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SparkNotes: Medea: Comprehensive Summary

benedictine essays [ From the medea euripides A TLANTIS of January , 1858.] A S the physical universe is sustained and carried on in dependence on certain centres of power and laws of operation, so the course of the social and political world, and settlers colony by planting, of that great religious organization called the Catholic Church, is found to proceed for medea euripides the most part from the presence or action of definite persons, places, events, and Lowering the Legal Age, institutions, as the visible cause of the whole. There has been but one Juda, one Greece, one Rome; one Homer, one Cicero; one Csar, one Constantine, one Charlemagne. And so, as regards Revelation, there has been one St. John the Divine, one Doctor of the Nations. Dogma runs along the line of Athanasius, Augustine, Thomas. The conversion of the heathen is ascribed, after the Apostles, to champions of the truth so few, that we may almost count them, such as Martin, Patrick, Augustine, Boniface. Then there is St. Antony, the father of medea summary, monachism; St. Jerome, the interpreter of Scripture; St. Chrysostom, the act great preacher.

Education follows the same law: it has its history in Christianity, and its doctors or masters in medea euripides summary, that history. It has had three periods:#8212;the ancient, the medieval, and the modern; and there are three Religious Orders in those periods respectively, which succeed, one the other, on its public stage, and the jamestown settlers their colony by planting, represent the teaching given by the Catholic Church during the time of their ascendancy. Medea Euripides? The first period is that long series of when examining, centuries, during which society was breaking or had broken up, and then slowly attempted its own re-construction; the second may be called the period of re-construction; and summary, the third dates from the Reformation, when that peculiar movement of mind commenced, the issue of which is still to come. Now, St. Benedict has had the training of the their colony ancient intellect, St. Dominic of the medea euripides summary medieval; and St. Ignatius of the modern. And in saying this, I am in no degree disrespectful to the Augustinians, Carmelites, Franciscans, and the jamestown their by planting, other great religious families, which might be named, or to the holy Patriarchs who founded them; for euripides summary I am not reviewing the the jamestown their colony whole history of medea euripides summary, Christianity, but selecting a particular aspect of primary sources, it is __________., it. Perhaps as much as this will be granted to me without great hesitation.

Next, I proceed to contrast these three great masters of Christian teaching with each other. To St. Benedict, then, who may fairly be taken to represent the various families of monks before his time and those which sprang from him (for they are all pretty much of medea, one school), to this great Saint let me assign, for his discriminating badge, the on moderate consumption element of Poetry; to medea euripides summary, St. Friends Essay? Dominic, the Scientific element; and to St. Ignatius, the medea euripides Practical. These characteristics, which belong respectively to the schools of the three great Teachers, grow out of the circumstances under which they respectively entered upon friends essay their work.

Benedict, entrusted with his mission almost as a boy, infused into euripides summary it the romance and simplicity of Essay on moderate, boyhood. Dominic, a man of forty-five, a graduate in theology, a priest and a Canon, brought with him into religion that maturity and completeness of learning which he had acquired in the schools. Ignatius, a man of the world before his conversion, transmitted as a legacy to his disciples that knowledge of mankind which cannot be learned in cloisters. And thus the three several Orders were (so to say), the births of Poetry, of Science, and Practical Sense. And here another coincidence suggests itself.

I have been giving these three attributes to the three Patriarchs whom I have specified, severally, from a bon-fide regard to their history, and without at all having any theory of philosophy in my eye. But after having so described them, it certainly did strike me that I had unintentionally been illustrating a somewhat popular notion of the day, the like of which is attributed to authors with whom I have as little sympathy as with any persons who can be named. According to these speculators, the life, whether of a race or of an individual of the great human family, is divided into three stages, each of which has its own ruling principle and characteristic. Medea Summary? The youth makes his start in life, with hope at the prow, and settlers their, fancy at the helm; he has nothing else but these to impel or direct him; he has not lived long enough to exercise his reason, or to gather in a store of facts; and, because he cannot do otherwise, he dwells in a world which he has created. He begins with illusions. Next, when at length he looks about for some surer footing than imagination gives him, he may have recourse to reason, or he may have recourse to facts; now facts are external to him, but his reason is his own: of the medea summary two, then, it is easier for the Legal Drinking him to euripides, exercise his reason than to the dawes severalty, ascertain facts. Accordingly, his first mental revolution, when he discards the life of aspiration and affection which has disappointed him, and the dreams of which he has been the sport and euripides summary, victim, is to embrace a life of logic: this, then, is his second stage,#8212;the metaphysical.

He acts now on a plan, thinks by system, is the dawes, cautious about medea euripides summary, his middle terms, and trusts nothing but what takes a scientific form. His third stage is when he has made full trial of life; when he has found his theories break down under the weight of facts, and experience falsify his most promising calculations. Supernatural Macbeth? Then the old man recognizes at length, that what he can taste, touch, and euripides summary, handle, is trustworthy, and nothing beyond it. Thus he runs through his three periods of Imagination, Reason, and Sense; and then he comes to an end, and is not;#8212;a most impotent and melancholy conclusion. Undoubtedly a Catholic has no sympathy in Essay Lowering Minimum Age, so heartless a view of medea summary, life, and Essay alcohol consumption, yet it seems to square with what I have been saying of the three great Patriarchs of Christian teaching. Euripides Summary? And certainly there is a truth in it, which gives it its plausibility. However, I am not concerned here to do more than to put my finger on the point at which I should diverge from it, both in what I have been saying and what I must say concerning them. It is true then, that history, as viewed in these three Saints, is, somewhat after the manner of the theory I have mentioned, a progress from poetry through science to practical sense or prudence; but then this important proviso has to be borne in mind at friends essay the same time, that what the Catholic Church once has had, she never has lost.

She has never wept over, or been angry with, time gone and over. Instead of passing from one stage of life to another, she has carried her youth and medea euripides, middle age along with her, on to her latest time. She has not changed possessions, but accumulated them, and has brought out of her treasure-house, according to the occasion, things new and old. She did not lose Benedict by finding Dominic; and she has still both Benedict and Dominic at colony by planting home, though she has become the mother of Ignatius. Imagination, Science, Prudence, all are good, and she has them all.

Things incompatible in nature, cexist in her; her prose is poetical on the one hand, and philosophical on the other. Coming now to the historical proof of the medea euripides summary contrast I have been instituting, I am sanguine in thinking that one branch of it is already allowed by the consent of the the jamestown by planting world, and is undeniable. By common consent, the palm of religious Prudence, in the Aristotelic sense of medea euripides, that comprehensive word, belongs to the School of Religion of which St. Ignatius is the Founder. That great Society is the classical seat and fountain (that is, in religious thought and the conduct of life, for of ecclesiastical politics I speak not), the school and pattern of discretion, practical sense, and wise government.

Sublimer conceptions or more profound speculations may have been created or elaborated elsewhere; but, whether we consider the illustrious Body in its own constitution, or in its rules for instruction and direction, we see that it is its very genius to prefer this most excellent prudence to every other gift, and to think little both of poetry and of science, unless they happen to on the Legal Minimum Drinking, be useful. It is true that, in medea euripides summary, the long catalogue of its members, there are to be found the names of the most consummate theologians, and of scholars the most elegant and accomplished; but we are speaking here, not of individuals, but of the body itself. It is the jamestown by planting, plain that the body is not over-jealous about its theological traditions, or it certainly would not suffer Suarez to controvert with Molina, Viva with Vasquez, Passaglia with Petavius, and Faure with Suarez, de Lugo, and Valentia. In this intellectual freedom its members justly glory; inasmuch as they have set their affections, not on the opinions of the Schools, but on the souls of medea, men. And it is the same charitable motive which makes them give up the poetry of life, the poetry of ceremonies,#8212;of the cowl, the severalty cloister, and the choir,#8212;content with the euripides most prosaic architecture, if it be but convenient, and the most prosaic neighbourhood, if it be but populous. I need not then dwell longer on when primary important this wonderful Religion, but may confine the remarks which are to follow to the two Religions which historically preceded it#8212;the Benedictine and the Dominican [Note 1]. One preliminary more, suggested by a purely fanciful analogy:#8212;As there are three great Patriarchs on the high road and public thoroughfare of Christian Education, so there were three chief Patriarchs in the first age of the chosen people. Putting aside Noe and Melchisedec, and medea euripides summary, Joseph and his brethren, we recognize three venerable fathers,#8212;Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and what are their characteristics? Abraham, the father of examining it is the creator’s __________., many nations; Isaac, the intellectual, living in solitary simplicity, and in loving contemplation; and Jacob, the medea euripides persecuted and helpless, visited by marvellous providences, driven from place to place, set down and their colony by planting, taken up again, ill-treated by those who were his debtors, suspected because of his sagacity, and betrayed by his eager faith, yet carried on and triumphing amid all troubles by means of his most faithful and powerful guardian-archangel. Euripides Summary? St.

Benedict, then, like the great Hebrew Patriarch, was the Father of many nations. He has been styled the Patriarch of the West, a title which there are many reasons for ascribing to him. Not only was he the on Lowering Minimum Age first to establish a perpetual Order of Regulars in Western Christendom; not only, as coming first, has he had an ampler course of centuries for the multiplication of his children; but his Rule, as that of medea summary, St. Basil in the East, is the normal rule of the first age of the Church, and was in time generally received even in communities which in no sense owed their origin to him. Moreover, out of his Order rose, in process of friends essay, time, various new monastic families, which have established themselves as independent institutions, and are able in their turn to boast of the number of their houses, and the sanctity and historical celebrity of medea, their members. He is the representative of Latin monachism for the long extent of friends essay, six centuries, while monachism was one; and even when at length varieties arose, and distinct titles were given to them, the change grew out of him;#8212;not the act of strangers who were his rivals, but of his own children, who did but make a new beginning in all devotion and loyalty to him. He died in the early half of the sixth century; at the beginning of the tenth rose from among his French monasteries the medea famous Congregation of Cluni, illustrated by St. Majolus, St. Odilo, Peter the Venerable, and other considerable personages, among whom is Hildebrand, afterwards Pope Gregory the Seventh. Then came, in long succession, the Orders or Congregations of Camaldoli under St.

Romuald, of Vallombrosa, of supernatural quotes, Citeaux, to which St. Bernard has given his name, of Monte Vergine, of Fontvrault; those of England, Spain, and Flanders; the Silvestrines, the Celestines, the Olivetans, the summary Humiliati, besides a multitude of institutes for women, as the examining primary sources, important __________. Gilbertines and the Oblates of medea euripides, St. Frances, and then at length, to mention no others, the Congregation of St. Maur in modern times, so well known for its biblical, patristical, and historical works, and for its learned members, Montfaucon, Mabillon, and their companions. The panegyrists of this illustrious Order are accustomed to friends essay, claim for it in all its branches as many as 37,000 houses, and, besides, 30 Popes, 200 Cardinals, 4 Emperors, 46 Kings, 51 Queens, 1,406 Princes, 1,600 Archbishops, 600 Bishops, 2,400 Nobles, and 15,000 Abbots and learned men [Note 2]. Medea? Nor are the religious bodies which sprang from St. Benedict the full measure of what he has accomplished,#8212;as has been already observed. His Rule gradually made its way into the jamestown settlers saved their those various monasteries which were of an earlier or of an independent foundation. It first coalesced with, and then supplanted, the Irish Rule of St. Columban in France, and the still older institutes which had been brought from the East by euripides St. Athanasius, St.

Eusebius, and St. Martin. At the beginning of the ninth century it was formally adopted throughout the dominions of Charlemagne. Pure, or with some admixture, it was brought by the Legal Drinking Age St. Augustine to England; and that admixture, if it existed, was gradually eliminated by St. Medea? Wilfrid, St. Dunstan, and Lanfranc, till at length it was received, with the name and obedience of St. Benedict, in all the Cathedral monasteries [Note 3] (to mention no others), excepting Carlisle. Essay On Lowering The Legal Age? Nor did it cost such regular bodies any very great effort to make the change, even when historically most separate from St.

Benedict; for the Saint had taken up for the most part what he found, and his Rule was but the expression of the genius of monachism in those first times of the Church, with a more exact adaptation to their needs than could elsewhere be met with. Medea Euripides Summary? So uniform indeed had been the when examining sources, to evaluate the creator’s monastic idea before his time, and so little stress had been laid by individual communities on their respective peculiarities, that religious men passed at medea summary pleasure from one body to another [Note 4]. Essay Alcohol? St. Benedict provides in his Rule for summary the case of strangers coming to one of his houses, and examining sources, important to evaluate the creator’s, wishing to remain there. If such a one came from any monastery with which the monks had existing relations, then he was not to be received without letters from his Abbot; but, in the instance of a foreign monk from distant parts, who wished to medea, dwell with them as a guest, and when important to evaluate the creator’s, was content with their ways, and conformed himself to them, and was not troublesome, should he in the event wish to stay for good, says St. Benedict, let him not be refused; for there has been room to make trial of him, during the time that hospitality has been shown to him: nay, let him even be invited to stay, that others may gain a lesson from his example; for in every place we are servants of one Lord and soldiers of one King. [Note 5] The unity of medea euripides summary, idea, which, as these words imply, is to be found in all monks in every part of Christendom, may be described as a unity of object, of state, and of occupation. Monachism was one and the same everywhere, because it was a reaction from that secular life, which has everywhere the same structure and the same characteristics. And, since that secular life contained in it many objects, many states, and many occupations, here was a special reason, as a matter of principle, why the reaction from it should bear the when important to evaluate the creator’s __________. badge of unity, and medea summary, should be in outward appearance one and the same everywhere. Moreover, since that same secular life was, when monachism arose, more than ordinarily marked by variety, perturbation and quotes, confusion, it seemed on summary that very account to justify emphatically a rising and revolt against itself, and a recurrence to some state which, unlike itself, was constant and unalterable. It was indeed an old, decayed, and on moderate, moribund world, into which Christianity had been cast.

The social fabric was overgrown with the corruptions of medea, a thousand years, and friends essay, was held together, not so much by any common principle, as by the strength of possession and the tenacity of custom. Medea? It was too large for macbeth public spirit, and too artificial for patriotism, and its many religions did but foster in the popular mind division and scepticism. Want of mutual confidence would lead to despondency, inactivity, and selfishness. Society was in the slow fever of consumption, which made it restless in euripides summary, proportion as it was feeble. It was powerful, however, to seduce and deprave; nor was there any locus standi from which to when primary sources, important to evaluate the creator’s __________., combat its evils; and medea euripides, the only severalty act way of getting on with it was to abandon principle and duty, to take things as they came, and to euripides, do as the world did. Worse than all, this encompassing, entangling system of things, was, at the time we speak of, the seat and instrument of a paganism, and then of heresies, not simply contrary, but bitterly hostile, to the Christian profession. The Jamestown Settlers Saved Their Colony By Planting? Serious men not only had a call, but every inducement which love of medea euripides summary, life and freedom could supply, to escape from its presence and its sway. Their one idea then, their one purpose, was to when primary sources, to evaluate, be quit of it; too long had it enthralled them. Euripides Summary? It was not a question of this or that vocation, of the better deed, of the higher state, but of life and death. In later times a variety of holy objects might present themselves for devotion to choose from, such as the care of the poor, or of the sick, or of the young, the supernatural quotes redemption of captives, or the conversion of the barbarians; but early monachism was flight from the world, and nothing else. The troubled, jaded, weary heart, the stricken, laden conscience, sought a life free from summary corruption in its daily work, free from distraction in its daily worship; and it sought employments as contrary as possible to the jamestown colony, the world's employments,#8212;employments, the end of which would be in themselves, in which each day, each hour, would have its own completeness;#8212;no elaborate undertakings, no difficult aims, no anxious ventures, no uncertainties to make the medea euripides heart beat, or the temples throb, no painful combination of efforts, no extended plan of operations, no multiplicity of details, no deep calculations, no sustained machinations, no suspense, no vicissitudes, no moments of crisis or catastrophe;#8212;nor again any subtle investigations, nor perplexities of proof, nor conflicts of rival intellects, to agitate, harass, depress, stimulate, weary, or intoxicate the soul.

Hitherto I have been using negatives to describe what the the jamestown settlers saved colony by planting primitive monk was seeking; in truth monachism was, as regards the secular life and all that it implies, emphatically a negation, or, to use another word, a mortification ; a mortification of sense, and a mortification of reason. Here a word of explanation is necessary. The monks were too good Catholics to deny that reason was a divine gift, and had too much common sense to think to do without it. What they denied themselves was the various and manifold exercises of the reason; and on this account, because such exercises were excitements. When the reason is cultivated, it at once begins to combine, to centralize, to medea euripides summary, look forward, to look back, to view things as a whole, whether for speculation or for action; it practises synthesis and analysis, it discovers, it invents. To these exercises of the intellect is opposed simplicity, which is the state of the jamestown saved colony, mind which does not combine, does not deal with premisses and conclusions, does not recognize means and their end, but lets each work, each place, each occurrence stand by itself,#8212;which acts towards each as it comes before it, without a thought of anything else.

This simplicity is the temper of children, and it is the temper of monks. This was their mortification of the intellect; every man who lives, must live by reason, as every one must live by sense; but, as it is possible to be content with the euripides bare necessities of animal life, so is supernatural quotes macbeth, it possible to confine ourselves to the bare ordinary use of reason, without caring to improve it or make the most of medea, it. These monks held both sense and reason to be the gifts of heaven, but they used each of Essay alcohol consumption, them as little as they could help, reserving their full time and their whole selves for devotion;#8212;for, if reason is better than sense, so devotion they thought to be better than either; and, as even a heathen might deny himself the innocent indulgences of medea summary, sense in saved their by planting, order to give his time to the cultivation of the euripides reason, so did the monks give up reason, as well as sense, that they might consecrate themselves to divine meditation. Now, then, we are able to understand how it was that the monks had a unity, and in their colony, what it consisted. It was a unity, I have said, of object, of state, and of occupation. Their object was rest and peace; their state was retirement; their occupation was some work that was simple, as opposed to intellectual, viz., prayer, fasting, meditation, study, transcription, manual labour, and other unexciting, soothing employments. Such was their institution all over the world; they had eschewed the busy mart, the medea summary craft of gain, the money-changer's bench, and the merchant's cargo. They had turned their backs upon examining primary the creator’s the wrangling forum, the political assembly, and the pantechnicon of trades. They had had their last dealings with architect and habit-maker, with butcher and cook; all they wanted, all they desired, was the sweet soothing presence of earth, sky, and sea, the hospitable cave, the summary bright running stream, the easy gifts which mother earth, justissima tellus, yields on very little persuasion.

The monastic institute, says the biographer of St. Maurus, demands Summa Quies , the most perfect quietness; [Note 6] and where was quietness to be found, if not in reverting to the original condition of man, as far as the changed circumstances of our race admitted; in Essay the Legal Drinking, having no wants, of which the supply was not close at hand; in the nil admirari; in having neither hope nor fear of anything below; in daily prayer, daily bread, and daily work, one day being just like another, except that it was one step nearer than the medea euripides day just gone to that great Day, which would swallow up all days, the day of everlasting rest. However, I have come into the jamestown settlers saved colony collision with a great authority, M. Guizot, and I must stop the course of my argument to make my ground good against him. M. Euripides? Guizot, then, makes a distinction between monachism in its birth-place, in Egypt and Syria, and that Western institute, of which I have made St. Benedict the representative. He allows that the Orientals mortified the quotes macbeth intellect, but he considers that Latin monachism was the seat of considerable mental activity.

The desire for retirement, he says, for contemplation, for medea euripides a marked rupture with civilized society, was the source and fundamental trait of the Eastern monks: in Essay Lowering Minimum Age, the West, on the contrary , and especially in Southern Gaul, where, at the commencement of the fifth century, the principal monasteries were founded, it was in order to live in common, with a view to conversation as well as to religious edification, that the first monks met. The monasteries of Lerins, of St. Victor, and many others, were especially great schools of medea euripides, theology, the focus of severalty act, intellectual movement. It was by no means with solitude or with mortification, but with discussion and activity, that they there concerned themselves. [Note 7] Great deference is due to an author so learned, so philosophical, so honestly desirous to set out Christianity to the best advantage; yet, I am at a loss to medea euripides, understand what has led him to the jamestown saved their colony, make such a distinction between the East and West, and to assign to the Western monks an activity of intellect, and to the Eastern a love of retirement. Summary? It is quite true that instances are sometimes to be found of their, monasteries in the West distinguished by much intellectual activity, but more, and more striking, instances are to medea summary, be found of a like phenomenon in the East. If, then, such particular instances are to be taken as fair specimens of the state of Western monachism, they are equally fair specimens of the state of Essay on moderate, Eastern also; and the Eastern monks will be proved more intellectual than the Western, by virtue of that greater interest in doctrine and in controversy which given individuals or communities among them have exhibited.

A very cursory reference to medea, ecclesiastical history will be sufficient to show us that the fact is as I have stated it. The theological sensitiveness of the monks of Marseilles, Lerins, or Adrumetum, it seems, is to be a proof of the intellectualism generally of the West: then, why is Essay Lowering Minimum Drinking Age, not the greater sensitiveness of the Scythian monks at Constantinople, and of their opponents, the Ac#339;met, an evidence in favour of the East? These two bodies of Religious actually came all the way from Constantinople to Rome to denounce one another, besieging, as it were, the Holy See, and the former of medea summary, them actually attempting to raise the Roman populace against the Pope, in behalf of its own theological tenet. Does not this show activity of saved colony by planting, mind? I venture to say that, for one intellectual monk in the West, a dozen might be produced in the East. The very reproach, thrown out by secular historians against Greeks in general, of over-subtlety of intellect, applies in particular, if to any men, to certain classes or certain communities of Eastern monks. These were sometimes orthodox, quite as often heretical, but inexhaustible in their argumentative resources, whether the one or the other. If Pelagius be a monk in the West, on the other hand, Nestorius and medea summary, Eutyches, both heresiarchs, are both monks in the East; and Eutyches, at the time of his heresy, was an old monk into the bargain, who had been thirty years abbot of a convent, and whom age, if not sanctity, might have saved from severalty act this abnormal use of his reason. His partizans were principally monks of Egypt; and they, coming up in force to the pseudo-synod of Ephesus, in aid of a theological thesis, kicked to death the euripides patriarch of Constantinople, and put to flight the friends essay Legate of the Pope, all in medea summary, consequence of their intellectual susceptibilities.

A century earlier, Arius, on the dawes starting, carried away into his heresy as many as seven hundred nuns [Note 8]; what have the Western convents to show, in the way of controversial activity, comparable with a fact like this? I do not insist on the zealous and euripides, influential orthodoxy of the monks of Egypt, Syria, and Asia Minor in the fourth century, because it was probably nothing else but an friends essay honourable adhesion to the faith of the Church, without any serious exercise of euripides summary, mind; but turn to supernatural, the great writers of Eastern Christendom, and medea euripides summary, consider how many of them figure at first sight as monks;#8212;Chrysostom, Basil, Gregory Nazianzen, Epiphanius, Ephrem, Amphilochius, Isidore of on Lowering, Pelusium, Theodore, Theodoret, perhaps Athanasius. Among the Latin writers no great names occur to me but those of Jerome and Pope Gregory; I may add Paulinus, Sulpicius, Vincent, and Cassian, but Jerome is the medea euripides summary only learned writer among them. I have a difficulty, then, even in comprehending, not to speak of admitting, M. Supernatural Quotes Macbeth? Guizot's assertion, a writer who does not commonly speak without a meaning or a reason. But, after all, however the balance of intellectualism may lie between certain convents or individuals in the East and the West, such particular instances of mental activity are nothing to the purpose, when taken to measure the state of the great body of the monks; certainly not in summary, the West, with which in severalty act, this paper I am exclusively concerned. In taking an estimate of the Benedictines, we need not trouble ourselves about the state of monachism in Egypt, Syria, Asia Minor, and Constantinople, as it existed after the fourth century, when the true monastic tradition was passing from the East to the West. In the fourth century, the Eastern Monks simply follow the defined and promulgated doctrine of the Church, and in following it are guilty of no exercise of reason; their intellectualism proper, which is foreign to the genius of their institute, begins with the fifth. Taking, then, the great tradition of St.

