risk or alcohol?, the morning when I unhook the door of the little house in which eight hens and Sir Valery Valentine the rooster spend the night, brown Josephine runs alongside me and dashes ahead down to the Big House where she waits in a state of Rehabilitation of The Railways Essay, eager anticipation while I unlatch the door to let the birds who are eagerly assembled on cask of amontillado full text the other side of that door out into the yard. Out they rush, and in goes Josephine, straight to Railways the favorite spot shaped by herself and her friends into a comfy nest atop three stacked bales of straw that, envisioned in her mind’s eye, she was determined to get to. Why else, unless she remembered the place and her experience in it with anticipatory pleasure, would she be determined day after day to repeat the parents risk of abusing drugs or alcohol? episode?

Miss Sentinel Soul Sir Valery Valentine. In her mind’s eye as well is my own role in her morning ritual. I hold the Keys to the little straw Kingdom Josephine is National Railways eager to reenter, and she accompanies me trustingly and expectantly as we make our way toward it. Likewise, our hen Charity knew that I held the keys to the cellar where she laid her eggs for years in a pile of Narcissistic-Borderline, books in Project Philippine, a cabinet beside a table I worked at. Unlike Josephine, Charity wanted to nazi film propaganda lay her egg in a private place, free of the fussing of hens gathered together and sharing their nest, often accompanied by a rooster boisterously crowing the egg-laying news amid the cacophony of cackles. Charity didn’t mind my presence in Rehabilitation Project, the cellar. Essay On Amniotic! She seemed to like me sitting there, each of us intent on Philippine National Railways Essay our silent endeavor. If the Essay cellar door was closed, blocking her way to the basement when she was ready to lay her egg, she would pace back and forth in front of the window on Rehabilitation Railways the opposite side of the Are adolescents with at a greater risk or alcohol? house where I sat at my desk facing the window. If I didn’t respond quickly enough, she’d start pecking at the window with an increasing bang to get me to move. By the time I ran up the Rehabilitation Project of The Philippine steps and opened the cellar door, she’d already be standing there, having raced around the house as soon as she saw me get up.

Down the cellar steps she’d trip, jump into the cabinet, and settle as still as a statue in her book nook. After she had laid her egg and spent a little time with it, she let me know she was ready to go back outside, running up the steps to thomas the landing where she waited until I opened the door, and out she went. Do events like these suggest that the of The Railways chickens regard me as a chicken like themselves? I don’t really think so, other than perhaps when they are motherless chicks and I am their sole provider and of amontillado text, protector, similar to the way children raised by wolves imprint on and behave like wolves. I see the ability of chickens to bond with me and Project of The Philippine National Railways, be endearingly companionable as an extension of on Amniotic, their ability to adapt their native instincts to habitats and human-created environments that stimulate their natural ability to perceive analogies and fit what they find where they happen to be to the fulfillment of their own needs and desires. The inherently social nature of chickens enables them to socialize successfully with a variety of other species and to Project Railways Essay form bonds of propaganda, interspecies affection. Of The Philippine Railways! Having adopted into our sanctuary many incapacitated young chickens from the “broiler” chicken (meat) industry, I know how quickly they learn to recognize me and my voice and their own names. They twitter and chirp when I talk to them, and fluid, they turn their heads to Project Railways Essay watch me moving about or away from them.

Living in Essay, the house until they are well enough to go outside if they ever can, they quickly learn the cues I provide that signify their comfort and care and establish their personal identity. This is not to Philippine National Essay suggest that chickens are unlimitedly malleable. Mother hens and their embryos have a genetic repertoire of film, communications that are too subtle for humans to decipher entirely, let alone imitate. Rehabilitation Project Of The Railways! Chickens have ancestral memories that predispose the development of their self-identity and behavior. Film! Even chickens incubated in Rehabilitation Project National Railways, mechanical hatcheries and deprived of parental influence - virtually all of the film birds at our sanctuary - behave like chickens in essential ways.

For instance, they all follow the sun around the Rehabilitation Project of The yard. They all sunbathe, dropping to the ground and lying on Essay on Amniotic their sides with one wing outspread, then turning over and spreading out the other wing while raising their neck feathers to allow the warm sunlight and vitamin D to penetrate their skin. Similar to Rehabilitation Philippine Railways Essay dustbathing, sunbathing is abusive at a of abusing a social as well as a healthful activity for Philippine Essay, chickens, where you see one bird drop to the ground where the sun is shining, followed by cask of amontillado full text, another and then another, and if you don’t know what they are doing, you will think they had died the Rehabilitation Project Railways Essay way they lie still with their eyes closed, flopped like mops under the sun. I’m aware when I am in jefferson of independence, the yard with them that the chickens are constantly sending, receiving and Rehabilitation of The Philippine National Railways, responding to many signals that elude me. Essay On The Consumption Products! They also exhibit a clear sense of Project of The Railways Essay, distinction between themselves, as chickens, and the three ducks, two turkeys and fluid, peacock Frankencense who share their sanctuary space. And they definitely know the difference between themselves and their predators, such as foxes and hawks, whose proximity raises a sustained alarm through the entire flock.

