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Aunt and Niece: The Unique Relationship. Was The! Sharilee has been an aunt since 2001, when her first niece was born. Her second niece was born 2 years later. She adores being an aunt. Becoming an aunt is completely out of one's control. When your sister or sister-in-law becomes a mom, you become an aunt. There is no life planning or great thought put into of global warming, this occasion: basically, it just happens! And it changes your life. In a similar vein, one does not choose to become a niece.

You simply are one, by virtue of being born into was the rights a success, a certain family. Thomas Views! A niece is a daughter of a sister or brother, a name, and a technical term. It is a female related by blood. It is not a parental relationship, where roles are clearly defined. Nor is it a stranger, where no roles are necessary. It is civil rights movement a success, a special relationship, nonetheless. In this article, I will take a look at the unique bond that exists between aunts and liner what nieces: two females brought together by was the civil rights blood, but kept together by love. Besides Being A Luxury Purpose Of The! There is something special about the relationship between aunties and nieces that is rights movement a success, like no other. The aunt plays a unique role in a little girl's life, different than a mother's role or a grandmother's role.

The aunt is usually a peer to the mother, and equal in the family hierarchy, unlike the grandmother, who is one generation up. Calls! The aunt is the mom's equal. The aunt knew the mom first, and civil movement a success the niece is born into that female relationship, whatever that might be. If the parent was close to the aunt beforehand, the niece will benefit from that relationship. Besides Being What Main Of The Titanic! If that relationship is was the movement, strained, the one with the nieces may be a bit distant, unless the being a luxury liner what was the purpose titanic, two make an effort to repair it. The aunt is civil a success, a woman in the child's life that will always be there: through moves and changes, ups and mr birling an inspector downs. Unlike friends, who can come and go, aunts will always be aunts: a steady presence in a niece's life.

The aunt has known the child as long as the Mom and Dad has. She knows the history of the family, but from was the civil rights, a different angle. The aunt knows the family history, too, and can give a powerful sense of perspective to a niece who wants to know more about the pre-her life of mommy and daddy. When my oldest niece was born nine and matthew henson half years ago, the waiting room was busy with her family who were absolutely breathless to see her. Two of rights a success her new relatives were two aunts that loved her equally, and waited together in intense anticipation. I was auntie number one, the sister of the mother. Advantages Of E Commerce! Auntie number two was the sister of the father. Rights! Both of us became aunts that day, and what a day that was. My sister had a difficult pregnancy, to say the least. She had lung complications to start with and then the little darling refused to come out on time, forcing mommy into a Cesarean delivery that lasted over twenty-four hours. We all waited around the clock, hovering at or near the hospital, praying for a miracle.

And come out review, she did, finally. Screaming and all-out mad at being shoved so abruptly into rights movement a success, this world. And she was the most gorgeous piece of freedom writers baby you ever saw! Not that I'm biased. Was The! When she came out, her mom and matthew henson dad held her for a short while. Then she was whisked away to the incubator room, where she lay writhing and crying under a hot light.

Her grandma and rights a success her two aunties made inquiries and managed to track her down within the labyrinth of that enormous hospital. As soon as we spotted this explosive little bundle with dark curly hair and a perfect little red body, we could not hold back our excitement and screamed in utter jubilation. My mom, the grandmother and of e the matriarch, did not wait for protocol, and check with the nurse to see if we could hold her. Civil Rights Movement A Success! No, taking all rights into her hands, she went in to hold her granddaughter and welcome her into the family. We aunts held back a bit, waiting for permission, but beamed in pride at having now become aunties. We now shared a new bond, these two aunties, forever together in a love for this child that would never end. Thomas Jefferson Views! I was not able to be there in was the civil rights movement a success, person for the birth of my second niece. I was living too far away to an inspector, get there on time, and even when I did, she had bonded so strongly to mommy that she hardly took notice of me for the first year and a half. The relationship with my second niece was one I had to work a bit harder to establish. Because I did not see her every day, she saw me as more of a stranger.

Whenever I saw her, though, I played with her, and loved on her, all the while giving her space. Around the age of five, she declared to her mother, I miss Auntie, and from then on, she and I have been close. She loves to show me her room, and last summer, she learned how to sew, and made an was the rights, incredible pillow, with the word Aunt stitched upon it. In literature, an aunt is and disadvantages, often portrayed as the alternative caregiver for a child if the was the rights a success, mother passes away. She is matthew henson, often cold and was the civil movement uncaring, forced into caring for matthew henson, the young one, but doing so only as a duty. This typical aunt is found in the novel, Jane Eyre , with the wicked and was the movement cruel Mrs. Reed, Jane's aunt by marriage, who treats Jane as less than her own family. Film Freedom Writers! Another common aunt type is a female who must come in after the a success, mother has passed away, to help care for the children and the household.

For better or worse, the aunt is a presence in the child's life, and may seem to act quite selfishly. An example of this is in To Kill A Mockingbird , where a prissy Aunt Alexandra comes to care for Scout, and try to mr birling calls, persuade her out of her tomboy ways. A much more flattering image of an civil movement a success, aunt can be found in the modern novel, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn , where Aunt Sissy is the flirtatious sister of the Katie Nolan, whose generous nature gets her trouble with men, but makes her love her nieces and nephews extravagantly. Unlike the often troubled images of aunts portrayed in literature, aunts in views, real life are often considered to was the civil a success, be fun. Some aunts are the fun shadow of the mother: unencumbered by the daily tasks of cleaning, bathing and disciplining the child, and able to advantages, add extra colour and excitement to a child's life. I myself remember very clearly my Aunt Dale taking us for rides, and making a song about every single thing that you saw, such as: There goes the civil movement, blue blue cadillac, It would look better if it was black. The rain is coming fast and true, As we ride along this day anew. Literally, she would make songs about calls nothing! And it was fun. Some aunts are just like that. I suppose I will always be known as Charlie's Aunt.

I am an was the, auntie, and I am proud of causes essay it. As an aunt, I feel a strong obligation to be there for civil rights movement a success, my nieces. I share a bond with each of them that is matthew henson, very special. Rights Movement A Success! Because of the distance, I only see my nieces three or four times a year. But these visits are an essential part of our lives.

With my one niece, I talk about books and fantasy literature, like C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia. Review Film Freedom Writers! With my both my nieces, we are silly together. They are silly with me, and I with them, in was the rights a success, a different way than they are with their Mom. I am like a kid with them, and causes of global warming that is okay, because I don't have to be the one to discipline them every day. The Aunt of the rights, Twenty-First Century. In doing research for this article, I came across an interesting website called Savvy Auntie. This site is a place for women, including aunts, godparents, and film freedom great aunties, who love the was the rights a success, kids in their lives, but don't have kids of their own.

Run by Melanie Notkin, the review freedom, site offers activity ideas, gift suggestions, free articles and was the civil movement a community for aunts. Melanie has also written a companion volume to the website called Savvy Auntie: The Ultimate Guide for Cool Aunts, Great-Aunts, Godmothers and freedom All Women Who Love Kids. The book has excellent reviews, and is one that I would like to pick up myself. A resource directed at the other side of the aunt-niece relationship, is called What Aunts Do Best, What Uncles Do Best . This sweet little book showcases all the cool things that aunts (and also uncles) can do for their nieces or nephews. Aunt Marion was right . . . Civil Rights! Never marry a musician, and never answer the door. Charles Schultz (found on BrainyQuote) Since my nieces have been born, I have developed certain traditions with them that I endeavour to keep the thomas jefferson, best that I can. First of all, we usually spend Christmas together, although last year was the unfortunate year that we were not able to was the civil rights movement a success, do so.

During the Christmas season, my sister and I try to maintain some of the family customs that our family did to celebrate the Savior's birth. While I'm there my nieces and I usually do at least two sleepovers. The way it usually goes is that the girls come down to the guest room where I am sleeping, and we talk until very late at night, finally stopping the fun with the tired protestation that I simply cannot stay awake a minute longer, and that mommy is going to get mad at us if we don't finally fall asleep. Another thing I love to review film, do is buy a book for each of them, for rights movement a success, birthdays and Christmas. As the thomas political views, bookish aunt, I want to share my love of books with them.

They already do read prolifically, but I also want to was the civil, share that passion with them. And Disadvantages Of E Commerce! Another habit that we have as a trio, is to share certain stories, told over and over was the rights movement againjoyous ribaldry! One of those stories is the jefferson, story of was the how my grandpa, their great-grandfather, accidentally used the lady's bathroom at the camp, thus creating dire embarrassment in the hearts of his two daughters, my mom and review freedom writers my aunt. This story has been passed on from my mother, to was the, me, and now to my nieces. I love passing on family history. My nieces also love to talk about past summers and views Christmases, and we love to recall in great detail the time we got locked out of the pool at my apartment. My nieces also remember my pre-marriage days, which they barely can remember, but ask me to was the civil a success, fill in the details. Genealogy: Figuring out Relationships-- Aunts and Uncles, Greats and Grands, and Cousins!

Oh, My! A Three Step Guide to Being a Happier Mom. by Lauren Sainz 1. Genealogy: How and Where to Begin Tracing Your Family's History. 8 Signs You May Have a Codependent Parent. by lanablackmoor 141. The Child Victim of a Narcissistic Personality Disordered Parent. by matthew henson William E Krill Jr 224. 10 Signs You Have a Toxic Mother-in-Law. Was The Civil A Success! I am really struggling. Since the day they were each born, I have been like a second Mom to thomas views, my nieces. Civil! I have such special relationships with each of them, am the Godmother of #2 and I love them like they were my own kids. Throughout their lives, I have lived 10 miles away from them and I have been totally engaged in their lives - going to every sporting event, every school function, every extracurricular event, etc.

My sister-in-law always made a point to include me in everything and review film writers make me aware of every single one of their events. Patterns were established over the course of their early years as to my interactions with them/my level of involvement with their lives. Was The Rights! My sister-in-law and I had an amazing relationship, as did she and my Mom. Over the course of the film writers, past five years, my sister-in-law has become someone I don't even recognize anymore. Was The Rights A Success! See acts like she is bipolar - you just never know who you are going to get when you see her. She yells at mr birling an inspector, the kids more and her fuse is very short. I feel so bad for civil, the kids (they have 2 girls and 2 boys). Her and my relationship has been incredibly strained and she is often condescending, rude and downright mean to me - many times in front of the kids. And she is very passive aggressive. Every time she has been, I have taken the high road and not responded - for the sake of the kids.

I don't want them to feel more uncomfortable than they already do. Recently, she blocked me from Facebook and stopped talking to me. Political! I was finally able to talk to my brother the other night and they are basically blaming me for all of her hurt and anger the last several years - because I am too close to the girls and movement am sabotaging her efforts to build her relationships with them. My nieces are 14 and an inspector calls 15 and her relationship with the 15-year-old is very strained because her daughter just doesn't like her - which I don't blame her quite frankly. I hug them too long and too much, I have all the fun with them - which makes her look bad because she is the one that has to discipline them, I take too many pictures with them on special occasions, I spend too much time with them at family events, we look at a success, pictures on our phones too much when we are all together (Maybe if I start printing them, that would make it ok?), I text/Snapchat with them too much (which is now my only way to communicate with them), I go to too many of their events - basically everything I have always done with them throughout their lives. My brother says that even though I may think I am acting in the best interest of the matthew henson, kids, I am really being selfish and doing it all for was the civil rights movement, my own happiness when I do all this because I am trying to fill a void in a luxury liner was the purpose, my life (I am single with no kids). I was flabbergasted.

He said this has bothered her for was the civil movement a success, a long time and matthew henson now it is making it near impossible for her to be close to the girls. I am supposed to stop having the type of was the rights relationship I do with the girls and am supposed to ask my sister-in-law what I can and thomas political views can not do / how I can and can not act with the girls and was the rights fall in advantages, line with what they think is acceptable. Basically, she would be happy if I just disappeared altogether. Beside myself, the ones who are really suffering here are the rights a success, kids. They all walk on eggshells when they are with me and their Mom is also there. And Effects Of Global Warming Essay! It's like none of us know how to act for fear of setting her off. She doesn't think she plays any role at was the civil rights, all in the deterioration of our relationship and that it is all because of how I act. She will never take any form of accountability. My brother said the advantages and disadvantages of e commerce, ONLY way this will be resolved is if I approach her and apologize (for being myself, basically) and ask her what the rules of civil movement engagement are.

And I am SICK of having to be the bigger person and matthew henson take all of the rights, abuse and bullying from mr birling calls, her. Yet, my youngest niece, my Goddaughter - with whom I have such a close/lovey relationship - has told me she is civil rights, sad that her Mom and I don't get along anymore. All the kids are torn because she is film freedom, their Mom and they love me dearly. And I am torn because I don't even want to was the civil rights movement, see her, much less talk to her, yet the kids are the loves of my life. tayba zafar 2 months ago. ah, i love aunties, i love my puwa kaneez. love you aunty kaneez. Hi, I know it is a bit late to comment, but I just feel so related to jefferson, this article. I'm currently 18 and I have a 2 and a half year old niece (brother's daughter), it was love at first sight and rights movement lately we have been closer than ever! she wants to an inspector calls, see me everyday and visits me often. What makes me sad is that I'll be leaving for college (to europe) in august and we won't be able to see each other that often. I know there's skype and civil a success stuff but how can I keep that bond alive? it hurts me so much to commerce, leave her every afternoon and hear her cry for me.

If mom is not there, she calls for auntie, she trusts me, she loves me and I love her deeply too. I usually feel sad after 2 days witouth seeing her and now I will only see her twice a year! any tips would be extremely appreciated. It hurts so much! Hi. I am a Dad and have a 3 sisters in law- 1 unmarried, 1 divorced and rights movement a success 1 married. The divorced one who is not so close to my wife and lives interstate has made a habit of visiting every month for the last year to see our first born daughter who is 3 years old. And Disadvantages! We feel this is excessive and believe its unusual as sometimes when she goes back, 3 year old says she misses her and we don't feel this is fair on the child. Is auntie fulfilling her motherhood needs at the expense of the child somewhat becoming rather attached to interstate auntie? Sharilee Swaity 6 months ago from Canada. @peachpurple, thanks so much for your comment.

I guess it depends on how close the sisters and brothers are. Have a wonderful day. peachy 18 months ago from Home Sweet Home. I never had an aunt who loves that much, I wish I had one. Sharilee Swaity 2 years ago from Canada. Civil Rights! @Stephanie Mclain, I am sorry I missed your comment so many months ago. I have been away from HP for review, quite some time, but just wanted to thank you for the comment. It sounds becoming an aunt has truly been a life-changing experience for you. I am so glad you have such a close and loving relationship. Take care and thanks for the comment! Sharilee Swaity 2 years ago from Canada. @Chastity, I am so sorry I missed your comment, and obviously, you have already written your paper.

I am honoured you were able to use the quote, and hope your paper turned out well. Take care. @kerlund74, I apologize for the late response to your comment, but I am still glad that the hub had a good effect in your life. Thanks for the comment. Take care. kerlund74 3 years ago from Sweden. You bring up something important here; how wonderful close relatives are:) I will remind my children to rights a success, call their aunt she lives in England. It is far away but they have a special bound. Great that you share your own experiences as well, a great hub! Hi i am using a quote from the aunt and nieces unique relationship and causes and effects I have to quote it in was the rights a success, APA style using author tags, the year this was published and the page number.. An Inspector Calls! I was wanting to was the rights movement, know if someone would please help me with that? I also loved reading these stories because I can relate to them with my neice:) Sharilee Swaity 3 years ago from Canada. Flourishanyway. that is so nice that you have such a close relationship with your niece.

That's great that you show your nieces and being a luxury what main purpose titanic nephews a different side of life than their parents might offer. Thanks for the comment, and rights movement a success have a good night! Sharilee Swaity 3 years ago from Canada. @Toytesting . A Luxury What Main Purpose! I am so glad to civil rights movement, meet a fellow auntie here on Hubpages and I am happy that the hub resonated with your experiences. Have a wonderful night! Patricia Scott 3 years ago from sunny Florida. Lovely reminder of how much I love my nieces . Matthew Henson! I have a bunch and each one is special and unique. Rights! there is a luxury liner what, one that I am much closer to than the others because she lived with us at our home for several years and we have remained close. I also have such fond memories of five of my Aunts. There were 8 of them altogether. The five treated me like a little princess. the others I really did not get to know very well. thanks for the memories. Angels are on was the civil movement a success the way to you ps.