Antony, St. Pachomius, and St. Basil in the East, and then tracing it into the West by medea the hands of St. Athanasius, St. Martin, and Essay on moderate, their contemporaries, we shall find no historical facts but what admit of a fair explanation, consistent with the views which we have laid down above about monastic simplicity, bearing in mind always, what holds in all matters of fact, that there never was a rule without its exceptions. Every rule has its exceptions; but, further than this, when exceptions occur, they are commonly likely to be great ones.

This is no paradox; illustrations of medea, it are to be found everywhere. For instance, we may conceive a climate very fatal to alcohol, children, and yet those who survive growing up to be strong men; and for a plain reason, because those alone could have passed the ordeal who had robust constitutions. Thus the Romans, so jealous of their freedom, when they resolved on medea euripides summary the appointment of a supreme ruler for an occasion, did not do the thing by halves, but made him a Dictator. The Dawes Act? In like manner, a mere trifling occurrence, or an ordinary inward impulse, would be powerless to medea euripides, snap the bond which keeps the monk fast to his cell, his oratory, and his garden. Exceptions, indeed, may be few, because they are exceptions, but they will be great in order to become exceptions at all. Friends Essay? It must be a serious emergence, a particular inspiration, a sovereign command, which brings the monk into political life; and he will be sure to make a great figure in it, else why should he have been torn from his cloister at all? This will account for the career of St. Gregory the Seventh or of medea, St. Dunstan, of St.

Bernard or of Abbot Suger, as far as it was political: the work they had to do was such as none could have done but a monk with his superhuman single-mindedness and when important to evaluate the creator’s, his pertinacity of purpose. Again, in the case of St. Boniface, the Apostle of Germany, and in that of others of the missionaries of his age, it seems to medea, have been a particular inspiration which carried them abroad; and it is observable after all how soon most of them settled down into the mixed character of agriculturists and pastors in their new country, and resumed the tranquil life to which they had originally devoted themselves. As to the early Greek Fathers, some of those whom we have instanced above are only prim facie exceptions, as Chrysostom, who, though he lived with the monks most austerely for as many as six years, can hardly be said to friends essay, have taken on himself the medea euripides responsibilities of their condition, or to have simply abandoned the world. Others of them, as Basil, were scholars, philosophers, men of the world, before they were monks, and could not put off their cultivation of Essay on moderate alcohol, mind or their learning with their secular dress; and these would be the very men, in an age when such talents were scarce, who would be taken out of their retirement by superior authority, and who therefore cannot fairly be quoted as ordinary specimens of the monastic life.

Exceptio probat regulam : let us see what two Doctors of the Church, one Greek, one Latin, both rulers, both monks, say concerning the state, which they at one time enjoyed, and medea euripides summary, afterwards lost. You tell me, says St. Basil, writing to a friend from his solitude, that it was little for the Legal Minimum me to describe the place of my retirement, unless I mentioned also my habits and summary, my mode of life; yet really I am ashamed to tell you how I pass night and day in this lonely nook. I am like one who is angry with the alcohol consumption size of his vessel, as tossing overmuch, and leaves it for the boat, and is seasick and miserable still. However, what I propose to do is as follows, with the hope of medea euripides summary, tracing His steps who has said, 'If any one will come after Me, let him deny himself.' We must strive after a quiet mind. As well might the eye ascertain an object which is when examining it is to evaluate the creator’s __________., before it, while it roves up and down without looking steadily at it, as a mind, distracted with a thousand worldly cares, be able clearly to apprehend the truth. One who is euripides summary, not yoked in matrimony is harassed by rebellious impulses and hopeless attachments; he who is married is involved in Lowering Age, his own tumult of cares: is he without children? he covets them; has he children? he has anxieties about their education. Then there is solicitude about his wife, care of his house, oversight of his servants, misfortunes in trade, differences with his neighbours, lawsuits, the merchant's risks, the euripides farmer's toil. Each day, as it comes, darkens the soul in Essay Drinking Age, its own way; and night after night takes up the day's anxieties, and cheats us with corresponding dreams.

Now, the only way of escaping all this is separation from the medea whole world, so as to live without city, home, goods, society, possessions, means of life, business, engagements, secular learning, that the heart may be prepared as wax for the impress of divine teaching. Solitude is of the greatest use for supernatural this purpose, as it stills our passions, and enables reason to extirpate them. Let then a place be found such as mine, separate from intercourse with men, that the medea summary tenor of our exercises be not interrupted from without. Pious exercises nourish the Essay on Age soul with divine thoughts. Soothing hymns compose the mind to a cheerful and calm state. Quiet, then, as I have said, is the first step in our sanctification; the tongue purified from the gossip of the world, the eyes unexcited by fair colour or comely shape, the ear secured from the relaxation of voluptuous songs, and euripides summary, that especial mischief, light jesting. Thus the mind, rescued from dissipation from friends essay without, and medea euripides summary, sensible allurements, falls back upon itself, and thence ascends to the contemplation of God. [Note 9] It is quite clear that at least St. Basil took the same view of the monastic state as I have done. Primary To Evaluate __________.? So much for the East in the fourth century; now for the West in the seventh. One day, says St. Gregory, after he had been constrained, against his own wish, to medea, leave his cloister for the government of the Universal Church, one day, when I was oppressed with the excessive trouble of secular affairs, I sought a retired place, friendly to primary the creator’s __________., grief, where whatever displeased me in my occupations might show itself, and all that was wont to inflict pain might be seen at one view.

While he was in euripides, this retreat, his most dear son, Peter, with whom, ever since the latter was a youth, he had been intimate, surprised him, and he opened his grief to him. My sad mind, he said, labouring under the soreness of its engagements, remembers how it went with me formerly in this monastery, how all perishable things were beneath it, how it rose above all that was transitory, and, though still in the flesh, went out in contemplation beyond that prison, so that it even loved death, which is supernatural macbeth, commonly thought a punishment, as the gate of life and the reward of labour. But now, in consequence of the pastoral charge, it undergoes the medea euripides busy work of secular men, and for that fair beauty of its quiet, is dishonoured with the dust of the earth. And often dissipating itself in outward things, to serve the many, even when it seeks what is inward, it comes home indeed, but is no longer what it used to be. On Moderate Alcohol? [Note 10] Here is the very same view of the summary monastic state at Rome which St. Essay On The Legal Minimum Age? Basil had in Pontus, viz., retirement and repose. There have been great Religious Orders since, whose atmosphere has been conflict, and who have thriven in smiting or in being smitten.

It has been their high calling; it has been their peculiar meritorious service; but, as for the Benedictine, the very air he breathes is peace. I have now said enough both to explain and to vindicate the biographer of St. Maurus, when he says that the medea euripides object, and life, and reward of the ancient monachism was summa quies,#8212;the absence of all excitement, sensible and intellectual, and the vision of Eternity. And therefore have I called the monastic state the most poetical of religious disciplines. It was a return to the jamestown settlers their colony by planting, that primitive age of the medea summary world, of which poets have so often sung, the simple life of Arcadia or the reign of Saturn, when fraud and violence were unknown. The Legal Age? It was a bringing back of those real, not fabulous, scenes of innocence and miracle, when Adam delved, or Abel kept sheep, or Noe planted the vine, and Angels visited them. It was a fulfilment in the letter, of the glowing imagery of prophets, about the evangelical period. Nature for art, the wide earth and the majestic heavens for the crowded city, the subdued and docile beasts of the field for summary the wild passions and rivalries of social life, tranquillity for ambition and care, divine meditation for Essay Drinking the exploits of the intellect, the medea Creator for the creature, such was the normal condition of the monk. He had tried the world, and found its hollowness; or he had eluded its fellowship, before it had solicited him;#8212;and so St.

Antony fled to the desert, and St. Consumption? Hilarion sought the euripides summary sea shore, and St. Quotes Macbeth? Basil ascended the mountain ravine, and St. Benedict took refuge in summary, his cave, and St. Giles buried himself in the forest, and St. Martin chose the broad river, in order that the world might be shut out of view, and severalty act, the soul might be at rest. And such a rest of medea euripides, intellect and of passion as this is the jamestown saved by planting, full of the elements of the poetical. Medea Euripides? I have no intention of committing myself here to a definition of poetry; I may be thought wrong in the use of the term; but, if I explain what I mean by it, no harm is done, whatever be my inaccuracy, and each reader may substitute for it some word he likes better.

Poetry, then, I conceive, whatever be its metaphysical essence, or however various may be its kinds, whether it more properly belongs to action or to suffering, nay, whether it is severalty, more at home with society or with nature, whether its spirit is seen to best advantage in Homer or in Virgil, at any rate, is always the antagonist to science . As science makes progress in any subject-matter, poetry recedes from it. The two cannot stand together; they belong respectively to two modes of viewing things, which are contradictory of each other. Reason investigates, analyzes, numbers, weighs, measures, ascertains, locates, the objects of its contemplation, and thus gains a scientific knowledge of them. Science results in system, which is euripides summary, complex unity; poetry delights in the indefinite and various as contrasted with unity, and in the simple as contrasted with system. The aim of science is to get a hold of things, to grasp them, to handle them, to comprehend them; that is (to use the familiar term), to primary sources, important the creator’s __________., master them, or to be superior to medea euripides, them. Its success lies in being able to draw a line round them, and to tell where each of them is to Essay on Lowering Minimum Age, be found within that circumference, and how each lies relatively to medea euripides, all the rest. Examining Sources, To Evaluate The Creator’s? Its mission is to medea, destroy ignorance, doubt, surmise, suspense, illusions, fears, deceits, according to the Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas of the Poet, whose whole passage, by the way, may be taken as drawing out the supernatural contrast between the poetical and medea euripides summary, the scientific [Note 11]. But as to the poetical, very different is the frame of mind which is necessary for its perception. It demands, as its primary condition, that we should not put ourselves above the objects in which it resides, but at their feet; that we should feel them to be above and beyond us, that we should look up to them, and that, instead of supernatural quotes, fancying that we can comprehend them, we should take for granted that we are surrounded and comprehended by them ourselves. It implies that we understand them to be vast, immeasurable, impenetrable, inscrutable, mysterious; so that at best we are only euripides summary forming conjectures about them, not conclusions, for the dawes the phenomena which they present admit of many explanations, and we cannot know the true one. Poetry does not address the reason, but the imagination and affections; it leads to summary, admiration, enthusiasm, devotion, love.

The vague, the uncertain, the friends essay irregular, the sudden, are among its attributes or sources. Hence it is medea, that a child's mind is so full of poetry, because he knows so little; and an old man of the world so devoid of poetry, because his experience of facts is so wide. Hence it is on Minimum Drinking Age, that nature is commonly more poetical than art, in spite of summary, Lord Byron, because it is less comprehensible and less patient of friends essay, definitions; history more poetical than philosophy; the savage than the medea euripides summary citizen; the knight-errant than the the dawes brigadier-general; the medea euripides summary winding bridle-path than the straight railroad; the sailing vessel than the steamer; the ruin than the spruce suburban box; the Turkish robe or Spanish doublet than the French dress coat. I have now said far more than enough to make it clear what I mean by that element in the old monastic life, to which I have given the name of the Poetical. By Planting? Now, in medea euripides summary, many ways the family of St. Benedict answers to this description, as we shall see if we look into its history. Its spirit indeed is ever one, but not its outward circumstances. It is friends essay, not an Order proceeding from one mind at a particular date, and appearing all at once in its full perfection, and in its extreme development, and in form one and the same everywhere and from first to last, as is the medea euripides case with other great religious institutions; but it is an consumption organization, diverse, complex, and irregular, and variously ramified, rich rather than symmetrical, with many origins and centres and new beginnings and the action of medea, local influences, like some great natural growth; with tokens, on the face of it, of its being a divine work, not the mere creation of human genius. Instead of progressing on plan and system and from the will of a superior, it has shot forth and run out as if spontaneously, and has shaped itself according to events, from an irrepressible fulness of primary sources, it is, life within, and from the energetic self-action of its parts, like those symbolical creatures in the prophet's vision, which went every one of them straight forward, whither the impulse of the spirit was to go.

It has been poured out over the earth, rather than been sent, with a silent mysterious operation, while men slept, and through the romantic adventures of individuals, which are well nigh without record; and thus it has come down to us, not risen up among us, and is found rather than established. Its separate and scattered monasteries occupy the land, each in its place, with a majesty parallel, but superior, to that of old aristocratic houses. Their known antiquity, their unknown origin, their long eventful history, their connection with Saints and Doctors when on earth, the legends which hang about them, their rival ancestral honours, their extended sway perhaps over other religious houses, their hold upon the associations of the neighbourhood, their traditional friendships and compacts with other great landlords, the medea euripides summary benefits they have conferred, the sanctity which they breathe,#8212;these and the like attributes make them objects, at once of awe and of affection. Such is the great Abbey of Bobbio, in the Apennines, where St. Columban came to die, having issued with his twelve monks from his convent in Benchor, county Down, and having spent his life in Essay consumption, preaching godliness and planting monasteries in half-heathen France and medea euripides summary, Burgundy. Such St. Gall's, on severalty act the lake of Constance, so called from another Irishman, one of euripides, St. Columban's companions, who remained in Switzerland, when his master went on into Italy.

Such the Abbey of Fulda, where lies St. Quotes? Boniface, who, burning with zeal for medea summary the conversion of the Germans, attempted them a first time and failed, and then a second time and succeeded, and at on Lowering the Legal Drinking Age length crowned the missionary labours of forty-five years with martyrdom. Such Monte Cassino, the metropolis of the Benedictine name, where the Saint broke the idol, and cut down the grove, of Apollo. Ancient houses such as these subdue the mind by the mingled grandeur and sweetness of their presence. They stand in history with an accumulated interest upon them, which belongs to no other monuments of the past. Summary? Whatever there is of venerable authority in other foundations, in Bishops' sees, in friends essay, Cathedrals, in Colleges, respectively, is found in combination in them. Each gate and cloister has had its own story, and time has engraven upon their walls the chronicle of its revolutions. And, even when at euripides summary length rudely destroyed, or crumbled into dust, they live in history and antiquarian works, in the pictures and relics which remain of them, and in the traditions of their place. In the early part of last century the Maurist Fathers, with a view of alcohol, collecting materials for the celebrated works which they had then on hand, sent two of their number on a tour through France and the adjacent provinces.

Among other districts the travellers passed through the medea euripides forest of Ardennes, which has been made classical by the prose of Csar, and the poetry of Shakespeare. There they found the Lowering Drinking Age great Benedictine Convent of St. Hubert [Note 12]; and, if I dwell awhile upon the illustration which it affords of what I have been saying, it is not as if twenty other religious houses which they visited would not serve my purpose quite as well, but because it has come first to my hand in turning over the pages of their volume. At that time the venerable abbey in question had upon it the medea euripides summary weight of a thousand years, and was eminent above others in the country in wealth, in privileges, in quotes macbeth, name, and, not the least recommendation, in the sanctity of its members. The lands on which it was situated were its freehold, and their range included sixteen villages. The old chronicle informs us that, about the middle of the medea seventh century, St. Sigibert, the Merovingian, pitched upon Ardennes and its neighbourhood for the establishment of as many as twelve monasteries, with the friends essay hope of euripides summary, thereby obtaining from heaven an heir to the dawes act, his crown. Dying prematurely, he but partially fulfilled his pious intention, which was taken up by medea euripides summary Pepin, sixty years afterwards, at friends essay the instance of his chaplain, St. Beregise; so far, at least, as to make a commencement of the abbey of which we are speaking.

Beregise had been a monk of the Benedictine Abbey of St. Tron, and medea, he chose for Lowering Minimum the site of the new foundation a spot in medea, the midst of the forest, marked by friends essay the ruins of a temple dedicated to summary, the pagan Diana, the goddess of the chase. The holy man exorcised the friends essay place with the sign of the Cross; and, becoming abbot of the new house, filled it either with monks, or, as seems less likely, with secular canons. From that time to the summer day, when the two Maurists visited it, the sacred establishment, with various fortunes, had been in possession of the land. On entering its precincts, they found it at once full and empty: empty of the monks, who were in the fields gathering in the harvest; full of pilgrims, who were wont to come day after day, in never-failing succession, to medea summary, visit the tomb of St. Hubert. What a series of events has to Essay, be recorded to make this simple account intelligible! and how poetical is the picture which it sets before us, as well as those events themselves, which it presupposes, when they come to be detailed! Were it not that I should be swelling a passing illustration into euripides summary a history, I might go on to tell how strict the observance of the monks had been for the last hundred years before the travellers arrived there, since Abbot Nicholas de Fanson had effected a reform on the pattern of the when it is important __________. French Congregation of St.

Vanne. I might relate how, when a simple monk in the Abbey of medea, St. Hubert, Nicholas had wished to change it for a stricter community, and how he got leave to go off to the Congregation just mentioned, and how then his old Abbot died suddenly, and how he himself to his surprise was elected in his place. And I might tell how, when his mitre was on his head, he set about reforming the house which he had been on the point of quitting, and how he introduced for that purpose two monks of St. Vanne; and how the Bishop of the dawes severalty act, Liege, in summary, whose diocese he was, set himself against his holy design, and how some of the old monks attempted to poison him; and how, though he carried it into effect, still he was not allowed to aggregate his Abbey to alcohol, the Congregation whose reform he had adopted; but how his good example encouraged the neighbouring abbeys to commence a reform in themselves, which issued in an ecclesiastical union of the Flemish Houses. All this, however, would not have been more than one passage, of course, in the adventures which had befallen the abbey and its abbots in the course of medea summary, its history. It had had many seasons of decay before the time of settlers their, Nicholas de Fanson, and many restorations, and from different quarters. Medea Summary? None of them was so famous or important as the reform effected in the year 817, about a century after its original foundation, when the secular canons, who anyhow had got in, were put out, and the monks put in their place, at the instance of the then Bishop of Essay on Lowering the Legal Minimum, Liege, who had a better spirit than his successor in summary, the time of Minimum Drinking Age, Nicholas. Medea Euripides Summary? The new inmates were joined by some persons of noble birth from the macbeth Cathedral, and by their suggestion and influence the bold measure was taken of attempting to gain from Liege the medea body of the great St. Hubert, the Apostle of Ardennes.

But to return to the relics of the Saint; the sacred body was taken by water up the supernatural quotes macbeth Maes. The coffin was of marble, and perhaps could have been taken no other way; but another reason, besides its weight, lay in the indignation of the citizens of Liege, who might have interfered with a land journey, and in fact did make several attempts, in the following years, to medea euripides, regain the body. In consequence, the good monks of Ardennes hid it within the friends essay walls of medea euripides, their monastery, confiding the secret of its whereabouts to only two of their community at a time; and they showed in the sacristy to the devout, instead, the Saint's ivory cross and his stole, the sole of act, his shoe and his comb, and Diana, Marchioness of Autrech, gave a golden box to hold the stole. This, however, was in after times; for they were very loth at first to let strangers within their cloisters at all; and in summary, 838, when a long spell of rain was destroying the crops, and the people of the neighbourhood came in procession to the shrine to ask the intercession of the Saint, the cautious Abbot Sewold, availing himself of the Rule, would only admit priests, and examining sources, it is important to evaluate the creator’s, them by threes and fours, with naked feet, and a few laymen with each of them. The supplicants were good men, however, and had no notion of playing any trick: they came in piety and devotion, and the rain ceased, and the country was the gainer by St. Medea? Hubert of the dawes, Ardennes.

And thenceforth others, besides the monks, became interested in euripides, his stay in the forest. And now I have said something in explanation why the courtyard was full of pilgrims when the travellers came. St. Hubert had been an object of devotion for Essay alcohol consumption a particular benefit, perhaps ever since he came there, certainly as early as the eleventh century, for we then have historical notice of it. His preference of the forest to the city, which he had shown in his life-time before his conversion, was illustrated by the particular grace or miraculous service, for which, more than for any other, he used his glorious intercession on high.

He is famous for summary curing those who had suffered from the bite of wild animals, especially dogs of the settlers by planting chase, and euripides, a hospital was attached to the Abbey for their reception. The sacristan of the Church officiated in the cure; and with rites which never indeed failed, but which to some cautious persons seemed to savour of superstition. Colony By Planting? Certainly they were startling at medea euripides summary first sight; accordingly a formal charge on the jamestown settlers saved their colony by planting that score was at medea one time brought against them before the Bishop of Liege, and a process followed. The Bishop, the University of Louvain, and its Faculty of friends essay, Medicine, conducted the euripides summary inquiry, which was given in favour of the Abbey, on the ground that what looked like a charm might be of the nature of a medical regimen. However, though the Lowering the Legal sacristan was the medium of the cure, the general care of the patients was left to externs. Medea Summary? The hospital was served by secular priests, since the supernatural monks heard no confessions save those of medea euripides, their own people. This rule they observed, in severalty act, order to reserve themselves for the proper duties of a Benedictine,#8212;the choir, study, manual labour, and transcription of books; and, while the Maurists were ocular witnesses of summary, their agricultural toils, they saw the diligence of their penmanship in the jamestown their colony, its results, for the MSS. of their Library were the choicest in the country. Among them, they tell us, were copies of St. Jerome's Bible, the euripides summary Acts of the Essay Lowering Councils, Bede's History, Gregory and Isidore, Origen and Augustine.

The Maurists report as favourably of the monastic buildings themselves as of the hospital and library. Those buildings were a chronicle of past times, and of the changes which had taken place in them. First there were the summary poor huts of St. Beregise upon the half-cleared and still marshy ground of the forest; then came the building of a sufficient house, when St. Supernatural? Hubert was brought there; and centuries after that, St. Thierry, the intimate friend of the great Pope Hildebrand, had renewed it magnificently, at the time that he was Abbot. He was sadly treated in his lifetime by his monks, as Nicholas after him; but, after his death, they found out that he was a Saint, which they might have discovered before it; and medea, they placed him in the crypt, and supernatural quotes macbeth, there he and another holy Abbot after him lay in peace, till the Calvinists broke into it in the sixteenth century, and burned both of medea euripides summary, them to ashes.

There were marks too of the quotes same fanatics on the pillars of the nave of the Church; which had been built by Abbot John de Wahart in the twelfth century, and then again from its foundations by Abbots Nicholas de Malaise and Romaclus, the euripides friend of Blosius, four centuries later; and it was ornamented by Essay on Lowering Minimum Abbot Cyprian, who was called the friend of the poor; and medea, doubtless the travellers admired the marble of the friends essay choir and sanctuary, and medea, the silver candelabra of the altar given by the reigning Lord Abbot; and perhaps they heard him sing solemn Mass on the Assumption, as was usual with him on that feast, with his four secular chaplains, one to carry his Cross, another his mitre, a third his gremial, and a fourth his candle, and accompanied by the pealing organ and the many musical bells, which had been the Essay the Legal Minimum Age gift of Abbot Balla about a hundred years earlier. Can we imagine a more graceful union of human with divine, of the sweet with the austere, of business and of calm, of splendour and of simplicity, than is displayed in a great religious house after this pattern, when unrelaxed in medea euripides summary, its observance, and pursuing the ends for which it was endowed? The monks have been accused of choosing beautiful spots for their dwellings; as if this were a luxury in when the creator’s, ascetics, and medea, not rather the necessary alleviation of their asceticism. Severalty? Even when their critics are kindest, they consider such sites as chosen by a sort of medea summary, sentimental, ornamental indolence. Beaulieu river, says Mr. Warner in his topography of Hampshire, and, because he writes far less ill-naturedly than the run of authors, I quote him, Beaulieu river is stocked with plenty of fish, and boasts in the Legal, particular of good oysters and fine plaice, and is fringed quite to the edge of the water with the most beautiful hanging woods.

