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any homework Copyright 2002 by in gladiator, Elizabeth Yeow. Included here with permission of the author. #9;Every fall excitement fills the air as students arrive at school with new backpacks and school supplies, eager to meet their new teacher. Always a new beginning, the start of school allows every student to Matlab Analysis have a fresh beginning and characters, make this year the best year ever. Marriot. Yet within weeks of the start of school, teachers begin to see a certain pattern emerging: the characters in gladiator same students repeatedly neglect to turn in homework. The teacher will then remind, reprimand, take away recess, and threaten to call home and talk to their mom and dad. Occasionally, this will work and the student will miraculously appear with homework in hand, most of the time there are just excuses. More often, the teacher becomes more frustrated and about, disheartened, the characters in gladiator student#146;s grades drop and he or she will feel like a failure. The repetition of this scenario caused me to really consider the value and effect of homework. Every year, and this year is no exception, I have at least one student, usually two, who never bring their completed homework back on time. I was puzzled by these students#146; attitudes towards homework.

I wanted to understand more about their perceptions of homework and to find out what kind of of powers, support they were receiving at characters home. Perhaps, these students do not understand the homework or maybe their parents are unable to help them. Maybe the instructions were unclear or the heathrow homework is too difficult for in gladiator them. Rafael Rodriguez Jeffrey. I wanted to understand more about their parents#146; views about school and characters in gladiator, homework. I also wanted to republic know more about other issues that may be going on in gladiator at home. What are some things that I could do to help them bring their homework back?

As I began this study, I had several assumptions. Rafael Rodriguez Jeffrey. I saw homework is an important part of their schoolwork and is a reinforcement of what is in gladiator learned at school. This extra practice is helpful to students and when students do not do their homework it affects how they do in school. Matlab. Also, lack of characters in gladiator, finished homework may be an indication of their attitude towards school or learning. I teach at Clara Barton Elementary School (pseudonym), a public elementary school in the suburbs of asian, a metropolitan area, about 15 miles outside of Washington, DC. At the beginning of this school year Clara Barton Elementary School switched from a traditional school calendar to a year round calendar. On the year round calendar school is in session for nine weeks and then there is a two or three week intersession break. During the intersession remediation and enrichment classes are offered to students. The cost of attending intersession is five dollars. The community around Clara Barton Elementary School is characters in gladiator comprised of single family homes, townhouses, and multifamily dwellings. The majority of the students that attend Clara Barton Elementary School live in the townhouse community directly behind the school.

The townhouse community accepts Section 8 housing certificates. Many of the townhouses house more than one family. There is a high transience rate at Clara Barton Elementary School of asian, about 40 percent. Characters In Gladiator. Seventy-five percent of the school is composed of ethnic- and language-minority students. More than 22 countries and many different languages are represented at Matlab Analysis Clara Barton Elementary School. Many of the students that attend Clara Barton Elementary School are from low-income families. Clara Barton Elementary School receives funding from Title I and many of the students receive free or reduced lunches. Characters In Gladiator. The school is organized primarily into self-contained classrooms.

The school does not have a formal homework policy, but in the staff handbook there is a recommended amount of time students should spend on homework based on grade level. Third grade students should have between 30-60 minutes of homework per evening. The school slogan is Clara Barton Reads and students are encouraged to read 20 minutes at home every night as part of their homework. This is my fourth year teaching and I have taught third grade at Clara Barton Elementary for all four years. I am an Asian female. The students in of powers my class are all in the third grade. The class is in gladiator composed of 18 students, 8 boys and difference, 10 girls. Sixteen out of the 18 are ESOL students. Eight of the characters in gladiator students speak Spanish at home, 5 speak Vietnamese, and 1 speaks another language.

Homework in my classroom is assigned Monday through Thursday evenings and usually includes spelling, reading, and math. When students arrive at difference of powers school in in gladiator the morning they take out heathrow, their homework and stack it on a table at the back of the room. While they are putting their backpacks, books, and jackets away I check in in gladiator their homework. Any student who does not bring in completed homework has to finish their homework during free activity time. Selecting a Focus Group. As I looked over my homework grade sheet I noticed that I had three students, all boys, who repeatedly did not bring in their homework. Two of the boys, Jose and Juan (pseudonyms), are Hispanic and one, Aaron (pseudonym), is African-American. Originally I decided to look at all three students, but then Juan moved mid-year. So, I had two students to focus on, but the more I collected data and reflected I realized that I really was focusing more on Jose. Due to time constraints and the inability to contact Aaron#146;s mother I decided to focus this study about Jose. Marriot. #9;Jose is a third grade, ESOL student. His primary language is Spanish; however he is very fluent in English.

Jose has helped translate a few words for me before. He is the oldest child in characters his family and has one younger sibling who is not old enough yet for school. He lives with his mother, father, grandmother, and younger sister. His father and mother both work full-time. His father often has to work night shifts and sometimes does not get to see Jose much because of his work schedule. Marriot. Jose has attended Clara Barton Elementary School since kindergarten and characters in gladiator, lives in the townhouse community behind the school. Matlab Analysis Essay. Jose loves to draw during his free moments and will frequently take out a notebook and draw action figures. Jose takes Tae Kwon Doe classes in the evenings and frequently talks about how he enjoys these classes. He is well-liked at school and has many friends, both boys and girls, in his class.

He is reading on grade level, but his writing and math are below grade level. Frequently Jose needs short extensions on in-class assignments. As I considered my puzzlement over students#146; attitudes towards homework I realized there may be many different things contributing to this puzzling situation. My own beliefs and in gladiator, values may be contributing to this puzzling situation. Perhaps my expectations for completed homework are too high or I am giving too much homework. My expectation that students should have and do homework may be influenced by my experience with homework as a child. Moved By Literature Essay. #9;In the last thirty years the controversy over the value of homework has come up again and again. Depending on the decade there are either demands for more homework or cries for less homework. Proponents for homework believe that it can help students retain more, improve study skills, and teach students that learning can take place anywhere. In addition, homework can promote independence and in gladiator, responsibility and it can help parents connect with what their children are learning in school. Opponents of homework believe that homework can hinder children from participating in central asian other beneficial activities, such as sports or scouts. In addition, parental involvement with homework can confuse students if their parents use techniques that are different than their teachers.

Homework can also accentuate the disparity between students from low-income homes and students from middle-class homes. Characters In Gladiator. Students from low-income homes may have more difficulty completing an assignment (Cooper, 2001). Marriot. It is also possible that there is a cultural mismatch between what is in gladiator emphasized at Moved By Literature Essay home and what is characters emphasized at school. My belief that homework is important and should be given Monday through Thursday nights is also emphasized by the administration at my school. Perhaps Jose#146;s parents do not value schoolwork and homework as much as it is emphasized in school. They may feel that homework is repetitious and unnecessary for their child.

Maybe they feel they can provide more authentic learning after school for Essay Rafael Rodriguez Jeffrey their children by providing them with cultural, athletic, or other experiences. Parents may feel that these other activities will benefit their child more and may therefore not stress homework. It is in gladiator also possible that parents may not value school and this feeling is conveyed to Moved examples students. Outside influences may also affect Jose. Perhaps he has seen older friends or relatives who do not do their homework. He may view these older ones as cool or maybe he has seen kids on characters in gladiator television or in movies that do not do their homework. Jeffrey. Another outside influence might be the economic situation of the family. The family may be struggling to in gladiator make ends meet and there may be difficulties at home that are a higher priority to students than homework. #9;These cultural influences are important for me to Rodriguez look at because they could change the way I administer homework or the amount of homework that I give.

After considering all of the in gladiator possible cultural influences, I decided to narrow them down to the two that I believe to be the Essay Jeffrey most significant. Characters. The two cultural influences that I thought might be the most applicable to my puzzlement are teacher beliefs (CIP 3.1) and a cultural mismatch between home and school (CIP 3.3.2). My beliefs as the teacher affect my giving of asian, homework, my expectation that it be done, and how much I actually assign to students. I believe that one of the strongest influences on young children is their family and their home. Since young children are still very much under the in gladiator direct charge of their parents, if they bring in Mao Zedong their homework or not is especially dependent on their parents. Characters In Gladiator. Their parents have control over Rafael Jeffrey, whether or not they are given time after school to complete homework. The school culture emphasizes an importance on homework and characters in gladiator, this may not coincide with parental beliefs or practices. This discord will ultimately affect how a child is perceived by his/her teacher and how successful he/she is Essay academically. In order to determine what cultural influences were contributing to my puzzlement I needed to gather information about my beliefs. Characters In Gladiator. I chose to look at asian republic these by journaling, a technique recommended in the Cultural Inquiry Process (Jacob, 1999). In my journaling I needed to consider why this situation was puzzling to in gladiator me and Essay, why I think this situation is in gladiator happening.

My beliefs, background, and Essay about, previous experience influence how I look at this puzzling situation and how I approach this situation. If I can identify my beliefs and values then I can see how they might be contributing to the puzzling situation. After reflecting and journaling about characters my homework beliefs I had the opportunity to central asian republic discuss the topic of my research with my colleagues at school. Through this discussion I realized that I should ask them what their beliefs were about homework and characters, find out Essay, how much homework the characters other third grade teachers were giving (CIP 4.1). #9;Information also needed to be gathered about a mismatch between the student#146;s home culture and of powers, the school curriculum (CIP 4.3.2). The school or the school district might have a homework policy that I am unaware of. If there is a homework policy then there is not a strong emphasis on it and it does not seem to influence teachers and how often or how much homework they give. Characters. Weisenthal, Cooper, Greenblatt Marcus, (1997) found that schools with a strong emphasis on homework influenced how often teachers gave homework. I realized it was important to look at By Literature the school culture and then to look at the home culture and see if there was a mismatch. In order to find out in gladiator, more information about Jose#146;s home culture I considered visiting his home but I had difficulty contacting his parents. I sent many notes home, called home and tried to leave messages.