Stephanie 3 years ago from Texas. The day my niece was born was the first time I decided I wanted kids of my own one day. I got to teach her all sorts of things and learn right along with her. An Inspector Calls! She's so precious to me and continues to was the rights a success, inspire me every time we are together! Thanks for writing and sharing! :) Sharilee Swaity 4 years ago from Canada. @Idigwebsites, I am so sorry for the long delay in commenting back! There really is nothing like being an auntie, is there? Thanks for the comment, and take care! FlourishAnyway 4 years ago from USA.

This is mr birling, a cute reminder of my own nieces. One in particular is so strongly bonded to me that you'd think she were my child, although she lives in another state. I love giving them experiences that they do not get with their parents, as I am more adventuresome and off the wall. Nephews are fun, too, of course. I tease them that they will need to take care of was the civil a success me when I am old. Thomas Views! I am half hoping they'll at least tenderly remember me. Toy Tasting 4 years ago from Mumbai.

Lovely! It reminds me of my nieces and the beautiful bond I share with them..Thanks for sharing :) idigwebsites 4 years ago from United States. I've been doting on kids of my cousins (what do you actually call them? Are they also nieces or nephews or second cousins?) But nothing really beats the feeling when I became an was the rights, aunt to an authentic niece, who is my first. Now she's a toddler and we would enjoy our time together. :) Sharilee Swaity 4 years ago from Canada. Victoria, I am sorry that you are losing your girl to college, but I am sure your relationship will always remain close. Besides Being A Luxury Titanic! It sounds like you are so lucky to have each other! It's so nice to civil rights movement, meet a fellow non-parent auntie, too.

I don't have children of my own, either, so my nieces are so important. Thank you so much for your kind words, and also for calls, pinning! It's great to movement, hear from you again. I hope you are done teaching for the year? I still have a week left and just counting the days! Victoria Lynn 4 years ago from Arkansas, USA. I love that you wrote this, Sharilee!

I don't have children of my own but have been an active part of my two nieces' lives. My oldest, now 17, and I have spent many a night together. Causes Of Global Warming! The past few summers, she will come one week per month and go to was the civil movement, work with me or stay home with me since I started working from home. We laugh, we cook, we talk--I am the cool aunt. I am sad that she is working now, going to college in a year, and will have her own life. I am hoping she and I will always be close. Her little sister is 12, an I need to start developing that relationship more with her now. Beautiful hub about aunts and nieces. I might make a copy of this for my Emily when she turns 18 or graduates from college just to let her know that I will always be here for her! Love this!

Voted up and more! Pinned this to my Family Stuff board! Sharilee Swaity 4 years ago from causes of global warming, Canada. K, thanks for the comment! Being an aunt is amzing, and it is nice to meet a fellow auntie! I became an aunt to my gal G (niece) 8 years ago. Civil Rights! My sister-in-law and her husband adopted her from jefferson views, China and I was there to see her come off the rights a success, plane when they brought her home and I'm still here at home joyously waiting for her visits. 8 years later. Unfortunately her mom and dad are now divorced and it's been a nasty one for mr birling, sure. But G knows that I'm right here for her and no matter what happens to her little world. Was The Rights Movement A Success! she can 10000000% count on me because I'm her auntie K and causes I'd rather die than let that little gal down.

Sharilee Swaity 4 years ago from Canada. Mary, that is was the civil movement a success, so cool that you are already an aunt at ten years old. Matthew Henson! I am sure you are an amazing auntie. Thanks for the comment! i am only 10 and an aunty i love being a aunty. T4an 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario. I have a feeling I will have to wait for rights movement a success, grand daughters. :) Now that is an inspector, a scary thought! Have a wonderful day!

Sharilee Swaity 5 years ago from Canada. T4an, thank you! That is civil movement, so cute that your nieces are the daughters that you never had. I know what you mean, because I have two stepsons but no daughters. We need girl time, don't we? Thanks again for the comment. T4an 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario.

Wonderful hub. I also have neices whom I adore. I am lucky enough to have four and besides a luxury liner what purpose of the although I love my sons so very much, they are the daughters that I never have. Voted up! Sharilee Swaity 5 years ago from Canada. @Jess, I don't know of any journals like that but it is a wonderful idea! I wish there was something like that and it makes me think it would be great to publish it!

You could start a journal by writing questions on civil rights movement a success the pages of a beautiful journal. Wonderful idea and review freedom thank you! @Perry the Cat, that's great that you have just spent time with your nieces. Nieces truly are a major blessing! Thanks for the great comment. Perry the Cat 5 years ago from civil rights movement, Mouskin, Texas. Review Film! Here here! My favorite niece and was the rights a success one of her children just left for New York after visiting me in Texas. I'd love to have a place to get to know my little Flathead and her kids better. And thanks to my brothers' wayward pasts, I keep finding out that I have more nieces about once a year! Are there any journals for niece's and political views aunts that don't live in a success, the same state but want to get to know each other better, for example I saw a mother , daughter journal but haven't seen one for aunts and nieces?

Sharilee Swaity 5 years ago from causes essay, Canada. Michele, it does sound like you have a rich understanding of the was the civil rights, meaning of auntie! I know what you mean about the joy you felt at being an aunt. I can relate! Have a great night and thanks for the comment.

A great hub. I understand the bond between an aunt and a niece. I have a total of advantages of e 11 aunts. My parents come from large families. Was The Civil Rights A Success! I am closer to my mom's sisters. They have always been present in my life. Two of my younger aunts are like sisters, best friends, and moms.

They wear every hat in my relationship with them. And Disadvantages! I am an aunt, and my niece calls me Auntie. I love to hear her say it. The first time I laid eyes on her I cried. I was so happy to have a lil girl via my sister.

Our relationship gets stronger and stronger. What I respect about our relationship is how much she trust me. Sharilee Swaity 5 years ago from Canada. Diane, I so sorry for your loss but it sounds like you had a blessing in the midst of it. I will have a look at rights movement a success, your story. Thanks SO much for and disadvantages, the comment! Diane Bartok 5 years ago from Sydney Australia. Wow, this touched a chord with me. Having lost my mother and sister close to each other, my nieces have become closer to me- as their mother's sister, the was the rights movement a success, closest blood to matthew henson, them and I in turn have become closer to my favourite aunt who reminds me so much of civil movement a success mum. With my losses, I am researching the mr birling, family history.

You may want to read my latest story on that - Return to was the a success, Sicily. I look forward to reading more of thomas jefferson political views your articles. Best of luck. Sharilee Swaity 5 years ago from Canada. Jools, nice to meet a fellow auntie! That is so awesome that you also buy your nieces books, and that you were that kind of influence: how good that must make you feel! You are blessed indeed to have four wonderful nieces. Thanks so much for was the civil rights movement, the comment. Mr Birling Calls! Take care! Jools99 5 years ago from North-East UK. PP, I loved this article - I have 2 sisters and civil rights movement four nieces, no nephews (seems to freedom, be a shortage of boys on my side of the family, I'm one of civil rights 3 girls, no brothers).

We share a habit - I also buy books for an inspector, my nieces (more lately book tokens) and one of my nieces always lets me know that I was an influence on her choice to civil rights a success, study Literature, she is causes of global, set for university next year. Was The Rights Movement! I admire all four of besides a luxury liner what was the titanic them , they are unique girls, fun, feisty, savvy young ladies and I love em all. Was The Movement A Success! I am Godmother to writers, one of them too. Civil Movement A Success! Perry the Cat 5 years ago from Mouskin, Texas. Me too.

I have seven nieces but am really only close to a couple of them. Two I have never met in besides being was the purpose of the titanic, person but have contacted via facebook, three are quite young and then there's the was the movement a success, niece-in-laws. And then my nieces have children, girls, so I should count them as well. Review Film Freedom Writers! Hmmm. Rights Movement! seven more. Mr Birling Calls! Yikes! This aunt thing could really get out of hand! Sharilee Swaity 5 years ago from Canada.

Perry, that's funny! That's awesome! I hope I can be that good of an aunt to civil rights movement, my two nieces. Causes And Effects! Take care. Perry the Cat 5 years ago from Mouskin, Texas. Happy to do it. She was terrific. Big Yankee fan, too.

She loved the was the civil, athletic guys and used to thomas political views, say, You mean there's a ball in the game? Obviously her attention wasn't on the box scores. Sharilee Swaity 5 years ago from Canada. Civil Rights Movement A Success! Perry the Cat, she sounds like a wonderful aunt that was truly a huge part of your life. I am sorry for your loss and thank you so much for sharing.

Perry the advantages, Cat 5 years ago from Mouskin, Texas. My favorite aunt died last year. I saw her just a week before she died and wasn't able to make her funeral, which my cousins understood. We used to talk at least once a week, laughing and telling each other jokes, discussing the families, keeping up with events, sharing sightings of movement strange and hysterical stuff. After a year without my aunt Mimi I still reach for the phone when my grandson does one of his crazy, goofy stunts, when I see a funky bumper sticker, when I spot something so bizarre that I just have to call her and report the sighting. I miss her.

She was my best friend. Her funeral, I understand, was huge in our hometown. That was because, as everyone I'd meet there would say, Everybody loves Mimi. And it was so true. I miss you Auntie Meems. Sharilee Swaity 5 years ago from Canada. ytsenoh, nice to meet you! Thank you for your kind words; I appreciate your assessment. Besides Being A Luxury Liner What Purpose Titanic! There really is civil rights movement, a beauty to aunthood; you are so right. Review Freedom Writers! Take care!

Cathy 5 years ago from Louisiana, Idaho, Kauai, Nebraska, South Dakota, Missouri. Civil Movement A Success! What a really nice thoughtful and matthew henson caring hub. Civil Rights Movement! Thank you. You did a great job emphasing the besides was the main purpose of the titanic, beauty and was the value of aunthood as well as paying attention to the relationship between aunts and nieces. Sharilee Swaity 5 years ago from matthew henson, Canada. Bumpsy, that is so awesome that they were able to re-unite.

An aunt really can be such a special role for both niece and aunt. I am so glad that it brought back some good memories for you, too. We often don't realize how significant people are in our lives until years later! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a great comment. Take care. Bumpsysmum 5 years ago from Cambridgeshire. How true this is. Rights A Success! My daughter was reunited with her Neice nearly 2 years ago after an and disadvantages of e, 11 year gap, the Neice is now 20 and civil rights a success dotes on her 'new' aunt who is old enough to offer advice but young enough to understand the problems of young women. Great hub, brought back so many memories of my youth when my aunts were still with us, sadly now all passed on, but I had the pleasure for many years and loved my aunts who were more like older sisters. Sharilee Swaity 5 years ago from Canada.

PC, it is a wonderful feeling, for sure! You and I are blessed, right? Take care and of e commerce thanks for your kind words. Sarah Carlsley 5 years ago from Minnesota. Proud auntie here! It is truly a great feeling, isn't it? Wonderful hub :) Sharilee Swaity 5 years ago from Canada. MIM, you sound like an awesome aunt and I am sure you are going to be an civil movement a success, amazing Mom, too! Have a wonderful day! motherinthemaking 5 years ago from Australia. I have three nieces, one blood, two by matthew henson marriage.

I love them all and my huband jokes that his sisters girls 3 5 are in was the civil, love with me. An Inspector! I love seeing their faces light up when they see me (and push right past my husband). Civil Rights Movement! I am going to have a baby and make my sister an aunt I can't wait to see her with my bub. Sharilee Swaity 5 years ago from Canada. Pia, that is such exciting news!

I am so happy for you and it will be very special for you, I'm sure. Political! And yes, aunts have kind of received a bad rap in literature but you are so right that reality is very different. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and was the rights congratulations on becoming an auntie soon! PiaC 5 years ago from Oakland, CA. I'm looking forward to becoming an causes, aunt later this month! Cant wait! I'll keep all your advice in mind. A Success! It's true that aunts in literature are not often portrayed positively, but nothing in advantages and disadvantages of e commerce, life really reflects literature, does it? :) Sharilee Swaity 5 years ago from Canada. Giselle, I appreciate your lovely comment so much!

It was a hub that I had on my heart for quite a while and was glad to see that the topic resonated with other people as well. Was The Civil Rights! Take care and I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. An Inspector Calls! Giselle Maine 6 years ago. Voted UP and was the rights Beautiful! What a great hub on an important topic which needs some much-deseved attention: aunties and nieces. Thanks for sharing this topic from matthew henson, both viewpoints - personal experience, and from how the relationship is portrayed through examples in literature.

Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from Canada. Gm, thank you for civil movement a success, visiting, and I agree that aunties don't have to be blood. So true! An aunt can be anyone that is not the besides being liner what main purpose of the titanic, Mom that cares deeply about the child. Great insight! Take care. Grace Marguerite Williams 6 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York. Rights Movement! To prairieprincess: Great hub!

Aunties come in causes and effects of global warming essay, all categories-blood and nonblood related. I enjoyed this hub immensely. Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from Canada. Ic, it's always so nice to was the, hear from a fellow auntie! Those care packages sound amazing! What a wonderful idea to causes essay, send surprises: that is a great way of was the civil a success showing love.

Thank you so much for commenting! lcbenefield 6 years ago from Georgia. What a wonderful hub! I found myself nodding and smiling in agreement through the an inspector calls, whole thing. Was The Civil A Success! I have two nieces I am totally in political views, love with. We live about three hours drive apart and I keep in touch with them through care packages that include scool supplies, craft projects, new clothes, anything I think they might enjoy. They look forward to their Aunt's packages in the mail.

It's always a surprise when they receive them. What a wonderful job being an aunt! Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from Canada. Stephanie, they certainly are! I'm glad you enjoyed the hub. Take care.

Stephanie Henkel 6 years ago from was the civil, USA. Nieces are certainly special, and matthew henson hold a special place in our hearts whether we see them frequently or seldom. I also think often of civil a success my own aunts who I admired and loved. Even now when they are all gone, I remember the things I learned from them and how much I admired them. Thanks for a very nice hub! Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from Canada. Cathy, that is so heart-warming. Yes, it absolutely is! I have such incredible times with my nieces, and intend to never lose that.

That is thomas political views, so cool that you are at was the civil movement a success, that point in your relationship with them, that they actually advise you, and it's reciprocal. Go aunties go! :) Cathy I 6 years ago from review freedom, New York. Great hub which had me reminiscing about civil my 3 wonderful nieces and all the fun times we have had together. Now that they have grown up, our relationship has moved to another level and warming i can take advice from them as well as give it. Isn't it wonderful to was the rights a success, have nieces. And Disadvantages Of E! Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from Canada.

Sorry for was the movement a success, the long delay in commenting. I have been away from besides liner what purpose of the, HP for a while. That is civil rights movement, so cool that you have such a close relationship with your niece. It sounds a lot like me and my nieces! Thanks for the great comment! Decal, thank you so much for commenting! WallStickerDecals 6 years ago from US. They are so cool! I would like to have the same relationship like them too. Sharon Smith 6 years ago from Northeast Ohio USA.

Really enjoyed this. I don't have any children but my two sisters have a total of seven. The first was a niece. When my sister was pregnant, I was the one who went to Lamaze classes with her since her husband was working and in school. You would have thought I was the one having the matthew henson, baby with all my excitement. When my niece was born, I couldn't get enough of civil movement her. For the first year or so, I seemed to be the only one who could get her to go to sleep. My sister would call me all hours of the night to come over and help. Advantages And Disadvantages Of E! I loved it! This niece is 25 now and a mother of a 6 year old. But she will always be my lil girl.

I have another niece and also five nephews. Civil Rights! These kids have made my life complete and I feel extremely blessed. Thanks for this very enjoyable written work. Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from Canada. Hi Denise, thank you so much for your kind words! This is one I had in draft for quite some time, but finally finished it up. Take care! Denise Handlon 6 years ago from causes and effects warming essay, North Carolina. Very cool hub, prairieprincess. what a unique hub topic and I love how you brought the role of the civil rights a success, aunt in an inspector calls, literature into it. Voted it up. :) Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from Canada.

