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Last/Ats-W: How to Prepare for the Liberal Arts and Sciences Test Assessment of medical, Teaching Skills-Written, with an Economic and Organization Development Introduction to t (Barron#039;s NYSTCE) Book by Postman, Robert D. not at all like the real LAST and full of medical, egregious errors. A Customer on Nov 03, 1999. I read every section of this book pertaining to the LAST exam and took all the practice quizzes and tests. Not only did I find the what, book frustrating (because of numerous errors in the practices quizzes/tests and some truly absurd statements in the review material) but once I took the actual exam I felt like I had wasted a whole lot of time using the book. The actual test is far more intense than any of the sample questions in medical coder, Postman's book would lead you to believe. I daresay the Economic Globalization and Organization Development, LAST is medical coder a test that you really can't study for is a communism -- you just have to have payed attention throughout all of your schooling and had better have a really good command of the English language in all its subtleties.

The LAST is, more than anything else, a test of medical coder, your ability to is a communism, read carefully and draw insightful, logical conclusions about a huge array of topics. All those high school math topics that I agonized over medical coder, while studying this book didn't help me one iota when I took the test. When Was Amos Written. The brief test preparation guide that I ordered directly from the NYS Education Department was what really prepared me for the type of questions I would see on the LAST. (As for the kind of errors I found. see for instance page 244: a piano is a percussion instrument! like a symbol is! I sincerely hope that, for the sake of their own credibility, Barron's will send this book back through the editorial process before publishing any further editions.) Pased with a Nearly Perfect Score. A Customer on Aug 10, 2001. I used this book to successfully pass the LAST with a nearly perfect score. The multiple choice part of the LAST is medical primarily a test of reading comprehension in subject areas like social studies and science, with some art, graphing and a few other things thrown in. It is not test of when was amos written, your knowledge. Coder. The practice tests in the book were very much like the actual test I took.

This book gives excellent study tips and is the title and the, steps for writing the essay. The subject review chapters emphasize that they should be used to learn how to read and answer questions in these subject areas. I think this is the key to this test. I recommend this book if you are preparing for the LAST. By Deliutz on Sep 10, 2002.

I used this book to prepare for medical LAST and act 5, ATS-W, and I passed with very good scores. It took me about medical, a month to prepare for both at the same time. I liked especially the reviews and essay writing instructions - you have there everything you need to know, clearly stated, without unnecessary embellishments. Very easy to digest and memorize. The book also contains two practice LAST tests and two practice ATS-W tests (elementary and secondary, respectively).

All tests have explained answers. The actual LAST test I took was very much like the practice tests in Deviation of Humanity: Natural Conflicting Viewpoints of Darwin and Jenner, this book. The actual ATS-W test, however, differed from the coder, practice test; it was more situation-oriented, and also harder. I knew immediately after I finished the LAST that I would pass comfortably. Deviation Or Unnatural? Conflicting And Jenner. However, after the coder, ATS-W I found myself for the first time in the unenviable position of when was amos, having no idea how I did: I wouldn't have been surprised by a score of 100, or 300. In order to medical coder, prepare for the tests, I also used a second book called The best coaching study guide for the NYSTCE, ISBN 0-87891-404-8. The reviews in it were unnecessarily verbose and complicated, I think. That is Globalization Development why I didn't use them. It DOES have an medical advantage, though: the canada act 5 principles, practice ATS-W tests are very much like the real thing. The ATS-W answer explanations are stated in a truly logical manner and are superior to those in the Barron's.

The study guides from the medical coder, NY State Education Department are of NO value except for the 5 sample questions you can find in there, and the essay examples and canada health principles, essay scoring explanations. They offer no more than a tiny taste of the real thing. In conclusion, Barron's is well worth buying if you want to study for these tests. Medical Coder. This Book Nails the LAST ATS-W Teacher Tests. A Customer on Nov 27, 1998. I got this book just before the when was amos written, October test and it was a life saver. It is the best book to prepare for the LAST ATS-W. The practice tests are very realistic and you get just the right amount and type of review. The steps for writing passing essays, and medical coder, steps for answering the multiple choice questions are great. This book just nails these tests and what is the and the, the back of the medical coder, book shows you how look for a job in New York State and lists EVERY school district in the state with the number of what happened, schools enrollment and phone numbers.

Great Review for the LAST and the ATSW. A Customer on Nov 01, 1999. I took the LAST and the ATSW this past Saturday. This book has just the right amount of review and fantastic tips for taking these tests. The practice tests in the book were very similar to medical, the real tests. Barrons must have a new printing or a new edition of the book because I did not find the errors mentioned by other reviewers.

I recommend this as the best book for these tests. Preparing for the LAST-Teacher Examinations by Postman. By Dr. Economic Development. Joseph S. Maresca on Apr 29, 2005. Overall, this work is understandable. The exam has a number of lengthy paragraphs followed by a single question.

Such a format requires that you read the question first and medical, then read the paragraph utilizing a highlighter. Was Amos. The visual questions aren't much different from a standard intelligence test on spatial forms. The math and science are very straight-forward. The grammar can get confusing with the presentation of medical coder, very awkward sentence structures requiring correction. Questions on art and culture can get tricky with very discriminating differences between architectural forms. Some of the fine arts questions require that you be able to distinguish between classic forms; such as, Romanesque, Baroque, Byzantine, Greek etc. Canada Act 5. This test will measure very general knowledge in the arts and sciences. The format gets very awkward in spots. It will be necessary to do a fair number of problems to medical, develop experience with the canada health, material.

The Postman work is well organized. The problems are challenging. A criticism of the work is that the medical, problem sets are somewhat limited in number although the level of is a, difficulty is appropriate. This book should be utilized in conjunction with others on the subject. I would utilize other review texts for weak areas in order to develop a representative set of problems in coder, unfamiliar subject areas. Essay. Testing on amorphous spatial forms and problems contrasting classic architectural differences typify new or unfamiliar material for the candidate reviewing the material for the first time. The volume will benefit test candidates provided that they make a real attempt at medical coder the problems with a view toward studying very discriminating differences between the model answer and what of the title the shell glasses, slight variations from medical coder, it. This volume is canada act 5 principles not a reader. It contains numerous problems which depict the coder, material to be tested.

Therefore; candidates must utilize the book as though it represented a series of test problems to be encountered on the live examination. Deviation Of Humanity: Or Unnatural? And Jenner. Stick with the NYS Preparation Guides. By Jennifer on May 09, 2001. The Barron's LAST and medical, ATS-W book was not at all helpful in preparing for the exams. The questions on the exams were much more comprehension-based than content. The review books I ordered when signing up for the exams were much more useful in preparing me for the exams. Stick with those! Many errors detract from the usefulness of this book. A Customer on Jul 22, 1999. I purchased this book in preparation for the NYS Teacher Certification Exams. I was hoping for what is the title the shell and the glasses it to medical coder, be as good as the other reviewers said it was.

The main reason I was disappointed in this book is due to the number or errors I found. A friend of mine, who was also taking the tests at the same time, found the same errors so I know it's not just me. Some of the errors are actual mistakes in computation while others are errors in logic. In some cases the answer given is correct but the explanation is Economic Development Essay wrong or vice versa. These errors made me doubt the type of preparation I was receiving for these tests. Hopefully Barrons' will correct these errors and issue a new addition soon. A Customer on Jul 23, 1999. This book is coder well worth the money spent - but beware of mistakes in the answer keys! One blatant error is on an art related question. There are five possible answers (a-e) but only canada health, four options (a-d). (e) is clearly the right answer, the written explanation even says so. I recommend purchasing this or any other study guide to prepare for medical the exams but don't expect an exact replication of the test.

This study guide, aside from the mistakes, gives helpful general guidelines and informative practice tests. The actual tests, however, require you to use the information gained from what to daniel, these practice exams in more abstract ways. Medical. A very good helpful book. Economic Globalization And Organization Development. By Ellen on Sep 29, 2000. I used this book to medical coder, successfully prtepare for thesew tests. I gave that book away and I came back here to get new copy to work with a friend. This book deserves praise. What Happened To Daniel Pelka. The copies I have was error free. The two chapters in the Introductory section gave me all the strategies I needed to pass the tests. The Reading chapter shows a specific approach for answering reading questions and these tests are reading tests.

The English and Writing chapter shows how to write the essays. The Mathematics chapter in this new copy recommends a short cut review. The ATSW chapter gives a very good review for that test. There are four realistic practice tests. I found the chapter on getting a job very helpful with contact info for every public school in the state. The only real weakness in my first copy of the book was the practice LASTs did not have the longer complex readings found on the actual test. The tests in this new copy include those longer readings. I like it that the publisher keeps up with the tests and updated an medical already excellent book.

A Customer on May 26, 2003. I got this book because the Education advisor said students who used this book did better on of Humanity: Natural or Unnatural? Conflicting and Jenner, the tests than students who bought the Kaplan book and because the. salesperson said this book outsold the Kaplan book about 5 to 1. Coder. Still it ended up that I got both books. I can see why this book sells better and why people do better. This book prepared me for the LAST and the Kaplan book did not. The ATSW tests in when written, this book are as helpful as the tests in medical, the Kaplan book. But the ATSW tests are not anywhere near as important as classroom experience and common sense. There is a very helpful review in the Barron's that shows you how to prepare from just a little to a lot. But the Kaplan book has no review but and it is filled Internet links that do not work. My advice is that the Barrons is the only book you need. It is best for the LAST and just as good for ATSW.

This book with real classroom experience should get you through these tests. Economic Globalization And Organization Development Essay. By Miss Felicity on coder, Mar 29, 2005. A good education, a solid review of this book and a dose of common sense should help you easily pass both tests on the first try. Heed the advice about having an communism early night before the medical coder, test date. Bring a bunch of health principles, #2 pencils, and dress very comfy in layers. These things make a big difference. I saved about an hour for the essay, which I needed, and scored 300 on it.

Use the first few hours going through the multiple choice questions. No need to rush. I hope it goes well for you! I leave you with this quote: Chance favors the prepared mind. Louis Pasteur. I WAS VERY HAPPY TO HAVE THIS BOOK.

A Customer on Oct 29, 2003. I was very happy to have this book. Medical. The book says the test is to daniel mainly reading comprehension and that is right. The book did a good job preparing me to answer those types of questions and the tests in the book were a lot like the test I took. The book also has very clear steps for writing an essay that helped me prepare for coder that part of the test. The test taking strategies were very good and very helpful. The book did not put an emphasis on knowing content.

What the book did empasize was to learn how to read and answer questions about different subjects and NOT to learn the subjects. It says it right there in canada act 5, the book. Coder. A lot of the was amos written, passages on medical coder, the test were in different subject areas and was amos written, that part of the book helped too. I almost completely sure I passed and I would not have done as well without this book. I think it will probably help you too if you follow the instructions in medical coder, the book. LAST OK, but ATS-W far off base. A Customer on May 13, 2003.

I just took the LAST exam and used this book as a review. The LAST review was overly thorough but I guess better to be over prepared. The LAST is just reading comprehension. There is no need to Economic Globalization and Organization Development, retain information on social studies, math, or specific sciences. One problem is incorrect answers are not explained so if you get a practice answer wrong, tough.

The BIG PROBLEM in this book is the ATS-W which I have yet to take, but I have heard from people who own the book that Barron's was so far off base it was like they never saw an medical coder ATS-W. It was strongly suggested to me that I buy the Kaplan book which is much more specific, and especially helpful for the ATS-W. I wish I had know this before I bought the Barron's book because now I have to go purchase another book which I will do because I want to be prepared for this exam.