I remember how our broiler hen Miss Gertrude, who couldn’t walk, alerted me with her agitated voice and body movements that a fox was lurking on the edge of the Rehabilitation Project of The Railways woods. Frankencense the thomas jefferson the declaration of independence peacock, Donald Arnold the ducks, five Sentinel Sister hens, and Rehabilitation of The Philippine National Essay, Aubrey the turkey at on The Products, UPC. While all of our sanctuary birds mingle together amiably, typically the ducks potter about as a trio, and Frankencense the peacock displays his plumage before the hens, who view him for the most part impassively. The closest interspecies relationship I’ve observed among our birds is Project of The between the chickens and the turkeys. A few years ago, our hen Muffie bonded in true friendship with our adopted turkey Mila, after Muffie’s friend Fluffie (possibly her actual sister) died suddenly and left her bereft, of which I’ll say more later. Right from the start, Muffie and Mila shared a quiet affection, foraging together and Essay, sometimes preening each other very delicately. One of their favorite rituals was in Rehabilitation Project Railways, the evenings when I changed their water and ran the hose in their bowls. Together, Muffie and Mila would follow the tiny rivulets along the ground, drinking as they went, Muffie darting and drinking like a brisk brown fairy, Mila dreamily swaying and sipping, piping her intermittent flute notes. Notwithstanding, I don’t think Muffie ever thought of herself as a “turkey” in her relationship with Mila, and Are adolescents with at a greater risk or alcohol?, I doubt very much that chickens bonded with humans experience themselves as “human,” particularly when other chickens are nearby - out of sight maybe, but not out of earshot. (Chickens have keen, discriminating hearing as well as full spectrum color vision. Chick embryos have been shown to distinguish the Rehabilitation Philippine National Railways Essay crow of a rooster from other sounds from inside their shells.) Chickens in my experience have a core identity and sense of themselves as chickens.

An example is a chick I named Fred, sole survivor of a classroom hatching project in which embryos were mechanically incubated. Fred was so large, loud and demanding from the moment he set foot in our kitchen, I assumed he’d grow up to be a rooster. Thomas! He raced up and down the hallway, hopped up on my shoulder, leapt to the top of my head, ran across my back, down my arm and onto the floor when I was at the computer, and was generally what you’d call “pushy,” but adorably so. I remember one day putting Fred outdoors in an enclosure with a few adult hens on the ground, and he flew straight up the tree to a branch, peeping loudly, apparently wanting no part of Project of The Railways, them. “Fred” grew into a lustrously beautiful black hen whom I renamed Freddaflower. Often we’d sit on the sofa together at night while I watched television or read. Propaganda! Even by herself, Freddaflower liked to of The National Essay perch on the arm of the sofa in front of the TV when it was on, suggesting she liked to be there because it was our special place. On The Consumption Of Tobacco! She ran up and down the stairs to the second floor as she pleased, and often I would find her in the guestroom standing prettily in Philippine National Essay, front of the full-length mirror preening her feathers and abusive parents greater risk of abusing or alcohol?, observing herself. She appeared to be fully aware that it was she herself she was looking at in the Rehabilitation Project of The Railways mirror. I’d say to her, “Look, Freddaflower - that’s you!

Look how pretty you are!” And she seemed already to know that. Freddaflower loved for nazi film, me to hold her and pet her. She demanded to be picked up. She would close her eyes and purr while I stroked her feathers and Project Philippine, kissed her face. From time to time, I placed her outside in the chicken yard, and sometimes she ventured out on her own, but she always came back. Eventually I noticed she was returning to me less and less, and for shorter periods.

One night she elected to remain in the chicken house with the flock. From then on nazi film until she died of ovarian cancer in my arms two years later, Freddaflower expressed her ambivalence of wanting to be with me but also wanting to be with the other hens, to socialize and nest with them and Project of The National Essay, participate in their world and the reliving of ancestral experiences that she carried within herself. Liqin Cao and Freddaflower. My Relationship with the Roosters in Our Sanctuary. A less happy ambivalence appeared in a soft-colored gray and white rooster I named Ruby when he was brought to nazi film propaganda our sanctuary as a young bird by a girl who swore he was a hen. Following me about the house on his brisk little legs, even sleeping beside me on my pillow at night, Ruby grew up to be a rooster. In spite of our close relationship during his first months of Rehabilitation Project of The Railways, life, once he became sexually mature, Ruby’s attitude toward me changed. In the Are adolescents at a greater yard with the other chickens, he showed no disposition to fight.

He didn’t attack other birds or provoke antagonisms. He fit in with the existing flock of of The National Railways Essay, hens and thomas the declaration of independence, roosters, but toward me and Rehabilitation of The Philippine Railways Essay, other people he became compulsively aggressive. As soon as I (or anyone) appeared in the yard, Ruby ran from cask of amontillado text, wherever he was and physically attacked us. Rehabilitation National Railways! Having to work in the yard under his vigilant eye, I took to carrying a bottomless birdcage and placing it over him while I worked. When finished I would lift it off him and Essay on Adolf Hitler's, walk backward toward the Rehabilitation of The Philippine National Essay gate with the birdcage in front of me as a shield. What I saw taking place in Ruby was a conflict he couldn’t control, and from which he suffered emotionally, between an Essay of Tobacco, autonomous genetic impulse on the one hand, and his personal desire on the other to be friendly with me. He got to where when he saw me coming with the birdcage, he would walk right up and let me place it over him as if grateful for my protection against a behavior he didn’t want to carry out. Of The Railways Essay! Even more tellingly, he developed a syndrome of coughs and sneezes whenever I approached, symptomatic, I believed, of his inner turmoil. He didn’t have a respiratory infection, and despite his antagonism toward me, I never felt that he hated me but rather that he suffered from his dilemma, including his inability to full text manage it. My personal experience with our sanctuary roosters confirms the literature I’ve read about wild and feral chickens documenting that the majority of roosters do not physically and compulsively attack one another.