Eventually I was able to speak to Jose#146;s father. I also interviewed students using a modified version of The Student Survey of central asian republic, Homework Practices (Grajria, M. Salend, S. J., 1995) to try to determine what the home environment and culture was like as well as to find out what their attitude was toward homework. I looked at Jose#146;s school history and contacted Jose#146;s second grade teacher to see what Jose had been like as a second grader. #9;I grew up in an environment where receiving and doing homework was part of in gladiator, a daily routine. Teachers gave me homework, my parents expected that I would have it done, and if I did not do it I felt horrible. Essay Mao Zedong. My parents always made sure that my homework was done when I was in elementary school. Characters. By the time I reached middle school and high school I had acquired the habit of doing homework independently. I have always believed that homework helps students learn and reinforces concepts. About Mao Zedong. The question I have to ask myself in this puzzlement is Do I know for characters sure that homework benefits students?

In order to answer this question I decided to look at some research that has been done on of powers the benefits or detriments of homework. Characters In Gladiator. The correlation between completing homework and academic achievement has been the subject of much research. About Mao Zedong. Depending on which side of the homework argument one is characters on, research can have both positive and negative effects on students. According to Cooper (2001) some positive academic effects of homework include retention and understanding of central asian republic, material, improved study skills, improved attitudes toward school. Characters In Gladiator. Some nonacademic effects of homework include promoting independent and responsibility in students and involving parents in what is going on in the classroom. Homework also has some negative effects, such as boredom, denying students leisure time and the benefits of wholesome learning from scouts or sports. Homework can lead to cheating and can emphasize the central disparity between the characters homes of low-income and middle class students. Students from low-income homes may have to work after school or may not have a quiet place to study at home. When looking at 50 studies done on homework and student achievement, Cooper (2001) found that homework had little or no effect on student achievement at asian republic the elementary level. #9;After reading some research on the effects of homework on academic achievement I had to seriously consider how my beliefs fit into this.

I realized that giving homework benefited me as the teacher. These benefits matched the in gladiator benefits teachers expressed having in the Homework Attitude and Rodriguez Jeffrey, Behaviour Inventory for Teachers (Weisenthal et al., 1997). Homework improved my ability to characters in gladiator cover the curriculum and acted as a kind of bridge between the Essay about last lesson and the next one. Although homework benefited me, as the teacher, I found myself reconsidering why I was handing out homework to characters students. According to Kralovec and Buell (2001), elementary school students show no significant academic gain from doing homework. Marriot. So, if homework was not helping students academically then how worthwhile was giving homework? #9; I found out in gladiator, that the other two third grade teachers, both males, at my school were not giving as much homework as I was. One teacher usually gave only By Literature, spelling and in gladiator, reading as homework.

Every once in a while he would give math homework. The other third grade teacher usually gave math and reading as homework and rarely gave spelling homework. I, on the other hand, gave math, spelling, and reading as homework. Why weren#146;t the other teachers giving as much homework as I was? According to Weisenthal et al. (1997) some teachers may go easy on themselves so they have less homework to collect and to grade. I decided to go back and interview the other third grade teachers to find out what their beliefs about homework were. One of the teachers did not believe that giving homework was a big deal unless a child did not understand the homework. He believed that homework should be given for students to build responsibility and for character building.

In his experience the ones that don#146;t bring their homework back are usually the ones that don#146;t understand the concepts. He also felt that at the elementary level if students pay attention in class then they will achieve and homework will not necessarily help them achieve. Moved Examples. The other third grade teacher believed that homework should be a reinforcement of characters in gladiator, what is taught in school and Matlab Essay, he felt that it made a difference in their achievement at characters in gladiator school. Essay Rafael Jeffrey. He said that he could tell the next day by student performance if a student did or did not do their homework. He also believed that homework helped students learn to be responsible and build a good work ethic.

After discussing homework policies and their beliefs about homework with my colleagues I went to the principal and asked her if we had a school wide homework policy. She referred me to characters the staff handbook. Although there is asian not a school wide homework policy, there were some generally accepted principles that should govern teachers when assigning homework. Some of the principles include, flexibility and characters in gladiator, differences in the assignments to individual students, homework should be reasonable in view of the pupil#146;s situation including health, housing conditions, outside work or responsibility, leisure-time activity and conflicting demands of home and school. Analysis Essay. On the daily announcements students are encouraged to read for 20 minutes every night as homework. Any homework given out in addition to this is up to the individual teacher.

I also looked through Homework Helper: A Guide for Teachers which was published by the school district. This guide was handed out at a staff meeting at the beginning of the school year and characters in gladiator, teachers were encouraged to use it as a guide. Since that time homework has not been discussed with the staff. According to the guide the purpose of homework is to practice skills, reinforce academic concepts, extend learning, promote good study skills, apply new skills and concepts, involve parents, and develop positive attitudes toward school and learning. The guide does not discuss the amount of homework to be given. Any homework, aside from the daily reading, is up to the individual teacher. #9;In order to gather more information about Jose#146;s home culture I tried to contact Jose#146;s parents through notes and Essay, phone calls home.

After repeated attempts to characters contact Jose#146;s parents, his father appeared one afternoon at my classroom door. Analysis Essay. It appeared that he had finally received one of the many messages I left for him. I was very excited to characters meet with him, but wondered how the central republic meeting would go as we did not have a translator. Characters. After a few minutes I thought it would be appropriate because it seemed that he had enough of a grasp of the English language for us to Matlab Essay be able to characters in gladiator communicate without a translator. Our meeting was short (we really did need a translator). Moved By Literature Essay Examples. I asked him a few questions about characters his job and Jose#146;s behavior and work habits at home.

He seemed very responsive and concerned. Apparently Jose had been telling him since the beginning of the year that he did not have any homework. He had believed Jose and did not try to central republic contact me to characters confirm it. He and his wife both worked long hours and many times he had to work the night shift. Often when Jose comes home his mother is at about work and his father is either at work or sleeping. His grandmother, who speaks only Spanish, is there to watch him. Jose#146;s father said that he or his wife always asked Jose if he had finished his homework. Characters In Gladiator. He did mention that one afternoon when he told Jose his friend had to go home he saw Jose give his friend a piece of Rodriguez Jeffrey, paper that looked like homework. In Gladiator. His father didn#146;t ask about it and forgot about it until his meeting with me.

The weekly notes that I had been sending home did not reach Jose#146;s parents either. Jose#146;s father suggested that he could sign Jose#146;s homework every evening and maybe this would help Jose do his homework and Analysis Essay, bring it to school. The day after meeting with Jose#146;s father, Jose did not have his homework. In Gladiator. He did bring his homework the next day signed by his father, but since then he hasn#146;t had anything signed by either parent. #9;I realized through this brief interaction with Jose#146;s father that he and his wife both cared about their son and his success in school. However, I realized that they also had other things, such as tae kwon do lessons, that they wanted their son to Moved Essay examples learn.

Gonz á lez (1995) points out how important it is for teachers to characters in gladiator know their students#146; culture and to not have a prepackaged awareness of cultural diversity. They were providing nonacademic experiences for difference their son that they felt were important for his development as a person. In addition, I realized that Jose#146;s father wanted his son to do his homework, but was very limited due to his work schedule to encourage and help Jose. I#146;m not sure why Jose#146;s mother did not return phone calls or come to in gladiator school with Jose. I have only seen Jose#146;s father with him when attending school events. Moved By Literature Examples. Although Jose#146;s father indicated that they asked Jose about his homework they did not seem to do anything to encourage or require that Jose do his homework. Since they may not have been encouraging him to do his homework Jose may have been getting the characters message that homework was not valuable to his parents. #9;I contacted Jose#146;s second grade teacher to discuss his homework habits in second grade. I found out that he rarely brought in asian republic finished homework and Jose#146;s second grade teacher frequently tried to contact his parents to characters discuss work habits. She noticed that when his father had to work the night shift Jose came to school quite disheveled and central asian, without any homework.

When Jose#146;s father switched to in gladiator working during the day Jose seemed more attentive in school and sometimes was able to bring in finished homework. Jose#146;s achievement in school, including homework completion, seemed to be directly affected by his father#146;s work schedule. Tapia (1998) indicated that the most important factor influencing poor students#146; academic performance is family stability. Jose#146;s feeling of family stability seemed to be affected by marriot, seeing his father regularly during the in gladiator afternoon and about, evening. #9;To find out my class#146; attitude and homework habits I passed out the Homework Survey to my whole class and characters in gladiator, read it to republic them as they circled responses. I emphasized that this was not for characters in gladiator a grade and they should answer exactly how they felt and not be worried about being wrong. Some sample questions from the survey are as follows: - I get easily distracted when I am doing my homework. - I feel unsure about Analysis which homework assignment to do first. - I feel teachers are unfair and give too much homework. - Activities such as sports and music are more important to me than doing my homework. - Someone checks my homework for me when I am done. - Someone at home asks me if I have finished my homework.

I handed out the surveys and then read through each item and explained any of the questions that students did not understand. As I looked over the surveys I realized that my students were limited in their ability to self-report because of their young age and their self-reports may not be identical to characters their actual practices at home. For example, Aaron reported that he always turned in his homework when he actually rarely turned in his homework. Nine students, half of the class indicated that they need someone to remind them to do their homework. Half the class indicated that they sometimes need help with their homework. It was interesting to note that Jose indicated that he does not like to do homework, many times feels he needs help with his homework, and he thinks homework is Matlab Essay important only some of the time. Jose also indicated that he received daily reminders at home to characters do his homework, but despite these reminders he did not always do his homework. Difference Of Powers. Interventions and Monitoring. #9;One intervention I tried was to change homework assignments so there wasn#146;t as much of a mismatch between Jose#146;s culture and characters in gladiator, the school curriculum (CIP 5.3.2). Mao Zedong. Maybe Jose did not see the relevance of the homework that was given and needed homework that was more meaningful. In Gladiator. Kravolec and Buell (2001) found homework could be very disruptive of family life. It can interfere with what parents want to teach their children and punish children in poverty from being poor.

Parents may have cultural and religious beliefs or life skills that they feel are important for their children to learn, but homework may interfere with the limited time they have with their children to Essay Mao Zedong share those beliefs or skills. Since Jose frequently talked about Tae Kwon Do lessons and other things that he did during the characters week with his parents, I realized that it was important to them for their son to Matlab be trained in some kind of sport. They might also feel that as a growing boy Jose needed some physical activity after school. Although Jose indicated that his parents asked him about his homework they did not ask to characters see his homework. They believed him when he said he did not have homework or that he had finished his homework. It is possible that they did not have the time or energy to look at his homework. They both worked long hours and it is possible that they had many daily survival demands that are more important than Jose#146;s elementary school homework.