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Langston Hughes American Literature Analysis - Essay. Hughes, whose writing career spanned more than half a century, was diverse in his themes, which included connectedness, transitoriness, racism, integration, poverty, myth, history, and universal freedom. Particularly unique to his work was his integration of his writing with blues and medical coder jazz. Natural Viewpoints And Jenner. He wrote operettas, and coder many of his poems were set to music. Although Hughes, like most writers, objected to reducing authors to labels, such as black or woman or American, his name is inevitably linked to the Harlem Renaissance of the Economic Globalization, 1920s and 1930s; this movement, centered in New York City, marked an awakening of black American artists. In addition, many of Hughess books, such as A Negro Looks at Soviet Central Asia (1934), Famous American Negroes (1954), Famous Negro Music Makers (1955), The First Book of medical Negroes (1952), and Famous Negro Heroes of America (1958), focus on race. His ancestry was a combination of black, white, and American Indian.

Among numerous anthologies edited by Hughes are collections of black American poets and short-story writers. For example, Alice Walkers first short story was published in what the shell Hughess The Best Short Stories by Negro Writers (1967). Still, Hughess point about labels is well taken; writers create their art from what they know, and Hughes believed his writing would illuminate truths about medical all humanity. Despite Hughess diversity, he is primarily known for his poetry and what is a short stories rather than for his plays, novels, anthologies, or translations. One of medical coder his most popular books, The Negro Mother, and Other Dramatic Recitations (1931), was written specifically to reach the hearts of the people. In a letter written October 13, 1931, to William Pickens, Hughes says:I have felt that much of our [black artists] poetry has been aimed at the heads of the high-brows, rather than at the hearts of the people. And we all know that most Negro books published by white publishers are advertised and sold largely to white readers, and little or no effort is made to reach the great masses of the colored people. I have written THE NEGRO MOTHER with the hope that my own people will like it, and will buy it. Hughes succeeded. The public bought and liked The Negro Mother . As Bontemps acknowledged in a preface to Donald C. Dickinsons A Bio-Bibliography of Langston Hughes (1972), Hughes, because he earned his living by writing, had to what, be diverse and had to write books that would sell. Medical. Naturally, the canada, quality of the coder, work varies.

Criticism of Hughess work, however, is Economic, not especially helpful in determining which writing is medical, his strongest. As Hughes himself realized, most of the early critics were middle-class white men whose views were restricted by their own expectations. Even those critics of minority backgrounds had been trained to view literature from a mainstream perspective. And Organization. Predictably, Hughess works attacking white views were poorly received by critics, as were works aimed at the hearts of the people. Readers of Hughes are well advised to go directly to his writing and to form their own views of it. Hughess poetry and short stories are set among real people, mostly black Americans, mostly poor people.

Typical of medical coder such characters is when was amos, Jesse B. Simple, a black laborer, who is the central figure of a weekly column that Hughes wrote for medical coder, the New York Post . Simple has an estranged wife, a party-loving woman friend, a curious landlady, a third-floor apartment, and tired feet that he claims tell the story of his life. Canada Health. He cares about people and justice and integrity. Even in his bitter moments, he is saved from becoming maudlin by medical coder, a sort of Economic and Organization Essay innocent humor. For example, in Simple Prays a Prayer, he becomes embittered by medical coder, the insensitivity of what is the significance of the title and the American white society and concludes, I hope He [God] smites white folks down! Yet he adds, I hope he lets Mrs. Roosevelt alone. Hughes says in his introduction to The Best of Simple (1961), that people tell him they have known his characters.

Hughes agrees. Coder. Some of the stories are retellings of his experiences during his world travel, but all have a universal quality of shared human experience in Harlem. Canada Act 5 Principles. Consistently, Hughess writing, like Jesse B. Medical Coder. Simple, is honest and unpretentious. First published: 1934 (collected in The Ways of was amos White Folks , 1934) Type of work: Short story. Roy Williams, a young musician returning home from performing in Europe to his small southern hometown, is lynched by white racists.

Home, first published in medical Esquire magazine in 1934, juxtaposes the sensitivity of a young, black classical violinist and jazz musician returning home ill from Europe against the unconcealed racism of his small southern hometown. Was Amos Written. Hughes subtly puts the story in a historical context by medical coder, telling the reader that the musician, Roy Williams, landed in New York on the Economic Globalization Development, day that Hoover drove the veterans out of Washington. Williams arrives home, formally dressed, and becomes aware that he is home when he hears the racial slurs of the white men at the train station. He is coder, warmly received by his mother, Sister Williams, who organizes a fund-raising concert at the black church which she attends. Predictably, the fifty-cent seats at the front of the church are occupied by whites, and the twenty-five-cent seats in back are occupied by blacks.

Art does not, as Hughes points out often in his writing, integrate people socially. After the concert, Williams meets a woman in the audience who has caught his eye, a white woman wearing a cheap coat and a red hat, someone who seems to understand the classical music he played. Written. She is Miss Reese, an aging music teacher at the local white high school. Miss Reese invites Williams to perform at the white high school, after which their respect for each other deepens. Williams becomes increasingly ill and has difficulty sleeping, so he goes on late-night walks, on which he is sometimes formally dressed. Medical Coder. On one such evening, he meets Miss Reese stepping out of a drug store.

He bows to her in greeting and extends his hand just as a group of white young ruffians with red-necks comes out of the movie theater. When they see him reaching toward a white woman, they attack him. (Among the group of attackers, Williams thinks he recognizes his white childhood playmate, Charlie Mumford.) After beating Williams, the mob drags him to the woods, where they strip him and leave his body hanging there all night, like a violin for the wind to play. One of to daniel pelka Williamss last thoughts is that he knows that now he will never get home to his mother. Though the image of respect between the two musicians offers a lingering redemptive image, Hughes makes it clear that art can neither transform the mob nor protect the artist from coder racism. What Happened To Daniel. The story, anthologized in coder The Ways of White Folks (1934), deals honestly with the futility of a black artist trying to survive in such an environment. The theme of the inequitable distribution of wealth also pervades Home. Williams recalls the prostitutes in Austria and Germany, young women trying to Deviation or Unnatural? Viewpoints of Darwin and Jenner, get enough money to feed themselves and their parents. He feels heartsick at the wealth he sees squandered in the nightclubs where he performs. He thinks of home as a place where poverty is medical coder, not so bad. Yet, when Williams lands in New York, he finds most of his old friendsmusicians and happened to daniel pelka actorsunemployed, hungry, and begging for handouts. Even though Williamss mother offers him real food when he arrives home, he cannot eat. The poverty Williams finds at home is linked to racism, and his mothers food cannot cure that illness. Home, divided into medical coder six sections, contains many allusions to jazz and classical music.

The dialogue is rhythmic and poetic, and section 3 reads more like poetry than prose. What Pelka. Section 4 begins with a concert program. The final section is cacophonous, as the mob destroys Williams. Still, Hughes says that the roaring voices and scuffing feet of the lynch mob are split by the moonlight into a thousand notes like a Beethoven sonata. The final allusion to Beethovens Moonlight Sonata speaks to medical, something enduring, perhaps the same vision in the final lines of Hughess The Negro Mother (1931): Oh, my dark children, may my dreams and my prayers Impel you forever up the great stairs For I will be with you till no white brother Dares keep down the children of the Negro mother. The Blues Im Playing First published: 1934 (collected in The Ways of White Folks , 1934) Type of work: Short story. A jazz and classical pianist is forced by and Organization Development, her white patron to medical, choose between love and art. The Blues Im Playing, first published in Esquire magazine (1934), is anthologized in Hughess collection of fourteen short stories, The Ways of what happened White Folks . This story, like the others in the collection, depicts the racial attitudes that surface when whites and blacks interact.

The central character, Oceola Jones, is a young black music teacher, herself a gifted jazz and classical musician with insufficient time and money to pursue her art. Mrs. Dora Ellsworth, an aging, wealthy, childless widow, is kind and generous, but she cannot discern great art. Nevertheless, she wants to help young artists pursue their art. Ormond Hunter, a music critic, introduces Oceola Jones to Mrs. Ellsworth and assures the latter that Oceola is talented.

He is correct. Fascinated by coder, Oceolas talent and blackness, Mrs. Ellsworth pours money and energy into Oceolas musical training. Oceola is the only black person Mrs. Ellsworth has known. While Mrs. Ellsworth loves to Deviation Conflicting and Jenner, hear Oceola play classical music, Mrs. Ellsworth increasingly dislikes the jazz and blues, which in her view represent Oceolas unsublimated soul. Mrs.

Ellsworth, learning through Ormond Hunter that the man staying with Oceola does not pay rent, suggests that Oceola move out of the small apartment, but Oceola refuses because she has promised the man, Pete, that he can stay with her until fall, when he will enroll in medical medical school. Mrs. Ellsworth is pleased when Pete goes to act 5 principles, medical school and leaves Oceola to her music. Coder. Oceolas musical career progresses to Mrs. Ellsworths satisfaction until Pete graduates. Canada Act 5. Then, to Mrs. Ellsworths chagrin, Oceola and Pete make plans to medical, marry. Oceola argues that music and sexuality and children are not incompatible. Mrs. Ellsworth believes they are. In the final scene of the story, the what is a communism, conflict culminates in Mrs.

Ellsworths music room, a luxurious room adorned with lilies in priceless Persian vases. Oceola has come to play for medical, Mrs. Ellsworth one final time before Mrs. Ellsworth leaves for Europe. Title The Shell And The. Both understand that their relationship has come to an end. Oceola begins by coder, playing classical music. Gradually, Mrs. Ellsworth begins talking aloud to herself and admonishing Oceolas choice to marry. In response, Oceola shifts to jazz and finally to happened, heavy blues music that makes the lilies in the Persian vases tremble. She tries to medical coder, make Mrs.

Ellsworth see how art connects to life, but Mrs. Ellsworth, ultimately, prefers to stand and Economic and Organization look at the stars. The plot of The Blues Im Playing echoes Hughess falling out with his white patron, Charlotte Mason, in coder 1930. Mason, like Mrs. Ellsworth, supported several artists. Hughes was sorry about the break, but he realized that their views of the roles of black artists were too incompatible to resolve. He believed that Masons views were too restrictive.

Oceola, like Hughes, is genuinely sorry when the end comes. Mrs. Deviation Of Humanity: Natural Conflicting Viewpoints. Ellsworth is firmly entrenched in white society. Oceola observes that though Ellsworth never makes negative remarks about Negros, she often makes them about Jews. Oceola and Mrs. Medical Coder. Ellsworth also hold different views of art.

Oceola, unlike Mrs. What Happened To Daniel Pelka. Ellsworth, sees art not as sublime but as integral to humanity, though Oceola clearly disagrees with some of her fellow artists, who believe that art can break down color lines. Her experiences and those of her parents lead Oceola to call such views bunk. Ellsworths views differ both from Oceolas and from those of the other artists. Though Mrs. Ellsworth is not a totally unsympathetic character, she clearly represents the dualism of medical Western culture, the when, binary opposition between soul and body, heart and mind. In Oceolas final attempt to make Mrs. Ellsworth connect, she plays the blues and tells Mrs.

Ellsworth that the music is both sad and gay, white and coder black, man and woman. The final blues song is clearly a triumph of Oceolas view of the Economic, synthesis of art and life. The Negro Speaks of Rivers First published: 1921 (collected in The Poems, 1921-1940 , 2001) Type of work: Poem.

The Negro Speaks of Rivers is a succinct and powerful poem that ties black history to the rivers of the world. The Negro Speaks of medical Rivers is perhaps Hughess most anthologized poem. Written in the first-person voice, the poem begins, Ive known rivers. The I is a collective voice of black people from ancient times (3000 b.c.e. Natural Conflicting. ) to the present. The narrators voice speaks of bathing in the Euphrates, building a hut near the Congo, raising pyramids by the Nile, and watching the medical coder, sun set on the Mississippi. The refrain, My soul has grown deep like the rivers, links the movement and endurance and power of the great rivers to black history. The repeated I, beginning seven of the ten lines, focuses the reader on Economic Globalization and Organization Essay, the narrator, the medical coder, black person who speaks of rivers, and on the effects of the tie between his history and the rivers. In Hughess autobiography The Big Sea , he says that he wrote the Globalization and Organization Development Essay, poem on the back of an envelope on a train just outside St. Louis on his way to Mexico to visit his father during the summer of 1920. Hughes says that he was feeling very bad, because he was thinking of medical coder his fathers strange dislike of his own people. Hughes, who liked his people very much, says his thoughts then turned to history, the Mississippi, and finally the other rivers of the world.

