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Nov 12, 2017 Articles of Confederation versus Constitution Essay example, buy essay online -

Articles of Confederation v the…

PASSING THE 8 SECOND RESUME REVIEW. Article by Don Goodman July 30, 2015. Skimming – that’s what hiring managers are doing when they are going through resumes. Example? Studies show that they spend about eight seconds scanning your resume. 1. Make the top-half of your resume count. The only part of the resume that everyone reads is your opening profile. Vancouver Style? This is where you need to distinguish yourself from the Articles of Confederation Essay example, 300 other people seeking the same opportunity. In short, you summarize your skills and experience and develop your value proposition. In other words, you are stating, “Here’s what I can do for you, here is on Social Organizations for Progression, how I do it, and here is where I have done it before.” A good test to see if your opening profile is any good is to Articles Essay example delete those sentences that all candidates can say and leave only those statements that only you could make. 2. Get in of passage, the keywords that matter.

In the of Confederation Constitution, 8-second glance, the hiring manager is Essay on Social Allows, skimming for relevant keywords and phrases that may inform him you have the right type of experience and skills that match the Articles Constitution example, needs of the job. Things like job titles will automatically apply, but review the job posting carefully for additional hints, like specific technical skills and knowledge-sets like “employee development” or “lean Six Sigma,” and nature other phrases that may be applied to your resume to make it more eye-catching. Articles Of Confederation Versus Example? 3. Lead with the best information. Your experience should use the Harvard format: roles and responsibilities in paragraphs and socratic irony bullets for Articles of Confederation versus, achievements. This allows them to easily see the bulleted accomplishments. Start your bullets with results and put the most impressive ones first. Meaning? For example, “Reduced budgeting cycle time 35% by introducing new procedures.” Also, remember to stick with action words, not a passive voice like “helped” or “followed.” 4. Don’t make the reader squint. When the font size is less than 11, it generally becomes harder to read on Constitution Essay, screen and on paper. Poem About Nature? Ensuring your resume is of Confederation Constitution, legible in the rush of activities, eight seconds is critical.

Stick with traditional fonts like Arial. Articles Of Confederation? Also use bold typeface for things like your employer and job title to help guide the reader through the different sections of your resume. Vancouver Style? Add in the proper amount of white space. If the hiring manager is of Confederation versus example, not finding the activities, right information in the eight seconds it takes to of Confederation Constitution glance through your resume, it’s going to be rejected. Follow this advice: Mass layoffs are playing out in many well-known companies across the nation. Yet many people wait until the other shoe drops before making any plans about future employment. . Even if you think your job is socratic irony, not in jeopardy today, you should always be proactively managing your career because stuff happens…quickly. Audit Your Resume. Review your resume to see if your document reads like a laundry list of of Confederation Constitution Essay, job tasks or an accomplishment-focused, metrics-driven self-marketing tool.

If your document screams vanilla, consider rewriting your resume or hiring a professional resume writer to poem help you. Do it now, before you are in versus Essay, “I need a job yesterday” mode. Of Passage Meaning? A great strategy for gaining the confidence of the hiring manager is to prove your value-add through supervisor, client, and vendor testimonials. Of Confederation Versus Example? These quotes may be added to your resume or showcased through the recommendations feature on LinkedIn. But it looks odd to add ten new testimonials right after you lose your job and theory it smacks of desperation. Build your online credibility consistently over time. Map out all the relationships you have fostered throughout your life and think of authentic ways to reconnect with those you may have lost touch with over the years. Constitution Essay Example? Do a Favor for Someone.

Think of ways to help others. This makes you more top of mind with them should you need their help in the future. Join a Professional Association. Gpe = Mgh? Since relationships in these circles may take time to build, it is much better to Articles of Confederation versus example join and give back to Allows for Progression your professional community before you start asking for information or job leads. Become visible in communities that are important to you. Perhaps that is the PTA at your child’s school, the co-op board in your apartment building, or the local animal shelter.

Help others and of Confederation example they are more likely to reciprocate. Better yet, get a full check up and have your teeth cleaned as well. If you find yourself in a job search, you want to remain healthy and you also want to have these expenses covered while you can still take advantage of your company’s health insurance benefits. Manage Your Finances. Do you know what you would do with your 401K or other investments if you lost your job tomorrow? Read up on your options or find a financial adviser to gpe = mgh help you. Avoid Toxic People. Stay away from of Confederation versus Constitution people who are chronic complainers, repeatedly report on how much money they have lost, or continuously quote unemployment statistics. Socratic Irony? Instead find a buddy who can offer support, advice and versus Constitution Essay friendship and possibly make important introductions that can help you down the line. Spend Time With Your Family.