Since outside influences can not always be controlled or changed, I realized that interventions had to be made at the school or classroom level to help students (CIP 5.4.1). It seemed that Jose was not getting the support that he needed from home because his parents#146; time is occupied with work and difference of powers, other basic survival issues, so one intervention was to give less challenging homework. Although all the homework I give students should be able to do independently, he had indicated on in gladiator his Homework Survey that he needed help a lot. So, I modified his homework and noticed that he started turning in Essay Rafael Jeffrey part of his homework. His parents#146; limited English may affect Jose, so I tried to give more homework that was self-explanatory and in gladiator, made sure that he understood all the directions before he left school.

Another intervention I tried was to allow Jose to Essay examples begin his homework at school. I let him start his homework at school. I noticed that the next day sometimes the in gladiator only part he would have to turn in was the part he had started in school. Jose seemed to have difficulty getting his homework from school to home and then back to school. So, I gave Jose a checklist with a Velcro check that he could move when he had completed a task. The checklist was to help him write his homework down, collect the materials he needed for home, put them in By Literature Essay examples his backpack. His father was given a matching one to keep at characters in gladiator home. Before leaving to go home everyday he had to make sure to check in with me so I could check his backpack. After receiving the Essay Rafael checklist I watched Jose everyday and noticed that he wasn#146;t following it. I reminded him and encouraged him to use it, but he still didn#146;t use it.

On a daily basis I continue to check Jose#146;s backpack and give verbal reminders to in gladiator use his homework checklist. He lost the Velcro check for his end-of-the-day checklist on his desk, so I gave him a new one, but he still hasn#146;t used it. He has gotten used to checking with me before leaving. Of Powers. For about characters two weeks I reminded him that he needed to see me before he walked out the door. Now he remembers on his own that he has to show me his homework inside his backpack. He comes up to me with his backpack open and Analysis, his homework at the top so I can see it. I send informal weekly progress reports home to his parents so that they know how he is doing in school and whether or not he has been turning in his homework.

Summary and Implications. After all the interventions and monitoring I can say that Jose turns in his homework about half the time. For the first half of the year he rarely turned in any homework assignments and the ones he turned in were usually unfinished. He seems to have more of an understanding that for in gladiator me doing homework is just as important as doing work in school. I also have a better understanding of his home situation and that although his parents want him to do well in school they also have other things that they feel are important for Jose to learn. The communication between home and Essay Mao Zedong, school is in gladiator definitely better.

In addition I feel that I am more aware that the situation at home greatly affects students#146; ability to work on homework and Moved By Literature Essay, bring it back to characters school. Analysis Essay. This inquiry and in gladiator, research on difference the benefits and negative effects of homework on characters in gladiator students like Jose has really caused me to Essay about rethink why I give homework and the amount of homework I give. I realized that my beliefs and values about characters in gladiator homework really contributed to my puzzlement. I have really been considering and debating within myself the asian republic issue of in gladiator, homework. Marriot. I feel like I have been forcing my culture and background on students and making them relive how I went through school. Do I give homework for character building or do I really believe that it will help students#146; academic achievement? Checking homework usually takes fifteen minutes in the morning.

Maybe this time would be better spent giving minilessons at the beginning of the day or building community in the classroom. Although the school and school district set policies for homework, they do not stress that homework must be given every night. Characters In Gladiator. As a result of this research, I want to make sure that I give meaningful homework. Rodriguez. I have also decided to give more differentiated homework. Characters In Gladiator. Students like Jose seemed to be overwhelmed with the amount of Matlab Analysis, homework that I give so I will try adjusting assignments to fit the individual student as necessary. Cooper, H. (2001). Homework for all #151; in moderation. Educational Leadership , 34-38. Gajria, M. Salend, S. J. (1995).

Homework practices of characters, students with and marriot heathrow, without learning disabilities: A comparison. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 28 (5), 291-296. Gonz á lez, N. E. (1995). The funds of knowledge for teaching project. Practicing Anthropology, 17 (3), 3-6. Kralovec, E. Buell, J. (2001). End homework now. Educational Leadership , 39-42.

Tapia, J. Characters In Gladiator. (1998). Difference. The schooling of Puerto Ricans: Philadelphia#146;s most impoverished community. Anthropology and Education Quarterly, 29 (3), 297-323.

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I: WHAT THE BIBLE TEACHES ABOUT CREATION. There is a sense in which every Christian is a creationist, for every Christian believes that he or she lives in a universe that is a creation, and that the Source of creation is the in gladiator God who is revealed in the Bible as maker of By Literature, heaven and earth. This is characters, true, whether the Christian is a young-earth creationist, an old earth creationist, an intelligent design creationist, or an evolutionary creationist. While these various creationists may strongly disagree among themselves about the how of creation, and subscribe to different portraits or models of republic, creation, they do agree on certain essential beliefs or doctrines about creation, beliefs that they find anchored in the revelations of Holy Scripture. Characters! So, to look at creation from the Essay perspective of Christian faith we begin with the Bible. But Christian theologians, both ancient and contemporary, declare that this understanding of the act of creation as a past event is limited and inadequate, for the Bible sets out a more complex understanding of creation. I shall survey some perspectives from the history of characters, Christian theology on the meaning of creation in the second essay, but here I focus on creation as understood in Holy Scripture. There is a consensus among biblical scholars that the heathrow revelation about characters, creation in the Bible refers primarily to the relationship between the Creator and the creation, and that the Bible declares that this relationship, as I shall explain below, is both intimate and covenantal.

Furthermore, in the Bible creation is revealed not only Jeffrey, as the in gladiator calling forth of the universe into about being but also its sustaining in existence and its eventual transformation: original creation, continuous creation, new creation. While some Christians emphasize the verse in Genesis that states, God finished his creation, the Bible witnesses in characters other places that God continues to create, and will make all things new. Also, creation for those of Christian faith also includes God's calling humanity into covenants, enduring bonds of promise and Rafael fidelity, especially the covenant God established with the Israelites at Sinai and the new covenant Christ established with all who believe in characters him. Moved Essay! Out of these covenants the good news goes forth that the God who creates heaven and earth is the same God who saves-from bondage in Egypt, from bondage to sin. The popular emphasis that is placed on the first chapter of the Book of Genesis has encouraged this misunderstanding about the in gladiator meaning of creation.

But as important as that narrative is, it is only one of many passages in about Mao Zedong both the Old and New Testaments that reveal the relationship between the characters in gladiator Creator and the creation. An appendix at the conclusion of this essay lists them. Here I shall try to summarize the major themes of creation that are to be found in these and other passages in Essay Rafael Rodriguez Jeffrey the Bible. Major themes of the first creation narrative: It might seem redundant to those of you who are Christians if I should summarize the content of Genesis 1, but there is a pattern in this creation narrative that is often not recognized, and it is characters, worthwhile to point it out.

The account begins with that part of the marriot creation that is other than the heavens, here spoken of as the earth but including the Deep, in a state of utter chaos (Wenham I, 15-16), translated in characters the KJV as without form and void (Heb. Analysis! tohuwabohu). In Gladiator! Many scholars have noted a pattern to the six days: in the first three bohu, i.e., formlessness, is given form: (1) light emerges from darkness, (2) the waters are separated to form the lower and upper seas-the latter supported by the firmament, and (3) land emerges from the Rafael Jeffrey lower sea and is adorned with plant life. In the latter three days tohu, i.e., the state of being empty, is filled: (4) the sun, moon, and stars fill the firmament, (5) fish and other sea creatures fill the lower sea and birds the sky, and (6) wild and domestic beasts, other land creatures, and human beings fill the earth (Hyers 67-71). The seventh day of rest hallows and validates the commandment of a Sabbath rest (Exod. 20:11) by weaving it into characters in gladiator the very structure of creation.

Because of this pattern, many evangelical biblical scholars have been drawn to Moved By Literature Essay examples some version of a framework hypothesis: the six days are to be seen not as a chronological account of the steps of creation but as a framework in in gladiator which the various categories of creature--the word refers to both inanimate and living things--are laid out in difference a logical order that in itself declares that creation in the beginning involves the bringing of order out of chaos. The utter chaos, the formless and empty undifferentiated mass of the beginning of creation is a problem God moves immediately to solve, and the solution is to differentiate matter through separation and to fill it with both inanimate and animate creatures. Seen in the light of this hypothesis, Genesis 1 provides a theological declaration of God's creativity rather than a scientific description of events (Hyer, ibid; Wenham I, 39-40). God's intimate companionship with the creation and creation's grateful response: Christians disagree whether the story of Eden in Genesis 2:4-24 is a second creation story that differs from the account in Genesis 1:1-2:3. Let us set that argument aside and ask, what does the story of Eden reveal about the relationship of God to the creation?

I think the characters in gladiator answer is clear: God's relationship is an intimate one. God is republic, described as crafting the first human being with his own hands from the dust of the ground, of bringing the animals God subsequently creates to the earth-creature for naming, of in gladiator, creating another from the human's own flesh, thus creating man and woman. Difference! As the narrative continues in the following chapter, God is described as walking with the man and characters the woman in the Garden in the cool of the Matlab Analysis Essay evening. If the creation narrative in Genesis 1 depicts God as transcendent, that is, wholly other than the creation, standing apart, as it were, from the creation he calls into existence, then the creation story of Genesis 2 emphasizes God's immanence, his presence within the creation, his intimate interaction with the characters creation. Both of these notions are present, as we shall see in the second essay, in the theology of Moved, creation that develops in early Christian thought. When you hide your face they are dismayed. When you take away their breath they die; When you send forth your Spirit they are created, And you renew the face of the earth. Yes, God's covenant with the earth is a covenant of characters in gladiator, faithful sustenance and continuous creation.

The biblical God is always making things, sustaining things, renewing things, blessing things. Creation's grateful response is to praise its creator. In Ps.148, the psalmist eloquently calls upon every element of the creation--sun and heathrow moon, fire and hail, snow and frost, creeping things and flying fowl, every thing that hath breath--to praise the Lord. The biblical writers live in a world whose every creature is alive to the presence of its Creator and rejoices at characters in gladiator, his manifestations. The heavens declare the Moved Essay glory of God, and the firmament shows his handiwork (Ps. 19:1). At the coming of the Lord, the morning stars sing together (Job 38:7), the characters mountains skip like rams (Ps. 114:4), and the trees of the Rafael Rodriguez field clap their hands (Isa.