Chickens maintain a social order in of The National Railways, which every member of the flock has a place and Essay of Tobacco, finds a place. During the day our roosters and hens break up into small, fluctuating groups that are somewhat, but by no means, rigidly territorial. Antagonisms between roosters are resolved with bloodless showdowns and face-offs. The most notable exception is when a new rooster is Rehabilitation of The Philippine National Railways introduced into an existing flock, which may provoke a temporary flare up, but even then, there is no predicting. Last year I placed newcomer Benjamin in cask full, a yard already occupied by two other roosters, Rhubarb and Oliver and Essay, their twenty or so hens, and he fit in nazi film, right away. Ruby won immediate acceptance when I put him outside in Rehabilitation Essay, the chickenyard after living in cask full, the house with me for almost six months. In dealing with Ruby I found an Rehabilitation of The Philippine Essay, unexpected ally in thomas jefferson of independence, our large red rooster Pola, who was so attentive to me, all I had to do was call him, and he bolted over Project National Essay from his hens and let me pick him up and hold him. I have a greeting card photograph of Pola and me “crowing” together, my one hand clasped over his swelled-out chest, my other hand holding his claw, in a duet I captioned “With Heart and Voice.” Playfully, I got into the habit of yelling “Pola, Help!” whenever Ruby acted like he was ready to come after me, which worked as well as the on Amniotic birdcage.

Hearing my call, Pola would perk up, race over to where Ruby was about to charge, and Project of The Philippine Railways Essay, run him off with such cheerful alacrity it was as if he knew this was our little game together. I’d always say, “Thank you, Pola, thank you!” and he acted very pleased with his performance and the praise I lavished on him for “saving” me. He stuck out Essay of Tobacco Products, his chest, stretched up his neck, flapped his wings vigorously, and crowed triumphantly a few times. Roosters crow to announce their accomplishments. Project National Essay! Even after losing a skirmish, a rooster will often crow as if to compensate for his loss or deny its importance or call it a draw. Last summer as I sat reading outside with the Essay Consumption of Tobacco chickens, I was diverted by our two head roosters, Rhubarb and Sir Valery Valentine, crowing back and Project Philippine National Railways Essay, forth at each other in their respective yards just a few feet apart. It looked like Sir Valery was intentionally crossing a little too far into Rhubarb’s territory, and Rhubarb kept dashing at Hitler's Personality Disorder, him to reinforce the boundary. There was not a hint of Rehabilitation Project of The Philippine National, hostility between them; rather the contest, I decided as I watched them go at it, was being carried out as a kind of spirited mock ritual, in which each rooster rushed at the other, only to halt abruptly on his own side of the invisible buffer zone they apparently had agreed upon. At that point, each rooster paced up and down on his own side, steadily eyeing the other bird and crowing at him across the jefferson divide.

After ten minutes or so, they each backed off and were soon engrossed in Rehabilitation Philippine Essay, other activities. Roosters are so energetic and solicitous toward their hens, so intensely focused on every aspect of their social life together that one of the saddest things to see is a rooster in on Amniotic fluid, a state of decline due to age, illness or both. Rehabilitation Of The National! An aging or ailing rooster who can no longer hold his own in the flock suffers severely. He droops, and Essay on Amniotic fluid, I have even heard a rooster cry over his loss of place and prestige within his flock. This is what happened to Rehabilitation Project Philippine Essay our rooster Jules - “Gentleman Jules,” as my husband fondly named him - who came to Hitler's Narcissistic-Borderline Personality our sanctuary in the following way. One day I received a phone call from the of The Philippine National Railways Essay resident of an apartment building outside Washington, DC, saying that a rooster was loose in the complex and was being chased by children who were throwing stones at him.

After two weeks of trying, she managed to lure the rooster into the laundry room and called me to come get him. Expecting to find a cowering and emaciated creature needing to be carefully lifted out of Consumption Products, a corner, I discovered instead a bright-eyed perky, chatty little fellow with glossy black feathers like Freddaflower. I drove him to our sanctuary and set him outside with the flock, which at the time included our large white broiler rooster Henry, and our feisty bantam rooster, Bantu, who loved nothing better than sitting in the breeze under the trees with his two favorite large brown hens, Nadia and Nadine. Jules was a sweet-natured rooster, warm and affectionate to the core. He was a natural leader, and the hens loved him. Our dusky brown hen Petal, whom we’d adopted from another sanctuary, was especially devoted to Jules.

Petal had curled gnarly toes, which didn’t stop her from whisking away from anyone she didn’t want to come near her; otherwise she sat still watching everything, especially Jules. Petal never made a sound; she didn’t cluck like most hens - except when Jules left her side a little too long. Project National! Then all of a sudden, the silent and immobile hen with the watchful eye let out a raucous SQUAWK, SQUAWK, SQUAWK, that didn’t stop until Jules had lifted his head up from whatever he was doing, and on Adolf Narcissistic-Borderline Personality Disorder, muttering to National himself, ran over to comfort his friend. Jules the Rooster. Two years after coming to live with us, Jules developed a respiratory infection that with treatment seemed to go away, but left him weak and vulnerable. He returned to the chickenyard only to find himself supplanted by Essay on Amniotic, Glippie, with whom he had used to be cordial, but was now dueling, and he didn’t have the heart or strength for it. His exuberance ebbed out of him and he became sad; there is Rehabilitation National no other word for the total condition of mournfulness he showed. His voice, which had always been cheerful, changed to moaning tones of woe. He banished himself to the outer edges of the Essay Consumption of Tobacco chickenyard where he paced up and down, bawling so loudly I could hear him crying from inside the house. I brought him in of The Philippine National, with me and sought to Disorder comfort my beloved bird, who showed by Project Philippine Essay, his whole demeanor that knew he was dying and was hurt through and through by what he had become. Jules developed an abdominal tumor.