In the area enclosed are distinct traces of euripides summary, various fishponds, formed for Essay on Lowering Age the use of the convent. Some of summary, them continue perfect to the present day, and abound with fish. A curious instance occurs also of monkish luxury, even in the article of water; to secure a fine spring those monastics have spared neither trouble nor expense. About half a mile to the south-east of the Abbey is a deep wood; and at a spot almost inaccessible is a cave formed of smooth stones. It has a very contracted entrance, but spreads gradually into a little apartment, of examining, seven feet wide, ten deep, and about five high. Medea Euripides Summary? This covers a copious and transparent spring of water, which, issuing from the mouth of the the dawes severalty act cave, is lost in a deep dell, and is there received, as I have been informed, by a chain of small stone pipes, which formerly, when perfect, conveyed it quite to the Abbey. It must be confessed the monks in general displayed an elegant taste in the choice of summary, their situations. Beaulieu Abbey is a striking proof of this. Perhaps few spots in the kingdom could have been pitched upon better calculated for monastic seclusion than this. The deep woods, with which it is almost environed, throw an air of gloom and solemnity over the scene, well suited to excite religious emotions; while the stream that glides by its side afforded to the recluse a striking emblem of human life: and at the same time that it soothed his mind by a gentle murmuring, led it to serious thought by its continual and supernatural, irrevocable lesson. [Note 13 ] The monks were not so soft as all this, after all; and if Mr.

Warner had seen them, we may be sure he would have been astonished at the stern, as well as sweet simplicity which characterized them. Medea Summary? They were not dreamy sentimentalists, to when examining sources, it is important to evaluate, fall in love with melancholy winds and purling rills, and waterfalls and nodding groves; but their poetry was the poetry of hard work and hard fare, unselfish hearts and charitable hands. Medea Summary? They could plough and reap, they could hedge and ditch, they could drain; they could lop, they could carpenter; they could thatch, they could make hurdles for their huts; they could make a road, they could divert or secure the streamlet's bed, they could bridge a torrent. Mr. Warner mentions one of their luxuries,#8212;clear, wholesome water; it was an allowable one, especially as they obtained it by their own patient labour.

If their grounds are picturesque, if their views are rich, they made them so, and had, we presume, a right to enjoy the work of their own hands. They found a swamp, a moor, a thicket, a rock, and they made an supernatural quotes macbeth Eden in medea summary, the wilderness. They destroyed snakes; they extirpated wild cats, wolves, boars, bears; they put to flight or they converted rovers, outlaws, robbers. Essay Lowering Minimum Drinking Age? The gloom of the forest departed, and the sun, for the first time since the Deluge shone upon the moist ground. St. Benedict is the true man of summary, Ross.

Who hung with woods yon mountain's sultry brow? From the Essay on Minimum Drinking dry rock who made the waters flow? Whose causeway parts the medea euripides summary vale with shady rows? Whose seats the weary traveller repose? He feeds yon almshouse, neat, but void of state, When Age and Want sit smiling at the gate; Him portioned maids, apprenticed orphans blessed, The young who labour, and the old who rest. And candid writers, though not Catholics, allow it. Even English, and much more foreign historians and antiquarians, have arrived at a unanimous verdict here. Quotes Macbeth? We owe the agricultural restoration of great part of Europe to the monks, says Mr. Hallam.

The monks were much the best husbandmen, and medea, the only gardeners, says Forsyth. None, says Wharton, ever improved their lands and possessions more than the monks, by building, cultivating, and other methods. The cultivation of Church lands, as Sharon Turner infers from Doomsday Book, was superior to that held by other proprietors, for there was less wood upon them, less common pasture, and the dawes act, more abundant meadow. Wherever they came, says Mr. Soame on Mosheim, they converted the wilderness into medea summary a cultivated country; they pursued the breeding of cattle and agriculture, laboured with their own hands, drained morasses, and the jamestown saved, cleared away forests. By them Germany was rendered a fruitful country. M. Guizot speaks as strongly: The Benedictine monks were the agriculturists of Europe; they cleared it on a large scale, associating agriculture with preaching. [Note 14] St. Benedict's direct object indeed in setting his monks to manual labour was neither social usefulness nor poetry, but penance; still his work was both the one and the other. The above-cited authors enlarge upon its use, and I in what I am writing may be allowed to medea summary, dwell upon its poetry; we may contemplate both its utility to man and its service to God in the aspect of its poetry. How romantic then, as well as useful, how lively as well as serious, is their history, with its episodes of personal adventure and severalty, prowess, its pictures of squatter, hunter, farmer, civil engineer, and evangelist united in the same individual, with its supernatural colouring of euripides, heroic virtue and miracle! When St.

Columban first came into macbeth Burgundy with his twelve young monks, he placed himself in a vast wilderness, and made them set about cultivating the soil. At first they all suffered from hunger, and were compelled to live on the barks of trees and wild herbs. On one occasion they were for five days in this condition. St. Medea Euripides Summary? Gall, one of them, betook himself to a Swiss forest, fearful from the multitude of the dawes severalty, wild beasts; and then, choosing the neighbourhood of medea, a mountain stream, he made a cross of twigs, and Essay on Lowering the Legal, hung some relics on it, and laid the foundation of his celebrated abbey. St. Ronan came from Ireland to Cornwall, and chose a wood, full of wild beasts, for his hermitage, near the Lizard. The monks of euripides summary, St. Dubritius, the founder of the Welsh Schools, also sought the woods, and primary sources, it is, there they worked hard at manufactures, agriculture, and road making. St.

Sequanus placed himself where the trees almost touched the clouds. He and his companions, when they first explored it, asked themselves how they could penetrate into it, when they saw a winding footpath, so narrow and full of briars that it was with difficulty that one foot followed another. With much labour and with torn clothes they succeeded in gaining its depths, and stooping their heads into the darkness at medea euripides their feet, they perceived a cavern, shrouded by the thick interlacing branches of the trees, and blocked up with stones and underwood. This, says the monastic account, was the cavern of robbers, and the resort of evil spirits. Sequanus fell on his knees, prayed, made the sign of the Cross over the abyss, and Lowering, built his cell there. Such was the first foundation of the celebrated abbey called after him in medea euripides summary, Burgundy [Note 15]. Sturm, the Bavarian convert of St. Boniface, was seized with a desire, as his master before him in his English monastery, of founding a religious house in the wilds of Minimum Age, Pagan Germany; and setting out with two companions, he wandered for two days through the Buchonian forest, and saw nothing but earth, sky, and large trees.

On the summary third day he stopped and on moderate consumption, chose a spot, which on trial did not answer. Then, mounting an ass, he set out by summary himself, cutting down branches of a night to secure himself from the wild beasts, till at length he came to the place (described by St. Boniface as locum silvaticum in eremo, vastissim solitudinis), in which afterwards arose the abbey and schools of Fulda. Wunibald was suspicious of the good wine of the Rhine where he was, and, determining to leave it, he bought the land where Heidensheim afterwards stood, then a wilderness of trees and underwood, covering a deep valley and the sides of lofty mountains. There he proceeded, axe in hand, to clear the ground for friends essay his religious house, while the savage natives looked on sullenly, jealous for their hunting-grounds and sacred trees. Willibald, his brother, had pursued a similar work on system; he had penetrated his forest in every direction and scattered monasteries over medea, it. The Irish Alto pitched himself in a wood, half way between Munich and Vienna.

Pirminius chose an island, notorious for its snakes, and there he planted his hermitage and chapel, which at length became the Essay on moderate alcohol consumption rich and noble abbey and school of Augia Major or Richenau [Note 16]. The more celebrated School of Bec had a similar beginning at a later date, when Herluin, an old soldier, devoted his house and farm to an ecclesiastical purpose, and medea, governed, as abbot, the monastery which he had founded. You might see him, says the writer of his life, when office was over in church, going out to his fields, at the head of his monks, with his bag of seed about his neck, and his rake or hoe in his hand. There he remained with them hard at work till the day was closing. Some were employed in clearing the land of brambles and weeds; others spread manure; others were weeding or sowing; no one ate his bread in idleness. Then when the hour came for saying office in church, they all assembled together punctually. Their ordinary food was rye bread and vegetables with salt and water; and the water muddy, for the well was two miles off. [Note 17] Lanfranc, then a secular, was so edified by the jamestown saved their colony the simple Abbot, fresh from the field, setting about his baking with dirty hands, that he forthwith became one of the party [Note 18]; and, being unfitted for labour, opened in the house a school of euripides, logic, thereby to make money for friends essay the community. Such was the cradle of the scholastic theology; the last years of the patristic, which were nearly contemporaneous, exhibit a similar scene,#8212;St. Bernard founding his abbey of medea summary, Clairvaux in on moderate alcohol consumption, a place called the Valley of Wormwood, in the heart of a savage forest, the haunt of robbers, and his thirteen companions clearing a homestead, raising a few huts, and living on barley or cockle bread with boiled beech leaves for vegetables [Note 19]. How beautiful is medea euripides summary, Simeon of Durham's account of Easterwine, the first abbot after Bennet of friends essay, St.

Peter's at medea euripides Wearmouth! He was a man of noble birth, who gave himself to religion, and died young. Though he had been in the service of King Egfrid, says Simeon, when he had once left secular affairs, and lain aside his arms, and taken on him the spiritual warfare instead, he was nothing but the humble monk, just like any of his brethren, winnowing with them with great joy, milking the on the Legal Minimum Drinking ewes and euripides, cows, and in the bakehouse, the garden, the kitchen, and all house duties, cheerful and friends essay, obedient. Euripides? And, when he received the name of Abbot, still he was in spirit just what he was before to every one, gentle, affable, and kind; or, if any fault had been committed, correcting it indeed by the Rule, but still so winning the offender by his unaffected earnest manner, that he had no wish ever to repeat the offence, or to dim the brightness of that most clear countenance with the cloud of supernatural quotes, his transgression. And often going here and there on business of the euripides summary monastery, when he found his brothers at work, he would at once take part in their by planting, it, guiding the plough, or shaping the iron, or taking the winnowing fan, or the like. He was young and strong, with a sweet voice, a cheerful temper, a liberal heart and a handsome countenance.

He partook of the same food as his brethren, and under the same roof. He slept in the common dormitory, as before he was abbot, and he continued to do so for the first two days of his illness, when death had now seized him, as he knew full well. But for the last five days he betook himself to a more retired dwelling; and then, coming out into the open air and sitting down, and calling for all his brethren, after the manner of summary, his tender nature, he gave his weeping monks the kiss of peace, and died at night while they were singing lauds. [Note 20] This gentleness and tenderness of heart seems to have been as characteristic of the severalty act monks as their simplicity; and if there are some Saints among them, who on the public stage of medea summary, history do not show it, it was because they were called out of their convents for some special purpose, and, as I have said above, exceptions to a rule are commonly great exceptions. Bede goes out of his way to observe of King Ethelbert, on St. The Jamestown Their? Austin's converting him, that he had learned from the teachers and authors of his salvation that men were to be drawn heaven-wards, and not forced. Aldhelm, when a council had been held about the medea summary perverse opinions of the British Christians, seconding the principle which the Fathers of it laid down, that schismatics were to be convinced, not compelled, wrote a book upon their error and macbeth, converted many of them.

Wolstan, when the civil power failed in its attempts to medea summary, stop the examining primary to evaluate the creator’s slave trade of the Bristol people, succeeded by his persevering preaching. In the confessional he was so gentle, that penitents came to him from all parts of England [Note 21]. This has been the spirit of the monks from the first; the student of ecclesiastical history may recollect a certain passage in St. Martin's history, when his desire to shield the Spanish heretics from capital punishment brought him into great difficulties [Note 22] with the usurper Maximus. Works of penance indeed and works of mercy have gone hand in medea, hand in the history of the monks; from the Solitaries in Egypt down to the Trappists of this day, it is one of the points in which the unity of the monastic idea shows itself.

They have ever toiled for severalty others, while they toiled for summary themselves; nor for posterity only, but for their poor neighbours, and for travellers who came to them. St. Augustine tells us that the monks of on Lowering the Legal Age, Egypt and medea euripides summary, of the East made so much by manual labour as to be able to freight vessels with provisions for saved colony by planting impoverished districts. Theodoret speaks of a certain five thousand of them, who by their labour supported, besides themselves, innumerable poor and strangers. Sozomen speaks of the monk Zeno, who, though a hundred years old, and the bishop of a rich Church, worked for the poor as well as for himself. Corbinian in a subsequent century surrounded his German Church with fruit trees and vines, and sustained the medea summary poor with the produce.

The monks of St. Gall, already mentioned, gardened, planted, fished, and thus secured the means of the Legal Drinking, relieving the poor and entertaining strangers. Medea? Monasteries, says Neander, were seats for quotes macbeth the promotion of various trades, arts, and sciences. The gains accruing from medea their combined labour were employed for the relief of the distressed. When Examining It Is To Evaluate __________.? In great famines, thousands were rescued from starvation. Euripides? [Note 23] In a scarcity at the beginning of the the dawes severalty twelfth century, a monastery in the neighbourhood of Cologne distributed in one day fifteen hundred alms, consisting of bread, meat, and euripides summary, vegetables. About the same time St.

Bernard founded his monastery of Citeaux, which, though situated in the waste district described above, was able at length to sustain two thousand poor for months, besides extraordinary alms bestowed on severalty others. The monks offered their simple hospitality, uninviting as it might be, to high as well as low; and to those who scorned their fare, they at least could offer a refuge in misfortune or danger, or after casualties. Duke William, ancestor of the Conqueror, was hunting in the woods about Jumieges, when he fell in with a rude hermitage [Note 24]. Two monks had made their way through the forest, and with immense labour had rooted up some trees, levelled the ground, raised some crops, and put together their hut. William heard their story, not perhaps in the best humour, and flung aside in contempt the barley bread and water which they offered him. Medea Euripides? Presently he was brought back wounded and insensible: he had got the worst in an encounter with a boar. On coming to himself, he accepted the hospitality which he had refused at first, and built for friends essay them a monastery.

Doubtless he had looked on them as trespassers or squatters on his domain, though with a religious character and object. The Norman princes were as good friends to the wild beasts as the monks were enemies: a charter still exists of the Conqueror, granted to the abbey of Caen [Note 25], in which he stipulates that its inmates should not turn the woods into tillage, and medea, reserves the game for himself. Contrast with this savage retreat and its rude hospitality the different, though equally Benedictine picture of the sacred grove of Subiaco, and the spiritual entertainment which it ministers to all comers, as given in the late pilgrimage of Bishop Ullathorne: The trees, he says, which form the venerable grove, are very old, but their old age is vigorous and healthy. Their great grey roots expose themselves to view with all manner of curling lines and wrinkles on them, and supernatural quotes, the rough stems bend and twine about with the vigour and ease of gigantic pythons . Of how many holy solitaries have these trees witnessed the meditations! And then they have seen beneath their quiet boughs the irruption of mailed men, tormented by the thirst of plunder and the passion of blood, which even a sanctuary held so sacred could not stay. And then they have witnessed, for twelve centuries and more, the greatest of the Popes, the Gregories, the Leos, the euripides summary Innocents, and the Piuses, coming one after another to refresh themselves from their labours in a solitude which is steeped with the inspirations and redolent with the holiness of St. Benedict. [Note 26] What congenial subjects for his verse would the sweetest of all poets have found in scenes and histories such as the foregoing, he who in his Georgics has shown such love of when examining sources, important, a country life and country occupations, and of the themes and medea, trains of thought which rise out of the country!

Would that Christianity had a Virgil to describe the old monks at their rural labours, as it has had a Sacchi or a Domenichino to paint them! How would he have been able to set forth the adventures and the hardships of the missionary husbandmen, who sang of the Essay on Minimum Scythian winter, and the murrain of the cattle, the stag of summary, Sylvia, and the forest home of Evander! How could he have pourtrayed St. Paulinus or St. Serenus in his garden, who could draw so beautiful a picture of the old Corycian, raising amid the quotes thicket his scanty pot-herbs upon the nook of land, which was not good for tillage, nor for pasture, nor for vines! How could he have brought out the poetry of those simple labourers, who has told us of that old man's flowers and euripides summary, fruits, and of the the dawes severalty act satisfaction, as a king's, which he felt in those innocent riches! He who had so huge a dislike of cities, and great houses, and high society, and sumptuous banquets, and the canvass for office, and the hard law, and the noisy lawyer, and the statesman's harangue,#8212;he who thought the country proprietor as even too blessed, did he but know his blessedness, and who loved the valley, winding stream, and wood, and the hidden life which they offer, and the deep lessons which they whisper,#8212;how could he have illustrated that wonderful union, of prayer, penance, toil, and literary work, the true otium cum dignitate, a fruitful leisure and a meek-hearted dignity, which is exemplified in the Benedictine!

That ethereal fire which enabled the Prince of Latin poets to medea summary, take up the Sibyl's strain, and to adumbrate the glories of a supernatural future,#8212;that serene philosophy, which has strewn his poems with sentiments which come home to the heart,#8212;that intimate sympathy with the sorrows of human kind and with the when examining primary it is important to evaluate action and passion of human nature,#8212;how well would they have served to illustrate the patriarchal history and office of the monks in the broad German countries, or the deeds, the words, and medea euripides summary, the visions of a St. Odilo or a St. Aelred! What a poet deliberately chooses for when examining sources, it is important the subject of his poems must be in its own nature poetical. A poet indeed is but a man after all, and in his proper person may prefer solid beef and pudding to all the medea summary creations of his own fine frenzy, which, in his character of poet, are his meat and drink. But no poet will ever commit his poetical reputation to the treatment of subjects which do not admit of poetry.

When, then, Virgil chooses the country and rejects the town, he shows us that a certain aspect of the town is uncongenial with poetry, and that a certain aspect of the country is congenial. Repose, intellectual and moral, is that quality of country life which he selects for his praises; and effort, and bustle, and excitement is that quality of a town life which he abhors. Herein then, according to Virgil, lies the poetry of St. Benedict, in the secura quies et nescia fallere vita, in the absence of anxiety and fretfulness, of schemes and scheming, of hopes and fears, of doubts and disappointments. Such a life,#8212;living for the day without solicitude for the morrow, without plans or objects, even holy ones, here below; working, not (so to supernatural, say) by the piece, but as hired by the hour; sowing the medea euripides ground with the certainty, according to quotes macbeth, the promise, of reaping; reading or writing this present week without the consequent necessity of reading or writing during the next; dwelling among one's own people without distant ties; taking each new day as a whole in itself, an addition, not a complement, to the past; and doing works which cannot be cut short, for they are complete in every portion of them,#8212;such a life may be called emphatically Virgilian. They, on medea euripides the contrary, whose duty lies in what may be called undertakings , in science and system, in primary sources, important to evaluate, sustained efforts of the intellect or elaborate processes of action,#8212;apologists, controversialists, disputants in the schools, professors in the chair, teachers in medea summary, the pulpit, rulers in the Church,#8212;have a noble and meritorious mission, but not so poetical a one.

When the bodily frame receives an injury, or is seized with some sudden malady, nature may be expected to set right the evil, if left to itself, but she requires time; science comes in to shorten the process, and is violent that it may be certain. The Jamestown Settlers By Planting? This may be taken to medea, illustrate St. Benedict's mode of counteracting the miseries of life. He found the world, physical and social, in supernatural quotes macbeth, ruins, and his mission was to restore it in the way, not of science, but of euripides summary, nature, not as if setting about to do it, not professing to do it by any set time or by any rare specific or by any series of strokes, but so quietly, patiently, gradually, that often, till the work was done, it was not known to be doing. It was a restoration, rather than a visitation, correction, or conversion. The new world which he helped to create was a growth rather than a structure. Silent men were observed about the country, or discovered in the forest, digging, clearing, and building; and other silent men, not seen, were sitting in the cold cloister, tiring their eyes, and keeping their attention on the stretch, while they painfully deciphered and copied and re-copied the manuscripts which they had saved.

There was no one that contended, or cried out, or drew attention to what was going on; but by degrees the woody swamp became a hermitage, a religious house, a farm, an abbey, a village, a seminary, a school of primary sources, important to evaluate the creator’s, learning, and a city. Roads and bridges connected it with other abbeys and cities, which had similarly grown up; and what the haughty Alaric or fierce Attila had broken to pieces, these patient meditative men had brought together and made to live again. And then, when they had in the course of medea euripides summary, many years gained their peaceful victories, perhaps some new invader came, and with fire and sword undid their slow and persevering toil in friends essay, an hour. The Hun succeeded to the Goth, the Lombard to the Hun, the Tartar to the Lombard; the Saxon was reclaimed only that the medea Dane might take his place. Down in Essay Lowering Minimum Age, the dust lay the medea labour and civilization of centuries,#8212;Churches, Colleges, Cloisters, Libraries,#8212;and nothing was left to them but to begin all over again; but this they did without grudging, so promptly, cheerfully, and tranquilly, as if it were by some law of nature that the restoration came, and they were like the flowers and shrubs and fruit trees which they reared, and which, when ill-treated, do not take vengeance, or remember evil, but give forth fresh branches, leaves, or blossoms, perhaps in greater profusion, and with richer quality, for the very reason that the old were rudely broken off. If one holy place was desecrated, the monks pitched upon another, and by supernatural quotes macbeth this time there were rich or powerful men who remembered and loved the past enough to wish to have it restored in the future. Thus was it in the case of the monastery of Ramsey after the ravages of the Danes. A wealthy Earl, whose heart was touched, consulted his Bishop how he could best promote the divine glory: the Bishop answered that they only were free, serene, and unsolicitous, who renounced the world, and that their renunciation brought a blessing on their country. By their merit, he said, the anger of the Supreme Judge is abated; a healthier atmosphere is granted; corn springs up more abundantly; famine and pestilence withdraw; the state is better governed; prisons are opened; the fetters unbound; the shipwrecked relieved. He proceeded to medea, advise him, as the best of courses, to give ground for a monastery, and to build and endow it.

Earl Alwin observed in friends essay, reply, that he had inherited some waste land in the midst of euripides summary, marshes, with a forest in the neighbourhood, some open spots of good turf, and the Legal Minimum Drinking, others of meadow; and he took the Bishop to see it. It was in fact an island in the fens, and as lonely as religious men could desire. The gift was accepted, workmen were collected, the summary pious peasants round about gave their labour. Twelve monks were found from another cloister; cells and a chapel were soon raised. Materials were collected for a handsome church; stones and cement were given; a firm foundation was secured; scaffolding and machinery were lent; and in course of time a sacred edifice and two towers rose over the desolate waste, and renewed the past;#8212;a learned divine from France was invited to the jamestown settlers their colony by planting, preside over the monastic schools [Note 27]. Here then I am led, lastly, to speak of the medea euripides summary literary labours of the Benedictines, but I have not room to do more than direct attention to the peculiar character of their work, and must leave the subject of their schools for some future opportunity. Here, as in other respects above noticed, the unity of monachism shows itself. What the Benedictines, even in their latest literary developments, have been, in St. Maur in the seventeenth century, and at Solesme now, such were the monks in their first years. One of the friends essay chief occupations of the disciples of St.

Pachomius in Egypt was the transcription of books. It was the sole labour of the monks of St. Martin in medea summary, Gaul. The Syrian solitaries, according to Essay on the Legal Minimum Drinking Age, St. Chrysostom, employed themselves in making copies of the Holy Scriptures. It was the occupation of the monks of St. Equitius and of Cassiodorus, and of the nunnery of St. Medea Euripides Summary? Csarius. Examining It Is Important The Creator’s? We read of one holy man preparing the skins for writing, of another selling his manuscripts in medea, order to gain alms for supernatural macbeth the poor, and of an abbess writing St.

Peter's Epistles in letters of gold. St. David had shown the same reverence to St. John's Gospel. Abbot Plato filled his own and summary, other monasteries with his beautifully written volumes [Note 28]. During the short rule of friends essay, Abbot Desiderius at Monte Cassino, his monks wrote out St.

Austin's fifty Homilies, his Letters, his Comment upon the Sermon on the Mount, upon medea euripides summary St. Paul and upon Genesis; parts of St. Jerome and St. Ambrose, part of St. Bede, St. Leo's Sermons, the Orations of St. Gregory Nazianzen; the Acts of the Apostles, the Epistles and the Apocalypse; various histories, including that of St. Gregory of Tours, and of Josephus on severalty the Jewish War, Justinian's Institutes, and many ascetic and euripides summary, other works; of the Classics, Cicero de Natur Deorum, Terence, Ovid's Fasti, Horace, and Virgil.

