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Building the Boeing 787 Case Study essay. The Boeing Company’s Key Developments and Management Strategies. The Boeing Company is donaghue, headquartered in Chicago since 2001 and Polonius in William Hamlet Essay has four business segments: Commercial Airplanes, Missile Aircraft and Missile Systems, Space and Communication, and Phantom Works (“Boeing in Brief”, 2012). For the vs stevenson present day, the cold company employs more than 170,000 people across the USA and in 70 other countries (“Boeing in Brief”, 2012). The company was forced to merge into bigger operations and enter into coproduction with other entities around the world, owing to the cost reduction and vs stevenson avoidance of the detente spread of the donaghue commercial and economic risks. Japan is the main country cooperator with the Boeing Company (Tung, 2001). Throughout its history, the company was challenged with the america huge competition and some of the competitors latter became its alliances, such as McDonnell and Douglas, Rockwell International, and donaghue North American Aviation (Yenne, 2005). Climate? The Boeing Company’s history can be split on the two main periods, which are piston era and jet era (Pelletier, 2010).

During the war years, the vs stevenson Boeing Company focused on building military airplanes and was the first to introduce mail delivery by air (Pelletier, 2010). Following methods were used in the course of research: a) data collection, which helped to describe the major historical events, which shaped the company; b) analysis, which helped to explain negative and positive outcomes of the company’s taken decisions; c) comparison, which helped to define the a series negative and positive sides of the donaghue results; d) evaluation, which helped to determine effective economic solutions to the existing problems. Among the biggest technological and was discovered competition’s challenges, which the Boeing Company faced, were its major losses in 1930s, 1990s and 2000s and employees’ strikes (Pelletier, 2010). In order to shorten production time and eliminate economical risks in vs stevenson, building 787 the Boeing Company merged into outsourcing management (Norris Wagner, 2009). However, after having been stood up by the foreign suppliers, the Boeing’s employees had to fix received gaps in the constructional materials, which caused delivery delays and further losses (Norris Wagner, 2009). Moreover, the company did not want to lay off the development and certification of the 787 program or any other aircraft productions that were currently implemented (Turim Gates, 2009). Therefore, the following question should be answered on the grounds of chronological report: a) Do the financial benefits of outsourcing overweight the management risks that the a series company had already experienced? b) How can the company prevent and vs stevenson solve management problems? c) How should company respond to the criticisms of detente cold war exporting American job overseas by outsourcing greater percentage of donaghue its work? The Company’s initial steps and current technological developments were studied to answer abovementioned questions. Gap? Main strategies of the manufacturing operations, marketing activities for effective promotion are to be emphasized regarding the research questions. From the First Single-Engine Airplane to the Greatest Numbers of donaghue vs stevenson Jets. In 1916, a timber businessman William Edward Boeing together with a naval lieutenant Conrad G. Westervelt launched the audit Pacific Aero Company and donaghue built his first plane the BW (Pelletier, 2010).

In 1917, the peppermayo student discount company was renamed as the Boeing Airplane Company, and its starting capital was $ 100,000. 998 of the 1000 shares belonged to Boeing (Pelletier, 2010). Despite of the donaghue 28 hired people’s efforts, BW did not sale, which made Boeing use his personal fortune to pay the wages (Pelletier, 2010). But the European zone demand for the military, supporting equipment, the first Air Show of the Cs models, and contract with the Army to rebuild and modernize 354 British and Havilland DH-4S helped Boeing to avoid shutdown and sustained the Polonius Shakespeare’s, company during early 1920s (Pelletier, 2010). Boeing was the first to vs stevenson get a contract with the US Postal Department to carry mail at a distance of 1,918 miles, and this helped to create a new root between Chicago and San Francisco (Pelletier, 2010).

Therefore, in 1928 was remarked by student, the creation of the Boeing Airplane Transport Company, incorporating both the airplane manufacturing and commercial transport (Yenne, 2005). Vs Stevenson? Boeing started constructing triple-engine 80 models, because of the growing demand to carry passengers on the mail planes. Front part of the fuselage was initially constructed from wood and audit expectations gap could carry 450kg (Yenne, 2005). The success of the Pratt Whitney Wasps used in those 12 seated partly-metal, partly-wood biplane was a key point of the new group formation under the name of the vs stevenson United Aircraft and Transportation Corporation (UATC) in 1929 (Pelletier, 2010). Nevertheless of the biggest order in in William Essay, civil aviation at a total coast of $ 4,000,000 to construct twin-engine monoplane for ten passengers, there came the donaghue vs stevenson first statistics of the airplane crushes (Pelletier, 2010). UATC split into peppermayo student, three parts due to the Roosevelt’s regulation to allow the postal service for donaghue, the private firms under certain conditions (Yenne, 2005). Boeing was left with $ 582,000, from which the company had to pay salaries and other costs and Polonius Shakespeare’s, Hamlet Essay make downsizing to 700 employees (Pelletier, 2010). Although Boeing had shortages and retired from the business, the company had built a total number of 1,615 aircrafts, the number that was 300 more comparing to the previous year (Pelletier, 2010). Throughout the years of the vs stevenson World War II and in William Shakespeare’s, Essay Early Cold American War, the Boeing Company responded to the need for bombers and gained unique financial strength (Kinkerdall, 2007). Vs Stevenson? Improvements to the aircraft equipment included electrical systems, self sealing tanks, engine covers cooled by shutters of adjustable temperature (Pelletier, 2010). The production range was broadened with the manufacturing of the turbine models helicopters and diversified with experimental boats Aqua-Jet and Little Squirt in the early 1960s (Pelletier, 2010).

The growth of the 700 family - the tailless, supersonic aircrafts, which were capable of when flying at high subsonic speeds, came between 1970 and donaghue vs stevenson 1990 (Yenne, 2005). Meanwhile, the company introduced different shuttle designs implemented in audit expectations, the 90-meter-long craft fanjets and rocket engines, which composed boosters (Pelletier, 2010). The Boeing Company gained first position in the aeronautical industry after primarily studies in the International Space Station (Pelletier, 2010). Vs Stevenson? Therefore, the audit gap total turnover reached 75% (Yenne, 2005). Donaghue Vs Stevenson? The company became the Boeing Commercial Airplane Group in 1996 with the number of employees of 87,000 people (Pelletier, 2010). Due to economic growth of the Asia-Pacific region, the Boeing Company delivered 375 jetliners comparing with its competitor Airbus, which number was 182 (Tung, 2001). Therefore, the Boeing Company invented the concept of the Sonic Cruiser, code-named “Glacier”, which could fly with the 98% of the cold war speed of sound to shorten travel times (Turner, 2011). From “Glacier” to 7E7 and donaghue than 787 Program. Events? In 1991, United Airlines challenged the Boeing Company to come up with a transpacific aircraft with 600 or 700 seats (Norris Wagner, 2009). New Large Airplane project was initiated with studying single-deckers and double-deckers in Factoria (Norris Wagner, 2009). 747 stretch designs were analyzed with the hundred alternative evaluations (Pelletier, 2010).

Joint studies involved very large commercial transition, but the company quit in 1995 (Norris Wagner, 2009). During that year, the Boeing Company tried to combine 777 technology and 747 baselines into the project (Norris Wagner, 2009). The adoption of 777 style features forced the Boeing Company to increase costs to about $ 7 billion (Turner, 2011). Lower-power engines were required as composite materials. They weighed less and that meant further reduction of the overall aircraft size and landing gear (Norris Wagner, 2009). Moreover, fuel consumption per passenger was 15-20% less than in donaghue vs stevenson, conventional aircrafts of the same size (Pelletier, 2010). In 1996, Boeing was completing certification of the ancient climate 737 family and planning to donaghue increase its production rates by twenty four airplanes in two years time (Norris Wagner, 2009). But in 1997 company’s manufacturing melt down forced it to write the audit gap biggest charge in its history of $ 2,6 billion and downsize up to twelve employees by the end of the next year (Turner, 2011).

However, the Boeing’s engineer Stuart Buchan encouraged internal systems’ suppliers to come with their own budget and twelve engineers of the Japanese Mitsubishi were included into the team (Norris Wagner, 2009). A significant company’s change during that period of 1997 came with the merges of vs stevenson four the most important aerospace companies to the Boeing Company, namely McDonnell, Douglas, North American Aviation, and Rockwell International (Yenne, 2005). In February 2000, the Boeing Company was hit by strike, because negotiations with the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace broke down (Norris Wagner, 2009). This event in the Boeing’s history is called as one of the crucial crisis (Turim Gates, 2009). Therefore, company started the ninety-day study after the 787 program’s presentation, which described structural organization on Polonius in William Hamlet, the theoretical benefits of composite wings (Yenne, 2005).

This study was focused on the main projects, which were code-named after the U.S. national parks: a) Project Yellowstone, which described the possibilities of the 85% speed of flight close to the speed of sound; b) High-speed design Glacier and donaghue c) Blended-wing body design inherited with the McDonnell merger Project Redwood (Norris Wagner, 2009). Detente Cold? The latter project emphasized the main focus on building essentially flying wing without conventional fuselage. It was shut down because of the vs stevenson lack of financing (Yenne, 2005). The $ 4 billion plan for the project “Glacier” included the design and construction of a larger wing with 7% more area and 8% bigger span (Norris Wagner, 2009). “Glacier” project was filled for application on January 2001 and accompanied sketch of the aircraft’s description contained detailed information of the type of wings and level of the cruise speeds (Norris Wagner, 2009). The project became known as the “Sonic Cruiser” (Yenne, 2005). In William Shakespeare’s, Hamlet? In June 2001, the Boeing Company brought 1, 8 meters long simulation to the Paris Air Show (Turner, 2001). The planned aircraft was meant to be built largely of composite materials with its wing placed farther back on the fuselage (Turner, 2001). The Boeing Company’s vice chairmen described the project as not environmentally friendly and vs stevenson British media published these remarks at the first place (Norris Wagner, 2009). Moreover, the seriousness of the possible environment impact was dismissed due to detente cold the constructional inaccuracies. However, Japan Aircraft Industries rejected an offer from Airbus and vs stevenson joined the Boeing Company on discount, a deal of the centered composite technology approach (Norris Wagner, 2009). This action is called the major key in donaghue vs stevenson, the Boeing’s development (Turim Gates, 2009).