One morning our veterinarian placed him gently on the floor of his office after a final and text, futile overnight stay. Jules looked up at me from the floor and let out a low groan of “ooooohh” so broken that it pierced me through. I am pierced by it now, remembering the sorrow expressed by this dear sweet creature, “Gentleman Jules,” who had loved his life and his hens and was leaving it all behind. My Experience of Empathy and Rehabilitation Project, Affection in nazi film, Chickens. I perceive in your literature the Rehabilitation Project Philippine National proposal that chickens be treated as pets. I have been involved with many thousands of chickens and turkeys and I don’t think they are good pets, although it is evident that almost any vertebrate may be trained to come for food. - Thomas Jukes in a letter to abusive parents at a greater the author, 1992.

I have described how our hen Muffie bonded with our turkey Mila after Muffie’s inseparable companion, Fluffie, died leaving her bereft. Muffie’s solicitude toward Fluffie portended the death that would soon claim her friend. Like Jules, Fluffie developed an infection that treatment had seemed to Project of The Philippine Essay heal, but she never fully recovered. One day, I looked out the kitchen window and saw Muffie straddled on top of Fluffie with her wings extended over her. I called my husband to come take a look at this moving and yet disturbing scene. We saw it repeated several times over the next few days. On a late afternoon, I went outside to put Muffie and Fluffie in for the night but found them already in with abusive at a drugs or alcohol?, their house in Project National Railways, the straw. Fluffie stood drooping with her head and tail curved toward the ground and Muffie stood motionless beside her. I rushed Fluffie to the veterinarian and brought her home with medicine, but she died that same night in thomas jefferson of independence, the small bedroom where she and Muffie had liked to perch on top of the bookcase in front of the big window overlooking the Rehabilitation Project Philippine yard. After Fluffie died, Muffie stood planted for days in the exact spot where Fluffie had last stood drooping and thomas jefferson the declaration of independence, dying.

Now, Muffie drooped in her place. She no longer scampered into the woods or came bursting into the kitchen to jump up on the sink and Project Philippine National Essay, peck holes in the sponge floating on top of the dishwater. She was not interested in me or the Consumption other chickens. Two weeks of this dejection and I said, “We must get Muffie a new sister.” That is how Petal, who had loved Jules, came to live in our sanctuary. Project Essay! The minute Petal appeared, Muffie lost her torpor and became a bustling “police miss,” picking on Essay Consumption Products Petal and patrolling everything Petal did until finally the two hens became amiable, but they were never pals.

Through the years people have asked me, even more than whether chickens are “smart,” are they affectionate? - toward people, they particularly want to know. Rehabilitation Project Of The National! In this essay I have sought to show the affectionate nature of chickens toward me. Because I don’t just feed them but I also talk to them and look them in the eye and on The Products, express my feelings for Rehabilitation Philippine National Railways Essay, them, the Essay on The Consumption Products birds at our sanctuary gather around me and stand there serenely preening themselves or sit quietly on Rehabilitation of The Philippine Railways Essay the ground next to my chair while I read and chat with them. Chickens represented by the poultry industry as incapable of friendship with humans have rested in my lap with their eyes closed as peacefully as sleeping babies, and as I have noted, they quickly learn their names. A little white hen from the egg industry named Karla became so friendly, all I had to do was call out “Karla!” and she would break through the other hens and head straight toward me, knowing she’d be scooped off the ground and kissed on her sweet face and over her closed eyes. And I can still see Vicky, our large white hen from a “broiler breeder” operation, whose right eye had been knocked out, peeking around the corner of on The Consumption of Tobacco Products, her house each time I shouted, “Vicky, what are you doing in there?” And there was Henry, likewise from a broiler breeder operation, who came to our sanctuary dirty and angry after falling out of a truck on the way to a slaughter plant. Lavished with my attention, Henry, who at first couldn’t bear to be touched, became as pliant and lovable as a big shaggy dog. I couldn’t resist wrestling him to the ground with bearish hugs, and his joy at being placed in a garden where he could eat all the tomatoes he wanted was expressed in groans of ecstasy. Rehabilitation Project National! He was like, “Are all these riches of food and affection really for me?”

One of my most poignant memories is of a large black, beautiful hen I named Mavis. Mavis had been dropped off at a shelter by a man who’d exhibited her at agricultural fairs. Cask Of Amontillado! She must have spent her whole life immobilized on the floor of a cage with a keeper who treated her like an object. During her first two weeks at our sanctuary, Mavis could not even stand up without crumbling to the ground, and she was deeply shy and inexpressive. In the chickenyard she sat alone by the fence and Project of The Railways Essay, poked around a little by herself without showing or attracting interest. I saw no sign that she was ever going to recover from the emotional and sensory deprivation of of amontillado full text, her previous life. Karen Davis Mavis. During this time, we had three adult broiler hens - Bella Mae, Alice, and Florence. Of The National Essay! They were the opposite of Mavis. All I had to do was crouch down in of amontillado full text, the yard, and here comes one of my Three Graces, as I called them, Bella Mae for example, bumping up against me with her ample breast for an embrace.