56:12). These and characters many other passages may show us how differently the ancient Israelites and we ourselves experience the creation. So many of us today are so little connected with the natural world. We live in large urban areas where we travel between home, school, band practice, the mall and McDonalds. Matlab Essay! Or we spend hours in the virtual reality of cyberspace or video games or television. Our landscapes are scoured with the plasticized structures of McWorld. Light pollution blots out our view of the Milky Way and other stars. Or we live in our heads, intellectually or imaginatively, in the realm of ideas or fantasies. When I taught the course that inspired these essays, I assigned students to in gladiator spend a brief period of time weekly gazing at the heavens at night or at some thing of beauty in nature during the day. It was interesting to note how many students, even a few who grew up on farms, discovered how little time they had been spending just contemplating nature.

The One who creates is also the One who saves: The message proclaimed in Genesis 1 is made explicit also in the words of the prophet of the Babylonian Exile (6th century BC) preserved in the Book of Isaiah. Essay About! Isaiah 40-45 contains words of comfort the prophet offers to his fellow Judahites exiled in Babylon: his ringing proclamation that their God is the One who has created the heavens and the earth: I am the Lord who made all things, Who alone stretched out the heavens, Who by in gladiator myself spread out the earth. (Isa. 44:23; cf. 42:5-6)

Who has measured the waters in the hollows of his hand, And marked off the heavens with a span, Enclosed the dust of the earth in about a measure, And weighed the mountains in scales and the hills in a balance? …The Lord is the characters in gladiator everlasting God, The Creator of the ends of the earth. The prophet goes on to say that God will create rivers in the desert and straighten crooked paths. He will make a new thing. When he freed Israel from about bondage in Egypt centuries earlier, God created of them a people for characters in gladiator his own and made a covenant with them.

Now, his act that liberates their Judahite descendants from exile in Babylon will be at the same time an act of creation. He will renew his people as he renews the creation, and difference of powers will give them a new covenantal responsibility, to be a light to the nations (Is. 42:6). Thus, creation and salvation are closely tied together in the understanding of the biblical writers. God creates the universe in wisdom: O Lord, how manifold are your works! In wisdom you have made them all.

An important theme in the Old Testament is that God creates all things in wisdom, an expression of God's own nature. God is the characters in gladiator source of all wisdom (Prov. 2:8), and republic wisdom is one of the most important of God's gifts to humankind (Prov. 8:11-12). Specifically, wisdom's role in characters creation is highlighted in key passages.

In the book of Proverbs, Wisdom is personified and praised as God's agent and assistant in creation. The Lord created me at the beginning of his work, Wisdom declares, the first of his acts of old. Central Republic! When he established the heavens and marked out the foundations of the earth, then I was beside him, like a master workman (Prov. 8:22ff). In the magnificent love song to the creation in Job 38-41, God reminds Job that only God's wisdom knows the creation in characters in gladiator its entirety and in all its parts, and that the central asian republic knowledge and understanding of human beings is limited.

The Word and Wisdom of God is in gladiator, revealed in Jesus Christ, the Lord of Creation: Christ, the power of God and the wisdom of God In the New Testament, these themes of creation found in the Old Testament are recapitulated in marriot heathrow the person and work of Jesus Christ. Once his disciples proclaimed their Nazarene teacher to be Lord and Messiah following his Resurrection, some early Christians soon came to perceive him in more cosmic terms. In this one whom they recognized as the Christ, the work of creation revealed in the Old Testament becomes embodied. In both early and late writings preserved in the New Testament, the Christ is proclaimed as the pre-existent one. In the Letter to the Colossians he is lauded as. the image of the characters in gladiator invisible God, the firstborn of all creation; for in him all things in heaven and on earth were created, things visible or invisible… all things have been created through him and for him. He himself is before all things, and in him all things hold together…. For in him all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell, and through him God was pleased to reconcile to himself all things, whether on earth or in heaven, by making peace through the difference of powers blood of his cross In this remarkable passage, perhaps an early Christian hymn incorporated by the writer of this letter, we see Christ proclaimed as the characters in gladiator Agent of asian republic, Creation (in him all things were created), the Wisdom of God (the firstborn of in gladiator, all creation, as in Prov.

8:22), the Sustainer (in him all things hold together), and the Savior (through him God was pleased to Essay examples reconcile all things). And the in gladiator passage itself rings with praise to Christ. He--the One through whom God saves, and By Literature examples not only human beings but all things, the entire cosmos--is also the very Word of God who spoke the whole of creation into in gladiator existence, as John the Evangelist also affirmed in the words of perhaps another early Christian hymn: And the Word was with God, And the Essay Rafael Word was God. He was in in gladiator the beginning with God. All things came into being through him, And without him not one thing came into difference of powers being. In the earthly ministry of Jesus of Nazareth, who had such a profound sense of characters, intimacy with his Father, the Analysis Lord of Heaven and Earth, we also see his intimacy with the creation.

The one who stilled the storm on the lake, whom the characters in gladiator winds and the waves obeyed (Mark 4:35-41), also spoke of the central republic lilies of the field and the fall of a sparrow, of the search for lost lambs, of vineyards and fields of grain, of the simple yet sacramental elements of water, bread and wine. The intimacy with God's creation he shared with his fellow Jews prefigured the deeper intimacy his followers would come to believe of him: that he is the One who holds all the in gladiator creation together in himself. Is There a Portrait of Creation in the Bible? Up to this point I have focused on those passages about Creation in Holy Scripture that have provided essential themes for a theology of creation. But does the Bible, in particular the Old Testament writings, also offer a portrait of the creation, that is, do these writings contain a conceptual model to account for the variety of marriot heathrow, natural phenomena the sacred writers observed and described? One does find such a portrait: it was basically the standard model the Israelites shared with their Semitic neighbors of the ancient Near East. Although there is characters, no single passage where this portrait is elaborated in detail, there are a number of difference, allusions to its various elements throughout the Old Testament. What these ancients saw was an earth that was comparatively speaking flat, and apparently a disk, as its circular horizon reveals (Isa. 40:22a).

The Earth, here meaning the land (and not the other part of the creation from the heavens) apparently rests upon and is surrounded by in gladiator a huge body of water, which the Hebrews referred to as the Deep (Prov. 8:27; Job 26:10). The portion of this water that lies under the earth is the source of the of powers freshwater springs that well up from below the ground (Gen. 2:5). Above the in gladiator land is a great expanse of the sky, which appears dome-like, called the Firmament (Heb., raqi'a [Gen.

1:5]); it is held up by pillars, high mountains on the edge of the earth (Job 26:11). That this dome-like expanse was thought to be solid is clear from the fact that one finds another great sea above it, referred to in the By Literature Essay examples Bible as the characters in gladiator upper sea or the waters above the heavens (Gen. 1:6-7; Ps. 148:4). The Firmament contains openings through which rain falls from this upper sea (Gen. 7:11-12) and examples storehouses which hold snow, hail, and lightning (Job 38:22). In the in gladiator great expanse of Sky are placed the lights of the stars, and the greater and lesser lights, the sun and the moon. Elsewhere the sun is described poetically as running its course (Ps. Marriot Heathrow! 19:5).

In Gen. 1:14-18, God is said to have set the stars, sun and moon in the dome; elsewhere, they appear, and are understood, to characters utilize openings in the expanse or the horizon as they make their journeys across the skies. There is another area within the disk of the earth that enters into this portrait of the creation, an underworld called Sheol. Located deep within the Essay Jeffrey earth (Isa. 7:11; Prov. 9:18), vast (Hab.

2:5) and dark (Job 10:21-22), it was regarded as the natural resting place of the dead--but not, for the Hebrews, a place of punishment (Job 3:11-19). That, simply, is the way the Hebrews accounted for the basic phenomena of nature. They sometimes conceived of their model as bipartite--God made the heavens and the earth (Gen. 1:1), and sometimes as tripartite--the heavens above, the earth beneath, and the waters under the earth (Exod. Characters In Gladiator! 20:4), but it is clear that the creation they saw around them was conceptualized in this way (for more detailed accounts of this portrait, see the books and Moved Essay examples articles by Bailey, Stadelmann, Stek, Seely, Van Till, and Walton, listed in Further Reading, below).

These biblical writers were not scientists, and the fact that there is no extensive, detailed description of the physical world in the Bible strongly suggests that they were not inspired to provide a scientific description. Instead of reading the chapter as a triumphant affirmation of the characters in gladiator power and wisdom of God and the wonder of his creation, we have been too often bogged down in Moved By Literature attempting to squeeze Scripture into characters in gladiator the mold of the latest scientific hypothesis or distorting scientific facts to Essay fit a particular interpretation. When allowed to speak for itself, Gen. In Gladiator! 1 looks beyond such minutiae. Its proclamation of the God of grace and power who undergirds the world and gives it purpose justifies the scientific approach to nature (40). The cosmological model of the ancient Hebrews was not ours. On the other hand, it does not deserve to be dismissed as pre-scientific or scorned because it is outmoded; rather, one can respect and honor it for the service it provided in making the created world they lived in intelligible to the Hebrews and their descendents. Their model was like any subsequent scientific model in that it would necessarily be replaced, as indeed it has been, by subsequent portraits of the universe.

Yet, and this is By Literature, so important that I wish to emphasize it, the Bible's theological truths about the creation do not depend for their validity upon the ancient model in which they are set. They are accepted as true by faith, irrespective of how each generation may conceptualize the universe they seek to understand and explain. In this essay I have made a distinction between a theology of creation and a portrait of creation. The first has to do with the revelation that God is the creator of the universe; the second with the way God's creation appeared to and was conceptualized by his covenant people. Characters In Gladiator! What the Bible teaches theologically about creation forms the matter for the historic doctrine of creation that all Christians share. I will set out the main features of marriot, creation doctrine in the second essay. Characters In Gladiator! In the third essay I shall explain how theologians and biblical scholars throughout the centuries have upheld the Bible as truthful scripture in light of the ancient cosmological model the sacred writers describe. Appendix: Biblical Passages relating to Creation. Old Testament and Apocrypha: Cosmology and Theology (Psalms 104; 102:25-27; 148; Genesis 1-2:4; 2:4-2:24; Sirach 42:15-43:33).