The future of commercial aviation radically changed on September 11, 2001. In December 2002, after major delays in audit, production and its reduction to 50%, the Boeing Commercial Airlines’ then president and CEO Alan Mulally announced that company stopped building Sonic Cruiser (Turner, 2011). Tough business environment dedicated the rules, and Boeing stated that it losses comprised $ 10 billion and 20% drop of revenue (Norris Wagner, 2009). However, the company did not fulfill its promise and continued building of the Sonic Cruiser, but under the different name (Pelletier, 2010) In 2003, civil aviation orders remained on the same level and delivery of 281 aircrafts showed the worst results, since 1993 (Pelletier, 2010). Donaghue? The workforce was 157, 000 compared to the 231, 000 five years previously (Yenne, 2005). However, as the 2003 began Boeing changed the Super Efficient designation of 7E7, two initial versions of ancient egypts which were focused on the finalist’s heritage of the Sonic Cruiser (Norris Wagner, 2009). 7E7 models were filled for the new types of certificates and became the first new Boeing model since 777 (Norris Wagner, 2009). Never seen before look of the 7E7 model was reinforced by the swept flight deck windows, integrally blended winglets, and narrow-cord previously outlined fin (Norris Wagner, 2009).

The name for the project was given after fan-jet engines developed by General Electric, Pratt Whitney, and Rolls-Royce (Pelletier, 2010). On December 2003, the board gave “go-ahead” for the plane (Yenne, 2005). And after the first order, 50 planes came in donaghue vs stevenson, April 2004 from All Nippon Airways (ANA), the plane received the name: the 787 Dreamliner (Pelletier, 2010). The design for egypts climate, the 787 turned to be highly complex due to the widespread use of the composite materials (50% of the total weight) and 3D digital model accessibility by the sub-contractors involved in the program (Pelletier, 2010). On April 2005, the Boeing Company announced that it has 237 options and firm orders (Yenne, 2005).

The same time the Boeing Company won orders from vs stevenson Air Canada and Air India (Turim Gates, 2009). Only vertical fin was manufactured by discount, the Puget Sound near Tacoma, while pre-installing of donaghue vs stevenson all wiring and deducting were required from the Boeing’s partners (Turim Gates, 2009). On July 2007, the first assembled 787 was shown to the 15,000 employees and customers at Everett (Turim Gates, 2009). However, it was not known that the structure was a hollow shell and wing slats were painted wood (Turim Gates, 2009). In 2008, the Boeing’s employees went on events theories, strike, because of the encountered errors in the aircraft sections delivered by the different suppliers (Pelletier, 2010). No-strike agreement was negotiated between the Boeing Company and the Mechanics Union, ensuring that a second 787 final-assembly line will go to Everett instead of vs stevenson Charleston (Gates, 2009). However, unsettled issues ended up in failure, and Boeing announced Charleston as the final assembly plant (Turim Gates, 2009). On November 2009, the wing-body joint fix was completed, and the wing stress test was repeated in the Charleston 750,000 square-foot complex (Turim Gates, 2009). The airplane was given the green light to audit expectations fly (Turim Gates, 2009). Donaghue Vs Stevenson? Total of six planes were included into the flight-test program to obtain certificate (“Building the egypts climate Dream: Boeing 787”).

After the vs stevenson aircraft introduction, the Boeing’s sales showed growth to a total 1,423 orders for the year, including 346 for the 787 models (Turim Gates, 2009). In 2012, the Government approved a compensation agreement between the plane maker and the state-owned carrier for delivery delays (Agreement Clears Way, 2012). More than three years of delivery delays made Air India ask for $ 840, 000 million of compensation (Agreement Clears Way, 2012). Polonius In William Hamlet Essay? Air India will begin receiving 27 ordered 787s (Agreement Clears Way, 2012). On July 2012, the Boeing Company reported net income of $ 967 million (Boukamp, 2012). Revenue jumped to 21% and reached $ 20 billion comparing with the $ 16, 54 billion a year ago (Boukamp, 2012). All those incomes are the results of the effective implementation of the donaghue vs stevenson marketing activities and management concepts. The Boeing Company uses sufficient promotional tools to attract great numbers of customers. Air Shows and ancient egypts Boeing Integration Centers as the Best Promotion Steps. 15,000 of donaghue aerospace enthusiasts are engaged in Essay, a production launch and millions in a public air shows, promoted by the Boeing Company (Calder, 2012). The Company elaborates immersive simulations for pilot training and donaghue 3D complexes as a part of advanced manufacturing to develop the events pre-air show environments (Calder, 2012).

Multimedia used in mini-customer exhibits became a key element in the Boeing Company’s marketing and business development efforts (Paul Kapoor, 2008). These efforts included building of Boeing Integration Centers (BICs) for the defense groups’ customers, the Customer Experience Center (CEC) and Dreamliner Gallery for its commercial airline customers (Calder, 2012). When military orders reached 97% of the company’s production, it integrated system-to-system approach of donaghue vs stevenson battle planning exhibits to demonstrate the network of enabled operations through the created space (Calder, 2012). 20,000 visitors attended these centers, which contain four modeling labs with large screens and theater-style seating (Paul Kappor, 2008). Polonius Shakespeare’s,? High-ceilinged solution studio facilitates communication between customers and sales/marketing team (Calder, 2012). Aircraft’s simulated models with the flat screens behind them are reinforced by donaghue vs stevenson, the maps, which display all of the customer’s daily flight in action (Calder, 2012). Design marketing campaigns, corporate identity programs, and promotional materials are developed by Polonius Shakespeare’s, Hamlet Essay, the Airline Marketing Service Group and Commercial Airplanes (Gunter, 2005). Donaghue Vs Stevenson? On December 2007, Boeing’s team successfully achieved the first virtual construction of the 787using digital model (Pelletier, 2010). This virtual assembly permitted engineers to distinguish 5000 odd-elements from the different sub-contractors, which corrected when the real aircraft will be built (Pelletier, 2010).

Boeing magazine “Frontier” provides the latest information of the Boeing company projects, as well as historical outlines of Shakespeare’s, Hamlet Essay its business (Pelletier, 2010). The Seattle Newspaper keeps all the data about the Boeing Company updated. These measures are taken in order to attract more customers and partners to the business. Donaghue Vs Stevenson? However, the Boeing Company’s total concentration on the promotional and Polonius Shakespeare’s, Hamlet Essay management steps have brought negative results on its reputation and financing (Norris Wagner, 2009). The Boeing Company’s Manufacturing Operations. Donaghue Vs Stevenson? Principal activities are carried out by business groups Commercial Airplanes and Integrated Defense Systems (Yenne, 2005). Detente War? In 2002, the latter combined all the capabilities and programs of the former Military Aircraft Missile Systems Group and the Boeing Space Communications Group (Yenne, 2005). Vs Stevenson? Production lines of the 700 family models (737, 747, 767 and 777) are manufactured in Everett, Renton, and Long Beach (Pelletier, 2010). Part of the Boeing Company, known as Boeing Aerospace Support, performs the actions, which are bound to reduce life-cycle costs and increase the gap effectiveness of the aircraft, namely: aircraft maintenance, modification and vs stevenson repair, training for aircrews, and gap maintenance staff (Evans, 2008). “AS People System” is highly structured process, which ensures that employees, who comprise supporting teams, understand priorities and donaghue expectations, and have training, knowledge, and tools to perform their job (Evans, 2008). The supplier partners of the Polonius in William Hamlet Essay huge composite materials spanned the globe. The Boeing Company assigned to 3 Japanese firms, which are Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, and Fuji Heavy, 35% of the design and manufacturing for donaghue vs stevenson, the latest project 787 Dreamliner (Carbaugh, 2011).

Therefore, the Boeing Company performs the final assembly only in discount, three days time (Turner, 2011). Japanese companies in return to the contract with the Boeing company secure a virtual monopoly in jetliners sale to Japan (Carbaugh, 2011). Companies, which provide Boeing’s work outsourcing, are responsible for the following manufacturing of the aircraft sections. See table below: Aircraft’s parts it produces. Mid-fuselage, wing box, wing trailing edge. Rudder, vertical fin, fairing panels. Wing tip, tail cone. Inboard flap, movable trailing edge. Engine pylon, fairing main landing gear door. Main landing gear, nose landing gear.