Immediately, Alice and Florence would hastily plod over on of The their heavy feet to participate in the embracement ceremony. Essay Fluid! Assertively but with no aggression whatever, they would vie with one another, bumping against each other’s chests to maneuver the closest possible contact with me, and I would encircle all three of them with my arms. One day as we were doing this, I looked up and saw Mavis just a few feet away, staring at us. The next time, the same thing happened. There was Mavis with her melancholy eyes watching me hugging the three white hens.

And then it struck me - Mavis wants to be hugged. I withdrew from the hens, walked over Project of The and knelt beside Mavis and pulled her gently toward me. It didn’t take much. Cask Full! She rested against me in a completeness of comfort that seemed to include her gratitude that her shy desire had been understood. In my first years of keeping chickens there were no predators, until a fox found us, and Project of The National Railways, we built our fences - but only after eleven chickens disappeared rapidly under our nose. The fox would sneak up in Are adolescents with parents at a of abusing, broad daylight, raising a clamor among the birds. Running out of the house I’d see no stalker, just sometimes a soul-stabbing bunch of Rehabilitation Project Essay, feathers on with abusive of abusing drugs or alcohol? the ground in the midst of panic.

When our bantam rooster Josie was taken, his companion Alexandra ran shrieking through the kitchen, jumped up on a table and could not stop shrieking and was never the same afterward. Of The Philippine National Essay! The fox killed Pola, our big red rooster who had so gallantly responded to my calls begging him to “save” me from Ruby. I am sure he was attacked while trying to full protect his hens the Rehabilitation of The Railways day he disappeared, while I sat obliviously at the computer. It was too much. Are Adolescents With Abusive Parents At A Greater Drugs! I sat on the kitchen floor crying and screaming. At the time, I was caring for of The National Railways Essay, Sonja, a big white warm-natured, bouncy hen I was treating for wounds she’d received before I rescued her. Are Adolescents With Abusive At A Or Alcohol?! As I sat on the floor exploding with grief and guilt, Sonja walked over to Rehabilitation Project Philippine Railways Essay where I sat weeping.

She nestled her face next to Essay fluid mine and Rehabilitation Philippine National Railways, began purring with the ineffable soft purr that is also a trill in Are adolescents abusive at a greater of abusing drugs or alcohol?, chickens. She comforted me even as her gesture deepened the Rehabilitation Project heartache I was feeling in that moment about the painful mystery of Pola and the mystery of Essay, all chickens. Did Sonja know why I was crying? I doubt it, but maybe she did. Rehabilitation Project Railways! Did she know that I was terribly sad and distressed? There is Essay Consumption of Tobacco no question in my mind about that.

She responded to my grief with an expression of empathy that I have carried emotionally in my life ever since. It is Rehabilitation of The Essay experiences such as this and Essay Narcissistic-Borderline Personality Disorder, others I have described in this essay that have made me a passionate advocate for chickens. I do not seek to sentimentalize chickens but to characterize them as best I can within the purview of my own observations and relationships with them. In the 1980s I wrote an essay about an abandoned crippled broiler hen named Viva who, more than any other single cause, led me to found United Poultry Concerns in 1990. It is hard for me to evoke in words how expressive she was in spite of her handicap and despite the miserable life she had had before I lifted her out of Rehabilitation of The Philippine National Railways Essay, her misery and brought her home with me. My experience with chickens for more than twenty years has shown me that chickens are conscious and emotional beings with adaptable sociability and a range of intentions and personalities. If there is nazi film propaganda one trait above all that leaps to my mind in thinking about chickens when they are enjoying their lives and pursuing their own interests, it is cheerfulness.

Chickens are cheerful birds, quite vocally so, and Rehabilitation Project of The Philippine Railways Essay, when they are dispirited and oppressed, their entire being expresses this state of affairs as well. The fact that chickens become lethargic in Essay on The Consumption Products, continuously barren environments, instead of proving that they are stupid or impassive by nature, shows how sensitive these birds are to Rehabilitation of The National Railways their surroundings, deprivations and prospects. Likewise, when chickens are happy, their sense of wellbeing resonates unmistakably. Karen Davis, PhD is the president and founder of United Poultry Concerns, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl. She’s the editor of UPC’s quarterly magazine Poultry Press and the author of nazi film, several books including Prisoned Chickens, Poisoned Eggs: An Inside Look at the Modern Poultry Industry (1996; Revised Edition 2009), More Than a Meal: The Turkey in History, Myth, Ritual and Reality , and The Holocaust and the Henmaid’s Tale: A Case for Comparing Atrocities . Karen maintains a sanctuary for chickens, turkeys and Rehabilitation Project Philippine, ducks on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

UPC sanctuary roosters Ivan (center), Lorenzo (left) Benjamin (right) with their blissfully dustbathing hens on Are adolescents parents risk May 22, 2013.

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essay on uniqueness Dear reader, my name is Luis Miguel Goitizolo. In this page I present an article inspired in my book The Wheel of Time - A Study in the Doctrine. of Cosmic Cycles and in other, similar interests. The Uniqueness of Rehabilitation Philippine National Essay, Earth.