Your family can provide tremendous comfort during stressful times. Eat meals together, read to your kids, and have some alone time with your spouse or partner. Doing so can help relieve some of the tension you may be feeling if you are concerned about vancouver style, a possible job loss and remind you of all the ways you are blessed. If you#8217;re a veteran reading this, thank you for your service. These brave individuals put their lives on the line to keep us safe. The work they do is important. They learn incredible skills while in the service too. Teamwork, leadership, loyalty, persistence, patience, strength, consistency, etc. Having worked with lots of ex-military job seekers, I can tell you there#8217;s one main reason why their transition from the military to the private sector is such a challenge. They don#8217;t know how to of Confederation example translate their military experience into socratic irony, something non-military hiring managers can understand.

When it comes to job search, there#8217;s a language and communication process you must use to get (and keep!) the attention of hiring managers. Military personnel are not taught these and that leaves them feeling powerless and defeated. Of Confederation Versus Essay? That#8217;s why you and they need a Career Coach/Resume Writer who specializes in assisting transitioning military and veterans. Socratic Irony? Tips To Help Veterans Power Up Their Job Search. Veterans are good at of Confederation Essay following directions. Socratic Irony? The conditioning they get in the military really supports a no-nonsense, let#8217;s-get-it-done attitude. Their consistent efforts pay off. With that in mind, here are some of the things military job seekers can do to get their search in gear: Understanding how the work you did in the military is relevant to working at a major corporation may not seem obvious, but with some help assessing the skills and strengths used on-the-job, you can translate them into the skills most needed by private sector employees. For example, project management, leadership, training, etc., these are all in-demand skills that many ex-military possess but fail to showcase properly. Beef-up the versus Constitution example, LinkedIn profile. As the #1 recruiting tool for companies today, getting yourself found on LinkedIn means having a fully optimized profile.

That includes filling in every field with keywords related to those transferable skills you previously identified. Recruiters search on these terms, so the vancouver style, more they are in your profile, the more likely you will be in their search results. Make your military service known, but not overpowering. While it#8217;s important to list your military experience, you don#8217;t want to give the impression that you long to go back. Have a civilian headshot on your LinkedIn profile as opposed to your military photo. Why? This helps recruiters picture you in their company more easily. Those who serve in Articles Essay, the military tend to have a hard time asking for help. Pride gets in Organizations Allows for Progression, the way. Now is not the time to versus Constitution example shut people out and go it alone!

First, people want to help. All they are doing is helping you make introductions and move forward in the process. It will still be up to you to land the job. Moreover, once you make the transition, you#8217;ll be able to job-it-forward and socratic irony help others. Networking and helping people in Articles versus Essay, your network is a big part of gpe = mgh, being successful in the private sector. Habits of Profoundly Influential People. Of Confederation Versus Constitution Example? Influential people have a profound impact on everyone they encounter. Yet, they achieve this only because they exert so much influence inside, on themselves. We see only their outside.

We see them innovate, speak their mind, and propel themselves forward toward bigger and better things. But, we’re missing the best part. The confidence and wherewithal that make their influence possible are earned. It’s a labor of love that influential people pursue behind the scenes, every single day. Essay Allows For Progression? And while what people are influenced by versus Constitution Essay, changes with the season, the unique habits of influential people remain constant. Their focused pursuit of excellence is driven by nine habits that you can emulate and absorb until your influence expands: 1. They think for themselves. Influential people aren’t buffeted by the latest trend or by public opinion.

They form their opinions carefully, based on the facts. They’re more than willing to change their mind when the facts support it, but they aren’t influenced by what other people think, only by what they know. Influential people are never satisfied with the vancouver style, status quo. They’re the ones who constantly ask, “What if?” and “Why not?” They’re not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom, and they don’t disrupt things for the sake of being disruptive; they do it to make things better. 3. They inspire conversation.

When influential people speak, conversations spread like ripples in a pond. And those ripples are multidirectional; influencers inspire everyone around them to explore new ideas and think differently about their work. 4. They leverage their networks. Influential people know how to make lasting connections. Of Confederation Versus Constitution Essay Example? Not only do they know a lot of people, they get to know their connections’ connections. More importantly, they add value to everyone in their network. They share advice and know how, and they make connections between people who should get to know each other. 5. They focus only on what really matters. Gpe = Mgh? Influential people aren’t distracted by trivialities.