God, Creator and Redeemer (Isaiah 40-43; Psalms 33; 74:12-23; 77; 136). Difference Of Powers! Wisdom (Proverbs 8; Sirach 24:1-7; Wisdom 7:7-8:1). New Testament: Christ the Creator (I Corinthians 8:6; Colossians 1:9-23; Hebrews 1:1-13 [=Psalms 102:25-27; 110:1]; John 1:1-14). Christ and the New Creation (Romans 8:18-25; 2 Peter 1:1-8; Revelation 21-22:5). Bailey, Lloyd R., Genesis, Creation, and Creationism. New York: Paulist Press, 1993. The Holy Bible (KJV, NRSV).

Bouma-Prediger, Steven, For the beauty of the earth: A christian vision for creation care. Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2001, Chapter 4. Hyers, Conrad, The Meaning of characters, Creation: Genesis and Modern Science. Atlanta: John Knox, 1984. Schneider, Robert J., Does the Bible Teach a Spherical Earth? in Perspectives on Science and Analysis Essay Christian Faith [PSCF] 53 (2001) 159-169 Seely, Paul, The Geographical Meaning of 'Earth' and in gladiator 'Seas' in Gen. 1:10, Westminster Theological Journal 59 (1997) 231-55. Seely, Paul, The Three-Storied Universe, Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation [PSCF] 21 (1969) 18-22 ( Stadelmann, Luis, S.J., The Hebrew Conception of the Essay about World.

Analecta Biblica, 39. Rome: Biblical Institute Press, 1970. Stek, John H., What Says the Scripture? in Portraits of Creation: Biblical and characters Scientific Perspectives on the World's Formation , by Howard J. Essay! Van Till et al. Characters! Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1990. Van Till, Howard J., The Fourth Day: What the Bible and the Heavens are Telling Us about the Creation. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1986.

Part I: The Biblical View. Walton, John H., Genesis . The NIV Application Commentary. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2001. Wenham, Gordon, ed., Genesis . Word Biblical Commentary, vol. 1. Waco, TX: Word, 1996.

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9 Best Download Managers For Mac OS 2016-2017. Characters! The top download manager for Mac is By Literature Essay essential for characters every Mac user. Whenever you need to save something from the web to your computer, like videos, music, books, apps, download managers do a really great job, especially when the files are large. Download managers offer lots of options suiting everyone's needs, but probably the best thing about these apps is Essay Jeffrey that even if the download was interrupted for some reason, they can resume it from the point it was stopped at. This surely saves some time and traffic. Look through this article featuring the list of best download managers for Mac, hopefully with Sierra support as soon as it is released. Folx GO is easily in the top of Internet download managers thanks to in gladiator, how friendly it is and heathrow, how many possibilities it offers.

To make your downloading experience fast and effortless Folx GO can split downloads in threads, resume interrupted downloads, is very flexible in how you can add new tasks, and more. Each download can be assigned with a tag or multiple tags that characterize the content of characters in gladiator, this download, so that if you are searching for it even months later and don't remember the exact name of the file, you'll still find it easily thanks to Matlab Analysis Essay, tags. Folx GO is generally free, but if you want advanced features, there is a PRO version with lots to enjoy: Smart Speed control allows automatic speed control according to your Internet usage and lets you schedule certain speed limits for specific dates and time. Download Scheduler will make sure your downloads start and stop at the time that you want them to, not whenever your computer is on. Splitting downloads in up to 20 threads can significantly increase the download speed. Characters In Gladiator! iTunes integration allows downloaded music and videos to be automatically added to iTunes in marriot heathrow corresponding playlists. Saving login and password for the most used trackers and websites saves your time when you just need the download to start right away and not bother with typing the password in. You can get PRO features via in-app purchase option in the Mac App Store.

Jdownloader is an open source download manager for Mac that is platform-independent. It is written in Java, which can make it rather slow on startup. This manager is mainly optimized for one-click hosting and sharing solutions like Rapidshare or Megaupload. Characters In Gladiator! This app is great for someone who wants to paste encrypted links from Moved By Literature Essay third party websites. The great thing about JDownloader is that you don't have to in gladiator, deal with the annoying waiting times when you are a free member of such service as Rapidshare.

Queue as many files as you want and get notifications about download progress via a status bar. Leech is difference of powers a good option for those who want to manage downloads and maximize the characters speed. Its main focus is browsers integration. You have an option to set a username and password for corresponding servers. E.g. if you have a premium account on for high downloading speed, you can set up an automatic login to your account whenever Leech catches the central republic link from No need to have any extensions for web browsers in order to characters in gladiator, use automatic download link catching. iGetter provides Mac users with high speed downloading by using segment downloaded for boosting up the speed. With the possibility to central, resume broken downloads unstable network connection is not a problem anymore. Maxel is a user friendly OS X downloader aimed to make downloading of files from the most popular transfer protocols, namely http, https, and sftp, very easy.

Commonly referred to as a download accelerator, this app splits downloaded files into characters in gladiator pieces and downloads pieces simultaneously, thus maximizing the bandwidth. Adding a download task is reduced to a simple drag and drop or paste option. Progressive downloader is Essay Rodriguez a full-featured download manager. It can resume interrupted downloads, does multi-threaded downloading, browser integration, etc. It has a built-in mirror search option to help find mirrors for large files. The speed drawback is that, by default, Progressive only splits a download in 3 simultaneous threads. Thus, the speed acceleration is not as significant as in Folx PRO or Download Shuttle. Characters In Gladiator! Xtreme Download manager. Written in Java, Xtreme Download Manager is created to be a simple to use app that can help download different file types faster than with a web browser.

It involves dynamic segmentation algorithms and data compression, supports HTTP, HTTPS and FTP, therefore being usable with all kinds of Moved By Literature Essay examples, Internet providers. Xtreme automatically identifies the characters in gladiator contents of the file and sorts the items to central republic, an appropriate category (documents, compressed, videos, music, applications). Completed and not completed download tasks are placed in two categories for characters the access, pausing the downloads, restarting them, or refreshing the link. Marriot Heathrow! Download Shuttle is characters a simple solution for Analysis Essay managing multiple downloads and accelerating the transfer speed. It will split your downloads in multiple segments and download them all at once; can handle links with authentication; includes basic but effective link management options. In the characters main window of the app you can see the list of your downloads, and the top toolbar has the buttons for basic functions, including the option to add or remove links. Download Shuttle also offers an marriot inspector window with the detailed info about the status of each segment, and supports QuickLook (access data about the downloaded file). iNetGet is a part of the top download manager for characters Mac list. It helps you download any file via HTTP, HTTPS, FTP. iNetGet automatically resume interrupted downloads and has a multi-thread download tasks for better speed. iNetGet can also sniff and download flash media from Essay about YouTube and most other video sources. Of course there is so much more about every download manager listed and characters, you can always download the ones you think will suit you best and Moved Essay, try them out to characters, make sure you've got the best download manager of 2016. A download manager is an app specifically designed for downloading (in some cases also uploading) files from the Internet.

Some download managers can also serve a purpose of central asian republic, a torrent client. Even though some basic download tasks can be completed by means of an Internet browser, with larger files or groups of characters in gladiator, files it is more reasonable to use a download manager, as it can speed up the process of downloading, resume broken downloads, prioritize and schedule download tasks.

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VBA Error Handling – A Complete Guide. “Abort, Retry, Fail?” – MS-DOS error message circa 1986. If you are looking for a particular topic on VBA Error Handing then check out the table of contents below(if it’s not visible click on the post header). If you are new to in gladiator, VBA Error Handling , then you can read the post from start to finish as it is laid out in difference of powers, logical order. This allows us to handle the error. (Only useful if you need to characters, check a specific error occurred.) Error Handling refers to heathrow, code that is in gladiator written to handle errors which occur when your application is running.

These errors are normally caused by something outside your control like a missing file, database being unavailable, data being invalid etc. If we think an error is likely to occur at some point, it is good practice to write specific code to handle the error if it occurs and deal with it. For all other errors we use generic code to deal with them. This is where the VBA error handling statement comes into marriot play. They allow our application to deal gracefully with any errors we weren’t expecting. To understand error handling we must first understand the different types of errors in VBA. There are three types of errors in VBA.

We use error handling to deal with runtime errors. Let’s have a look at each of these error types so that it is clear what a runtime error is. If you have used VBA for any length of in gladiator, time you will have seen a syntax error. When you type a line and difference of powers press return, VBA will evaluate the in gladiator syntax and if it is not correct it will display an error message. For example if you type If and forget the Then keyword, VBA will display the following error message.

Note: You can turn off the Syntax error dialog by going to central asian, Tools-Options and characters in gladiator checking off “Auto Syntax Check”. Marriot Heathrow? The line will still appear red if there is an error but the dialog will not appear. Compilation errors occur over characters in gladiator more than one line. The syntax is Rafael Jeffrey correct on characters, a single line but is incorrect when all the project code is taken into account. Examples of compilation errors are: If statement without corresponding End If statement For without Next Select without End Select Calling a Sub or Function that does not exist Calling a Sub or Function with the wrong parameters Giving a Sub or Function the same name as a module Variables not declared( Option Explicit must be present at the top of the module) To find compilation errors, we use Debug-Compile VBA Project from the Visual Basic menu. When you select Debug-Compile , VBA displays the first error it comes across. When this error is asian fixed, you can run Compile again and characters in gladiator VBA will then find the next error. Debug-Compile will also include syntax errors in it’s search which is very useful. If there are no errors left and you run Debug-Compile , it may appear that nothing happened.

However, “Compile” will be grayed out in the Debug menu. This means your application has no compilation errors at the current time. Debug-Compile finds compilation(project wide) errors. It will also find syntax errors. Difference? It finds one error each time you use it. When there are no compilation errors left the Compile option will appear grayed out in the menu. You should always use Debug-Compile before you run your code.

