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Brief Essay on Mutual Funds (1944 Words) Here is essay, brief essay on mutual funds! Mutual fund schemes are repositories of characters in gladiator, trust and of investors#8217; hard earned money. On Parents! The task of providing protection to characters in gladiator them is a difficult one. Mutual funds are unique in a way as they are organized and operated by essay, people whose primary loyalty and pecuniary interest lies outside the enterprise. Consequently the how does exercise affect very structure of mutual funds has inherent conflicts of interest, creating great potential for abuse. Image Courtesy : The existing SEBI (Mutual Fund) Regulations have tried to address the issue, through separation of vari­ous entities which constitute a mutual fund sponsor, trustees, asset management companies and essay, custodian, and also requiring that 2/3rd of the trustees and half of the board of directors of AMC must be independent of sponsor or its affiliates. The beneficial owners of the trust, i.e. the unit holders have also been given a role, as their approval is required by the fund/AMC to enable it to bring about certain changes in the fund or to wind up a scheme.

The SEBI regulations have made it mandatory that the trustees shall obtain the consent of the unit holders in important matters. The trustees shall ensure that no change in the fundamental attributes of any scheme or the trust or fees and expenses payable or any other change which would modify the Cope Cancer Major Challenges Essay scheme and affects the interest of on parents, unit holders, shall be carried out unless it is made known to the unit holders and the unit holders are given an option to exit at the prevailing Net Asset Value without any exit load. Of Performance Enhancing Drugs! The unit holders have a right to terminate the asset management company. The ap­pointment of an asset management company can be terminated by majority of the essay on parents trustees or by seventy five per cent of the unit holders of the scheme. Characters! Any change in the appointment of the asset management company shall be subject to prior approval of SEBI and the unit holders. Operations of mutual funds: In this section we will discuss the regulatory provisions pertaining to the operations of the mutual fund and their implications on unit holder’s protection. On Parents! Chinese wall between Various Activities : Business of the Asset Management Company: Regulation 23 of the SEBI (Mutual Fund) Regulations provides that AMC shall not undertake any business activity other than the management of the mutual funds and such other activities as financial services consultancy, exchange of research and analysis on commercial basis as long as these are not in conflict with the fund management activity itself, without prior approval of the trustees and SEBI. Mutual funds are required to make regular, comprehensive disclosures of their operations to SEBI.

In addition, each fund must provide unit holders with annual report along with a statement on portfolio holdings, and it must furnish unit holders and prospective investors with an up-to-date prospec­tus. The prospectus contains full disclosures on the fund#8217;s management, investment objectives, purchase redemption procedures and other business practices, including load charges, if any. It is wilbur the writer, often criticized that big investors trade to the disadvantage of small investors. Mutual funds shall disclose large unit holdings in the scheme, which are over 25% of the NAV. The scheme information document discloses, the constitution of the essay mutual fund including the details regarding the sponsor, the trustees, the AMC, the Lullabies for Little custodian and the responsibilities and essay on parents, functions of in gladiator, each constituent of the mutual fund; the detailed investment objective of the scheme and the investment pattern likely to be followed by on parents, the AMC, the risk proofed of the investments; and risk factors. The offer document also contains other information pertaining to the redemption of units, the tax benefits available to unit holders, the principles of valuation of investments, the method of calculation of How Women Cancer, NAV, the frequency and mode of distribution of income, the duration of the essay on parents scheme, the detailed breakup of the expenses that will be incurred for the management of the How Women with Major scheme and the extent to which expenses are loaded on the scheme, the essay on parents rights of the unit holders and all such information that is necessary to enable the wilbur prospective investor to take an informed decision to invest in the scheme. Mutual funds are required to disclose full portfolio of their schemes every half year, either by sending a complete statement of scheme portfolio or by publishing it by way of an advertisement in on parents, one English daily circulating in the whole of India and in a newspaper published in How Women with Major Essay, the language of the region where the head office of the mutual fund is situated. Mutual funds must adhere to specific rules regarding the essay sale, distribution and Cope Major Challenges Essay, advertising of mutual funds.

Advertisements or sales literature must be carefully worded and explained. The advertisement for on parents, each scheme shall disclose investment objective for each scheme. The scheme information document and advertisement materials shall not be misleading or contain any statement or opinion, which is incorrect or false. These steps ensure that potential investors are aware of the benefits as well as the potential risks involved in in gladiator, mutual fund investing. With a view to ensure that an asset management company may not in promoting its schemes use untrue and misleading information or withhold important facts from investors SEBI has prescribed an advertisement code.

Advertisements in respect of every scheme shall be in conformity with the Advertisement Code. Only AMFI Certified Agents Can Sell Mutual Fund Units: Mutual funds are advised to ensure that their agents/distributors do not indulge in any kind of malpractice or unethical practice while selling/marketing mutual fund units. Essay! SEBI has prescribed a detailed code of conduct for the mutual fund intermediaries i.e. agent and distributors. With a view to implement this code of conduct effectively the AMFI certification examination was made mandatory for all distributors and agents of mutual funds. All promotional material must contain an express warning note to Lullabies for Little Criminals Essay the fact that risk is connected with the investment and returns to date are not a guarantee of future return. An illustration is given in the box below: BIRLA MNC FUND Risk factors: Mutual funds and securities investments are subject to essay usual risks associated with capital and money market instruments.

There can be no assurance that the fund#8217;s objectives will be achieved. As with any investment in securities, the NAV of the units issued under the schemes can go up or down depending on with Cancer Essay, the factors and forces affecting the securities markets. Past performance of on parents, BMF does not guarantee the future performance of the Lullabies for Little Essay schemes of BMF and does not form a basis of com­parison with other investments. The name of the scheme does not in any manner indicate either the quality of the scheme, its future prospects or returns. For details and risk factors read offer documents and refer to your tax adviser before investing. Mutual funds cannot provide guaranteed return, unless such returns are fully guaran­teed by the sponsor or the asset management company. When guaranteed by the sponsor or the AMC a statement indicating the name of the person who will guarantee the essay return, is made in with Major Challenges, the scheme information document; or the manner in which the guarantee to be met has been stated in the scheme information document.

Investments by mutual funds are subject to investment restrictions.These restrictions are essentially prudential invest­ment norms, most of essay on parents, which are universally followed by mutual funds to ensure port­folio risk diversification. For example, investment in equity shares or equity related instruments of a single company are restricted to 10% of the NAV of a scheme. In open-ended schemes unit holders are always free to #8220;vote with their rupees#8221; by not buying a product if the fees are too high or #8220;vote with their feet#8221; by redeeming the units if they are unhappy over the performance of schemes. Mutual funds are required to update the wilbur the writer NAV of the scheme and the sale/repurchase prices of essay on parents, their schemes on the AMFI website on a daily basis in case of Cope with Cancer Essay, open-ended schemes Price determination of units is not an arbitrary process. SEBI has prescribed the accounting and valuation norms. While determining the prices of the units, the mutual fund shall ensure that the essay repurchase price is not lower than 93% of the Net Asset Value and the sale price is not higher than 107% of the Net Asset Value. Provided that the difference between the repurchase price and characters in gladiator, the sale price of the unit shall not exceed 7% calculated on the sale price. Essay On Parents! Mutual Funds Cannot Borrow Except as a Measure of Last Resort: Borrowings by Mutual Funds: Since leveraging has risks attached to it, mutual funds can borrow only to meet the temporary liquidity needs for the purpose of repurchase, redemption of Play Be Paid?, units or payment of interest or dividend to the unit holders. Provided that the mutual fund shall not borrow more than 20% of the net asset of the scheme and the duration of such a borrowing shall not exceed a period of six months.

The trustees are required to on parents ensure that borrowing is used as a measure of last resort and determine whether the mutual fund could borrow should be disclosed in enhancing drugs, the schemes information document. Every mutual fund has to appoint compliance officer. The compliance officer ensures the compliance of the mutual fund schemes with SEBI regulations. It receives circulars notifications from SEBI and puts the same to the respective department for necessary action. The officer receives relevant informa­tion from various departments/officers of the trust, compiles the same into standard formats and submits to SEBI/AMFI etc. He vets the offer document to ensure the offer document discloses all the information as required by SEBI. This helps SEBI to on parents do continuous offsite inspection. Risk Management System in Mutual Funds: Recognizing the need to establish a minimum level of risk management system conforming to international standards, AMFI formed a committee for studying the present system of risk manage­ment and proposing ways and means of strengthening the same. They have made certain recommendations to ensure a minimum standard of due diligence or risk management system for all the mutual funds in various areas of in gladiator, their operations like fund management, operations, customer service, marketing and distribution, disaster recovery and business contingency, etc. The report has been submitted to SEBI and has been adopted as the regulatory framework for essay, risk management in the Indian mutual fund industry.

Mutual funds need to specify in Lullabies for Little Essay, the scheme information document the name of contact person whom unit holders may approach in essay, case of any query, complaints or grievances. The names of the directors of asset Management Company and trustees are also given in the offer documents; and how does affect rate, they can also be approached. Historical information about the investors#8217; complaints and redressal form a part of the offer document. Investors can also approach SEBI for essay on parents, redressal of affect, their complaints. On receipt of com­plaints, SEBI takes up the matter with the concerned mutual fund and follows up with them till the matter is resolved. AMFI, the apex body of essay, all the affect registered asset management companies was incorpo­rated on August 22, 1995 as a non-profit organization.

All the asset management companies that have launched mutual fund schemes are its members. One of the objectives of on parents, AMFI is to promote investors#8217; interest by defining and maintaining high ethical and professional standards in the mutual fund industry. The AMFI code of for Pay: Essay, ethics sets out the standards of good practices to be followed by the asset management companies in their operations and in essay on parents, their dealings with investors, intermediaries and public. AMFI code has been drawn up to encourage adherence to Lullabies Criminals standards higher than those prescribed by the regulations for the benefits of investors in the mutual fund industry. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

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Essay on Parents Influence on Children |…

Essay on parents

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How to Write a Cover Letter for Internships. Written by Laura Riley. Updated April 10, 2017. Laura Riley is a writer who specializes in career advice and essay, professional development. She has a Master’s degree in Student Affairs and for Pay: Should College Athletes, Higher Education from Miami University.

You’ve heard it before: “No one actually reads a cover letter.” “Cover letters are pointless.” There’s actually proof that writing an outstanding cover letter can get you an on parents, internship. If you’re thinking, “Hmm I’m really not sold on characters in gladiator, this whole perfect cover letter thing.” Or maybe you’ve heard that college students don’t really need them. Essay On Parents! Hang tight. I’m going to explain exactly what a professional cover letter is, why you need one, and most importantly, I’ll outline a step-by-step process to help you write an outstanding cover letter.

And the best part? This article includes multiple, full-length cover letter samples. These samples will help you write a solid cover letter from characters beginning to end. One that’s good enough to secure your dream internship. Before we jump in, let’s take a look at exactly what’s included in this article : I’m sure this comes as no surprise: As a college student, you will likely apply for internships (if you haven’t already!) As you may know, students who have internship experience increase their chance of securing a full-time job offer upon graduation. Many interns actually accept offers before they even graduate. According to a study conducted by Vault, 73% of student interns said they received or expected to receive a full-time offer from their internship employer . Internships and cooperative education programs (co-ops) give you an opportunity to gain experience in your desired career field prior to essay on parents graduation. By gaining hands-on, specialized experience, you become more competitive in the job market. Internship experience is important.

To secure an internship, you need to submit a quality resumé, cover letter, and at times, additional application requirements. If you submit an outstanding application, you’ll receive an invitation to interview. And if you hit your interview out of the park, you’ll receive an in gladiator, internship or job offer. This means that believing the myth that cover letters are irrelevant can be detrimental to on parents your professional success. Your resumé and cover letter are the foundation of your success as a job applicant. Your cover letter basically exists to tell a company, “Hey, I really, really, really want this internship.” In a more professional way, of course.

A professional cover letter is an How Women Cope Cancer Challenges Essay, important document to send in with your résumé when applying to on parents a job. Play Should College Athletes! It provides additional information about why you are the best candidate for the job. After the employer reads your cover letter, you want them to read your resumé, check out your LinkedIn profile, visit your online portfolio, or better yet, do all three. On nearly every social media site, the first thing you do is essay, create a profile, or at minimum, a username. Let’s take Instagram for example. When you land on Play College Athletes, an Instagram profile for the very first time, you quickly scan the user’s bio and the photos at the top of on parents their feed. If you aren’t immediately engaged by what you see, you probably won’t come back. Follow for breathing a follow? No thanks. The same thing happens in the job search. Your cover letter acts as your Instagram bio.

Your cover letter offers a first impression of who you are as a professional and what you’re all about. It’s your chance to essay on parents grab a recruiter’s attention. This means your cover letter has to be good! While you unfortunately can’t use emojis to amplify your cover letter, you can still make your cover letter interesting to read. It’s your job to engage the hiring manager, recruiter, or search committee.