Maurus Lapi, a Camaldolese, in the fifteenth century, copied a thousand volumes in less than fifty years. Jerome, a monk in an Austrian monastery, wrote so great a number of books that, it is said, a wagon with six horses would scarcely suffice to supernatural quotes macbeth, draw them. Othlon, in the eleventh century, when a boy, wrote so diligently that he nearly lost his sight. That was in France; he then went to summary, Ratisbon, where he wrote nineteen missals, three books of the Gospel, two books of Epistle and Gospel, and many others. Friends Essay? Many he gave to his friends, but the list is too long to finish. The Abbot Odo of Tournay used to exult, according to his successor, in the number of writers which the Lord had given him. Had you gone into his cloister, you might have seen a dozen young men sitting in summary, perfect silence, writing at tables constructed for the purpose. All Jerome's Commentaries on the Prophets, all the the jamestown their colony by planting works of St. Medea? Gregory, all that he could find of Austin, Ambrose, Isidore, Bede, and the Lord Anselm, Abbot of Bec, and afterwards Archbishop of Canterbury, he caused to be diligently transcribed. Quotes? [Note 29]

These tranquil labourers found a further field in the illumination and binding of the transcribed volumes, as they had previously been occupied in the practice necessary for the then important art of calligraphy. Summary? It was not running hand that the monks had to Essay on the Legal, learn; for it was no ephemeral expression of their own thoughts which their writing was to convey, but the formal transcript, for medea summary the benefit of posterity, of the friends essay words of inspired teachers and euripides summary, Doctors of the Church. They were performing what has been since the printer's work; and it is said that from the quotes macbeth English monks is derived the summary small letter of the modern Roman type. In France the abbeys of Fontenelle, Rheims, and Corbie were especially famed for beauty of penmanship in the age of Charlemagne [Note 30], when literature was in supernatural quotes, its most depressed state. Books intended for presents, such as that which the mother of Leo the Ninth presented to St. Hubert, and, much more, if intended for sacred uses, were enriched with gold and medea euripides, silver plates and act, precious stones. Here was a commencement of the cultivation of the fine arts in those turbulent times,#8212;a quiet, unexciting occupation, which went on inside the monasteries, whatever rivalries or heresies agitated Christendom outside of them, and which, though involving, of course, an improvement in medea, the workmanship as time went on, yet in severalty act, the case of every successive specimen, whatever exact degree of skill or taste each exhibited, had its end in itself, as though there had been no other specimen before or after. Medea Euripides Summary? Brower, in his work on the Antiquities of Fulda, gives us a lively picture of the various tranquil occupations which were going on at one time within the monastic walls. As industrious bees, he says, their work never flagging, did these monks follow out their calling. Some of them were engaged in describing, here and Essay, there upon the parchment, the special letters and characters which were to be filled in; others were wrapping or binding the manuscripts in handsome covers; others were marking out in red the remarkable sentences or the heads of the chapters. Some were writing fairly what had been thrown together at random, or had been left out in the dictation, and were putting every part in fair order.

And not a few of them excelled in painting in all manner of colours, and in medea euripides, drawing figures. [Note 31] He goes on to refer to an old manuscript there, which speaks of the monks as decorating their church, and of their carpenters' work, sculpture, engraving, and brass work. I have mentioned St. Dunstan in an earlier page, as called to political duties, which were out of keeping with the traditionary spirit of his Order; here, however, he shows himself in the simple character of a Benedictine. When Sources, It Is Important The Creator’s? He had a taste for the arts generally, especially music. He painted and embroidered; his skill in smith's work is recorded in the well-known legend of his combat with the evil one. And, as the medea euripides summary monks of Hilarion joined gardening with psalmody, and Bernard and his Cistercians joined field work with meditation, so did St. Friends Essay? Dunstan use music and painting as directly expressive or suggestive of devotion.

He excelled in writing, painting, moulding in wax, carving in wood and bone, and in euripides, work in gold, silver, iron, and brass, says the writer of his life in Surius. And he used his skill in musical instruments to charm away from himself and others their secular annoyances, and to rouse them to the thought of heavenly harmony, both by the sweet words with which he accompanied his airs, and by when examining sources, it is to evaluate the creator’s __________. the concord of those airs themselves. [Note 32] And then he goes on to mention how on medea euripides one occasion, when he had hung his harp against the wall, and the wind brought out from its strings a wild melody, he recognized in it one of the antiphons in when examining primary sources,, the Commune Martyrum, Gaudete in C#339;lis, etc., and euripides, used it for his own humiliation. As might be expected, the monasteries of the South of primary it is the creator’s, Europe would not be behind the medea euripides summary North in accomplishments of this kind. Those of macbeth, St. Gall, Monte Cassino, and Solignac, are especially spoken of summary, as skilled in the fine arts.

Monte Cassino excelled in illumination and in mosaic, the Camaldolese in Essay on Lowering Age, painting, and the Olivetans in wood-inlaying [Note 33]. While manual labour, applied to these artistic purposes, ministered to devotion, on medea the other hand, when applied to the transcription and friends essay, multiplication of books, it was a method of instruction, and that peculiarly Benedictine, as being of a literary, not a scientific nature. Systematic theology had but a limited place in ecclesiastical study prior to the eleventh and twelfth centuries; Scripture and the Fathers were the received means of education, and these constituted the very text on which the pens of the monks were employed. And thus they would be becoming familiar with that kind of knowledge which was proper to their vocation, at the same time that they were engaged in what was unequivocally a manual labour; and, in medea euripides summary, providing for the religious necessities of posterity, they were directly serving their own edification. And this again had been the practice of the monks from the first, and is included in the unity of their profession. St.

Chrysostom tells us that their ordinary occupation in his time was to sing and pray, to read Scripture, and to transcribe the sacred text. [Note 34] As the works of the early Fathers gradually became the literary property of the Church, these, too, became the subject-matter of the reading and alcohol consumption, the writing of the monks. For him who is medea euripides summary, going on to perfection, says St. Benedict in his Rule, there are the lessons of the Holy Fathers, which lead to its very summit. Essay On Minimum Drinking Age? For what page, what passage of the Old or New Testament, coming as it does with divine authority, is not the very exactest rule of life? What book of the Holy Catholic Fathers does not resound with this one theme, how we may take the shortest course to our Creator? But I need not here insist on this characteristic of monastic study, which, especially as regards the study of Scripture, has been treated so fully and so well by Mr. Maitland in his Essays on the Dark Ages. Medea Summary? The sacred literature of the severalty act monks went a step further. They would be naturally led by their continual perusal of the summary Scriptures and the Fathers to attempt to macbeth, compare and adjust these two chief sources of theological truth with each other.

Hence resulted the peculiar character of the religious works of what may be especially called the Benedictine period, the five centuries between St. Medea? Gregory and St. Anselm. The age of the Fathers was well nigh over; the age of the Schoolmen was yet to come; the ecclesiastical writers of the intervening centuries employed themselves for the most part in when primary sources, it is important to evaluate the creator’s __________., arranging and digesting the patristical literature which had come down to them; they either strung together choice passages of the medea euripides summary Fathers in caten , as a running illustration of the inspired text, or they formed them into a comment upon it. The Summ Sententiarum of the same centuries were works of a similar character, while they also opened the way to the intellectual exercises of the scholastic period; for they were lessons or instructions arranged according to a scheme or system of doctrine, though they were still extracted from the works of the Fathers, and friends essay, though the matter of those works suggested the divisions or details of the system. Euripides Summary? Moreover, such labours, as much as transcription itself, were Benedictine in when examining primary sources, it is to evaluate __________., their spirit, as well as in their subject-matter; for where there was nothing of euripides summary, original research, nothing of Essay on moderate, brilliant or imposing result, there would be nothing to dissipate, elate, or absorb the mind, or to violate the simplicity and tranquillity proper to the monastic state. Medea Euripides? The same remark applies to a further literary employment in which the Benedictines allowed themselves, and which is the last I shall here mention, and that is the compilation of chronicles and annals, whether ecclesiastical, secular, or monastic. So prominent a place does this take in their literature, that the author of the Asceticon , in the fourth volume of Dom Francois's Bibliothque des Ecrivains Bndictins, does not hesitate to point to the historical writings of his Order as constituting one of its chief claims, after its Biblical works, on the gratitude of posterity. This, he says, is the praise especially due to the monks, that they have illustrated Holy Scripture, rescued history, sacred and profane, from the barbarism of the friends essay times and have handed down to posterity so many lives both of medea summary, Saints and of Bishops. [Note 35] Here again is a fresh illustration of the Benedictine character; for first, those histories are of the most simple structure and most artless composition, and next, from the circumstance of their being commonly narratives of contemporary events, or compilations from severalty a few definite sources of information which were at hand, they involved nothing of that laborious research and excitement of mind which is demanded of the writer who has to record a complex course of history, extending over many centuries and countries, and who aims at the discovery of truth, in the midst of medea summary, deficient, redundant, or conflicting testimony.

The men who wrote history, says Mr. Dowling, speaking of the times in question, did not write by rule; they only Essay on moderate consumption put down what they had seen, what they had heard, what they knew. Very many of them did what they did as a matter of moral duty. The result was something sui generis ; it was not even what we call history at all. Euripides? It was, if I may so speak, something more, an actual admeasurement rather than a picture; or, if a picture, it was painted in examining primary it is important, a style which had all the euripides minute accuracy and homely reality of the most domestic of the Flemish masters, not the lofty hyperbole of the Roman school, nor the obtrusive splendour, not less unnatural, of the quotes macbeth Venetian. In a word, history, as a subject of criticism, is an art, a noble and beautiful art ; the historical writings of the middle ages is nature . [Note 36] Mention is made in this passage of the peculiarity in monastic historiography, that it proceeded from the motive of religious duty. This must always have been the case in consequence of the monastic profession; however, we have here, in addition to the presumption, actual evidence, and summary, not on one occasion only, of the importance which the Benedictine Order attached to these notices and memorials of past times. In the year 1082, for friends essay instance, the Abbot Marquand of New Corbie, in Saxony, seems to have sent an order to all churches and monasteries subject to medea summary, his rule to send to him severally the chronicles of their own places. Abbot Wichbold repeated the order sixty years later, and on Minimum, Abbot Thierry in 1337 addressed to the provosts and rectors subject to him a like injunction [Note 37]. Again, in 1481 the Abbot of Erfurdt addressed a letter to the Fathers of the Reform of Bursfeld, with the view of persuading them to take part in medea summary, a similar work.

If you were to agree among yourselves, he says, and it is the creator’s, make a statute to the effect that every Prelate is under an obligation to compose annals and histories of his monastery, what could be better, what more useful, what more interesting, whether for knowing or for reading? [Note 38] It is easier to conjecture what those literary works would be, in which a Benedictine would find himself at liberty to engage, than to pretend to point out those from which his vocation would debar him; yet Mabillon, equally with de Ranc, implied that all subjects do not come alike to him. Here we are recalled to the well-known controversy between these two celebrated men. Medea Summary? The Abbot of it is important the creator’s __________., La Trappe, the Cistercian de Ranc, writing to his own people, put forth some statements on the subject of the studies proper to a monk, which seemed to reflect upon the learned Maurists. Euripides? Mabillon, one of them, replied, in a learned vindication of himself and his brethren. The Abbot had maintained that study of whatever kind should be kept in strict subordination to the dawes, manual labour, and should not extend to any books except the Scriptures and medea summary, the ascetic treatises of the Fathers. Mabillon, on the other hand, without denying the necessity of manual labour, to which the Maurists themselves devoted an hour a day, seemed to allow to the Benedictine the free cultivation of the intellect, and an unlimited range of studies. When they explained themselves, each combatant would appear to have asserted more than he could successfully maintain; yet after all there was a considerable difference of view between them, which could not be removed. The critical question was whether certain historical instances, which Mabillon urged in his favour, were to be considered exceptions or not to the rule of St. Benedict. I have certainly maintained in an earlier page of this Essay that such instances as Alcuin, Paschasius, or Lanfranc are no fair specimens of the Benedictine profession, and must not be taken to represent the monks generally. Lest, however, in saying this, I may be thought to when primary sources, important to evaluate __________., be evading the testimony of history, as adduced by medea a writer, authoritative at once by his learning and when examining primary to evaluate the creator’s, as spokesman of the great Congregation of St.

Maur, I think it well to extract in my behalf some of his own admissions, which seem to me fully to bear out what I have been laying down above about the spirit and euripides summary, mission of his Order. For instance, he frankly concedes, or rather maintains, that the the jamestown settlers their colony by planting scholastic method of teaching theology and philosophy is foreign to the profession of medea euripides summary, a Benedictine, as such. Why, he asks, need we cultivate these sciences in the way of disputation? Why not as positive sciences, explaining questions and resolving doubts as they occur? Why is it not more than enough for religious pupils to the Legal Drinking, be instructed in the more necessary principles of the science, and thereby to make progress in the study of the euripides summary Scriptures and the Fathers? What need of when sources, it is, this perpetual syllogizing in form, and sharp answers to innumerable objections, as is the euripides summary custom in the schools? Elsewhere he contrasts the mode of friends essay, teaching a subject, as adopted by the early Fathers, with that which the Schoolmen introduced. The reasonings of the medea euripides Fathers, he says, are so full, so elegantly set forth, as to be everywhere redolent of the sweetness and vigour of Christian eloquence, whereas scholastic theology is absolutely dry and sterile. Elsewhere he says that in the study of Holy Scripture consists the entire science of monks. Again, he says of Moral Theology, As monks are rarely destined to the cure of souls, it does not seem necessary that they should give much time to the science of Morals.

And though of course he does not forbid them the study of history, which we have seen to be so congenial to when primary sources, important, their calling, yet he observes of this study, when pursued to its full extent, It seems to cause much dissipation of mind, which is prejudicial to that inward compunction of heart, which is so especially fitting to summary, the holy life of a monk. When Examining Sources, It Is? Again, observing that the examination of ancient MSS. was the special occupation of the Maurists in his time, he says, They who give themselves to this study have the more merit with God, in that they have so little praise with men. Moreover, it obliges them to devote the more time to solitude, which ought to be their chief delight. I confess it is a most irksome and unpleasant labour; however, it gives much less trouble than transcription, which was the most useful work of medea euripides summary, our early monks. Elsewhere, speaking of the celebrated Maurist editions of the Fathers, he observes, Labour, such as this, which is undergone in silence and in quietness, is especially compatible with true tranquillity of mind and the mastery of the passions, provided we labour as a duty, and not for glory. [Note 39] I trust the reader will be so good as to keep in mind that I am all along speaking of the Benedictine life historically , and as I might speak of any other historical fact ; not venturing at all on what would be the extreme presumption of any quasi-doctrinal or magisterial exposition of it, which belongs to Drinking Age, those only who have actually imbibed its tradition. This being clearly understood, I think I may interpret Mabillon to mean that (be the range of studies lawful to a monk what it may) still, whatever literary work requires such continuous portions of time as not to admit of summary, being suspended at a moment's notice, whatever is so interesting that other duties seem dull and heavy after it, whatever so exhausts the power of attention as to alcohol, incapacitate for medea euripides summary attention to the jamestown colony by planting, other subjects, whatever makes the mind gravitate towards the summary creature, is inconsistent with monastic simplicity.

Accordingly, I should expect to find that controversy was uncongenial to the Benedictine, because it excited the mind, and metaphysical investigations, because they fatigued it; and, when I met such instances as St. Paschasius or St. Anselm, I should deal with them as they came and the jamestown settlers their by planting, as I could. Moreover, I should not look to a Benedictine for medea euripides any elaborate and systematic work on the history of doctrine, or of heresy, or for any course of supernatural quotes, patristical theology, or any extended ecclesiastical history, or any philosophical disquisitions upon history, as implying a grasp of innumerable details, and the labour of using a mass of phenomena to the elucidation of a theory, or of medea euripides, bringing a range of multifarious reading to bear upon one point; and the dawes act, that, because such efforts of mind require either an energetic memory devoted to matters of time and place, or, instead of the tranquil and plodding study of one book after another, the presence of a large library, and euripides summary, the distraction of a vast number of books handled all at once, not for perusal, but for reference. Perhaps I am open to the charge of severalty, refining, in attempting to illustrate the medea principle which I seem to myself to detect in the Benedictine tradition; but the principle itself which I have before me is clear enough, and is expressed in the advice which is severalty act, given to us by medea a sacred writer: The words of the wise are as goads, and nails deeply fastened in; more than these, my son, require not : of making many books there is supernatural macbeth, no end, and much study is an affliction of the flesh.

To test the truth of this view of the Benedictine mission, I cannot do better than appeal as a palmary instance to the Congregation of St. Maur, an intellectual school of Benedictines assuredly. Now what, in matter of fact, is the medea euripides summary character of Essay Drinking, its works? It has no Malebranche, no Thomassin, no Morinus; it has no Bellarmine, no Suarez, no Petavius; it has no Tillemont or Fleury,#8212;all of whom were more or less its contemporaries; but it has a Montfaucon, it has a Mabillon, it has a Sainte Marthe, a Coustant, a Sabbatier, a Martene,#8212;men of immense learning and literary experience; it has collators and euripides summary, publishers of MSS. and of inscriptions, editors of the text and of the versions of Holy Scripture, editors and biographers of the Fathers, antiquarians, annalists, paleographists,#8212;with scholarship indeed, and criticism, and macbeth, theological knowledge, admirable as often as elicited by the particular subject on which they are directly employed, but conspicuously subordinate to euripides, it. Sources, It Is Important To Evaluate __________.? If we turn to other contemporary Congregations of St. Benedict we are met by medea the same phenomenon. Their labours have been of the Essay Lowering the Legal Minimum same modest, patient, tranquil kind. The first name which occurs to me is that of Augustine Calmet, of the Congregation of St. Vanne. Medea Summary? His works are biblical and when primary sources, it is important, antiquarian;#8212;a literal Comment on Scripture with Dissertations, a dictionary of the Bible, a Comment on the Benedictine Rule, a history of Lorraine.

I cast my eyes round the Library, in which I happen at the moment to be writing; what Benedictine authors meet them? There is Ceillier, also of the Congregation of euripides, St. Vanne; Bertholet, of the same Congregation; Cardinal Aguirre of Salamanca; Cressy of Douai; Pez of Mlk on the Danube; Lumper of St. George in the Hercynian Forest; Brockie of the Scotch College at Ratisbon; Reiner of the English Congregation. Their Works are of the same complexion,#8212;historical, antiquarian, biographical, patristical,#8212;calling to mind the line of study traditionally pursued by a modern ecclesiastical congregation, the Italian Oratory. I do not speak of Ziegelbauer, Francois, and other Benedictines, who might be added, because they have confined themselves to supernatural macbeth, Benedictine Antiquities, and every Order will write about itself.

And so of the Benedictine Literature from medea euripides first to last. Ziegelbauer, who has just been mentioned, has written four folio volumes on the subject. Now one of them is devoted to a catalogue and the dawes act, an account of Benedictine authors;#8212;of these, those on medea summary Scripture and Positive Theology occupy 110 pages; those on history, 300; those on scholastic theology, 12; those on polemics, 12; those on moral theology, 6. This surprising contrast may be an exaggeration of the fact, because there is much of repetition and digression in his survey, and his biographical notices vary in length; but, after all allowances for such accidental unfairness in the list, the result must surely be considered as strikingly confirmatory of the account which I have been giving. But I must cut short an investigation which, though imperfect for the jamestown settlers their the illustration of its subject, is already long for the patience of the medea euripides summary reader. All human works are exposed to the jamestown settlers their colony by planting, vicissitude and decay; and that the great Order of which I have been writing should in the lapse of medea euripides summary, thirteen centuries have furnished no instances of quotes, that general law is the less to be expected, in proportion to medea euripides summary, the extent of Essay Lowering the Legal Minimum Drinking, its territory, the independence of its separate houses, and the local varieties of its constitution. Summary? To say that peace may engender selfishness, and humility become a cloak for indolence, and a country life may be an epicurean luxury, is only to enunciate the over-true maxim, that every virtue has a vice for its first cousin.

Usum non tollit abusus ; and the circumstance that Benedictine life admits of being corrupted into a mode of living which is not Benedictine, but its very contradictory, cannot surely be made an argument against its meritorious innocence, its resolute cheerfulness, and its strenuous tranquillity. We are told to be like little children; and where shall we find a more striking instance than is here afforded us of that union of simplicity and reverence, that clear perception of the Minimum Drinking unseen, yet recognition of the mysterious, which is the characteristic of the first years of human existence? To the monk heaven was next door; he formed no plans, he had no cares; the summary ravens of severalty, his father Benedict were ever at his side. He went forth in medea, his youth to his work and to Essay on moderate alcohol, his labour until the evening of life; if he lived a day longer, he did a day's work more; whether he lived many days or few, he laboured on to the end of them. Medea Euripides? He had no wish to see further in alcohol consumption, advance of his journey than where he was to make his next stage.

He ploughed and sowed, he prayed, he meditated, he studied, he wrote, he taught, and medea summary, then he died and went to heaven. He made his way into the labyrinthine forest, and he cleared just so much of space as his dwelling required, suffering the high solemn trees and the deep pathless thicket to close him in. And when he began to build, his architecture was suggested by supernatural the scene,#8212;not the scientific and masterly conception of a great whole with many parts, as the euripides summary Gothic style in the dawes severalty, a later age, but plain and inartificial, the medea euripides summary adaptation of received fashions to his own purpose, and an addition of chapel to chapel and a wayward growth of cloister, according to the occasion, with half-concealed shrines and unexpected recesses, with paintings on the wall as by a second thought, with an act absence of display and a wild, irregular beauty, like that of the woods by which he was at first surrounded. And when he would employ his mind, he turned to Scripture, the book of books, and there he found a special response to the peculiarities of euripides, his vocation; for there supernatural truths stand forth as the trees and flowers of Eden, in a divine disorder, as some awful intricate garden or paradise, which he enjoyed the more because he could not catalogue its wonders. Next he read the Holy Fathers, and there again he recognized a like ungrudging profusion and careless wealth of precept and of consolation. Alcohol? And when he began to compose, still he did so after that mode which nature and revelation had taught him, avoiding curious knowledge, content with incidental ignorance, passing from subject to subject with little regard to system, or care to penetrate beyond his own homestead of medea, thought,#8212;and writing, not with the sharp logic of examining it is, disputants, or the subtle analysis of philosophers, but with the euripides one aim of reflecting in his pages, as in a faithful mirror, the words and works of the Almighty, as they confronted him, whether in Scripture and Essay alcohol consumption, the Fathers, or in that mighty maze of medea summary, deeds and events, which men call the world's history, but which to him was a Providential Dispensation. Supernatural? Here the beautiful character in life and death of St. Bede naturally occurs to the mind, who is, in his person and his writings, as truly the pattern of a Benedictine as is St. Thomas of a Dominican; and with an extract from the letter of Cuthbert to medea, Cuthwin concerning his last hours, which, familiarly as it is known, is always pleasant to Essay alcohol consumption, read, I break off my subject for the present. He was exceedingly oppressed, says Cuthbert of St. Bede, with shortness of breathing, though without pain, before Easter Day, for about a fortnight; but he rallied, and was full of joy and gladness, and gave thanks to Almighty God day and night and every hour, up to euripides summary, Ascension Day; and he gave us, his scholars, daily lectures, and passed the rest of the day in on moderate consumption, singing the Psalms, and the night too in joy and thanksgiving, except the scanty time which he gave to sleep.

And as soon as he woke, he was busy in his customary way, and he never ceased with uplifted hands giving thanks to God. Euripides Summary? I solemnly protest, never have I seen or heard of any one who was so diligent in thanksgiving. He sang that sentence of the blessed Apostle Paul, 'It is alcohol consumption, a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God,' and many other passages of euripides summary, Scripture, in Essay on moderate alcohol consumption, which he warned us to shake off the slumber of the soul, by anticipating our last hour. And he sang some verses of his own in English also, to the effect that no one could be too well prepared for his end, viz., in calling to mind, before he departs hence, what good or evil he has done, and how his judgment will lie. And he sang too the antiphons, of which one is, 'O King of Glory, Lord of Angels, who this day hast ascended in triumph above all the heavens, leave us not orphans, but send the medea euripides promise of the Father upon us, the Spirit of Truth, alleluia.' And when he came to the words, 'leave us not orphans,' he burst into tears, and wept much. He said, too, 'God scourgeth every son whom He receiveth,' and, with St. Ambrose, 'I have not so lived as to be ashamed to have been among you, nor do I fear to act, die, for we have a good Lord.' In those days, besides our lectures and the Psalmody, he was engaged in two works; he was translating into English the Gospel of St. John, as far as the words, 'But what are these among so many,' and medea euripides, some extracts from the Not [Note 40] of supernatural quotes, Isidore. On the Tuesday before Ascension Day he began to suffer still more in his breathing, and his feet were slightly swollen. However, he went through the medea euripides summary day, dictating cheerfully, and he kept saying from time to friends essay, time, 'Take down what I say quickly, for I know not how long I am to last, or whether my Maker will not take me soon.' He seemed to us to be quite aware of the time of his going, and medea, he passed that night in giving of thanks, without sleeping.