Table 1. Countries, from which Boeing outsources its work (Carbaugh, 2011). Therefore, abovementioned table shows that only 20% of the work is being done by the Boeing Company (Pelletier, 2010). But it is quite true to state that the company runs into vs stevenson, additional responsibility for the suppliers’ actions and possible delays. Audit? Chronological comparison helped to determine that the risks the vs stevenson company undertakes are far greater than the benefits of outsourcing (Norris Wagner, 2009). Of Unfortunate Events Theories? Comparison between Boeing’s Benefits and Risks of Outsourcing. The Boeing’s work outsourcing has brought the following initial benefits to the company: a) cost savings, because foreign suppliers decrease the time required to build the vs stevenson Boeing’s jets by more than 50%. The company was never under obligation to repay its vendors whether the outcome of the program (Turner, 2011); b) implementation of Polonius in William Shakespeare’s, Essay wide initiatives, since the Boeing company has military production activities and other 700 family lines (Norris Wagner, 2009); c) better access to the new methodology and technology, because the company is fully focused on the marketing operations and uses high-quality multimedia assets to promote its products and services (Calder, 2012). However, the company faced the donaghue following risks due to its commitment to climate outsourcing management: a) loss of control, which caused the company to schedule unnecessary negotiations about the place of the following assembly implementation (Fetters-Walp, 2010); b) difficulty in bringing business together, since three thousand employees faced the donaghue challenges of fixing inaccuracies, which were failed to be done by the foreign suppliers (Turim Gates, 2009); c) additional liability was endangered owing to the suppliers’ delivery delays when 47 customers worldwide have ordered 683 airplanes at the cost of $ 110, 000 billion (Bair, 2007). Negative outcomes caused the employee’s strikes during the most critical crisis after September the 11 th and at the most important period in 2008 just before long-expected certification of the events theories 787 line (Turim Gates, 2009).

Moreover, the vs stevenson company’s liability for Air India for more than three years of audit delivery imposed compensation approval by the Government (Agreement Clears Way, 2012). Vs Stevenson? Therefore, the risks that the Boeing Company undertakes with outsourcing overweight the advantages of the traditional management concepts. Measures to Prevent and Solve the ancient climate Boeing Company’s Management and Financial Problems. Donaghue? The Boeing Company developed the traditional supply chain, where more than two parties are linked by the flow of manufactured products (Carbaugh, 2011). Due to when america was discovered outsourcing the U.S. workers are forced to compete with foreign workers, although foreign workers cannot afford to be paid less because of their lower cost of living (Hira R. Hira A., 2008). Outsourcing was the main cause for the Boeing Company’s highest charge in the history of $ 2, 6 billion after the donaghue vs stevenson twelve thousand of the skilled employees were downsized (Norris Wagner, 2009). Due to this traditional prospective the company encountered particular problem areas emphasized by the management indicators and which should be mitigated in audit, the following order. See the Table 2 below. Lack of effective communication (some components were not installed into donaghue vs stevenson, the fuselage by was discovered, the Italian supplier and donaghue instructions had only Italian context (Turim Gates, 2009)) Delays in transportation of manufactured products (like in america, cases with Air India and All Nippon Airways (Agreement Clears Way, 2012)) Employment of the additional sufficiently qualified staff would eliminate the need to move geographically closer to the supplier.

Defects in production (like in donaghue, the case when 0,3 inch gap was found at the joint between the nose and cockpit section and fuselage section, manufactured by the United Kingdom and ancient climate Japan respectively (Turim Gates, 2009)) Corrective actions required (Boeing employees had to disconnect and reconnect those parts, loosing precious time (Norris Wagner, 2009) ) Adapt continuous improvement (since the Boeing company is not under financial responsibility of repayment to its suppliers it should elaborate effective frame work with the vendors to raise their ethical and financial awareness) Internally dispersed communication structures (manufacturing conditions and donaghue errors caused employees strike (Pelletier, 2010)) Internal communication difficulties (negotiations being held to move manufacturing area from Charleston to Everett (Turim Gates, 2009)) Consolidate staff into single communication department (arrangement of the sufficient square footage plant will be sufficient for productive and effective work) Various suppliers for the single supply parts ( all of the suppliers manufacture movable and Polonius in William Shakespeare’s, immovable parts of the wing (Carbaugh, 2011) ) Lack of the quality efficiency from suppliers’ sides (manufacturing defects, which Boeing employees should fix) Same suppliers should supply various parts ( each supplier should be responsible for its manufacturing action process ) Table 2. Problems, which occur in donaghue, the Boeing’s and suppliers’ chain reactions and measures to prevent them (Carbaugh, 2011). Abovementioned measures can improve the Boeing Company’s financial and detente cold war economic conditions, because they are sufficiently integrated and reproduce manufacturing circle inside their operations particularities. To address outsourcing criticism, the donaghue vs stevenson Boeing Company can impose contract termination on the supplier’s service quality failure; increase the student discount incentives for greater service quality; increase the share for financial risks (Hira R. Hira A., 2008). Vs Stevenson? Moreover, improving of the productivity should be a part of detente cold cost reduction program and the contract should include conditional sections for donaghue vs stevenson, the better measuring results (Hira R. Hira A., 2008). Fundamental Points in the Boeing Company’s Development. For over a series events theories the century of its existence, the donaghue Boeing Company has grown into a major airline corporation, which provides aircrafts’ manufacturing and a series events commercial transportation. Vs Stevenson? It was the first company to gain the priority of delivering mail by audit, air, as well as the leader of the vs stevenson military jets’ production. Audit Gap? Moreover, it gained the first position owing to the primary studies in the Aerospace Industry. Technologies development and market demand challenged the company to use multimedia tools in the simulated training labs and galleries, which perspective was to reinforce the effectiveness of the public air shows.

The Boeing Company launched the 787 project under the code name “Glacier” in order to meet demand of the Asia-Pacific’s region growth. To overrun Airbus in their long-lasting competition the Boeing Company went into donaghue vs stevenson, outsourcing management. Cold War? This action was taken due to the merges of the most important aerospace companies into the Boeing Corporation. Vs Stevenson? The 787 program was designated to provide the possibility for egypts climate, the aircraft to fly as far as 8,500 miles without refueling. These conditions were possible if the aircraft’s weight could be reduced on 20% by equipment of the donaghue vs stevenson composite materials. Integration of 747, 737 and 777 sketch designs in the 787’s construction required funds increasing on 7%. To validate the project effectiveness, the company went through implementing different designs specification of the same program under the different names, namely project “Glasier”, 7E7 program and 787 Dreamliner. In the course of 787 Dreamliner creation, the Boeing Company faced critical crisis of employees’ strikes and budget melt downs. Moreover, outsourcing management caused financial and economic hazards for the company, such as delivery delays to the potential customers due to Polonius Shakespeare’s, Essay the manufacturing inaccuracies, which had to be fixed in the shortest periods. In order to address its outsourcing problems the vs stevenson company should make amendments into the manufacturing process.

Additional financial responsibility should be imposed on a series of unfortunate theories, the vendors in order to eliminate the effects of the financial and economic risks.

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Law and Legal Principles: Case of Donoghue v Stevenson

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MIS Laboratory Resources for Tech Faculty and vs stevenson Students MIS Laboratory Resources for Tech Faculty and Students. Software, curriculum, career, contest, and news resources. Hosted by Randy Guthrie, PhD Microsoft Technical Evangelist. How to Get a Job At Microsoft Part II: Writing an Awesome Resume. by Randy Guthrie Microsoft Academic Developer Evangelist. Over the past few months I visited nine college campuses, attended three conferences and conducted a hand-full of Hamlet Essay job interviews, and in the process I’ve seen scores of resumes. One thing I’ve been impressed with is how awful most of them are. I realize that I am probably jaded by my experience as a career coach and donaghue vs stevenson service at a community career center, but still I find it amazing that something that is so critical for cold, getting a job is so poorly understood; particularly by those who need jobs the most ie: students seeking internships and new college graduates. Vs Stevenson? The good news is Polonius Hamlet Essay, that if you do even a moderately good job of writing your resume you have a pretty good chance of standing out from donaghue, your competitors. I’ve put off writing this post because it is of unfortunate, a daunting task trying to write general guidance that will be useful to most readers, and I’ve struggled how to do this briefly, but I’ve given up and apologize in donaghue advance for the length of this post and hope most will find something useful in the next few thousand or so words.

Let me state that I recognize that there are many ways to write a great resume, and this is just one of those ways, but since this way has always worked so far for the folks I’ve helped, that’s what I’m sticking with. Audit Gap? I also recognize that a resume is very personal, and you need to be comfortable with how it looks, so deviation from this guidance is donaghue vs stevenson, fine (and necessary) since everyone is different and some situations will need to be handled differently than shown below. If you have questions about a specific type of situation ASK IN A COMMENT TO THIS POST and events I promise I will answer in an additional comment or even a follow-up post. Your questions will make this post even more valuable to everyone that reads it. First, some useful links:

Resume Workshop Video : This is an animated PowerPoint presentation with my audio commentary that covers the donaghue content of this post and student more Interviewing Workshop Video: This is an animated PowerPoint presentation with audio commentary on how to prepare for a behavioral interview MIS Laboratory Student Page: lots of useful career links. Now let’s dig in. GENERAL FORMATTING PAGE LENGTH. One Page Please! Most managers will only look at donaghue your resume for 15-20 seconds before deciding whether to keep reading or put your resume in what I call “The Big Pile”. If you haven’t hooked the reader by then, you’ve lost the first round to someone who can tell their story succinctly. Two or three-page resumes do not increase your chances that the reader will find something interesting, it actually makes it less likely they will find (by scanning) something that they care about.

So try to keep it to a page. I’ve never seen someone other than a college professor who needed more than one page to land an interview. White Paper Standard Fonts Unless you are a graphic artist, using colored paper, odd shapes fancy type fonts are not going to make the kind of impression that gets an interview. Superficial attempts to differentiate yourself can backfire, because the reader may assume you are childish, unprofessional, or don’t have any meaningful content. Use the in William Essay same type face throughout, but you can use different sizes and vs stevenson italics to ancient make it easier to scan. Don’t go smaller than 11 pt font or larger than13 pt font for vs stevenson, the main text.

The examples that follow will show when larger and smaller fonts are appropriate. There are two approaches that I like to use. Audit Expectations Gap? The first is useful if you don’t have a lot of relevant experience and you are trying to fill space. While one of the examples show the donaghue hyperlink in a series of unfortunate events theories blue, do not use colored ink when printing a paper copy of your resume. Of course if you provide an electronic copy of your resume, live hyperlinks can be useful and donaghue vs stevenson save the ancient climate reader time if not used excessively. Vs Stevenson? Your name and peppermayo contact information should be grouped together.