This ensures that your code has no compilation errors when you run it. If you do not run Debug-Compile then VBA may find compile errors when it runs. These should not be confused with Runtime errors. Runtime errors occur when your application is running. They are normally outside of your control but can be caused by errors in your code. For example, imagine your application reads from an external workbook. Characters? If this file gets deleted then VBA will display an error when your code tries to open it. Other examples of marriot, runtime errors are. a database not being available the user entering invalid data a cell containing text instead of a number.

As we have seen, the purpose of error handling is to deal with runtime errors when they occur. Expected Versus Unexpected Errors. When we think a runtime error could occur we put code in place to characters in gladiator, handle it. For example, we would normally put code in place to Essay, deal with a file not being found. The following code checks if the file exists before it tries to open it. Characters In Gladiator? If the file does not exist then a user friendly message is displayed and the code exits the sub. If we don’t have specific code to handle an error it is difference considered an unexpected error. We use the VBA error handling statements to characters, handle the unexpected errors. Runtime Errors that are not VBA Errors. Before we look at the VBA Handling there is one type of error we must mention. Some runtime errors are not considered errors by Rodriguez VBA but only by the user.

Let me explain this with an example. Imagine you have an application that requires you to add the values in the variables a and b. Let’s say you mistakenly use an asterisk instead of the plus sign. These errors cannot be dealt with using error handling as they obviously won’t generate any error. You can deal with these errors using Unit Testing and Assertions.

I have an in-depth post about characters in gladiator using VBA assertions – see How to Make Your Code BulletProof. As we have seen there are two ways to treat runtime errors. Expected errors – write specific code to handle them. Unexpected errors – use VBA error handling statements to handle them. The VBA On Error statement is used for error handling. This statement performs some action when an error occurs during runtime. There are four different ways to use this statement.

On Error Goto 0 – the marriot code stops at the line with the error and displays a message. On Error Resume Next – the code moves to in gladiator, next line. No error message is displayed. Matlab Analysis Essay? On Error Goto [label] – the in gladiator code moves to a specific line or label. No error message is displayed. This is the one we use for error handling. On Error Goto -1 – clears the current error. This is the default behavior of VBA.

In other words, if you don’t use On Error then this is the behavior you will see. When an By Literature Essay, error occurs, VBA stops on the line with the error and displays the error message. The application requires user intervention with the characters code before it can continue. This could be fixing the error or restarting the application. Moved By Literature Examples? In this scenario no error handling takes place. If you select End then the application simply stops. If you select Debug the application stops on in gladiator, the error line as the screenshot below shows. This behavior is Essay Rodriguez Jeffrey unsuitable for an application that you are given to a user. These errors look unprofessional and they make the application look unstable. An error like this is essentially the application crashing. The user cannot continue on without restarting the application.

They may not use it at all until you fix the error for them. By using On Error Goto [label] we can give the user a more controlled error message. It also prevents the application stopping. We can get the in gladiator application to of powers, perform in a predefined manner. Using On Error Resume Next tells VBA to ignore the error and continue on. There are specific occasions when this is useful. Most of the time you should avoid using it.

If we add Resume Next to our example Sub then VBA will ignore the divide by zero error. It is not a good idea to do this. If you ignore the error, then the behavior can be unpredictable. The error can affect the application in multiple ways.You could end up with invalid data. The problem is that you aren’t aware that something went wrong because you have suppressed the characters in gladiator error. In the code above, we continue on if there is an error. Jeffrey? Then in the next line we check the value of the Outlook variable. If there has been an error then the characters value of about Mao Zedong, this variable will be set to Nothing . This is an example of characters in gladiator, when Resume could be useful. The point is that even though we use Resume we are still checking for the error.

The vast majority of the time you will not need to use Resume . This is how we use Error Handling in VBA. It is the marriot equivalent of the Try and Catch functionality you see in languages such as C# and Java. When an error occurs you send the error to a specific label. It is normally at the bottom of the sub. VBA jumps to characters, the eh label because we specified this in the On Error Goto line. Note 1: The label we use in the On…Goto statement, must be in the current Sub/Function. If not you will get a compilation error. Note 2: When an difference, error occurs when using On Error Goto [label] , the error handling returns to the default behaviour i.e. The code will stop on the line with the error and display the in gladiator error message. Essay? See the next section for more information about this.

This statement is different than the characters in gladiator other three. It is central republic used to clear the current error rather than setting a particular behaviour. When an error occurs using On Error Goto [label] , the error handling behaviour returns to the default behaviour i.e. “On Error Goto 0”. That means that if another error occurs the code will stop on the current line. This behaviour only characters in gladiator, applies to the current sub. Once we exit the sub, the error will be cleared automatically.

Take a look at the code below. The first error will cause the code to jump to the eh label. The second error will stop on the line with the 1034 error. If we add further error handling it will not work as the error trap has not been cleared. In the code below we have added the line. after we catch the first error. This has no effect as the error has not been cleared. In other words the code will stop on the line with the error and display the message. In the code below we add this line and the second error will now cause the code to jump to the eh_other label. Note 2: The Err Object has a member Clear . Using Clear clears the text and numbers in the Err object, but it does NOT reset the Essay error. As we have seen, VBA will do one of three things when an error occurs.

Stop and display the error. Ignore the error and continue on. Jump to a specific line. When an error occurs you can view details of the error using the Err object. When an runtime error occurs, VBA automatically fills the Err object with details.

The Err.Number is the ID number of the error e.g. the error number for “Type Mismatch” is 13. The only time you really need this is if you are checking that a specific error occurred and characters this is Matlab Analysis Essay only necessary on rare occasions. The Err.Source property seems like a great idea but it does not work for characters, a VBA error. Of Powers? The source will return the characters project name, which hardly narrows down where the error occurred. However, if you create an asian, error using Err.Raise you can set the source yourself and this can be very useful. The Erl function is used to return the line number where the error occurs. It often causes confusion.

In the following code, Erl will return zero. If we change the Sub above to have line number it will now print out 20. When you are finished working on a project and hand it over to the user it can be useful to add line numbers at this point. If you use the characters in gladiator error handling strategy in the last section of this post, then VBA will report the line where the error occurred. Err.Raise allows us to create errors.

We can use it to create custom errors for our application which is very useful. It is the equivalent of the Throw statement in Essay, JavaC#. The format is in gladiator as follows. Let’s look at a simple example. Imagine we want to ensure that a cell has an entry that has a length of 5 characters.

We could have a specific message for this. Err.Clear is marriot heathrow used to clear the text and numbers from the Err.Object. In other words, it clears the description and number. It is rare that you will need to use it but let’s have a look at an example where you might. In the code below we are counting the number of errors that will occur. To keep it simple we are generating an in gladiator, error for each odd number. We check the Essay Rafael Rodriguez Jeffrey error number each time we go through the characters loop. If the number does not equal zero then an error has occurred. Once we count the error we need to set the error number back to zero so it is ready to check for the next error. Logging means writing information from heathrow your application when it is running.

When an error occurs you can write the details to a text file so you have a record of the characters error. The code below shows a very simple logging procedure. Below is an Jeffrey, example of characters in gladiator, logging. Analysis? How you implement logging really depends on the nature of the application and how useful it will be. This section covers some of the other Error Handling tools that VBA has. These items are considered obsolete but I have included them as they may exist in legacy code. The Error Function is used to print the error description from a given error number. In Gladiator? It is included in VBA for backward compatibilty and is not needed because you can use the Err.Description instead. Below are some examples.

The Error statement allows you to simulate an error. It is included in VBA for backward compatibility. You should use Err.Raise instead. In the following code we simulate a “Divide by zero” error. With all the different options you may be confused about how to use error handling in VBA. In this section, I’m going to show you how to implement a simple error handling strategy that you can use in all your applications.

This is a simple overview of our strategy. Place the On Error Goto Label line at the start of our topmost sub. Place the error handling Label at the end of Essay Mao Zedong, our topmost sub. If an characters in gladiator, expected error occurs then handle it and continue. If the Essay application cannot continue then use Err.Raise to jump to the error handling label.

If an characters, unexpected error occurs the code will automatically jump to the error handling label. The following code shows a simple implementation of this strategy. We don’t need to Essay about, add error handling code to every sub. If an error occurs then VBA exits the application gracefully. A Complete Error Handling Strategy. The strategy above has one drawback. It doesn’t tell you where the error occurred. VBA doesn’t fill Err.Source with anything useful so we have to do this ourselves. In this section I am going to introduce a more complete error strategy. I have written two subs that perform all the heavy lifting so all you have to in gladiator, do is add them to your project.

The purpose of this strategy is to provide you with the Moved Essay Stack* and line number when an error exists. *The Stack is the list of sub/functions that were currently in use when the error occurred. This is our strategy. Place error handling in all the subs. When an error occurs, the error handler adds details to the error and raises it again. When the error reaches the topmost sub it is displayed. The only messy part to this is formatting the in gladiator strings correctly. I have written two subs that handle this, so it is taken care of for you. These are the heathrow two helper subs.

An Example of using this strategy. Here is a simple coding that use these subs. In this strategy, we don’t place any code in the topmost sub. We only characters, call subs from it. If your project has line numbers the result will include the line number of the error. Error Handling is used to handle errors that occur when your application is running. You write specific code to marriot, handle expected errors. Characters? You use the Analysis Essay VBA error handling statement On Error Goto [label] to in gladiator, send VBA to a label when an unexpected error occurs.

You can get details of the error from Err.Description . Rafael Rodriguez? You can create your own error using Err.Raise . Using one On Error statement in characters, the top most sub will catch all errors in subs that are called from here. If you want to record the name of the Sub with the Essay Mao Zedong error, you can update the error and rethrow it. You can use a log to record information about the application as it is running. If you want to characters in gladiator, read about Essay more VBA topics you can view a complete list of my posts here. I also have a free eBook(see below) which you will find useful if you are new to VBA.

If you are serious about mastering VBA then you may want to check out The Excel VBA Handbook. Please feel free to subscribe to my newsletter and get exclusive VBA content that you cannot find here on the blog, as well as free access to my eBook, How to Ace the characters in gladiator 21 Most Common Questions in VBA which is full of Mao Zedong, examples you can use in your own code. I learned a lot in a couple of characters, weeks, I’m very grateful, best regards! You’re welcome Victor. Hi Paul, this is a very useful and informative post. As one who did not employ any error handling in difference of powers, my VBA and simply discarded hours of work when it did function as expected – that is until I undertook you VBa training course. The error routine in this post is excellent and for one will employ it for characters, future VBA procedures. Thanks very much – much appreciated.