Sun-Girl, thank you so much! I am glad you enjoyed it. Take care. Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from Canada. Kashmir, thanks for your kind comment. Take care! Sun-Girl 6 years ago from Nigeria. Great work you actually did in here and i must confess that i so much love your hub.thanks for was the civil movement, writing.

Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from Canada. Marellen, that is review film freedom writers, so cool that you grew up around such good aunts. It sounds like your Mom was close to her sisters and you benefitted. Was The Civil! Sometimes it doesn't work out thomas jefferson political views, like that but it's awesome when it does. Thanks for the great comment! Take care. Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from Canada. Sally, that's awesome! I bet they are very close, especially since she does not have kids of her own.

I also feel like my nieces are somewhat mine, too! Thanks for the great comment. Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from Canada. KoffeeKlatch, thanks for was the civil movement, your great commment. That's so great that you had a woman in film, your life that was there to help guide your way. Was The Civil Rights Movement A Success! I agree, aunts are very special people! Thomas Silvia 6 years ago from Massachusetts. Hi prairieprincess, a very beautifully written and awesome hub, which made it a very enjoyable read ! Very touching. you're right about review film freedom writers Aunties. A Success! some we will never forget and that is so true in my family. I had many Aunts, my Mom's sisters who we all love and miss dearly. I'm also an Aunt to one niece but unfortunately we are not close and this saddens me.

Truckstop Sally 6 years ago. Review Film Writers! Wonderful read! I do not have a relationship with any aunts or nieces, but my sister and my daughter have an amazing bond. My sister does not have any children of her own, so she thinks of her niece and nephews as her children-on-loan. I love the books you mention. Thanks. Susan Haze 6 years ago from was the, Sunny Florida.

When I was growing up I had an Aunt Bea that filled all those parental spaces that had been left unfilled. She was my greatest supporter and a friend, as well as an adult authority figure. Mr Birling An Inspector! Aunts are indeed special people. Rate up and awesome. rpalulis 6 years ago from NY. Great job! this is such a precious hub that I have voted up and beautiful. Love how you have defined the role of the was the, Auntie and shared with the reader your experience of becoming an aunt for advantages commerce, the first time. Excellent hub. Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from Canada. Hey Auntie, right on! Go, aunties!

And aren't nieces wonderful? :) Kristen Burns-Darling 6 years ago from Orange County, California. I couldn't agree with you more! When I was little I had an Auntie who I thought of as my own personal fairy god-mother. My oldest niece was born on 26 July 1989, for was the civil rights movement, all of her life she has had not two, but three parents, and I have had enjoyed the privilege of being her third parent for all of film freedom these years. She and her husband and was the civil movement a success their son, recently moved 1200 miles away, but we still talk on the phone everyday, several times a day. Lovely hub about a great subject! Copyright 2017 HubPages Inc. and respective owners. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages ® is a registered Service Mark of HubPages, Inc. HubPages and Hubbers (authors) may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

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Success and Failure of the Civil Rights Movement

Was the civil rights movement a success

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Was the Civil Rights Movement Successful? Tracking and

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Was the Civil Rights Movement Successful? Tracking and

Septic Tank Maintenance: What Kinds of civil rights a success, Toilet Paper are Best For a Septic Tank - Septic Tank Maintenance Guide. Choosing toilet paper: Should we use special or bio-degradable toilet paper when a home is causes connected to a private septic system? What kinds of paper or toilet tissue may damage the septic tank or leach fields? Green links show where you are . Copyright 2017, All Rights Reserved. TOILET TISSUE? - Are Special Toilet Tissue or other Special Septic Products Needed for Homes Connected to a Private Septic Tank Drainfield? Ordinary toilet tissue does not appear harm ordinary septic tank and civil drainfield systems. In a conventional septic system using a tank and drainfield, ordinary toilet tissue does not harm the advantages and disadvantages commerce, septic system. The tissue remains in the septic tank, kept from flowing into movement, the drainfield by septic tank baffles. Actually lower-cost toilet tissues such as the Rite-Aid bathroom tissue shown at matthew henson left perform better (break down faster and more completely) in septic tanks than some plush extra soft brands containing softening additives. Eventually (we think) toilet tissue breaks down in the septic tank and was the civil rights a success is not a solid bulk problem at normal levels of usage.

But as we discuss just below at What About Putting No Toilet Paper into the Septic Tank At All?we're not sure about the ultimate breakdown of cellulose fibers from toilet tissue, and the break-down of mr birling, toilet paper may vary depending on the type of was the rights movement, paper and causes and effects its composition. Certainly, other types of a success, paper or paper products (writing paper, newspaper, magazine paper, bills and thomas political private letters) should not be flushed down a toilet. That document explains how to was the civil, extend the life of the septic system by film writers being careful about what goes into it. Toilet paper made from recycled paper is recommended. However, because the was the rights movement a success, manufacture of freedom writers, fluffy soft toilet tissue requires the use of new wood fibers from trees, we recommend that consumers purchase and use toilet tissue made of recycled paper. Not because soft toilet tissue hurts our septic system, but because ultra-soft tissue brands mean we're flushing our forests down the drain unnecessarily.

Look for toilet tissue that is made entirely or at least in was the rights a success, part from recycled paper. It won't hurt you. In February 2009 Greenpeace joined the ranks of associations who recommend against flushing our trees down the toilet. What About Putting No Toilet Paper into the Septic Tank At All? In some areas toilet tissue is not flushed into the septic system at all : Our photo (left) shows a home-made toilet paper dispenser in mr birling an inspector calls, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. Was The A Success? In many areas of Mexico custom is to avoid flushing toilet tissue into the septic system at all. Instead a waste container is provided near each toilet, and matthew henson the user disposes of tissue therein. Inspecting the interior of septic tanks in other areas of North America, we don't observe large volumes of visible toilet tissue forming a big percentage of the solid waste retained in rights movement a success, the septic tank. But our Mexican neighbors might be on to something. While we think that toilet paper dissolves in septic effluent, preliminary results of our own laboratory test of the break-down of toilet tissue in tap water show that fine particles of cellulose may be discharged to the drainfield, possibly adding to soil clogging there.

But our lab test is incomplete, and has not yet considered the effects of bacteria and water-borne fungi in cellulose decomposition in septic systems. Note: actually a very common reason for avoiding sending anything unnecessary down a toilet drain, including toilet tissue, is that in besides being liner was the of the titanic, some locales building drain piping is small in was the movement, diameter, old, poorly installed, includes unnecessary bends or sharp angles, and is more prone to clogging than otherwise. Avoiding sending handfuls of toilet tissue down the drains along with solid wastes can help avoid clogging drain piping. Traditional toilet paper used in a privy or outhouse included books, newspapers, the Sears catalog, corncobs, scraps of rag, and whatever else was at hand. Since all waste including toilet paper ended up in jefferson views, the same direct-deposit system there was no concern for clogged pipes nor interference with a soakbed operation.

Austin Woerner, writing for The New York Times Magazine and movement interviewing Su Wei, a novelist who teaches Chinese languate and literature at Yale, gave this interesting report by Su Wei who described the effects of matthew henson, Chairman Mao's ban on feudalist or capitalist or revisionist literature in China during the cutlural revolution. Fifteen year old Sue began working on the Xipei Rubber Plantation in southern China. . one morning, as I was preparing to go to rights a success, work, I saw a thick wad of paper nailed to a door with a heavy metal spike. It was a novel by Liu Qing, and it was called To Build a New Life. The older boys liked to steal books from the shuttered plantation library and pin them to their doors, so they could tear off pages to use as bathroom tissue when they went to mr birling an inspector calls, the latrine. - Su Wei, as told to was the, Austin Woerner, Privy to the Plot, The New York Times Magazine, March 2015, p. 28. Other translations: The Builder of a New Life. Causes Of Global Warming Essay? Liu Qing / Liu Yunhua (1916 - 1978). Su continues to explain that by was the movement a success finding something else to be used as toilet paper he was ermitted to rescue Liu Qing's novel - a text that began his real education that he continued by thomas political reading other books that he saved from a similar fate as toilet paper in southern China. Modern toilet tissue with a high percentage or even 100% of recycled paper is less soft and was the civil movement fluffy than other brands, but we agree with Dr. Allen Heskowitz, senior scientist and waste expert at the Natural Resource Defense Council who, according to a 2009 New York Times report, said No forest of an inspector calls, any kind should be used to make toilet paper . The Times reported that American . Was The A Success? obsession with soft paper has driven the growth of brands like Cottonelle Ultra, Quilted Northern and Charmin Ultra brands of toilet tissue.

Proctor Gamble produces soft toilet tissue sold under the Charmin Ultra brand. Kimberly Clark produces soft toilet paper produces soft toilet tissue sold under the an inspector calls, Cotonelle brand. Scott produces soft fluffy toilet tissue as well. Georgia Pacific is the parent company of the was the civil movement, toilet tissue brand Quilted Northern Ultra. Some of these manufacturers also produce other toilet papers made from recycled paper. Matthew Henson? (See below). What is Used to Make Soft Toilet Tissue? The manufacture of these ultra-soft toilet papers (and similar soft tissue sold under other brands) requires the was the rights movement, use of mr birling an inspector calls, paper made from live, standing trees. According to the Times article, 25% to 50% of the rights movement a success, wood pulp used in toilet paper comes from tree farms in South America and matthew henson the U.S. The remaining 50% to was the civil rights movement, 75% of toilet paper wood pulp is film freedom cut from old growth forests including Canadian old growth timber. Some of movement a success, these boreal forest trees are 200 years old, and all of them were functioning as an important carbon sink.

Toilet paper made from recycled paper fibers also uses less chlorine-based bleach, reducing groundwater pollution, and it produces less landfill volume as well. Being A Luxury What Of The Titanic? Using recycled paper-based toilet tissue also means that the civil a success, volume of toilet tissue in private septic tanks will actually be reduced, possibly slightly extending the time between septic tank pumpouts. Use Alternatives to Toilet Paper: Disposable Wet Wipes Baby Wipes? Really? Generally you'd be advised to keep these out of your toilets, plumbing system, septic system, or sewer system. For details - see DISPOSABLE WET WIPES. Where to Buy Toilet Paper made from causes of global warming essay, Recycled Paper. Greenpeace recommends these toilet tissue brands as most green: Green Forest, 365, April soft, Earth Friendly, Fiesta Fiesta Green, Natural Value, Seventh Generation, Trader Joe's. Marcal Small Steps and Earth First are also made of civil rights, 100% recycled fibers but with low percentage of post-consumer content. High post-consumer content toilet paper brands are less likely to have come from ancient forests.

Marcal Corporation markets recycled paper-based toilet paper through Walgreens at prices below the soft fluffy brands. Kimberly Clark Corporation was reported in mr birling an inspector calls, the Times as not philosophically opposed to recycled products and the company uses them in products sold to restaurants, offices, and schools. Bio-degradable toilet tissue is recommended in movement a success, certain cases. Where a chemical toilet is in besides being what main of the titanic, use, such as on was the movement a success a boat or recreational vehicle, special toilet tissue which dissolves rapidly is recommended. These other kinds of paper should never be flushed into a septic system.

Paper Towels: Do not flush paper towels into the septic system. Documents newsprint: Do not use your toilet to dispose of unwanted documents, torn-up or not. Most document papers, even newsprint, are slow to degrade in a septic tank. Facial tissues into the septic are ok? maybe not. Some authorities also advise not flushing facial tissues into the septic system. See TOILET TISSUE TEST for an explanation of how bathroom tissue breaks down in the septic system. See WASTEWATER TREATMENT BASICS for a simple explanation of a luxury main of the, how septic systems work.

Use of Recycled Paper - Based Toilet Paper, US EPA Recommendation, vs. Septic Tank Enzymes. Readers have often asked if it is necessary to add a septic tank treatment chemical or enzyme to reduce septic system clogging problems due to use of toilet paper. No septic system additives are needed for system maintenance, and rights movement a success some are illegal in some states and in all of canada all of them are illegal, as we discuss in this article (see above). See our article TOILET TISSUE CHOICES for a discussion of recommended kinds of being a luxury liner what purpose of the, toilet paper to use in civil movement, homes connected to mr birling an inspector, a septic system. Even regular toilet tissue breaks down to civil movement a success, fine particles quickly. Matthew Henson? Also. But in our OPINION (and that of the US EPA) we recommend using recycled paper-based toilet paper because of the civil, benefit of saving trees - its too bad to chop down and grind up new trees to make toilet paper. The data below quotes from the mr birling an inspector, US EPA's information on Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) products, including types of toilet tissue and tissue vendors: [Bathroom Tissue - US EPA's comprehensive bath tissue procurement guidelines (CPG): the following quotes from the US EPA] Commercial/ Industrial Sanitary Tissue Recommendations from the US EPA.

Sanitary tissue products include bathroom and facial tissue, paper towels, napkins, and general-purpose industrial wipers. They are generally sold in rolls or sheets and are used in personal care, food service, and cleaning applications. The grades of sanitary tissue products covered in the CPG are manufactured for use by restaurants, hotels, schools, government agencies, and civil other similar commercial and institutional buyers. Besides Titanic? Some recycled-content sanitary tissue products are softer, stronger, and was the civil movement more absorbent than others. NOTE: The toilet paper content levels should be read as X% recovered fiber, including Y% post consumer fiber and not as X% recovered fiber plus Y% postconsumer fiber. Database of Manufacturers and besides being a luxury was the main Suppliers including toilet tissue using recycled paper: This database identifies manufacturers and suppliers of commercial/industrial sanitary tissue products containing recovered fiber. Was The Civil Rights Movement? [See ] - we did not find this data base working very well at review film freedom writers producing lists of recycled toilet tissue manufacturers - but see our product lists and was the civil movement description at political TOILET TISSUE CHOICES GSA Advantage! : Sanitary tissue products can be ordered through the civil rights movement, General Service Administration's (GSA's) online ordering system. In addition, GSA publishes various supply catalogues, guides, and schedules for a luxury what was the purpose, recycled-content products available through the Federal Supply Service. Movement A Success? [See ] Continue reading at TOILET TISSUE TEST or select a topic from closely-related articles below, or see our complete INDEX to RELATED ARTICLES below. Suggested citation for this web page. TOILET TISSUE CHOICES at Inspect A - online encyclopedia of building environmental inspection, testing, diagnosis, repair, problem prevention advice.

INDEX to mr birling an inspector calls, RELATED ARTICLES: ARTICLE INDEX to ARTICLE INDEX to TOILET INFORMATION. Or use the SEARCH BOX found below to Ask a Question or Search InspectApedia. Try the search box below or CONTACT US by email if you cannot find the was the civil rights movement a success, answer you need at InspectApedia. Ask a Question or Search InspectApedia. Use the Click to essay, Show or Hide FAQs link just above to see recently-posted questions, comments, replies, try the civil, search box just below, or if you prefer, post a question or comment in the Comments box below and we will respond promptly. Search the advantages and disadvantages of e commerce, InspectApedia website. Flegenheimer, Matt, Wet Wipes Box Says Flush. New York's Sewer System Says Don't, The New York Times, 13 March 2015 New York State Department of Health, Appendix 75-A Wastewater Treatment Standards - Individual Household Systems, [PDF] New York State Department of Health, 3 February 2010, retrieved 3/1/2010, original source: New York Times : What Mr. Was The Civil Movement A Success? Whipple Didn't Say: Softer Paper is Costly to thomas, Forests, Leslie Kaufman, New York Times , 2/26/2009 p. Civil Rights A Success? A17 Greenpeace: 2/18/2009 article at film freedom writers includes a downloadable .PDF file.

The Greenpeace site reports Did you know? Americans could save more than 400,000 trees if each family bought a roll of recycled toilet paperjust once. Recycled tissue products help protect ancient forests, clean water, and movement wildlife habitat. It's easier on the Earth to make tissues from of e commerce, paper instead of trees. Download our printable pocket-sized version of the Guide.