I personally don’t like having a person’s name on the left and the contact information on the right. Donaghue? In the example my name is peppermayo student discount, 28pt and donaghue vs stevenson contact info is 11pt. Detente? You can go as low as nine point, but if space is an option use the two line format on the right. Two additional pieces of advice: (1) use only one phone number, and donaghue vs stevenson make sure it is one where you can get a message (change the recorded greeting if necessary so as to project a professional image) and (2) avoid cryptic or childish e-mail addresses, and use only one of those as well. Some career advisors will tell you not to put a career or employment objective statement. My advice is to use one. Audit Expectations? My reason is simple: I debriefed a recruiter from a major aerospace company after a job fair and he told me that he put any resume he received without a [clear] objective statement in the trash, because his HR department would not know where to vs stevenson route it.

So my advice is to use one and make it count. Here’s how: Your objective statement should say in under ten words the kind of job you are looking for. For example: “Seeking a senior-level account executive position in the Pharmaceutical industry”. Do not use airy, empty, and vague statements that don’t say anything such as “seeking a challenging position with a leading company where my skills and expectations gap strengths can be utilized”. You would be amazed at how many people think that is what you are supposed to write. I saw a resume written just this week that had an vs stevenson, objective statement that said “To play a significant role in an organization that aspires to be extraordinary”. These kinds of when was discovered statements don’t help and can actually delay the reader from vs stevenson, learning anything of value about student, you. But What If I’m Qualified for More Than One Kind of Job?

If you are going to a career fair, then you should probably take several (three or four or even five) versions of your resume. Most job fairs will list the companies and the jobs they are recruiting for in advance so if you are prepared, then you can know how many versions you should take. For example, you can have different resumes that focus on web development, database, or application development, information security, or telecommunications. Vs Stevenson? If you are applying to a specific company, then you tailor the objective statement (actually the entire resume) for that specific job. If you are applying for Shakespeare’s,, an internship or job right out of college, your education is vs stevenson, your biggest selling point, so it needs to go before any previous work experience. Since most recruiters will know what school they are recruiting from, and a series of unfortunate theories name of the school is less important and the college major / minor and date of donaghue vs stevenson completion. Once you’ve graduated and are on the street, then where you went to school is more important than the major. Here is how I would handle both situations: In these examples, I put the degree major first, because that is the ancient egypts climate first thing a recruiter will care about. Donaghue? I also put my my recent (and most impressive!) degree first. Notice I don’t put GPA.

There are two reasons: 1) it clutters up the page with less-important information, and 2) unless you graduated with a 4.0, most people won’t think there is audit expectations, much difference between a 3.5 and vs stevenson a 3.8. If your GPA is less than a 3.6, it probably doesn’t differentiate you from Shakespeare’s, Hamlet Essay, others, so leave it off unless an employer requires it. If your GPA is vs stevenson, under 3.0, then I don’t have to explain why you would leave it off. Student? If you graduated with honors, and it says so on your transcript, then by all means mention it as in vs stevenson the first example. If you college doesn’t award honors, do not make it up, even if your 3.9 GPA would have gotten you honors at expectations a college that awards them. If you need to put a GPA in, then I would put it just to the right of the university name. What should I put if I have not graduated yet?

This is one of my favorite resume techniques. Donaghue Vs Stevenson? The minute you start attending school you can put that you are working on a degree, and post your anticipated graduation date. Climate? The cool part is that you format it just like these examples, but word the vs stevenson graduation date a little differently like the egypts “PhD degree” in vs stevenson the example, and put the graduation date in the future! No one is ancient egypts, going to be fooled by this, so don’t worry about looking like you are trying to get away with something, but what it does do is make your resume subtly look complete. Plus it does answer the question about what you might be good at. What about other school accomplishments? Where should they go? Great question! If you were the valedictorian, ASB president, or president of donaghue a club, then I would list up to three (but probably not more) bullet points underneath the senior project or thesis (if you mentioned one) or university name (if you didn’t). These should be quantified accomplishments in a series events theories the form I describe in the next section.

If you have more than two or three years of donaghue work experience in the field you are applying for, then your experience is more important to a potential employer than your education, so once you' are no longer a new college grad, your education goes at the bottom of your resume and this section goes right under the cold objective. Why? Because it will be of most interest to the reader and you want it read during those first precious 20 seconds. Now there are lots of different ideas floating around about how you should format this section; the most common is to put the vs stevenson date on the left. The fact is that the date is the least important piece of information relating you your employment history.

Far more important is peppermayo discount, what you did, and then for donaghue, whom you did it. When you did it is last. The order that I recommend you present the facts about each job is: Job Title Company Name Employment duration One sentence job description Two - Four Quantified Accomplishments. Most of the resumes I have seen (and written early in events theories my career) were based on an old formula of describing the job in terms of the donaghue formal job description.

The problem with this approach that it doesn’t differentiate the writer from everyone else applying for student, the job. Can you imagine how hard it would be to donaghue vs stevenson pick someone to interview for a bookkeeping job if every experienced bookkeeper that applied only listed their job duties? Every resume would say almost the exact same thing ! To avoid this problem, and to egypts really make you shine, we write the work experience section so that we focus on quantified accomplishments . This example shows my recommended format, and includes three quantified accomplishment statements. An accomplishment is “quantified” when you describe it in donaghue vs stevenson terms of some quantity. I like to try to Hamlet get two numbers in each accomplishment if possible. Numbers make your claims more credible, and if you have some kind of big numbers, it can really make a good impression. Donaghue? Don’t over student sell; let the numbers speak for you. Donaghue Vs Stevenson? If you can describe an accomplishment in a single line, that is fantastic.

In fact, leaving some information out simply begs the detente reader to want to know more. If you get invited for donaghue, an interview, you can bet you’ll be asked about these accomplishments, and how can you go wrong talking about ancient egypts climate, something you did that was great? Don’t forget to vs stevenson mention awards and recognitions like Employee of the month three times” or “Top Producer in 2008”. Notice also that I have my job title in bold and in a larger font. Peppermayo Student Discount? I do that so that it is vs stevenson, easier for the reader to visually scan. Discount? Notice also that the company name is in vs stevenson italics. Polonius In William Hamlet? That helps set the different facts apart. I have each fact separated by donaghue vs stevenson, more than a couple of spaces so that each stands out. Now a bit more about job titles. Sometime you might have an a series of unfortunate events theories, “official” job title that is so vague, or even wrong based on donaghue vs stevenson, what you do.

For example, I had three lateral job changes at an aerospace company that did not change my payroll classification, so my managers never bothered to when america updated my “requisition” to reflect the changes in my job title. So if you were to donaghue vs stevenson call the HR department and ask what my job title was, they would use the title I was hired at, not the one from the last job I held! So on my resume, you can bet I use the title from the last job I was assigned to, not my “official” job title. A Series Of Unfortunate Events? The moral of the story is that if your “real” job title is too vague, or even deceptive, do not be afraid to donaghue put a more accurate, clear job title on the resume . Polonius? Example: if you had an internship in a finance department, and your “official” title was “Intern”, do not be afraid to use “Intern-Finance Department”. I try to avoid this section if possible. Donaghue Vs Stevenson? It’s much better to talk about the america tools and skills you know in your accomplishments statements. Donaghue Vs Stevenson? But if you learned how to do something in class, but haven’t used it on the job, and war the job you are applying for wants candidates who have this skill, you need to use this section. But be careful.

Here are some recommendations: Do not list skills and knowledge that almost everyone has. Donaghue? The most common offender here is that you know Microsoft Office. As a recent college graduate, we assume you learned the basic programs. Stating it here does not differentiate you. Avoid huge long lists using every acronym you can think of ie:, C#, C++, PHP, etc. Climate? Remember you are targeting each resume for a particular job, so only list the things a potential employer cares about. Huge list casts doubt on which of those you really know. When I see a big list I seriously doubt that the author really has working knowledge of all those technologies and his/her credibility really starts to slip.

Be accurate in describing your knowledge. At Microsoft, if someone says he/she knows something, 9 times out of 10 we’ll make them prove it in an interview. If you say you know C++, you can bet you’ll be ask to write a bubble sort or something like that in C++ on a white board during an donaghue, interview. If its been 5 years since that Java class and ancient egypts you’ve not written a single line of code since then, don’t say you know Java. Remember, your resume is just supposed to get you invited for an interview, not get you a job offer. That is what the vs stevenson interview is audit, for.

Keep your resume simple and focused on a single job. Keep it to a single page. Catch-all, general-purpose resumes DO NOT WORK. You can send out hundreds of these and you will never get a single response (I know – I tried it when I was young and inexperienced). On the other hand, you can send out ten, customized, targeted resumes using the approach outlined here and may get three, five, or even eight responses. This technique works if you have actually have sometime to offer an employer.

Your resume is a personal statement of who you are from a particular point of view. You’ll get all kinds of advice about how to do your resume, but you don’t have to donaghue vs stevenson do exactly as everyone tells you. If you feel like you know better, then go with your gut feeling. Peppermayo Discount? Lastly, check out the additional (and more detailed) examples and guidance at the links at the top. Donaghue Vs Stevenson? There really is some good information there that I’ve gleaned from years of coaching students and others to get high-tech jobs in a competitive job market. Student Discount? And finally, PROOF READ everything many, many times, and have others look at vs stevenson your resume as well. (career center people are invaluable for this). Audit Gap? Good luck and good job hunting! [Note: an earlier version of this post mysterious lost most of its content, hence this repost] I dont think the one page resume works in donaghue the IT industry if you are experience.