Within ten or fifteen minutes, he had written the poem. Hughes concludes that he no doubt changed a few words the next day, or maybe crossed out a line or two. The Negro Speaks of Rivers was positively reviewed by both black and white critics, and it appeared in translation in a paper printed in Germany. The poem has been acclaimed for Hughess passionate acceptance of his race, his combination of lyric and Economic and Organization Essay epic, his embracing of heritage, and his reclaiming of medical black origins. First published: 1923 (collected in The Poems, 1921-1940 , 2001) Type of work: Poem. The Weary Blues blends jazz and poetry to expose the soul of the what is a, blues singer. The Weary Blues is about a piano player Hughes knew in Harlem. Medical. According to critic Edward J. Mullen, Hughes called The Weary Blues his lucky poem because it placed first in or Unnatural? Conflicting Viewpoints of Darwin a literary contest sponsored by the National Urban League in 1925. Unlike The Negro Speaks of Rivers, however, The Weary Blues received greatly mixed reviews from both black and white critics.

It was called everything from a masterpiece to doggerel. The work blends jazz, blues, and poetry into powerful lyric poetry. Medical Coder. The narrators voice begins the poem: Droning a drowsy syncopated tune, Rocking back and when was amos written forth to medical coder, a mellow croon, I heard a Negro play. In these lines, the musical quality of the poem is already evident. Several of the poems repeated lines, such as He did a lazy sway and I got the Weary Blues, then capture the motion and rhythm of the music.

Other refrains, such as O Blues! and Economic Globalization and Organization Essay Sweet Blues, create the crooning of the blues. Hughes also uses onomatopoeia in medical the thumps of the mans foot on the floor. Hughes concludes the image by extinguishing the performance, the stars, and canada principles the moon but showing that the blues remain an integral part of the man: The stars went out and so did the moon. The singer stopped playing and went to coder, bed While the Weary Blues echoed through his head.

He slept like a rock or a man thats dead. This final image, so different from Economic Globalization Development Essay that in medical coder The Negro Speaks of Rivers, probably accounts for the mixed reviews of the poem. Critics who like The Weary Blues compare Hughess poem to the poetry of Carl Sandburg. Was Amos. DuBose Heyward, for medical, example, says their poetry shares a freer, subtler syncopation than that of Vachel Lindsay. Act 5 Principles. Other critics see elements of ballads and spirituals in The Weary Blues. Oddly enough, several early critics praise The Negro Speaks of Rivers for medical, the same qualities they condemn in The Weary Blues. In response, later critics have suggested that these critical comments were biased by canada act 5, the themes of the coder, poems. While The Negro Speaks of Rivers is upbeat and affirming of black heritage, The Weary Blues affirms a specific heritage, one distinctly not middle class, not classical. First published: 1926 (collected in Fine Clothes to the Jew , 1927) Type of work: Poem. Mulatto explores the views of a child of health act 5 a white father and a black mother.

Mulatto, written by Langston Hughes in the summer of 1926, appeared both in The Saturday Review of Literature and in Fine Clothes to the Jew (1927), a collection of Hughess work. Hughes said that the poem is about white fathers and Negro mothers in the South. The opening voice in Mulatto is that of the son, who says, I am your son, white man! The child stands in judgment of the fathers use of the mothers body. The white father renounces the mixed-blood son (lines 5 and 6): You are my son/ Like hell! The next twenty lines of Mulatto re-create the image of the coder, white man exploiting the Negro woman. The white man asks twice within the what to daniel, sketch, Whats the body of your mother? He has answered the question rhetorically, that the medical, boys mothers body is a toy. After the brutal sketch of the white father, the voice of the white mans white son renounces the mixed-blood boy: Naw, you aint my brother./ Niggers aint my brother./ Not ever./ Niggers aint my brother. Racism has pitted father against son and Economic and Organization brother against brother. Another voice, probably the fathers (though it could be the white sons), tells the mulatto, Git on back there in the night,/ You aint white. The final words are spoken by the mulatto boy to the white man. Coder. He repeats his opening words. I am your son, white man!

The poem is lyrical and contrasts the warmth of the what, southern landscape and nights with the searing heat of anger and racism. Though the jazz syncopation in medical Mulatto is not so evident as it is in Hughess later poems, the musical quality of the poem marks it as distinctly Hughess. Hughess first autobiography, The Big Sea , in two especially memorable passages, touches on the idea of a child of canada act 5 mixed racial background. Medical. In the Deviation and Jenner, first, Hughes is surprised that in Africa he is medical coder, considered white. In the second, Hughes tells the story of a mixed-blood boy who greets the ship as it harbors in Africa. The child wants to know if the sailors have anything in when English for him to read, and he longs to go to England. Coder. The boys father, Hughes learns, is a white man, then living in England. Natural. The boys mother is a black woman whom his father has left behind. The child, accepted by neither blacks nor whites, hungers for the other half of his family and heritage. Mulatto, written after Hughess journey to Africa, seems a sort of synthesis in his treatment of the medical, family destroyed by the deformed values of racism.

Mulatto is praised by critics for its craftsmanship and and Organization Essay the powerful delivery of the theme. Several critics consider it the masterpiece of Fine Clothes to the Jew . First published: 1931 (collected in The Negro Mother , 1931) Type of work: Poem. Black mothers call to medical coder, their children to take control of their future, to canada principles, live with freedom and dignity. The Negro Mother is the title poem in the collection of poetry that Hughes wrote to reach the masses of black people. The twenty-page book and the poem were such an instant success that Hughes told his friend Carl Van Vechten that in Birmingham, Alabama, the book sold like reefers on 131st Street.

The voice in the poem is that of the coder, black mothers through the ages. What. In the opening line, the narrator addresses her children. In the narrative that follows, the Negro mother depicts the capture and hardship of black slaves and speaks of the coder, will to pelka, endure that kept them going. The voice of the Negro mother urges the children to transform the future so that they may live in dignity and freedom from white oppression. The poem, often referred to as a heritage poem, is highly lyrical, employing both a regular rhyme scheme (couplets) and meter. It was Hughess intention, he said, that the poems be pleasant to coder, recite and easy to remember. The Negro Mother and the success of the what significance glasses, volume show how keenly in tune Hughes was with his audience. Access our Langston Hughes Study Guide for Free. Langston Hughes Homework Help Questions. This question has been answered. See the following post.

In my mind, the most powerful element of Hughes' poem is the theme of struggle that seems to be passed down from one generation to another. Medical. A trademark of Hughes' poetry is that he conveyed an. Literary devices are the tools an author uses--such as foreshadowing, imagery, hyperbole, characterization, and metaphor, to name a few--that provide the reader with details and bring the text to. Luella Bates Washington Jones, in Thank You M'am, is a character who reveals contradictory traits. The reader is immediately introduced to an imposing woman, which fact is clear from the contents.

In addition to a tone of pride, this poem at times exhibits a surprisingly joyful tone. What Happened To Daniel. I say this tone is surprising because the poem wrestles with a very unsavory subject: America's racist.

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WHAT IS BISEXUALITY? WHO IS BISEXUAL? Many people are 100% gay or lesbian, and are drawn sexually and emotionally only to partners of the same sex. Others are completely heterosexual, bonding in sexual and intimate relationships only with people of another sex. But what about everybody else? A significant percentage of people do not fit neatly into either of these categories, because they experience sexual and emotional attractions and feelings for people of medical coder, different genders at some point during their lives.

For lack of a better term, they are called bisexuals, although many people prefer to call themselves pansexual, non-preferential, sexually fluid, ambisexual, or omni-sexual. The Kinsey scale of zero to six was developed by what happened sex researchers to medical coder, describe sexual orientation as a continuum. Heterosexual people are at zero on the scale, gay and Lesbian people are at six at what title the shell, the other end of the scale, and everyone in between, from coder, one to canada act 5, five, is bisexual. Medical. People who fall at one or two on the scale have primarily heterosexual sexual and affectional relationships and desires, but have some attraction and what happened pelka experiences with same -sex partners as well. People at three on medical the scale are approximately equally attracted to both men and Economic and Organization Essay women. People at four and five on the Kinsey scale choose primarily same-sex partners, but are not completely gay or lesbian and have some heterosexual tendencies and relationships as well. As you can see, there is coder no simple definition of bisexuality, and communism bisexual people are a very diverse group. There are several theories about different models of bisexual behavior. J. R. Little identifies at least 13 types of bisexuality, as defined by sexual desires and experiences.

They are: Alternating bisexuals: may have a relationship with a man, and then after that relationship ends, may choose a female partner for a subsequent relationship, and many go back to a male partner next. Medical. Circumstantial bisexuals: primarily heterosexual, but will choose same sex partners only in is a, situations where they have no access to other-sex partners, such as when in jail, in the military, or in a gender-segregated school. Medical. Concurrent relationship bisexuals: have primary relationship with one gender only but have other casual or secondary relationships with people of another gender at the same time. Conditional bisexuals: either straight or gay/lesbian, but will switch to was amos, a relationship with another gender for financial or career gain or for a specific purpose, such as young straight males who become gay prostitutes or lesbians who get married to medical coder, men in order to gain acceptance from family members or to what to daniel, have children. Emotional bisexuals: have intimate emotional relationships with both men and women, but only medical, have sexual relationships with one gender. Canada Principles. Integrated bisexuals: have more than one primary relationship at the same time, one with a man and coder one with a woman.

Exploratory bisexuals: either straight or gay/lesbian, but have sex with another gender just to when was amos, satisfy curiosity or see what it's like. Hedonistic bisexuals: primarily straight or gay/lesbian but will sometimes have sex with another gender primarily for fun or purely sexual satisfaction. Recreational bisexuals: primarily heterosexual but engage in gay or lesbian sex only when under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Isolated bisexuals: 100% straight or gay/lesbian now but has had at one or more sexual experience with another gender in the past. Latent bisexuals: completely straight or gay lesbian in behavior but have strong desire for sex with another gender, but have never acted on it. Motivational bisexuals: straight women who have sex with other women only because a male partner insists on it to titillate him. Transitional bisexuals: temporarily identify as bisexual while in the process of moving from coder, being straight to being gay or lesbian, or going from being gay or lesbian to being heterosexual. Many of these people might not call themselves bisexual, but because they are attracted to and have relationships with both men and women, they are in fact bisexual. While literally millions of people are bisexual, most keep their sexual orientation secret, so bisexual people as a group are nearly invisible in society. Gay men and lesbian women have long recognized the need to join together, create community, and to significance of the title and the, organize politically. Long years of hard work have led to significant gains in political and human rights, as well as a visible and thriving gay and lesbian community.

Bisexual people have been much slower to come out of the closet, create community, and form political and social networks to gain visibility and political clout. Medical Coder. Many bisexual people have spent decades working in gay and lesbian organizations, and in recent years, bisexuals have become more accepted as part of the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender community. However, the rigid dichotomy between gay and straight has caused many bisexuals to pelka, feel alienated and medical rejected by gay men and lesbian women, and in recent years many independent bisexual political and when social groups have sprung up. Many bisexual people complain that they feel like outsiders in both the straight and gay/lesbian worlds, and that they can't fit in anywhere, feeling isolated and medical confused. Is The Of The Title Glasses. Studies have shown that bisexual people suffer from social isolation even more than gay men or lesbians because they lack any community where they can find acceptance and role models. Many gay men feel that bisexual men are really gay, that they are just in denial about being Gay, and that they should just get over it. Many straight men are homophobic and hate and fear both bisexual and gay men, often victimizing them with harassment and coder physical violence. Health Act 5. Many straight women reject bisexual men out of misguided fears that they have AIDS, and admonish them to stop sitting on the fence and make up their minds.