In a sense, you want them to history of performance enhancing follow you. You want them to double-tap your activity and leave comments like, “We would love to essay hire you!” If you’re thinking, “ But that’s not always the history of performance enhancing drugs case. People don’t always read cover letters .” You’re right. There are definitely recruiters who don’t read cover letters. But for every recruiter who doesn’t read your cover letter, there’s a recruiter who bases their entire hiring decision on how good your cover letter is. I recently talked to a hiring manager who was shocked at the number of essay applicants who didn’t submit a cover letter along with their resumé. She said, “I will NEVER hire an applicant who doesn’t submit a cover letter.

It’s not that they’re unqualified, but I can’t put the experience on their resumé into context.” Don’t make that mistake. Particularly if your previous work experience doesn’t say a lot about how you’ll be a great fit for the company that you’re applying to. If you truly want an for Little Criminals, internship, you need a cover letter. Not spending time on your cover letterbecause you assume it’s not going to essay be readcan be incredibly costly. And not hearing back from characters in gladiator a company after you submit your application gets old really quickly. So, what’s the purpose of a cover letter anyway? The purpose of essay on parents a cover letter is wilbur the writer, 3-fold:

Introduce yourself to essay a prospective employer. Communicate your interest in a specific position and company. Explain how you’re a well-qualified candidate for the internship position. If done right, your cover letter will serve an actual purpose (beyond checking off an richard wilbur, application requirement or turning in a class assignment). Your cover letter can get you an on parents, interview. If you’re familiar with how to write a resumé, you know the purpose of a resumé is to communicate your achievements to a potential employer. Unlike a cover letter, a resumé never uses personal pronouns like “I” or “Me”. Instead of saying, “I created a social media campaign,” a resumé states, “Created social media campaign”. Because of for Little Essay this traditional formatting, it can be difficult for internship applicants to express their personality.

“I feel like my resumé makes me sound super boring.” Guess who’s here to save the day? The misunderstood cover letter. For some reason, cover letters don’t get the love they deserve. But cover letters are actually pretty cool. They can help you tell your professional story. Let’s look at an example. Say your resumé includes the following entry: Volunteer, Community Food Pantry. Inspect and sort 100 pounds of on parents food donations per week to ensure they meet quality and safety standards. While that’s a solid resumé bullet point, it doesn’t tell the entire story of Cope with Cancer Major Challenges Essay why you chose to volunteer and on parents, what your experience with the food pantry taught you.

The bullet point doesn’t discuss how volunteering changed you as a person, or influenced your professional goals, and most importantly, it doesn’t discuss how volunteering will help you excel at your internship position. If we assume this volunteer experience is wilbur the writer, relevant to essay on parents the internship you’re applying for, your cover letter provides a great opportunity to tell this story in more detail. Here’s a good example of what you could write in your cover letter: “Through my volunteer work with the Community Food Pantry, I discovered my passion for nonprofit business. Each week, I collaborate with ten other volunteers to history enhancing sort food donations. I am dedicated to on parents ending poverty and hunger and would be thrilled to intern with the history of performance enhancing Hunger Relief Organization.” Being able to tell your story is what makes a cover letter incredibly valuable. This can set you apart as an essay on parents, applicant and of performance, most importantly, help you secure your dream internship or job! Before I explain how to format your cover letter , let’s review the three primary goals : Introduce yourself to a prospective employer. Communicate your interest in a position and company. Explain how you’re a well-qualified candidate for the position. Let’s look at each goal in on parents more detail.

Goal 1: Introduce yourself to How Women Cope with Cancer Major Challenges Essay a prospective employer. The first goal is pretty straightforward. In your cover letter, you need to formally introduce yourself to the hiring team. You can accomplish this in essay a single, well-crafted sentence. Below are two good examples: Example 1: “As a sophomore majoring in social work at for Pay: College University of essay Southern California, I am passionate about supporting vulnerable individuals and groups.” At a minimum, you should include your year in school (or when you plan to for Little graduate), along with your degree, major, minor, or area of study. Goal 2: Communicate your interest in a position and company. A second requirement is to communicate your interest in the position and company.

Always tailor your cover letter with the essay exact position title and the name of the company you’re applying to. Here are two great examples: Example 1: “When I discovered the psychology internship with the Counseling Center on, I was excited by Lullabies Essay, the opportunity to gain exposure to the field of psychology alongside experienced psychologists and counselors.” After you introduce yourself and communicate your interest in the position and company, there is one additional piece of information you must include. Don’t miss this step:

Goal 3: Explain how you’re a well-qualified candidate. This is the most common mistake students make. You need to connect the dots for an employer of essay how your journey and experiences make you the best candidate for the position. Don’t just say, “I’m the best candidate”. Prove it. Explain what makes you well-qualified. Share the experiences and courses that have prepared you to be an effective, productive, outstanding professional with their company. Let’s look at an example. Say a company is seeking a graphic design intern. In the wilbur job description, the company outlines their minimum requirements: an essay on parents, intern who understands how to use Adobe Creative Suite, can effectively collaborate with a dynamic team, and understands basic design and marketing principles.

Here’s one way to demonstrate how you’re the enhancing right pick for on parents the job: My coursework, campus involvement, and professional experience make me a well-qualified applicant for this position. Coursework . I have completed courses in Graphic Design and in gladiator, Photoimaging. On Parents! As a result, I am proficient in Play Should Athletes Adobe Creative Suite. Campus involvement. For the past two years, I have been a member of the Graphic Design Club. Essay On Parents! We collaborate to create websites and marketing materials for nonprofit organizations.

Professional experience. As an employee with the Office of Fraternity and how does exercise rate, Sorority Affairs, I design marketing materials for on-campus events including Greek Week, along with various philanthropic events. There you have it! Introduce yourself to a prospective employer, communicate your interest in a position and company, and on parents, most importantly, explain why you’re a well-qualified applicant. Now that you understand the for Little Criminals Essay core components to any cover letter, let’s explore what makes each type of essay on parents cover letter unique. What types of cover letters are there? As a college student, you should know about three different types of cover letters: Internship Cover Letters Entry-Level Cover Letters Cover Letters for jobs where you do not have any relevant experience. I’ll outline what makes each of these cover letters unique and explain exactly how to characters in gladiator write a cover letter tailored to an internship and an entry-level position. I’ll also show you how to solve the problem of not having “relevant” experience. What makes an on parents, internship cover letter unique?

By definition, an internship is characters in gladiator, a position in an organization where a student or trainee can gain work experience. While the organization does not expect you to come in with years of essay experience, they expect you to come ready to learn. Though you’re undoubtedly contributing to the organization as an Lullabies for Little Essay, intern, internships provide an opportunity for you to learn while gaining hands-on experience in your desired field. So what’s the bottom line? An internship cover letter must explain what you want to learn and why you want to learn it. Tell the organization how their specific internship complements your academics. Outline why you’re interested in joining the organization. Explain how the on parents internship will help you develop as a professional and with Challenges Essay, set you up for success upon graduation. But don’t forget, you also need to communicate mutual benefit. On Parents! While you want to grow as a professional, you need to add value to their team too. So it’s important that you tell the company exactly what you can bring to their organization (in addition to what you want to Lullabies for Little Criminals Essay learn).

Let’s look at essay on parents a couple of examples: Example 1: “I am excited by history, the chance to contribute to ABC Company and essay, am prepared to engage in continuous learning. For Pay: Should! I intentionally pursue professional development and value non-stop growth as described by essay on parents, the internship description.” Example 2: “Shadowing case managers and with Cancer Challenges, attending mental health meetings seems like an incredibly beneficial experience. I am excited by the chance to contribute to your organization and am prepared to engage in continuous learning.” Both examples not only explain what the applicant is excited to learn, but also each applicant mentions how they’re excited to contribute to essay on parents the organization. Enhancing! Explaining what you want to learn is an essential component to writing a cover letter for an internship or co-op experience. What makes an entry-level cover letter unique?

If you’re in your last year of college, then this section is for you. You’re preparing to on parents start a full-time job upon How Women Cope with Major, graduation. Congrats! An entry-level cover letter differs slightly from an internship cover letter. While it’s still important to communicate how the position aligns with your professional goals, you need to emphasize why you’re well-qualified for the position. At the beginning of this article, I outlined how to demonstrate your qualifications. You need to essay explain what experiences and courses have prepared you to be an history enhancing, effective, productive, outstanding professional with their company. Your cover letter should answer the on parents following questions: Why are you well-prepared for characters the position?

What specific experiences prepared you for the position? How has your academic coursework provided the knowledge to excel in this entry level role? Entry-level positions are undoubtedly competitive. You need to market yourself effectively and communicate your value to essay an employer. Convince them to hire you!

How do I write a cover letter if I don’t have relevant experience? If you don’t have “relevant” experience, come on down off that ledge. I’ve heard it before: “I can’t get a job without experience, but I can’t get experience without a job.” Yes, you can. Here’s how: Let’s say you want to apply for a marketing internship.

Below are the requirements of the exercise breathing internship as outlined by the job description: Sophomore or junior standing Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in on parents business, communications, advertising, or related field Strong teamwork, communication, and critical thinking skills. Familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite Experience with SPSS. Pretend you’re currently a sophomore at a large, public university. Because classes fill up quickly, you haven’t taken any major-specific courses. This year you completed Business 101 and Management 105, but you have zero marketing experience. Beyond classes, you’re an of performance enhancing, active member of an on-campus organization called Women in Business, but in terms of essay work experience, you only have a part-time waitressing job on the weekends. You’re still qualified. This is Play Should College Athletes, where transferrable skills come in. A transferable skill is a skill that is relevant regardless of the position you are applying for. You take these skills from job to job.

Common examples of transferable skills include teamwork, organization, communication, time management, and leadership. Think back to the example above. As a waitress, you collaborate with wait staff, provide customer service to restaurant patrons, and on parents, communicate effectively to ensure orders are submitted correctly. Are you thinking: “Okay, but how is that relevant to marketing?” The internship outlined above requires strong teamwork skills.

You have those. It’s your job to demonstrate your ability to work in a team. Here’s an history drugs, example of what you could write in your cover letter: “As a member of essay on parents Women in Business, a 60-person student-run organization, I collaborate with my peers to Cope Cancer Challenges Essay plan leadership events and bring speakers to campus. In addition, as a waitress at Good Food Restaurant, I work with a 6-person team to ensure high-quality service and satisfied guests. I enjoy collaborating with colleagues and would appreciate the opportunity to learn alongside your team of experienced marketing professionals.”

You have the skills. You just have to prove it. Even if you don’t have hours of specialized work experience in your field of study, you have more transferable skills than you realize. Give yourself some credit. At this point, we’ve already covered quite a bit. You understand what a cover letter is, what purpose it serves, and why you need one as a college student. You know three types of on parents cover letters and what makes each type unique. You also understand how to leverage transferable skills when you don’t have “relevant” experience. Let’s get to the actual writing. How should you format your cover letter?

Whichever type of cover letter is most appropriate for Challenges Essay youinternship, entry level, or no relevant experiencethe fundamentals remain the same. While you want to stand out and be creative, there are a few specifications you need to abide by. In this section I’ll discuss the following: length, margins, font size, font style, color, quantity of paragraphs, and bullet point usage. (We've gone into even more detail about the different cover letter formats in our Cover Letter Format Guide for Internships article) Length: As I’ve mentioned, a cover letter gives you a chance to tell your story. But slow down. Essay On Parents! You aren’t writing a novel. A cover letter should never be longer than one, single-spaced page. In terms of word count, your letter will typically be only 200-400 words. Margins : It’s best to Lullabies for Little Essay use standard 1-inch margins, but you may use margins as small as .5 inches. Whatever you choose, be sure the essay on parents margin size is Cancer Major Challenges, consistent on all sides.

Font : When choosing a font, make sure it’s easy to read. Some appropriate fonts include Arial, Calibri, Garamond, Georgia, Tahoma, or Times New Roman. Stay away from fancy curls and fonts that only belong on horror movie posters. As a way to brand yourself, you may choose a different font for your name in the header of your cover letter. Other than this exception, be sure to use the same font throughout for consistency’s sake. Font Size: Use size 10- to 12-point font. This will ensure the font is large enough to read, but small enough to create a professional and polished look. Color : Unless you’re a graphic design major or a creative professional, you’ll typically use black font. If you’re applying to essay on parents a creative industry, a tasteful splash of color may be appropriate (recommendations are covered at the end of this article in more detail). Characters In Gladiator! If you’re printing your cover letter to mail or use at a career fair, use black ink on white, cream, or ivory paper.

Left align each paragraph. There is no need to essay on parents indent the first sentence of each paragraph. Instead “Return/Enter” between each paragraph. How Does Exercise Affect Rate! This will create a balance of text and whitespace, making your cover letter easier to read. Bullet Points: Some resumés use a lot of essay bullet points to outline someone’s accomplishments, but can bullet points be used on a cover letter? Sparingly. Use bullet points to briefly summarize information where appropriate.

For example, you may write something like this: My academic background, communication skills, and leadership experience have prepared me well for characters this computer science internship. Academic background. I have completed courses in computer science, statistics, and systems programming resulting in essay a 3.9 Major GPA. Communication skills. As the history enhancing professional development chair of on parents University of Southern California’s Computer Science student organization, I develop and facilitate computer science presentations. Leadership experience. Exercise Affect! This year, my classmates elected me as the sophomore representative for essay on parents the college student government assembly.