You’re welcome John. Glad you found it useful. Nice post and a solid dose of knowledge again. Now my question is on the part with the logging procedure. I’ve noticed things that were unknown to me like: Open sFilename For Append As #filenumber. After searching the Analysis Essay web resources, it seemes to me, that they are similar to thing I do with these statements (they are just examples, so don’t try to characters in gladiator, seek any bigger logic there):

Dim fso as New FileSytsemObject. Dim report as TextStream. Set report = fs.CreateTextFile(“kermitlogisticsreportslog_rotation.txt”) report.WriteLine(‘something stupid here’) ok, so am I right, that these things can basically do the about Mao Zedong same? Are there any reasons why someone should prefer one method over the other – maybe it depends on a situation? FileSystemObject is an external library where as the other commands are part of VBA. In Gladiator? They do perform the same tasks. Which one you use depends on your own preferences and possibly the situation at Matlab Analysis Essay hand.

Thanks Paul, explained with nice examples and in a simple terms anyone can understand. Help and useful. Thanks for characters, the detailed writeup, Paul; I have bookmarked this site. In the Essay Rafael Rodriguez example on raising errors, the error is in gladiator raised in an IF block, following which is code demarcated by the comment “continue on if cell has valid data.” I don’t see why the code won’t continue on if the cell has INvalid data — will the Error.Raise statement effectively exit the function? Thanks for your comment.

The Err.Raise statement generates an heathrow, error. When we use “On Error Goto [Label]” the Err.Raise will go searching for the Label. I’ve updated the in gladiator code to include the “On Error Goto” and label to make the example clearer. Hi Paul, thanks for By Literature, your post! I’m tryng to handle error raised in a Sub that is called with the “Application.Run” statement and that is located on an external workbook than the caller sub.

I write a sample code of this: [ The caller sub in Module1 in File1.xls ] On Error GoTo EH. ‘Call ExternalSub ‘(This line is temporarly commented out) ‘(some lines to characters in gladiator, handle error) ‘[Called sub in Module1 in File2.xls] On Error GoTo 0 ‘(that means no error handling in this sub) Err.Raise 600, “Description of custom error” The result is that the error handler of the Main_Sub is ignored, so the running code breaks on Jeffrey, the “Err.Raise 600, …” line inside the ExternalSub. If, instead, I write the in gladiator ExternalSub in a module the same File1.xls of the Main_Sub (and, to call it from the Main_Sub, I comment out the Application.Run line and uncomment the “Call ExternalSub” line), the error is correctly handled by Essay the Main_Sub and the code runs after the EH label.

Could you, please, confirm that the error handling hierarchy fails because I try to use it across macros that are located in different workbooks? Thanks in characters, advance. The error handling will not work across workbooks. When you call external subs they are running from within the other workbook process and Mao Zedong not as part of the current one. You can think of them as different applications. How do we identify and uncheck missing objects in runtime via code? It should be the same code for Excel except for using ActiveWorkbook.VBProject instead of characters, ActiveDocument.VBProject. First of all, I’ll take this opportunity to marriot, thank you for your excellent posts. I’ve learned a lot from them! Using ActiveWorkbook.VBProject gives me the error “Method ‘VBProject’ of object ‘_workbook’ Failed. This error can be taken care of by providing some permission for Macros.

But that would have to be per characters user setting. Is there way to Moved By Literature Essay examples, use your error-handling pattern without having to change this setting so each user does not have to change this setting. The user has to set permissions for the Macros for security reasons. If you could set them with code then by characters in gladiator definition they would be unnecessary. However, these permissions need to be only Essay, set once by the user. The best you can do is check for that particular error number. If the characters in gladiator error occurs then display instructions on how to set the permissions.

Well, Paul, your site is Mao Zedong definitely my favorite pub. I come back every time I can and I stay until I fall under the in gladiator desk #128521; Thank so much for all the stuff you post and gratulate for the top quality of Matlab Analysis, didactic. Thank Curzio, Glad you like it. You bring us to the Eldorado…

Question: what is your opinion about the concept below, is it good/bad/usable, should I change something? Description: this seems to works for my purpose, even though of course it means that most of in gladiator, times processes goes on after an error has been raised. These 2 procedures are actually the simplified version. In my apps I then have a module named dp (as keyword for debug.print) dedicated to the log of every start, end, error and values for Moved examples, every Sub/Function/Property to the immediate and to a text file. Characters? I wrote it before you brought me to the Watch and Local windows, as well the debug.assert method (again I’m deeply grateful). Finally the result is very handy and I would like to Moved By Literature Essay examples, keep it in in gladiator, addition with Watch/Local/Assert: I run a process and then I look in difference of powers, the Log File for errors and values. Characters In Gladiator? After development the log file can help debugging if other users reports some issues. About? In the sub testErrorHandling errors are not expected, whereas in the sub testCatchError they are and handled automatically or with user interaction.

I tried to add a On Error GoTo -1 (excluded in characters, code as comment), but then it runs in to a error loop (20 Resume without error) Private Sub testErrorHandling() On Error GoTo ErrorHandling. Debug.Print .Number, .Description. Private Sub testCatchError() On Error GoTo ErrorHandling. Dim xPath As String. Dim xDirectory As String. Dim xErr As Integer.

xPath = ThisWorkbook.Path .PathSeparator “vbLogFolder” xDirectory = Dir(xPath, vbDirectory) If xErr = 68 Then. Debug.Print .Number, .Description. Thanks and Essay Rafael Rodriguez Jeffrey kind regards. I’m not 100 percent clear on your concept but I will cover a few points that you raised. Logging is in gladiator a great idea and Rafael is part of characters in gladiator, most professional software applications. Logging to the Immediate Window can be useful but it is difference limited because using the characters in gladiator debug tools are better to Rafael Rodriguez, fix the problem. The best use of Logging is characters in gladiator when we give the application to a user. We can log both errors, warnings and information to a text file.

If there is an error we can look in By Literature examples, the log file to see what occurred. Using Resume Next to handle a general error is not a good idea. Once an error has occurred your application is invalid and it may result in further errors or incorrect data. The only time you should use Resume Next is when you know the error will not affect the rest of the code. In other words, the characters in gladiator error is Essay Rafael Rodriguez one that you expected may happen and know how to handle it. I hope this helps.

Thanks Paul, this helps a lot. I have some improvements to do… #128578; I’ve been trying your code for in gladiator, the complete error handling but I just can’t get it to work properly. Going through it line by line, it runs fine until the “Err.Raise” in Jeffrey, the “RaiseError” helper sub, which simply displays the characters in gladiator error and gives the marriot heathrow options of debugging or ending. I assume that it’s intended to have raised the error in the higher level sub, which would then handled by its “On Error Goto EH” command, but it seems like it simply raises it within the helper function and characters stops the code right then and there instead. I’ve tried this in Analysis, Excel 2003 and in gladiator 2016 and it’s the same thing. Is there something I’m missing here? How does the error raising go on to the higher level sub instead of just showing the error when Err.Raise is called in the helper sub? Please ignore my earlier comment about code not working. Moved Examples? I just realized the characters in gladiator problem – when testing, I was running the actual sub with the error instead of the topmost. . . . . Of Powers? . In Gladiator? . . . Difference? . . Wow, I can’t believe how long it took me to in gladiator, realize that. Thank you for the excellent tutorial by the way, this methodology really works great!

Thank’s Peter. Difference Of Powers? Glad you like it. I typically use error handling as you describe where I have an error handler in my main function and most subs’s messages get caught there. However, I run into trouble when I need to turn on Resume Next for characters in gladiator, the sake of checking for Essay, nothing, because my ErrorHandler is now out of scope. Characters? What’s the solution for heathrow, that? I have a simple example below.

On Error GoTo ErrorHandler. On Error Resume Next. Set objFile = objFSO.OpenTextFile(fileLocation fileName, 1) On Error GoTo ErrorHandler ‘ Fails to characters, compile, out of scope. If objFile Is Nothing Then. Call Err.Raise(2009, , “Out File doesn’t exist.”)

You can use the Dir function to check if a file exists. It won’t find other file errors though. Superb Post. got a clear idea on how to handle errors and types of errors in VBA… thanks Paul.

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Essay, Research Paper: Space Exploration. the Union addresses in the history of the United States. “I believe that this. nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of. landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the earth” (, President John F. Kennedy's Special Message to the Congress on Urgent National. Needs).

With those words, Kennedy launched a new era of space exploration in the. United States. Although the National Aeronautics And Space Administration was. created in 1958 by the National Aeronautics and Space Act (, Key Documents), and the Russians already launched the first satellite into characters, space. in 1957, the US was still at difference, a stand still on the subject. Characters In Gladiator. What the country. needed was a wake-up call, and that is exactly what it got from Essay Rafael Rodriguez Jeffrey, one of the most. celebrated speakers in its history. The new era promised much, but expected.

little. In Gladiator. From USA’s struggle to be the dominant world power in Mao Zedong, the Cold War. Era, to the careless depletion of characters, natural resources in the Information Age, space exploration and astronauts were and will be the real keys to the new. millennium and beyond. Before looking into the future, or even evaluating the. present, one must look in detail at the history of the space project. The. missions that gave scientists and engineers the necessary data and experience to. make new, safer, more reliable and intricate equipment were launched long before.

there was realistic talk of sending probes to Mars. The astronauts that helped. shape the training programs, took the beatings of primitive flight tests, and. died in order to serve their country were born before World War II. And even the.

Russian Space Program was crucial to what the space program is today. It fueled. competition, and central asian provided more resources for American engineers. Until Apollo. 11, they were ahead of the Americans in almost everyway, with their launch of. Sputnik, a unmanned satellite in characters, 1957, and their countless firsts in Analysis, orbiting.

and space walks. Yuri Gagarin was the first man in characters, space. Although most of the. missions that have been launched have been important in their own ways, some. missions just stand out, whether it was the first step on the Moon, or the Matlab Analysis Essay first. mission to Mars.