Bisexual women are often distrusted by medical lesbians for sleeping with the enemy, hanging onto heterosexual privileges through relationships with men, and is a communism betraying their allegiance to women and feminism. Straight women often reject bisexual women out of fear they will make sexual overtures and coder try to convert them to being bisexual. Both the straight and gay/lesbian communities seem to have only two possible models of bisexuality, neither of which represents bisexual people accurately. The first is the what is a communism, transitional model of bisexuality, believing that all bisexuals are actually gay or lesbian but are just on the way to eventually coming out coder as gay. The other is the what communism, pathological model, that bisexuals are neurotic or mentally unstable because they are in conflict trying to medical coder, decide whether they are straight or gay/lesbian, and that they just can't make a decision. Both models see bisexuality as a temporary experience or a phase born out of confusion rather than an authentic sexual orientation equally as valid as heterosexuality or homosexuality. Some people see bisexuality as inherently subversive because it blurs the boundaries, confronting both heterosexuals and gay men and Globalization Development lesbian women with sexual ambiguity. As a result, bisexuality challenges concepts of sexuality, traditional relationship and family structures, monogamy, gender, and identity. Medical Coder. Bisexuals cannot conform to the ethics of canada health act 5, either the gay or straight world or they would not be bisexual. Instead they must re-invent personal ethics and values for themselves, and create responsible lifestyles and relationships that serve their needs even though they don't fit anyone else's rules.

Some researchers have note that being bisexual is in some ways similar to being bi-racial. Mixed-race persons generally don't feel comfortable or accepted by people of either ethnic group, feeling that they don't belong or fit in medical coder, anywhere, as their existence challenges the very concept of of the title the shell and the, race. Like bisexual people, they spend most of their lives moving between two communities that don't really understand or accept them. Medical Coder. Like biracial people, bisexual people must struggle to invent their own identities to correspond to their own experience. What Happened. Forming a bisexual identity helps bisexual people to medical, structure, to make sense of canada health, , and to coder, give meaning and definition to their reality. Most bisexual people start out happened to daniel feeling very confused about their attraction towards people of medical coder, both sexes, questioning their own reality, and wondering Is something wrong with me/Some spend their entire lives in this stage, hiding their sexual orientation, feeling isolated and alone with the inner turmoil over health, their dual attractions. Many go through life identifying as straight or gay/lesbian in order to be accepted and make sense of their sexual orientation. Coder. Because their own experience does not conform to either community, they feel intense external pressure to choose one and identify with it. Without any language to frame their own reality, and no visible role models or community available to them, bisexual people must have sufficient self-confidence and belief in their own identity in order to eventually transcend this stage. Discovery of the what is a communism, bisexual label and choosing to identify as bisexual. Almost all bisexual people acknowledge that discovering the label bisexual was pivotal in understanding and accepting their sexual orientation.

Most experience extreme relief when they hear the word bisexual for the first time, because they finally have a word that mirrors their experience and feelings. Coder. For some, the negative stereotypes of bisexuals as promiscuous fence sitters, neurotic, or vectors of AIDS prevent them from identifying with the label or claiming it for themselves, but most agree that it comes closer than any other language to describing their lives. And Organization Development. Instead of rejecting the label, many bisexuals invent their own definition and coder create bisexual lifestyles that fit their individual lives. Settling into and maintaining a bisexual identity. For many bisexual people, this step is the most difficult. Intellectually, they feel good about being bisexual, but emotionally, they experience extreme conflict living in the real world as bisexual. Often scorned by family and friends and rejected by spouses or potential partners for of Humanity: Natural or Unnatural? Conflicting Viewpoints of Darwin and Jenner, being bisexual, they find that to develop and maintain a bisexual identity requires inner strength, self-reliance, confidence, and independence. Many overcome these obstacles by forming their own community, finding accepting friends and lovers, and coder staying out what is a communism of the medical coder, closet despite the principles, consequences. For most bisexuals, coming out and staying out of the closet is an on-going process which must be repeated with every new social situation, workplace, friend, and lover.

Many see this process as the coder, most important form of political action, creating visible role models and a cohesive bisexual community. Was Amos. Because most bisexuals have suffered through the first three stages alone and in silence, they want to make it easier for other bisexuals to recognize and embrace their sexual orientation without years of inner turmoil and loneliness. Many also get involved in bisexual political organizations as a way to increase bisexual visibility and promote bisexuality as a viable identity. Just as gay men and lesbians were only able to win some rights through fighting in both the social and coder political arenas, bisexuals will only win political and human rights through coming out of the closet and Economic and Organization Development Essay developing political clout. Does any of this sound familiar? Are you struggling with ambivalence or confusion over your sexual orientation? Or are you ready to embrace a bisexual orientation? Are you seeking community to medical, share your developing identity with others?

If so, reach out for what is the title and the glasses, support now. Check out one of the many bisexual and questioning support groups listed on the back of coder, this pamphlet, to find a safe place to express your feelings and to daniel pelka meet others who are going through similar experiences. Medical. One to what significance of the title and the, one counseling or therapy can also be helpful in medical, sorting out health principles feelings and gaining clarity and coder self-confidence. Be careful to seek out a non-judgmental therapist who is supportive of bisexuality and has expertise in bisexual issues. And joining bisexual social or political groups is happened also a great way to see visible role models and to allow your bisexual identity to evolve in coder, a way that fits you. and last, but certainly not least, there are now many excellent books on bisexuality which may help you understand and fully embrace your sexual orientation. BISEXUAL RESOURCES IN THE BAY AREA.

Political and social organizations: Bay Area Bisexual Network (BABN) (415)-703-7977. Information, social groups and events, political action, sponsors Fencesitter's Lounge dance parties for bisexuals, publishes Anything That Moves, the what is the title the shell glasses, magazine for the card-carrying bisexual. Medical Coder. Bi-Pol (415)-821-3534. Political action and advocacy organization Bi-Friendly (415)-703-7977, box 4.

Social group which holds discussion/support groups in SF, East Bay, Marin, San Jose, Palo Alto, and Santa Cruz; sponsors social events, parties, and trips, and publishes monthly newsletter listing all bisexual events in canada health, the Bay Area. Support Groups/Discussion Groups for medical, Bisexuals: Pacific Center For Human Growth (Berkeley) (510)-548-8283 Rainbow Community Center (Pleasant Hill) (510)-927-8705 Bi-Friendly East Bay (Berkeley) (415)-703-7977, box 4. SF Women's Bi Group (415)-775-2620 3 x 3 Bi People of Color Caucus (415)-703-7977, ext. 3 Bi Men of Economic Globalization and Organization Development, Color Group (510)-540-0869 Bi Men's Rap Group (510)-658-0192 BLUR for coder, bisexual and questioning youth age 23 and under 1-800-246-PRIDE Jewish Bi Caucus (415)-337-4566 European/Latin Bi Group (415)-668-9900. Counselors and when was amos Psychotherapists with expertise in bisexual issues: Mary Bradford, PhD, MFCC (510)-843-5508 Kim Hraca, MFCC (510)-601-1859 Kathy Labriola, Counselor/Nurse (510)-841-5307 or 464-4652 Pacific Center for Human Growth (510)-548-8283 low-fee counseling Gaylesta (888)-869-4993 (toll-free) therapist referral network. Maggie Rubenstein PhD (415)-584-0172 Ron Fox PhD (415)-751-6714 William Henken, PhD (415)-923-1150 Little, J.R. (1989) Contemporary Female Bisexuality: A Psychosocial Phenomenon; unpublished doctoral dissertation Bradford, M. (1997) The Bisexual Experience: Living in a Dichotomous Culture; doctoral dissertation; The Fieldings Institute; Santa Barbara. Kathy Labriola provides low-fee counseling for individuals, couples, and groups.

She has extensive experience assisting people with the challenges of medical, non-traditional relationships, health problems and disabilities, HIV/AIDS, sexual orientation crises, political activism, and and Organization class struggle. She also facilitates discussion and support groups on open relationships, health and disabilities, and political activism and burnout. For further information, or to receive free educational pamphlets, call (510)464-4652.

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18 Professional CV Templates and Examples. A Complete Guide to Creating Your Curriculum Vitae. Table of Contents. Studies show that only coder 1 of 5 employers have the patience or the time to read a CV in its entirety. If you dont want your CV to when written, end up getting rejected after a cursory scan, then read on to discover how to produce a professional and impressive CV that represents you well to potential employers. A Curriculum Vitae , or CV , describes an applicant#8217;s education, qualifications, and previous experience.

Sending a CV or a resume is coder, considered part of the application process for a new job. A Curriculum Vitae is more than a resume: it is an in-depth exploration of your career path, going into detail about your achievements, publications, and awards. While a resume is typically short and concise, a CV can give you room to introduce yourself more thoroughly. Happened. A traditional academic or industry CV, for example, represents your career direction. It is organized in reverse chronological order so that individuals can see how you created and exploited opportunities based on available resources. It#8217;s a unique way for the employer to view how you translated the benefits of a better position or of more experience into positive outcomes for medical coder, your company or university. Written. A CV is standard in academia. For example, you might use a CV if you were applying for a professorship. Many science- or research-oriented industry employers prefer a CV as well, and it is the medical coder standard for all job applications in some European countries, such as the UK. CV vs Resume what is the significance the shell difference?

Generally, your resume would of course include your name and contact information; however, your education and work experience should be tailored specifically to the job you are applying for. For example, if early in your career life you taught in a high school classroom for two years and are now applying for medical, a job as a chemical engineer, you might exclude listing that job in what happened to daniel pelka, your resume, even if you won the Best New Teacher award in your district. The goal of medical a resume is to convince the employer that you#8217;re the of Humanity: Natural Viewpoints of Darwin one they want and that you have the skills they need. You#8217;re creating the greatest impact possible in the least amount of coder space, and listing any experience that doesn#8217;t directly relate to the job is considered futile. When Written. An academic CV , on the other hand is a more detailed list of medical your accomplishments, and what is a, does not exclude any professional experience you have. It presents you as a whole-picture candidate, and gives the employer a better idea of the scope of your abilities and experience.

If you are a graduate student looking for your first job in medical, academia, listing all of of Humanity: Natural Conflicting of Darwin your accomplishments might take a few pages. Medical. However, if you have been in the field for health, some time and are looking for coder, a higher paying position, it might take ten or even more pages to describe everything noteworthy that you have accomplished throughout your career. Don#8217;t worry though: your potential employer knows that more experience means a longer CV! No employer looking to fill an entry-level position expects fifteen pages of CV material. A CV in science research or an industry might be shorter or more targeted than an what happened to daniel academic CV, but it is still longer than the typical resume. There are several important distinctions between a CV and coder, a resume : To present yourself as someone who is Deviation Natural or Unnatural? Conflicting Viewpoints of Darwin and Jenner, well-tailored to the position you are applying for. To represent your accomplishments over the course of your professional or scholastic career. Your resume should be tweaked for each individual employer, to medical coder, appeal to what they want in an employee.

You should edit your job list and experiences to only include information relevant to the position applied for. Your CV is a list of all jobs youve had as an adult that are even loosely related to Economic Globalization Development Essay, your career, but should not include your job as cashier at McDonald#8217;s. Coder. However, in general, you should not edit the jobs, experiences, or accomplishments on your CV for different employers. Instead, individualize your cover letter to appeal specifically to the company or university to which you are applying. Conflicting Viewpoints. Applicants are strongly encouraged to medical, keep it short usually one page and what is the and the, definitely no more than two. Applicants in academia should provide an accounting of all their accomplishments ten or more pages for accomplished or experienced individuals.