Bullet points can be an Cope, effective way to essay communicate multiple qualifications, while abiding by the one-page length requirement. Those are the basic style guidelines when it comes to creating a cover letter. History Of Performance! Now let’s check out the key sections of a letter. What are the essay key sections of your cover letter? The following are essential cover letter sections: header, date, greeting, company address, and How Women Cope Cancer Challenges Essay, salutation.

I’ll define each section and discuss exactly what to essay on parents include. Richard Wilbur! I’ll also share detailed examples of on parents what to write. Header : A cover letter header is the information at the top of your cover letter. It includes your name and contact information, the date you’re applying, and the company’s mailing address. In the header, it’s important to include your full name. If you’re in the process of changing your name, plan to change your name during the history of performance enhancing recruitment process, or recently changed your name, it may be appropriate to include your new name with your former name in parentheses. If your name is on parents, “Elizabeth” and richard wilbur the writer, you go by “Beth,” then it’s entirely acceptable to essay on parents use Beth on your documents. If your legal name is “Wayne” and you prefer to go by “Thomas,” then you may write it as “Thomas (Wayne) Johnson” to avoid any confusion. When it comes to history of performance enhancing drugs contact information, you should include your email address and on parents, a phone number where the company can reach you with follow-up questions, or to schedule an interview.

You may also choose to include a URL link to How Women with Major Essay your LinkedIn profile or an online portfolio showcasing your work. Here’s the most important part: You must use a professional email address. Your school email address is a good option. If you prefer to use a personal email, make sure it’s professional. While you want to stand out, a creative email address like alliecat@ or iwantajob@ isn’t the way to do it. Create a generic johnsmith1@ account, or use the .edu email address provided by your university. Unprofessional email addresses get resumés rejected more than 75% of the time.

Date : After you include your name and contact information, you need to on parents include the date you’re applying for the position. Right-align the date in for Pay: Should College the space below below your name and contact information. Company Address: While you probably won’t snail mail your cover letter, as a professional document, tradition tells us to include the company mailing address. Although you’re not typically submitting a hard copy of essay on parents your resumé, after sending off your application, it’s in the possession of human resources. You don’t know if it will be printed, mailed, sent to How Women Cope with Cancer Major Essay another department for review, or any combination of these scenarios. Essay! Determine the company name, mailing address, and Play, department (if applicable). Essay! Left-align this information after the for Pay: Athletes Be Paid? date. Greeting : The most appropriate option for a greeting is ‘Dear’.

It’s also advantageous to refer to the hiring manager by their name in your salutation. For example, “Dear Ms. Mary Johnson,”. When writing the essay on parents salutation, ensure the name and title are correct. For example, a person with the name ‘Taylor’, may prefer the title Mr., Ms., Mrs., or none of the how does affect rate above. Make sure you use the essay on parents correct title before their surname. History Drugs! If you don’t know what to use, opt for their first and last name only. Salutation: Don’t use “To Whom It May Concern”, or “Dear Sir/Madam”. Do your homework and figure out the “Whom” actually entails. If you’re lucky, a company will list a contact person near the bottom of the job description. Use this contact name in your cover letter.

If the company does not specify who the essay hiring manager or recruiter is, still do not resort to, “To Whom It May Concern”. In this case, here’s what you should do: After thoroughly reviewing the job description, work up the courage to call human resources. HR is of performance, your friend, so there’s no need to be anxious. Here’s what you could say: “Hi, I’m preparing an application for your open internship position #12345.

I’m wondering who the on parents hiring manager is for this position.” Oftentimes, human resources will provide you with the information. Other times, they may say, “Just address it to HR.” In this case, I recommend using “Dear Hiring Manager and Search Committee” as your salutation. Now that we’ve covered the history enhancing basic formatting rules and the core sections of a cover letter, let’s talk about an incredibly important rule for every cover letter you write. Don’t forget this: You must tailor your cover letter to every single position and essay, unique company you apply to. What does it mean to tailor a cover letter? Tailoring a cover letter is exactly what it sounds like.

A tailor, or a person who alters clothing, adjusts clothing to fit unique, individual people. Richard Wilbur! A shirt tailored for Person A will not fit Person B as well as it fits Person A. You should take the on parents same approach when writing a cover letter. It’s kind of like giving a birthday gift. While you could safely give any person a gift of cash, it can come off as impersonal (like you forgot it was even their birthday). Why? Because it’s a generic gift. Just as you would avoid giving a generic gift to your best friend. You should avoid giving a generic cover letter to your dream employer. In short, you should never submit the exact same cover letter to more than one position or company. Tailoring a cover letter requires additional effort on your behalf.

You need to conduct company research and understand the how does affect rate position inside and out. You’ll use this information to on parents create a unique cover letter that is appropriate for a specific job and wilbur, a unique company. If you’re thinking, “How would one company know if I send them the essay on parents same exact cover letter I sent another company?” Truth be told, they probably won’t find out. Of Performance Enhancing! But that’s not the essay on parents point. If your cover letter is so generic that you can submit it to multiple positions at different companies, it’s not unique enough. The recruiter will immediately recognize your cover letter as a generic template, and it will end up in the trash can. Let’s go back to the birthday gift analogy.

When you purchase a birthday gift for your best friend, you most likely base your decision on a few things: What are they interested in? What do they enjoy? What do they need? What do they want? You then use what you know about your friend to inform your decision of what to buy. Characters! It’s the same when it comes to writing a cover letter.

You must conduct company research to answer similar questions: What type of essay on parents candidate is the Cope with Major Challenges Essay company interested in? What does the on parents company value and enjoy? What needs and pain points does the company need to solve? What does the company want from you as an applicant? To be successful, you must integrate the for Little Criminals answers to essay these questions into your cover letter. Characters! While some of the content in each letter will undoubtedly overlap, do your best to create unique content for each position.

While the term ‘research’ can be intimidating, I have good news: You don’t have to be a scientist to do good research. To conduct company research, there are a few key resources: Explore the company website. Google the company to discover current events. Visit websites such as, where candidates, current employees, and former employees rate companies. Some examples of what you may research are the on parents company mission, vision, or recent news. You’re looking for information that is relevant to the position and details that make you excited about the characters in gladiator company. At this point, you understand what a cover letter is and what it means to tailor your cover letter.

This cover letter template is not tailored to any specific company or position. This is essay, a bad, scratch that, TERRIBLE cover letter: To Whom It May Concern, I am writing to richard apply for an internship I recently found on your website. I believe I am the essay best candidate for this position based on my academic coursework and how does affect rate, my relevant experience. I match exactly what you are looking for in a candidate. As a college student, I understand how to essay use Microsoft Word and Excel. I am passionate, detail oriented, and hard-working. Drugs! I am really excited about the on parents opportunity to join your company. Attached you will find my resumé which explains my experience in further detail. Thank you for your time.

I look forward to the possibility of interviewing. It may be more appropriate to exercise rate end that letter with, “I am sincerely boring,” but you get the point. In brief, this is on parents, what is Lullabies for Little Criminals Essay, wrong with the above example: X No header (i.e. applicant name, contact information, date, company address) X Generic and outdated salutation (i.e. “To Whom It May Concern”) X Cliché and essay, boring introduction. X No mention of the internship title. X No mention of the company name.

X No proof as to why the richard applicant is the “best candidate” X Applicant includes generic skills (i.e. Microsoft Office and Excel) Don’t write a cover letter like this. You will put the recruiter to sleep. Minneapolis, MN 12345. Fashion and Design. New York City, NY 56789. Dear Ms. Debra Glod,

When I discovered the fashion internship with XYZ Company on on parents,, I was excited by the opportunity to complement my coursework with experience in a fast-paced environment. As a junior majoring in Fashion Merchandising at University of Southern California, I am passionate about creating original concepts and how does, executing designs. My leadership experience, design coursework, and creative portfolio make me a well-qualified applicant for this position. Leadership experience. As the President of the on-campus student organization, Fashion and Business, I produce an on parents, annual fashion show with over 30 models and 250 attendees. Design coursework.

I have a 3.9 Major GPA after taking introduction to textiles, fashion sketching, computer-aided fashion design, and advanced apparel development. Creative portfolio. My portfolio includes original sketches and drawings created in Adobe Illustrator. It can be viewed by visiting As described by the internship description, I am eager to Cancer Essay grow into a bold and interactive designer. I believe your organization provides a rewarding opportunity to engage in continuous learning. My enclosed resumé expands on my leadership experience and academic coursework. As I prepare for a career in fashion, I am dedicated to understanding the field by collaborating with an experienced design and production team. Thank you for your time and consideration.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. In brief, this is a great example because it includes the following: ? Name, contact information, date, and essay, company address. ? Tailored salutation including the hiring manager’s first and last name. ? Unique introduction that communicates the applicant’s interest and passion in the position, company, and industry. ? Specific internship title “Fashion Internship” ? Company name, “XYZ Company” ? Use of the term “well-qualified applicant” vs. “best candidate” ? Unique skills that are relevant to richard wilbur the position (i.e. leadership, design, and creative work) ? Description of the essay on parents applicant’s desire to for Pay: Should Be Paid? Essay grow as a professional. Use this as a model when crafting your letter. What to include in your actual cover letter? Now I’m going to walk you through a 4-step process for on parents writing a cover letter. Of Performance! This process helps you narrow down your experience and determine what is most relevant to the position and company. You only have one page to communicate how you match exactly what the on parents employer is looking for in a candidate.

Let’s use a 4-step process to accomplish this task. Step 1: Highlight the job description. Step 2: Select three job responsibilities you want to focus on in your cover letter. Step 3: Identify three of your accomplishments that are relevant to how does affect rate those responsibilities. Step 4: Connect your accomplishments to the qualifications the employer seeks. I’ll take you through each step and describe exactly what to do. This is an essay, effective way to write a cover letter. Let’s jump in!

Step 1: Highlight the job description. You may be asking, “What’s the point of this?”. As you already know, the the writer purpose of a cover letter is to get a potential employer to read your resumé. You do this by demonstrating how you match exactly what they’re looking for. Well, what are they looking for? The answer to this question is in the job description. The purpose of this step is to determine the essay on parents most important requirements. To highlight the job description, either print a hard copy and grab an actual highlighter, or copy and paste the contents of the for Little Criminals job description into your favorite word processing program. On Parents! You should make note of the following: Core responsibilities Required qualifications Preferred qualifications Keywords Patterns and themes. A job description will typically label the core responsibilities, required qualifications, and preferred qualifications.

Those should be easy to determine. That being said, there won’t be a section labeled “Keywords” or “Themes.” This is where you have to do a little work. It’s your job to read through the job description and determine what is most important to the employer. In Gladiator! Ask yourself the following questions: What words are repeated throughout the on parents job description?

What responsibilities are emphasized in the job description? Let’s look at the following example of characters in gladiator a job description for a marketing internship. The example outlines responsibilities, minimum qualifications, and preferred characteristics. Carefully read through each section. Marketing Internship Job Description.

Conduct social media marketing campaigns Collect quantitative and on parents, qualitative data Perform market analysis and research on competitors Collaborate with co-interns and marketing team to analyze data Support marketing team in daily administrative tasks Present findings to marketing team. Sophomore or junior standing Pursuing a bachelor’s degree Interested in marketing and/or business-related career Effective writing and verbal communication skills. Pursuing a degree in marketing, business, graphic design, communications, or a related area of How Women with Cancer Major Challenges study. When you review this job description, a few things should be obvious. You know the employer is essay, looking for an intern who is interested in social media marketing and Cope Cancer Major Challenges Essay, data analysis.

After further review, you can also make an additional conclusion: Conclusion : The company seeks an essay, intern who is an effective communicator. Clues : The job description not only requires someone with “effective writing and verbal communication skills”, but the intern must also be able to collaborate with colleagues and drugs, present findings to the marketing team. Essay! Both of these responsibilities require a heightened level of communication. That’s a pattern or theme. After reviewing the job description in detail, you observe a common thread, pattern, or theme regarding one skill across multiple bullet points. Use this knowledge to Cope Cancer Major your advantage. Dedicate several sentences in your cover letter to proving how you’re an effective communicator. For example, you may write: “After reviewing the job description, it is clear that XYZ Company values effective communication. If hired as the Marketing Intern, I would leverage my experience in Toastmasters International, a non-profit organization dedicated to on parents helping members develop public speaking and leadership skills. I have a proven ability to communicate messages effectively and would apply this ability as a Marketing Intern.”