They’re able to cut through the static and clutter, focus on what matters, and point it out to everyone else. Versus Essay? They speak only when they have something important to say, and they never bore people with idle banter. 6. They welcome disagreement. Influential people do not react emotionally and defensively to Essay Organizations Allows dissenting opinions—they welcome them. Articles Of Confederation Essay Example? They’re humble enough to know that they don’t know everything and that someone else might see something they missed. And if that person is of passage, right, they embrace the idea because they care more about the end result than being right. Influential people don’t wait for things like new ideas and new technologies to find them; they seek those things out. Essay Example? These early adopters always want to anticipate what’s next. Rite Of Passage Meaning? They’re influential because they see what’s coming, and they see what’s coming because they intentionally look for it. Then they spread the word.

8. They respond rather than react. If someone criticizes an Articles of Confederation versus Constitution Essay example, influential person for vancouver style, making a mistake, or if someone else makes a critical mistake, influential people don’t react immediately and emotionally. They wait. They think. And then they deliver an appropriate response.

Influential people know how important relationships are, and they won’t let an emotional overreaction harm theirs. They also know that emotions are contagious, and overreacting has a negative influence on everyone around them. Influential people always expect the Articles of Confederation, best. About Nature? They believe in their own power to achieve their dreams, and versus Constitution they believe others share that same power. They believe that nothing is out of reach, and that belief inspires those around them to stretch for vancouver style, their own goals. They firmly believe that one person can change the world.

Bringing It All Together. Articles Of Confederation Constitution Example? To increase your influence, you need to freely share your skills and insights, and you must be passionate in your pursuit of Essay Organizations, a greater future.

Constitution vs Articles of Confederation Essay…

Articles of Confederation versus Constitution Essay example

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AIU Jobs 2017: 23 Director, Joint Director, Multiple Vacancy for 12TH, Bachelors Degree, M.Lib, Masters Degree, Ph.D published on versus Constitution example, 23rd August 2017. On 19/08/2017, AIU announced Job notification to hire candidates who completed 12TH, Any Bachelors Degree, M.Lib, Any Masters Degree, M.Phil/Ph.d for the position of Director, Joint Director, Multiple Vacancy. Association of socratic irony Indian Universities AIU Jobs 2017 proposes to receive the application from applicants in Offline Mode. Eligible candidates can submit their application to Association of Indian Universities AIU before 18/09/2017. Essay! All those aspiring to apply can check out various information like eligibility criteria, salary, Total vacancy, Selection Procedure, Job description, last date, Application procedure and other key information required for the post below.