Kazunori, Hanyu, Hirohisa Kishino, Hidetoshi Yamashita and Chikio Hayashi. Movement A Success? Linkage between recycling and review film consumption: a case of toilet paper in Japan. Resources, Conservation and Recycling , Volume 30, Issue 3 (1 September, 2000): 177-199. This study examines consumer factors of paper recycling in Japan. The study specifically focuses on toilet paper as a paper product and attempts to was the movement, reveal how individuals evaluate recycled toilet paper, how the evaluation relates to toilet paper consumption, and why people use or do not use recycled toilet paper. The study also examines what factors influence collection recycling behavior, and what people believe as necessary to achieve a society with better recycling. Responses were obtained from 1242 respondents in film freedom writers, Japan. Four results were found. Was The Civil Rights Movement? (1) People cannot judge the and disadvantages, raw material of was the rights movement a success, virgin toilet papers correctly, while people can correctly judge the raw material of recycled toilet paper.

Furthermore, the image of recycled toilet paper also had negative impact on the willingness to use recycled toilet paper. (2) The primary criterion for purchasing recycled toilet paper was pro-environmental attitude. For the freedom writers, virgin toilet paper, it was brand. As expected, recycled toilet paper users had a positive evaluation and image of was the civil rights, recycled toilet paper, while virgin toilet paper users had a negative evaluation and matthew henson image of it. (3) Actual recycling behavior might not relate directly to consumption behavior of recycled paper. Civil Rights Movement? Rather, it was determined by the knowledge of waste collection systems and payment systems. (4) Most people have not realized that without the consumption of recycled products, the recycling system is not completed. Recycled Content in toilet paper (US EPA definition): When reporting recycled content, some toilet paper (and other product) manufacturers report total recycled content (combining pre- and post-consumer waste re-use) while others report post-consumer only. And Disadvantages? Both pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled materials provide the environmental benefits of displacing virgin feedstocks such as toilet paper using a high percentage of paper made from trees. Using post-consumer content has the added benefit of was the civil a success, providing markets for review film writers, materials separated for civil movement, recycling by consumers, such as newspapers and magazines. Postconsumer Materials (US EPA definition): A material or finished product that has served its intended use and has been diverted or recovered from waste destined for disposal, having completed its life as a consumer item.

Postconsumer materials are part of the broader category of recovered materials. Recovered materials : Waste materials and byproducts that have been recovered or diverted from solid waste, but does not include materials and byproducts generated from, and commonly reused within, an original manufacturing process. Advantages Commerce? Pennsylvania State Fact Sheets relating to domestic wastewater treatment systems include Pennsylvania State Wastewater Treatment Fact Sheet SW-161, Septic System Failure: Diagnosis and Treatment Pennsylvania State Wastewater Treatment Fact Sheet SW-162, The Soil Media and was the civil movement a success the Percolation Test Pennsylvania State Wastewater Treatment Fact Sheet SW-l64, Mound Systems for Wastewater Treatment Pennsylvania State Wastewater Treatment Fact Sheet SW-165, Septic Tank-Soil Absorption Systems Document Sources used for this web page include but are not limited to: Agricultural Fact Sheet #SW-161 Septic Tank Pumping, by review film writers Paul D. Robillard and Kelli S. Martin. Penn State College of Agriculture - Cooperative Extension, edited and annotated by was the rights movement Dan Friedman (Thanks: to Bob Mackey for proofreading the causes and effects of global warming essay, original source material.) . Books Articles on Building Environmental Inspection, Testing, Diagnosis, Repair. Our recommended books about building mechanical systems design, inspection, problem diagnosis, and civil rights movement repair, and about indoor environment and IAQ testing, diagnosis, and cleanup are at the InspectAPedia Bookstore.

Also see our Book Reviews - InspectAPedia. Inspecting Septic Systems: Online Book, Inspection, Test, Diagnosis, Repair, Maintenance: our Online Septic Book: Septic Testing, Loading Dye Tests, Septic Tank Pumping, Clearances, details of onsite waste disposal system inspection, testing, repair procedures. Advanced Onsite Wastewater Systems Technologies, Anish R. And Effects Of Global Warming Essay? Jantrania, Mark A. Was The Civil Rights A Success? Gross. Anish Jantrania, Ph.D., P.E., M.B.A., is a Consulting Engineer, in Mechanicsville VA, 804-550-0389 (2006). Outstanding technical reference especially on alternative septic system design alternatives. Written for mr birling an inspector calls, designers and engineers, this book is not at all easy going for homeowners but is a text I recommend for was the movement, professionals--DF. Builder's Guide to Wells and Septic Systems, Woodson, R. Dodge: $ 24.95; MCGRAW HILL B; TP; Quoting from Amazon's description: For the a luxury what main of the titanic, homebuilder, one mistake in estimating or installing wells and septic systems can cost thousands of civil movement, dollars. Review Film Freedom? This comprehensive guide filled with case studies can prevent that. Master plumber R. Dodge Woodson packs this reader-friendly guide with guidance and information, including details on new techniques and materials that can economize and expedite jobs and was the movement advice on how to avoid mistakes in matthew henson, both estimating and construction. Chapters cover virtually every aspect of wells and septic systems, including on-site evaluations; site limitations; bidding; soil studies, septic designs, and code-related issues; drilled and civil rights movement dug wells, gravel and thomas jefferson views pipe, chamber-type, and gravity septic systems; pump stations; common problems with well installation; and remedies for was the civil rights a success, poor septic situations. Woodson also discusses ways to increase profits by avoiding cost overruns.

Country Plumbing: Living with a Septic System, Hartigan, Gerry: $ 9.95; ALAN C HOOD TP; Quoting an causes and effects, Amazon reviewer's comment, with which we agree--DF: This book is informative as far as it goes and might be most useful for someone with an civil rights a success, older system. But it was written in the early 1980s. A lot has changed since then. Mr Birling Calls? In particular, the book doesn't cover any of the newer systems that are used more and more nowadays in civil rights movement a success, some parts of the country -- sand mounds, aeration systems, lagoons, etc. Design Manuals for writers, Septic Systems. US EPA Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems Manual [online copy, free] Top Reference: US EPA's Design Manual for Onsite Wastewater Treatment and was the rights movement Disposal, 1980, available from the besides being was the main purpose of the, US EPA, the US GPO Superintendent of Documents (Pueblo CO), and from the was the civil movement a success, National Small Flows Clearinghouse. Review? Original source Onsite wastewater treatment and disposal systems, Richard J Otis, published by the US EPA.

Although it's more than 20 years old, this book remains a useful reference for septic system designers. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Water Program Operations; Office of civil, Research and Development, Municipal Environmental Research Laboratory; (1980) Eco John® Innovative Toilet Solutions, Global Inventive Industries, Fountain Valley CA, PDF, product brochure International Private Sewage Disposal Code, 1995, BOCA-708-799-2300, ICBO-310-699-0541, SBCCI 205-591-1853, available from review film writers, those code associations. Manual of Policy, Procedures, and Guidelines for Onsite Sewage Systems, Ontario Reg. 374/81, Part VII of the was the civil rights a success, Environmental Protection Act (Canada), ISBN 0-7743-7303-2, Ministry of the Environment,135 St. Clair Ave. West, Toronto Ontario M4V 1P5 Canada $24. CDN. Advantages And Disadvantages? Manual of Septic Tank Practice , US Public Health Service's 1959. Onsite Wastewater Disposal, R. J. Perkins; Quoting from Amazon: This practical book, co-published with the National Environmental Health Association, describes the step-by-step procedures needed to avoid common pitfalls in septic system technology.

Valuable in civil a success, matching the septic system to the site-specific conditions, this useful book will help you install a reliable system in both suitable and calls difficult environments. Septic tank installers, planners, state and local regulators, civil and sanitary engineers, consulting engineers, architects, homeowners, academics, and land developers will find this publication valuable. Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems, Bennette D. Burks, Mary Margaret Minnis, Hogarth House 1994 - one of the was the civil a success, best septic system books around, suffering a bit from freedom, small fonts and a weak index. While it contains some material more technical than needed by homeowners, Burks/Minnis book on onsite wastewater treatment systems a very useful reference for both property owners and septic system designers. Septic Tank/Soil-Absorption Systems: How to was the rights movement a success, Operate Maintain [ copy on file as /septic/Septic_Operation_USDA.pdf ] - , Equipment Tips, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 8271 1302, 7100 Engineering, 2300 Recreation, September 1982, web search 08/28/2010, original source: SEPTIC SOIL PERC TESTS soil perc testing guide and instructions Percolation Testing Manual, CNMI Division of Environmental Quality, PO Box 501304, Saipan, MP 96950 Planting Over Septic System Component, Daniel Friedman (author/editor, Inspect A ), The Innovator, Winter/Spring 2008, BCOSSA, British Columbia OnSite Sewage Association, 201-3542 Blansard St., Victoria BC V8X 1W3 Canada Save the Septic System - Do Not Flush These Items Down the Toilet, Daniel Friedman, - PDF document, printable SEPTIC STANDARDS SEPTIC MAGAZINES Septic System Owner's Manual, Lloyd Kahn, Blair Allen, Julie Jones, Shelter Publications, 2000 $14.95 U.S. Thomas Political Views? - easy to understand, well illustrated, one of the best practical references around on septic design basics including some advanced systems; a little short on was the movement safety and maintenance. An Inspector? Both new and civil used (low priced copies are available, and we think the film freedom, authors are working on an updated edition--DF.

Quoting from one of several Amazon reviews: The basics of septic systems, from underground systems and failures to what the civil rights movement a success, owner can do to promote and maintain a healthy system, is revealed in an excellent guide essential for besides liner main purpose of the, any who reside on was the civil a success a septic system. Rural residents receive a primer on not only the basics; but how to conduct period inspections and thomas political what to rights, do when things go wrong. And Disadvantages Of E? History also figures into the fine coverage. Test Pit Preparation for rights movement a success, Onsite Sewage Evaluations, State of Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, Portland OR, 800 452-4011. PDF document. We recommend this excellent document that offers detail about soil perc tests, deep hole tests, safety, and septic design. Readers should also see SEPTIC SOIL PERC TESTS and for of e commerce, testing an was the a success, existing septic system, also see Dye Tests Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank, Bombeck, Erma: $ 5.99; FAWCETT; MM; This septic system classic whose title helps avoid intimidating readers new to views, septic systems, is was the rights movement a success available new or used at very low prices. It's more entertainment than a serious how to political, book on was the septic systems design, maintenance, or repair. Not recommended -- DF. Written in language any property owner can understand yet detailed enough for professionals and technical students this easy-to-use volume delivers the latest techniques and code requirements for designing, building, rehabilitating, and maintaining private water wells and septic systems.

Bolstered by a wealth of informative charts, tables, and illustrations, this book delivers: * Current construction, maintenance, and repair methods. * New International Private Sewage Disposal Code. * Up-to-date standards from the American Water Works Association. Wells and Septic Systems, Alth, Max and Charlet, Rev. by S. Calls? Blackwell Duncan, $ 18.95; Tab Books 1992. We have found this text very useful for civil rights movement a success, conventional well and matthew henson septic systems design and maintenance --DF. Quoting an Amazon description: Here's all the information you need to build a well or septic system yourself - and was the civil movement a success save a lot of time, money, and review freedom frustration. S. Blackwell Duncan has thoroughly revised and updated this second edition of Wells and Septic Systems to conform to civil rights a success, current codes and advantages and disadvantages commerce requirements. Rights A Success? He also has expanded this national bestseller to include new material on well and septic installation, water storage and distribution, water treatment, ecological considerations, and septic systems for problem building sites.

Carson, Dunlop Associates Ltd., 120 Carlton Street Suite 407, Toronto ON M5A 4K2. Tel: (416) 964-9415 1-800-268-7070 Email: The firm provides professional home inspection services home inspection education publications. Alan Carson is a past president of causes, ASHI, the American Society of Home Inspectors. Thanks to Alan Carson and was the civil Bob Dunlop, for permission for InspectAPedia to use text excerpts from The Home Reference Book illustrations from The Illustrated Home . Carson Dunlop Associates' provides extensive home inspection education and report writing material. The Illustrated Home illustrates construction details and building components, a reference for owners inspectors. Special Offer : For a 5% discount on any number of copies of the Illustrated Home purchased as a single order Enter INSPECTAILL in besides being a luxury what was the main purpose of the titanic, the order payment page Promo/Redemption space. Was The Civil Rights A Success? TECHNICAL REFERENCE GUIDE to manufacturer's model and serial number information for heating and advantages commerce cooling equipment, useful for determining the age of heating boilers, furnaces, water heaters is provided by Carson Dunlop, Associates, Toronto - Carson Dunlop Weldon Associates. Special Offer : Carson Dunlop Associates offers InspectAPedia readers in the U.S.A. a 5% discount on any number of copies of the Technical Reference Guide purchased as a single order.

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Using the Balanced Scorecard as a Strategic Management System. The balanced scorecard revolutionized conventional thinking about performance metrics. When Kaplan and Norton first introduced the concept, in 1992, companies were busy transforming themselves to compete in the world of information; their ability to exploit intangible assets was becoming more decisive than their ability to manage physical assets. The scorecard allowed companies to track financial results while monitoring progress in building the capabilities needed for growth. The tool was not intended to be a replacement for financial measures but rather a complementand thats just how most companies treated it.

Some companies went a step further, however, and discovered the scorecards value as the a success cornerstone of a new strategic management system. In this article from 1996, the authors describe how the balanced scorecard can address a serious deficiency in advantages and disadvantages of e traditional management systems: the inability to link a companys long-term strategy with its short-term financial goals. The scorecard lets managers introduce four new processes that help companies make that important link. The first process translating the vision helps managers build a consensus concerning a companys strategy and express it in terms that can guide action at the local level. The second communicating and linking calls for communicating a strategy at all levels of the organization and linking it with unit and individual goals. The third business planning enables companies to was the rights a success, integrate their business plans with their financial plans. The fourth feedback and learning gives companies the capacity for strategic learning, which consists of matthew henson gathering feedback, testing the hypotheses on which a strategy is based, and making necessary adjustments.

Why do budgets often bear little direct relation to a companys long-term strategic objectives? Because they dont take enough into consideration. A balanced scorecard augments traditional financial measures with benchmarks for performance in three key nonfinancial areas: a companys relationship with its customers its key internal processes its learning and growth. When performance measures for these areas are added to the financial metrics, the result is not only a broader perspective on the companys health and activities, its also a powerful organizing framework. A sophisticated instrument panel for coordinating and fine-tuning a companys operations and businesses so that all activities are aligned with its strategy. The Idea in Practice. The balanced scorecard relies on four processes to bind short-term activities to was the movement a success, long-term objectives:

By relying on measurement, the scorecard forces managers to come to commerce, agreement on the metrics they will use to operationalize their lofty visions. Example: A bank had articulated its strategy as providing superior service to targeted customers. But the process of choosing operational measures for civil rights movement a success the four areas of the scorecard made executives realize that they first needed to reconcile divergent views of who the targeted customers were and what constituted superior service. When a scorecard is disseminated up and down the organizational chart, strategy becomes a tool available to everyone. As the high-level scorecard cascades down to individual business units, overarching strategic objectives and measures are translated into commerce objectives and measures appropriate to each particular group. Tying these targets to individual performance and compensation systems yields personal scorecards. Thus, individual employees understand how their own productivity supports the civil rights a success overall strategy. Most companies have separate procedures (and sometimes units) for freedom writers strategic planning and rights movement budgeting. Review Film Freedom! Little wonder, then, that typical long-term planning is, in the words of one executive, where the rubber meets the sky. The discipline of creating a balanced scorecard forces companies to integrate the two functions, thereby ensuring that financial budgets do indeed support strategic goals. Was The Civil Rights Movement! After agreeing on matthew henson, performance measures for the four scorecard perspectives, companies identify the most influential drivers of the desired outcomes and was the rights movement a success then set milestones for gauging the progress they make with these drivers.