Let’s say you highlight the job description and determine there are ten core responsibilities and qualifications the employer wants. Do you write about history all ten? Probably not. If you remember correctly, a cover letter can only be one page long. You cannot adequately cover ten different requirements in a single page. So how do you determine which skills to focus on? This is where step two comes in. Step 2: Select which job responsibilities you want to focus on. After you review the job description in detail and highlight the most important parts, you need to choose which of the many responsibilities you want to essay on parents focus on in your cover letter. Unless the job description is very shortand the company only highlights three requirementsit’s unlikely you will be able to discuss every single requirement in characters your cover letter. Here’s what you do:

Determine what the company values the most . What does the company emphasize in the job description? Take into consideration your own experience and qualifications. If the on parents job requires communication, teamwork, accounting, and customer service, and you’re not confident in for Pay: Should College Athletes Be Paid? your accounting skills, then you don’t need to focus on that requirement in on parents your cover letter. At the how does affect breathing rate same time, if accounting skills are listed as a minimum required qualification, then you’re not qualified for the internship. Take time to narrow down not only what is essay on parents, most important from the in gladiator company’s perspective, but also what you are most qualified for. To simplify the writing process, I recommend choosing three job responsibilities to focus on. Once you do this, you’re ready for step three. Step 3: Identify specific accomplishments that are relevant to on parents those responsibilities.

After you’ve identified three job responsibilitiesas outlined in how does affect the job descriptionyou now need to identify specific accomplishments that are relevant to those responsibilities. You should only highlight the most relevant accomplishments. Not necessarily the most exciting achievement, but instead, the accomplishments and activities that are closely related to what you would actually be doing with the company. After choosing three requirements and three accomplishments, you’re ready for essay step four. Step 4: Connect your accomplishments to the qualifications they seek. In a sense, you need to put together the pieces of the puzzle. You need to demonstrate how your skills and accomplishments match what the company is looking for. You have three responsibilities and three accomplishments. Connect the dots. History Of Performance! We’ll look at additional examples of how to do this in the next section. How do I write the introduction, body, and closing?

As with any good story, the cover letter has a beginning, middle, and end. I will refer to these as the introduction, body, and closing. Let’s look at each section in further detail. I’ll describe how to write each section and show you real samples of essay what you could write. Th intrduction two a covr leter is wilbur the writer, crushal. If you want your cover letter to end up in the trash in essay record-breaking time, make an ugly spelling error in your first sentence. Hiring managers quickly disqualify candidates from consideration because of Should College Athletes Essay spelling errors.

The core components of your introduction include the following: 1) Briefly introduce why you’re writing. 2) Give a short overview of who you are. 3) Tailor the essay on parents introduction to the company and position. If you want to immediately bore a recruiter, open your letter with, “I am writing to apply for”. As one of the most common introductions, that’s not an effective way to stand out from the of performance other applicants. Even if you spend significant time tailoring the rest of your cover letter, a recruiter may assume you submitted a template because the phrase is so overused. It’s cookie cutter and unfortunately, we’re not making cookies. Avoid this phrase and replace it with something more creative. On Parents! Begin your cover letter with a sentence that communicates your personality, while still remaining professional. Characters In Gladiator! You can accomplish this by starting with a personal anecdote.

For example, you could write: “When I was a teaching assistant at my local middle school, I discovered my passion for working with kids. I am committed to” Don’t feel confined by what is considered standard or traditional. As long as your content is professional, you can be a little creative. This is essay, your opportunity to infuse your personality. Think of it this way:

If you were reading a cover letter, what would engage you? As you explore samples, make note of the cover letters that seem boring and those that inspire you to College Athletes Be Paid? Essay keep reading. After you engage the reader, it is important to demonstrate two things: You did your research. Essay On Parents! You tailored the letter to the specific company and position. Here are a few great examples: “When I discovered the environmental science internship on, I was immediately excited by the opportunity to join a sustainable organization like XYZ Company.” This opening sentence indicates your interest, why you’re writing, and demonstrates that you researched the How Women Cope Major Challenges company.

By including the single word “sustainable,” the company will know that you did your research, provided they’re truly a sustainable company. It may be tempting to say, “I believe I am the best candidate for essay the position.” This is an history enhancing, empty claim. Instead, use the remainder of the letter to essay prove that you are well-qualified for the position. Those are the richard wilbur building blocks of a quality introduction.

One succinct, yet engaging paragraph where you do the following: State why you are writing. Provide a brief overview of essay on parents who you are. Tailor to company and position. Give a brief overview of what you’re about to discuss in the body. If done well, the introduction will invite the recruiter to characters in gladiator continue reading. Let’s talk about what you include in the body. How do I write the body of a cover letter? After you grab the on parents recruiter’s attention with an engaging introduction, it’s time to craft a compelling body. The purpose of the body is to prove your qualifications to the reader. It’s important to be specific about your qualifications and clearly describe how they relate to the position.

This is where you need to match the Play for Pay: Should College Athletes Be Paid? Essay requirements outlined in the job description with your most relevant skills and qualifications. On Parents! Let’s look at two different examples. Here’s an example using bullet points: My academic coursework, communication skills, and leadership experience have prepared me well for this position. Academic coursework. I have completed courses in Play Should Athletes business communications, marketing, and strategic human resource management, resulting in a 3.8 GPA. Communication skills. Essay On Parents! As the professional development chair of University of Southern California’s SHRM Chapter, I develop and exercise affect breathing rate, facilitate presentations on behalf of the organization.

Leadership experience. This year, my classmates elected me as the junior representative for essay the college student government assembly. I am excited by the chance to contribute to your organization and am prepared to engage in continuous learning. I intentionally pursue professional development and value non-stop growth as described by Play Should Athletes Essay, the internship description. Here’s a traditional example (without bullet points): As outlined in the job description, it is clear you seek an intern who is familiar with human resources. Over the essay past two years, I have completed courses in business communications, marketing, and strategic human resource management, resulting in a 3.8 Major GPA.

I would leverage this understanding to advance the Human Resources division with your company. Additionally, as the professional development chair of University of Southern California’s SHRM Chapter, I develop and facilitate presentations on history of performance enhancing, behalf of the organization. I have a proven ability to communicate effectively in writing and in person. I am well prepared to present information on behalf of human resources and would enjoy learning alongside your skilled team of representatives. On Parents! I am excited by the chance to contribute to your organization and am prepared to engage in continuous learning. The most important part of the body is demonstrating how you match the requirements outlined in the job description . If you can do that, you will set yourself up for success. How do I write the characters conclusion of a cover letter? Finally, like any good letter or story, you need a well-crafted conclusion. Essay On Parents! In the closing section, you should do a few things: Summarize why you are qualified for the position. Express your appreciation for their time and consideration.

Here’s a solid example of how to wrap up a cover letter: My enclosed resumé expands on my academic coursework, communication skills, and leadership experience. As I prepare for characters a career in human resources, I am eager to gain a more detailed understanding of the essay on parents field. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to Play Should College Athletes Be Paid? hearing from you soon. That’s it. An introduction, body, and conclusion tailored to the company and position. On Parents! Prove that you can do the job and you’re incredibly excited by the opportunity. We’ve covered a lot so far. By this point, you understand what a cover letter is, the purpose, why you need one, and a step-by-step process for writing an outstanding letter tailored to a unique position and company. Now let’s check out the top 10 tips for crafting your cover letter.

Top 10 cover letter tips and hacks. Be a person. If you think back to earlier in this article, you’ll remember a common resumé concern is: “I feel like my resumé makes me super boring.” The same can happen with your cover letter. I highly recommend infusing your personality. Cope Cancer Major Challenges Essay! In addition to highlighting your skills and campus involvement, your cover letter should express your individual personality. You’re a human after all. Make sure your cover letter expresses who you are. Address the on parents right person. I shared tips for Play Athletes finding the correct person to address your cover letter to.

Make sure you not only find the on parents correct person, but adjust the Be Paid? salutation for each letter you write. Essay! It can be an awful mistake to tailor your entire cover letter and forget to look up the correct contact person. Worse yet, you leave the contact person from the with Cancer last company you applied to on your letter to a new company. Make sure you address the on parents correct person and spell their name correctly. Engage the reader at How Women Cope Cancer Major Challenges Essay the beginning. Just like a good book, the first sentence of your cover letter needs to on parents draw the characters reader in. Avoid cliché phrases like, “I am writing to apply for your internship.” Or, “I’m writing in response to your recently advertised position.” Instead, write something unique, yet professional. Share your passion.

If you have a connection with the company, don’t be afraid to essay on parents name drop. Enhancing! Name dropping is when you include the name of a friend, family member, or acquaintance who is connected to essay the company. Play For Pay: Essay! If done correctly, this may improve your credibility and your chances of essay securing the internship or full-time position. For example, you may write: “After speaking with the current principal, Kathy Johnson, at history of performance drugs your meet-and-greet event, I am incredibly excited to apply for the summer school teaching position with Unicorn Unified School District.” Name dropping can showcase your professional network, while signifying an on parents, extra level of of performance enhancing drugs effort. Focus on the most relevant examples. Do not include a comprehensive list of your college involvement. Essay On Parents! Your cover letter should not look like you turned the contents of your resumé into complete sentences and paragraphs.

Instead, choose a few relevant examples and tell a story. Be specific. Don’t write, “I conducted in-depth marketing research”. Instead write, “I used SPSS to analyze survey data.” Using generic claims and buzzwords does not add value to your cover letter. Tell the richard wilbur the writer hiring manager exactly what you did and essay, why it matters to their company.

Showcase the results of your work. Let’s extend the breathing previous example, “I used SPSS to analyze survey data.” Why did you do that? What was the result of on parents your work? And most importantly, why does it matter to how does exercise affect rate the employer? To strengthen that sentence, you could write, “I used SPSS to essay analyze survey data and better understand the target audience. This experience will be incredibly beneficial as a Marketing Intern with ABC Company. Include key ideas as outlined in the job description. Earlier in the article, I told you how to of performance enhancing determine keywords and patterns by on parents, reviewing the job description. Cope Cancer! Here’s a trick for essay on parents finding keywords. Play Should College! Use the essay on parents ‘Find’ function. The ‘Findrsquo function is a keyboard function where you press and hold Control+F (Windows), or Command+F (Mac).

After you release the buttons, a search box will appear on your screen. Type in likely keywords such as “communication” or ldquo;communicate”. Your computer will highlight every appearance of this word. In Gladiator! Determining where the word is essay, used will help you tailor your cover letter. Keep it brief. No cover letter should be longer than one page. Characters! By focusing on the most relevant skills and not reiterating your entire resumé, you’ll be well on your way to writing a succinct cover letter. At the same time, you need to find a happy medium.

Your letter should not be several sentences. Create 3-5 well-written, concise, yet detailed paragraphs. Follow the employer’s instructions. The employer’s instructions outweigh any recommendation you find online (or in this article). If the employer asks you to answer a specific question, or share your availability in the cover letter, follow their instructions. There are a few exceptions to this rule. Essay! It is against the law for an employer to ask you for how does exercise affect breathing the following information: What country are you from? Is English your first language? Do you drink socially? Are you married?

Have you ever been arrested? What religious holidays do you observe? Do you have children? If an employer requests this information (or any other information you feel uncomfortable sharing), you do not need to include that information in your application. Essay! It may be a red flag and you probably do not want to work for that company. Those are the history drugs top 10 cover letter tips and tricks! Be sure to check out our seperate article regarding cover letter tips and tricks. Next let’s check out some common cover letter pitfalls and essay, how to avoid them. Top 10 cover letter mistakes to avoid. Typos. I can’t say this too many times.

Ensure that your cover letter is free of typos. Cancer Major! Review the letter yourself, read the letter out essay, loud, and have a friend check it over. You will kill your chances of being interviewed if you make one too many mistakes. Focusing too much on yourself. A cover letter is your chance to enhancing explain why you’re qualified and passionate about the job opportunity, but it is not ALL about you. The key to a great cover letter is explaining how you can solve a problem for the employer. You need to explain why you’re interested in the company.

Be careful not to focus on essay on parents, yourself too much. Not tailoring your letter to the company or position. Generic phrases such as “Dear employer” or “I would love to work for your company” can create an altogether weak cover letter. Wilbur The Writer! Take my advice and tailor your cover letter to the specific position and company. Dissect the job description and conduct company research. You will quickly stand out as a quality applicant if you can prove your interest in the position and organization. Including taboo topics. Sometimes it can be difficult to know what’s allowable and what is taboo. While you want to add personality to your cover letter, you must avoid writing about things that are uncomfortable or irrelevant to the position. Do not include information that is considered protected class such as your religion or race.

Unless these are integral to the positionfor example, you’re applying to essay on parents be a choir director at a churchthese are unnecessary additions. Being cliché. I get it. It can be tempting to Google, “cover letter sample” and exercise affect, use a ready-made template found on the internet. While this may seem like the essay on parents easy option, it will hurt your chances of characters in gladiator securing an essay, internship or full-time job. Recruiters review resumés every day. They can immediately spot a template cover letter.

If you found the cover letter example online, so can they. Take time to write a unique cover letter that expresses your personality and How Women Cope Challenges, communicates your qualifications. Rewriting your resumé. A cover letter is not a resumé. It serves an entirely different purpose. Don’t waste cover letter space by essay on parents, simply reiterating what is on your resumé. Include a story, integrate your personality, talk about the company, and discuss your passion.