I tried that once after reading an article like this and was summarily eviscerated by a recruiter for ruining my resume. The few times Ive been on the market, my three page resume (4 with references) easily landed me interviews. Of course, I put the vital information on the front page in in William Shakespeare’s, a summary section. Working with a recruiter is a different situation. The recruiter wanted every fact he could get his hands on. Donaghue? He was then going to be the hiring companys filter. A Series Of Unfortunate Events? He would look at donaghue a job, and then market those parts of your resume that was a good fit. Had you attempted to get an interview with those companies yourself with your long resume, there is a chance they would have quit reading it before they got to the parts they cared about.

It is certain that the a series of unfortunate events parts they cared about could have fit on a single page, and that is the donaghue goal. The trick of course is trying to guess from the climate job listing what a company will consider to be your relevant experience. My son-in-law recently completed a job search, and I helped with his resume. His recruiter commented that my son-in-laws [one page] resume was the first he had ever seen that he didnt feel like it needed fixing. Vs Stevenson? So while I think there are situation where the use of a longer resume is student discount, justified (like college professor jobs), I still believe that an individual applying for jobs is well served by a customized, targeted single-page resume. I am a graduate in the Manufacture Engineering field from two colleges and the same degree. One is a 2yr and the other is a 4yr. The problem I am having is that there is never an opening for Entry Level Positions.

All the vs stevenson jobs that are available and have gotten in in William Shakespeare’s, Hamlet Essay the past are ones that are looking for a candidate with 5-10 years of donaghue experience. Since I really only have 2 years, my resume is about 3-4 pages long in hopes that I can sell myself for the 8 years I do not have. Plus about 95% of the student time I get calls for possible jobs through recruiters. (Since this is how Industrial jobs are filled) Other jobs that I have on donaghue, my resume are car mechanic places that show I am mechanical incline and can be more than an office employee. Ancient? Every person that has read my resume does not believe that I should eliminate any mechanical experiences that I have. What should I do in this case, and donaghue vs stevenson should both colleges remain on when america was discovered, the resume?? Do you have any full resume examples? I was also wondering if you had any resume templates available for donaghue vs stevenson, entry-level jobs.

I am trying to get either an internship of entry-level part-time job in the marketing field. One of the things you havent addressed with experienced workers is when america was discovered, how to handle contract work (which Microsoft apparently believes in for project work.) I know you dont handle experienced workers so I am probably barking up the wrong tree. In any event, the way I see it, as a contractor I work for myself and subcontract my services. Initially I would list every project I worked on (that sometimes last a week), but realized that this isnt the donaghue vs stevenson way you do it if you work as a full-time consultant. So, now I just list the gap highlights of these projects under my consulting job. Of course recruiters get mad since they want to see every one listed out. I now looked at your video and donaghue vs stevenson its all clear. I still plan to keep to 1 page. Hi Randy. this blog is egypts, pretty impressive, liked it!

I have a question to donaghue vs stevenson you. I'm willing to apply for a microsoft full time position in audit expectations their software development and i'm confused whether to donaghue submit a one page resume or a multi page one after reading your blog. Can you give me your suggestions? If applying for a Microsoft marketing internship would it be better to use their CV or would it be more appealing to upload a multimedia resume such as a power point presentation or create a website marketing myself? To be honest, our recruiters only Polonius in William Shakespeare’s, Hamlet Essay have so much time to give to any one resume (like 20 seconds), and donaghue one of the student tests of fitness is vs stevenson, if a candidate can highlight their strengths concisely on a single page. I have seen some great resumes that struggled to fill half a page because every word was gold. In my opinion, a PowerPoint presentation or web page misses the point. One of my favorite examples is that you don't catch a fish by detente, throwing your entire tackle box in the river, you catch a fish by knowing what one fly or lure to use out of donaghue vs stevenson all the stuff in your tackle box. Audit Expectations? Highlight the stuff you have done demonstrates your passion for software development by what you did outside of class or work assignments.

Highlight your leadership (active or passive). Highlight the vs stevenson differentiators that relate to the job you area applying for. Student Discount? Put the donaghue vs stevenson things that Microsoft will care the most about early in detente cold war your resume rather than later. Use as few a words as possible. Don't make long lists of computer programs you have used a few times hoping that the donaghue vs stevenson key word search will select you. We're smarter than that. Highlight awards and recognition you have received.

One of the hottest differentiators right now are apps. We'll talk to in William Shakespeare’s, Essay anyone that has published apps in the Windows Store or Windows Phone Marketplace, or iOS or Android stores, particularly if you've had a bunch of downloads or made some real money from vs stevenson, them. That kind of third-party evidence is audit expectations, very compelling to Microsoft recruiters. I would like to know what you feel the vs stevenson best way to put open source contributions on your resume is. I can't decide whether I should write it in detail similar to a job, or as a bullet point in student a personal projects section. @Karan, Great question. You are definitely thinking about donaghue vs stevenson, this in the right way. My feeling is that you can go either way, depending on the scope of the contribution.

Job History for a big contribution, personal project for audit expectations gap, a smaller contribution. Using the job history approach, I would use the donaghue title Contributer or something similar, and the company as the open source application and Essay the date from the first contribution to the most recent. Then the bullets would be either feature names and donaghue number of lines of code, or if it is a major feature, then the bullets would detail your contribution ie: lines of code, rating or other quality measure, number of users of the feature, etc. Hello mam. I went through your article.

I am presently pursuing my B.Tech in Computer Science And Engineering . What do I need to do to get a Job at Microsoft?It will be a pleasure to have a live chat with you mam/ @Subham Soni: Start at and Polonius Shakespeare’s, Hamlet then select the Student or Recent Grad link. Then read about the vs stevenson various jobs and america was discovered how to apply for them. Good luck! I like the donaghue vs stevenson one page idea and want to convert to america it. The problem is, I want to change industries (out of donaghue vs stevenson mortgages into Polonius Hamlet tech, data, SAS sales) but I have had 9 different positions in the last 13 years, due to company closures, career advancement into management, and banking legislative changes. I know it is vs stevenson, critical that I list how my skill-set and gap accomplishments will translate to the new industry/position, but how do I handle not having the vs stevenson room to of unfortunate events theories list all of my positions without leaving gaps and raising suspicion that I am leaving something out? I'm not sure how to check back on donaghue, this post, so if you could be so kind to forward your response to me at, I would greatly appreciate it. Was Discovered? This article was very well written and you are clearly an donaghue vs stevenson, expert so I look forward to any suggestions or advice you can offer. @Joe Saylor This is a case where a cover letter may be necessary to peppermayo assure the vs stevenson hiring organization that you are not a job-hopper by explaining the expectations gap reasons.

The goal for you is to show thoughtful career trajectory where each step reflects personal growth. Donaghue Vs Stevenson? What I would experiment is to think of yourself (for purposes of approaching your resume design) as a consultant with multiple clients over certain period of ancient egypts time. So you cluster by role since I would expect you did more or less the donaghue vs stevenson same thing for a couple of different companies. I might even omit the company name in the first line, and in William Shakespeare’s, Essay mention multiple companies in the description section. Again, I've never done a resume in exactly this way, but hopefully my sort of thinking out loud will show you how to approach this. It might be simpler to just go with two pages and to limit your earlier jobs to one or two lines. Vs Stevenson? A two-page resume isn't all that bad. It is definitely better than doing something overly weird or awkward.

When we are applying for interships of companies like microsoft or google,being a second year student of IT what should our resume should contain? Hello, Thank you for taking the ancient egypts climate time to write this article, it has been a great help to me as I'm restructuring my resume. When where should I add references? Randy, I have a bunch of vs stevenson personal projects which I work on and off, all close to my heart, and I work on ancient egypts climate, them because I really really love programming. Donaghue? That of course means some of them are not finished, but they are there. Should I then include the github links to them? Randy, should I include personal projects not academic on resume too? Impressive and detente cold war useful post! Should resume include a scanned picture of the writer? and Should the writer include the projects for which he's not having a certificate and are self made (made only in a hobby practice)? Thank you for donaghue, your reply. @Umar: My advice about personal projects is to start a business, even if not formally or officially, but list your personal projects as an employee of your own company.

Avoid a pretentious title like CEO or President and use something like Founder and peppermayo discount Lead Developer. @ChristNolan: I wouldn't include a picture unless you are applying for a position as a model or acting talent; in that case your agency can advise. As I advised @Umar above, assume you work for your own company, and list a non-pretentious title and showcase projects (not all of them) as appropriate for the position you are applying for. Make sure though that you quantify your accomplishments ie: lines of donaghue code, special features, downloads and ratings (if an app), etc. @Sean: don't add references unless you are specifically asked, and most companies are moving away from them due to discount privacy laws and donaghue vs stevenson the fact that you aren't going to provide references unless they are good anyway. I just re-read this post now six year later, and I agree with almost all of it except that now I think a longer resume is more acceptable ie: if you need two pages go ahead and spill over onto another page but do try to keep it as short as possible and audit expectations don't use the extra page as an excuse to put every fact about donaghue, yourself that you can possibly think of. War? Only go onto vs stevenson a second page if you have gold to put on detente, it. And get an outside opinion to confirm what you think is gold really is. How do I get a Microsoft Word 2013 Resume Builder or Template. Hi Randy, Thank you for your advices, A friend recommended a video you had, but it is no available.

Do you know where can I find the video? I really appreciate your thought process and having it explained properly, thank you! The best and most eye catching resumes let you stand out from the crowd. Likewise, I'd love to see those videos that aren't presently working! I'm presently in the process of applying for a job for donaghue, Microsoft and america was discovered I'm quite fresh from school.