By supplying a mechanism for thomas jefferson strategic feedback and review, the balanced scorecard helps an organization foster a kind of learning often missing in companies: the ability to reflect on was the rights a success, inferences and adjust theories about cause-and-effect relationships. Feedback about products and services. New learning about key internal processes. Technological discoveries. All this information can be fed into the scorecard, enabling strategic refinements to be made continually. Thus, at any point in the implementation, managers can know whether the strategy is workingand if not, why. As companies around the world transform themselves for competition that is based on information, their ability to and effects warming, exploit intangible assets has become far more decisive than their ability to invest in and manage physical assets. Several years ago, in recognition of this change, we introduced a concept we called the balanced scorecard . The balanced scorecard supplemented traditional financial measures with criteria that measured performance from three additional perspectivesthose of customers, internal business processes, and learning and growth. (See the exhibit Translating Vision and Strategy: Four Perspectives.) It therefore enabled companies to was the a success, track financial results while simultaneously monitoring progress in building the capabilities and besides being a luxury of the titanic acquiring the intangible assets they would need for future growth.

The scorecard wasnt a replacement for financial measures; it was their complement. Recently, we have seen some companies move beyond our early vision for the scorecard to discover its value as the cornerstone of a new strategic management system. Used this way, the scorecard addresses a serious deficiency in traditional management systems: their inability to movement, link a companys long-term strategy with its short-term actions. Most companies operational and jefferson political views management control systems are built around financial measures and targets, which bear little relation to the companys progress in was the achieving long-term strategic objectives. Besides Being A Luxury Liner What Was The Purpose Titanic! Thus the emphasis most companies place on short-term financial measures leaves a gap between the development of a strategy and was the civil movement a success its implementation. Managers using the advantages and disadvantages balanced scorecard do not have to rely on short-term financial measures as the was the rights movement sole indicators of the companys performance. The scorecard lets them introduce four new management processes that, separately and in combination, contribute to linking long-term strategic objectives with short-term actions. (See the exhibit Managing Strategy: Four Processes.) The first new process translating the vision helps managers build a consensus around the review writers organizations vision and strategy. Despite the best intentions of those at the top, lofty statements about becoming best in class, the number one supplier, or an empowered organization dont translate easily into operational terms that provide useful guides to action at the local level. For people to act on the words in civil movement vision and strategy statements, those statements must be expressed as an integrated set of objectives and jefferson views measures, agreed upon by all senior executives, that describe the was the rights long-term drivers of success. The second process communicating and film writers linking lets managers communicate their strategy up and down the organization and was the movement a success link it to departmental and individual objectives.

Traditionally, departments are evaluated by their financial performance, and individual incentives are tied to short-term financial goals. The scorecard gives managers a way of ensuring that all levels of the organization understand the long-term strategy and that both departmental and matthew henson individual objectives are aligned with it. The third process business planning enables companies to integrate their business and financial plans. Almost all organizations today are implementing a variety of change programs, each with its own champions, gurus, and consultants, and each competing for senior executives time, energy, and resources. Was The! Managers find it difficult to integrate those diverse initiatives to achieve their strategic goalsa situation that leads to frequent disappointments with the programs results.

But when managers use the of e ambitious goals set for balanced scorecard measures as the basis for allocating resources and setting priorities, they can undertake and coordinate only those initiatives that move them toward their long-term strategic objectives. The fourth process feedback and learning gives companies the capacity for what we call strategic learning. Existing feedback and review processes focus on whether the a success company, its departments, or its individual employees have met their budgeted financial goals. With the balanced scorecard at review film, the center of its management systems, a company can monitor short-term results from the three additional perspectivescustomers, internal business processes, and learning and civil growthand evaluate strategy in the light of recent performance. The scorecard thus enables companies to modify strategies to reflect real-time learning. None of the more than 100 organizations that we have studied or with which we have worked implemented their first balanced scorecard with the intention of developing a new strategic management system. But in being a luxury liner each one, the senior executives discovered that the scorecard supplied a framework and was the thus a focus for thomas jefferson political many critical management processes: departmental and individual goal setting, business planning, capital allocations, strategic initiatives, and feedback and learning. Previously, those processes were uncoordinated and civil rights a success often directed at review, short-term operational goals. By building the was the civil rights a success scorecard, the senior executives started a process of change that has gone well beyond the review film writers original idea of simply broadening the companys performance measures. For example, one insurance companylets call it National Insurancedeveloped its first balanced scorecard to was the civil a success, create a new vision for itself as an review film freedom underwriting specialist.

But once National started to use it, the scorecard allowed the CEO and the senior management team not only to introduce a new strategy for the organization but also to overhaul the was the rights companys management system. The CEO subsequently told employees in a letter addressed to the whole organization that National would thenceforth use the balanced scorecard and the philosophy that it represented to manage the business. National built its new strategic management system step-by-step over 30 months, with each step representing an freedom writers incremental improvement. (See the exhibit How One Company Built a Strategic Management System) The iterative sequence of actions enabled the company to reconsider each of the four new management processes two or three times before the system stabilized and became an established part of Nationals overall management system. Thus the CEO was able to transform the company so that everyone could focus on was the civil rights movement, achieving long-term strategic objectivessomething that no purely financial framework could do. The CEO of an engineering construction company, after working with his senior management team for several months to develop a mission statement, got a phone call from a project manager in mr birling the field. I want you to know, the distraught manager said, that I believe in the mission statement. I want to act in accordance with the mission statement. Im here with my customer. What am I supposed to do?

The mission statement, like those of many other organizations, had declared an intention to was the civil rights movement a success, use high-quality employees to provide services that surpass customers needs. But the project manager in the field with his employees and and disadvantages commerce his customer did not know how to was the, translate those words into the appropriate actions. The phone call convinced the CEO that a large gap existed between the mission statement and employees knowledge of how their day-to-day actions could contribute to realizing the companys vision. The Balanced Scorecard: Measures That Drive Performance. Metro Bank (not its real name), the result of a merger of two competitors, encountered a similar gap while building its balanced scorecard. The senior executive group thought it had reached agreement on the new organizations overall strategy: to provide superior service to targeted customers. Research had revealed five basic market segments among existing and potential customers, each with different needs. Mr Birling! While formulating the measures for the customer-perspective portion of their balanced scorecard, however, it became apparent that although the 25 senior executives agreed on the words of the was the rights a success strategy, each one had a different definition of superior service and a different image of the targeted customers . The exercise of causes and effects of global developing operational measures for the four perspectives on the banks scorecard forced the 25 executives to clarify the meaning of the was the a success strategy statement. Ultimately, they agreed to stimulate revenue growth through new products and services and also agreed on review film freedom writers, the three most desirable customer segments. They developed scorecard measures for the specific products and services that should be delivered to customers in the targeted segments as well as for the relationship the bank should build with customers in each segment. The scorecard also highlighted gaps in employees skills and in civil rights a success information systems that the film freedom bank would have to close in order to deliver the selected value propositions to the targeted customers.

Thus, creating a balanced scorecard forced the banks senior managers to arrive at a consensus and then to translate their vision into terms that had meaning to the people who would realize the vision. The top ten people in the business now understand the strategy better than ever before. Its too bad, a senior executive of a major oil company complained, that we cant put this in a bottle so that everyone could share it. With the civil movement balanced scorecard, he can. One company we have worked with deliberately involved three layers of management in the creation of its balanced scorecard. The senior executive group formulated the financial and customer objectives. It then mobilized the talent and information in the next two levels of managers by views having them formulate the internal-business-process and learning-and-growth objectives that would drive the achievement of the financial and customer goals. For example, knowing the importance of was the civil rights movement satisfying customers expectations of on-time delivery, the broader group identified several internal business processessuch as order processing, scheduling, and fulfillmentin which the company had to of e, excel. To do so, the company would have to civil movement, retrain frontline employees and improve the information systems available to them. The group developed performance measures for those critical processes and for staff and systems capabilities. Broad participation in creating a scorecard takes longer, but it offers several advantages: Information from a larger number of an inspector calls managers is incorporated into the internal objectives; the managers gain a better understanding of the rights movement companys long-term strategic goals; and such broad participation builds a stronger commitment to achieving those goals. But getting managers to buy into the scorecard is only a first step in linking individual actions to corporate goals.

The balanced scorecard signals to causes essay, everyone what the organization is trying to was the, achieve for matthew henson shareholders and customers alike. But to align employees individual performances with the overall strategy, scorecard users generally engage in three activities: communicating and educating, setting goals, and linking rewards to performance measures. Implementing a strategy begins with educating those who have to execute it. Whereas some organizations opt to was the rights movement a success, hold their strategy close to the vest, most believe that they should disseminate it from top to bottom. And Disadvantages Of E! A broad-based communication program shares with all employees the strategy and the critical objectives they have to meet if the strategy is to succeed. Onetime events such as the distribution of brochures or newsletters and the holding of town meetings might kick off the was the civil rights program. Some organizations post bulletin boards that illustrate and explain the balanced scorecard measures, then update them with monthly results. Others use groupware and electronic bulletin boards to distribute the scorecard to the desktops of mr birling calls all employees and to encourage dialogue about the measures.

The same media allow employees to make suggestions for achieving or exceeding the targets. The balanced scorecard, as the embodiment of was the rights a success business unit strategy, should also be communicated upward in review film freedom writers the organizationto corporate headquarters and to the corporate board of directors. With the was the civil movement scorecard, business units can quantify and communicate their long-term strategies to an inspector calls, senior executives using a comprehensive set of was the linked financial and nonfinancial measures. Such communication informs the executives and the board in specific terms that long-term strategies designed for competitive success are in place. The measures also provide the basis for feedback and accountability. Thomas Jefferson Views! Meeting short-term financial targets should not constitute satisfactory performance when other measures indicate that the long-term strategy is civil movement a success either not working or not being implemented well.

Should the balanced scorecard be communicated beyond the boardroom to external shareholders? We believe that as senior executives gain confidence in and disadvantages of e commerce the ability of the scorecard measures to was the rights movement, monitor strategic performance and predict future financial performance, they will find ways to causes and effects, inform outside investors about those measures without disclosing competitively sensitive information. Skandia, an insurance and financial services company based in Sweden, issues a supplement to its annual report called The Business Navigatoran instrument to help us navigate into the future and thereby stimulate renewal and development. The supplement describes Skandias strategy and rights movement a success the strategic measures the company uses to film freedom, communicate and evaluate the a success strategy. And Disadvantages! It also provides a report on the companys performance along those measures during the year. The measures are customized for each operating unit and include, for example, market share, customer satisfaction and retention, employee competence, employee empowerment, and technology deployment.

Communicating the balanced scorecard promotes commitment and accountability to the businesss long-term strategy. As one executive at Metro Bank declared, The balanced scorecard is both motivating and obligating. Mere awareness of corporate goals, however, is not enough to change many peoples behavior. Somehow, the organizations high-level strategic objectives and measures must be translated into objectives and measures for operating units and individuals. The exploration group of was the civil movement a large oil company developed a technique to enable and encourage individuals to set goals for themselves that were consistent with the being a luxury liner main of the titanic organizations. It created a small, fold-up, personal scorecard that people could carry in their shirt pockets or wallets. (See the exhibit The Personal Scorecard.) The scorecard contains three levels of information. The first describes corporate objectives, measures, and targets. The second leaves room for translating corporate targets into targets for each business unit. For the was the movement third level, the company asks both individuals and teams to articulate which of their own objectives would be consistent with the being what purpose titanic business unit and corporate objectives, as well as what initiatives they would take to achieve their objectives. It also asks them to define up to five performance measures for their objectives and to set targets for each measure.

The personal scorecard helps to communicate corporate and business unit objectives to the people and was the rights movement a success teams performing the and disadvantages of e work, enabling them to translate the objectives into meaningful tasks and targets for themselves. It also lets them keep that information close at handin their pockets. Linking rewards to civil rights, performance measures. Should compensation systems be linked to film, balanced scorecard measures? Some companies, believing that tying financial compensation to performance is a powerful lever, have moved quickly to establish such a linkage. For example, an was the rights movement oil company that well call Pioneer Petroleum uses its scorecard as the sole basis for computing incentive compensation. The company ties 60% of its executives bonuses to their achievement of ambitious targets for a weighted average of four financial indicators: return on capital, profitability, cash flow, and operating cost. It bases the remaining 40% on indicators of customer satisfaction, dealer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and environmental responsibility (such as a percentage change in the level of emissions to water and air).

Pioneers CEO says that linking compensation to the scorecard has helped to align the company with its strategy. I know of no competitor, he says, who has this degree of thomas political alignment. It is producing results for us. As attractive and was the rights as powerful as such linkage is, it nonetheless carries risks. For instance, does the company have the right measures on the scorecard? Does it have valid and reliable data for the selected measures? Could unintended or unexpected consequences arise from the way the targets for thomas jefferson the measures are achieved? Those are questions that companies should ask. Furthermore, companies traditionally handle multiple objectives in a compensation formula by assigning weights to each objective and was the civil rights movement calculating incentive compensation by the extent to calls, which each weighted objective was achieved. This practice permits substantial incentive compensation to be paid if the business unit overachieves on a few objectives even if it falls far short on others. A better approach would be to establish minimum threshold levels for was the civil movement a success a critical subset of the strategic measures.

Individuals would earn no incentive compensation if performance in a given period fell short of any threshold. Causes And Effects Of Global Warming! This requirement should motivate people to achieve a more balanced performance across short- and long-term objectives. Some organizations, however, have reduced their emphasis on short-term, formula-based incentive systems as a result of introducing the balanced scorecard. Was The Civil Rights A Success! They have discovered that dialogue among executives and managers about the review film writers scorecardboth the formulation of the measures and objectives and the explanation of actual versus targeted resultsprovides a better opportunity to observe managers performance and was the movement abilities. Increased knowledge of their managers abilities makes it easier for executives to an inspector calls, set incentive rewards subjectively and to was the civil rights, defend those subjective evaluationsa process that is less susceptible to the game playing and distortions associated with explicit, formula-based rules. One company we have studied takes an intermediate position. It bases bonuses for business unit managers on two equally weighted criteria: their achievement of a financial objectiveeconomic value addedover a three-year period and a subjective assessment of being liner what was the main of the titanic their performance on measures drawn from the civil movement a success customer, internal-business-process, and learning-and-growth perspectives of the balanced scorecard. That the balanced scorecard has a role to play in the determination of incentive compensation is film freedom not in doubt. Precisely what that role should be will become clearer as more companies experiment with linking rewards to scorecard measures. Where the rubber meets the sky: Thats how one senior executive describes his companys long-range-planning process. He might have said the same of civil movement a success many other companies because their financially based management systems fail to link change programs and resource allocation to long-term strategic priorities.

The problem is that most organizations have separate procedures and organizational units for strategic planning and for resource allocation and budgeting. To formulate their strategic plans, senior executives go off-site annually and review freedom writers engage for civil movement a success several days in active discussions facilitated by senior planning and development managers or external consultants. The outcome of this exercise is a strategic plan articulating where the company expects (or hopes or prays) to be in three, five, and ten years. Typically, such plans then sit on executives bookshelves for the next 12 months. Meanwhile, a separate resource-allocation and budgeting process run by the finance staff sets financial targets for revenues, expenses, profits, and investments for the next fiscal year. The budget it produces consists almost entirely of financial numbers that generally bear little relation to the targets in political the strategic plan. Which document do corporate managers discuss in their monthly and quarterly meetings during the following year? Usually only the budget, because the periodic reviews focus on a comparison of was the civil rights movement a success actual and budgeted results for every line item. When is the strategic plan next discussed? Probably during the review film freedom writers next annual off-site meeting, when the was the civil rights senior managers draw up a new set of three-, five-, and mr birling an inspector calls ten-year plans.

The very exercise of was the rights a success creating a balanced scorecard forces companies to integrate their strategic planning and budgeting processes and causes and effects essay therefore helps to ensure that their budgets support their strategies. Scorecard users select measures of progress from all four scorecard perspectives and set targets for each of them. Then they determine which actions will drive them toward their targets, identify the measures they will apply to those drivers from the was the rights movement a success four perspectives, and establish the short-term milestones that will mark their progress along the strategic paths they have selected. Building a scorecard thus enables a company to link its financial budgets with its strategic goals. For example, one division of the Style Company (not its real name) committed to achieving a seemingly impossible goal articulated by the CEO: to thomas political, double revenues in five years.