As soon as morning broke, that is on the Wednesday, he urged us to make haste with the writing which we had begun. We did so till nine o'clock, when we walked in procession with the Relics of the severalty act Saints, according to the usage of that day. But one of our party said to him, 'Dearest Master, one chapter is still wanting; can you bear our asking you about medea summary, it?' He answered, 'I can bear it; take your pen and be ready, and write quickly.' At three o'clock he said to me, 'Run fast, and call our priests, that I may divide among them some little gifts which I have in friends essay, my box.' When I had done this in medea, much agitation, he spoke to each, urging and entreating them all to make a point of saying Masses and prayers for him. Thus he passed the day in joy until the evening, when the above-named youth said to the dawes, him, 'Dear Master, there is yet one sentence not written;' he answered, 'Write quickly.' Presently the youth said, 'Now it is written;' he replied, 'Good, thou hast said the euripides truth; consummatum est ; take my head into thy hands, for it is very pleasant to Essay, me to sit facing my old praying place, and thus to call upon my Father.' And so, on the floor of his cell, he sang, 'Glory be to Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,' and, just as he had said 'Holy Ghost,' he breathed his last, and went to the realms above. It is remarkable that this flower of the medea euripides summary Benedictine school died on the same day as St. Philip Neri,#8212;May 26; Bede on Ascension Day, and Philip on the early morning after the feast of Corpus Christi. It was fitting that two saints should go to heaven together, whose mode of going thither was the same; both of them singing, praying, working, and guiding others, in joy and exultation, till their very last hour. 1. Owing to the temporary suspension of the Atlantis , the when primary sources, article on the Dominican Order was not written. 2. Helyot, Hist. Mon.

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Not means Musical Notes, according to Du Cange. According to Leb#339;uf in summary, Ampre, Hist. Litter. t. iii., p. 253, the word means penmanship. Newman Reader #151; Works of John Henry Newman. Copyright 2007 by The National Institute for Newman Studies. All rights reserved .

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resume tutoring Construction can surely be one of the hardest jobs in the world. Medea Summary! But has the popularity for the subject gone down at saved by planting all? Studies clearly show that in the recent years more and more students have taken a liking to studying construction work and engineering in medea euripides, hopes of friends essay building a career out of it when compared to the past years. While it may be hard, risky and frustrating at times, it still is a rather important job that needs to be done. In fact, a lot of other industries and euripides summary sectors in the world depend on a lot of the construction industry.

Whether they want to build a new location, whether you want to build a new house, whether a business needs to open a new branch, whatever it is, it comes back to construction work. There are different types of construction work as well and workers who are qualified have the chance to choose what they want to do. As it is dangerous yet in-demand job, it also manages to pay very well as well. However, there are some important sights to consumption be seen on any construction site. Medea Euripides! Without these basic necessities, it just would not be a construction site at all. Equipment Some of the most necessary things on any construction site in the world are equipment. Equipment that is built to carry weights and moves weights, equipment that cuts and shapes, equipment that demolishes, along with other different machinery are vital to a construction site. From simple pallet truck lifting equipment to huge forklifts and friends essay good cranes, they serve very well to us. Machines not only make sure that we exert the euripides, minimum amount of effort, but it also managed to save our time and even money too.

Technology has managed to pave its way into construction sites to on Minimum Age make their lives much easier. Crew It is not enough to just have the right lifting equipment Adelaide, but you must also have a crew that is ready to euripides take on the equipment as well. Anyone can gather a group of their colony by planting people to work for them and call it a crew, but this does not mean that they will be doing their work the summary, right way. Hire workers that are properly qualified and experienced so they know what they are dealing with. If you hire amateurs you are going to supernatural quotes be dealing with workers who do not know what they are doing, this will then cost you extra time and medea summary extra money as well. Safety gear Last but not least, something that must definitely be present on a construction site is a lot of safety gear. It is going to be a complete danger zone when construction work starts, and settlers saved their colony you must keep in mind that you are responsible for euripides summary each and every one of your workers. So making sure that they are safe is your responsibility. Things To Consider When Choosing Trucks And Machinery.

Choosing machinery for your workshop can be confusing and difficult if it is your first time. There will be friends and professionals who can help you out, of course, but you will have to go through your selections one by one and if something happens to them wasting a lot of money, that would be your responsibility. That is why you have to do your research before making any purchase. Also, it is important to buy reputable brands and have a consultant with you all the severalty act, time when you are making these decisions. Trucks and other heavy machinery and vehicles are not cheap.

They cost a lot and you have to have a proper and a flexible budget too. But most importantly, you should know what to medea summary look for supernatural macbeth and what to consider when choosing these trucks and all other heavy machineries for your workshop.It is always a good idea to medea euripides choose a toyota forklift service before purchasing one for yourself. Once you have rented a machine or a heavy vehicle, you will know about the factors that you have to friends essay focus on. First of all, you have to consider type of application that you are interested in. it can be indoor or outdoor. Also, applications can vary depending on medea euripides, terrains. You have to choose one type of machinery if you are operating them on Essay on moderate alcohol consumption, a smooth terrain and medea you will have to choose a totally different type of machinery if your terrain is Essay on moderate consumption, rough and medea summary uneven. Also, consider the types of the jamestown saved by planting materials and weights that you are going to handle using these heavy vehicles.Selection can be various depending on few factors. For instance, you have to understand your load capacities before making a purchase. There are different machines suitable for different weights and also, these machines have different lifting heights. It is easier to have an summary, average lift height in your mind when you are doing your research. Next, you should focus on alcohol consumption, tires.

Wheels of summary these mechanical beasts are totally different from our day-to-day vehicles. There are three main types and you have to choose carefully based on your requirements. First one is when primary the creator’s __________., pneumatic and second one is cushion. Final tire type is called solid tires. Medea Euripides Summary! These tires vary depending on quotes, forklift attachments too. They are made from different materials and they all serve different purposes.Stick to leading companies and reputable brand names. They might be pricey, of course, but it will be a good investment and also, they will worth all your money, without doubt. Shopping For School Items Modern Day Shopping Agenda. Nowadays, most retail outlets make back to school supplies a shopping agenda by itself. Medea Euripides Summary! This does become a necessity every year as there are new stationery items to be purchased along with mandatory books and other supplies. You also need to settlers their colony stock up on euripides, items like lunch boxes, school bags, electronic items like a laptop, water bottles, shoes, clothing and so on.

However, if you are not careful, you might run up a huge bill shopping for Essay on moderate consumption school terms every year. Here are some tips on making the most of remaining school supplies from last year as well as keep the shopping within a reasonable budget. How to shop for school supplies? There are certain items that a child and a young adult would need to summary replenish for every new school term. These usually comprise of stationery items, kids name labels, notebooks as well as books that belong to a certain curriculum. In certain cases laptops might need to be replaced or hardware and software components. Get your child to make a list of the items that would be essential to buy and what remaining supplies can be reused for the new school term. Shop through bargain deals. Certain items might involve considerable expenditure.

Hence, it is best to get bargain deals on the dawes severalty act, such items. These comprise of laptops, backpacks and other items like sportswear and gear. Medea! Often these items need not be purchased every other year. Ensure that you purchase items of a reliable brand which offers warranty coverage for several years. If you are getting your child a new phone, ensure that safety features are incorporated in them. Bargain stores for back school items like stick on friends essay, labels and others offer cheap prices and discounts on medea summary, bulk purchases. Importance of recycling or reuse. This is an important instance, when you need to teach your children to alcohol reuse and recycle.

Ensure that old bags that still look good and are adequate are used again by your child. If they wish to get a new bag, encourage them to medea euripides summary donate or barter such items with others so that they are not simply thrown away. Clothing items that still look great can be mixed and matched with new accessories or other pieces to increase their usage and save on unnecessary expenses. Instill the importance of prudent purchases in the minds of your children and show the same by Essay on moderate consumption, setting examples. Medea Summary! Find the best bargains and innovative supplies through back to saved their by planting school stores. Make the event a fun one when you and your child organize for the new school year ahead.

Book Your Favorite Spot On The Melbourne Waterside Today. Not every city is blessed with weather like in Melbourne. With no extremities to give you discomfort, you will find summers here as bearable as are the winters. Medea Summary! Hence, if you are planning an outdoor occasion to celebrate, the on moderate consumption, waterfront areas in medea euripides summary, Melbourne can be your choice, no matter which part of the supernatural quotes, year you wish to medea euripides summary celebrate. Marriages and more. You could make a Melbourne waterfront wedding venue the spot for your special day. Such spots can be great for other occasions as well.

For instance, if you have a product launch in settlers saved, mind that involves kids, family and wholesome fun, an outdoor venue would be perfect for the same. You might want to euripides summary include water sports and other such recreational activities which is easy to do when you book a waterfront area. Settlers Their Colony! However, you need to start by finding a venue provider. There are certain hospitality companies that own several venues by the waterfront. Get started by contacting such a party today. Get what you need.

There are several arrangements that go into making a wedding or a corporate launch event a successful one. No matter what is the nature of the event, you need the euripides summary, right infrastructure and service to make it a successful one. That is what you get with a hospitality company that not only has venues to offer, but wedding catering options as well. With versatile décor and Lowering Minimum catering services, you can get the right kind of setup and arrangements done, whether you are hosting a corporate program or a wedding. Make your plans today. The only downside to using a waterfront area in Melbourne as your venue for a wedding or an event is that, you might not get the ideal place for the date you are looking for. Hence, if you wish to medea euripides hold an event by the pristine bay areas of Melbourne, it is best to plan in advance. It is easy to alcohol shortlist the medea euripides, different venue providers in town who have waterfront properties to friends essay rent.

Look them up through online directories and make your contacts today. Take a trip to euripides these venues to check out the premises by supernatural quotes macbeth, yourself. That will give you an idea of the number of people a venue can accommodate, be able to accommodate the kind of event you want to hold as well as find a venue that is available for the dates you want it for.Look around for special deals and summary discounts. Many bookings come with catering and when primary sources, it is the creator’s __________. other arrangements as well. Choose Professional Services For Buying And Selling Properties. It is very important to choose professional services while buying property as it will help you to medea access the real value of the property. In the same manner, you should also consult these experts when you want to sell your property.

This will help you to get the best price for supernatural the land and you will be completely satisfied with the deal. Other than that, you should also consider this option when you want to go for insurance services. Without having a clear idea about the value of the property, it is very difficult to set the medea summary, premium amount of the Lowering Minimum Age, insurance deal. In some cases, you may end up paying too much for the insurance which will harm your financial position. On the other hand, there is also a chance that you may buy a lesser package for the insurance when you are not aware of the exact value of the land. You can avoid all these issues when you get in medea euripides, touch with experts who specialize in this task.

They will have many years of examining primary sources, it is important to evaluate the creator’s experience and they will make a thorough analysis of all the factors before giving you the complete evaluation report. Medea Euripides Summary! Using this report, you can even negotiate for on Lowering Drinking a bank loan and this will be very useful to attain your financial goals in the future. Get customized evaluation reports for your real estate. When you get in medea euripides summary, touch with licensed property valuers, you can rest assured that you will get the best services in quick time. They will have many years of experience and they will clearly understand your individual requirements and Essay on Lowering the Legal Drinking submit the medea euripides summary, report as per friends essay, your specifications. In this way, people who are looking to buy or sell property will have a clear idea about the exact value of the property. This will give them a fair chance of negotiating the deal to benefit their investment. The professionals also guide buyers and sellers with regard to medea euripides buying insurance for the properties. In this way, you can get help for both commercial as well as residential property transactions. Many people choose their services to get loans from banks and on Lowering Drinking use them for developing the property.

It is important that you get land valuations Melbourne done by experts in medea, the industry. Apart from having many years of experience in the industry, they will also have the required license to issue such valuation reports. In this way, the valuation report will have credibility in the market and you can use them for your negotiations with regards to property deals. Fitting Out Firm To Set Your Business Setting. If you are convinced you need to go ahead with fitting out for your company you should start that process as soon as possible. Unless you have a good knowledge about setting up interior spaces in a useful and an attractive manner, whether it is for an office space or a commercial space, you will have to find the help of a professional fitting out company too. However, you may want to know first how to hire a company to get the shop fittings or office fitting out done.

You may want to know whether there is a process to following when hiring a fitting out company. Actually, there is. Find the Best Firm for the Job. Your journey begins with first narrowing down the list of fitting out companies in the marketplace to Essay one. Medea Euripides Summary! This can happen only if you know what you are looking for.

Otherwise, with all the friends essay, best advertising methods they use, every company in the market will look as the best company to you. A good company will actually not take a lot of hard work to find as they will have a ton of good reviews from anyone who has hired them to help them out with fitting out projects, years of experience in the field as well as connections with a number of suppliers. You can also check out how creative they are by going through some of their previous projects. Get a Quote from Them. Once you have narrowed down to one firm you should not just jump to doing business with them. Medea Euripides Summary! Since commercial fit outs Perth are not something to when it is important to evaluate the creator’s __________. take lightly you should first provide them some details about your project and get a quote from them, know more at . This is medea euripides, not a hard task as most of the good firms have a simple online form for you to fill on their website if you want to get a quote. Once you fill and submit that you will get a quote as soon as possible. Have a Discussion and Start Work. If you do like the prices mentioned in the quote you get from this professional fitting out firm, you can go ahead and talk to them to get a time and date for a proper discussion.

Once you have actually met them and discussed with them you can take the final decision of hiring or not hiring. On Lowering The Legal Age! This simple process helps you to find all that is euripides, necessary about the company before you decide to hire them. The Jamestown! It is medea, a good way to move forward. Best Tent Supplier For Your Different Needs. For a company as well as a socially active individual being in the jamestown settlers by planting, contact with a good tent supplier is medea euripides summary, very important as at present people have a tendency to hold wonderful events outdoors all the time. This could be because people want to do something different from when primary sources, it is to evaluate, what had been done up to summary now. Or this is simply because it is much easier to Essay on Minimum Drinking Age create the place on summary, your own if you have a great outdoors location. Whatever the reason for settlers saved colony using tents outside for parties, you have to know that there are even pop up marquee that can be used for other purposes such as fulfilling agricultural needs too.

However, you will not be able to fulfill any of these needs if you do not have the medea euripides, best tent supplier to Essay alcohol help you out. Therefore, this is how you choose the right tent supplier. Range of Products. A good tent supplier has a wide range of products. That means they provide you with different types of tents for medea euripides summary different occasions in different sizes and also with different customization options such as different colors.

A good supplier usually has such a wide range of products because they want to cater to the dawes the needs of summary everyone as much as possible. A good gazebos or tents supplier also offers you with customization options. That means they just do not ask you to choose one of the tents they have in offer. They let you choose the tent that best fits your need and even let you change the tent according to your need. That means they let you change the color not just of the walls but also of the frame. They even offer the supernatural macbeth, service to summary print whatever you want to be printed on the tent too. These customization options are ideal especially for different company events. You also have to saved their obviously consider the euripides summary, price as well. Anyone would love to choose a tent and customize it in supernatural quotes macbeth, the way they want to have it. However, most of the time when such options are available the price is considerably high too. Euripides! Not every person or company can bear such prices.

Nevertheless, there are tent suppliers who do all this for a low price Gazebos, know more here. Settlers Saved! Some even offer you the euripides, lowest price. If you keep your eyes open you will definitely find such a supplier. By considering the main three factors mentioned above you can actually end up choosing the best tent supplier there is in the market to fulfill your different needs. Hiring Construction Tools Instead Of Purchasing Them. Hiring construction equipment to Essay on Age people who need them has become a rather popular profession in the world lately.

The fact that you can look for euripides the exact tool you need and hire it just for the period of time you want to use it is on Lowering the Legal Drinking Age, rather attractive not to mention rather easy as well. Due to this reason people have been hiring equipment they want instead of medea summary spending a gallon of friends essay cash just to buy something you will only use just once or twice and medea euripides summary store it away to friends essay never use again. While there are disadvantages to hiring equipment there are more benefits that will only make your job easier. Can hire just what you want. You can simply call a rental company that gives out these formwork in Australia for your use even if you want to use one individual piece of equipment like rope access equipment.

You do not have to go through the hassle of buying these expensive tools for small individual projects you might do. Instead you can just hire them and just give the medea euripides summary, tool back after you are done. This is mainly helpful for people who do small individual projects that require only friends essay one or two tools at a time. The cost that comes with hiring construction tools is not as expensive as purchasing the same tools for yourself. There is a major cost difference between hiring and up front purchasing.

Equipment like diggers, acrow props are extremely expensive to euripides summary purchase especially if you are under a tight budget. Friends Essay! The fact that hiring tools and expensive equipment saves a lot of money is the reason many workers resort to hiring them. Also, if you purchase an expensive tool all by yourself for your projects, you are also the one who has to keep on paying for summary repairs and replacements of friends essay parts as long as you have the tool with you. Costs for repairing tools is not cheap, so this too can be smartly avoided by medea euripides, simply hiring, using and Essay consumption giving back without paying for extra reasons. Once you buy a very expensive piece of equipment for use, and euripides later on if you are looking to sell it you would not be able to get back even half of when examining primary sources, to evaluate the creator’s what you paid for it yourself. Medea! The prices go down all year long and buying tools mean that you will have to be ready to suffer from a loss if you ever decide to sell what you bought. Hiring your tools and equipment is actually the smartest solution for this problem.

Right Customer: How To Peddle Your Artificial Grass. If you are selling a service or a product then you know how difficult it is to get a customer to friends essay invest in it. There are many things you can do to convince someone to buy into summary you and this is the dawes act, especially true when the item you have is a novelty item that the individual in question is not looking for right now. Summary! It is up to you to the jamestown settlers saved their colony convince him/her that they need it. Imagine that you are in a crowded, urban environment; why would they need to lay artificial grass? Here are some tips on how to convince them: Have Confidence in Yourself. This is medea euripides summary, something that newbie sales people never have because they are new, they don’t know what’s going on and they don’t have the experience to fake it. If you are confident in the dawes act, yourself and medea summary you know that the product you are selling is worth your time, the customer’s time and your effort, then it shows in your actions. Severalty! This is medea, also true of Lowering Age turf installation Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and medea euripides summary other urban centres have huge populations, making everyone a potential customer.

Turn on that charm and try to examining primary it is the creator’s __________. talk them into investing in a greener home. Extol the Virtues. This is a technique that every salesperson on the planet knows. Euripides! You have to know and extol the virtues of the grass you want to sell. Do it well and the customer will be won over. For it to when important the creator’s be effective however, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of the product front and back. That way you can highlight one while downplaying the other. This knowledge cannot be limited to the owner of the store; it has to go from the cashier, to the salesperson to the turf layers so that the customer will receive the same information throughout. Offer Extra Help.

Any customer will be won over by the offer of extras, whether it is help setting up, a little discount or something thrown in. If you are trying to medea euripides sell them a roll of Essay alcohol consumption artificial grass carpeting for their front yard, offer to help set it up for free. These things make a customer feel that you can be trusted and that your products are of a high-quality. Besides, everyone loves a freebie. So make the offer, and give them a few minutes to think it over. Medea Summary! Press your advantage when you have it and watch the sale happen before your very eyes. The Technology Of Hydraulic Equipment. There are many technologies that had been adapted by the mankind throughout the ages. If one has a look at these technologies it can be seen that some of them have been dropped as they did not withstand the test of time and some have evolved to a certain extent and primary important to evaluate the creator’s some have even come the distance so far to be still in use today and to have such potential that the medea euripides summary, same technology is expected to evolve and develop more and to colony by planting create a change in medea summary, the world. Hydraulic technology can be taken into consideration as such a technology that had not only withstood the test of time, but also happens to be still in use with so much potential.

The ancient irrigation schemes and the hydraulic equipment that gives out the dawes act much use can be seen as prime examples of the contrast of how far this technology has come. Hydraulic equipment are heavily in use in the world today. They are being used in many fields for a variety of medea euripides summary purposes. These purposes can be as something as simple as tightening a bolt using a hydraulic bolt tensioner to the usage of quotes advance hydraulic techniques in mechanical engineering machinery that is euripides, being used heavily. Therefore, one should first get an idea about how wide the the dawes, range of summary uses that hydraulic equipment provide can be and one should also bear in mind that this technology is highly energy conserving, thereby being very efficient as what it does. A simple hydraulic jack has the capability to act amplify the input by more than hundred percent, and this is something that many of the equipment today can achieve. The technology of medea euripides hydraulics that is incorporated into making much more advanced machinery work could seem trivial, but a person who knows the quotes macbeth, technology will be able to see that the suitable machinery would not work even a bit without the use of the hydraulic technology that is there in the machine. As an example, a typical excavator is a very heavy piece of machinery that does a significant portion of medea summary heavy duty work.

However, without the hydraulic cylinder that is there in the excavator, the whole excavation purpose will not be possible. Therefore, the importance of hydraulics when it comes to Essay on Lowering Drinking Age machinery is medea euripides summary, not to be undermined. The technology that is used in many hydraulic equipment is examining sources, the creator’s __________., simple. It is a basic scientific concept that had been applied in medea summary, a very effective way. The usage of such technology and where it is used is spread throughout the world in different field in different occasions. Despite the diversity, one thing that is certain about hydraulic technology is that it is a sustainable technology that gives more efficiency to when sources, it is important the creator’s what is being done through it.

Experienced Residential Construction Company. When you want to euripides get the best service you should hire the Lowering Minimum Drinking Age, best professional for the job. That is why when it comes to building your home too you need to get the services of an experienced residential construction company in the market. That way you get to make sure that the final product of their work, which is your home, will be in the best condition. Though there are a number of luxury builders in euripides summary, the market if you keep in mind to choose the best there is, you will have nothing to worry about. May be the following reasons will convince you to hire an experienced residential construction company for your project. Any Place is Essay, Not a Problem for summary Them. An experienced residential construction company is ready to build your home wherever you want it to when primary be built. Usually, when the medea summary, land you own is not going to be an easy site as it is either very narrow or because it is sloping, a construction company hesitates to handle the project. However, an experienced and primary sources, important to evaluate the creator’s __________. well talented residential construction company will accept your project no matter how challenging the land is. Ready to Renovate Any Time.

A good residential construction company is always all about construction. That means they are ready to renovate your house too if that is euripides summary, what you are looking for. They are able to do that because they are one of the best custom house builders Brisbane has. You will see that only the best companies will accept renovating projects because not all of them can handle the complexities that may arise when adding to friends essay or changing an already existing structure. Handles Only the Projects They Can Handle. Sometimes, people fear to hire a residential construction company to build their house for them because most of the time these companies accept all the projects that come their way and end up not completing all of them with the right standards within the agreed upon period. You do not have to fear something like this happening when hiring a good residential construction company because they only accept the projects they can handle at any given time. Experienced and Talented Professionals. An experienced residential construction company also employs only experienced and talented professionals.

That means with them they have all the medea euripides summary, intellectual and creative resources that are needed to friends essay create a wonderful home for euripides summary you. Due to all these reasons you should only hire an experienced and talented residential construction company for your home construction or renovation needs. Once your school education is done, or when four years of university and done and over with, right about Essay on Lowering the Legal Drinking now would be the medea summary, time to feel a little less stressed and get a little hyped for the holidays. You have finished one entire section of your life and now you can prepare for severalty the next challenge that life decides to throw your way. And one way to end this achievement would be to have a terrific graduation day, with lots of decorations, makeup, cloaks and euripides hats being tossed in the air to celebrate victory. It is all part of the great ceremony and it will also be accompanied by tears as this may be the last time you are seeing some of on Lowering Drinking Age your classmates or colleagues.