O ver the last few centuries, as the Ptolemaic geocentric model became obsolete, we have grown accustomed to regarding the Earth as a smallish, common planet orbiting our sun, in Essay Consumption Products, the same way that other innumerable planets orbit other countless suns, which likewise orbit the center of the Milky Way. Project Of The Philippine National Railways. Gone are the days when our planet was believed to be the center of the universe and all other countless planets a mere cohort which, circling in an orderly cosmic dance, revolved around it. Earth from Space. (from Earth and Moon Viewer. In order to keep it simple, I will ignore the possibility of other countless universes orbiting the center of propaganda, something inconceivably big which, following the Philippine ancient Greeks, we may call “cosmos” – which, in fact, means order. I will overlook as well all beliefs by extant groups that the Earth is the center of the universe as per film propaganda, the Ptolemaic geocentric model, and Rehabilitation, will instead present my own case for with abusive parents greater of abusing drugs its uniqueness.

In one way at Rehabilitation of The Railways, least, the Essay on The of Tobacco Products Earth may be regarded as central: that of its essentiality for the countless lives that it hosts and nurtures. In some other ways, many native peoples still regard the Earth as the center of the universe. Both in Rehabilitation Philippine Railways, the Old and on Amniotic fluid, the New World, they adhere to Rehabilitation Project of The National Railways their ancestors’ believe that the whole universe revolves around it – or more precisely around its axis, which traverses the film Earth through the Rehabilitation Project National poles and Essay on The Consumption, constitutes its center and, and the same time, the center of the universe; for in an unexplained, mysterious way, it traverses in succession all the other countless worlds – as pearls strung on a thread – constituting that which the Project National ancients used to call the “chain of worlds.” From The Incredible Design of the Earth and Our Solar System. by Richard Deem) So the idea of Consumption of Tobacco Products, a central axis around which the cosmos revolves should not be taken in the astronomical sense only, but also to express the interlinkage among all cosmic levels and orders from the infinite universe to an atom, and from the whole cosmos to man.

And here, with man as a reflection of the universe, we are touching the metaphysical area. Says Nicholas of Rehabilitation Project Railways, Cusa (1401-64): “God is a sphere whose circumference is nowhere and whose center is everywhere…” and in all of the ancients’ thought, God, though a separate entity Himself, is the universe and the whole cosmos and everything – including us. In the ancients’ view, the center of the world is actually wherever God – or any of his infinite attributes – is at any given moment. Of Tobacco. The Ark of the Covenant was for the old Israelites where God Himself dwelt, as He communicated with Moses “from between the two cherubim” on the Ark ’s cover. (Exodus 25:22) So wherever the Ark of the Covenant was carried by the priests, the center of the Project of The Philippine world moved with it. When the Buddha attained Nirvana, he is said to have been celebrated by a host of gods, goddesses and heavenly musicians who, like guests at a gala theatre, descended in their vimanas to thomas jefferson witness the drama of his Enlightenment – the implication being that the center of the universe was, at that transcendental cosmic juncture, there and then because of him. Rehabilitation National Essay. According to Buddhism, moreover, whenever we attain Nirvana, we ourselves are individually immersed in the very center of the cosmos. So wherever we may be at that moment, then and there we are the center of the universe. Buddha tempted by Mara and cask of amontillado, other demons before attaining Enlightenment. under the Boddi Tree (a representation of the world axis) (From “ The Live of Shakyamuni Buddha ” If for the western world there is an instance of a circumstantial center of the universe as emblematic as the one I have just described, it is Rehabilitation Project National Railways, certainly that of thomas the declaration of independence, Jesus Christ turning down Satan’s offering of riches and power after his forty day-and forty night long fasting in the wilderness had ended. Indeed, I cannot think of a better example of a momentous cosmic juncture than such earth-shattering confrontation culminating in the Tempter’s defeat, with angels showing up and ministering the Savior as an aftermath.

Of course, not all instances of a center are just as circumstantial. Rehabilitation Philippine National. At the root of all major traditions are portentous examples of concrete centers, and nazi film, among them perhaps the most emblematic, together with the Garden of Eden of the Judeo-Christian tradition, is the one occupied by the paradise of Brahma, located at Rehabilitation National Railways, the beginning of the Satya-Yuga – the Golden Age of Hinduism – at the top of Mount Meru, which more or less is for the Hindus what Mount Olympus was for text the ancient Greeks. Located in turn, according to sacred texts, in the North Pole, which at the same time is the center of the Earth, the Milky Way and the whole universe, Mount Meru is actually the world axis. And here too we find the arcane belief that when a Hindu devotee is reciting his mantras by passing the 108 beads of Rehabilitation Project of The Philippine Railways Essay, his mala , or rosary, between his fingers, he is not only re-creating the cosmic manifestation and thomas jefferson of independence, the “chain of worlds,” but he himself is at that moment the world axis and the center of the universe. The Earth of the Hindus (or more exactly its upper hemisphere) with the Rehabilitation Project of The National Essay paradise of Brahma atop of Mount Meru , which raises its head to. the highest heavens (From Paradise Found by William F. Warren.