Over-explaining. Drugs! Don’t be a rambler. Take time to cut out unnecessary words and essay, phrases. Characters! Refrain from repeating the same skill multiple times with different examples. On Parents! If you want to discuss how you’re an history drugs, excellent public speaker, share one example. Remember, you submit a cover letter and resumé in hopes of securing an interview. Essay On Parents! If you receive an invitation to Play for Pay: Be Paid? interview, you’ll have the opportunity to on parents describe your experiences in further detail. Being too pushy. If you search the web for wilbur the writer cover letter samples, you’ll inevitably come across samples that say something like, I will call your office in a week to schedule an interview.

While you want to present yourself as an assertive and confident professional, that approach is typically too pushy and can hurt your chances of getting an interview. An alternative is to say, I welcome the opportunity to speak with you about how I can contribute. Essay On Parents! Or “I look forward to richard wilbur hearing from on parents you soon.” You can communicate your sincere interest without being pushy. Starting with your name. Should College Athletes Essay! While your name is an important piece of information to include on your cover letter, opening a letter with “My name is Casey Smith” takes away prime real estate. Instead, start with a relevant skill or qualification to essay grab their attention. Unless you’re a celebrity and everybody knows your name, it’s not the best option. Sharing irrelevant information.

I get it! You care about ALL the experiences you have gained. Enhancing Drugs! This attachment can make it incredibly difficult to let things go. But letting go of irrelevant information is on parents, key to writing an the writer, outstanding cover letter. Essay! Yes, it’s awesome that you volunteer with ten different organizations, but not all ten volunteer experiences are relevant to every internship or job you apply for. You need to narrow down your accomplishments and delete what is irrelevant. This will not only cut down on for Pay: Should Athletes, the fluff, it will highlight what’s truly important. There you have it. Essay On Parents! Essential tips and mistakes to avoid. Before we wrap up, I want to discuss two nontraditional cover letters and share a helpful sample.

What do nontraditional cover letters look like? By now, you understand how to characters make your cover letter unique and why it’s important to infuse your personality. There are a few industries and essay, positions that call for affect breathing an extra level of on parents creativity and design. If you’re pursuing a creative degree, this is for you. Graphic Design Cover Letter . If you’re a graphic design major, or another creative type, it’s advantageous to richard reflect this in your cover letter. But don’t forget the basics. Before you attack the design, ensure the spelling, grammar, and sentence structure is solid.

Then, take a few liberties with your design. Adjust the layout, choose the perfect typography, and add a splash of color. While you don’t want to go overboard, you should use your letter as an opportunity to demonstrate your skills. As a creative major, you should also include a link to your online portfolio. The hiring team will review your portfolio for essay on parents design basicsfrom color choice to typography, white space usage to contrast. While this is an awesome opportunity to showcase your work, it requires a heightened attention to detail. Affect Rate! Check for spelling and grammar throughout.

Video Cover Letter. A video cover letter can be a unique way to showcase your skills. Some IT companies and tech-based startups are opting for video cover letters in place of traditional letters. Just like a traditional letter, you want the content to engage the viewer and encourage them to essay on parents check out history of performance enhancing drugs, your resumé and portfolio. You’re essentially creating a movie trailer.

Where a traditional cover letter is essay on parents, bound to Play for Pay: College Be Paid? Essay one page, a video cover letter rarely exceeds 60 seconds in length. Brevity is still important. Keep in essay on parents mind the purpose of Cope Major Essay a cover letter and on parents, craft your content around these three primary goals: Introduce yourself to Play for Pay: Athletes a prospective employer. Communicate your interest in essay a position and company. Explain how you’re a well-qualified candidate for the position. What’s key here is that your personality and energy come through. Play Athletes Be Paid?! Unless you’re camera-shy, there’s no need to write an entire script. Choose a few bullet points to focus on and discuss your qualifications.

You want to come across as genuine as you can, without trying too hard! 456 Business Road. Phoenix, AZ 85001. Ms. Nichole Favret. 123 Business Street. Phoenix, AZ 85001. Dear Ms. Nichole Favret, When I discovered the accounting internship with XYZ Company on, I was excited by the opportunity to complement my coursework with practical experience.

As a junior majoring in Accounting at University of Southern California, I am enjoy compiling reports and completing audits. My academic background, communication skills, and leadership experience have prepared me well for on parents this position. Academic coursework . I have completed courses in intermediate accounting, cost accounting, business law, and Cope Major Challenges Essay, individual income tax, resulting in a 3.9 Major GPA. Communication skills . On Parents! As the professional development chair of University of Southern California’s Accounting Club, I develop and facilitate presentations on behalf of the Lullabies Criminals organization. Leadership experience . Essay On Parents! As a chapter leader of Delta Sigma Pi, a business fraternity on campus, I recruit new members and discuss the value of the in gladiator organization. I am excited by the chance to contribute to on parents your organization and the writer, am prepared to engage in continuous learning. Essay On Parents! I intentionally pursue professional development and value non-stop growth as described by the internship description.

My enclosed resumé expands on characters in gladiator, my academic coursework, communication skills, and leadership experience. As I prepare for essay on parents an accounting career, I am eager to drugs gain a more detailed understanding of the field. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon. That’s what a solid cover letter looks like from beginning to end. Check out more professional cover letter examples here. People read cover letters. As you now know, an outstanding cover letter can get you an internship. You have every tool, example, and piece of advice necessary to write a superior cover letter. Essay On Parents! You understand exactly what a cover letter is, why you need one, and most importantly, you have a step-by-step process to help you write an outstanding cover letter. Whether you’re applying for Lullabies for Little Criminals Essay a summer internship, or submitting your first application to a full-time position, you’re well prepared.

Congratulations on essay, getting this far. Set aside time to write an outstanding letter. It will be easier than you think and Essay, more rewarding than you imagine.

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The Chysalids Essay Topics and Information. Choose one of the following topics to develop into a five-paragraph essay: 1) The Chrysalids shows the dangers of essay on parents, people believing that they belong to a superior race or group. Exercise Affect Breathing Rate. Discuss this idea making reference to both the societies of Waknuk and the Sealand. 2) One of the themes of The Chrysalids is that blind acceptance of traditions and essay, strict social conformity leads to the persecution and Play for Pay: College Essay, destruction of fellow human beings. Discuss how this idea is illustrated in the novel. 3) Compare and contrast the realtionships of Sophie and Rosalind with that of Professor Xavier and Magneto. 4) Discuss David as a dynamic character and how he changes throughout the storyline. What factors lead to him abandoning his family and starting a new life in essay on parents Sealand? 5) What impact does being an richard wilbur, outcast have on shaping Sophie's character's perspective? Consider her personality, values, her influences, relationships, motivations, beliefs, realizations and flaws and so on.

6) Compare the Wender family with Strorms. Look at the role each member of the family plays and how members of the essay on parents, family relate to one another. 7) In the film X-Men, Magneto says of the mutation law Let them pass that law and they'll have you in chains with a number burned into your forehead. Discuss the reality of this in Waknuk in comparison to what is happening in Play Essay the film. There are many different conflicts present throughout the novel that you may want to consider using to help formulate your essay. David vs. Himself : David is a mutant as a telepath, but at essay on parents first believes the doctrines of “watch thou for the mutant!”. At the same time, he also cannot bring himself to fear mutants when he meets them, such as Sophie. How Women With Major Challenges Essay. When he realizes he is a mutant too, he is forced to confront his religious beliefs, and partly discard them. Rosalind vs.

Herself: Rosalind is on parents, self-reliant and hard on richard the writer, the outside, protecting herself from emotional harm and detection as a telepath. However, her real self is inside, ready to on parents, jump out to David and once they reach New Zealand. Emily Strorm vs. Herself : Emily (David’s mother) is a strong Christian, fears mutants, and is indignant when her sister, Harriet, approaches her asking to borrow Petra to get her own baby a normalcy certificate. However, once Emily realizes that she is not so far from Harriet’s position, feeling the love for her own baby, she must ask herself if she really can believe the rules against of performance mutants and the ruthless adherence to these rules. The inspector vs.

Himself : the inspector believes that he must root out on parents, mutations, but he has some humanity to him as well. He thinks Strorm, David’s father, is a bigot and Lullabies Criminals, a fool. He also sympathizes with David, refusing to let Joseph whip David with the inspector’s whip, and comforting David about Sophie. Anne vs. Herself: Anne is one of the telepaths, but her fear of getting caught and desire to be normal and wanted motivates her, ill-fatedly, to marry Alan and reveal her knowledge of the telepaths. Uncle Axel vs. Essay. Himself : Axel is a part of the normal society, but he is open-minded and Cope with Cancer Essay, refuses to adhere to the rules about mutants. He even goes so far as to kill Alan Ervin to protect the telepaths. David vs. Father : Father is the on parents, most devout of Christians in the community, and dutifully and quite insanely turns to kill Petra and Rosalind. David cannot abide by his father’s extreme beliefs.

As a telepath, David becomes an object of his father’s fear of richard, evil. David vs. Alan : David is open-minded and sees Sophie as only on parents, another human being. Alan is for Little, sadistic; he wants to catch Sophie because he enjoys the hunt and has no concern for human suffering. He is the ugly product of a society based on hatred and on parents, fear. David vs. The Spider Man : David is Rosalind’s true lover. The Spider Man lustfully desires Rosalind, also wanting to characters in gladiator, use her to reproduce. David loves Rosalind truly and resents the Spider Man’s ruthless desires and intention to rape Rosalind. Joseph Strorm vs.

Angus Morton : Joseph represents tradition and essay, adherence to old values. Angus is progressive, but is as antagonistic as Joseph, as they battle each other. Joseph Strorm vs. Harriet (David’s aunt) : Harriet can discard religion when she sees that it is ruthless and blind. Joseph rigidly adheres to religion, unable to see his situation from a detached point of view. Joseph Strorm vs.

The inspector : Joseph is Criminals, even more extreme than the government laws. He wants the essay on parents, great-horses destroyed even when the government approves. He is too harsh even for the government, whom Strorm feels is too weak and liberal. The inspector must enforce the laws about mutation, but must guard against extremism from people like Strorm. This is why he calls Strorm a bigot and a fool, and refuses to let Strorm whip David using the inspector’s whip. David vs. Alan Ervin : Alan Ervin is a ruthless person, and wants to catch Sophie. David is a liberal-minded, humanitarian person, who defends Sophie from the aggressive Alan. David (and the for Pay: Should Be Paid? Essay, telepaths) are in conflict with Alan later as he is on parents, ready to expose the telepaths, but Axel kills Alan first. Rosalind vs. Sophie : They are suspicious of each other.

Sophie is suspicious of Rosalind because the Spider Man chose Rosalind over Sophie. Sophie resents Rosalind for her beauty and her normal, attractive appearance. Sophie loves David but feels she has nothing to truly offer him anymore unlike Rosalind. The Sealand woman vs. The normal army : She, as a superior variant of humanity, fights and quickly overcomes the normal army. David vs. How Women Cancer Major Essay. Society : David is raised according to on parents, society’s laws and at first believes them, but finds that society’s laws are ruthless, short-sighted, and unfair, and eventually, they exclude him from history society. The telepaths vs. Society : The telepaths are functional, appear normal and are superior to essay on parents, normal people. They are an evolutionary advancement; however, they are oppressed and sometimes killed by a fearful and primitive society.

Harriet vs. Society : Harriet is a normal person, but her love and compassion cause her to reject the harsh, narrow-minded, fear-mongering views of society, and decide not to submit her baby for inspection. Emily vs. Society : Emily follows society’s rules, but secretly questions the society’s laws after her sister flees in anger and fear. Joseph Strorm vs. Society : David’s father is more devout than the rest in his generation. He feels that deviation is the wilbur the writer, natural sign of evil, and he wants to fight it everywhere.

However, he feels society is too tolerant and essay, is letting evil spread. Sophie vs. Society : Sophie is Play for Pay: Should Be Paid?, mutated only by having a sixth toe on each foot. She is essay on parents, effectively normal, and How Women Challenges, is a good girl. However, she is cast out from society because of her toes, and is sentenced to a squalid, brutish life in the fringes. She comes to hate society for what has happened to her, shown by her resentment for Rosalind and what she percieves as Rosalind's perfection. Uncle Axel vs. Society : Axel is on parents, normal, but has a liberal, open-minded attitude to mutants.

He doesn’t agree with society, but he must appear to for Little Essay, so that he can survive and do some good for David and the others. Anne vs. Society : As a telepath, she is part of a very limited group. She fears that society will reject her as a telepath, so she struggles to become part of society by marrying a normal person (Alan) and shutting herself off from the other telepaths. Her own feelings of guilt for doing this actually cause her to kill herself, and try to on parents, destroy the in gladiator, other telepaths by revealing their names in a suicide note, which Rachel luckily finds. David vs. God (Christianity) : David disagrees with the laws motivated by the people’s religious beliefs. On Parents. David must ask himself if it is God’s will that mutants be destroyed, or agree with the of performance enhancing, New Zealand woman that God intends change. Joseph Strorm vs. God : Joseph fears God’s tribulation, a further punishment, so he works against mutants to on parents, try to prevent another divine punishment.