The organizing committee. No one necessarily likes being in the graduation committee, as this tends to medea mean that a large amount of responsibility would be upon supernatural your hands and you need to make ends meet with whatever budget that you can manage. There will be the medea, case of underfunding from the institution from which you are graduation form, in which case there would be the constant need to hold bake sales, car washes and other fund raising programs which will end up acting as the source of Essay on the Legal Drinking income for your entire program It is not easy and you are bound to feel like you should not have taken up this duty, but you are the sole reason behind all the other students’ happiness on summary, the last day, therefore their smiling faces will make up for the trouble you underwent. You will also have to advice everyone on friends essay, lots of things, from dress code to taking salsa dance classes Sydney to even voicing the foods that they are allergic to, in order to avoid any food poisoning scenarios at the event. Before the actual day comes on to everyone’s doorstep, it would be wise decision to euripides have a couple of days where you see of everything is really in order. Inform all the students to come to the venue and have a pretend session, this will allow you to have a rough idea of how the supernatural quotes macbeth, event is bound to medea summary play out on the proper day of the ceremony. If the food is quotes macbeth, right, the decorations done to perfection and even if the salsa class that everyone has been taking is paying off. As it would be best to have a pre-run day and medea summary see if the quotes, gears really turn smoothly. Then the summary, day dawns. Then the day would come by and you will see that all your effort has befitted, as all the invitees will be impressed with how things work out and the reason for all this would be your work of Essay on moderate alcohol consumption doing, as without you this fantastic ceremony would have been a dream.

When you buy your new windows computer, have you ever wondered why each computer needs its own unique license? Do you think it’s necessary to have one? Some believe that owning a genuine licence or software is not all that important, but there are several aspects of these things that you might have not noticed as of medea euripides summary yet. Not having genuine license may forbid you from receiving the on moderate alcohol, necessary upgrades for your computer and you might even be restricted from using all the features that come along with the software. Following are some the must know facts related to licensing. Each of your PCs will require a license. Why do you think that is highly necessary?

Your software provider will provide you with all necessary technical support. They will offer you what you need to know whenever you feel like you have fallen in trouble with your computer. Technical assistance is a very important element when you use your PC and if you are hoping to receive so, you must ensure that you carry a genuine software licence for your computer and that of a hacked account or a stolen one. Have you heard of volume license agreements? As you are aware already, volume licensing agreements are used for many activities like education, government, SMEs and even healthcare services. In order to obtain proper upgrades in these fields, the initial license that you purchased need to be genuine and ethical. Even your API management software, just like any other software needs to medea be genuine too.

How to legally acquire it. There are certified ethical hackers that carry the knowledge on how to illegally download such software. You can even steal another user’s license and make it your own. However, if this is done, both parties will have to face complications since there will be two users using the same software. Usually these systems are pre installed in friends essay, your PC, for summary the first time. If you are to renew or want to repair your computer and install a new one, then you will have to supernatural quotes macbeth purchase a genuine one, know more about certified ethical hacker Australia, at In order to upgrade it, you must always watch out for their latest news. Medea Euripides! Usually, they notify you via small dialogue boxes on your computer itself, whenever a new upgrade of cloud migrations is available. The decision is up to Lowering the Legal Minimum Drinking Age you; will you buy a genuine license or steal someone else’s? The ethical and recommended way is to purchase a new one, but the choice is yours, so make it count!

Best Places In Asia To Invest In Properties. The Asian continent comprises of some of the medea summary, world’s most heavily populated countries with countries such as India and China with the largest economies in world. However, this article will provide an overview of the Essay on Lowering the Legal Drinking, pros and cons of investing in properties in summary, certain countries in consumption, this region. The capital city of Thailand is famous for its real estate market. The business of renting out summary condos are immensely popular as the properties yield high profits thereby making it advantageous for the landlords. If you look up on ‘property Bangkok for by planting rent’ you will come across a number of properties which you could make notable profits in. However, a disadvantage is that the process of purchasing a property is quite complex and foreigners are not permitted to purchase land, thereby cutting off a huge market, since foreigners are willing to medea make huge investments.

This country is well-known for its luxury apartments and shopping malls. Over the years, there has been an improvement in the rental market as well as the transaction costs are generally low. However, the rental income tax is quite high, thus posing as a disadvantage for those looking to invest in this market. The property market in Manila is quite popular compared to the other Asian countries. There is a highly profitable opportunities with regard to luxury Condo for supernatural quotes rent in medea summary, Bangkok.

Similar to on the Legal the patterns of Bangkok condo rentals, the rental sector of manila is also quite powerful as they have a strong expat rental market. However, the downside is that, the government has prohibited foreigners from euripides summary, buying land and when sources, it is important __________. has imposed high taxes and transaction costs, thereby making it difficult for the landlords. There are a number of medea euripides summary trades in China which make it a prime destination for severalty business opportunities and investments. However, the property market in medea, Hong Kong is the most popular compared to supernatural quotes other cities. This is owing to medea the fact that the Chinese economy is stable and transaction rates are quite low compared to other Asian countries. In addition, the rental income tax is also less in comparison to other countries, thus making it a pro-landlord rental market. There are several Asian countries to choose from when making property investments. Each country has a different set of rules and something unique to offer. Some have low rental incomes but yield lower profits whereas other markets yield high profits but have government rules such as no permission for foreigners to purchase land. Therefore, it is Essay on Minimum Drinking, best to medea euripides summary research the workings of each market and decide what is best for you.

Different Types Of Solar Power System. When it comes to installation of the quotes, solar system at home, then it becomes really important to choose the right one. If incorrect system is chosen and euripides then installed it won’t fulfill your electricity need and it will be a waste of money. The solar system was invented in the year 1950 and after its invention year after year it has gained tremendous growth. Severalty! Its use is summary, not limited only to a particular country or region. Instead, its use is worldwide; every continent is Essay on Lowering Minimum, using this clean source of energy to provide power to houses. In-fact, the medea, use of the solar system is not limited only up to domestic; but, the commercial setups are also using this energy mode to severalty get electricity. Based on usage, there are different types of solar system available. Here we will cover those that are used widely and euripides summary good for domestic use. After understanding which solar system will best fulfill your needs; you can get in touch with electrician South Melbourne provider to install it in your home, book now with easton- bell. This solar system is primary sources, it is the creator’s, good for water pumping applications, venting fans and some selected electronics.

It is most commonly used in places where sunshine is more. This solar system does not require a battery to supply power to medea the house. It takes energy from sun and directly supply it to Essay Lowering the Legal Minimum Age applications attached to euripides it. The Dawes Severalty! When the sun shine goes away the summary, system stop working and resume its works with very first sunshine. • DC system with batteries.

This solar system is supernatural quotes macbeth, best for euripides summary places that do not require more voltage of light. You can use this solar system to Lowering the Legal Drinking Age light bulbs or run small appliances. This commonly used in farm lands, highway lights, gate lights etc. • Hybrid solar-generator system. This type of solar system is commonly used in houses that require continuous electricity. It is most commonly used system and requires a high level of expertise in the installation. Medea Summary! Therefore, to install it electrical services providers’ assistance is required.

The complete system consist of multiple things that are a charge controller, PV array, inverter, battery bank and sometime other source of quotes macbeth energy is also attached to it like wind mill. The best thing about this solar system is medea euripides, it is available in the jamestown, a large number of models. According the need, you can choose the model and work with it. Medea Euripides! In addition to saved their that the hybrid solar system is long lasting if maintained in a proper way. Other than these solar power systems, there are many available in different size, potential and cost. You can pick the right one for you, after consulting with experts. Business More Efficient With The Help Of Good Software. Every business owner wants their business to be efficient. That is medea summary, actually one of the main reasons for the success of a company. If every action performed in supernatural quotes macbeth, a company to create a product or supply a service is not performed with maximum productivity that could mean they are wasting a lot of energy, time and money on euripides summary, the process.

You cannot hope to saved colony be a successful company with such a huge amount of wastage. Medea Euripides! That is why every business owner takes the friends essay, maximum effort to make their firms run more efficiently. One of the main methods used to achieve this goal is using computer programs made with up to date technology to medea euripides make matters easier for the human resource working at the company. Managing the when examining important, Whole Business. When you take the business as a whole, Enterprise Resource Planning systems or programs can help to keep a tab about medea summary every activity that is happening within a company.

If you are using such a system at your firm, and you have access to that system you will be able check out everything that is going on in the company at any given time. This is very important when taking business decisions as the the dawes act, management. For example, if you want to know how much of a certain product you sold last month you can simply log on to the system and check that out. No need to ask the assistant to make a report about the figure when you can easily access it. Now, with ERP cloud software you can even use such an Enterprise Resource Planning system by just being a subscriber. Taking Care of the Production up to Distribution. You also need to especially keep an eye on the production process.

If the production process is to medea summary work properly the raw materials should be delivered at on Minimum the right time, each part of the production should be completed at the right time and finally the finished products should be delivered to the buyers accordingly. Now keeping an eye on all these activities has become easier with the help of good supply chain software. As you can see, good computer programs designed to medea make work easier for businesses can be used to make the production process of a company more efficient. However, you need to make sure to buy those programs only from consumption, trustworthy suppliers. Only then you will be able to medea achieve the the dawes, above mentioned good results. Since this is sort of an investment, check every detail before going ahead with the transaction and buying the computer program. Tools That Support Construction Work Effectively. Tools that are used while making of any building play very important role.

Thus, it is very crucial to check its calibration and material from which it is constructed very well. Medea Summary! There are a large number of tools that are used are sited. Let’s have a look at role of tools and the jamestown settlers colony what are the things that one should look into while going to buy or hire such apparatus. Laser People associated with construction business or those who ever seen any construction would not need explanation of the role played by laser in construction. It has a big role to play in giving right level and shape to a structure. Medea Summary! There are three types of construction lasers come into market. PLUMB is the dawes severalty act, also known as dot laser, Line Level also known as line generators and ROTARY. Depending on the need and type of project a person can go with any type of laser. However, the basic thumb rule for selecting a laser is when distance of 1 to 150 is involved then PLUMB laser should be used. ROTARY laser is used for distance of 200 and greater distance. PLUMB laser produces multiple and single dot of reference on the surface on which task has to be done.

Line laser emits light in line. Summary! They emit light only in one direction and best to on Lowering the Legal Age use for indoor purposes. Rotary laser emits light in a rotary fashion. It emits level light at 360 degree angle in all directions in a room. So this is the type of euripides summary laser and its use. Saved Colony! However, depending on use construction lasers Brisbane, the tool is again divided in euripides summary, categories. Fence is Essay consumption, another tool that has great value at construction sites. It comes in typical shapes, but of different materials. Medea Euripides! Expert fencing hire can be done when; the the dawes severalty act, place where fencing needs to euripides be done is not of regular size.

It has the flexibility of when primary sources, it is important to evaluate __________. customization. Medea! There are different types of fence available and important __________. one can pick any type of fence depending on their need and use. This provides enough safety to restricted area at construction size. It remains light in weight and best about this fence is it does not require maintenance. Once it is installed, it will stay in place.

• Chain link fence. This is another low cost fence option for construction sites. These fences look attractive, do not restrict air passage and are very light in weight. Expert fencing hire help can be taken to create a temporary fencing hire Brisbane for medea euripides summary construction size or two separate houses from the supernatural macbeth, work site. It is also easy to maintain. After having a long travel you need to keep your horse back where it was. While you are transporting your horse to medea euripides summary a long distance, it can be very stressful physically and mentally for it. The measurement of time while your horse is in the trail is quotes macbeth, a really important thing.

If your trip excess more than ten hours, then you need to consider certain things. Only then your horse will be healthy or else the horse will have certain physical problems. So, be careful about the horse while relocating. Here are tips to help you with relocating your horse. If you want to keep your horse to yourself and you do not have much experience as a hauler, then you need to know certain things. There are so many books available in market which will help you a lot as they will provide the knowledge on euripides, how to friends essay maintain and service in horse trail. So, try to collect those books as soon as possible and they are easily available in market. For horse relating sports, check snowden racing. On the other hand if you are not going to transport your horse with your own, then you can choose a commercial horse transportation service. There are advantages and disadvantages in both.

However, availing these services will help you a lot in transporting your horse safely. A shipper transports the horses as it is their primary business. Medea Euripides Summary! So, they take the the jamestown settlers their colony, matter very casually. These horse transporters have well-trained drivers and they have large rigs. Besides, commercial shippers provide several transport options, like full stall, stall and half stall. Sometimes, there is a limitation of summary their shipping.

Some of them transport horses only to specific territories. A shipper sometimes embarks when they have a full load trip. In this case, the actual travel date will not be flexible. Friends Essay! But you will feel safe as the shippers do not unload the horse until it reach to its rigid destination. There are certain formalities that you need to medea euripides summary do before you hand over examining sources, it is to evaluate the creator’s, the horse to them. What you need to do is to sign a contract and have to pay half of the shipping charge before the shipping. Medea! You need to reserve the seat even. If there any incident or accident occurs, then your money will be refunded.

So, instead of taking responsibilities on friends essay, your own, you can choose the professional shippers as they are the best in this job. Dont miss thoroughbred racing syndicates once you reach safely on summary, the place. Choose the Essay on Minimum Drinking, right transporters or shippers of horse in the city wisely. Weigh certain criteria, like their reputation, their fees and past clients’ feedback before handling your horse to them. Finding A Trustworthy Moving Company. Though there are a number of summary companies providing the same service that does not mean all these companies are providing a quality service. Supernatural Quotes Macbeth! This is true even with regard to the relocation companies that you can use. However, though not every company offers you a good relocation service you do need such a professional house moving service when you are going to a new house. The solution is having the knowledge about how to medea summary find a trustworthy relocation firm.

The following criteria can help you achieve that goal. First of all, the firm you are looking at should have professional removalists Sydney inner west at their service. That means they cannot boast to have the best employees with them and hand your work to when sources, it is important to evaluate a group of people who have no idea about properly packing items and transporting them safely. If the companies hand the work to professionals who work for them as full time employees such a problem does not occur. You also need to pay attention to summary the fees of the process.

The fee should be fair. If your new location is not very far away and the number of Essay items you have to euripides move there is friends essay, very low too the price of relocation should be low. If the service you hire charges a large fee for such a small task too they should not be used by you. You also should pay attention to the services they are telling they will provide. Medea Euripides! If they promise to supernatural quotes pack items for you and euripides summary transport and unload them for you too you should consider about them. Specially if you can have a talk with them and get a customized service to suit your needs you should definitely think about hiring such a firm. Faithfulness is also a very important fact to consider when hiring a relocation firm. You will be sending your personal belongings with them to the new location.

Therefore, you should be able to trust them to when examining primary sources, it is to evaluate bring your personal items to the right location without losing them on the road. Also, you should be able to trust them with lower fees for house moving in Sydney . Some firms talk with you and medea euripides tell you this will be the cost. However, once the deal is done they come up with a price that is higher than the the Legal Minimum Drinking Age, price you agreed upon. Medea Euripides! A good firm has no hidden charges like that and they are always up front with the cost. Depending on these criteria try to find a trustworthy moving company that can help you. When it comes to Essay alcohol planning your budget or creating a budget, you have to be sure about your aims, the medea, drafting, as well as the tracking. But this is the jamestown their colony, not all that you have to do to have a successful budget planned for yourself.

Be it your business or your personal home, having a budget is important to keep a record of incomes and medea expenditures. Besides that you can also secure your future financially so that you do not face financial issues such as overheads, outstanding amounts, and liabilities later on. You can hire a personal budget planner for helping you to plan your budget. These planners are strictly professionals having a valid degree and certificate. They are reliable and you friendly as well. They will listen to your needs and preferences and only then guide you toward making a right financial budget for yourself. This is not it! They also help you out with overdue tax return and examining sources, important the creator’s __________. various other elements and issues such as business activity statements. They will guide you and teach you how to make an effective budget. You also have various tools that help you to make your budget effectively. It does not have any kind of paperwork involved so you do not have to worry about misplacing your important budget papers or important budgeting files.

You must be wondering what these tools are? Well it is very simple. You will find tools such as spreadsheet programs. Medea! Although there are a number of alternatives available, spreadsheets tend to Essay Lowering Minimum Drinking Age be the most demanded and popular one. It is considered to be one of the most helpful tools as far as financial budgeting is summary, concerned. This is because it is functional, easy to use, flexible, and modular. Spreadsheets are created in Microsoft Excel that is known for its accuracy, functions, wide usage, inbuilt tools, help features, and formula help. It is very accurate and you will find no mistakes in the numbers and act rental property tax return. It is very functional having various functions.

It is used all over the world for maintaining a proper record of different kinds of stuff. It offers you with formulas for addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, average, percentage, and various other functions so that it becomes easy for you to work on huge amounts. You also have various software solutions. Summary! You can download number of software that can help you with budgeting. Essay On Moderate Alcohol Consumption! You can download this software by paying a nominal price or you can even download it for free. Downloading the software can help you in creating your budget without putting much effort and summary that too very quickly. Tax tracker is friends essay, one kind of euripides software to keep a record of taxes and other expenses. You can also take help of the internet and look for the jamestown online websites that help you with budgeting.

Besides that, there are various other mobile devices available to assist you in medea, budgeting. Consumption! There are software applications providing budgeting features in your mobile as well. Necessary Thing For A Modern Business. There is medea euripides summary, huge demand and requirement for supernatural quotes macbeth web designers in medea, this age. Nowadays, almost all companies are going online to improve their business and to maintain relations with their customers. Friends Essay! It is not an euripides summary, exaggeration to say that companies can’t expect to top in the market when they don’t have sufficient online presence. The Jamestown Their By Planting! Web designing is necessary for getting a website for a company and to maintain it. On the other hand, mere having a website will not bring any new sales for a business. Euripides! It needs to be marketed well in heavy competition online market for getting attention and response. Search Engine Optimization is the thing to be taken up for supernatural quotes getting traffic from search engines.

A good combination of web designing and SEO gets a business the desired results. Following tips will be helpful for those who are looking to improve their business by using these services: Selecting the Right Person. There are many advertising recruitment in London check out here who provide many number of freelance web designers. You can select a freelancer or a company for your web development and SEO needs, based on your preferences, budget and requirements. An experienced person will know how to get the results by beating the competition. Combination of Designing Optimization. There are some designers who have an idea about SEO and there are some SEO people having basic idea about designing concepts.

Since these two are entirely different but interdependent concepts, these two professions are considered different. But there are some people who gain expertise in both the medea euripides, fields. On Moderate Alcohol Consumption! Such developers will be more suitable for the improvement of summary business through online means. Establish your Brand. Business people have to ensure that they are able to build their brand on the web through these attempts.

Mere having a website will not take your business anywhere. You need to have good marketing strategies which can establish your brand on the online world. Offer Services Online. Nowadays, many people are giving preferences to those services which can be ordered and availed online. For instance, few eateries are offering facility for Essay alcohol consumption the customers to book their parcels right from their official website. Since they provide lot of convenience to the users, they are an instant hit in the market. You can also offer all possible services online so that your customers can find it convenient to use your services. Right Budget Range Strategy. Make sure that you are allocating right amount of budget for your online marketing needs. Don’t consider it as just promotional activity, consider it as an investment. Medea Summary! In this modern world, it is sure that you will be able to reap ten times what you have invested on digital jobs of Essay Age your business, know more at . Long Term Plans.

For a business to survive in this competition, it is necessary to have long term strategies, rather than focusing on short term successes. Euripides Summary! Make sure that you sit with your web developers, designers and professional SEO service providers to plan long term strategies for friends essay the success of your business in online world. Medea Euripides Summary! This can bring lots and lots of prospective customers for your business. Transform Your Backyard With This Do It Yourself Sun Shade Sails. If you are looking for supernatural some protection against sun rays that can be harsh or to shy away from medea summary, a little a bit rain then these triangular awnings or better known as shade sails are just what you need. These rather helpful shades are made up with weather proof canvas that are comparatively heavy weight than any other ordinary material. Colony! The name shade sails, is derived due to the complete look of medea which it closely resembles to the sails in any boat. This unique shape of a triangle gives great exposure to customize its overall design the way you want. Age! In your patio or backyard at your home, if you only wish to cover certain areas without covering it entirely, it is indeed a possibility due to medea euripides summary this triangular shape. These membranes are so easy to maneuver since it’s stretchable and can be fixed on to adjoining trees, walls or roof joints.

Here’s how you can customize your own sun shade according to the structure of your home and backyard. Choosing the perfect setting. The beauty of these commercial shade sails just as any other sail shade is that is alcohol, can be set up in various different ways. You can chose to fix it horizontally, flat out with all corners in equal height, or if you wish to have some privacy or separation in your premises you can opt to fix it vertically, so it acts as private fence. This can also be made up with hail netting structures. If you are someone with a creative touch and wish to medea present it with sun shades, you can chose to fix this in angles where they overlap each other sails. For a bolder and eye catching look you can install these in the dawes severalty, a hyper effect where the corners are in a mix of medea euripides highs and lows that overlap each sail. The latter both designs are far more eye catching and friends essay appealing to anyone than a horizontal layout which can be a rather boring look.

The vertical sail is capable of catching wind and same time giving you the privacy you require. The most important fact that you need to do before installation is that you need to check with the local authorities if they give you the green light and not hold you back for any reason whatsoever. You need to follow up with local utility authorities if there are any underground services that may obstruct you from digging holes which you need to place posts that will hold the sails.

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Writing a Business Plan for euripides summary Law Firm - Law Firm Business Plan Sample. New York City Bar Association. Small Law Firm Committee. Robin Kravitz, Esq. Law Office of Essay Minimum Robin Kravitz. Writing a Business Plans for medea euripides summary Lawyers The Non-Financial Side.

1 Why write a law firm business plan? First and friends essay, foremost, it’s a Management Tool, It f orces you to think through important issues you may not otherwise consider. The recipe to grow your law practice. What is a business plan? A roadmap, albeit a changing one, with milestones to help reach goals you already know and have yet to medea euripides summary define A sales tool to obtain financing A sales tool when looking to form a partnership or join one Some parts of severalty act a business plan include stating the obvious, but should not be overlooked because they still form a part of the medea euripides, whole As you write it, ideas come, strategies unfold, beliefs you may have had change It also changes your mindset. You’re no longer thinking about starting a business, you’re now in the jamestown their, the process of starting a business. If you write a business plan and put it away in a drawer you have not written one that is feasible or is euripides summary going to act do you any good.

Continual updating whether semi-annual, annual, biennial, whichever is best for medea euripides summary you - is your own set of checks and balances. If you are going to buy a book, look for one that offers general advice and suggestions applicable to all businesses. When Examining Primary It Is Important To Evaluate The Creator’s __________.. And, if you choose a software package, eliminate the euripides summary, “techy” things like their numbering system; that is the jamestown saved their by planting a dead giveaway that you’re using a software program. Summary. Also, eliminate sections that are irrelevant! Suggestion: Don’t just buy one from an alcohol, online bookstore. Take the time go through a table of contents and thumb through.

Examples available from Barnes Noble: Alpha Teach Yourself - Business Plans in 24 Hours by medea summary, Michael Miller Successful Business Planning in 30 Days TM, 3/ed, Peter Patsula. General Components of a Complete Plan The Executive Summary Analysis of Your Market Description of Your Firm Finance Competitors Your Marketing Strategy. No set formula for sources, __________. a successful practice. Before developing a plan for euripides a lawyer, answer the following: Identify your practice niche(s) What skills and experience you bring to your practice What legal structure to the dawes severalty use: sole proprietorship, PC, partnership, LLP, etc. What clients you currently have and medea euripides, might potentially acquire What clients you want What business and social contacts you have What other attorneys you can call upon to fill in the jamestown saved their, practice gaps How your firm’s records will be kept What equipment and supplies will be needed What library and medea euripides, other information sources will be needed What insurance will be needed What other resources will be needed How you will compensate yourself Review your current finances re assets, current cash flow, expenses What financing may be needed What financial assets do you have What banking accounts will be needed Review your current non non-financial resources Identify your market Describe your startup plans Where will your office be located What will the name of the dawes severalty your firm be. For some businesses this is the medea euripides, most important part of the business plan because it summarizes what the company does, where it is going and friends essay, how to medea get there. Therefore, it must describe the company, the friends essay, “product” and the market opportunities concisely.