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Desirable : Knowledge of functioning of universities, their Act statutes and vancouver style rules regulations; Proficiency in working on computer applications. Age Limit: 50 years (relaxable by 5 years for employees of Government Departments/Autonomous Bodies/ Higher Education Institutions of the Government of India). Desirable: Knowledge of functioning of universities, their Act statutes and rules regulations, Proficiency in working on of Confederation example, computer applications. Vancouver Style! Age Limit: 50 years (relaxable by 5 years for of Confederation versus Constitution Essay example, employees of Government Departments/Autonomous Bodies/ Higher Education Institutions of the Government of India) Desirable: Knowledge of functioning of universities, their Act statutes and rules regulations; Proficiency in working on computer applications, Knowledge of working with foreign academic institutions and rite of passage meaning their education system; Under Secretary 03 (1-OBC, 2-UR) PS to SG 01 (UR) Bibliographical Assistant 01 (UR) Section Officer 01 (UR) Sr. PA to SG 01 (UR) Senior Research Assistant 02 (UR) Assistant 02 (UR) Research Assistant 01 (UR) Library Assistant 01 (UR) UDC 02 (UR) Driver-cum-Mechanic 01 (UR) Appointment through direct recruitment shall initially be on Articles versus Constitution Essay, a probation for a period of two years from the date of appointment, which may be extended by another one year by the competent authority for poem, reasons to be recorded in writing; provided that in the case of a person, who prior to his/her appointment had served in a Central/State Government/ University/Other Institutions of Articles versus Constitution Essay Higher Education for more than five years in a similar capacity satisfactorily, the on Social Organizations for Progression appointing authority may reduce the period of probation by not more than one year. Applications on example, prescribed form complete in routine, all respect along with application fees through Demand Draft of Rs.1000/- for Group ‘A’ posts, Rs.500/- for Group ‘B’ posts, Rs.200/- for Group ‘C” posts for general candidates and Articles example Rs.500/- for Group ‘A’ posts, Rs.250/- for Group ‘B’ posts and vancouver style Rs.100/- for Group ‘C’ posts for SC/ST/OBC/PwD candidates favouring Association of Indian Universities, payable at New Delhi should reach to the Secretary General, Association of Indian Universities, AIU House, 16, CIG Marg, New Delhi 110002 latest by 18.9.2017 (5.00 pm) by hand at the Reception Counter or sent by post ensuring receipt of the of Confederation versus Constitution application at AIU Office within the stipulated date and Organizations Allows time. General instructions and guidelines: Employment in the Association shall be governed by the Rules and Articles versus Constitution example Regulations, Bye-Laws and service conditions, as may be notified by the Association from time to time The crucial date for determining the rite of passage age limit shall be the closing date for Articles Constitution Essay, receipt of applications; Mere fulfillment of eligibility criteria shall not necessarily entitle an applicant to be called for test/interview. Vancouver Style! The Association reserves the right to shortlist the applicants in a manner as it may specify Reservation of posts for of Confederation versus Essay, Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), Other Backward Classes (OBC) and Person with Disabilities (PwD) shall be as per Government of India rules/guidelines; Relaxation in gpe = mgh, marks shall be permissible to SC/ST candidates as per Government of India rules/guidelines Candidates applying for reserved posts should be in possession of Articles of Confederation versus Essay appropriate caste/category certificate issued by the competent authority. Further, candidature of applicant shall be subject to verification of on Social Allows certificates at any stage The upper age limit prescribed for direct recruitment shall be relaxable by 5 years in case of candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes, PwD and Ex-Servicemen categories as per Govt. of India rules/guidelines notified from time to Essay example time Upper age-limit as prescribed for direct recruitments shall not be applicable in case of socratic irony Internal Candidates applying for direct recruitment No TA/DA shall be payable to applicant for any journey performed for attending the test/interview The posts shall carry allowances as per the AIU Rules The Association reserves the right of not filling any advertised post(s) without assigning any reason. Address For The Job : Association of Indian Universities, AIU House, 16, CIG Marg, New Delhi 110002.

Last Date to Apply: 18/09/2017. GBPUAT Recruitment 2017 01 Vacancy Senior Research Fellow 25,000 Salary M.Sc. Versus Constitution! Catholic Syrian Bank Recruitment 2017: 09 Probationary Assistant Manager, Probationary Manager, Probationary Senior Manager Vacancy for BE/ B.Tech published on 29th June 2017. Mumbai University Recruitment 2017: 01 Coordinator Vacancy for Graduation Salary 15,000 published on 29th July 2017. IIITM Gwalior Recruitment 2017: 01 Assistant Professor Vacancy for Ph.D published on 5th July 2017. NCRA Recruitment 2017 04 Vacancy Administrative Trainees 15,000 Salary Graduate. NEIGRIHMS Recruitment 2017: 05 Associate Professor Vacancy for MS, MD, MBBS Salary 80,000 published on 28th April 2017.

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Constitution vs Articles of Confed Essay - 902…

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Constitution vs Articles of Confed Essay - 902…

Exclusive#x3a; Ward Churchill on Articles versus Essay example why 9#x2f;11 attacks were justified. This is a rush transcript from The Kelly File, September 9, 2014. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated. MEGYN KELLY, HOST: For years some of meaning America's most respected and prestigious schools have employed radical professors. Some of whom have even attacked America. Articles Versus Constitution Essay. From domestic terrorist Bill Ayers to his wife Bernardine Dohrn who was once on the FBI's most wanted list and fellow members of their Weather Underground like Kathy Wilkerson and Kathy Boudin -- Boudin spent 20 years in prison for Essay on Social Organizations for Progression, killing a cop -- to folks who are self-described anarchists. These are some of the people molding the Articles Constitution Essay, minds of students across this nation. Teachers like this are rarely challenged in public until tonight as we bring you night two of my exclusive interview with former Professor Ward Churchill. KELLY (VOICE-OVER): As the U.S. weighs what to do about ISIS, a growing terror army in the Middle East, many fear if we hit this group hard, it will only endanger America and her citizens. Within this collection there's a far left subset that blames these conflicts on American foreign policy and rite of passage what they view as an Articles of Confederation versus Essay example, arrogant U.S. whose military is gpe = mgh, so immoral the terrorists can never even the score. Chief among this crowd -- Ward Churchill who for decades was on the inside of America's educational system, a respected, tenured professor at the University of Colorado.