Applicants in industry may produce a condensed version of their CV #8212; generally 2 or 3 pages. Organized in medical, many different ways; highly customizable. Always organized by main topic (the order of which is customizable) and then chronologically, starting from the was amos most recent accomplishment, publication, or event. Used most often in coder, the US and Canada for non-academic and non-research positions. Ireland and happened, New Zealand use a CV only; CVs are used more predominantly in Europe as a whole. Coder. There is pelka, even a European standard format for a CV.

Where the CV is used only (or predominantly, such as in the UK), it tends to coder, be shorter, and what happened, it shares some characteristics of a resume. See the CV samples at the end of the article for examples of UK-style CVs. A long-form CV is used in the US and Canada for academia and industry research. Can#8217;t i just send my resume instead? There is a good chance that your application will be rejected if you send an coder employer or university a resume when it asks for a Curriculum Vitae. What Communism. They may suppose you have not read their instructions, or you did not care to read them carefully. Moreover, when an medical coder employer asks for your CV, they are asking you for was amos written, an in-depth document that may serve as a pre-interview. If you respond with a resume instead of a CV, that may be viewed as a reluctance on coder your part to what to daniel pelka, share information about yourself, or a lack of confidence in your academic accomplishments. Coder. When should i use a cv instead of a resume? Which to use won#8217;t be a guessing game! Your potential employer will usually let you know whether they want a Curriculum Vitae or a resume.

In the US and Canada, the #8216;default#8217; is a resume; in Ireland, New Zealand, and most of Europe, it#8217;s the of Humanity: Natural Conflicting Viewpoints and Jenner Curriculum Vitae. Generally, in academia, the coder long-form CV is favored. If you have done your due diligence to discover whether your employer is was amos written, looking for a CV or a resume but you are still uncertain, the professional thing to do is to medical, place a polite call to the companys Human Resources to ask. Is The Significance Of The The Shell And The. The following sections are generally required on every CV. Although which you place first will depend on your strengths and weaknesses, ensure that your name and medical coder, contact information are prominently displayed near the beginning. Your name and contact information. Unlike in a resume, you will want to is a communism, include a professional address and phone number #8212; that is, the address for the university or company where you are currently employed, or where you are currently enrolled, and medical coder, the phone number for the department where you work.

You may also include a home or personal address, but this is optional. There are some companies or university departments where the knowledge that you are searching for a new job elsewhere could make your remaining time there stressful. If that is potentially the case, you may choose to instead provide your personal address and phone number, although this is considered less professional. This section should include not only pelka a list of your completed degrees, but also of medical coder degrees-in-progress as well as any professional certifications. For example, if you were applying for a professorship and health act 5 principles, you were also a National Board Certified Instructor in Biology, you might consider putting this certification under this Education section. Many candidates also choose to coder, put information about their dissertation in this section. The record of your employment should include start and end dates, the title of Deviation Natural or Unnatural? Conflicting Viewpoints of Darwin and Jenner your position, the medical location of your company, and what of the glasses, a brief description of your accomplishments. Avoid including a laundry list of duties, and focus instead on accomplishments: not the medical coder day-to-day grind, but describe when you went above and when, beyond your job description. If you are applying for an academic institution or position, focus on teaching experience, experience that involves editing or providing feedback to others, and medical, management or administration experience. Besides research and publications, those are the most important skills in academia.

In this section, you can also discuss your laboratory and and Organization Essay, field experiences. You can even describe volunteer work or leadership positions youve held. Coder. This section isn#8217;t just about #8216;official#8217; jobs or positions, but responsibilities you took on that showed initiative and responsibility. Your references, while chronological, should otherwise read like a traditional bibliography. Harvard-style citations are often used because theyre short and to the point, though you may want to use the citation style that is most often used in your discipline. For example, if you were applying for a psychology position, you would use the APA-style citation. Act 5. Many choose to include presentations, and not just publications. Coder. However, if you have a great number of publications and presentations, you may wish to Natural or Unnatural? of Darwin and Jenner, place them in two separate sections. For a presentation, you would identify your role in medical, the presentation, followed by the title of the is the of the and the glasses presentation, and where and when it was given, e.g.: Panel Convener and Chair, Black Radical Experimentation, CAALL, 2016. In both cases, it is common practice to use boldface type to bring special attention to a particular aspect of the reference. For example, if you are the fourth author on your first published paper, it is not unusual to boldface your own name in order to draw attention to coder, it.

You may also boldface your role when discussing presentations: Panel Convener and Chair , Black Radical Experimentation, CAALL, 2016. Due to Deviation of Humanity: of Darwin, the length of a CV, accomplishments and publications stand a good chance of fading into a universal sameness. By making judicious use of boldface or italics, you can make important words and medical coder, phrases stand out on what pelka the page. Medical. Your Curriculum Vitae should have a References section, where you list, among other things, those who support your bid for Viewpoints of Darwin and Jenner, the position you are applying for. Most jobs require three references. If you are applying for an academic position or a PhD candidacy, it is standard to obtain two academic references to attest to your professional and medical, intellectual capacity, and one personal or professional reference to attest to your character. When Written. Generally, the format for the References section is: Name of coder individual, with title (Position held by individual) Institution where the individual works. Address of institution. Email and/or telephone number of individual. Prof.

F. Smith (Academic Supervisor) School of Environment, University of Deviation or Unnatural? Viewpoints of Darwin and Jenner Carmathen, Oxford Road, Carmathen CA4 3DE. There are those who argue against including the full contact information for references, and state that the old standby #8216;References upon Request#8217; is more useful. This may come into play if your employer prefers a very short CV, and medical coder, if your references are not particularly well-known in your field. Of Humanity: Or Unnatural? Viewpoints And Jenner. Otherwise, you should supply the information needed rather than requiring your potential employer to ask for it. On a related note, you should cultivate a variety of references over medical coder, time. If you haven#8217;t spoken to is the significance the shell and the, one of your references in a few months and are going on a job hunt, be sure to contact them to ensure that their contact information is still the same, and to medical, double check that they are still comfortable being a reference. If you detect a hint of is a doubt, remove them from your references list immediately. The following sections may be important in one person#8217;s CV but not in medical, another#8217;s. If you find that what you would place within the optional section is canada, both important to an employer#8217;s understanding of your abilities and medical coder, accomplishments and does not easily fit within one of the essential sections discussed above, you should include it. For many, it may be difficult to envision what might go in each optional section without actually going through the process of attempting to what is a communism, complete it. Consider attempting to medical, populate each of the significance of the the shell and the additional sections, then deleting the ones for which you can#8217;t say much or for which you can easily insert the information into one of the standard sections.

While doing so, why not also consider developing a #8216;skeleton#8217; CV that has every section #8212; even optional ones #8212; filled out completely. As you gain more experience you may find that some of the optional sections garner enough data to be placed into your growing CV. Your CV is an medical important document, and working out the best format for you is worth your time and when was amos, energy. An #8216;Areas of coder Interest#8217; section can show that you are well-rounded, and it can present you as a unique individual. However, you can#8217;t fill this space with just anything. What will be appealing to when written, each employer will depend strongly on the company or university atmosphere, and whether or not your areas of interest are of relevance to your career path. An employer who stresses that well-rounded candidates make the best employees may be genuinely pleased to see that you have placed highly in several footraces, speak fluent Japanese, or write science fiction on the weekends. Many academics use this space to briefly describe areas of medical coder interest for future research. What Is The Significance Title The Shell Glasses. That is advisable, and medical coder, a good use of what significance of the title the shell space! In the case of medical coder academia, this is often one of the very first sections; in all other cases, it is often the significance of the title and the very last. Medical Coder. If your primary accomplishments can be placed in the education section, do so; a feeble section for grants, honors, and awards can be off-putting to potential employers if you are applying for a higher-level position or have been in the field long.

However, if you have more than two or three entries for this section, it is absolutely vital to make it a part of your CV. If you#8217;ve never written a CV before, give yourself plenty of happened to daniel time to populate this section. Medical Coder. Chances are, over the course of your academic and professional career, you have been recognized multiple times for a variety of reasons; but honors and awards that did not appreciably alter your career direction may not jump to mind at first. Look through your employment history or your scheduling documents, such as bullet journals or meeting notes, to gather more details. Once you have written your first-draft CV, it#8217;s a good idea to begin keeping track of these in a dedicated file on your computer or on the cloud; or just add honors to your CV as you acquire them. According to The Balance, technical skills are #8220;abilities and knowledge needed to perform specific tasks. They are practical, and often relate to mechanical, IT, mathematical, or scientific tasks.#8221; If you have learned how to use a complex piece of laboratory equipment with ease, know the ins and outs of a useful piece of software, or mastered a new programming language, those should go in this section. Just as with the grants, honors, and what to daniel pelka, awards section, if you don#8217;t have anything significant to place in this section, consider omitting it. Medical Coder. However, this section is Natural Conflicting Viewpoints of Darwin and Jenner, absolutely vital for an Industry CV.

The #8216;Presentations#8217; section can be placed in the #8216;Research#8217; section if you have few presentations or publications. However, if you have a large number of both, consider making a separate section for your presentations. Medical Coder. For projects, you may want to list your contribution, followed by the names of others you worked with, and a descriptive synopsis. See the CV examples at the end of the article for more information. Scholarly and professional memberships. This is of Humanity: Natural of Darwin, another section where you may want to give yourself a while to ponder. Many of us join professional associations when we are in academia, and medical, use their resources, or participate in their discussions for a brief time before moving on to another area of academic interest. For example, if you are a medical researcher studying a particular illness, you may join an epidemiological society to garner information; but if your interest next turns to the immunological aspects of the disease, you may not participate as much in the forums and professional societies you joined previously. Going through your publication and Economic Globalization and Organization Essay, presentation history may help you recall professional societies to which you#8217;ve belonged, or forums in which you have been active. If you held office or some other powerful position within a scholarly or professional organization but currently don#8217;t belong to many professional organizations, consider placing this information in your employment section.

Just as in the other optional sections, if what is here does not add anything significant to your CV, consider excluding it. If you have employment experience outside of coder academia or industry that has taught you skills that you find useful in your career, you might want to include this section. Is A. However, be wary of including information that doesn#8217;t apply to your field of research or to medical, what will be asked of significance and the glasses you in industry. If this section is included, it is often the very first main section after the medical coder candidate#8217;s name and and Organization, contact information, and it includes a description of what you are hoping to be able to medical coder, accomplish. However, its inclusion may be considered old-fashioned or associated more with resumes than with CVs. Therefore, it is health act 5 principles, most often found in short-form European CVs that share some characteristics with resumes.

You may feel like a photo of you on your CV will make you appear more personable and engaging. Consider the following Suppose you send your CV to medical coder, a new employer and they don#8217;t hire you. Would you suspect that this was because they didn#8217;t like your skin color, or your facial hair? Or perhaps they preferred another gender, or a different age? Having a photograph can invoke a bias from the person reviewing your CV, so it is of Humanity: or Unnatural? Viewpoints of Darwin, best to not include it.

There are several countries, however, where a photograph is considered standard, including Japan, China, and medical, some parts of Europe #8212; though not the UK, Ireland, Sweden, or the Netherlands. When in doubt, ask the Human Resources department if they prefer to have a photograph included in CVs. Your email address should include some version of to daniel pelka your first and medical coder, last name, and not be from an outdated email system such as AOL. The best possible email address is first-name-last-name@respectable email client dot-com, e.g. If you don#8217;t have such an what happened to daniel email address, get one. Scroll to the bottom of the article to see some sample CVs. CVs for industry and for medical coder, academia have some important differences, as do CVs in the arts and what happened to daniel, the sciences. Perhaps you have a PhD in biomedical engineering, and you#8217;re hoping to consult for a biotech company.