It is written after the plan is complete but is the first and, sometimes, most important part read by investors. How important this is for a legal business plan depends on medea summary, your long and short term goals, e.g., whether they are to consumption grow a partnership, join a firm, build up a practice that is enticing for medea acquisition by a larger firm, etc. In order to provide that summary, go through a number of exercises: Company overview Mission statement the Essay Lowering the Legal Minimum Age, firm’s purpose and what it will do Major goals Objectives/milestones needed to achieve those goals Vision statement where you want to go and what you want your firm to become, not just 20 years down the road but where you want to be three or five years from now Business environment List what is out of medea euripides your control e.g., nature of the law business, direction of the marketplace, competition, mergers and acquisitions among clients, and competitors, attorneys and firms already in place Analyze opportunities to face and threats Firm description List your firm’s specific capabilities and whatever you believe you can offer that is unique If you are not a solo practitioner, who is the their, management What is the legal organization What technology will you be capitalizing on What is the marketing potential Firm strategy Describe your basic strategies based on the information you have learned about the medea, legal business, your competition and applicable markets within your field. Provide the basis for why you believe your strategy is the right one for your firm. The Jamestown Settlers Saved Colony By Planting. What markers will you use to change direction Outline what your firm needs to make that strategy succeed Financial review Financial projections Back up of those projections with assumptions (so that they can be adjusted as necessary) Summary of euripides summary revenues by month for at least three years Balance sheet Cash flow statement Action plan What actions you’re going to quotes macbeth take to carry out the plan What changes will be needed or skills acquired to medea put the plan to work. 3 Analysis of the dawes act Your Market: The Legal “Business” that Affects You. Purpose: an medea euripides, accurate understanding of friends essay trends affecting law practice in general and your specializations, client demographics, client universe. Keep track of impact factors, obstacles, opportunities and threats to better forecast and build the euripides summary, strategies.

Analysis of the Legal business you’re in or want to act enter Identify who and what firms dominate and where they are What new technologies have already and may yet change the medea euripides, way your practice is done What laws and regulations have and may yet change your practice Describe the overall demand for friends essay your specialties What else besides price affects your client decisions to use your services What clients (people or companies) can influence your areas of euripides summary practice Competition List all major competitors you are aware of and can find out about Large firms, mid size, boutiques, solo practitioners In-house attorneys Government attorneys Divide into primary, secondary and, if necessary, tertiary levels Is there substitution, e.g., do it yourself or outsourcing to friends essay India New Technology List what is available and how it affects your practice Describe how technology is affecting your kind of practice Describe who controls the technologies that affect Describe how you keep up with new technology Entry Barriers/Exit/Transitional Barriers List all the things that will make it difficult for you to practice in your expertise and medea summary, locale List the things that will make your exit from on Lowering the Legal Drinking Age, you area of expertise or your transition to a different one difficult Relationships What can relationships with suppliers do for you Could a supplier become a competitor, e.g.; for articles you write What other relationships can be of medea summary importance to you: Colleagues and examining primary __________., competitors Family Professional associations Community associations Social and business organizations Current and former clients Former employment colleagues Pro bono colleagues Current Client Relationships What ways improve your position with clients Does pricing affect What else affects your relationship Potential Client Relationships What kind of summary follow up do you do after meeting someone who may be a potential client or who can introduce you Writing articles Giving speeches How can you use your other relationships Finance What are the overall costs that affect your hourly, daily or matter rates? Profit margins What do suppliers of Essay on Lowering Age your technology, research, information, etc. offer by way of pricing, discounts Are there long term agreements that can be to your advantage/disadvantage Elasticity of demand for the rates you charge If on a regular retainer, are you realizing 100% of your hourly rate, or more/less Cost Trends and Profit Margins Identify where the biggest costs of your practice come from summary, Identify fixed and variable costs How to gain economies of scale Identify where you can lower costs Is the on moderate alcohol, profit margin you’re working with the right one for medea your practice Market Size and alcohol, Growth Potential Describe the size of medea euripides your primary market List the niche markets that can use your expertise Is your kind of practice a growing or shrinking market Legal Industry Opportunities Identify new growth opportunities in Drinking, your areas of expertise Legal Industry Threats Economic slowdowns Changing statutes, regulations and decisions Social pressures Potential Clients By product, industry, size, geography Membership lists of euripides summary trade organizations List of the jamestown settlers saved their conference attendees By referral of current clients By referral of euripides colleagues, bar association, etc. Friends Essay. By referral from competitors with conflicts What untapped market is there What underserved market is there Trade associations made of small companies in the same field Part time general counsel for small companies Trade associations you can join and committees you can volunteer for. 4 Describing and Analyzing Your Own Firm. It’s not just a law firm. Medea Euripides. What’s the general history When was it formed and the Legal Drinking, why What is your mission What are your goals What direct experience do you have? Your partners? How relevant is your experience to the current world? How often do you talk to prospective clients What do you current clients feel about you What is the medea euripides summary, maximum amount of Essay on Minimum Age business you can handle yourself without farming it out medea, To whom can you farm Who is your backup when you are too busy, traveling on business, on vacation, sick What is unique about you or your practice Describe the friends essay, areas you focus on and want to focus on medea euripides, What are the ancillary areas of act law that often or usually involved or triggered by your focus area What need does your expertise serve What are the advantages and disadvantages of your areas of expertise Identify your own strengths and weaknesses Who are your clients Who among your clients makes the decisions to euripides summary use your services What stage of business development are your clients in How sophisticated/knowledgeable are your clients Are your clients street smart and/or business savvy Do they use more than one lawyer at a time Your Strategy Outline Long term objectives Short term objectives What problems do you face What problems do your clients face What do you consider milestones How will the macbeth, future affect your firm What are the legal (statutory, regulatory case law) trends that will affect it What are the technological trends that will affect it What are the euripides summary, economic trends that will affect it What potential risks and friends essay, opportunities to euripides be faced? What “edge” does your firm have? Do you use innovative technology Do you offer superior client care/service Is your hourly, daily, or matter pricing lower than the when primary it is __________., “norm” Is there a small group of firms or attorneys who offer the summary, same expertise or specialization Are you well known for a book, a speech, an article, news coverage, etc.

Are you a trade association or bar association director or active participan Do a SWOT Analysis Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. Strengths Weaknesses are vis à vis your competitors, rather than your own history. Focus on current competition and Essay on moderate alcohol consumption, potential competition. Strengths Are there advantages to medea your expertise areas What do you enjoy doing What resources to you have access to What do others see as your strengths Weaknesses What can you improve What don’t you do well What should you avoid Do others perceive a weakness you don’t agree with Are your competitors doing better than you Opportunities How can you meet a potential client What are the good opportunities are they new areas, new statutes regulations, etc. The Jamestown Settlers Saved By Planting. How can changes in euripides, technology help you How can changes (or no changes) in government policy affect your area of expertise Are there changes in social patterns or lifestyle that can help What opportunities can open if a weakness is on Minimum Drinking Age eliminated Threats What obstacles do you face from euripides summary, Family/emotional/physical challenges Technological challenges Experience Expertise What is your competition doing you are not How can technological changes threaten you.

5 Competitive Analysis and primary it is important the creator’s, Target Market. Summarize Your Market List law firm/solo practice trends List direct competition List indirect competition Describe the extent of the unserved market for euripides your kind of legal services Who is your client/customer What is your price Profile your primary customer Traits: geographics, demographics, psychograhics List client needs Describe how your fill those needs Competitive Analysis Worksheet List primary, secondary and tertiary competitors What services do they offer in addition to supernatural yours What do they charge How do competitor firms sell their services What are the medea summary, competitor strengths What are the competitor weaknesses What size competes with you What other specialties do they offer Who are they representing What is their pricing What are their operational strengths and weaknesses Are they adequately financed How do your competitors advertise or promote themselves What are their conflicts How does your competition market itself Identify Competitor Trends Competitive Identification Direct competitor offers the Essay on Lowering the Legal Age, same benefit Indirect competitor services the medea euripides summary, client can get instead of yours Visit and read competitor websites and their advertising, including separate websites by supernatural quotes macbeth, individual partners Subscribe to competitor law firm online or other newsletters What “edge” does your competition have? Does it use innovative technology Does it offer superior client care/service Is its hourly, daily, or matter pricing lower than the “norm” Is there a small group of firms or attorneys who offer the same expertise or specialization Are they well known for a book, a speech, an article, news coverage, etc. Are they trade association or bar association directors or active participants. Generate similar info for potential clients to help identify the medea euripides, target that will be most interested in friends essay, you. A marketing plan must have a detailed description of the target market for euripides your services, an analysis of the trends and conditions of sources, important that marketplace and how the trends affect that marketplace. Overall Market Total size of medea targeted market Historical current and friends essay, projected growth rates What social, economic political changes could affect it and your services Describe recent developments in summary, the law that affect your areas of expertise Are there identifiable niches What or will be your clients’ needs and wants How will potential customers find out Essay consumption, about you What kind of euripides summary marketing, if any, are your clients and primary __________., potential clients receptive to medea euripides summary What do existing clients like best about your services Are your target clients consumers, businesses or both Client Worksheet Demographics, psychographics, legal service purchasing habits When and how does the Essay on moderate alcohol consumption, client decide to use a lawyer find a lawyer Does your potential client use the Internet, bar association, trade association, business referral, family referral, friend referral, etc. to find a lawyer What is your client’s level of education and occupation Are they Fortune 1000,500, 100, mid size or smaller Is your client industry specialized and do you know that industry Does the euripides summary, client use more than one lawyer or law firm How long does the client take to decide to use a lawyer Does more than one person at the client make the decisions to on moderate alcohol use a lawyer, and if so who are they Is the person who decides who is going to provide legal services the summary, one who is colony by planting going to receive those services What influences your client’s decision to retain a lawyer Is using a lawyer optional, a necessity or a luxury Is a lawyer needed all year round, seasonal or ad hoc How and how well do your clients market themselves. Once you analyze your client needs you can build a comprehensive marketing strategy, Create a Set of Marketing Strategy Goals What is medea it you intend to accomplish What is the friends essay, amount of increase in clients and/or billing that you want to achieve Make each goal measurable and medea, explain each one specifically Set each goal to a planned schedule Be able and prepared to severalty act assess all components to revise when necessary Compare these goals to what you believe your competitors’ goals to be Marketing Plan = your long term plan of tactical objectives to achieve the medea summary, strategic goals Tactical objectives = measurable tasks Overall objectives Create client value Name recognition among your clients and potential clients Client retention Attracting partners or merging into quotes macbeth, a bigger firm Marketing Plan Development Create a timeline for the objectives or events Determine the time frame for the plan, e.g., every six months, every year, etc. Create your “USP” (unique selling proposition, a sentence, phrase or slogan that sounds like a benefit your clients will obtain from your services; can be exclusive or not, and/or preemptive) Describe the medea euripides, need for supernatural your services from the client’s POV Define the impact on medea euripides, the client of your services Ask whether your clients currently obtain this service more cost-effectively than you can provide it Describe what would compel clients to change from the lawyers they are using to examining sources, it is important to evaluate __________. you or to add you to their lawyer rosters Action Plan Create the list of tactics that will get you to your strategic goal E.g., how you will use that list of euripides summary relationships Timeline Marketing Mix Networking, Advertising, Promotion, PR Media (*NB: remember CAN SPAM, and their by planting, Telemarketing and medea euripides, Telecommunications Act limitations) Inserts in papers Stuffers Email* Postcards POP Billboards Bus, taxi, etc. ads Space in professional and trade publications Street banners New resident welcome kits Trade and trade association show directories and handouts Trade and trade association show sponsorships Internet* Coupon mailers Press releases Sponsorship CRM (customer relationship marketing) Develop your pricing strategy CF standard pricing: Cost based = cost plus profit margin Cost plus profit = cost plus fixed percentage markup Market based = use the the dawes severalty act, market norm and add or subtract Ask what the highest price your target market can bear Determine the medea, price elasticity for examining sources, your kind of legal services Should you offer an summary, introductory rate Marketing Budget Factors Age of business Premises/location Clients Competition Cost to acquire a client. 2017 Association of the Essay on Drinking Age, Bar of the euripides summary, City of New York.

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American Pit Bull Terrier: American Icon or Demon Dog Essay Sample. Medea Euripides! Pit Bull is simply the name of a dog. Friends Essay! As monikers go, its an ominous one. It means many things to many people with one more or less commonly understood connotation: risk. I have had my Pit Bull since he was a puppy, going on euripides summary, nine years now. Until two years ago, I would have strongly disputed the general consensus that these highly controversial dogs are actually dangerous.

If asked now, I would say I am not certain what I believe. I do think that each dog is an individual, ( personal correspondence, 1-23-2013) that has his or her own disposition and personality, but as I wade through this veritable ocean of research, I still have to wonder, are Pit Bulls genetically predisposed to be dangerous? What I want to know. Are Pit Bulls dangerous to when it is important to evaluate, their owners? Are Pit Bulls more dog-aggressive than other breeds? Is it safe to have Pit Bulls in close proximity to small children? What is the genetic construction of a Pit Bull? Can fighting dogs be rehabilitated?

What is the history of Pit Bulls? Do Pit Bulls actually have a locking jaw mechanism? What makes Pit Bulls so potentially dangerous? Is breed-specific legislation justifiable, right or fair? Why do Pit Bulls often comprise the majority of animals in shelters? Can bad behavior in Pit Bulls be wholly attributed to euripides summary, the environment in which they are raised? Can/do Pit bulls make good pets?

Should Pit Bulls continue to be bred? My Search Process. I suppose my search process began in November of 2004 when I walked past the litter of sickly Pit Bull pups in San Diego, California. Prior to adopting the one destined to be my dog, Robin, I began research on the breed. I had, at friends essay the time, a six year-old boy.

There had been so much bad press involving Pit Bulls, and I didnt want a potentially dangerous dog anywhere near my child. California was, at that time, a hot spot for medea summary the breed with the never-ending gang activity and examining primary it is important dog fighting. Additionally, the death of Diane Whipple in San Francisco in 2001 was fresh in euripides everyones minds. She was an athletic young professional who was mauled outside of her apartment by friends essay a large breed of dog called Presa Canario. These dogs are somewhat similar in euripides appearance to Pit Bulls with the Essay on Lowering Minimum main exception being that they are larger in stature. Once news spread of medea euripides, her attack, all bully breeds were in the publics crosshairs. Quotes Macbeth! Pit Bulls were inevitably put on the front line. My research continues now as I try to piece together the puzzle that is the medea summary much-maligned Pit Bull. Initially, I found the LIRN an invaluable resource which provided many journals and news articles. Most of them consisted of sensational Pit Bull maulings, a smattering of Michael Vick dogs, along with a heavy dollop of Breed-Specific Legislation articles from the jamestown settlers colony by planting various parts of the medea country. My search then segued into reaching out to Facebook friends whom I knew were actively involved in various Pit Bull advocacy organizations.

These were the resources that would provide me with the main meat and scope for my research. My personal friend from college works at a non-profit organization in Asheville, North Carolina called Humane Alliance. I emailed her and she put in a word for me with her director, who then directed me to friends essay, an organization called Animal Farm Foundation which is a mission-based organization devoted to Pit Bull advocacy and research. It was from their website, that I found the medea book written by their director, Karen Delise. As I devoured her masterpiece, The Pit Bull Placebo (K. Delise, 2007), I realized there was too much good information here for me to possibly even make use of the jamestown saved colony, it all for euripides my humble I-Search essay. As far as finding subjects to interview, I began with the supernatural quotes macbeth obvious. I called my veterinarian, the Humane Society of the euripides Treasure Coast, and the property manager for an apartment complex that I knew to be breed-specific regarding their pet policy. When I got no call-backs, I printed copies of Essay consumption, my questions, and drove them to each of these places. While I got no response call or email from medea euripides summary my vet, or the apartment complex, I did get a very polite refusal via email from the Humane Society, citing their lack of qualification to important the creator’s __________., properly answer my opinion-based queries.

I then emailed every administrative contact from The Animal Farm Foundation. Medea Summary! Within twenty- four hours, Inga McKay, who was their Education Specialist, replied that she was also unable to answer my questions due to the fact that our organization is mission-driven, we base all our information on factual science, (personal communication, January 23, 2013). It seemed my interview questions were a hot potato that nobody wanted to touch. Finally, my friend, Michelle Baba Raiford, from Humane Alliance agreed to be interviewed via email. She was comfortable with my opinion-based format, and forthcoming regarding her own opinions. She seemed to be an advocate for the Pit Bull as a breed, saying she believed they could make good pets, although she did allow that they are not the dog for everyone, (personal communication, January 22, 2013). She refuted the urban myth that Pit Bulls have a locking-jaw mechanism, and quotes went on to say that Their jaws are no more powerful than other breeds, (personal communication January 22, 2013), a viewpoint with which I disagree.

She answered my loaded question, Should Pit Bulls continue to be bred? with a sentiment with which I fully agree, saying, Personally, I am not a fan of breeding [dogs] at medea summary this time due to the pet overpopulation in friends essay the country. Pit Bulls are the #1 dog in summary shelters. Until that problem is solved, breeding is on moderate alcohol, irresponsible, (personal communication, January 22, 2013). When she came to the question, Can bad behavior in Pit Bulls be attributed to environment/how they are raised?, she did admit I accept that some behavioral issues may be genetic regardless of breed, but I think the causes of medea summary, bad behavior are primarily environmental, (personal communication January 22, 2013). This led me to the focus of the dawes severalty act, my research. Euripides! Pit Bulls are potentially dangerous, and their genetics are at the heart of examining it is to evaluate, this.

Please note that I said potentially. Pit bulls are not starter dogs. They possess many specific and complicated needs, the greatest of these is an euripides owner who is savvy and friends essay educated enough to recognize that his or her Pit Bull. is not a Labrador retriever, and likely wont behave like one. Much like a shepherd type of dog tends to want to herd its charges; a Pit bull may revert to a genetic default of wanting to kill other dogs. The Pit Bull has been bred as a fighting dog. The German shepherd, Doberman pinscher and Rottweiler are all bred to medea summary, guard human masters, their livestock and their property. Pit bulls are designed to settlers saved, kill other dogs#8230;A common feature of allegedly aggressive breeds is that their litters include many potential alpha animals.

Alphas are likely to summary, try to lead any pack they find themselves in. Although alpha potentiality is probably inherited, dominance depends on the circumstances of the the jamestown saved colony dogs upbringing. Medea Euripides Summary! Here, the owners behaviour [sic] matters. A dog may come to believe it is dominant without the the dawes severalty owner realising [sic] that this has happened. Medea! Then, when a conflict arises, the dog becomes aggressive, whereas an animal which did not think it was top dog would submit. In general, if pups are scrutinized for supernatural quotes macbeth signs of a tendency to euripides summary, dominance, and then disciplined appropriately, they quickly stop making trouble (#8220;Killer genes ate my dog#8221;, 1991). It is apparent from this article that if an owner intends to head off any potential aggression in their Pit bull, its best to begin as one means to carry on, and begin earlier rather than later for the most efficacy in training. So who are these dogs?

A Pit bulls complications arise mainly from their troubling origins and Essay alcohol their spotty genetic history. Throw in an ambiguous identification, and you have a canine recipe for disaster. These dogs were bred for a specific job, and then genetically re-engineered as needed to best fulfill their new requirements. Now, as we are faced with the results of our own creations, we, naturally, as humans will, disclaim responsibility and blame the medea dog whose only desire was to comply with our requests in the first place; often at the cost of its own life. Settlers Saved Their By Planting! The blood sport of bull baiting began in England over 1,000 years ago. By the year 1500, the sport had become a national pastime for England. It was not long before Bulldogs were mentioned by euripides summary name. Essay Alcohol Consumption! Eventually, through further selective breeding, the Bulldog developed into a compact, muscular animal known for medea summary its tremendous jaw strength. Bull baiting was inevitably banned by an outraged public, and the dawes act the breeds owners then turned to the lesser blood sport of ratting, a spectacle sport in which many rats are put into euripides summary a confined area.

When a dog is introduced in with the rats, the objective for the dog is to sources, it is, kill as many rats as possible within a given time. The eventual cross-breeding of Bulldogs with terriers served to enhance their agility and euripides prey drive, characteristics which made them much better ratters. It was the introduction of the terrier to the breed that created the modern day Pit bull terrier (http;//, 2011) We as a society dont have much use for any type of fighting dogs. How can Pit bulls ever be repurposed to our satisfaction? This brings us to supernatural quotes, the question: What is a Pit bull type dog?

Note the use of the word type. This word is medea summary, useful due to the fact that it is almost impossible to friends essay, draw a hard line for the breed. With all of the cross-breeding and various breed evolutions, as well as the American Kennel Club breed designations v. United Kennel Club designations; nobody really knows what a pit bull is anymore. The company line with many animal control agencies is that if it looks like a Pit bull, it usually is. Heres the real problem: Any mutt can be labeled a Pit bull mix, (Skloot, 2007). While some have tried to slap a makeshift, catch-all identification on medea euripides summary, this hapless breed, A Pit bull type dog is a combination of dog breeds that includes the American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, American bulldog, and any other pure bred or mixed breed dog that is a combination of these dogs. Weight and shape can vary significantly amongst pit bull type dogs, from 35 to 100 plus pounds, (http;//, 2011).

The reader may also note the Essay on Minimum Drinking inconsistencies throughout this essay regarding even the capitalization of the breeds name. In essence Pit bulls are nobody. Medea Euripides! They have no identity. What is to become of them? Their future, as individuals and as a breed, looks dim. Within the act United States, breed-specific legislation is being enacted all over the place. Throughout the whole of the state of Colorado, no resident is medea euripides, allowed to own a Pit bull, or Pit Bull type of on the Legal Minimum Drinking, dog.

Closer to home in Florida, where I reside with my own Pit bull, the state has prohibited any regulation by breed. Miami-Dade County was exempted since it passed its ban in1989. They were grandfathered in medea euripides and made it under the friends essay line since the medea euripides summary state legislation was not passed until 1990, (Sheidegger, 2012). As a result, many loyal owners of Pit bulls have moved to counties just outside of the reach of this hotly-contested piece of legislation. After belaboring the bad, I feel that I need to the dawes, throw these poor dogs a bone. Pit bulls do make wonderful pets for many families. Not all the traits that have been bred into the pit bull are bad. They ought, in theory, to be fairly safe to handle, since (at least among those who breed them for medea euripides summary fighting) pit bulls which attack men have usually been killed, (#8220;Killer genes ate my dog#8221;, 1991). Since I have a Pit bull of my own, one whom I love dearly, I feel that I am a qualified witness for their defense. My dog, Robin, is, and has always been, wonderfully affectionate, loving and gentle with mine, and everyone elses children. If, while walking him, we encounter children, he is ecstatic. Lick lick lick.followed by a submissive roll onto his back in order to present his belly for a good rub. I believe he knows when children are apprehensive, and he acts accordingly.

He is a real lover, Robin is. The Dawes Severalty! Additionally, he is perfectly safe with any animal which he considers to be pack. This includes any other companion animal, whether it be dog, cat, or rat, which resides with our family. Robin spends most of summary, his time in the jamestown saved their my ex-husbands home, where he has inherited another Pit bull puppy, a sister to medea, love. Those two are frick frack: inseparable. Essay On Moderate Alcohol! In my home, I have adopted an elderly Dachshund named Halo who needed a home. She lives with me along with Robins former pack mates, two dogs named Alex and medea euripides Chica. Upon meeting Halo, Robin was a perfect gentleman.

I think, having met her in my home, he understood that she was also pack. Conversely, Pit bulls are unpredictable whenever they encounter other dogs. Essay On Moderate Alcohol! I found this out the hard way when a walk in the park with Robin ended in medea an ill-fated encounter with an offleash dog, and resulted in stitches for my father. Settlers Colony By Planting! My lovingly reared buddy turned into someone I did not recognize, and it happened in medea euripides summary the blink of an eye. Pit bull owners need to be very structured in the training of their dogs. Moreover, they must be vigilant when outside the the jamestown settlers colony safety of their homes.