On the day of the 9/11 attacks he penned an essay praising the terrorists as gallant and courageous and Articles of Confederation Constitution Essay compared the dead Americans to a Nazi war criminal. WARD CHURCHILL, FORMER UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO PROFESSOR: I call this specific cast of characters in the World Trade Center little Eichmanns. And I defined them as being the technocratic core of the empire. KELLY: For years his essay was either not noticed or not a problem for those within his academic circles. So much so that two years later, the professor doubled down turning his musings into a book. Then came 2005 and an invitation to rite of passage, speak at a college in of Confederation Essay Upstate New York, the poem, home state o of 9/11's Ground Zero. Articles Of Confederation Versus Constitution Example. And Professor Churchill's essay suddenly took center stage.

BILL O'REILLY, HOST, THE O'REILLY FACTOR: I mean, this guy -- this is socratic irony, just cruel to say these people deserved it, they were little Nazis. KELLY: The national media caught wind of of Confederation Constitution Essay example Churchill's writings and within two years Churchill's career was effectively over. He was allegedly fired for academic misconduct. The university claimed it had discovered fraud in Organizations Churchill's research, but Churchill argued he was fired for of Confederation versus Constitution example, his comments, a violation of his free speech rights. A jury sided with Churchill but the verdict was overturned.

And now as America marks 13 years since the 9/11 attacks, Churchill has resurfaced calling America the evil empire and arguing in the war on terror the gpe = mgh, U.S. has ceded the of Confederation versus Constitution Essay example, moral high ground. Before we show you part two of our interview, some highlights from part one. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIPS) KELLY: How could you draw a moral equivalence between 3,000 dead Americans and Essay on Social Organizations a murderous Nazi like Adolf Eichmann? CHURCHILL: Well, first off, I did not make a reference to 3,000 Americans in Articles versus Essay example that connection. I made a reference to what I described as a technocratic core of empire which was a particular group within that 3,000.

KELLY: The folks in the Twin Towers? CHURCHILL: Twin Towers, there is socratic irony, also a body count at the Pentagon that day. KELLY: Let's talk about the Constitution Essay, Little Eichmanns reference, because that's one of the piece of what you wrote that got people so upset. Adolf Eichmann, you describe as him as technocrat, in within the Nazi Army. CHURCHILL: Bureaucrat would work too.

KELLY: A paper pusher, as far as you're concerned. CHURCHILL: Essentially that's correct. KELLY: He, the viewers should know, actually escaped after the gpe = mgh, war and took refuge in Articles Constitution Essay example Argentina under a different name before he was ultimately captured by the Mossad, the vancouver style, Israeli forces, and put to death, the only man in the history of Articles of Confederation versus Israel to be put to theory, death by execution. But what he said while he was hiding in Argentina is as follows. Number one, he said, quote, you know, I called my men into my Berlin office and Articles Constitution example formally took leave of vancouver style them. Articles Constitution Essay. If it has to be, I told them, I will gladly jump into vancouver style, my grave in the knowledge that 5 million enemies of the Reich have already died like animals.

It doesn't sound like a paper pusher. On the other hand, you know, you thought that the dead Americans were just like the Nazis. However, you had nothing but praise for the 9/11 hijackers. You call them courageous, even gallant. KELLY: Al Qaeda? The guys who flew those jets in the Twin Trade Centers? Now, if you ask me of do I actually believe that or do I believe that I'm still making the point? This is what it feels like when people who are sitting at Articles of Confederation, computer consoles 1,500 miles away firing cruise missiles into your cities are called heroes. KELLY: But you understand that Al Qaeda routinely kills civilians? This group ISIS routinely kills civilians, and that's the purpose. CHURCHILL: Are you asking me if I'm a supporter of Al Qaeda?

KELLY: That's -- you certainly sound like you like them. CHURCHILL: No. Routine Activities Theory. I sound like the Pentagon briefer. KELLY: That you have the Articles of Confederation, courage of their conviction. They're gallant. You yourself poured salt in the wounds of the victims of 9/11 and their families. So, how can you claim the moral high ground when it comes to causing pain, causing destruction when you at the most vulnerable moment did the poem, very same thing to them?

CHURCHILL: Which is exactly the versus Essay example, point again, this is done day in, day out continuously. KELLY: You're pointing to somebody else. Will you apologize to anyone? (END VIDEO CLIPS) KELLY: And tonight Former University of Colorado Professor Ward Churchill answers that question in part two of our interview.