Joseph Strorm vs. Satan : He fears that Satan creates mutants as flawed attempts to get evil agents into humanity. Like many people, Strorm fears the evil in the world, and richard wilbur the writer, looks hard to find some symbol, some icon, to blame for essay on parents, the world’s evils. In this case, the characters, high degree of mutation caused by on parents the radiation gives Joseph the icon that he needs to convince himself that the Devil himself is invading their society. Uncle Axel vs. God : Axel teaches David the ideas of asking what God really wants. Axel does not believe God wants the destruction of How Women Cope Major Essay, mutants. Axel expects and demands that God be sane and reasonable. The New Zealand woman vs. The unknown future : She prophecies that the telepath race will one day be forced to give way to yet another, newer species.

In this way, she must work against the unknown future, or fate, for the survival of her race. David : He is round, as the reader sees his thoughts and feelings. On Parents. He is unique, being in an original situation. He is College Essay, dynamic, because he learns that he does not believe the laws of his society about mutants, learns that he is a mutant by their standards, and learns that there is a world beyond what he has known. He is reasonably plausible, because he is a teenager adapting to a moral controversy about the definition of evil.

His actions are not out of character throughout the book, so he maintains his consistency. He is adequately motivated by on parents his friendship with Sophie and his own deviation as a telepath. Joseph Strorm : Strorm is of performance enhancing drugs, a flat character. Even though the reader sees much of on parents, his religious beliefs through dramatization, the reader gains no insight into the character’s inner self. As the main antagonist in the novel, Mr. Characters In Gladiator. Wyndham cleverly keeps this character flat so that the reader’s sympathy can be focused on David and his group, and on the author’s message.

Joseph might my stereotyped as a fundamental Christian except that he is in a unique situation, so he is not stereotyped. Strorm is completely static throughout the novel, never wavering in his ruthless practices against mutations. Strorm is totally consistent because he never changes his mind, much less act out of character. He is plausible, not because his actions are reasonable (which they’re not), but because extreme, fundamental Christians exist quite commonly. His severe faith and essay on parents, fear of divine punishment sufficiently motivate to the ends that he goes.

Uncle Axel : He is a round character who explains his quiet but serious disagreement with the richard wilbur the writer, society to David. He is unique in the story, having traveled as far as anyone in that society, offering a uniquely experienced point of view to David. He is not really dynamic, as he seems to disappear after the death of Alan Ervin. However, he is essay, somewhat dynamic because he accepts and richard, grows to support the telepaths even at great personal risk. His belief in reason and humanity make him a plausible character, and essay on parents, he is exercise affect, consistent in his sympathy for the telepaths and discord with the on parents, society. His love for David and hatred of bigotry and cruelty motivate him adequately to explain his actions. Sophie : She is a round character, mostly at the end, when the reader sees her upset about the Spider man wanting Rosalind. She is certainly unique, as a mutant, outlawed to the fringes when it is obvious that she is not harmful to the society she has been exiled from. With. Sophie is dynamic, starting out as an on parents, innocent child, suffering traumatic escape and exile, then becoming tough, and learning to love a deformed and ruthless man like the spider man. Sophie is entirely plausible, as a simple child.

Her transformation into wilbur, a tough fringes woman is on parents, plausible because her environment forces her to exercise affect rate, adapt. Her jealousy of Rosalind is very believable considering her exile, and lover. She is consistent, remaining a good person through exile and battle. Her exile by essay on parents a cruel society is acceptable motivation for her actions. Rosalind : She is a round character through the author’s portrayal of Rosalind’s connection with David, and her love and concern for Petra. Criminals. As a telepath, Rosalind is unique like the rest. As a strong woman character who fights but has feelings, she escapes stereotypes usually found in heroines, such as weakness and melodramatism. Rosalind is essay on parents, dynamic, starting as a young girl and growing into an adult woman, having learned that she is a telepath and mutant.

She is hunted by the normal army, knowing their intent to capture and kill her. At the very end of the book, Rosalind sheds her emotional armour and can be her true self in the new telepath society of characters, New Zealand. Rosalind is essay on parents, a plausible character, as her emotional armour and hard exterior are common traits, especially in tough women who find they must prove themselves in male-dominated world. She is consistent, supporting the other telepaths and desiring to escape. She is motivated by her need to escape detection and capture, and the need to get to a new place that accepts telepaths. The Sealand Woman : She is a flat character who remains static in history enhancing her views. She believes that her group of thought sharing people are the superior race and she does not waver in essay this idea at in gladiator any time. Her primary concern is saving Petra because Petra represents an evolution of thought sharing capabilities. While she does express a degree of remorse for having to sacrifice many lives in order to save Petra, she sees those lives as not being pivotal to the advancement of change within the world.

Her flawless exterior is on parents, matched by the shiny, highly advanced ship she appears in . Everything about this woman is made to evoke images of the future and of advancement. The Chysalids Essay Topics and richard the writer, Information. Insert links to other pages or uploaded files. Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. You don't have permission to comment on this page.

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amanda zeiher resume Students on Ice | Natural Heritage Building | 1740 Chemin Pink | Gatineau QC J9J 3N7 | | 1-866-336-6423. will be posted soon! Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Peyton Beasley is essay a fourteen-year-old 9th grade student from how does breathing rate Memphis, TN. She attends White Station High School home of the Spartans. Essay On Parents? Peyton has participated in the Duke University talent identification program for gifted students for the last two summers at Southern Mississippi University where she has studied Forensic Science and Human Anatomy and Physiology. Aside from being a very accomplished student, Peyton does many things that she really enjoys.

Singing has always been a passion of hers and she loves it more than anything. She also enjoys modeling, playing the violin, and playing volleyball. This will be her first time venturing out of the United States; she is somewhat anxious but feels this experience will give her a new outlook on how humans interact with the Play Should College Athletes Be Paid?, environment. She sees this expedition as yet another challenge she is able to overcome in her life. She feels honored to be a part of the Students on Ice Antarctic Youth Expedition 2011 and can’t wait to learn all there is to learn about Antarctica. Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Brenda is 18 years old and currently attending DePaul University. She is studying Journalism and on parents, Environmental Policy. Affect Breathing Rate? Brenda lives and grew up in Little Village, a predominately Mexican-American community in Chicago’s southwest side. Brenda’s community is home to essay, one of the only two coal power plants in Chicago, which are some of the biggest polluters and Play for Pay: Should College Be Paid? Essay, contributors to climate change. Brenda knew that the injustice faced day to essay on parents, day in Play for Pay: Should, Little Village had to change so she became an active youth member at the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization. At age 8 she was organizing, outreaching, and networking as well as working with the community to help change policy. Brenda participated in creating a Google Map of Environmental Justice, which is an interactive map with pictures and video created by on parents, youth to document the injustices that are not covered by the mainstream media. All her experiences have shaped her into the socially responsible leader that she is Cope Essay today. Brenda aspires to obtain a Ph.D. that merges her passion for Journalism and Environmental Justice. She wants to be part of Students on Ice so that she has the opportunity to learn and report on on parents, environmental issues in Antarctica. Brenda wants to help make a positive change with a group of people who care about the environment as much as she does.

San Francisco, California, USA. Mandy Bonemeyer is from San Francisco, California and is a junior at Carlmont Highschool. Characters In Gladiator? She has four siblings and is the essay, middle child. She is almost fluent in Spanish. She loves traveling.

She has traveled to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. Her favorite country that she has visited so far is Germany. Mandy is a member of Criminals Essay, her school’s choir. She enjoys singing and acting. Mandy also participates in her school’s musicals and last year she was in the musical Cinderella. Mandy is also part of essay on parents, a club called Helping Humanity. Characters In Gladiator? During Mandy’s free time she loves to on parents, go to the mall and to the movies, where she loves watching scary movies. Mandy plays many sports such as soccer, softball and basketball, but her favorite sport is soccer where she plays left forward. How Does Affect Rate? Mandy is interested in becoming a psychologist.

She became interested in psychology when she joined a group called S.O.S. In this group, Mandy acts as a counselor and helps other students that need support. Essay? Mandy enjoys this group a lot because she loves helping others. Mandy is richard wilbur the writer very excited about the on parents, Students on Ice expedition. She cannot wait to meet everyone and learn new things. Andrew Bott has been looking forward to going to Antarctica since he first travelled with People to People trip to Lullabies for Little Essay, Canada in 2007. He is looking forward to learning more about the on parents, animals that reside there and their habitats while on affect rate, the expedition.

Andrew is 15 years old and a sophomore at essay on parents Patrick Henry High School in Ashland, Virginia which is in gladiator located near Richmond, Virginia. On Parents? He enjoys playing basketball and baseball and competing in track events. When he is not in school or at a sporting event, he enjoys playing video games with friends and his two younger brothers. Telford, Pennsylvania, USA. Michelle Bruce is from Telford, Pennsylvania. She loves warm weather and enjoys swimming. Michelle also likes to go snowboarding in the winter time. In her spare time she likes to read and write poems or stories.

Michelle works at a retirement home and loves to talk to the residents. During the expedition Michelle would like to learn about how pollution affects the Antarctic environment. History Of Performance Enhancing? After the expedition Michelle plans on using the information she learns and the experiences she has for her senior project at school to inform her teachers about things they can also do to help. Michelle hopes that the expedition will help her to eventually achieve her goal in becoming a marine biologist. Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. Zach Butler is a senior at Landstown High School and Technology Academy, and attends the Advanced Technology Center (ATC). Essay? He wants to go to characters in gladiator, college for computer engineering and graduate with a masters or doctorate to become the chief technology officer of a huge processor company, like Intel or NVIDIA. He loves computers, electronics, ham radio, and programming, but balances it with boy scouts, hiking, biking, swimming, and camping. Zach feels strongly about preservation and sustainability, both in business and at essay home. He is extremely active in his Future Business Leaders of history of performance enhancing drugs, America chapter at the ATC.

They host expos, man booths, and teach classes about how IT departments can go green and cut thousands of dollars at the same time with things such as virtual machines and thin clients. Additionally, two of essay on parents, his favorite experiences from his travels occurred on of performance enhancing drugs, the Galapagos Islands. One experience was spontaneous. He was the last one out of a tiny inlet on an island when a sea lion came up to essay on parents, him and started playing with him. This went on for several minutes as the wilbur the writer, group watched, until momma sea lion sent the group on their way. The second was when the chapter swam in a bay with penguins, sea lions, turtles, and dolphins for a few hours.

To him, it felt like 10 minutes. He can’t wait to meet the animals of Antarctica. Lastly, when he went to the rain forests of Ecuador, he felt the connection to the Earth described in the Antarctica orientation packet. Essay On Parents? That connection drives him to request the high honor of being part of the Students on how does exercise breathing rate, Ice Antarctic Youth Expedition 2011. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Maggie Campbell is a grade 10 student and currently lives in essay, Ottawa, Ontario. She was born in Washington, DC and has lived in Cairo, Egypt; Melbourne, Australia; Tunis, Tunisia; Bucharest, Romania and Vilnius, Lithuania. Characters In Gladiator? She wants to participate in the expedition because she is passionate about animals, nature, and travel. Her faithful furry companions include a former stray dog from Romania, a Labrador also from Romania, a cat from the streets of Tunisia and another cat from a Lithuanian barn. Her hobbies include playing piano, horseback riding, drawing, painting, and exploring. Maggie loves to be creative and jump right into art projects.

She is a fan of many types of music, including rock, independent and Spanish music, which she likes to dance to. On Parents? She also likes to learn languages such as French, Mandarin and especially Spanish. At school, she is currently a member of Model United Nations, and will be participating in Play for Pay: Should Be Paid?, the Duke of Edinburgh program and the Envirothon program. Maggie is an athletic person. She likes to run, ride horses, snowboard, swim and play soccer, rugby, hockey, and tetherball. Maggie can sometimes be shy or quiet, but once you get to know her you will find that she is actually very vocal.

She can be quirky and is very loyal. Hello, my name is Darius Carter. I’m seventeen years old, and currently a senior at Cordova High School. I was interested in on parents, journeying on the Students on Ice Expedition because I am interested in with Major Challenges, travel and seeing new places. On Parents? I am environmentally aware, doing neighbourhood clean ups with an organization called the Beta Club. I am concerned about the topic of global warming, and have seen a few documentaries that have peaked my interest in history enhancing drugs, the subject. Actually, having a chance to see the essay on parents, effects first hand would be a wonderful opportunity for me to become engaged and more knowledgeable about the how does rate, environment. I’m sure that the leaders of the journey will guide us safely on the trip and give us explorers much more facts and on parents, experiences to enjoy. I like playing tennis for a past time, and videogames are way up my alley. I am an A student in school, and receive many honor awards for my efforts.

I hope to enjoy my experience with SOI and meet new friends alike. Good luck to us all! KELLY YANING CHEN. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. How Does Exercise Affect? Kelly is an avid writer, kayaker, and aspiring scientist from essay Vancouver.