Your CV is medical, going to look very different from the one you would create if you were applying to become a biology professor at Deviation Natural Viewpoints of Darwin Princeton. Coder. First, you have to keep in mind that a company isn#8217;t necessarily looking for every detail of your academic career the way that someone considering you for written, a professorship might. Instead, they are looking for what will make you a good fit for their company in particular. How does your experience line up with their goals, the projects they#8217;re working on, and the level of expertise required for the position? In fact, a CV for industry is very similar to a resume #8212; except that it contains the sections recommended for a CV and is still usually a bit longer than a resume. An industry CV is more to the point than an academic CV, and medical coder, it places more emphasis on readability and layout than on sheer impressive weight.

Put another way, the focus in what significance of the glasses, an industry CV is on medical what you might accomplish, whereas an academic CV depicts what you have done so far. This is based on how these institutions determine value. A professor with numerous publications brings value by what attracting prestige and pulling in coder, new students excited about Economic Globalization and Organization Development Essay, their work, and lower-level employees who wish to bask in the glow of their reflected authority and expertise. A company wants to know what you will be able to coder, do to what, create a cohesive research team, work swiftly and professionally, and, in general, increase or maintain their revenue stream. Can you design experiments that will solve problems? Will you understand what the results mean? It follows that an industry CV should then place time, focus, and energy on the #8216;Technical Skills#8217; and #8216;Experience#8217; sections. An industry job may also place more emphasis on medical the #8216;Areas of Interest#8217; section to show that the applicant has social skills as well as intellectual ability: that he or she is capable of managing a team of other skillful and intelligent people.

Finally, you should be aware that larger companies may rely on technology, rather than people, to examine CVs to weed out the when was amos undesired. According to the Wall Street Journal, approximately 90% of larger companies use software that skims through CVs looking for certain words and phrases, eliminating 50% of applicants this way. For this reason, it#8217;s important to use the latest jargon for the industry, and to assiduously avoid terms that are considered outdated or unprofessional in your industry. Science is a collaborative enterprise. The arts? Not necessarily. Medical. Therefore, Science CVs will place more emphasis on collaborative research, presentations, and posters displayed at happened to daniel pelka conferences.

If, on the other hand, you are applying to teach in the arts at the graduate level, you may have a small handful of medical coder papers authored by you, and your thesis, or another novel-sized description of your detailed research (a monograph). Scientists spend much of principles their time at university doing research, where PhD students in medical coder, the arts may have a great deal more teaching experience. Teaching experience may also be of more value (and therefore should be emphasized) in a CV in is a communism, the arts. Medical Coder. There is no standard CV format, so do the Deviation Natural or Unnatural? best you can. Be on the lookout for medical coder, requested formats from employers. When Written. If there is coder, no guidance given on the CV structure, there are no set rules beyond the fact that your name and contact information ought to go first, and that you must include the #8216;core#8217; sections described above.

The rest is all about what you want to emphasize in your CV. What Is The Significance Title Glasses. This in coder, turn is based on what you believe your potential employer most values. Which sections should be placed at canada health act 5 principles the beginning? If you are applying to medical, a research-based university, it is your research and publications. If you#8217;re a graduate student applying for act 5, a PhD, it would be your education, as it is your most impressive recent accomplishment. A university where teaching is the focus indicates that your teaching experience should go first. If you are going into medical, industry, then highlighting your technical skills, administration experience, and community service is important. If employers focus most of canada act 5 principles their attention on the first half of the medical first page, you should lead with the category that best presents your skills #8212; or is most suited to the position in question. Find CV examples within your field, and learn from what, them. You should look at medical coder many examples to see how others have leveraged their skills and experience to best advantage.

Ask people in your discipline to show you their CV. It#8217;s even better if you#8217;re aware of who has struggled to find a position, and who was accepted for one right away. If you know that these individuals have relatively similar skill sets, their CVs can serve as good and poor examples. There are several other resources that can help you write your CV and and Organization Development Essay, may provide examples: The Academic Job Search Handbook, 5th Ed. by Julia Miller Vick, Jennifer S. Furlong, and Rosanne Lurie has lots of great advice about the job hunt in general, along with many CV samples for different career paths The Purdue OWL Writing Lab contains some excellent advice about writing in general, as well as several pages devoted to CVs in particular. A fabulous resource. The Chronicle of Higher Education is another great resource with a plethora of job-related advice as well as several sections on how best to coder, compose a CV Rice University#8217;s How-to includes a concise description of how to write both a CV and a resume, with two CV examples. Check out our repository of sample CVs with descriptions at the end of the article!

Employers value accomplishments. Qualities represent potential. When Was Amos. Accomplishments represent reality. Guess which an employer values more? Focus on accomplishments or responsibilities in coder, your CV rather than traits. Canada Principles. For example, it#8217;s more effective to state that you led your team to medical coder, finish a research study in Deviation of Humanity: or Unnatural? Conflicting Viewpoints of Darwin and Jenner, record time and under budget, than to blandly state your confidence in something as intangible as your #8220;leadership qualities#8221;. Use gapping, parallelism, and bullet points to write like a pro. Use incomplete sentences to increase impact and to ditch extraneous words. Medical. The following example is NOT very effective: I taught a full lecture hall#8217;s worth of what the shell students at University X twice weekly, over 300 students#8217; worth. I also graded papers, planned curriculum with a team, and engaged in tutorial sessions online. Instead, you could say: Primary Instructor Organic Chemistry (2001-2008).

Planned curriculum. Responsible for daily grading. Created engaging tutorials online. This has more #8216;punch#8217; and takes up much less space. Perhaps most importantly it#8217;s much easier to read and medical, absorb quickly #8212; vital when you#8217;re trying to catch the wandering attention of an canada health individual who#8217;s looking at their fortieth CV. Coder. Use the health principles same type of phrasing so that the reader can swiftly understand your meaning. Medical. Here is part of a CV in which the author did NOT use parallelism: Supervision support for canada principles, two undergraduate projects in econometric models for conservation. Delivering seminars in Conservation theory and Environment modeling to groups of 10-20 undergraduate students planning teaching methods.

Mentor to 2 new PhD students in the Department. Group leader on 3 field trips requiring leadership, problem solving under pressure and enthusiasm. Note that each of the leading verbs has a different ending. This lack of coder parallelism requires longer for the brain to process, and may mean that the reader skims over the words without taking them in. Check out how much better this CV reads when parallelism is Deviation of Humanity: Natural Viewpoints of Darwin and Jenner, used to make each line grammatically and stylistically similar: Supervised two undergraduate projects in econometric models for conservation. Planned and coder, delivered seminars in Conservation theory and Environment modeling to significance of the the shell, groups of 10-20 undergraduate students. Medical Coder. Mentored two PhD students in the Department. Led 3 field trips with enthusiasm.

By cutting down on the verbiage and creating commonalities between each of the bullet points, this section is now far stronger. Bullet points are used more often in resumes than in CVs because resumes tend to have more short and declarative statements that take up less than a line each, such as the examples from the #8216;Parallelism#8217; section. Shorter verb-noun pairs belong on what is a communism the same line. For example, Primary Instructor Organic Chemistry (2001-2008). Medical Coder. Planned curriculum. Responsible for daily grading. Engaged in additional tutorials online.

Primary Instructor Organic Chemistry (2001-2008) Planned curriculum Responsible for daily grading Engaged in and Jenner, additional tutorials online Use captivating action words. Avoid cliches like the plague. Avoid verbs and descriptors that were once evocative but have since become cliches, such as #8220;team player#8221;, and #8220;detail-oriented#8221;. Instead, use fresh and medical, powerful phrases that catch the reader#8217;s attention. According to The Telegraph, over-used words and phrases that irritate recruiters and potential new bosses are: #8220;I#8217;m a hard worker#8221; #8220;I work well under pressure#8221; #8220;I can work independently#8221; #8220;I#8217;m a team player#8221; #8220;I am a problem solver#8221; #8220;Good communicator#8221; #8220;I#8217;m proactive#8221; I am a good listener#8221; #8220;I#8217;m enthusiastic#8221; #8220;Excellent written communication skills#8221; According to LinkedIn, the canada principles ten most over-used words on resumes today are: Motivated Creative Enthusiastic Track record Passionate Successful Driven Leadership Strategic Extensive experience. Most of these aren#8217;t horrible terms in and of medical themselves; it#8217;s that they#8217;ve been used so often that their meanings have become hollow. Generally, these descriptive words don#8217;t belong on CVs in the first place, since a CV is a description of when was amos what you#8217;ve accomplished, and it should be factual rather than aspirational (save the ambitions for the cover letter!). Some even older and over-used terms include #8220;go-getter#8221;, synergy, and #8220;I think outside of the coder box#8221;. Remember to describe your actions and accomplishments rather than yourself, and you will be well on your way to what is the significance of the the shell, crafting a compelling CV.

The Daily Muse has an incredible compilation of 185 action words based on accomplishments. Here are some of the best of the bunch: Authored, awarded, earned, ensured, documented, critiqued, corresponded, lobbied, reviewed, promoted, composed, measured, quantified, tested, tracked, discovered, investigated, examined, explored, mapped, advocated, consulted, educated, fielded, resolved, navigated, secured, mentored, trained, recruited, cultivated, directed, fostered, guided, revitalized, transformed, redesigned, generated, expanded, delivered, decreased, introduced, launched, spearheaded, engineered, formalized, operationalized, instituted, developed, built, designed, programmed, produced, planned, chaired, headed. Note that these action words are all directly associated with tasks and accomplishments and do not describe the individual#8217;s inherent qualities. CV Design and document formatting is important. White space and readability is of utmost importance. You can use the #8216;print preview#8217; selection in MS Word to get a good feel for your layout. It will show you where fonts or margins are too big or too small, or where information is medical, cramped.

In industry, white space is especially important: go for canada, clarity and readability over impressiveness and length. Don#8217;t get fussy with your fonts. For stylistic purposes, consider using boldfaced and normal font, or italics and normal font. Mixing too many font types together creates the impression of disharmony. The result you want to create is coder, one of clarity and organization. Economic Development. Not only does this help make your document more readable, it makes you, the applicant, appear straightforward and coder, organized. Note that these are not all good examples, as some are presented here in written, order to outline their flaws. Please mind the descriptions. Also, the medical PDF documents typically are to be used as examples to learn from, as they are real-life CVs, but not in editable format. The Microsoft Word templates are to be used to help create your own CV. The candidate#039;s strengths are his publication and presentation sections.

It was a good idea to separate these as he has plenty of is a communism both! The font choice here may be too fussy, which look very stylized. Medical. The layout is unique, and it serves to emphasize important points and separate sections, which increases readability and makes good use of the when written available space. Size: 44 KB Downloads: 3668 Filename: Physics-PhD-Candidacy-CV.docx Uploaded: 2017-02-09 14:27:00 / 35045. Academic CV Research Associate - Medicinal Chemistry. This is a good example of the layout typical to the UK, but in many other ways it can serve as an example of what not to do. Generally, this one needs an editor for detecting capitalization errors and unimportant or unrelated information (specifically, a good driving record, the ability level of medical his violin playing, and a part-time job as a customer service representative, are all unnecessary), and for suggesting stronger action words. Size: 45 KB Downloads: 1780 Filename: Academic-CV-Research-Associate-Medicinal-Chemistry.docx Uploaded: 2017-02-09 14:57:00 / 35515. The first page looks great until we get to the 'Personal Statement' section (similar to the 'Motivation' or 'Objective' section).

That section could be a lot stronger, considering how prominently it is displayed. Of Humanity: Natural Or Unnatural? Viewpoints Of Darwin. There are some minor grammatical errors throughout. There is an medical coder over-use of underlining and pelka, bullet points. It is better to be prudent with techniques used to draw greater attention to medical, one part of your CV. Size: 37 KB Downloads: 1119 Filename: Neuroscience-PhD-Candidacy-CV.docx Uploaded: 2017-02-09 15:49:00 / 35890. Associate Professorship in Physics and is the of the title the shell and the glasses, Genomics CV. It could use some boldface or italics for coder, the gaze to be drawn to, but overall this is an excellent example that makes the candidate appear quite impressive.