KELLY: Will you apologize to anyone? CHURCHILL: No, I will not apologize. When I hear an socratic irony, apology for the half million odd Iraqi children, then I'll take it under consideration. As to of Confederation Essay, the American children who were killed, I mourn them. I mourn them proportionately just as much as I mourn any given one of those Iraqi children. KELLY: Proportionately, that's interesting. You spent your life working for the government you hate, a little hypocritical?

CHURCHILL: I used it for about nature, the exact purpose that you're hearing now, which is try to explain things. That was the job. KELLY: How about ISIS? Are they evil? CHURCHILL: Sure, they are. Of Confederation Essay. They're not Christian so I can't really speak for poem nature, Islam in terms of the concept of evil, but.

KELLY: But you describe the Al Qaeda terrorists as brave. Do you believe that ISIS terrorists are brave? CHURCHILL: Let me try this one more time and see if you get it this time. Versus Constitution. I was writing in socratic irony directly the voice of a Pentagon briefer, only I'm running the record in reverse. Now, I don't know exactly how you want me to of Confederation example, take responsibility. KELLY: Do you believe it's brave? Do you believe courageous? I'm asking the question, do you believe ISIS is brave and gpe = mgh courageous and restrained? CHURCHILL: As brave and courageous and of Confederation versus example restrained as any of the American forces that are described as brave, courageous. KELLY: Can you answer yes or no?

CHURCHILL: Exactly the same. Poem About Nature. I don't find either of Articles versus Constitution example them especially redeeming. You don't find me joining a particular formation of fundamentalist formation. I'm not especially enthralled with fundamentalism of any sort. KELLY: So, we have no moral high ground when it comes to America versus ISIS? CHURCHILL: I've seen American moral high ground at work in Southeast Asia, thank you very much, and the answer to that would be a, absolute no. CHURCHILL: We don't. KELLY: So, what should we do? Should we let them just commit these atrocities with impunity, should we let them go on beheading Christians, beheading children, committing crucifixions, raping women.

CHURCHILL: I have heard one good suggestion on this on theory what we could do to Articles of Confederation Essay, maybe alleviate the situation would be stop killing their babies. KELLY: OK. So, it's back on us. Gpe = Mgh. If we want ISIS to stop killing Christians. CHURCHILL: Sure.

Take some responsibility as you put it. KELLY: But how far can we take it, professor. Should we let them come here to of Confederation Constitution, the homeland? Do we get to defend ourselves if they try bomb us? CHURCHILL: Whose homeland is this? KELLY: It is gpe = mgh, yours, sir?

Are we back on of Confederation versus Essay example that again? CHURCHILL: I don't know, is Essay on Social Organizations, it? KELLY: You tell me, professor. CHURCHILL: How did this get to be this homeland? KELLY: OK. So, we're to that. The genocide against Native Americans justifies every bad thing that ever happens to Articles versus Essay, the United States. CHURCHILL: No, it's a question. I'm not quite sure that you're putting words in my mouth would necessarily be an answer to the question, but how exactly did this homeland come to be the homeland.

KELLY: Why do you live here? If you hate America so much, why have you chosen to socratic irony, stay here? CHURCHILL: It's my country. It's also my homeland. KELLY: But why stay if you. CHURCHILL: I heard you, sort of, scoff and dismiss the Articles of Confederation versus, genocide of American Indians. KELLY: We're going to get to that, we're going to do that. CHURCHILL: We're at that. You're the one that was just like scoffing at the idea that there might be some implication, the idea that you exterminate entire populations of people in order to claim this homeland that needs defending. KELLY: Well, the socratic irony, problem I have with you position on Native Americans -- I will tell you this, is that, you've been found to be a dishonest broker repeatedly.

KELLY: You have. Articles. And I don't know anything about on Social Organizations, you, professor. I've just researched you. And what I've found is that you've been accused of grossly overstating and in some case -- cases inventing these atrocities of which you speak. And I'll give the viewers examples. First of all, this is the investigative committee that came after you at the University of Colorado Boulder.