This article more than any other so far has been useful, and I'm quite eager to see those links. Thanks for donaghue, your time! I really found the detail with which you have explained resume making very useful. I am currently a junior without any work experience and looking to apply for a good summer internship where I get a good learning scope in the fields of Programming and when america was discovered algorithms. As a person with no prior industry experience what do you think my resume should mostly focus on? @Joe Saylor: I think when you have a complicated situation, you either group your experience and list companies and time frames, or list the donaghue vs stevenson companies and just go with a longer resume. The secret here is to handle the explanation in a cover letter. If you are submitting online, and ancient climate they don't have a place for a cover letter, then just make the donaghue first page of your resume your cover letter and then follow with your resume below. BTW, the resume workshop video links are fixed.

The video hoster I used went out of business so I had to migrate. Cheers, and good luck! Randy. @Ismael, @Ryno, @Sneha: Thanks for the heads up! I moved the videos to another hosting site and updated the links. Polonius In William? You should be good to go! Randy.

I also have a new blog post on how to add student projects to your resume: Cheers! Randy. Randy, should we include any academic publications (conference papers for example) in the resume? Yes, if the publications directly relate to the job you are applying to. Publications should absolutely be included in vs stevenson a curriculum vitae (a special kind of resume for professors and researchers), or for any job where publication will be part of the job.

If you are applying for a job in industry where your skills are what they are looking for, I would leave out the publications. Events Theories? Randy.

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5paragraph essay Have you ever made an awesome chocolate cake without looking at a recipe first? Unless you are an extremely talented baker, most likely the answer is no. Just one cup of donaghue, flour too many and your chocolate dessert will be a chocolate mess! The same goes for Polonius Essay writing a 5-paragraph essay. Vs Stevenson! If you are an extremely talented writer, you may be able to intuitively create a compelling essay with all the components needed to be both persuasive and easy to swallowor follow. However, if writing doesnt come easily to you, you can benefit from creating a 5-paragraph essay outline before jumping into your writing assignment. I always make an detente outline first, no matter what writing project Im working on. Donaghue! There are endless, different ways to write a compelling essay. But, if your teacher is demanding that you sum up your argument in five succinct paragraphs, follow this easy tutorial on how to create a 5-paragraph essay outline. Structure of the detente cold 5-Paragraph Essay Outline. The 5-paragraph essay is made ofyou guessed itfive paragraphs. Each paragraph serves a specific purpose: Paragraph 1: Amazing introduction (hook) and the all-important thesis statement Paragraph 2: Argument A and vs stevenson, supporting facts or quotes Paragraph 3: Argument B and supporting facts or quotes Paragraph 4: Argument C and supporting facts or quotes Paragraph 5: Conclusion, made up of your restated thesis and the broader significance of your argument.

Heres how this outline would look if you sketched it out: A Note on Formatting Your 5-Paragraph Essay Outline. Now, Im not saying that you must put your outline into a diagram like the one aboveusing a simple pen and ancient, paper or word processor will suffice. If you like technology though, there are several digital outlining tools that can help you outsome of them more sophisticated and user-friendly than others. Vs Stevenson! Its not really about events making a perfect 5-paragraph essay outline, rather, its about developing an donaghue vs stevenson outline that makes the most sense to you. An outline ensures that you have the necessary components to student discount, write an awesome essay. Without further delay, lets jump into donaghue vs stevenson, more detail about each of the a series of unfortunate theories outline components. First we need a topic. Donaghue Vs Stevenson! Typically, your instructor will give you a subject to write about, or at least parameters for a topic. Always follow your teachers specific instructions when embarking on your 5-paragraph essay journey. After all, you dont want the wrath of Polonius in William Shakespeare’s,, your instructor to come down upon you for completely ignoring instructions.

For our sample topic, were going to use the following prompt: What are the arguments for or against writing a 5-paragraph essay? Should teachers continue requesting this writing method from vs stevenson students? Step Two: Take a Stance on Your Topic. Gap! We need to take a stance for or against teachers asking students to write 5-paragraph essays, so we can argue for or against donaghue vs stevenson, it in our thesis statement. Ancient Climate! Dont make the vs stevenson mistake of not taking a stance without taking a position, your essay (five paragraphs or twenty) will have no direction at Polonius Shakespeare’s, Hamlet Essay, all. When deciding on your position, you have to donaghue vs stevenson, choose one that can be backed with valid and a series of unfortunate events, supportable arguments, either from donaghue vs stevenson your research or from the course materials provided in when was discovered your class. For our sample essay outline, Im going to take a stance against donaghue, the 5-paragraph essay . Step Three: Write a Clear Thesis Statement. Based on my chosen stance against 5-paragraph essays, my thesis statement will be Teachers should stop teaching students to audit expectations gap, write 5-paragraph essays. Notice the word should in the thesis statement? More power can be added to your position by donaghue creating a statement about what should or shouldnt be done.

This is a much stronger and more defensible stance than if I simply wrote 5-paragraph essays are boring, or something similar. Step Four: Develop Three Arguments to Underscore Your Thesis. Now you need to peppermayo student discount, come up with three arguments that will back your thesis statement. Here are mine: The 5-paragraph essay is too basic. Donaghue Vs Stevenson! There are myriad other ways to write essays, many of which are more thought-provoking and creative than the 5-paragraph essay.

The 5-paragraph essay does not allow for analytical thinking, rather, it confines students to following a restrictive formula. Step Five: Develop Three Supports for Each of Your Arguments. Your evidence, or supports, should include facts, quotes, and data that substantiate your thesis. This is a great place to include quotes directly from your research sources. For example, to support argument A (The 5-paragraph essay is too basic), I might offer the following evidence: Support 1A : Chicago teacher Ray Salazar says, The five-paragraph essay is rudimentary, unengaging, and useless. Support 2A: Elizabeth Guzik of California State University, Long Beach says, The five paragraph essay encourages students to peppermayo student discount, engage only on the surface level without attaining the level of cogency demanded by donaghue college writing. Similarly, in regards to argument C (The 5-paragraph essay does not allow for when america was discovered analytical thinking, rather, it confines students to following a restrictive formula), I might support it with this quote: Support 1C: According to donaghue vs stevenson, an article in Education Week , There is a consensus among college writing professors that students are coming [to college] prepared to do five-paragraph themes and arguments but [are] radically unprepared in thinking analytically. Remember, for the 5-paragraph essay structure, you typically need to come up with three supports for each of your three arguments. In our example, I only show three of the total nine supports needed to round out the argument. Once you have your thesis and arguments sorted, you can work on developing your introduction. (*Hint* its an exercise in futility to develop your introduction first, because you wont really know what youre introducing yet.) For example, my hook could be, English teachers across the events theories nation have been teaching students to vs stevenson, become ineffective writers. This hook makes a bold statement that will encourage readers to continue on to find out in William, why I would say such a thing especially if the reader is your English teacher. Step Seven: Develop Your Conclusion. After you have your paper outlined, figuring out a concluding paragraph should be a breeze. In a traditional 5-paragraph essay, the donaghue vs stevenson first step in writing your conclusion is to restate your thesis using different words.

For example, I might write, The 5-paragraph essay is an outdated and useless writing tool that should be phased out of the classroom. To close out the paper, I would open a discussion on audit the broader significance of this argument. For example, I might write, Teachers should teach other methods of donaghue vs stevenson, essay writing that help students stay organized and also allow them to was discovered, think analytically. Now that youve established all the components of your 5-paragraph essay outline, youll need to vs stevenson, actually sit down, avoid social media for a while (I know, its hard), and egypts, write your 5-paragraph essay. Believe me, it will be much easier to do now that your thoughts are organized and you have somewhere to donaghue vs stevenson, start. Ask any writer. There is nothing more frightening than the pure white of an empty page. An outline is a great remedy for this. Oh, and a couple more things: As you start writing, youll want to be sure to when america was discovered, connect all the pieces of your essay together with strong transition sentences.

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About the Author. Naomi Tepper is donaghue vs stevenson, a former Kibin editor, the former content manager for the Kibin blog, and cold, forever a word nerd. Excellent post. Love the donaghue paradoxical example. I#8217;ll try this with my blog posts. Detente Cold War! We#8217;re not huge fans of the 5-paragraph essay, but we realize it#8217;s still a widely taught and utilized writing method. Donaghue Vs Stevenson! The paradoxical example was the perfect way for us to express our own view while still writing a valuable and useful article. I#8217;m glad you appreciate it #128521; I liked it so much I created a Mind map for it at in William Shakespeare’s, Essay, Xmind. Hope that#8217;s okay. Very cool! Thanks for doing and sharing this, @sganpat:disqus. this is completely helpful. Awesome!

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essay teacher year (A. What would you do to strengthen and improve the teaching profession?) The best thing that I can do to improve the teaching profession is to vs stevenson encourage good people to become teachers. My niece, my adopted niece, and the best piano student I have taught at my school all became teachers. I hope that my example was a factor. I see many excellent teachers moving to more lucrative jobs. I try to encourage teachers to stay.

Many teachers are discouraged and audit, bored. I hope that my enthusiasm and donaghue, joy at work will rub off on them a little bit. I see new teachers in america was discovered a state of shock. Vs Stevenson? I try to help them. I demonstrate a love of my work that perhaps is a factor in leading some of my best. students to follow in of unfortunate events theories my footsteps.

Everyone agrees that teaching is donaghue vs stevenson important work. Everyone wants their children to have excellent teachers. Yet providing a good salary for teachers somehow isn't seen as an obvious way of accomplishing this. Money attracts talent. Gap? Everyone wants to make a decent living. A friend who was an excellent teacher changed jobs and donaghue, doubled his salary in his first year as a policewoman.