Size: 44 KB Downloads: 1118 Filename: Physics-PhD-Candidacy-CV.docx Uploaded: 2017-02-09 17:37:00 / 36449. What Is A. Apart from coder, a bit of canada act 5 principles odd spacing on page 3 -- the author might have italics or boldface rather than indentation here -- this is an excellent CV. Despite the fact that it's a pharmacy CV, it's probably too long to appeal to industry, and it might be better suited for an applicant aiming for medical, a research position at a university, or for offering their services as part of a panel or advisory board. Size: 39 KB Downloads: 1650 Filename: file59340.pdf Uploaded: 2017-02-09 17:43:00 / 37451. Go to page 20 for the Jane Alexander CV Example. There are a few minor errors here, but they all add up. Jane's address could have been spread out across the top of the page rather than giving it four lines of its own: this is too much emphasis on something that is Natural of Darwin, essentially unimportant. Another line is used up on the second page to tell us that the previous section has thereby been continued. There are grammatical errors in medical, the first few lines: magna cum laude should be italicized.

Finally, the formatting is not consistent throughout. This is an impressive candidate, but aspects of her CV make her look unorganized and less qualified than she probably actually is. Size: 153 KB Downloads: 1126 Filename: cv_covlets.pdf Uploaded: 2017-02-09 17:50:00 / 37526. Environmental Studies and Politics Academic CV. Another solid classic UK-style CV. Canada. Layout is superlative.

The only issue is a minor lack of parallelism in the verb-tenses used. Size: 69 KB Downloads: 1259 Filename: cv_academic.pdf Uploaded: 2017-02-09 18:20:00 / 37783. Politics and Communication PhD Candidacy CV. An excellent example of an academic CV. The author includes her non-academic employment because that work still relates, at least peripherally, to her overall career direction. Boldfacing her name in the publications section might have broken up the coder sameness a bit, but overall the layout is clear and clean. Interests and professional associations are merged in the 'activities' section. Size: 33 KB Downloads: 1301 Filename: Politics-Communication-PhD-Candidacy-CV.docx Uploaded: 2017-02-09 18:46:00 / 37834.

While this candidate includes all the information she needs, and focuses laudably on her teaching experience, the sections of her CV are out of order. Of The The Shell And The. Remember to lead with your strengths. Her academic employment should be presented straightaway, not down on page 4. Medical. Size: 44 KB Downloads: 1013 Filename: Physics-PhD-Candidacy-CV.docx Uploaded: 2017-02-09 19:09:00 / 38197. Economic Globalization And Organization Development. A really good example of a professional CV. It's worth noting that, if your CV is going to be this long (seven pages!), then it's acceptable to medical, add more white space. The most important results are that it appears clean and organized, and that it reads well. When Written. Size: 365 KB Downloads: 1003 Filename: AAMishra_CV_July2016.pdf Uploaded: 2017-02-09 19:16:00 / 38266. Go to page 5 to see the CV example for Benjamin F. Goldfarb. By the time we reach the end of the first page, this candidate has already told us about his PhD from Harvard, as well as all of medical coder his publications. He has also begun to discuss his scholarship and awards.

A smart use of space! This candidate also knows where his strengths are: in Economic, instruction. As a result, you'll note that he put his research and teaching interests front-and-center. It's an unusual choice to put this so early on, but it works here. To break up all the visual sameness, it might have been better to medical coder, boldface the dates in his Fellowships and Awards section. Size: 2 MB Downloads: 955 Filename: gsas-cvs-and-cover-letters.pdf Uploaded: 2017-02-09 19:23:00 / 38305. Another very effective CV (go to page 8 to what is the significance title the shell glasses, see the CV example for Vidita Chatterjee).

Vidita puts her current position first in order to place emphasis on her teaching experience, and her education section prominently displays her graduate degree in education. This emphasizes the theme throughout the CV, which is that she is best suited to become a music instructor at the graduate level. The use of white space and the lining up of the dates are very effective, and give the CV a very professional look. Size: 2 MB Downloads: 911 Filename: gsas-cvs-and-cover-letters.pdf Uploaded: 2017-02-09 19:30:00 / 38347. Another excellently done CV. This CV allows the reader to understand the coder qualifications of the applicant at is a communism first glance. The choice to coder, place her research interests all on one line and separated by semicolons allows the reader to spot her research experience on the first page rather than second. The judicious use of boldface type allows the reader to spot important information with little effort. The addition of title glasses a Languages section was a wise choice, given that her language proficiency is medical, both remarkable and Economic Globalization Development Essay, an asset in her field (history).

Size: Downloads: 1079 Filename: Sample%20CV.pdf Uploaded: 2017-02-09 19:34:00 / 38402. This CV is an excellent example from a psychology student, with marked commentary that may be useful. Using citations in the References section is not a requisite for all fields, but it is the medical APA style typically used in the field of psychology. The use of health space is exceptional: the medical coder dates line up, and the descriptions are indented so that the reader's eyes are naturally drawn from section to section. Of Humanity: Or Unnatural? Conflicting Viewpoints Of Darwin And Jenner. The descriptions themselves could use a little work.

Remember to medical coder, describe your accomplishments in some detail, and not just outline your duties. Globalization And Organization Development. Size: 422 KB Downloads: 1227 Filename: Psi_Chi_Sample_CV.pdf Uploaded: 2017-02-09 19:36:00 / 38428. Undergraduate Math and Physics CV. This is a great CV for a young professional with not much research experience, and it would be ideal for industry. However, the applicant's personal information should be front-and-center (not hidden at medical coder the end of the CV), and Deviation of Humanity: Natural or Unnatural? Viewpoints of Darwin, more attention could be paid to the layout. Medical. Especially when your CV is short, make sure that it is readable, and pay attention to white space. In particular, the section entitled 'Academic and Related Professional Experience' needs editing. Size: 32 KB Downloads: 1764 Filename: Undergraduate-Math-Physics-CV.docx Uploaded: 2017-02-09 19:49:00 / 38450. With only two pages, this CV manages to convey the candidate#039;s credentials, potential, and personality, complete with a few hobbies towards the end. The emphasis on tennis throughout is a bit much, as it should be in the activities section or in the employment section, but overall this is an Globalization and Organization Essay excellent CV. Size: 183 B Downloads: 1496 Filename: phd-science-physics-cv.docx Uploaded: 2017-02-09 20:45:00 / 38894.

The professional summary in this CV could use some work; it describes characteristics rather than accomplishments. The phrase #039;Utilizing strong communication skills#039; used as its own sentence is particularly improper! Putting his education into a chart was a good choice: it organizes the information and it is visually dissimilar from the rest of the CV, making it stand out. One assumes that #039;Personal History#039; was something the employer required on their resume, or something that is standard in coder, Pakistan. Still, the #039;Personality Traits#039; section would do far better being replaced by an #039;Accomplishments#039; section. Anyone can say they possess certain characteristics; however, claiming specific accomplishments shows what you can do for an employer, which is Deviation of Humanity: Natural of Darwin, what HR staff are looking for in a new employee. Medical Coder. Size: Downloads: 2155 Filename: chemical-engineer-cv-59516157 Uploaded: 2017-02-09 21:19:00 / 39007. There is some repetition in the 'Motivation' section (new/new/new). There are also a few typos that could have been easily remedied by communism a careful proofread, and, on the second page in particular, the bullet points should have been indented to create a better sense of order and clarity.

That said, this candidate describes his accomplishments in medical, a way that is of Humanity: Natural or Unnatural? Conflicting of Darwin and Jenner, straightforward, clear, and impressive. He succeeds quite well. Size: 350 KB Downloads: 1060 Filename: Michael%20Gabay-1-2_0.pdf Uploaded: 2017-02-09 21:29:00 / 39185. Enjoyed our templates? Don#8217;t forget to like and share!

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communities essay In 1995, I was commissioned by medical, the Pew Partnership for Civic Change to study how collaboration was being used in the United States to build and strengthen community. While there are many forms of collaboration, my research focused on one type in what is the significance the shell and the, particularthe kind carried out by individuals, groups and organizations in the public sphere. This form of collaboration can be described as a process of shared decision-making in which all the parties with a stake in a problem constructively explore their differences and develop a joint strategy for medical action. This essay appears in 'On Collaboration' a collection edited by Marie Bak Mortensen and Judith Nesbitt (London: Tate, 2012). My report on the subject (from which the following essay has been adapted) generated a surprising amount of attention when it appeared. It was widely cited in books and publications and reprinted in several monographs. And Organization Essay? After concluding the study, I went on medical coder to observe and what to daniel pelka work with collaborative teams across America as well as study community leaders who practice collaboration as part of coder their community development work. I found that collaboration can be a powerful alternative to conventional mechanisms for effecting change, such as coalitions, task forces, and commissions. Traditional groups and organizations tend to Deviation of Humanity: Natural or Unnatural? Conflicting Viewpoints be structured vertically. Medical Coder? Decisions are made at the top and people derive their influence and authority from their positions within the hierarchy.

This is especially true in professional organizations where leadership is of Humanity: or Unnatural? Viewpoints, centralized, the work mission-driven, processes guided by procedures and statutes, and internal communication mostly confined to departments, workgroups, and committees. Collaborative groups, by contrast, are structured horizontally. Medical Coder? Leadership, to the extent that it exists at all, is broadly distributed. When? Job titles and professional affiliations fade into the background and people derive their influence from having their ears to the ground, from being well-connected in the community, and from being engaged in a multiplicity of projects. Membership usually spans silos and medical coder divisions in the community, processes are guided by norms of trust and happened pelka reciprocity, and communication is more personal, more conversational, more exploratory than in formal settings. For this reason, collaborative efforts tend to be loosely structured, highly adaptive, and inherently creative. By creating spaces where connections are made, ideas are cross-fertilized, and collective knowledge is developed, collaborative teams generate rich opportunities for innovation.

When the right people are brought together in constructive ways and with the appropriate information, they are able to medical create powerful visions and robust strategies for change. While collaboration is getting a lot of attention today, especially in the fields of management theory and leadership studies, there is relatively little substantive research on the subject. There is, however, a growing body of literature championing its benefits. In the significance following pages, I review some of the principal sources in order to better understand: What is collaboration? How does it differ from other models of cooperation? What are the prerequisites and dynamics of effective collaboration? What makes an effective collaborative leader? What are some of the chief dangers and obstacles to successful collaboration? And how do we build more collaborative communities? As its Latin roots com and laborare suggest, collaboration reduced to medical coder its simplest definition means to work together. The search for a more comprehensive definition leads to a myriad of what is a possibilities each having something to medical coder offer and none being entirely satisfactory on its own.

These range from the academic (a process of joint decision making among key stakeholders of a problem domain about the future of that domain) to what pelka the esoteric (an interactive process having a shared transmutational purpose). One of the more durable and widely-cited definitions comes from Barbara Gray's 1989 book, Collaborating: Finding Common Ground for Multiparty Problems . Gray describes collaboration as a process through which parties who see different aspects of coder a problem can constructively explore their differences and search for solutions that go beyond their own limited vision of what is possible. In Collaborative Leadership , David Chrislip and Carl Larson define the process as a mutually beneficial relationship between two or more parties who work toward common goals by sharing responsibility, authority, and accountability for achieving results. Collaboration appeals to what communism people from medical across the political spectrum, not because it offers everything to Globalization and Organization Development everyoneas some of the advocacy literature on the subject seems to coder suggestbut because it deals with a process, as distinct from a program, agenda, or outcome. When? Collaboration requires that we look not only at the outcomes of our efforts, whatever they happen to be, but also at the process by medical coder, which we arrive at those outcomes. Collaboration might be used to resolve a neighborhood or environmental dispute.

It could be a springboard for economic development in health principles, a community or region. Or it could be used to promote greater civic participation and involvement. Generally speaking, the process works best when. The problems are ill-defined, or people disagree on how the problems are defined Different groups or organizations with a vested interest depend on each other in some way. Those with a stake in a problem have yet to be identified or organized Some stakeholders have more power or resources than others Those with a vested interest have different levels of expertise and access to information about the issue.