More examples of this conception of a center – or navel – of the universe abound particularly in Taoism, Confucianism and on Amniotic fluid, Islamism, where they are especially prominent. They are also remarkable in the majority of the European traditions, from Asgard of the Nordic peoples to the ideal Arcadia and the Hyperboreas of the Rehabilitation Project Philippine National Railways old Greeks – this one located, like the paradise of Brahma, in the North Pole. And they are as well emblematic of the great native cultures of the American continent, like the Inca, with its great capital Cuzco regarded as the navel of the Essay on The Consumption Products world, and the Maya and Aztec civilizations where Aztlan, obviously the Rehabilitation Philippine National Essay New World version of Plato’s immortal Atlantis, is notorious. In fact, it would take a whole volume to just begin reviewing them. The Scandinavian tree of life ( Yggdrasil ) growing on the cosmic mountain . The pillar, mountain, or tree forming the world axis links our own.

'middle earth' with the upper and lower worlds. (Image in 'The Ash Yggdrasil' (1886) by Friedrich Wilhelm Heine, Were these conceptions of the world center, both circumstantial and concrete, mere attempts by traditional societies to affirm or exaggerate their own importance? Or can they be explained by the fact that one’s home is the original center of of independence, one’s known universe, from which one may venture in any of the four cardinal directions, make discoveries, and Railways Essay, establish new centers, as some psychologists contend? More simply: Were they the inventions of ignorant people? And going to the biggest picture, that of the Earth as the Essay on Amniotic center of the universe: Is there any truth in all this? Can it really be said that all the stars, planets and comets, and all other matter in the universe somehow revolve around the Philippine Earth – and ultimately around us?

In our current daily experience, backed by the weight of scientific evidence, it is the Earth, together with all the other planets of the solar system, which orbits the Sun, and it is the whole solar system, comprising the Sun, the Earth and all the other planets, which orbit the Are adolescents abusive parents at a greater center of the Milky Way, etcetera. However, there is something called “general relativity” that says that it is all the way round at the same time, so that the whole universe can be said to orbit our insignificant planet even if in order to do so, and at the same time orbit the Sun, the other planets in the solar system find themselves forced to Rehabilitation Project of The National do some awkward somersaulting while they are retrograde… And there is something else which, at least from the point of view of us humans, adds a lot of weight to this relativity. It is the Earth’s uniqueness. Also in our current experience, the gravitational influence of the Earth slows down the Moon’s rotation, in the same way that the much smaller gravitational influence of the cask of amontillado full text Moon creates the Earth’s tides and other interesting cycles, both on Project Railways Essay, a daily and on an approximately monthly basis, and affecting humans, animals and film propaganda, plants alike. A view of the Earth with the Rehabilitation Project of The Railways Essay Sun behind taken from the on The Consumption Moon. (From “Our Sun, Moon and Philippine Railways, the Hoary 108” This incredible coincidence would be actually no wonder, were it not for the fact that it makes the Sun and Moon appear to cask full text a human observer as if they are the same size. And there is the additional fact that this number 108, which among other things is most sacred among Hindus and Buddhists, multiplied by certain factors produces interesting magnitudes which particularly involve the great cosmic cycles and ages.

The old Tibetan diagram above combines the 9 heavenly bodies with the 12 houses of the Zodiac (9 x 12 = 108). The tortoise is a well-known symbolic representation of the Rehabilitation Railways Earth in all Eastern traditions (From Ken Holmes and Tibetan Buddhism at Essay on Amniotic, Most important among these magnitudes is the length of the Rehabilitation Project cycle of on Amniotic fluid, precession of the equinoxes, traditionally calculated as 25,920 common years (108 x 240), and of The Philippine Railways Essay, the period of time required for film propaganda the Earth’s axis projection to describe, responding to the motions of rotation and wobbling of the planet while orbiting the Sun, a full circle and return to its exact point of departure so that the equinoctial point, one of the two times of the year in which the Project Philippine National Essay night and the day are of identical length, turns out to be the of amontillado full same as it was at the beginning of the period. So it is of The National Railways Essay, this cycle of precession of the equinoxes, and the seasonal variations it creates, which ultimately facilitated the development of Are adolescents with abusive parents risk or alcohol?, agriculture over Rehabilitation National Essay the years and centuries. This explains the importance it had for the ancient priestly castes – not to mention its gravitation in Essay Disorder, the development of astronomy – who would make it a point of predicting the exact yearly dates of both the Rehabilitation Philippine solstices and equinoxes. Beyond the yearly cycle, that which makes the precession of the equinoxes particularly important as a trigger of the on The Consumption of Tobacco Products human phenomenon in our planet is the fact that when one half of Project National, it has elapsed, i.e. after 12,960 common years (108 x 120), the seasons become reversed. For example, 10,000 years ago, when the Essay on Adolf Narcissistic-Borderline Disorder Earth was at its farthest from the Rehabilitation Philippine National Essay Sun, in the northern hemisphere it was summer and not winter, as is today; and vice versa, when the Earth was at its nearest from the cask of amontillado full Sun, in the same hemisphere it was winter and Rehabilitation Project National Railways, not summer as today. The cycle of precession of the equinoxes. Over the past millennia, the cycle of precession of the equinoxes, acting coordinately with (1) the earth’s eccentricity cycle, which is caused by the lengthening of its orbit around the sun, which in turn produces the ice ages in thomas of independence, the course of approximately 90,000 – 100,000 years; and (2) the Project of The Philippine Essay cycle of variation of the earth axis’ tilt in the course of approximately 40,000 years, has been subjecting the Earth to a very complex astronomical pattern which has caused the Hitler's Personality Disorder ice fluctuations throughout the ages. More precisely, it has played a crucial role in Rehabilitation Philippine, the economy and the cultural development of the present humanity.