NASA’s first high profile program was Project Mercury, an. effort to learn if humans could survive in space. It was the prelude to characters in gladiator, the. later missions, and it gave NASA the necessary data to build better, and more. comfortable ships for humans to stay in space for extended periods of time. Heathrow. The. first launch of the Mercury program was the LJ-1 on August 21, 1959. At. thirty-five minutes before launch, evacuation of the characters area had been proceeding on.

schedule. Suddenly, half an Essay Mao Zedong, hour before launch-time, an explosive flash. occurred. When the smoke cleared it was evident that only the capsule-and-tower. combination had been launched, on a trajectory similar to an off-the-pad abort. (, Mercury: LJ-1). The first mildly successful spacecraft. launch occurred September 9, 1959. Although the BJ-1 ship experienced some. problems, and the timing on some of the separation procedures was off, the. capsule made it back to earth some seven hours after lift-off.

The capsule. orbited the earth for approximately thirteen minutes (Mercury: BJ-1). Mercury. mission MA-5 was the first to carry live organisms into sub-orbit. Although Enos.

- a chimpanzee, was not a perfect substitute for characters a human, he served as a good. test for the environmental controls of the capsule. He orbited the earth in. total weightlessness for over three hours and upon landing was in perfect. physical condition (Mercury: MA-5). On May 5, 1961, Freedom 7 was the first. launch to carry humans into space. Alan B. Shepard, Jr. was the only crewmember,

and the successful mission lasted for over 15 minutes (Mercury: MR-3). More. manned flights from the Matlab Analysis Essay Mercury series followed, highlighted by the Friendship. 7, where on February 20, 1962, John Glenn was the in gladiator first American in actual. orbit, and he orbited the earth three times for a little under five hours. (Mercury: MA-6).

The last mission from the Mercury project came on of powers May 15, 1963, where L. Gordon Cooper was in orbit in the Faith 7 for over a day. Total. weightless time was over thirty-four hours, and the mission was celebrated and. deemed more than successful (Mercury: MA-9). Gemini missions followed which. built on the success of the Mercury flights, and basically followed the same. outlines, except with a crew of two astronauts. The most monumental program in.

the history of the US came next, following the late President Kennedy’s. mission of landing a person on in gladiator the Moon. The Apollo project featured many. milestones, and also some setbacks. Essay Rafael Jeffrey. The Apollo 1 mission was a huge failure as. astronauts Virgil Grissom, Edward White, and Roger Chaffee lost their lives when. a fire swept through the Command Module (Apollo 1). After a few more test. flights, Apollo 8, launched on December 21, 1968, was the characters first manned lunar.

orbital mission, staying in Matlab Analysis Essay, the Moon’s orbit for twenty hours, making ten. circles (Zimmerman, 6). While the flights before were all important, the characters in gladiator most. celebrated and Essay documented mission in the history of the US was the Apollo 11, where Neil A. Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr. were the. first to land on the Moon. Characters In Gladiator. The mission launched without any delays on July 16, 1969, and even the crewmembers could barely grasp the magnitude of Moved examples, their. mission.

Before the flight, while the astronauts were being strapped in, Michael. Collins had this to say, “Here I am, a white male, age thirty-eight, height 5. feet 11 inches, weight 165 pounds, salary $17,000 per annum, resident of a Texas. suburb, with black spot on my roses, state of characters in gladiator, mind unsettled, about to be shot. off to the Moon. Yes, to the Moon” (, Apollo 13). Difference. The.

flight went perfectly and on July 20 at 04:17 p.m. In Gladiator. EDT, “The eagle has. landed.” The first step on Moon, was at exactly 10:56:15 p.m. EDT, and Aldrin. described the experience better than anyone else could, “We opened the hatch. and Neil, with me as his navigator, began backing out of the tiny opening. It. seemed like a small eternity before I heard Neil say, That's one small.

step for man . . . one giant leap for mankind. In less than fifteen. minutes I was backing awkwardly out of the hatch and onto the surface to join. Neil, who, in central asian, the tradition of all tourists, had his camera ready to characters in gladiator, photograph. my arrival” (Apollo 13). There were celebrations all around the world, especially in the US when Neil Armstrong place the US flag into the rocky lunar. soil, and difference of powers straightened out the creases. At this time, the in gladiator two astronauts on the. surface received probably the biggest phone call of their life, from the.

president. Republic. “Neil and Buzz, I am talking to you by telephone from the Oval. Office at the White House, and this certainly has to be the most historic. telephone call ever made . . . Because of what you have done, the heavens have. become a part of man's world. As you talk to us from the characters in gladiator Sea of Tranquility, it. inspires us to redouble our efforts to bring peace and tranquility to. Earth. (Bean, 47).

On July 24, 1969, the astronauts splashed down in the. Pacific Ocean, and within minutes, they were on the USS Hornet (, Apollo 13). More missions would follow, particularly the Apollo 13 mission, which was almost a complete disaster.

Another mission to set humans on the Moon, was aborted after numerous failures – 200,000 miles from Earth. Matlab Analysis Essay. The astronauts. did return in a Life Module. The last of the Apollo missions was the Apollo – Soyuz project that brought along the characters in gladiator peace process started earlier by Nixon. The.

Viking project was the Essay about Mao Zedong beginning of the Mars exploration, with the first two. Viking lander and orbiter missions in in gladiator, 1976 (Vogt, 60). The atmospheric. conditions taken from those missions serve as background information for. today’s plans to Essay Rafael, send humans to Mars. The Voyager missions in 1979 were set to.

explore Saturn in detail, and Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune as fly-bys (Vogt, 22). Although these missions served to collect a lot of in gladiator, data for Essay future research. and went to further planets, they were not as big as the manned flights to the. Moon, particularly because space exploration was so new, and because the. missions to the Moon had a patriotic feel to them. But history of astronauts.

would not be complete with out a more detailed information about some of the. more famous astronauts. John Glenn, the first American in orbit on the. Friendship 7 flight, was a pilot of over ninety missions in the Korean War. (Kramer, 18).

Chosen for characters in gladiator his experience as well as his bravery in the war, he. rose to Essay Rafael Rodriguez Jeffrey, the rank of Colonel in the US Marine Corps before going into NASA. Characters. He. trained on crude machinery, before NASA came up with a set training program. (20). Examples. He was 42 when he flew for the first time in his orbital mission (34), and. he later became a Senator (39). Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, both flew in the.

Apollo 11, and were the characters in gladiator first two people to walk on the moon. They will always. be remembered for Moved By Literature their historic feat. In Gladiator. Both Armstrong and Aldrin were 39 when. they flew the Apollo mission.

Armstrong was the first civilian in space, and in. his first flight, he was the commander of the about Apollo 11 mission. “Buzz” Aldrin was a Colonel in the US Air Force, and he was also chosen for his flying. experience. Because Americans have lost interest in the space program without. competition, there has not been another crop of astronauts as famous as those.

since the days of the Apollo mission. History of in gladiator, space flight has been very rich. with accomplishments and milestones, but it appears that the By Literature world has reached a. small bottleneck for technology in the area of characters, space exploration. In addition, the lack of competition from any other country has slowed down the pace of. innovation. With the Russian Space Program in shambles, as well as the whole. country of Matlab Analysis, Russia, the former USSR has not produced much useful technology. lately.

With a huge space station in the making, Russia is the only country that. has not made the necessary parts for its completion, due to costly maintenance. of their old space station, Mir, on which Russia and America have worked. together on conducting experiments in the years after the USSR’s break-up. With Mir’s retirement, Russia now has the time and the resources to in gladiator, complete. their part of the International Space Station which will accelerate space. exploration.

America has a few of its own projects going on right now, like the. Galileo, the Pathfinder, and the Mars Polar Lander. Galileo is one of the probes. out right now, scheduled to central asian republic, study the environmental conditions of Venus and. Jupiter (, Galileo).

The Mars Pathfinder, launched 2. years ago, has recently made some important discoveries about the water content. on Mars, and in gladiator the climate history of the “red” planet. Endless information. has been sent back to earth about Mars’ ice caps, and rock formations, which. have concluded that there was standing water on Mars, including oceans and seas. (, Pathfinder). Rafael Jeffrey. Although the Pathfinder has set. the Mars exploration mission on the right track, the recent failures with the. Mars Polar Lander mission have set back the program. The communication with the.

new lander could not be established and the ship is presumed lost. Characters. Critics say. that the “faster, cheaper, better” approach taken with the lander has. actually cost the difference government more than $36 million, and the valuable time of. building and getting a new lander in position (Associated Press, 1A). Although. the present movement of the space program appears to have stalled, maybe the. future holds the characters in gladiator answers. Of Powers. What is in the future of the space program ? Eventually, people will settle on the planets close to earth, if not because of. exploration, but because of a lack of natural resources, which is in gladiator, catching up.

with mankind. Moved Essay. Prototypes of human habitats on Mars are being made, and NASA. hopes to have humans on Mars by 2050. In Gladiator. The International Space Station should be. well on its way to being built, and should be functioning in Mao Zedong, the next five to. ten years (, Future). New cheaper satellites and. explorers are also coming in the near future.

The new explorers with plasma. propulsion are already in design, and in gladiator are going to cost no more than one million. per unit greatly slashing today’s price. They are also going to have a. virtually inexhaustible fuel capacity, because of the special engine design. using metal for fuel. This explorer will be so affordable that they could be. sent out in many directions to explore countless star systems, and still be. inexpensive enough to lose (Chaikin, 60). Plans that are being talked about.

right now may be a little far fetched sometimes, but even if some of them will. materialize, the future looking bright indeed. Forty-eight years ago, John F. Kennedy set a grand plan in motion. His State of the Union address pushed the. United States to its limits. Better training methods, and many schools for.

future astronauts have made a big difference in the level of the training, ability and intelligence of the future crews of Moved, American spaceships. Now, even. with interest dwindling, and characters problems piling up, Americans have to try their. best to stare in about Mao Zedong, the face of adversity, and look at the big picture – the.

endless “playground” known as outer space. Help other users to characters in gladiator, find the Moved good and worthy free term papers and trash the bad ones. Free papers will not meet the guidelines of in gladiator, your specific project. If you need a custom essay on Astronomy: , we can write you a high quality authentic essay. Marriot. While free essays can be traced by Turnitin (plagiarism detection program), our custom written papers will pass any plagiarism test, guaranteed.

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