The problems are often characterized by technical complexity and scientific uncertainty Differing perspectives on the problems lead to conflict or disagreement among the stakeholders Incremental or unilateral efforts to address with the issue have been ineffective Existing processes for addressing the problems have proved unsuccessful. Collaborative endeavors take many forms. Some common varieties include: public-private partnerships (sometimes referred to medical coder as social partnerships)ad hoc alliances between otherwise independent organizations that span both the public and the private sectors; future commissions , also known as search conferences, in which citizens and community leaders analyze trends, develop alternative scenarios of the future, and Economic Globalization and Organization Development Essay establish recommendations and goals for the community; interagency collaborations aimed at medical, improving social services to children, families, and other members of a community; online networks designed to link various civic, educational, business, and governmental institutions within a community or region; school-community partnerships designed to foster greater collaboration between secondary schools and key community institutions; networks and coalitions loosely structured alliances among groups, organizations, and Deviation Natural or Unnatural? Conflicting and Jenner citizens that share a commitment to a particular issue or place; and regional collaboratives where local governments work together to promote economic development and service delivery. COLLABORATION VS. OTHER MODELS OF COOPERATION. Collaborative partnerships can be broadly grouped under two headings: those aimed at resolving conflicts and coder those designed to develop and advance a shared vision for the future.

In both cases, the process is aimed at carefully defining and, if need be, redefining the issues involved before moving on Economic Globalization Essay to solutions. Collaboration focuses on identifying a common purpose and working toward joint decisions. This distinguishes it from other forms of cooperation that may involve shared interests but are not based on a collectively-articulated goal or vision. We cannot even begin to agree on how we should act until we have a common definition of the medical coder problem, David Mathews writes in Politics for People , one that reflects an understanding of our own interests, the interests of others, and how the two diverge and converge. There are obvious similarities between cooperation and collaboration, but the former involves preestablished interests while the latter involves collectively-defined goals. In What It Takes , an oft-cited 1991 monograph on interagency collaboration, Atelia Melaville and what is a communism Martin Blank point out that a collaborative strategy is called for . where the coder need and intent is to change fundamentally the way services are designed and delivered. Cooperation, by contrast, merely involves coordinating existing services. Banding together to when written work for common goals is not a new idea in politics.

The literature is full of examples of how community organizationsreligious groups, trade unions, nonprofit groups, small businesses, civic alliancesform cooperative ventures, community interest groups, neighborhood task forces, and political coalitions. But these efforts are rarely collaborative in the strict sense. The goal is to join forces to coder advance a cause, which is Deviation of Humanity: and Jenner, different from collaborating to address a collective problem or develop a joint vision for coder the future. THE PREREQUISITES FOR COLLABORATION. For collaboration to be effective, it must be democratic and what significance title glasses inclusive. Hierarchies of any kind get in medical, the way of sound decision-making, just as excluding some individuals or groups with a stake in the issue can derail the process.

It also requires the involvement of a wide range of community leaders, such as mayors, city council members, nonprofit directors and is the significance the shell members of the local school board. In a series of case studies of successful collaboratives, David Chrislip and Carl Larson point out that each one involved many participants from several sectorsfor example, government, business, and community groupsas opposed to few participants predominantly from one sector. The level of participation required, however, is partly a function of medical what kind of collaboration is being sought. Clearly, some forms of collaborationsuch as interagency partnershipsrequire only that the relevant stakeholders be included. Chrislip and Larson emphasize that the written support of high-level, visible leaders brought credibility to the effort and medical coder was an essential aspect of the success of the what is a endeavor. According to Barbara Gray, collaboration can only medical coder, be meaningful if the parties involved are interdependent in some way.

Collaboration establishes a give and take among the stakeholders that is designed to produce solutions that none of them working independently could achieve, she says. In this way, they all depend on canada health act 5 principles each other to produce mutually beneficial solutions. Some questions to ask before embarking on a collaborative venture include: What are the structural relationships between the parties and the possible power issues inherent in the collaborative arrangement? Is there a clear understanding among all the parties of the respective goals of the other participants? What form of leadership is required to coder facilitate the process? Does the project have some form of integrating structure, such as a cross-section of steering committees, to facilitate and coordinate decision-making and implementation? Will the project be more effective with a neutral, third-party mediator? Should the media be involved? Does the project have enough time, money, and staff support? The process of collaboration is rarely simple and straight-forward.

It typically moves through several distinct phases, some of which can be time-consuming and fraught with challenges. Generally speaking, the process begins with an analysis of the of Humanity: Natural or Unnatural? Conflicting situation and a diagnosis of the key issues involved. It moves on to a definition of the fundamental mission or desired outcome. Medical Coder? The participants then articulate a common vision and canada health work out a plan and a timetable for meeting their goals. It most cases, the process concludes with an assessment of the outcomes and a review of lessons learned. Barbara Gray describes it as a three-phase process. The first phase, which she calls the medical coder prenegotiation or problem-setting phase, is often the most difficult. Six issues need to be addressed at this stage: 1) the parties must arrive at a shared definition of the problem, including how it relates to the interdependence of the various stakeholders; 2) the parties must make a commitment to collaborate; 3) other stakeholders need to be identified whose involvement may be necessary for the success of the endeavor; 4) the parties have to acknowledge and accept the legitimacy of the other participants; 5) the what parties must decide what type of convener or leader can bring the parties together; and 6) the parties must determine what resources are needed for the collaboration to proceed. During the second phase, the parties identify the medical interests that brought them to the table, determine how they differ from the interests of others, set directions and establish shared goals. Gray calls this the what of the the shell and the glasses direction-setting phase. It is characterized by six essential steps: 1) establishing ground rules; 2) setting the agenda; 3) organizing subgroups, especially if the number of issues to be discussed is large or the number of stakeholders exceeds a dozen or so people; 4) undertaking a joint information search to establish and medical consider the essential facts of the Natural Viewpoints of Darwin issue involved; 5) exploring the pros and cons of various alternatives; and 6) reaching agreement and settling for a course of medical action.

The final step of the collaborative process is the implementation phase during which 1) participating groups or organizations deal with their constituencies; 2) parties garner the support of those who will be charged with implementing the agreement; 3) structures for implementation are established; and finally 4) the agreement is monitored and compliance is when, ensured. Collaborative ventures obviously vary a great deal and not all of them can or want to follow this general framework. Much will depend on medical the nature of the endeavor, the number of people or parties involved, the when was amos written time-frame, and the resources at medical coder, hand. The growing interest in to daniel pelka, collaboration can be seen as part of a bumpy transition away from top-down authority structures toward a new way of coordinating activities and making decisions. At their best, collaborative leaders assume the role of medical coder discussion facilitator rather than decision-maker. They put aside whatever authority, expertise, position, or influence they may have in happened to daniel, the outside world in order to medical coder foster openness, dialogue, and deliberation within the group. Health Principles? The collaborative leader is medical coder, one whose primary goal is to convene, energize, facilitate and sustain the process over time. This form of leadership has been variously defined as transformative, facilitative, or servant leadership. Of Humanity: Natural Viewpoints? In his classic 1978 book Leadership , James MacGregor Burns described transforming leadership as a process in which one or more persons engage with each other in such a way that leaders and followers raise one another to higher levels of motivation and morality. The key to this type of leadership, he said, is the discovery of shared purpose and the interplay between motives and values.

James Svara, in his book Facilitative Leadership in Local Government , expanded on this notion, saying that collaborative leaders stress empathetic communication, think in 'win-win' terms rather than seeing their interests in conflict with those of medical coder others, and use synergism to written make the whole greater than the sum of the coder parts. A number of theorists stress that one reason collaboration works as well as it does is canada health act 5, that it empowers participants and coder creates a sense of ownership and buy-in within the group. When decisions are reached, they are the products group's own efforts. The process may be difficult and time-consuming, but it elicits more solid and enduring support than decisions made by a single person or a select few. Collaborative leaders understand this intuitively. They move the process along by of Humanity: Conflicting and Jenner, sharing inspiring visions, focusing on results, strengthening relationships, being open and inclusive, bringing out the best in coder, others, and celebrating achievement. Collaborative leadership is not a specific set of activities. It means playing whatever role is necessary to bring about real change and is the significance title glasses lasting impact in medical, the community. It means being a catalyst, a spark plug, and channeling people's energies toward a common goal. For all its benefits, collaboration is not always the best course of action.

The process is fraught with dangers and inherent limitations. What Is A Communism? It is medical, notoriously time-consuming and is not suitable for problems that require quick and decisive action, for example. Power inequalities among the parties often thwart the process. The norms of when was amos consensus and joint decision-making sometimes require that the medical coder common good take precedence over the interests of a few. Was Amos? It can break down in groups that are too large. And the process is meaningless when participants lack the coder power to implement final decisions. The literature is full of examples of Globalization Development poorly executed collaborations that failed to yield substantive results, ran out of funding, failed to medical garner enough interest or support from the leadership of the community, or stalled because of irreconcilable differences between stakeholders.

As Barbara Gray points out, many well-intentioned efforts to involve the public in government decisions, for Deviation of Humanity: Natural or Unnatural? Conflicting Viewpoints of Darwin example, are exercises in frustration and often exacerbate rather than improve the situation because careful attention to the process of managing differences is neglected. Some of the circumstances under which it is best not to coder collaborate include: 1) when one party has unchallenged power to influence the final outcome; 2) when the Deviation of Humanity: Natural or Unnatural? Conflicting of Darwin and Jenner conflict is rooted in deep-seated ideological differences; 3) when power is unevenly distributed; 4) when constitutional issues are involved or legal precedents are sought; and when a legitimate convener cannot be found. But when groups are aware of the limitations of the process and are able to work around them, they can do great things. Consciously or not, many of us subscribe to outmoded theories of change handed down from traditional leadership theory. We believe that influence occurs as a direct result of force exerted from coder one person to when was amos written another. We engage in complex planning processes in the hope of medical coder producing predictable results. Is A Communism? And we continually search for better methods of objectively perceiving and medical measuring the world. This approach is reflected in the predominant approach to change-making: organizing committees and task forces, creating new programs, establishing stricter regulations or more oversight, and, perhaps especially, hiring or electing better leaders. But the realities of public life today are dynamic and health principles complex and no longer lend themselves to mechanistic solutions. They require rigorously multidimensional approaches that are participatory, iterative, flexible, and open-ended.

In my research on coder collaboration, I have interviewed many practitioners who told me that they found their way to collaboration only after years of frustration with conventional problem-solving approaches and or Unnatural? Viewpoints and Jenner a gnawing sense that there must be a better way. They stressed that traditional mechanisms for bringing about medical coder change are often exasperating, time-consuming, and ineffective. In a time of widespread frustration with politics-as-usual, collaboration represents a more promising way forward. What has moved so many people to take on this hard work of collaboration, write Daniel Kemmis and Matthew McKinney in Collaboration and the Ecology of Democracy , has been the Economic Globalization Essay widespread perception that, in medical, all too many cases, the existing governing framework was proving itself incapable of getting the job done. To put it bluntly, the problems that people expected the government to solve were not getting solved. Building collaborative communities means finding new and better ways to work together.

We need to create spaces where people can find each other, share ideas, and discover common ground. We need settings where people can receive support and Deviation of Humanity: Conflicting of Darwin and Jenner be acknowledged as public actors. And we need contexts in which people can begin to imagine and act from a new sense of possibility. This essay appears in On Collaboration , a collection edited by Marie Bak Mortensen and Judith Nesbitt. On Collaboration brings together several general essays on collaboration along with case studies of numerous collaborative art initiatives carried out in the U.K. Medical? under the auspices of written Tate. (London: Tate, December 2012). Copyright 2017 by Scott London.

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