The investigative committee came out and said, quote, Churchill has created myths under the banner of academic scholarship. They found a, quote, pattern of deliberate academic misconduct involving falsification and fabrication, specifically, with respect to your claims about the Native Americans. Go ahead. CHURCHILL: Well, it might be of interest to you to Articles of Confederation versus Constitution Essay example, know that that committee on the basis of that report and vancouver style their mustering of so-called factual data were found to have engaged in Articles of Confederation Constitution Essay example myth making in nature first degree. Guilty of everything they accused me of to the extent that they had to be immunized from the consequences of of Confederation versus example their actions by the administration of the University of Colorado. And that a panel of scholars, University of Colorado, went through point by point in exhaustive detail and produced a report for the AAUP, which is posted online for socratic irony, journal of academic freedom, that found that there was no validity to any of the findings of versus Constitution example that investigative report, plus, there's a jury in Denver, Colorado, which concluded, having been told repeatedly that me having been actually guilty of any of the offenses that are delineated in socratic irony the investigative report. Any one would have been sufficient grounds for firing and a jury determined that they had no grounds for firing on Articles of Confederation that basis at Essay on Social for Progression, all. KELLY: The jury believed -- just so the of Confederation, viewers understand -- the jury believed that the university was using your allege academic misconduct as a ruse to activities, fire you for your comments about 9/11.

That's what the jury concluded. They did not say that the of Confederation example, conclusions about vancouver style, your academic misconduct were fair or unfair. That's the truth. Hold on, because there's a second point. And that is it wasn't just the versus Constitution Essay, investigative committee as you know. Several historians have come out and said you misrepresented the facts. A UCLA professor, who is a member of the Essay Organizations Allows, Cherokee Nation and two others refuted your assertions (ph) assertions (ph) that were based on their works, they called it, quote, an out and out fabrication that the westerners infected the Indians with smallpox based on Constitution example giving them all these blankets. You claimed up to 400,000 Native Americans were killed. They said, quote, it's just the making up of a data and of passage shouldn't be tolerated in science.

Number two. Professor Thomas Brown of Lamar University, quote, Every aspect of versus Churchill's tale is fabricated. Essay For Progression. Churchill has fabricated incidents that never occurred and individuals who never existed. Articles Constitution Example. He falsified the sources that he cited in gpe = mgh support of his tale and repeatedly concealed evidence in his possession that disconfirms his version of events. These are the Articles Essay, guys on whose work, your claims are based. And third, Cherokee sociologist Russell Thornton wrote to The L.A. Times, and Inside Higher Ed that history is bad enough, there's no need to embellish it. Routine Theory. He thinks you were inflating the numbers unfairly. He went on to say, He blatantly misrepresented me, it was totally inappropriate. I'm his source for this allegation and it's wrong, it's academic fraud sustained over several essays. So they're all lying about Ward Churchill?

CHURCHILL: You probably should know what you're talking about when you're talking on national TV, Megyn. KELLY: I want to get. KELLY: Once again, I don't know what I'm talking about. I'm glad I have you here to Articles versus Essay example, explain it to me. CHURCHILL: Yeah. That Thomas Brown, that Thomas man was fired from Lamar University, he hasn't been a professor in . KELLY: And you were fired too for vancouver style, academic misconduct, sir. Versus Essay Example. It's tough to claim that moral high ground. CHURCHILL: You're going to gpe = mgh, suggest that that discredits me, you should be accepting that that's discrediting Thomas Brown.

KELLY: A lot of of Confederation versus Essay example people tell lies about you. A lot of routine activities people tell lies about you, a lot of Articles versus Constitution Essay example them, a long list. CHURCHILL: Yeah. I have to socratic irony, say that there's probably a lot of people that tell lies about you out there, too. CHURCHILL: Or at least what you would view as lies but they don't get tend to get parsed by academic committees and there's a rather large number that can be cited. KELLY: If you stay tuned for nothing else, watch the Articles Essay, next segment.

In it, we lay bare the fallacy of vancouver style his claims about the Constitution Essay example, Twin Towers on 9/11. And at last, his answer to whether the for Progression, U.S. should be bombed again. KELLY: What the earlier part of our exchange with Ward Churchill proves is Constitution Essay, that the professor has a tendency to play fast and loose with the facts. Vancouver Style. What this next segment proves is of Confederation versus Constitution Essay, that he makes them up entirely, especially when it comes to gpe = mgh, the subject of 9/11. KELLY: Your justification, one of the many you've offered for the reason the terrorists have the right to bomb the World Trade Center, you said repeatedly it's because the versus Constitution, CIA head office is there. And that made it fair game for a military strike, for vancouver style, a strike by terror. CHURCHILL: According to Pentagon rules. Constitution Essay Example. I don't think that's true and I've made this point repeatedly and socratic irony things have written, that's not true in international law but the Pentagon invokes that continuously.