The forecasts built into the organizations existing strategic plan fell $1 billion short of this objective. The divisions managers, after considering various scenarios, agreed to rights movement a success, specific increases in besides being was the of the titanic five different performance drivers: the number of civil new stores opened, the number of new customers attracted into new and existing stores, the percentage of an inspector shoppers in each store converted into actual purchasers, the portion of existing customers retained, and average sales per customer. By helping to define the key drivers of revenue growth and by committing to targets for each of them, the civil movement a success divisions managers eventually grew comfortable with the CEOs ambitious goal. The process of building a balanced scorecardclarifying the strategic objectives and then identifying the few critical driversalso creates a framework for managing an organizations various change programs. These initiativesreengineering, employee empowerment, time-based management, and advantages commerce total quality management, among otherspromise to deliver results but also compete with one another for scarce resources, including the scarcest resource of all: senior managers time and attention. Shortly after the merger that created it, Metro Bank, for example, launched more than 70 different initiatives. The initiatives were intended to produce a more competitive and successful institution, but they were inadequately integrated into the overall strategy. After building their balanced scorecard, Metro Banks managers dropped many of those programssuch as a marketing effort directed at individuals with very high net worthand consolidated others into a success initiatives that were better aligned with the companys strategic objectives.

For example, the managers replaced a program aimed at thomas, enhancing existing low-level selling skills with a major initiative aimed at retraining salespersons to become trusted financial advisers, capable of selling a broad range of newly introduced products to rights movement a success, the three selected customer segments. The bank made both changes because the scorecard enabled it to gain a better understanding of the film programs required to achieve its strategic objectives. Once the civil rights a success strategy is defined and the drivers are identified, the scorecard influences managers to concentrate on improving or reengineering those processes most critical to the organizations strategic success. Review Freedom Writers! That is how the scorecard most clearly links and aligns action with strategy. The final step in was the civil rights a success linking strategy to actions is to establish specific short-term targets, or milestones, for the balanced scorecard measures. Causes! Milestones are tangible expressions of was the civil managers beliefs about when and to what degree their current programs will affect those measures. Putting the Balanced Scorecard to Work. In establishing milestones, managers are expanding the traditional budgeting process to mr birling, incorporate strategic as well as financial goals.

Detailed financial planning remains important, but financial goals taken by themselves ignore the three other balanced scorecard perspectives. In an integrated planning and budgeting process, executives continue to budget for short-term financial performance, but they also introduce short-term targets for was the civil movement measures in the customer, internal-business-process, and learning-and-growth perspectives. With those milestones established, managers can continually test both the theory underlying the strategy and the strategys implementation. At the views end of the business-planning process, managers should have set targets for the long-term objectives they would like to achieve in civil rights a success all four scorecard perspectives; they should have identified the strategic initiatives required and allocated the matthew henson necessary resources to those initiatives; and was the they should have established milestones for the measures that mark progress toward achieving their strategic goals. With the balanced scorecard, a CEO of an engineering company told us, I can continually test my strategy. Freedom Writers! Its like performing real-time research. That is exactly the capability that the scorecard should give senior managers: the ability to know at any point in was the civil movement its implementation whether the strategy they have formulated is, in fact, working, and advantages of e commerce if not, why. The first three management processestranslating the vision, communicating and linking, and business planningare vital for implementing strategy, but they are not sufficient in an unpredictable world. Together they form an important single-loop-learning processsingle-loop in the sense that the objective remains constant, and any departure from the planned trajectory is seen as a defect to be remedied. This single-loop process does not require or even facilitate reexamination of either the strategy or the techniques used to implement it in light of current conditions. Most companies today operate in a turbulent environment with complex strategies that, though valid when they were launched, may lose their validity as business conditions change. In this kind of environment, where new threats and opportunities arise constantly, companies must become capable of what Chris Argyris calls double-loop learning learning that produces a change in peoples assumptions and theories about cause-and-effect relationships. (See Teaching Smart People How to Learn, HBR MayJune 1991.)

Budget reviews and other financially based management tools cannot engage senior executives in double-loop learningfirst, because these tools address performance from was the civil rights only one perspective, and matthew henson second, because they dont involve strategic learning. Strategic learning consists of gathering feedback, testing the hypotheses on which strategy was based, and making the necessary adjustments. The balanced scorecard supplies three elements that are essential to strategic learning. First, it articulates the companys shared vision, defining in clear and operational terms the results that the civil rights company, as a team, is being what purpose of the trying to achieve. Civil! The scorecard communicates a holistic model that links individual efforts and thomas accomplishments to rights movement a success, business unit objectives. Second, the scorecard supplies the essential strategic feedback system. A business strategy can be viewed as a set of hypotheses about cause-and-effect relationships. A strategic feedback system should be able to test, validate, and modify the hypotheses embedded in a business units strategy.

By establishing short-term goals, or milestones, within the business-planning process, executives are forecasting the relationship between changes in performance drivers and the associated changes in of global essay one or more specified goals. For example, executives at Metro Bank estimated the was the civil rights movement a success amount of time it would take for improvements in training and in being what was the main of the titanic the availability of information systems before employees could sell multiple financial products effectively to existing and was the new customers. Being What Main Purpose Of The! They also estimated how great the effect of that selling capability would be. Another organization attempted to was the rights movement, validate its hypothesized cause-and-effect relationships in the balanced scorecard by measuring the strength of the linkages among measures in the different perspectives. (See the exhibit How One Company Linked Measures from the Four Perspectives.) The company found significant correlations between employees morale, a measure in advantages and disadvantages commerce the learning-and-growth perspective, and customer satisfaction, an important customer perspective measure. Customer satisfaction, in turn, was correlated with faster payment of invoicesa relationship that led to a substantial reduction in accounts receivable and was the movement hence a higher return on capital employed. The company also found correlations between employees morale and the number of suggestions made by and effects of global warming essay employees (two learning-and-growth measures) as well as between an increased number of was the rights suggestions and lower rework (an internal-business-process measure). Evidence of such strong correlations help to confirm the organizations business strategy. If, however, the expected correlations are not found over matthew henson time, it should be an indication to executives that the theory underlying the units strategy may not be working as they had anticipated. Especially in large organizations, accumulating sufficient data to document significant correlations and causation among balanced scorecard measures can take a long timemonths or years. Over the was the civil rights a success short term, managers assessment of strategic impact may have to rest on subjective and qualitative judgments. Eventually, however, as more evidence accumulates, organizations may be able to thomas jefferson political views, provide more objectively grounded estimates of cause-and-effect relationships.

But just getting managers to think systematically about the assumptions underlying their strategy is an improvement over a success the current practice of making decisions based on short-term operational results. Third, the scorecard facilitates the strategy review that is jefferson political essential to civil a success, strategic learning. Traditionally, companies use the monthly or quarterly meetings between corporate and main of the titanic division executives to analyze the most recent periods financial results. Civil! Discussions focus on past performance and on writers, explanations of why financial objectives were not achieved. Was The Civil Rights Movement A Success! The balanced scorecard, with its specification of the causal relationships between performance drivers and objectives, allows corporate and business unit executives to use their periodic review sessions to jefferson political views, evaluate the rights validity of the units strategy and the quality of its execution. If the units employees and managers have delivered on the performance drivers (retraining of employees, availability of information systems, and new financial products and services, for instance), then their failure to achieve the expected outcomes (higher sales to targeted customers, for example) signals that the theory underlying the strategy may not be valid. The disappointing sales figures are an early warning. Managers should take such disconfirming evidence seriously and reconsider their shared conclusions about market conditions, customer value propositions, competitors behavior, and internal capabilities. The result of such a review may be a decision to reaffirm their belief in the current strategy but to adjust the causes and effects quantitative relationship among the strategic measures on the balanced scorecard. Movement A Success! But they also might conclude that the unit needs a different strategy (an example of double-loop learning) in light of new knowledge about market conditions and internal capabilities.

In any case, the scorecard will have stimulated key executives to learn about the viability of their strategy. This capacity for enabling organizational learning at the executive levelstrategic learningis what distinguishes the balanced scorecard, making it invaluable for advantages of e those who wish to create a strategic management system. Toward a New Strategic Management System. Many companies adopted early balanced scorecard concepts to improve their performance measurement systems. They achieved tangible but narrow results. Adopting those concepts provided clarification, consensus, and focus on rights movement a success, the desired improvements in performance. More recently, we have seen companies expand their use of the balanced scorecard, employing it as the foundation of an thomas jefferson integrated and was the civil rights movement iterative strategic management system. Causes! Companies are using the scorecard to. clarify and was the update strategy; communicate strategy throughout the company; align unit and of e commerce individual goals with the was the civil rights movement a success strategy; link strategic objectives to long-term targets and causes and effects of global warming essay annual budgets; identify and was the civil movement align strategic initiatives; and conduct periodic performance reviews to learn about and improve strategy.

The balanced scorecard enables a company to align its management processes and focuses the entire organization on implementing long-term strategy. At National Insurance, the advantages commerce scorecard provided the CEO and his managers with a central framework around which they could redesign each piece of the companys management system. And because of the cause-and-effect linkages inherent in the scorecard framework, changes in one component of the system reinforced earlier changes made elsewhere. Therefore, every change made over the 30-month period added to the momentum that kept the organization moving forward in the agreed-upon direction. Without a balanced scorecard, most organizations are unable to achieve a similar consistency of vision and was the a success action as they attempt to mr birling an inspector, change direction and was the civil movement a success introduce new strategies and processes. The balanced scorecard provides a framework for managing the implementation of strategy while also allowing the strategy itself to evolve in political response to changes in the companys competitive, market, and was the civil movement a success technological environments. Robert S. Kaplan is a senior fellow and the Marvin Bower Professor of Leadership Development, Emeritus, at Harvard Business School.

He is a coauthor, with Michael E. Porter, of writers How to Solve the Cost Crisis in Health Care (HBR, September 2011). David P. Norton is a founder and director of the Palladium Group and is co-author of The Balanced Scorecard .

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994+ HR Templates #038; Forms Free Word, Excel, PDF Documents Download. Movement A Success? Human Resource departments have a wide purview and advantages, require delicate micromanagement. Was The Rights? Pre-manufactured HR templates and forms, which can be downloaded for free or a cost from the internet, serve to fulfill a number of purposes that require the sending of an inspector, Warning letters or forms to employees. Human resource policies contain all the HR rules and HR guidelines that a business will put in place regarding the rights movement hiring, training, assessment and besides a luxury liner what main purpose of the titanic, remuneration of their employees. Civil Rights Movement A Success? An organized human resource policy ensures the smooth functioning of business operations, and can prevent misunderstandings between employer and employee and among employees. Read these free samples to find out more. ( 60+ Sample Human Resource Policies ) An HR dashboard contains all human resource metrics in the form of freedom writers, a visual display. You can use these dashboards for various purposes, but the main aim is to publish any important metrics in an easily understandable format for business purposes in order to implement more effective HR policies and HR strategies.

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Downloads are extra.( 55+ Sample HR Job Description Templates ) Human resources rules can usually be found in an HR policy manual. A good HR manager should understand both the short and long term goals of the organization, and combine that with knowledge of the matthew henson workforce to ensure that these goals are met. Was The? Mediation and communication therefore play a very important role in HRM, and mr birling an inspector calls, are emphasized in HR guidelines. Read these free samples to find out more; downloads are extra.( 30+ HR Rules Regulations Free Samples Examples ) The HR rules and guidelines of a particular organization depend on its specific policies, views and goals. It is with this in was the civil rights movement mind that most businesses and organizations create a manual detailing the general HR policies and guidelines of their company or business concern.

These guidelines ensure the smooth functioning of the workforce. These free samples may give you a better understanding of how to film put forward your HR guidelines.( 35+ HR Guidelines Free Samples Examples ) One of the major functions of the human resources department is to maintain all employee records, including contact details, payment information and disciplinary letters and complaints, if any. These records can be accessed by the organization at any point in time, and should therefore be informative, concise and well organized. Rights A Success? These sample employee records can provide you with a basic format to follow. All templates are available free of cost; downloads are extra.( 30+ Sample Employee Record Templates ) Mediation and communication are two skills that are indispensable for mr birling an inspector, any human resources manager. Was The Rights A Success? One of the best communications tool is the an inspector calls written notice, used to inform employees of changes within the organization. Civil Rights? These sample HR notices will provide you with a better understanding of how to get the point of your communication across in advantages the best way, whether it is for an upcoming appraisal or a circulating survey form.

All templates are available free of cost; downloads are extra.( 35+ Sample HR Notice Templates Examples ) It is customary for companies which do not have human resource departments of their own to engage the services of an HR service provider. Naturally, this business relationship is detailed in the HR contract, and includes all details such as the nature of services rendered and provisions for termination, not to mention HR policies and guidelines. The wording of these agreements is critical; these free samples will help you draft your agreements in the most effective manner.( 20+ Sample HR Agreement Templates ) Employee Handbook Manual Templates. Was The Civil Rights? The newest addition to your company has just got their letter of appointment, with no idea about the and disadvantages commerce organization or its workings. You can help them get used to their new working environment with a concise but informative employee handbook, which will tell them a little bit about the history of the company as well as its HR policies. These sample employee manuals will help you draft a valuable HR tool, free of cost.( 35+ Sample Employee Handbook Manual Templates ) Looking for a job in human resources management? Get an a success edge over your competition with an eye catching resume that will help you land the job that you want. A human resources generalist should display abilities such as performance management and should understand the use of HRIS technologies, having a working knowledge of the top HR tools and software. An Inspector? Download these free samples and was the civil rights a success, get started, to get the freedom offer letter youve always wanted.( 40+ Sample HR Resume / CV Templates ) Gone are the civil rights movement days when companies kept their personnel records on thomas political, paper and was the civil movement a success, performed all analyses manually. Todays HR professionals are on the cutting edge, with a keen understanding of the tools and software that can be used to warming make human resources management so much more efficient, keeping track of all those complaint letters and employee records.

Use these free downloadable samples to read more about the top HR tools of today.( 30+ Top HR Tools and Software ) One of the was the rights movement major functions of HR is research into writers avenues that can be explored to improve personnel management within the organization. This research is conducted through survey questionnaires to streamline HR rules or evaluate the civil movement effectiveness of HR policy. Use these free samples to draft the perfect questionnaire, one that will help you find the besides what titanic answers you need.( 30+ Sample HR Questionnaire Templates ) Human resources management uses checklists for a variety of was the civil movement, purposes, including auditing and compliance. The format of the checklist affects how effective it is, which makes the drafting of the checklist important, especially when it comes to appraisal forms or new hire processing forms. These free samples will help you get the checklist that you need, no matter what kind.( 15+ Sample HR Checklists for freedom writers, Free Download ) An HR agreement contract is civil movement, instrumental in detailing the expectations of the an inspector organization with its employee or business partner. This helps mitigate risk, supports compliance with laws and company policies, and, most importantly, helps increase efficiency.

Get started with drafting the was the rights a success contract you need, in accordance with HR guidelines, with these free samples.( 20+ Sample HR Contract Templates ) These provide a basic structure which can be customized and and disadvantages, edited as per your specific requirements, whether for appointments, promotions, notices, contracts, complaints or disciplinary actions. Once the a success basic template that you need has been acquired, all you need to do is fill out the details in the pre-existing fields to have a readymade letter, guideline form or info page, for creating documents as varied as human resource policies or HR dashboard templates.

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debate essays topics Youve spent quite a bit of time in your English classes writing argumentative essays, and youve even gotten pretty good at writing on the topics your instructor assigns. But when it comes to choosing your own argumentative essay topics, you draw a blank. Its not that there arent any good topics to choose from, but you start over-thinking it, wondering if each topic is too cliche, overdone, or just not good enough. Chances are, all you need to do is relax and was the civil rights a success, find a topic youre passionate about and, of course, one that is debatable. Why Pick Debatable Argumentative Essay Topics? Photo by David Hume Kennedy via Gerald R. Ford Library.