She likes to spend time on the water, especially in a kayak or sailboat. For Little Criminals? She is interested in physics, astronomy, biology and environmental science, and she is passionate about environmental issues as well as scientific advancement pertinent to climate change and alternative energy. In her free time, Kelly does a lot of painting and reading, as well as occasional bird watching. She also likes linguistics and can speak three and a half languages, and enjoys playing music she plays several instruments, including the piano and bassoon. She is on parents trying to teach herself to play the ukulele as well. In Antarctica, she hopes to study its wildlife and topography, learn more about history drugs, its ecosystems, and learn about the science behind climate change. Kelly is excited to meet new people and educators, and is also looking forward to travelling through the Drake Passage! Laurissa Christie graduated from essay St. Mary’s High School as an Ontario Scholar, Student Letter recipient, and the Lieutenant Governor’s Award winner for community involvement. She has returned this year and currently has a cooperative placement with the Ministry of the Environment.

Semester two she will be peer tutoring a science class. Laurissa participated on the Students on Ice Arctic Youth Expedition 2009. She won a Youth Science Canada scholarship, due to her accomplishments at for Pay: Should Athletes Be Paid? Essay three Canada Wide Science Fairs. After returning home to her family’s farm in rural Midwestern Ontario, Laurissa has been inspired to create change. Laurissa has been spreading messages and outcomes of the most recent International Polar Year through various initiatives and essay, presentations in her school and community.

At school Laurissa is a peer leader, student council executive member, and on the public speaking team. She also enjoys spending time at Play College the family cottage. Laurissa is an accomplished gold level figure skater, and enjoys helping the younger skaters as a program assistant. Laurissa was the 2010-2011 Arran Tara Ambassador, representing the Agriculture Society and community at various events. In 2010, Laurissa went on the United Nations Pilgrimage in New York City where she discussed the protection of Haitian Children. She is looking forward to comparing the changes taking place in both the Arctic and Antarctic and how these changes will affect the rest of the world. Laurissa is very thankful for this opportunity SOI has given her to live her dream.

Next year Laurissa plans on attending university and studying environmental science. She would later like to pursue a career in education or environmental law. Morgan is a 16 year old junior at the East Bay Met School in essay, Newport, RI. As an active member of her school’s Green Team, she has traveled to wilbur, DC to meet with Rhode Island representatives to discuss the actions taking place to further recycling efforts. In March 2011, she went on a trip to Long Beach, California to attend an international youth conference: Plastics Are Forever Conference with 4 other people, spending the weekend learning about essay, plastic pollution and the effects we as humans have on the environment. Aside from traveling for environmental conferences, Morgan has traveled to Russia, as well as Mexico and Jamaica. In her free time Morgan can be found reading, writing, dancing, performing and spend time with her family.

Or, on a lazy day she will sit around in wilbur the writer, her PJ’s doing arts and crafts watching seasons of “Lost”. Morgan has taken 3 classes at local colleges and is currently participating in one on Cultural Anthropology. She hopes to become a forensic artist or a crime scene investigator. She has also had an on parents internship with the Fire Marshal of Newport, studying fire investigation and fire science. Morgan is considering becoming a marine biologist and richard wilbur the writer, is excited to essay on parents, learn about all the different life forms in the Antarctic, as well as how we as a whole affect the ecosystem through our continuous pollution. Morgan can’t wait to be apart of this once-in-a-lifetime educational experience, and is looking forward to chilling with the penguins in Antarctica! Cristina Cruz ,16, is a Junior in the Pioneer class at the Global Learning Collaborative in New York City. In recognition of her school’s focus of of performance enhancing drugs, becoming an active global citizen, Cristina is engaged in her academics, extra-curricular activities, travels and community. Along with her peers, Cristina managed her school’s first TEDx event about on parents, global education.

Along with her advisory class, she raises money annually directed towards spreading breast cancer awareness. How Does Rate? All profits are then donated to the Susan G. Komen Fund. After school, once a week, she attends Harlem’s Educational Activities Fund (HEAF), which prepares her for the college application process and the SAT exam. Cristina recently completed a music theory course at Hunter College through College Now, which took place for an entire college semester on Saturday mornings. In the fall, Cristina played volleyball on the high school varsity team (GO LADY BULLDOGS!). During the summer, Cristina attends the Science, Technology Engineering Program (STEP) at Barnard College. In addition to this, she attends the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) meetings at essay on parents Westchester United Methodist Church and participates in local outreach events (poetry slams, fairs, etc.). Her school provides students with opportunities to travel the wilbur, world and engage in voluntourism projects. So far, Cristina has visited China, Peru and is ecstatic for the Students on on parents, Ice Antarctic expedition. In her spare time, Cristina enjoys trying new things, listening to music of multiple genres and tasting different foods. Most of all, Cristina loves making people laugh and How Women with Cancer Challenges Essay, having a good time.

Participating in the Students on Ice Antarctic youth expedition will extend Cristina’s love of traveling and allow her to venture into a continent that truly differs from essay her own home. Cristina is curious about the environment, the Earth’s sustainability and will develop her eco-friendly lifestyle. She believes that her desire to understand the planet’s condition will drive her to advocate an eco-friendly modus vivendi (way of life) in enhancing, order to improve our global community. Hello, my name is Jamessie Cumberbatch. I am 18 years old, and I was raised in a northern community called Inukjuak. I lived in Inukjuak all my life until now. I have started studying at John Abbott College in youth and adult correctional intervention, as a path to a future career. I consider myself an athlete.

When I was still in Inukjuak, I was involved in a lot of sports teams. These included the essay on parents, teamathlon, the tundra trot, and the local junior hockey team. I also represented Nunavik, by being on the Nunavik Nordiks which is run by the NYHDP. I competed in Inuit games as a junior athlete at the Arctic winter games in Grand Prairie, Alberta in 2010. I also recently was selected to play at the AWG in Whitehorse, Yukon next March. When I was still back home, I was Involved in working with kids by working as local hockey trainer for the NYHDP, and at the local gym.

I organized games and Play for Pay: Should College Be Paid? Essay, activities and kept kids playing in a safe environment. What I am interested in now is travelling, playing sports and meeting new people. I wanted participate in this educational expedition because it is a great opportunity for me to learn about the environment, which is on parents similar to where I lived. I think I would learn about how I would advise people about the melting of the poles and Lullabies for Little Criminals, what people can do to stop the disappearing ice. Leah Davidson is a 17-year-old senior at Bishop’s College School in Sherbrooke, Quebec. She founded a Model United Nations club and positively contributes to essay, the cadet program, swim team, literary magazine, Human Rights Committee, Big Brothers and Sisters, and other extracurricular activities. Leah loves to read, write, paint, and learn. She is a youth affairs correspondent for The Record, her community newspaper, and an opinion writer for exercise breathing rate the Bishop’s University newspaper.

This past summer, Leah travelled to Spain to teach English at a language immersion camp for on parents teenagers. History Drugs? Outside school, Leah leads a Christian girls club, volunteers at the library, reads to the elderly, learns Spanish, and babysits. Leah has won a Rotary International public speaking contest, attended a provincial science fair for her project on wind turbines, and earned the essay, Governor General’s Academic Medal. Adopted from Shaoyang, China at for Pay: Athletes Be Paid? Essay the age of nine months, Leah has always taken an interest in essay, multiculturalism. She aspires to travel the world, publish a novel, and pursue a career in either business or international politics. She hopes the Students on Ice Antarctic Youth Expedition 2011 will increase her understanding of global warming and inspire her to advocate for the environment in her community and country. Sandwich, Illinois, USA. Corey is a junior at Sandwich High School in Sandwich, IL. He likes to Lullabies for Little Essay, play the guitar and travel.

He is the captain of his school’s Scholastic Bowl team. He is an essay avid film fan, and wants to go to school to become a film director after high school. Corey hopes to learn as much as possible about Antarctic wildlife and plant-life, and is interested to meet new people from all over the world. He is most excited for the opportunity to participate in the polar plunge. Daphnée Dubouchet-Olsheski is in how does breathing rate, Grade 10 in Canada’s capital, Ottawa.

She is bicultural, having lived more than half her life on essay, the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in France. She speaks fluent French and English and recites ancient Chinese poetry to anyone who wants to characters, listen. On Parents? She loves animals so much she doesn’t take offence when her dog whines and howls when she practices her oboe. When she isn’t advocating for the environment and animal preservation, she writes, reads and makes movies. The Writer? She is currently producing a compilation of her prize-winning works, together with some freshly inspired pieces. She has her Emergency First Aid training certificate and is calm in most situations (except at Justin Bieber concerts!). She has dog-sledded, ice fished and came in first in snow-shoeing races.

She is on the rowing and snowboard teams at school and feels she is well equipped to get out of essay, any situation she may encounter in Antarctica. She is looking forward to working with youth who are equally eager to richard, explore the world’s last frontier and brainstorm on how to effect positive lasting change to preserve it. Westmount, Illinois, USA. My name is Andy Dunne. I am 17 years old and essay, am from Westmont, IL just southwest of Chicago. I play soccer, and snowboard in the winter. Play For Pay: College Athletes Be Paid?? In my free time I like to hang out with my friends and play Xbox. I used to race go-karts competitively and I began racing when I was in essay on parents, fifth grade just before my 11th birthday. I started racing indoors and eventually moved to outdoor racing. I began to Play for Pay: Should College Athletes Be Paid?, race in national races in which the top 3 drivers qualify for the World Finals. I was a runner up to go to the World Finals 3 times, and went to the World Finals in November of 2010.

I have raced all over the U.S. as well as Germany and Italy (where the essay on parents, World Finals were held). Last summer I traveled to England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Hilmar Eggertson is currently in drugs, the 11th Grade, attending the International School of Luxembourg and essay on parents, is undergoing his first year in the IB (International Baccalaureate) program. He originally comes from Iceland, but has been living in Luxembourg for the past 11 years. He is very passionate about travelling and has been to 22 different countries, he also speaks 5 languages fluently, which are French, German, Luxembourgish, Icelandic and English. Hilmar has been connected with Amnesty International Projects and went on a Charity trip to Moshi, Tanzania to build dormitories and help out the less fortunate. He has also done the Bronze and how does exercise rate, Silver Mérite Jeunesse Expeditions, as well as a lot of hiking in essay, Iceland. History Enhancing Drugs? Hilmar’s favorite sports are Basketball and Skiing, he is on on parents, the JV Basketball Team and enhancing, the school’s ski team. Essay? He is also very passionate about diving and photography, which are his favorite activities. When he graduates from ISL he wants to take a gap year and travel and how does breathing rate, learn Spanish, later he then wants to go to university in Britain and study economics or maybe law.

He is really looking forward to the Students on essay, Ice Antarctic Youth Expedition 2011 to learn about the different wildlife and become more aware of the environment around him. Kangiqsualujjuaq, Nunavik, Québec, Canada. J'aimerais savoir si les glaciers fondent aussi vite que l'on voit à la télévision à cause du réchauffement planétaire. Je voudrais voir de mes propres yeux ce qui se passe vraiment. Je serai une témoin crédible de ce phénomène pour les membres de la communauté. Je voudrais ensuite savoir si les animaux de l'Antarctique sont affectés par le réchauffement et si oui, de quelle façon. Notre nourriture dépend de la chasse et de la pêche.

Il faut tout faire pour que cela continue. Il y a déjà moins de caribous qu'avant, ici, au Nunavik. J'aimerais aussi savoir s'il fait plus froid en Antarctique qu'au Nunavik. Je ne suis jamais allée si près d'un pôle et je suis curieuse de voir la différence. Est-ce qu'il y a des gens qui y vivent? Serait-ce possible? Premièrement, Je suis une élève de secondaire 4. J'étudie le français, langue maternelle, car le cours de français qu'ils donnent ici est trop facile pour moi.

J'aime beaucoup le cours d'Univers Social qu'on a à notre école parce que je suis vraiment intéressée de connaître de quelle manière les personnes vivaient avant que la technologie soit inventée. Je suis une personne qui aime aider les gens, c'est pour cela que je suis allée au Guatemala et aussi pour cela que je voudrais aller en Afrique. J'adore le camping. J'y vais très souvent, autant l'été que l'hiver. J'aime apprendre ce qu'on doit savoir à propos de notre territoire. Par exemple, lorsque les aînés de ce village parlent de comment ils faisaient pour survivre, je suis vraiment intéressée.

HEATHER ROSE ETOK. Kangiqsualujjuaq, Nunavik, Québec, Canada. Heather Rose Etok is a 17 year old Inuk who was born and raised in Kangiqsualujjuaq, Nunavik, Quebec. Heather speaks all English, Inuktitut and French. She enjoys spending time outdoors, camping and fishing, also enjoys going out on how does exercise affect, the land to hunt with her family. She especially loves winter because, Heather loves driving her snowmobile and because she LOVES taking pictures of the beautiful land surrounding her village. Heather Rose is also interested in essay on parents, wildlife, learning about the environment, climate change, and global warming. In Gladiator? She is on parents most interested in how the Arctic is getting affected by these things. With Cancer Essay? When Heather is not out on the land she likes to read, write, sew and loves spending time with her family and friends. Heather is completing her last year of high school. When she graduates, she plans to go to Montreal to attend CEGEP and wants to study the fields of social work and correctional interventions.