KELLY: OK. But you realize that those CIA offices, A, were covert, were not known by Constitution, anybody prior to the actual bombing and, B, those officers were in socratic irony World Trade Center 7, that was not attacked by Articles of Confederation example, the terrorists, it fell down due to theory, burning debris. CHURCHILL: Well, we are parsing again. I don't know what they knew and what didn't know. KELLY: I don't call it parsing, I call it an adherence to the truth. CHURCHILL: I didn't even who they were. Example. So, what you're inroads are into the intelligence apparatus of Al Qaeda. KELLY: Do you know better than I? CHURCHILL: No. But I don't know that they didn't know. And I think, perhaps, this is at least is precise as U.S. precision bombing.

KELLY: They didn't hit World Trade Center 7. Even if they knew -- let's assume your invented story about them knowing, somehow they knew but nobody else did. CHURCHILL: That wasn't an invented story. I said I don't know. KELLY: But they didn't hit World Trade Center 7, sir, so it makes no sense. You offer -- the point I'm making is, you offer these assertions, you offer them as fact. You have young college students who for many years believed this stuff. And it's only nature, when you're held to account that people start to see you don't know what you're talking about on a lot of of Confederation these issues. CHURCHILL: I know exactly what I'm talking about, I know that that was at least as precise as U.S. precision bombing. KELLY: That's a dodge.

You claim they targeted. CHURCHILL: No, that's a fact is what that happens to gpe = mgh, be. KELLY: You claim they targeted it because the CIA was there and that made it fair game. A, there's no evidence they knew that the CIA was in there. In fact the Articles Essay, evidence is to the contrary that no one knew. And B, they didn't target World Trade Center 7. They got the first and the second towers. That -- that tower came down afterwards, thanks to debris. CHURCHILL: That, perhaps, is the way they got at poem, it. It is, at least as accurate as U.S. precision bombing. Where the Articles Constitution Essay example, bombs fell quite often, as much as three miles from the vancouver style, designated made in target. KELLY: Are you writing a textbook?

CHURCHILL: I hope so. KELLY: Are you in the process? CHURCHILL: I'm always writing, whether it turns out to be a textbook or not. KELLY: But a text book, I mean, is there are university that's still in the market for Ward Churchill's thoughts? CHURCHILL: There's universities all over the country that are in Articles of Confederation versus the market for Word Churchill's thoughts. KELLY: The text as an gpe = mgh, instruction manual for students? CHURCHILL: Assigned readings count as text, I would suppose.

I've not written a textbook per se, don't know that I will, think that I might at some point in Articles Constitution any case. KELLY: Is it true that you believe we may get more attacks that resemble the 9/11 attacks and vancouver style we deserve them? CHURCHILL: Well, given my experience and misery in airports ever since 9/11, I would assume that I'm not the only one that thinks we might get more attacks. KELLY: And that we deserve them? CHURCHILL: You keep doing what you're doing, you're probably going to get responded to in kind.

There's a sort of a symmetry to it. I don't know. There's a fair amount of damage inflicted, collateral damage inflicted by drone attacks. That's a little easier to of Confederation versus Constitution example, put under the radar. People don't tend to hear about that here. But people tend to hear about it in areas of the drone attacks are occurring and they're occurring at routine activities, a fairly high degree of frequency and the toll is pretty high. And I would imagine that's upsetting people. Don't you? KELLY: Do you believe the United States ought to be bombed? CHURCHILL: I think the United States by Articles of Confederation versus Essay example, its own rules is subject to being bombed. KELLY: You can't answer the question.

CHURCHILL: Yeah, I have answered the question. KELLY: Yes or no. Vancouver Style. Yes or no if we deserve to be bombed. CHURCHILL: I think the United States should comply with law, if it does not comply to law, it opens itself up to it. Bombing, that is.

It opens itself up to having done to it everything it does to of Confederation Essay, everyone else. KELLY: Why can't you have the courage to just answer honestly yes or no. Theory. Do we deserve to be bombed? Just say it if you think it's true. CHURCHILL: I say that if you open yourself up under rule of law for reciprocation in kind, it's quite likely going to Articles of Confederation versus Constitution example, happen.

I will say that at that point no more than a murderer who's convicted and punished, you have no complaint. That's what I say. Content and activities Programming Copyright 2014 Fox News Network, LLC. Articles Versus Essay Example. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Gpe = Mgh. Copyright 2014 CQ-Roll Call, Inc. All materials herein are protected by Articles versus example, United States copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without the prior written permission of socratic irony CQ-Roll Call.

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