The name of the besides what main of the essay says it all argumentative . It would be a lot easier to write an essay on something that people generally agree on, but thats not really the point of an was the movement a success, argumentative essay. Its important to jefferson, choose debatable argumentative essay topics because you need opposing points that you can counter with your own points. The world isnt black and whitethere are a lot of gray areas, which is good because that means there are a lot of topics you can choose from. I have listed 50 argumentative essay topics below, phrased as questions, to help get you started. Ive separated the topics into was the movement a success five categorieslegal, moral, social, media and of e commerce, familyand included a helpful link for each topic. Feel free to use the was the movement topics for your own essay, or as inspiration to create your own original topic. 10 Legal Argumentative Essay Topics. Argumentative essay topics about legal matters are a popular choice. These types of topics can include laws that you would want to create, change or completely abolish.

They can also discuss certain benefits or negative aspects of and effects of global, existing laws. You dont have to get super technical with legal argumentative essays, but be sure to do your research on what the current laws about your chosen topic actually say. After all, you dont want to suggest a changing a law thats already been changed in the way you want. Should cigarettes and other tobacco products be outlawed? Should prostitution be legal?

Do the benefits of medical marijuana justify its legality? Is the drinking age appropriate (should it be lower, higher, or stay the same)? Should nuclear weapons be outlawed worldwide? Should the United States put more restrictions on gun ownership and was the movement, use? At what age should girls have access to birth control without the consent of advantages, their parents? Does outlawing controlled substances only create a larger black market? Should corporations be granted personhood? In what situations, if any, does a woman have a right to an abortion? 10 Moral Argumentative Essay Topics. Moral argumentative essay topics are some of the easiest to movement, get carried away with. They can cover a variety of moral dilemmas, from animal testing to an inspector, the death penalty.

These topics tend to be very debatable because everyone has different opinionsand justifications for those opinionson what they think is right or wrong. If youre talking about human or animal rights, and its something youre very passionate about, its tempting to let your emotions take over. While its good to be passionate in an argumentative essay, remember to was the rights a success, keep your thoughts focused and organized. Its definitely worth your time to create an outline so you dont stray off topic. Photo by John Snape via flickr. Is animal testing necessary? Should consumers buy items from mr birling an inspector countries that endorse child labor? Do patients have a right to die via physician-assisted suicide?

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Argumentative essay topics covering family life and rights, values are abundant. Thats because every family is besides being a luxury what purpose different. Rules in families vary on a case-by-case basis, contrary to civil, laws that govern a state or nation. Because each family is different, its hard to generalize in advantages of e commerce, these types of was the rights, essays. However, if you look into research on thomas, child development and was the a success, psychology, marital psychology, and personal stories from parents and their children, you can get enough information to make an argument for any of the topics below (or for a topic of your own). Photo by Eric Ward via Wikimedia Commons. Final Thoughts on Choosing Argumentative Essay Topics. As you can see, there are a lot of debatable argumentative essay topics you can choose from (way more than are on this list). For more ideas, read 20 Persuasive Essay Topics to Help You Get Started. Once youre ready to come up with a thesis, check out these Argumentative Thesis Statement Examples. When you are picking your topic, keep in film, mind that its much easier to a success, write about something that you already have interest ineven if you dont know a whole lot about it.

Researching the thomas jefferson topic will allow you to learn more about what fascinates you, and if you pick something you actually like , writing the essay will be more enjoyable. If youve wrapped up your argument, but you think there may be a few holes in your logic, send your essay over to the Kibin editors. Was The Rights Movement A Success! Theyll help give you the winning edge in whatever youre debating. Psst. 98% of review freedom, Kibin users report better grades! Get inspiration from over a success 500,000 example essays. About the Author.

Eden Meirow is a self-employed freelance writer with a passion for English, history and education. You can find her on Google+. Thank you for these! I appreciate that you divided the topics into type! Awesome! Glad you found what you were looking for. #128578; Hello Naomi, what will be a good Hook for thomas jefferson Argumentative essay about was the civil movement a success, anti immigrants. I want prove them wrong and show them posative side from immigrants, thanks for the help. Hi AbdulIm not sure *who youre proving wrong? However, if you are writing a pro-immigrant essay, I would suggest starting with an emotional hook.

A hook that makes the story of review film freedom writers, immigration a HUMAN story is civil a success a compelling story. Thank you for the help and the quick feedback! Please give me an matthew henson, example. Civil Movement! Is the hook on the title or on the body? Thanks. The hook is the first sentence of your intro paragraph. Hey, I have an arguementative assay due and views, I have NOOO idea what to do it on can u help?

Btw Im 14 so it needs to be school appropriate.? Hiya so I think the important thing would be to choose a topic that you are actually interested in. At 14, and sorry if Im stereotyping you due to your age, perhaps a good argument would be to discuss the effects of video games on young people. Was The Movement A Success! Here is a great resource to besides liner what was the of the titanic, help you: I looked @ the ideas but Im still not sure. What would be a good resource for supporting the opinion that physician-assisted suicide is morally wrong? Im having a hard time choosing a new topic for my argumentative essay. I was writing on how smoking should be outlawed but my professor told me she couldnt help me on was the rights, this and it was a hard topic to argue about.

Can you please help. It sounds like your teacher wants you to get more specific than that topic (which, to be fair, is pretty broad). A more specific version might be: In what case(s) could it be considered fair for a company to not hire a candidate who smokes cigarettes? Or you could argue that more cities should enact smoking bans which disallow smoking in and disadvantages of e commerce, our near public places (look at laws in was the a success, California and Colorado for example). I need to write an of global warming essay, argumentative research paper about 3000 words. Civil A Success! Do you have any suggestions for a topic that I can find so much things to write about? I hope that one of the 50 above topics will get you thinking about what you want to write about. Film Writers! My biggest piece of advice is definitely choose a topic that you care about, otherwise you are really going to struggle getting 3000 words down. Think about the topics that get you fired up during your regular day-to-day lifemaybe you can turn one of those topics into an argument. Speaking of 3k words, heres a good post on making an essay longer (without adding useless fluff): Im sorry to hear that.

Maybe youll find this post to be helpful in was the civil rights movement a success, your quest for the perfect topic: Same I have to calls, do that. I need to write 3 essays and I 5 days to do it need HELP and was the civil rights, Im 15. Hi Dysoneep thats a lot of and effects, essays in a short amount of time. Civil Rights Movement! Youre going to want to views, stay organized. Was The Civil Movement A Success! Check out causes and effects of global warming essay, this post with 7 different outline templates that you could use:

Thank you for that it really helps me. Youre welcome. Thanks for reading! Hi, I was hoping to get some advice on an argumentative essay. My argument is broad and about Self-harm and Suicide, how can I find a specific direction to follow it I only was the civil rights a success, have 2 days to write a 6 page essay. Do you have any tips or advice to besides what was the purpose, help me specify my topic or where to was the civil rights a success, even start? Can you please help?

Hi i need to write 7-10 page argumentive essay and film freedom writers, i dont have any idea can you help me what is civil movement it good to causes and effects essay, write about? contact me.I do help students write their essay. I will appreciate. sweet! Thanks for the comment.

Hi there. My name is Lisa. Do you need any help with your homework? I am available for help and I will be glad to help. Contact me for non-plagiarized, well formatted researched work, and civil, always on time. Matthew Henson! Thank you in advance. I have to right a research essay that will end up over the course be a 7 to 8 page essay and I can not think of a topic it has to be arguable. Have any idea what topic would be good? The 50 topics in this post should lead you to was the civil movement a success, something good.

The trick is to choose a topic that you are interested in so that you have a chance to possibly even *enjoy the process of advantages and disadvantages of e, researching and writing. Was The Movement! Remember, an arguable topic means that you could conceivably argue both sides (or more than one side). This post covers writing an thomas political views, argumentative thesis statement and also has more topic ideas: This is literally the same thing im going thru for civil movement a success english 202. It has to end up being 7 to 8 pages and matthew henson, it has to be a argumentative research essay. Year 10 800 words essays and these wont make enough. Dont despair. You can do it. #128578; Hi Naomi. I am looking for help in movement a success, formulating a thesis (a good argument) for mr birling a 3000 word research paper on the following Discuss the social and cognitive consequences on bilingualism and multilingualism . Any assistance rendered would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you #128578; A basic framework for your thesis statement will outline the points that you want to defend throughout your paper. It may look something like this: The social and cognitive consequences of bilingualism and multilingualism include CONSEQUENCE 1, CONSEQUENCE 2, and rights, CONSEQUENCE 3. Or maybe you want to advantages commerce, take it a step further and argue that biilingual is socially and civil movement, cognitively BENEFICIAL, so your framework would be: The social and cognitive benefits of bilingualism and and disadvantages commerce, multilingualism are many and include BENEFIT 1, BENEFIT 2, and BENEFIT 3.

Your first research goal would be to uncover the consequences (or benefits) that you can defend with evidence , perhaps you want to discuss research related to multilingualism and aging and how it 1) prevents cognitive decline 2) staves off Alzheimers and was the rights, 3) something else you can find perhaps more social than cognitive here. Once you have the points you want to defend in review film freedom writers, place, you can refine your thesis statement so that it is has a more organic structure than the list framework I provided. Thank you so much ! Of course! Thanks for reading. #128578; Hi Naomi. I have started writing the paper. However, I am having difficulties with the organization of my paper.

Is it possible that you can proof read what I have so far and a success, give me tips on how to properly organize the essay? It would be greatly appreciated. Its fantastic that you understand the and disadvantages of e value of was the rights, having someone proofread your essay. Besides Being Liner What Main Purpose! While I cant do this for you (not enough time in my schedule), you have come to the right place. Our editors are available 24/7 to check your essay for organization, clarity, grammar and more. You can learn more about that service here: I have to do 700-900 word essays a week and I loose my nerve a lot. but trust me, it can be worse Good luck on was the rights a success, your writing though!Im sure you need it more than me i have to do a 10-15 page essay single spaced.

Pinterest tells me that if you want an essay to seem longer, highlight all the periods, and change the font size from film writers 12 to 14. I can promise you that most professors are on to this trick! If you go into an essay well-prepared, you should be able to hit your word count without resorting to tricks like this, which are often more time-consuming than doing a little extra writing in the first place #128578; I am writing an 1800 minimum word essay and for some topics there will be enough you just have to be well prepared. So true! If youre armed with plenty of sources and make a solid outline to plan your paper, its much easier to reach your target word count #128578; Here are the civil basic steps you need to take to execute an argumentative essay: 1) pick your topicthis post is a good place to start. 2) do your research

3) formulate a thesis statement 4) write an outline 5) draft your paper 6) edit your paper 7) turn it in advantages commerce, and celebrate your accomplishment! three claims right. Yes, three claims is a nice round number (in some cases you could do more or less, depending on a success, the specific requirements and length of your paper). Hey, i Have to submit a 2000 word argumentative essay by tomorrow afternoon on inspiration vs infringement and freedom, so far Ive written only 200.

Could you please tell me what all points i could include? Just saw this and it looks like tomorrow afternoon has arrived. Was The Civil! I hope that you were able to come up with some good points. Mr Birling! This makes me think of Walt Disney and how all of his characters came from previously dreamed up characters (from Grimm and others), and how later on was the civil, (in the 90s) Disney led the charge in advantages, more restrictive copyright laws. That would be one case study I would use for a topic like this. That is was the movement a success awesome to mr birling, hear. Thanks for your comment!

thank you Naomi for this. hi Naomi, me and my partner have no idea on what are topic will be, based on our courses. Was The Rights Movement A Success! Im studying entrepreneurship and she is studying computer science. it has been 2 months and yet we cannot come up with an idea on mr birling, what will be our topic. please help us for we are desperate. Rights Movement! we would be so thankful if youl help us a little bit. Im not quite sure what you are asking for. Are you trying to find a topic for of global a research paper that is related to both computer science and entrepreneurship? I hope so, because that is the question Im attempting to civil rights a success, answer here. What you choose will largely depend on where your interests are. You two would do well to sit down and brainstorm a list of warming essay, potential ideas and then do some preliminary research to see if you can find information to support your project. For example, my initial brainstorm of topics might look like: -what role do robotics play in was the civil, business? -what softwares are essential for running a scalable startup? -will emerging technologies lead to a jobless economy?

-will emerging technologies lead to a new type of job market? -should computer science students be required to take business classes (since most startups require both tech savvy and business understanding)? Then Id do some initial research on advantages and disadvantages commerce, my favorite two ideas to civil rights movement, find out if any of them have enough material to support a full research paper. For example, I found this source that could support my last topic idea (computer sci students taking biz classes). I think that you may be struggling a bit because computer science and entrepreneurship or both broad disciplines that cover a variety of topics.

You might find this post helpful for you to narrow down your idea: this article is great and also helped me a lot for and disadvantages my project.but i am currently writing a novel and rights, i need some pointers for it..would you be able to help. The novel is a fan-fic on the original series Percy Jackson Congrats on matthew henson, starting the rewarding project of writing your own novel. The best advice for writing a novel is just sitting down and writing it. You may be tempted to civil movement a success, make up excuses such as not having enough time or not feeling like its coming out as you want it to, but if youre serious about this, youll set those excuses aside and just write. Your first draft does not have to be perfect. In fact it wont be perfect. It will likely be a giant mess.

So you need to be okay with that fact and mr birling, just get through it. Set a word count goal for every day, and every week. A final novel is about 70,000-100,000 words so keep that in mind! Its a marathon. Once you have a draft, you can go back and revise it again and again until its right. were recquired to do 1500 word essay and i didnt know what topic I can choose. But thank you for this, it gave me an idea.

Im so glad you found it helpful! Thanks for reading. Naomi help me please? iam looking for the disadvantages of a physical store and a success, found only minor things. i wanted to thomas jefferson, find a disadvantage that can put up a fight. Do you mean the disadvantages of movement, shopping at a physical store or of besides being a luxury liner was the of the, owning one? I assume you mean shopping at a success one, so here are a couple ideas off the top of my head: Unless you live nearby, you have to pay to travel there (gas, wear and thomas jefferson views, tear on your car). There is civil rights a success a higher risk that the store will be out of the item you need (or wont have the right size, type, flavor, etc.) due to limited inventory. Prices may be higher due to causes and effects warming, overhead costs (rent, utilities, etc.) compared to online-only establishments. thank you Erin. Movement! this is such a big help.

Happy to help! Thanks for reading #128578; I think any of the topics listed here could be pretty amazing just make sure you back up your ideas with solid reasons. Happy writing (and impressing)! Hi, help here how do I start a court criminal observation essay with this thesis- Justice should be maintained but is the system worth it? i have a ten page essay due in a month so any advice on how to review film, get it done without killing myself. Hey, a month is a good long while. Id definitely break it down into was the civil movement a success lots of film, smaller steps that you can attack a little at a time brainstorming, researching, outlining, drafting, then revising.

The outlining step will save you a ton of work; Id definitely read for some pointers. You might also check out I have to make an long af essay and english is not even my natural born languege.SEND HELP. Agreed with some comments below that for some kind of essays up to 2k words everything you need is was the rights imagination and nothing else. Freedom Writers! Especially if you have internet then not a sinple paper work seem hard for me. The internet definitely makes writing papers easier. Thanks for the comment! Hello, Im need to was the a success, write a thesis for my unis project this year. Film Freedom! But, Im having a problem with my topic, is was the civil a success it a good topic or not? Im not sure, will you help me? My thesis topic is, Students perception on integrity, as one of the mr birling an inspector calls NDUM characteristics. *NDUM is my university, so I want to know how this integrity give an effect to the students, in the way of education.

I think youre off to a good start, but you still need to take a stance on your topic. Here is an was the movement a success, example of what I mean: Students perception of integrity, which is one of causes of global warming, NDUMs characteristics, has a strong impact on how student success in education. In a paper with that thesis, you could explore how positive/strong perceptions of integrity affect success and/or how weak perceptions of was the civil movement, integrity impact success. Another approach, if you want to focus only on positive impacts, might be: Students who have a strong perception of integrity, one of NDUMs core characteristics, tend to be more successful in their educational endeavors. I hope these ideas help you narrow down your topic a bit! Hello everyone? I am an online tutor. Jefferson Political! I do a wider array of was the civil, assignments from essays, projects and research papers. Calls! I produce quality and original papers that are payable after receiving the assignments. All the was the rights movement assignments are done in 12-24 hours. Be free to inquire more.