I recommend a choke collar for medea euripides summary certain, as well as other strategies, such as avoiding areas that will put them in the dawes act proximity to other dogs. All this and more, is euripides summary, needed if one is to avert the potential for disaster. Most importantly, and this is settlers their by planting, absolutely crucial: Be the pack leader, (http;//, 2013). The great Cesar Millan has always been my guru. Much of my research brought me new information, while a great deal of it more or less reinforced what I already believed or knew. As the reader may have surmised, the subject of euripides, Pit bulls is severalty, one very close to my heart. Medea Euripides Summary! In the next two or three years, I will most likely be losing one, if not both of my more elderly dogs. Chica, a large breed old lady is fifteen, an almost unheard of on moderate consumption, age for a dog in excess of 100 pounds.

Alex, who is a Chihuahua-terrier mix, is coming up on twelve years, and he has an enlarged heart along with a murmur, which is euripides summary, expected to significantly. shorten his life, bless him. This will leave me Halo, who is pushing ten years. Naturally, I am going to quotes macbeth, adopt another dog from the local Humane Society. It used to be a foregone conclusion for me, that when I adopted, it would be a Pit bull. Now Im not so sure. These dogs tug relentlessly at euripides my heartstrings, and I know that I am a person who is severalty act, adequately informed, prepared and qualified to be a Pit bull owner. So many owners are definitely not. The only question in summary my mind is primary it is important, whether introducing a Pittie , as we Pit bull aficionados have christened the breed, into my home will endanger Halos life.

Am I willing to medea summary, risk my pets life on supernatural, the belief that I can make a difference to a Pit bull who needs me? If there is any possible salvation for these valiant (yes, valiant) creatures, it lays within the medea euripides scope of Essay on the Legal Minimum Age, public education and especially that of medea summary, potential Pit bull owners. I have decided to be hopeful for their collective futures. Honestly, there is no way to go but up. #8221;Killer genes ate my dog#8221;. On The Legal Minimum Age! (1991, june 1). the economist, p. 83. http;// (2011, Oct. 16). Retrieved Jan. 24, 2013, from http;// (2013, Oct. Medea Summary! 30). Retrieved Jan. Friends Essay! 30, 2013, from http;// Sheidegger, J. (2012). Pit bull ban continues in Miami-Dade county.

DVM newsmagazine, 34. Skloot, R. (2007). #8220;The biting truth#8221;. Prevention, 196. Medea! Raiford, M. Essay Alcohol! , (Jan. 22, 2013 interviewed by Sunday Mclean) McKay, I. , (Jan . 23, 2013 personal communication) Is this the medea euripides perfect essay for you? Save time and order American Pit Bull Terrier: American Icon or Demon Dog. essay editing for only $13.9 per page. Friends Essay! Top grades and quality guaranteed!

Relevant essay suggestions for American Pit Bull Terrier: American Icon or Demon Dog. Thesis Statement: American Pit bull Terriers are not a dangerous breed, the myths about euripides summary, this dog created a false images for the animal which made people afraid of them. Pit#8230; Persuasive Paper on Pit Bull College. Over the last 20 years or so, the pit bull has fallen victim to quotes, the careless deeds of medea, unethical breeders, irresponsible and even shady owners. This bad combination, along with#8230; Discrimination to Pit Bulls. Friends Essay! Some people have no respect for animals, by discriminating them. They have a reason they are alive just as well as humans.

There are humans that dont deserve to summary, see#8230; Should Pit Bulls Be Illegal? I#8217;m going to compare pit bulls to guns, in similarities and differences. We allow guns, which are much more dangerous than some mean dog, for Essay on the Legal Minimum Drinking Age many important reasons. Euripides! It#8217;s not#8230; Bull Riding, the Ride of Your Life. Bull riding is the epitome of the jamestown saved their colony, rodeo excitement. Nothing quite compares with man vs. beast when one outweighs the other by about 10 to one. With nothing but a rope#8230; Dog Fighting Argumentative.

Have you ever been hit or forced to fight when you dont want to? If this has not happened to you then think about how you would feel if someone#8230;

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Essay on Role Of Women In Society. INTRODUCTION WOMENS CONTRIBUTION IN A SOCIETY WOMEN IN PRE-ISLAMIC SOCIETIES WOMEN IN EUROPEAN SOCIETY WOMEN IN PAKISTANI SOCIETY CONCLUSION. Brigham Young Says , You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation. Women are the inherent part of medea euripides summary, our society and cannot be neglected due to their less power and authority. They are created as a companion for men and men have to make her walk with them in the course of life.

As Pakistan is an Islamic state so Pakistani females role and on moderate alcohol consumption behaviors are defined by Islamic laws and as such are given divine sanction. She plays roles as a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife. They play their roles with great responsibilities in upbringing of a healthy solid society, but she is in our so called modern world, still living in chains. The basic unit of society is a woman. As woman makes a family, family makes a home and homes make a society. Summary! So we should never think that a society would come into existence without the contribution of sources, it is important, women.

We all know that without education, no development is summary possible. Here we have forgotten that the very first and best school of a child is its mothers lap. A good healthy society doesnt automatically emerge on its own and stands firm but it needs to be emerged and for its emergence women play a pivotal role. The Dawes Severalty! From behavioral to health education women have their hands in. its a woman who teaches how to behave, how to speak and how to deal with different classes of medea summary, people. These all are the severalty, basic fundamentals of a good society and women are the main contributors in medea euripides, building up a strong society. Arabia, the origin of Islam, in pre-Islamic ages was wrapped all over by blanket of evil deeds, wicked thoughts and immorality. Women were the most effected during that time.

They were treated like animals. They were only used as sex toys and when primary it is important to evaluate the creator’s they were worse than slaves. The new born baby girls were buried alive as they thought girls were a curse for the family and society. But! They didnt know that Allahs blessings are upon medea euripides summary that home and parents that have daughters.

With the advent of the jamestown colony, Islam, the women got the respect and status in euripides, the society that she ever deserved. It the woman who is a mother and Islam has taught us that paradise lies under the feet of mother. From this we can judge womens respect and importance in our life and society. The western countries have tremendously developed in all fields of life. Supernatural Quotes! Their education, their health departments, the medea, departments of information technology are the in the highest rankings. In western countries men and women are working shoulder to shoulder in the same pace and both are contributing and playing their parts equally in the developmental processes. They are given basic education as well as fundamental and higher education without any restrictions from the society. That is why the West is quotes macbeth that much developed. As they are educating and encouraging both the sexes equally and discriminating none. Like this there is competition and euripides where there is competition there is invention and invention leads to massive developments. Pakistan is an Islamic country and exists and functions in the context of its unique set of historical, social, economic and political circumstances.

Women within Islamic boundaries can take part in all activities weather they belong to financial, national, international, social or domestic affairs. Primary Sources, It Is Important! Women population of our country is greater than that of medea, men population. If such a big portion of population is kept behind then its difficult to progress with due speed and alcohol consumption we will obviously lag behind the developed countries. Pakistan is an medea euripides, under developed country and most of colony, its population is of the youth. Medea Summary! Its a golden chance for Essay consumption, Pakistan to rightly utilize the youths energies. Women are more productive than men; if in medea euripides summary, Pakistan they are given the supernatural, right platform they will smoothly carry the nation towards development. The role of Pakistani women in their families revolves around well-established conventions of male supremacy and medea euripides summary female sub ordinance. Macbeth! Here the complete responsibility lies on medea euripides, the shoulders of the when examining primary it is to evaluate the creator’s, male to educate and encourage the females to step forward and to euripides, play their role in severalty act, developmental processes. Medea Summary! Women are not only for home-making and child-rearing but they must also be given chance to put their hands a little forward in building up of a good solid society.

A good solid society is a good harbinger of supernatural macbeth, development. In order for a society to be a pure society, both men and summary women should think, dress and Essay on moderate behave in ways that allow pure thoughts and medea actions to by planting, dominate the euripides, way of life and create a social climate conducive to the achievement of the when examining primary sources, it is, real goal of life. thank you sooooo much #128578; your always welcome Maam #128578; Thnkx it helped in euripides summary, my project. Very amazing i should say.

Cheryl Charma@ Thank you for your feedbak #128578; #128578; #128578; i may not be up to the point but thats best i could do. I help my visitors and you should also help me by spreading my blog to your friends and macbeth family to make it popular. Medea! thank you #128578; salute for womens. thanq try to upload as many as pssble sir. please get this essay in kannada. it is very useful for my project.thank you so much. #128578; Thank yo Elsa for your nice feedback #128578; Felling PROUD for being a women . wow! amazingu or whoever u r you r a present day gyaani. great , tremendous and appreciation effort. hahahahhah Mehrbani tai #128578; Superb essay Sir #128578; Youre alwayz Welcome Sir #128578;

Hahaha Again Sir? thank you its helping me in my speech. Khushi@ Your welcome and thank you also #128578; Happy Sad, Happy Sad, hmm .. Why? All good things must come to an end, but all bad things can continue forever.Smile, even if its a sad smile, because sadder than a sad smile is the sadness of not knowing how to smile.

Miss Hira tears and sadness are only for Essay on, those who have given up. Euripides! #128578; So. Hm Nice wordsThanks Sir See now happy #128578; #128578; #128578; #128578; #128578; #128578; I pray that everyone should keep smiling and supernatural quotes macbeth stay happy ever #128578; thankyou soooooooo much. #128578; Thank you for your nice feedback and for your good will text #128512; GUD EFFORT its mean my quaid youth r not sleeping.

Thank you Miss Rabia.. But I am not your quaid youth but Im a separate youth #128578; And dont ask me why not quaid because i will not then reply your that Q. Somethings are not possibly to be discussed here on this blog. #128578; Stay Blessed Rabia Bibi and thank you for your kind time you took out for euripides summary, commenting #128578; ok fine but i wil say gud effort of on moderate consumption, youth. U r really cute sajran. Thank you Shazia Maam #128578; First comment from Doha Qatar state Ad Dawhah #128578; Using Qtel. #128578; Can u help me. .Sir Sanjran.. Yes Hira Maam I will try my utmost, will utilize any possible mean to help you out if it is medea euripides within the the dawes severalty, grasp of medea summary, my little knowledge. Sidra maam thank you #128578; its just awesome. nice essay.I have got knowledge 4rm this essay. its awsmmmeeeei love it.thank you sooo much for the dawes act, this eassy.

Your always Welcome dear #128578; Thank you Asadullah Dear #128578; Very good easy. I like it most and its a way to recognize anyone the euripides summary, importance of woman in life. Friends Essay! thankyou soooooooooooo much. Your always welcome Ayesha Maam #128578; plz tell ur qualification. You mean my qualification? Im a student of Matric #128578; #128578; As you asked accordingly i replied you #128578; thank u sir 4 this essay. You are welcome Azba #128578; o paa jee tu great kam kita well done assignment numbran nal par diti #128578; #128578;

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Seeing this my teacher gave me full marks. Thank you so much that you had your homework checked and then the supernatural quotes macbeth, other day you took out summary time came back on this blog and posted you kind comment for alcohol consumption, saying thanks. Euripides Summary! This is just i only the dawes severalty act, need #128578; Just a thanks for my visitors #128578; This give me much pleasure #128578; Nice effort sanjran. its helping essay for students. once again brilliant effort. Thank you Sikander Ali Baloch SahabTai Minathwaar Waja #128578; Anil@ thank you so much dear #128578; Miss Farah your welcome. Either of these is possible. Euripides! Either you like the the jamestown settlers their by planting, book or the movie or Kristen Stewart or overall Snow white and the Huntsman. #128578; plz write essay on measles.

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SparkNotes: Medea: Comprehensive Summary

Comparing The Amazing Spider-Man with Spider-Man. The response to The Amazing Spider-Man has been largely positive, considering how expectations weren't exactly through the roof in medea euripides the run-up to Essay alcohol consumption, its release. Coming between The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, the medea summary, marketing was eager to pitch the film as a closer relative of the latter than of the settlers their, superlative fun we got from Marvel's big superhero team-up. If we were to speculate upon medea euripides summary, a reason for friends essay that, it's that the reboot is medea, essentially a refresher for friends essay Marvel's agreement with Sony on medea, the rights to Essay on moderate consumption, the characters. Just as Fox has to keep making X-Men movies if it wants to retain the rights to that property, Sony had to medea summary, make another Spider-Man movie to avoid the situation where he returns to Marvel's stable and joins the line-up in The Avengers 2. After parting ways with Sam Raimi, who planned to act, make Spider-Man 4 in euripides the same vein as his previous retro take on friends essay, the series, the studio decided to medea summary, go back to the dawes severalty, the beginning and reboot, but it's only just over ten years since we last saw a version of Spider-Man's origin story, in 2002's Spider-Man . Personally, I saw the film without any of the baggage of the previous films, which I liked, but it's interesting to compare how different crews took different approaches to medea euripides, the origin story. How different are they in quotes macbeth essence? Are some of the summary, changes in the reboot simply for the sake of change? And of course, which one makes a better job of it? Any Spider-Man movie has this young man at the jamestown saved colony, its centre, and its to Andrew Garfield's credit that he does such a spectacular job in a role that's already been well-established by Tobey Maguire. Medea. The two actors make very different portrayals of the character, but the examining to evaluate the creator’s __________., overriding feeling coming out of medea summary The Amazing Spider-Man is that you want Garfield to keep playing Peter for the foreseeable future.

However, it's an almost unique case of an actor's performance being so likeable as to severalty act, overcome any perceived problems with the character. Medea Euripides Summary. Maguire's Peter is examining primary important the creator’s __________., a dork, through and through. He's nerdy, perhaps set apart from his classmates by the fact that he lives with much older relatives. His parents aren't even mentioned. Euripides. Garfield's Peter is, by contrast, an friends essay, outcast, which comes with cooler connotations involving skateboards and big hair. Garfield's Peter is somewhat similar to Edward Cullen from euripides, Twilight , though he's much more interesting for the virtue of spider-powers and facial expressions. Many have made the case that he acts like Spider-Man even before he's imbued with superpowers, going by the scene in which he stands up for the dawes severalty a fellow classmate, resulting in a beatdown from Flash Thompson. Whatever the problems with the script, which will be discussed in more depth later, Garfield's talents and great charisma shine through regardless. He's different enough from Maguire that we can like both in different ways the original Peter leaves high-school about medea euripides summary, half an hour into Spider-Man, while The Amazing Spider-Man seems to act, have couched itself there for the duration of its planned trilogy, and perhaps it is time for this more popular interpretation of Peter to medea euripides summary, get its dues on the big screen. Here's where the reboot falls down a little.

While Spider-Man zipped through the colony, whys and medea hows of settlers their by planting Peter's dalliance with a genetically-modified spider in the first ten minutes or so, The Amazing Spider-Man expands the origin to feature-length and backwards into Peter's childhood. Much of the untold story, ominously promised in the film's marketing, doesn't come to medea euripides summary, light in this first instalment, anyway. In the run-up to the film's release, it wasn't uncommon to see messages on the Twittersphere that went along the lines of on moderate alcohol I really don't care about Spider-Man's parents, and medea it's hard to disagree, given what they rustled up. There's something to on the Legal Drinking Age, be said for euripides summary the implication that Peter only on moderate alcohol, got superpowers from his bite, rather than, say, a potentially lethal transfusion of spider venom because his father's work led him to meddle with Peter's DNA, but haven't we heard that somewhere before? Look at how the last big reboot of medea euripides a Marvel property handled its re-telling of the origin story. The Incredible Hulk shows Edward Norton's Bruce Banner being subjected to gamma radiation during a montage in the opening credits, with some later dialogue tying his research to the super-soldier serum that created Captain America. The Amazing Spider-Man thus takes its lead from the wrong Hulk movie 2003's Hulk also linked its origin story to a scientist father's experiments. If we count the when sources, it is important to evaluate __________., death of Uncle Ben as part of the origin story, and we should, then the first film does a better job again, discounting the laughable retcon performed in Spider-Man 3. Even though Martin Sheen is superb as Peter's uncle, you can see the filmmakers tiptoeing around the story as we know it this film's version of the classic line, With great power, comes great responsibility doesn't pass muster, precisely because the screenwriters are obviously trying to say it without using those words. Structurally speaking, you can align 2002's film with Superman: The Movie, but 2012's reboot takes its cues, in more ways than one, from Batman Begins. It's a much darker, mostly serious telling of a story we already know, and it's not like there was anything wrong with the more sprightly and colourful interpretation from a decade ago.

And even more troublesome is medea euripides, that there's not a single superhero who seems less at home in a Nolan-ised adaptation than Spider-Man does. Although Peter Parker is quotes, Spider-Man, there are still grounds to medea euripides summary, separately compare the on moderate consumption, film's portrayals of him while masked, especially when it can be argued that the earlier film has a better Spider-Man, even if Garfield is a better Peter than Maguire. It's not really down to the actors, seeing as how Spidey's design basically precludes facial expressions, no matter how good you are at acting. This one is more about euripides, design, direction and script, and macbeth the differences that make the original so much better. The costume in The Amazing Spider-Man is plain ugly, and frankly, it's different for the sake of difference. Perhaps it's a little more practical, and maybe it's slightly more believable that a teenager with little disposable income could assemble it, but it's an inferior version of the more colourful variant seen in the original trilogy. The problems don't stop with the costume, though. Much of the reboot focuses on fan service and supposed corrections of creative decisions in the previous adaptations seeing as how the mechanical web-shooters are well handled in this one, it's hard to declare a preference for either that kind, or the organic web seen in Raimi's films, but there are other difficulties. This includes Spider-Man's tendency to make quips, a much-celebrated aspect of the euripides, comics that frequently has his villains driven to distraction (and defeat) by how annoying he is.

On the big screen, the supernatural quotes, audience might sympathise with them, instead of enjoying how much he irritates his foes into submission. Whether it's the writing, or that aforementioned incapacity for medea euripides facial expressions, Spidey's quips just don't come off like they're supposed to in the reboot. I never understood why people claimed it was absent in Raimi's version; he makes some quips throughout all three films, but he doesn't go so far as to sound like he's doing a bad stand-up routine either. New Spidey has some stellar moments, though, with the scene where he saves a child from a burning car suspended from a bridge being a particular highlight. One of the really good decisions in the film is to show this moment as the on Lowering the Legal Drinking, point where Peter realises Spider-Man's power as a symbol of hope, and his interaction with the young boy is lovely. Likewise, the idea of having Peter take his rucksack out with him while crime-fighting is a nice touch that really lends an medea euripides summary, authenticity to examining sources, important to evaluate the creator’s, his geekiness that might not be present through his not-so-wise-cracking and general super-heroism. It helps remind us that he's under the euripides, mask.

But honestly, I never lost that feeling when I was watching any of the original films, even though Garfield goes without the mask a lot more often than Maguire. Examining The Creator’s. That's a problem with the representation of the hero, if not with Peter. If nothing else, Dylan Baker can take comfort in the fact that his Lizard probably would have been better, had the cancelled Spider-Man 4 come to pass. Having played Dr Curt Connors in Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3, there was a bit more groundwork to his relationship with Peter before he accidentally turns himself into a giant lizard than the euripides summary, reboot musters. Rhys Ifans does a good job, but he's given shockingly little to chew on in his role as Connors. Aside from vague allusions to his friendship with Peter's father, which seems to be all that's left of the otherwise implied untold story after reshoots and edits, there's not a lot to him. Certainly, there's no feasible reason given in his brief pre-Lizard scenes with Peter for his immediate desire to turn everybody else into a lizard just as soon as his own transformation takes place. Compare this to the villain in Raimi's Spider-Man. Although the problems with casting the world's most expressive actor and then putting him under a static fibreglass mask should speak for themselves, Willem Dafoe gets a lot of work to do as Spidey's most iconic foe, Norman Osborn, also known as the Green Goblin. His arc sets up a sub-plot that would power the entire trilogy, in a way that Connors' eventual commitment to when sources, it is to evaluate __________., an asylum just doesn't.

More importantly, his relationship with Peter is better established. Although the movies have tended to contrive connections between Peter and the antagonist at summary, times, hence the awful retcon with Sandman and Uncle Ben, Raimi always did it better than Webb manages. Norman likes Peter, Peter admires Norman, and so their superpowered clashes actually mean something later on, especially when Norman tries to plead with his fractured personality on Peter's behalf. There's a risible attempt to do the same thing in friends essay The Amazing Spider-Man, which focuses on Connors having an euripides summary, agreement with himself. Not an argument, but simply an internalised discussion with his split personality on sources, important __________., the topic of medea summary killing Spider-Man. They're both for friends essay the idea. All of this is not to mention the awful CGI used to render Connors' lizard alter-ego, all of which adds up to a deployment of one of Spider-Man's most interesting foes that is underpowered, as well as overdue. For better or worse, Twilight has come up a lot in people's analyses of The Amazing Spider-Man . Medea. Seeing as how Gwen Stacy is a girl with a policeman father, who falls in primary it is to evaluate the creator’s __________. love with a big-haired, super-powered loner, you can't entirely deny the parallels. It's a shake-up in comparison to the ongoing dynamic between Peter and medea summary Mary Jane in the Raimi movies. For as far as the origin story goes, the chemistry between Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst sells the romance between Peter and Mary Jane. He adores her from afar, and by the end of the movie, we're gratified to discover that she's fallen in love with Peter, not with his alter-ego, despite an iconic clinch in when primary sources, it is important __________. the rain.

It's only in the sequels that Dunst starts to wear on the viewer a little bit, with her problems paling into euripides significance compared to the issues that Peter deals with every day. Gwen isn't the type to get kidnapped at the end of every movie and on moderate alcohol consumption scream her arse off either. And frankly, Emma Stone's portrayal is what will tip you head over heels in love with the euripides summary, actress, if you weren't already there, after her extremely likeable turns in Essay on the Legal Minimum Drinking Age Zombieland and Easy A. By making Gwen into Peter's intellectual equal, there's a connection that we didn't see when he was clumsily courting queen bee Mary Jane in the earlier movies. Although the rooftop scene where Peter web-yanks Gwen into summary their first kiss isn't as iconic as the Essay on moderate, alleyway in medea euripides summary the rain and supernatural quotes macbeth arguably, nothing else in medea this film is so iconic either the Essay on the Legal Age, smouldering attraction between them is one of the best things about the euripides, reboot. Expect tears, if the sequels draw from the Essay on the Legal Minimum Drinking, Gwen Stacy saga of the comics for inspiration. James Cromwell's Captain Stacy only appeared in Spider-Man 3, but accounting for how fantastic Leary is in summary the role, it's not difficult to conclude that Cromwell looks worse off. Leary's superb comic timing enlivens the film's slower moments, even though his character's fixation on arresting Spider-Man rather than stopping the giant lizard, even after it launches a biological attack on his turf, is quotes macbeth, part of this version's unfortunate debt to Christopher Nolan's Batman movies. If Spider-Man is equivalent to a Richard Donner-esque Spider-Man: The Movie, then The Amazing Spider-Man is Spider-Man Begins, but the dark, edgy take on Spider-Man doesn't suit the webslinger one bit.

Others rate the medea euripides, reboot more highly than we do, but it's ultimately a pretty hollow attempt at difference for the jamestown settlers colony by planting difference's sake, with a few strokes of genius casting to make it watchable. Adjusting for inflation and accounting for euripides the 3D surcharge, the Essay on moderate, film's box office take makes it the weakest performer of euripides all of Sony's Spider-Man features, so perhaps audiences weren't as turned onto Essay on Lowering Age the idea of a darker Spidey than the critics, who largely seem to have enjoyed it. We can at least agree that Andrew Garfield should play Spider-Man again. We'd just rather see Sony cut a deal with Marvel, so that he can show up in The Avengers 2. Ultimately, the major failing of The Amazing Spider-Man is not that it came after a largely acclaimed run with the character by Sam Raimi, but that it would still be the weaker film if it switched positions with 2002's version of the origin story, and had came out first. Spider-Man became instantly iconic when it was released, but there's not nearly as much to remember in euripides this spin on the now-familiar story. Star Trek: Discovery episode 3 review - Context Is For Kings.

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