I began in my position because the former teacher tripled her salary as a court reporter. Unfortunately I can't introduce legislation that would make the starting salary for. teachers a living wage. I can let people know that working as a teacher is rewarding in expectations gap ways that are beyond description. I can tell them that after thirty years of working in various schools, I still feel very happy as I drive to work in the morning. That's worth something! (B. Donaghue Vs Stevenson? What is and/or what should be the basis for accountability in the teaching profession?) My first professional work was with symphony orchestras. For twenty hours a week I was on a small stage playing with ninety expert musicians.

Almost all of them were older and more experienced than I was. If my playing was not exactly correct it would be noticed by my section, perhaps the whole orchestra, and discount, of course by the conductor. As musicians we were accountable to each other. We all had to do our best because we worked together to produce one result. All too often teachers work alone. It's just the instructor and the students month after month. It doesn't need to be that way. I share beginning students with another teacher. We discuss the students, visit each other's classes and decide how to vs stevenson divide teaching the basics. I helped the choir teacher set up his first schedule, share music with him, and of unfortunate events theories, help send the choir into the community with shared concerts.

When I first moved to vs stevenson my current job in the piano lab, his former position, he had useful advice for me. The band director, a gifted educator, often gives me helpful ideas. I play with her group, help the players with their parts, and provide solo, ensemble, and audit expectations gap, recital opportunities for them. We, in the music department, are accountable to each other more than to any administrator. Another factor in the music department is our public performances. Donaghue? The training of our students is on display during recitals and concerts. Perhaps academic achievement could be made more visible. I observed the head of our science department ask a veteran teacher to help a new member of their department. This kind of sharing strengthens a school.

We are all on the same team. The more we share and Shakespeare’s,, work together the donaghue, better we will teach and the. less isolated we will feel. I learned the most at Juilliard from other students. I learned about teaching from other teachers. Peppermayo Discount? Interaction with each other is our ultimate accountability. Philosophy of Teaching.

•A. Vs Stevenson? Describe your personal feelings and beliefs about teaching, including your own ideas of what makes you an outstanding teacher. Describe the of unfortunate events, rewards you find in donaghue teaching. A TEACHER SHOULD: •1) SHOW UP ON TIME AND WORK HARD. •2) CARE ABOUT ALL THE STUDENTS. •3) LOVE THE SUBJECT AND STUDY IT CONSTANTLY. •4) BE STRICT, FAIR AND DEMANDING. •5) HELP THOSE WHO NEED HELP, CHALLENGE THE MOST TALENTED. •1) I was once asked what I do to events be a role model.

My answer was simple: I do my job. Donaghue Vs Stevenson? By being professional I am setting an example that says more than any speech. •2) As a university instructor I was a music TEACHER. Students wanting certain skills came to me for climate information, which I tried to impart. Certain students needed encouragement, some needed a professional example, but for the most part they simply needed me to vs stevenson teach them the skills I had already acquired. Polonius Hamlet Essay? I recently learned that one of my horn students at the University of Toronto is now first horn with the donaghue, Toronto Ballet Orchestra.

When I met him he was an america was discovered unenthusiastic, mediocre horn player. I made him work hard, encouraged him, and featured him in concerts. I know that my three years of ardent instruction set him on donaghue, a course to become a professional player. Hearing of his success, I was happy and student, proud. However, he came to vs stevenson me as a mature college student. I was simply his teacher. When I began teaching at when america, a public school I became immediately aware that I had a vastly expanded job description. I was still a musician teaching skills, but now I was an EDUCATOR. These students needed more than instruction.

Many of the students have almost no contact with their fathers. Some have truly serious problems to deal with at home. Many don't know how to behave, but want to vs stevenson learn. Having a personal interest in the students became as important as instructing them. Student Discount? I immediately loved my new role. •3) I am a musician, I have studied music my entire life.

I practice my instruments daily and donaghue, play when I teach, I listen to music constantly and most of my reading concerns music. I love to rehearse, organize concerts, perform, and most of all teach music to children. A little bit of enthusiasm goes a very long way in education. Audit Expectations Gap? I have a lot. •4) Do this consistently! •5) Serving the special needs of students, both personal and academic is a critical function of a teacher. A girl living in vs stevenson woman's shelter wasn't being fed so I took her a big plate of Polonius in William Shakespeare’s, Essay food every day.

A young man needed drug counseling. A friendly appearance at a young woman's house led to less abuse. A special education student with musical gifts is donaghue vs stevenson included in america the A.P. Vs Stevenson? Music Theory class, thanks to extensive extra coaching. I'm not just a horn teacher anymore. The college music majors home for the summer wanted to play, so I organized a recital and they played for their proud parents. A young trumpet player had bad practice habits so I played through etudes with him.

I provided potential music majors with metronomes. A recording had to audit gap be made for college admission. That's also my job. At the end of this application is a picture of me sitting next to a student playing a keyboard. This girl started playing nine months before in my class, and now she is performing a four-page version of the Pachelbel Canon beautifully.

The reward I find in teaching is shown by my facial expression. A picture is worth a thousand words. B. How are your beliefs about teaching demonstrated in your personal teaching style? Classes always begin exactly on time. It's 98% business, 2% fun. Basics are emphasized.

Students must learn to read music well. Theory must be mastered. A major recital involving all students is always set at the very end of the term, so we drive to vs stevenson the end. When America? Students learn, through experience, that the biggest rush in the world is achievement. Donaghue? We never discuss this, but I see it on their faces when they do something excellent.

A. What were the factors that influenced you to become a teacher? Describe what you consider to be your greatest contributions and accomplishments in education. I was fortunate to be in a position to receive the best music education that America has to offer. Detente Cold? I encountered many great teachers who made me what I am. I will be forever grateful to them and would like to mention something about a few of them: Clark Eastham, a composer and instructor at Wayne University in Detroit, was my primary mentor as well as a father figure.

He taught me piano, composition and theory from the age of 10-18. Because of his training I was able to place out of donaghue first year Theory and Polonius Shakespeare’s,, Ear Training classes at vs stevenson, Juilliard without taking an A.P. class. He demonstrated a love of was discovered music and a dedication to teaching that serve as my model. He continued teaching and composing until the age of 88. Joseph Dale Parker, my 7th grade band director, introduced me to donaghue vs stevenson the French horn and ensemble playing.

He directed an extraordinary high school band program, and only taught at the junior high for one year. His class gave me a love of playing horn in in William a group, something I did constantly for the next fifteen years. (It upset me to read that New York City eliminated all junior high music classes. Seventh grade band was one of the most important experiences of my life. A picture of donaghue vs stevenson that group with Mr. When America? Parker still hangs in vs stevenson my studio.) Yenofk Kavafian was my high school orchestra conductor. Peppermayo Student? He was an Armenian from Turkey, where he was a member of a string quartet. Donaghue? As an American immigrant he became a music educator.

He showed me that an peppermayo excellent musician belongs in a public school. Madame Rene Longy had already taught solfege (ear training) in America for 53 years when I enrolled in her class. Donaghue? She was a legendary teacher who was an Polonius Shakespeare’s, Hamlet Essay important influence on Leonard Bernstein, Aaron Copland and three generations of America's musicians. She (more or less) forced me to take her advanced classes (Ear Training III and IV for donaghue conductors and composers) that pushed my skills to the limit. Of Unfortunate Events? She continued teaching until the day she died. Rainer DeIntinnis was a member of the New York Philharmonic for 43 years and my horn teacher at Juilliard. His purity of character had an donaghue important influence on me as a teenager living alone in a series of unfortunate events theories New York City. A member of my brass class at Charlotte Amalie High School went on to study at Mannes Conservatory, where Mr. DeIntinnis was his brass ensemble teacher.

It was a special moment to see my teacher, then 80 years old, teaching one of my students from the vs stevenson, Virgin Islands. I recently wrote to events theories Mr. DeIntinnis thanking him for showing me what a teacher should and could be. These wonderful teachers, among others, are the reason that I am a teacher. I can only strive to offer my students what they have given me. Some moments of accomplishment: -A performance of donaghue vs stevenson Scott Joplin's Treemonisha at UVI for Black History Month with chorus, soloists, and narrator surprised the college audience with its quality. -In my second year there was an exciting evening with Vivaldi's Gloria and Magnificat, performed complete and by memory; excited students were performing for egypts climate a thrilled audience. -A brass quartet (myself and three students) entered the donaghue vs stevenson, Career Center to play for the Rotarians who purchased the computers there.

The Rotarians looked uneasy, expecting something sour. Of Unfortunate Events Theories? The three young men, all destined to donaghue vs stevenson become conservatory-trained professionals, had been practicing every morning before school for a year. As we played a Gabrielli Canzona in tune, together, meter changes exact, I saw all the jaws in the room drop in unison. My personal accomplishment as an educator was making the adjustment from theories, being a performer in major metropolitan areas, playing with other professional musicians, to working in a small, insular environment. Offering high quality music instruction and performance opportunities to students who otherwise wouldn't have this experience is my greatest contribution and accomplishment in education. Educational History and Professional Development Activities:

Beginning with most recent, list colleges and universities attended including. Postgraduate studies. Indicate degrees earned and dates of attendance. POSTGRADUATE STUDIES - 26 CREDITS. 2006 - National Endowment for vs stevenson the Humanities Institute: Bach in of unfortunate events the. Modern World, Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA. 2004 - N.E.H. Institute: Mozart's German Operas in Context, Vienna, Austria. 1983-2005 - courses at Westminster Choir College, Princeton, NJ: Vocal Pedagogy for Conductors and Accompanists, Robert Shaw Workshop (choral conducting), Teaching High School Choral Music, Music Technology I and II, Advanced Choral Conducting, Piano Teacher's Seminar, A.P.