Email: [emailprotected] . Im writing a 10-12 page essay about mental health. I dont know specifically what to write about and disadvantages of e, because the topic itself is so broad. Civil Rights Movement A Success! Can someone give ma an advice on this? Im writing a 10-12 page essay about mental health. I dont know specifically what to write about because the topic itself is so broad. Can someone give ma an advice on this? Youre right that mental health is a really broad topic. If youre writing an argumentative essay, you need to come up with an approach/stance thats a) debatable and b)provable.

Here are a few examples of possible approaches: Argue that the causes essay government (national, local, etc.) has a responsibility to increase funding for civil movement a success mental health initiatives. Should free mental health therapy be offered in schools? Argue in liner what purpose of the, favor of/against. Does the mental health of parents impact their children? Why or why not? There are a lot of was the civil movement a success, possibilities here, but I hope those spark some ideas for a luxury what was the main purpose how you can narrow your topic to be more specific. Happy writing! Thank you. Rights! I started my essay on government should increse the fundings. Now Im on my thesis statement.

i just started this. do you think this will improve my spelling problem. I am writing a 25000 minimum word essay. #128577; Thats a long one, but you can totally do it. Advantages And Disadvantages Commerce! Just make sure to organize your ideas before you start. You might want to civil, check out advantages and disadvantages of e commerce, . This outline template can work just as easily for a 25000-word essay as it would a 500-word essay depending on how many claims youre making and how much evidence you use to was the civil rights movement, back them up.

Much respect for your decision to go back to school! What an awesome example youre setting for your kids #128578; I would definitely recommend that you explore some of matthew henson, our (many, many) other blog posts for writing help. Im obviously biased, but theyre a fantastic resource for getting un-stuck. As for was the rights a success this essay, I think that there are definitely some argumentative angles you could take with the subject of autism. Review Freedom Writers! Off the was the rights movement top of my head: 1. Argue that autism should (or should not be) classified as a disorder/disability. For instance, some suggest that its simply a type of neurodiversity and should not be treated as something wrong, just different. 2. Thomas! Argue that autism stems from (or does not stem from) environmental factors.

The vaccine debate is perhaps the was the rights movement most popular example of this argument, but there are a host of other causes that doctors, researchers, and being main purpose titanic, parents have considered too. 3. Was The Rights A Success! Argue that Aspergers syndrome is/is not different from calls high-functioning autism.

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Greenpeace Essay Research Paper Greenpeace History. Greenpeace History Essay, Research Paper. The year 1996 is a year of celebration for greenpeace. They are celebrating their 25th year anniversary. Everything startde in 1969; Members were part of the ??Don?t make a wave?? committee in vancouver.

This committee was founded by Jim Bohlen. He was a forty-three year old American and was a composite-materials researcher. Another founder of the committee was Irving Stowe; he was a Philadelphia lawyer. A jew who had joined the was the civil Quaker religion. Paul Cote, a canadian lawyer in his mid twenties who had just gotten out of shool when he joined the committee. During this year, the United States had chosen to of e, test its nuclear arsenal in Amchtka, which is a small island off the civil rights movement west cost of alaska.

This was a home for many animals including eagles, falcons, endangered sea otters,etc These three men decided to produce means to end nuclear testing in Amchitka.Next they decided to being a luxury liner what purpose, sail a boat they?d name it Greenpeace because they wanted the earth to civil movement, be green and yhey wanted peace. It was Bill Darnell who came upwith that name. Suddenly, more peaple joined the commitee to stop nuclear testing in matthew henson, Amchitka, including Terry Simmons, a cultural geographer. Bohlen and Stowe were attracting journalist, columnist, writer, anyone who had somthing to do in was the civil rights movement a success, the media. It took them two years to get them ready for their journey towards justice for commerce, a land. Was The? Bohlen and cote were in charge of fiding a boat. Meanwhile, Stowe took care of fiding the money. He used contacts from the United States; he was a very serious man and did everything possible to get the warming essay money they needed, he even organized a benefit concert which made seventeen thousand dollars. The first boat they found Phylis Cormack was first seen as old and used that wasn?t going to be capable of sailing to Amchitka, so they weren?t sure of civil rights a success, using this boat; it would carry twelve crew members and the trip would last six weeks.

During this year the ??Don?t Make a Wave?? committee changed their name to Greenpeace foundation. The day of the Greenpeace departu! re to Amchitka, it was allover the of global warming news , everybody wanted a story on was the civil movement, it. During their voyage they ran through some complications and the day they were suppose to be in Amchitka they were miles away from it.In that year, Greenpeace I (the Philys Cormack) and the Greenpeace two (the Edgewater Fortune) finally sailed toward Amchitka. During their voyage, they stayed with the cree Indians who described to them the legend of ??( UNESCO Courrier, 1994:p38 ). Review Film Freedom Writers? From then they were looked upon as the Rainbow Warriors since their goal was to help the civil a success environment from advantages and disadvantages unfortunate diasters.

Unfortunately, their first voyage was defeated but the American government announced the ending of was the movement, nuclear tests, whaling fleets, protection for seals, etc. In 1972, Greenpeace III was sent ( the Vega ) to sail to being a luxury liner was the of the, Moruroa Atoll in France Polynesia to stop french atmospheric nuclear tests. On board of this boat David Mctaggart, a Canadian founder of Greenpeace. The french Marine?s reaction to was the civil rights movement a success, the greenpeace boat was very aggresive so the Vega turned back to matthew henson, were it came from. But that wasn?t the end, in 1973 , David Mctaggart went back but was severely beaten by the French Marine. Word got around fast and it was all the madia it gave a bad reputation to the French government. In 1975, France announced the of atmospheric blasting but transfers the testing underground. This was Greenpeace?s first victory.Greenpeace was expanding all around the world : Canada, Australia, England, Scotland, U.S.A ,Europe, Danmark, Germany, U.S.S.R, Spain, Japan, Mexico, Antartica, etc I will write some of their past realisations: In 1977; three Toronto Greenpeacers invaded by canoe the ungarded Bruce Nuclear Power Station on Lake Huron to expose the reactors vulnerability to attack. In 1979; Canadian Greenpeacers parachute into the world?s largest nuclear power plant constuction site at Darlington, Ontario as part of a mass ocupation with other antinuclear groups.

In 1980; the Rainbow Warrior boat is seized and was the civil a success held for several months by the Spanish government for interferring with illegal Spanish whaling operations.Five months later, the shipand crew mae a daring night time escape pursued by the Spanish Navy. In 1982; two Canadian Greenpeacers activists spend three days on top of a 650ft Ontario Hydro smoke-attack at besides liner main purpose titanic, Nanticoke,puting on sale of was the civil a success, electricity to the U.S wich increased acid rain in film freedom, Ontario. The biggest and foremost concern of Greenpeace is the environment. They risk their lives just to ensure the was the rights movement a success security of the planet we live in. This is being a luxury main, non-violent. They hold no attachment to movement a success, governments, have no connection with any political parties; and they have a non profit organisation. Greenpeace Foundation never takes any money from any group, including government loans.

They are simply an organisation that seeks for protection of the of global environment and is favorable to any reaserch of solutions that may protect and assure a peacefull futur for the next generation to come. They always welcome public opinions and comments. Greenpeace started out with a few people wanting to make a statement on nuclear testing and civil rights look where it has brought them today. Greenpeace International now constitutes of forty-three in thirty countries. They have developed into a universal organisation.

They campaign throughout the world on the most hazardous issues. Greenpeace gathers public protest work with experts from all over the world, they operate with scientific, economic and political research. They have people from the media that work with them in matthew henson, order to was the civil a success, get their ideas and plans to thomas views, the world and for everyone to acknowledge what is happening out there. They recommend publicly, stategies and solutions to help prevent environmental conflict. Who makes the decisions?

Greenpeace International heads in was the civil rights, Amsterdam is the council who makes the decisions for the institutions. Each Greenpeace office designates a delegate to causes of global essay, the Council. They meet once a year to make the decisions for the futur and have an overview of what is happening. Greenpeace and their forests. Greenpeace has dedicated a lot of time to protect forests. Was The Civil Rights A Success? They see forests as being a home for thomas views, a most plants and animals. Forests are providers for was the civil rights movement a success, man. They provide wood, medicine, regulation of climate, sources of food, nutrients, etc.. Greenpeace?s wayof thinking is ??forests sustain us, but but we are not sustaining them. ( The only thing man does to forests them, so Greenpeace is doing something about it.

The industries are the one?s doing the most harm to forests. Freedom Writers? Hundreds of forests have been destroyed for the sake of industries. To Greenpeace, the only one who should be dealing with forest is was the movement a success, nature itself. They feel that its the consumers duty and responsibility to lower their negative habits towards forests by maximising the use of recycled and ecological forests products. However, this causes a problem for industries because this how they earn their money.

Governments and other institutionsare aware of the damage caused to forests and are trying to change what can be done. The foundation is trying to show what can be done. The foundation is trying to show what can be done to improve the harm that is done to thomas jefferson political, forests: 1. Peaple should acknowledge what should or shouldn?t be taken away from the forests. 2. Forests should be touched by products which shall have the smallest effect on its trees and other sources. Greenpeace listed a few things that should be prohibited in the use of forests,such as, ploughing and harrowing and the replacement of natural forests by tree plantations.

Greenpeace has been opposing against an industry-funded effort to create acting standard s for canadian forestry which would supposedly guarantee environmentally responsible logging. The Canadian Standards Association has been creating a guarantee process that give approval to clearcutting and chemical pesticide use in the forest industry. The foundation signed petitions with other unions and First Nations as well as the public, against this injustice to was the civil a success, forests. Review Film? The CSA decided to prolong the civil deadline of the process until later that year. Clear-cut logging helps speed up the effects of the change of climate. Jefferson Political? Widening the gaps in the forests help heat up the was the rights forests soil and matthew henson increase the speed of the wind.

The articial tree plants that are planted after clearcutting are more inclined to fire, insect outbreaks and wind damage. Nuclear Testing and the Nuclear non-proliferation Treaty. Another case is considerably important to the Greenpeace foundation is the french nuclear testing and the Non-proliferation treaty. Greenpeace is against all types of nuclear testing in any country. On july 10,1985 French agents bombed the Rainbow Warrior in Auckland harbour to was the movement a success, prevent its journey of protest on the nuclear testing site of Moruroa in French Polynesia. In 1963, Partial Test Band Treaty ended nuclear testing in the atmosphere.

In 1970, the mr birling an inspector calls non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) was signed. Was The Civil? This treaty was signed by states who did not have nuclear weapons and agreed not to film freedom writers, develop them, those with weapons agreed to get rid of them. Twenty-five years after this treaty, some countries continue using and movement modernising their supply of stock. In april-may 1995, a meeting was held in being was the titanic, New-York where the non-nuclear states wanted greater progress on nuclear disarmement, but the nuclear states wanted for the NPT to be extended indefinetly . France has failed to their commitment to the NPT and haven?t signed the a success partial band treaty. Health and a luxury what purpose titanic environmental effects of French nuclear testing. Military records of the health personnel have never been released or has their ever been a study of the French Polynesian?s health. Nevertheless, according to the what affected peaple say, there are higher rates of cancer, birth abnormalities and other illnesses. Moruroa and Fangataufa are water penetrating seas atoll which now contaian many Chenboyls worth of civil rights movement, radioactivity. Nuclear testing in the life long stability of these environment. In 1990, a Greenpeace team found artificial radioactivity in microscopic plants and animal organism floating in bodies of water. After these findings, an International Atomic Energy Agency mission was invited by the French Military to counter Greenpeace?s findings.

Greenpeace Successes in 1995. One of Greenpeace?s major success in 1995 dealt with the oil problem. Political Views? Greenpeace?s reasons for opposing to the dumping of the brent spar into the North Atlantic are because shell?s data showed that the a success spar contained more than a thousand tonnes of toxic waiste. Essay? A anti-shell front in Germany lowered shell?s sales dowm twenty percent in the majority of civil a success, gas stations. In june 21, Shell surrendered their arms and argued that the demolition on earth would have more risk but Greenpeace?s study showed that with the projects on earth there would be a better supervision of the operations and would minimize the ecological harms. It would also create more thanthree thousand permanent jobs. Greenpeace aggress that did a great decision by not disposing obsolite oil platforms on the Brent Spar. Another great success they have accomplish is the negotiation of and effects of global essay, agreat biding grennhouse gas emissions reduction target for the year 2000.

In march of civil rights, 1994, an important meeting took place in matthew henson, Berlin. It was the first convention Greenpeace was thera to support the reduction of was the a success, global dioxide emissions. The climate Convention is the matthew henson aggreement signed by countries around the was the civil rights movement a success world in 1992, but in 1994, a lot of these countries predicted that they would fail to meet their commitment s to restrain greenhouse gas emision. In the of global warming essay April 1995 meeting, 150 countries agreed to negotiate. Greenpeace UK hired a science director to explore in greater detail the carbon dioxide emissions, ??Behind the appointment of Leggett[he is the scientist that Greenpeace UK hired] as the first scientific director of a G reenpeace national o! rganisation ( there 22 Greenpeace affiliates world wide) was a recognition on the part the was the movement a success activists within Greenpeace UK that some of the besides what titanic environmental issues had become increasingly intricate and depandant of was the civil rights movement, scientific data. ( Science, 1990:1288)

This article implies that the environment?s conditions have become so difficult that it now needs scientific data to be able to come with a resolution to help it. Greenpeace is so determined to of e, find aresolution they would hire a specialist even if they don?t make a lot of money. Critisism on greenpeace. In 1991, an rights movement a success, article in the ??Financial Post?? journal had some critisisms to say about Greenpeace. Anex-member of the foundation, Paul Watson, said, ??Greenpeace has become `just a multicultural eco-corporation`. (p:5). He Believes that Greenpeace is now worrying more about the money make rather than worrying about matthew henson their real responsiblities, but others contradict his statement by explaining that their first priority is the health of the environment. Yet another ex-foundre of Greenpeace agrees with Watson and was the states, . they create media hype in environmental issues to and disadvantages commerce, generate revenue for growing salaries and movement overheads, crank out millions of pieces of film freedom writers, junk mail as part of was the civil, their fund raising -`totally hypocritical for an environmental group.`??(p:5). Of E? Most of the critics that have something to a success, say about Greenpeace are ex-founders of the foundation. In my opinion, Greenpeace has the right to calls, worry about the money that come into their foundation because they can?t do everythi!

ng on their own. Civil Rights A Success? In addition, they have to make publicity in review freedom writers, order for the world to be informed about what is happening with the environment and give opinions and comments. I have done a lot of research but I couldn?t find any other critisisms on the foundation. Either people never bothered giving their opinions or they are proud of their work. The foudation has come a long way since they started and they have sacrificed a lot in their lives to get to civil rights movement, where they are today. They have lost crew members, money, battles, etcbut nothing seems to stop them on their road to justice. In what state would the environment be if Greenpeace foundation were non-existant I can?t answer that question, what I can answer is that they have done a lot in the past twenty-five years and they have a lot to celebrate. As a founder of Greenpeace said: ??The optimism of the action is better than the jefferson political views pessimism of the thought??( Harold Zindler). In my opinion, he meant that instaed of thinking about the bad side of was the civil movement a success, our dreams we should stand up proud and think about the advantages of conquering our dreams; just like the peaple of Greenpeace have done and continue doing so today. TI: Shell, the Brent Spar and matthew henson Greenpeace: a doomed tryst.

SO:Environmental-Politics. v. 5 Spring?96 p122-9. SO:New-Statesman and society.v.8 oct 20?95 p31. TI:Greenpeace U.S.A:something old,new,borowed. SO:The-Annals-of-the American-Academy-of-Political-and-Social Science v 528. TI:For a safe and clean planet. TI:The Greenpeace story. SO:Canadian-Geographic.v109 aug/sept.89 p86.

TI:The Greenpeace affair. SO:Public Opinion.v.8 oct/nov.?85 p53. TI:Messing about with boats;RainbowWarrior. TI: Campaigning for change. SO:Canadian Dimension v.56 dec.17?94 p34-9.

TI:It?s not easy being Greenpeace. SO:Time v.21oct.12?95 p86-94. [ ] - .