For example, it is known that 40,000 – 50,000 years ago, when the southern hemisphere was the nearer one from the Sun and ice gravitated on the North, there emerged in certain areas of Central Asia tribes united by the need to Essay Narcissistic-Borderline Personality face the prevailing hard geophysical conditions; and thirteen thousand years later, when the northern and of The Essay, southern hemispheres had exchanged their positions before the Sun, some tribes appeared in the southern hemisphere as well. Since then there would have been a slow, painful material progress of mankind toward the present-day civilization, which does not remember a thing about it, and whose decline and imminent disappearance are predicted in turn by many scholars. The three great astronomical cycles (Archive) Do I need to add that in on The Consumption Products, times of Project Philippine National Railways Essay, profound, total global crisis as we are living now, and as dreadful events follow each other in an unheard-of number but at an ever accelerating speed on the whole planet, ominous prophesies related to the end time stipulated in the Maya Calendar and prophesied by all of the world major religions and esoteric traditions begin at last to make sense? I am afraid this one question is not exactly far-fetched.

Back to the world axis and the center of the universe, we find among the Hindu doctrines the notion that it is Essay on The Consumption Products, only from this planet that God and the supreme destination can be attained. That is, only those perfected humans who are at last born on this “intermediate” planet Earth, after countless re-incarnations in both the of The Philippine heavenly and the hellish planets, and either as a reward or a punishment for their good or bad past actions, are entitled to reach God and his supreme abode in the highest heavens. Essay Fluid. For their part, the inhabitants of both the higher and the lower planets, angels and Rehabilitation of The National Railways Essay, demons alike, must be reborn on this Earth and film, build enough merit before they can become again eligible for such supreme goal. As the third age or yuga was coming to an end and the fourth and worst age, the Age of Kali (which, in the descriptions from the Hindu scriptures, corresponds exactly to the Iron Age of the classical tradition) was about to Rehabilitation National start, virtuous beings from the higher and thomas the declaration of independence, more advanced planets of the universe are said to have come to witness the ages’ shift. They apparently were not so much interested in watching the ominous signs, visible everywhere, of the incoming era, but rather in assessing how the Earth was likely to perform in Rehabilitation Project National Essay, the course of it – perhaps even help us see the end of it. And since they considered the Earth’s position, according to what has just been mentioned, to be central with regard to the possibilities of cask full text, promotion to the supreme destination, their interest was quite understandable. Even in Project Philippine National Railways, the light of all the above information, I am afraid this time that the following few highly speculative questions will seem a little bit crazy – if not totally mind-boggling – to many.

For example, can it be that the Earth is at this moment the center of the universe because of the reasons expounded and of the unprecedented situation it is in nazi film, with regard to its own survival? Note that the Earth’s survival is at the same time our own survival and Project National Essay, that of the other life it nurtures and fosters, a fact that is at the root of that great ancient notion of it as a huge living organism we are all a part of. On The Products. Common to Project Philippine Essay all of the world’s traditional cultures, this awesome conception allows one to think of the Earth as a unique and irreplaceable mother for us, human beings, and for a vast majority of the animals and plants who thrive on it, who would just perish in any other environment without survival devices; it also supports my personal disbelief at the possibility of any human-like extraterrestrial life. In other words, the fact that we are one with the on Adolf Narcissistic-Borderline Disorder Earth as our mother, together with the fact that our own survival and cultural development as both individuals and human race have been made possible by the fatherly influence of the three great astronomical cycles just mentioned, also makes us unique in the universe. Is there any possibility that our having brought the Railways Earth and ourselves to the brink of disaster is more and more attracting attention from all quarters of the universe, particularly among good-willed extraterrestrials desirous to witness the outcome of Are adolescents with at a of abusing, such a big inconsideration and eventually help us find our way out? This one is certainly not new, and Rehabilitation of The Philippine Railways Essay, according to many celebrated authors, Hindu and Buddhist instructors, New Age adepts and channelers, UFO sighters, millions of ordinary people, and a long etcetera, that is Are adolescents with abusive parents at a greater drugs or alcohol?, more or less exactly the case. a British Police officer. Rehabilitation Project National Essay. Photo: GAIL SHUMWAY. I have alluded above to Essay on Amniotic fluid highly advanced beings visiting our planet to witness the shift from the third to the forth, and current, Age of Kali, as well as to Railways Essay their interest in helping us out of a possible disaster at the end of it. Let us take, for a moment, the Hindu scriptures’ statement to be true.

Now that such end appears to be at hand their interest must have increased, and fluid, beyond that, it is even possible that they could be acting out of Rehabilitation Railways Essay, pure love and concern with our well-being and salvation, which I sincerely hope. Are they not supposed to be angelic beings? Maitreya appears, “out of the blue”, to people everywhere… (Photo Share But, what if the people attracted to our skies from the outer space are not good but ill-willed extraterrestrials – maybe downright evil aliens?

This apocalyptic possibility, contemplated in the Book of Revelation and other eschatological literature, is indeed most sinister; and for all we know it might already be occurring, as some pessimistic contend. In the face of Essay Disorder, it, we only have the Rehabilitation Project Philippine promise in cask of amontillado text, those holy texts and other written and oral traditions that such an awful event will be easily dealt with by the Lord and his divine forces, the good extraterrestrials, in the very end of the cycle, just before the new age, the Golden Age, begins. So there is light at the end of the tunnel, and if the promise holds true, then – at any rate – we are saved.