Music Theory Teaching Strategies. l965-l971 - Juilliard School, NY - B.M. and M.S. degrees; scholarship student. Beginning with most recent, list teaching employment history. indicating time period, grade level and subject area. 1981-present - Charlotte Amalie High School, St. Donaghue Vs Stevenson? Thomas, VI - Choral music program: Concert Choir, Women's Choir, Vocal Ensemble, Chamber Choir, the groups presented many major choral works and works by local composers in concert; grades 9-12; Currently teaching piano classes and A.P. Music Theory; additionally presenting students in solo and gap, ensemble recitals (5 last year); grades 9-12.

1980-1981 - College of the Virgin Islands - Instructor of piano and music theory. 1971-1974 - Faculty of donaghue vs stevenson Music, University of Toronto: Instructor of horn and ensembles to ancient egypts climate college music majors. C. Beginning with most recent, list professional association memberships. -International Bach Society. -American Federation of Teachers. -Musician's Union - local 802 (N.Y. Donaghue Vs Stevenson? N.Y.) -International Horn Society. (D. List staff development leadership activity) 3. -I am frequently called upon to assist in teacher training for music education students from the University of the Virgin Islands.

-Other music educators (often former students) consult with me concerning teaching materials, repertoire, accompaniment needs, etc. (E. Beginning with most recent, list awards and other recognition of war your teaching.) Although I am no stranger to plaques and laudatory speeches. the greatest recognition I have received is from students and parents: -Kenneth Mills, a Virgin Islander who studied at donaghue, Northwestern University, The University of Miami, Manhattan School of Music, and Rutgers University said that he learned as much from me as he did from any of his teachers.

-A student whose only piano studies were 3 years in ancient my school classes told me that it. was possible for him to major in music because of my teaching. -A 9th grade boy on his way out of piano class stopped to shake my hand and thank me for teaching him to play the piano. -Parents often greet me on the street, thanking me for helping their children. -Kmisha-Victoria Counts related that after missing 6 weeks at Berkeley College of Music to compete in donaghue the Miss World competition, her Ear Training instructor told her not to take the final exam because she had all the a series theories, skills from my A.P. Music Theory class. -A former high school choir member said that whenever she listened to the recording of our performance of the Vivaldi Gloria she got goose bumps. -The father of a horn student in Toronto, himself an educator, told me that although his daughter wasn't much of a horn player she benefited greatly from knowing me as a teacher. He said he thought I was a great teacher and donaghue, I should consider that in my future plans. (I did!) -Following a recital by students I see the pride beaming in the parents' eyes. These moments are my awards, my rewards, and my recognitions. •A.

Describe your commitment to your community through service-oriented activities such as volunteer work, civic responsibilities, and other group activities. Shortly after arriving in in William Hamlet Essay St. John I was asked to teach student brass players at the Multi-Purpose center. I had a ball. Some of the students went on to play in local bands. The Moravian minister asked me to conduct a combined church choir singing a Moravian oratorio. It was my first time conducting a choir, and I haven't stopped since. A group of donaghue singers in St. John were tired of commuting to St. Detente? Thomas for choir rehearsals, so they asked me to form a group on St.

John. Vs Stevenson? This Christmas the expectations, St. John Singers will present their 25th annual Holiday Concert. We have performed in donaghue vs stevenson neighboring islands, at churches in St. John and St. Thomas, for senior citizen homes, and at special community functions.

A New Horizons school was formed on St. Thomas for student students with academic and personal problems. One year I got permission to spend the donaghue, end of my school day there teaching a beginning piano class. As some of those students were mainstreamed to C.A.H.S. they joined my classes there. A talented calypsonian-composer had written beautiful Christmas songs. We sat several hours with each piece forming smooth four-part arrangements that agreed with his ear. These arrangements, first performed by my high school choir, have since been sung by a series of unfortunate events many local choirs. A well-trained local musician, Bill LaMotta wrote some classical-style piano pieces that I thought were worth doing, so I learned several of them. When I went to his home and played for vs stevenson him he was very excited because he hadn't been able to expectations get anyone to play them. He hoped to sponsor a recording, but he passed before we could do it. I did perform his music on a program in his memory.

Years later a student played one of vs stevenson his pieces at a competition in discount St. Croix where he is from. People were glad to hear music by vs stevenson a native son; she won! Education Issues and Trends. •A. Polonius Hamlet Essay? (What do you consider to be the donaghue, major public education issues today? Address one in depth, outlining possible causes, effects, and resolutions.) I choose to discus only one issue. Expectations Gap? I'll begin on a personal note.

When I think back on the sacrifices I have made as a teacher I have to laugh. I remember giving the donaghue, safari bus driver one hundred pennies to get to school because I had NO money. For a while I stopped wearing clothes that required dry cleaning, too expensive. Student Discount? One summer I worked and couldn't afford to visit my family, thus missing knowing my niece as a baby. I once sold my only piano to donaghue vs stevenson pay for insurance on the cheapest car on the market. I laugh at these experiences because I loved what I was doing and was happy with my life. There are, unfortunately, few people who would chose to gap have such a lifestyle after earning two college degrees and working overtime on a daily basis. I once compared salaries with a teacher from the wealthiest suburb in vs stevenson Chicago.

Both of us had a graduate degree, an equal number of ancient climate post-graduate credits, and the same number of vs stevenson years of experience. His salary was double mine, and he was about to get a 20% increase. Audit Gap? His students have libraries and computers at donaghue, home and get expensive tutoring as needed. They go to summer camps and have private lessons of all kinds. Their parents are educated and they make sure that their children do well academically. They are taught by teachers who compete with over a hundred applicants to get their positions, teachers who stay after school every day because they don't need a second job. The students who could succeed without good schools go to the best schools. The students who desperately need the maximum assistance that a school can offer go to the poorest schools. America now has what amounts to school segregation, educational apartheid. The inner city schools are at egypts climate, least 95% Black and Hispanic. They are under funded and vs stevenson, totally inadequate for events theories the great task with which they are challenged.

I am from Detroit, which offers a perfect example of vs stevenson this. The people with money and most businesses have moved to the surrounding suburbs. The city has little tax base, so city services, including schools, don't have adequate budgets. School dropouts become criminals, crime increases, more businesses move out, the city becomes poorer, and the schools deteriorate further. Then more students drop out. One wonders what will happen to this uneducated generation of students. The older generation had access to factory jobs, but these are disappearing as auto manufacturing moves elsewhere. A top-notch education offered to students in cities might at least begin to beak this cycle for Polonius Essay some of the students. Some of the donaghue vs stevenson, millions of dollars directed to Polonius in William Shakespeare’s, Hamlet problems in donaghue other countries and the billions spent on wasteful military expenditures needs be used for expectations gap education here at home. Excellent educational programs from pre-school through grade 12 would have at least some impact. Somehow, private or public funding must be channeled to donaghue vs stevenson inner-city schools to make them excellent.

Perhaps the model of Metro-Toronto offers a possible solution. From downtown on the lake to the outlying suburbs is one city structure offering the same public services. There has never been more wealth and expectations, power concentrated in vs stevenson one nation than there is in the United States right now, and yet, tens of millions of children do not attend adequate schools. War? A situation like this does not exist on such a scale in any other western country. A comparison of our inner city schools, especially grades 7-12, to vs stevenson those in any modern country, and even with less wealthy nations, should be cause for peppermayo student discount national shame.

But, this is donaghue vs stevenson not a problem that directly affects the people in power. The group most affected is expectations African-Americans. They are concentrated in inner cities and 50% are born into poverty. One-third of African-American males are in trouble. Our melting pot immigrant nation has left these people out, and the result is our biggest national social problem.

There are attitudes, both black and white, perpetuating this situation and there is vs stevenson no simple solution. Equally excellent schools for all Americans would be a start. I work at a school that in some ways resembles a U.S. inner-city school. Every day it is when america clear to me that these students deserve excellent teachers. Given a decent opportunity they can do excellent work.

They want to do well. National Teacher of the Year. If given the opportunity to be a spokesperson for the teaching profession, I would emphasize two themes. Using myself as an donaghue vs stevenson example, I would encourage highly trained professionals to enter the teaching profession at a series theories, any level, however modest. Donaghue Vs Stevenson? Although there are many excellent teachers, as demonstrated by when the applicants for this award, there is donaghue a shortage of high quality academics entering the profession.

As a baby-boomer, I was part of the a series of unfortunate theories, last generation to be educated by bright women who saw their professional options limited to teaching and nursing. Although there are still many talented women whose love of donaghue vs stevenson children lead them to a career in detente cold war elementary education (making our grade schools world class) there is a disturbing trend that some education majors to come from the bottom of academic class. I had planned to spend my life performing music for a living, and did so for many years. Fate, destiny, chance, or what I now see wonderful good luck led me to teach in donaghue a public school. The satisfaction I have had from this career change is huge. Working professionals are a great source of expertise and knowledge. Many find that their work, though requiring great skill, is repetitious and does not offer positive contact with others. Detente? If some of these professionals, especially those in math and science, could be encouraged to share their expertise with the younger generation in a school setting the impact on vs stevenson, the quality of American education would be considerable. The story of Mr. Escalante in detente war the movie Stand and Deliver is an excellent example of donaghue vs stevenson this. The second, and most important theme, would be addressing the peppermayo, needs of those students who now are not completing high school, sometimes even junior high.

I teach in a situation that somewhat mirrors the inner city school systems in the United States. Donaghue Vs Stevenson? Nearly half the students entering junior high do not graduate high school. With most untrained work being outsourced to other counties these students have little chance of finding decent work. The wealthiest society in history needs to a series of unfortunate theories provide an excellent education to all. Donaghue Vs Stevenson? The poorest students need the best schools.

The inner city and rural schools need excellent facilities, adequate counseling, bountiful extra-curricular activities, the latest technology, and most of all GREAT TEACHERS.