Heather wants to go into these fields because she is interested in helping the people of Nunavik. Heather has had the chance to go to essay on parents, Saglek Fjord, Labrador to with Cancer, learn more about the essay on parents, environment and wildlife of the characters in gladiator, Arctic with scientists and researchers. She got to essay on parents, live at The kANGIDLUASUk Base Camp for 4 weeks with 3 other interns from Nunavik and 6 others from Labrador. She knows what it is like to be away from home and be with new people. She loves it! Heather loves traveling on expeditions like this, and loves learning. Heather looks forward to learning about characters in gladiator, Antarctic wildlife and the land. She is looking forward to essay on parents, meeting new and different people, and having the opportunity to be in a very unique place. Jonathan Ferrer, 16 years old, is history of performance a seasoned Youth Justice Organizer and a sophmore at the High School of Telecommunications, Arts and Technology. Jonathan has been a Youth Justice Leader since 2010, he has conducted air and water testing, community mapping, urban foresty and held educational environmental workshops.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Alisha Fredriksson is on parents a sixteen year-old student at Prince of enhancing, Wales Secondary School in essay on parents, Vancouver, Canada. She was born in Hungary to a Swedish father and Chinese mother and has two brothers. Alisha is history of performance enhancing a Senior National Level Rhythmic Gymnast and a six-time BC Provincial Champion. A young entrepreneur, Alisha began making jewelry at age six and has been selling her creations ever since through her business, Brite Jewelry.

In school, Alisha was elected as a female Student Council representative for the past four years and the president of her elementary school the year before that. She is passionate about photography and traveling, but never dreamed that she would have the opportunity to visit Antarctica. Essay On Parents? Alisha is very excited to for Little Essay, explore all that the Antarctic has to offer, create new friendships with students from around the world, meet penguins, form lasting memories, and implement change upon her return to essay on parents, Canada. Major Essay? Jessi Fulk is seventeen and extremely affectionate towards animals and the world they live in. In her free time she enjoys art, reading, volunteering and spending time with friends.

She lives in the college town of Carbondale, Illinois and has traveled extensively. Some of her trips include Australia, Canada, and Ecuador. Jessi is on parents particularly interested in marine biology. She participated in an internship through the Wild Dolphin Project in the Bahamas studying Atlantic Spotted Dolphins in drugs, their natural habitat. Jessi hopes to get experience working around animals native to the Antarctic. Whales, seals and penguins are especially intriguing to her. Her post-expedition goals include finishing high school, and enrolling in college. Jessi is an outgoing girl and is very easy to get along with. She is exceedingly excited for the expedition to Antarctica and can’t wait to meet her fellow ambassadors. Lutherville, Maryland, USA. Susie is in 11th grade Maryvale Preparatory School in Baltimore, Maryland.

She is incredibly passionate about travel and has thus far seen all 50 states and four continents, and is excited to be a part of the Students on Ice Antarctic youth expedition. Outside of school work Susie really enjoys acting in plays in her school and community, currently her resume includes twenty-two productions at various venues. She is particularly excited to on parents, be involved in such a unique opportunity to explore Antarctica and learn so much about a place so few people are fortunate enough to see. After this trip she hopes to use her new found knowledge and experience to educate people about the environmental issues facing Antarctica. She would also like to thank her parents for supporting her and all the people at People to People for Lullabies for Little Criminals Essay giving her this opportunity. Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, USA. Brittany Garner is in the seventh grade. She enjoys reading, writing, singing, psychology, and science.

Brittany also loves running and is on the track and field team at her school. She goes to Great Valley Middle School. This winter when she is in Antarctica she hopes to meet new people and have unique experiences she otherwise wouldn’t have. Brittany is also interested in learning about the essay, effects that global warming will have on the delicate environment in Antarctica. Brittany is most excited to see albatross and swim in the hot springs. She is a little worried about being the youngest on the trip, but is Lullabies for Little confident that it won’t make her trip any less fun. “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by essay on parents, the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the in gladiator, bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails.

Explore. Dream. On Parents? Discover.” Mark Twain. Alexis is with Cancer Challenges Essay a senior at Knoxville Catholic High School in Knoxville, Tennessee. On Parents? Her family has 3 cats, a dog and a bird. She has played soccer, baseball, softball and volleyball.

For two years she played on a traveling volleyball team, the Smokey Mountain Junior Volleyball Club. She is very studious, and for Little, is working hard at this time completing applications to college and beginning the anxious wait for acceptance letters. Essay On Parents? She currently is a member of the history enhancing drugs, CCC (pep club) at her high school, and is on the bowling team. Alexis hopes to learn more about the environment while on essay on parents, this trip, and how she can be involved in helping to protect the environment and the planet for future generations. Post expedition goals will be to complete high school and to attend college. Upon return, she would like to share what she experienced with fellow classmates and to help educate them on ways to exercise breathing rate, protect the environment. Current plans are to major in accounting and then she will apply to medical school in on parents, the hopes of being a dermatologist in the future. The Students on Ice expedition is the culmination of a goal that started several years ago when her father traveled to Antarctica. She is traveling with her two younger siblings, David and Jessica. History Of Performance Enhancing? Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. David is a sophomore at Knoxville Catholic High School in Knoxville, Tennessee.

His family has 3 cats, a dog and a bird. On Parents? He has played soccer, baseball and football. He was on the inaugural 7 year old team for the Catholic Youth Football organization, and currently plays JV football and on exercise affect rate, the varsity special teams for KCHS Fighting Irish. He is a dedicated student. He recently obtained his Tennessee driver’s license, and is now driving solo, which he is quite excited about! David wants to learn more about the environment while on this expedition, and how he can be involved in helping to essay on parents, protect the environment and richard the writer, the planet for future generations. Post expedition goals will be to share what he experienced in Antarctica with fellow classmates, and to help educate them on ways to protect the on parents, environment. He hopes to have a career in Commercial Building. The Students on Ice expedition is the culmination of a goal that started several years ago when her father traveled to Antarctica. She is traveling with his two siblings, Alexis and Jessica.

Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. Jessica is an Lullabies for Little Criminals Essay 8th grader at St. John Neumann Catholic School in Farragut, Tennessee. She has served as the Student Council Representative, and essay, this year is serving on the newly formed Leadership Council. She has played soccer, softball and Lullabies for Little Criminals Essay, volleyball. She currently plays varsity volleyball for the SJN Mustangs, and is beginning her second year of travel softball with the Dirt Dobbers. Currently she plays outfield, but also plays catcher on the team.

She is a very dedicated student, and is full of school spirit. Jessica wants to become more aware of environmental impact while on this trip, and how she can help to protect the environment and the planet for future generations. Post expedition goals will be to share what she experienced with fellow classmates, and to help educate them on ways to protect the environment. Her career goal is to be a small animal Veterinarian. She has 3 cats, a dog, and a Sun Conure named Skittles. The Students on Ice expedition is the culmination of a goal that started several years ago when her father traveled to Antarctica.

She is traveling with her two older siblings, Alexis and David. Essay? Ryan Hayes is currently a senior at Glenelg Country School in Howard County, Maryland. Exercise Breathing? He plays Trombone and Guitar, is a member of his school’s chorus, and is a runner on his school’s Cross Country Team. During spring break last year, he, along with faculty and other students from his school, volunteered in New Orleans, Louisiana. They stayed at a community center called the Lower Ninth Ward Village, and spent a week clearing lots that had become overgrown in the last few years. Ryan hopes to repeat the on parents, experience during spring break 2012. Ryan has traveled to China, Ecuador, and the South Pacific (New Zealand Australia), Europe and Egypt. In his spare time, Ryan is an avid reader. His current favorite is A Song of Ice and Fire. Like many kids his age, Ryan also enjoys video games.

Springfield, Pennsylvania, USA. Rada was born in Bulgaria and she lived there for seven years. She moved to the U.S. in second grade and is currently a sophomore at for Pay: Should College Athletes Be Paid? Springfield High School. At her eighth grade graduation ceremony, Rada received five awards for her academic achievements. Since she likes nature, most of the sports she plays involve the outdoors. Rada is essay currently on her school’s golf team, enjoys surfing, and is an avid snowboarder. She is thinking about richard the writer, a career in graphic design, thus she is involved in her school’s graphic design program and photography. In addition to being involved with graphic design, Rada also has a love for on parents science. She is currently taking AP Biology and is going to be in her third year with Science Olympiad.

She has won two gold medals, one of them being at a state competition. On her trip to Australia, Rada was fascinated with the Play College Be Paid? Essay, animal life, and on essay on parents, this journey to characters in gladiator, Antarctica, she hopes to expand her knowledge and apply what she has learned in her biology class. She also wants to essay on parents, capture the natural beauty of Antarctica through her camera lens. In Gladiator? Bruchkobel, Hessen, Germany. Julian is half German and half Dutch. However he has never lived in the Netherlands. He likes to spend his time outdoors playing soccer, tennis and hockey. Furthermore, Julian is a motorsport fanatic who loves go-karting, quad riding, Jet Ski racing as well as driving Jeeps over difficult off road circuits. He is essay on parents also highly interested in the stock market and everything that revolves around economics. He keeps track of daily news, which helps him to pursue his career dream as a future investment banker.

Julian is also fascinated by team work and the power people have working together rather than alone. Teamwork will play a major role in the future of the Great White Continent Antarctica, which is such an how does exercise affect isolated part of the world and will have many surprises in on parents, its future. This means that teamwork must be part of the writer, a new world which is in need of even greater unity and on parents, cooperation. Julian wants to discover whether this kind of teamwork is different from his previous experiences. The wildlife and the expedition as a whole is a unique experience and Julian wants to talk about characters, it as much as possible with family and friends upon returning from this program. When Julian was younger he had always wanted to be a veterinarian and essay on parents, developed a personal and emotional interest for animals. Thus, his excitement regarding the wildlife in Polar Regions is gigantic. Julian also wants to see how global warming has affected places such as Antarctica with his own eyes, rather than listening to declarations from the media. Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. I am an richard the writer insatiably curious and explosively passionate sixteen-year-old hailing from Coquitlam, British Columbia! I’m deeply interested in a diverse range of subjects and essay, am happiest working on projects at the intersection of art, science and technology.

I’m a public speaker and How Women Major Challenges Essay, debater, a spoken word poet, and a writer and I aim to essay, use these skills as mediums to advocate for my passions: social and environmental justice. I believe the two are inextricably linked. I’m involved with the Cope Cancer Challenges Essay, organization of TEDxKids@BC, an event which aims to empower young people, and I’m co-leading my school’s humanitarian club. Essay? An avid runner and cyclist, I love nature and how does exercise, I want future generations to be able to experience the same natural wonders I have seen. I’m already dreaming about the awesome beauty of on parents, Antarctica I’m unbelievably excited for the Students on Ice Antarctic Youth Expedition 2011! On this journey, I want to be shocked to my core with the characters, reality of climate change, and then filled back up with the on parents, hope that there are solutions and that we can make a difference. Our generation can and will fundamentally influence our societies so that we live in harmony with each other and How Women with Cancer Major Challenges Essay, the Earth and on parents, I can’t wait to collaborate with others to explore these solutions. Before and after the expedition, I’ll be blogging about my Antarctic experience at Criminals Essay? Shaziana is 16 and in Grade 11 at essay Booth Memorial High in one of the oldest and most eastern cities in Canada. At school she is history drugs a member of the Student Council, the Student Action Society, the Duke of Edinburgh’s award program, the essay, Improv and Drama club, and has participated in Provincial and Canadian Student Leadership Conferences. She plays the piano, flute and for Pay: Should Essay, drums and is in the school choir.

Outside of school, Shaziana spends many hours training for her favorite sport, which is synchronized swimming. She has competed at different levels including the 2011 Canada Winter Games in Halifax and also at Nationals in Calgary. Shaziana is adventurous, loves travelling and learning languages. She is very excited to be a part of this incredible expedition to Antarctica. She can’t wait to get up-close to the wildlife and explore for essay on parents any bit of vegetation that survives in these harsh conditions. She is eager to learn about the environment and Play College Athletes Be Paid?, view first hand how people are impacting this fragile ecosystem. Essay? Shaziana is very much looking forward to meeting everyone and setting sail on an amazing journey of Should Be Paid?, a lifetime! Briana Kowal lives in New York City with her parents, brother, and two cats. She is 17, and on parents, attends Eleanor Roosevelt High School. Her favorite subject in school is Lullabies Essay science, and she has taken science courses online through Virtual High School.

She plans to start college in the fall of 2012. During her free time she loves to play and watch hockey. She is also on her school's soccer team. She is actively involved in Model UN, and has attended Model UN conferences in New York, Italy, and Israel. Her favorite part of Model UN is essay hearing the history of performance drugs, different standpoints, on world issues, from teens all over the world. Essay? In the winter she loves playing in the snow, and going skiing with her school’s ski club. Her past eight summers were spent at richard Cedar Lake Camp, which she considers her home away from home. Essay On Parents? This past summer she was a camp counselor, and plans on returning next summer. Briana is How Women Essay counting down the essay on parents, days until she travels to Antarctica! She is most looking forward to meeting the other students, learning about and seeing the animals that live there.

She hopes to gain a new appreciation for the environment from this trip. When she comes home she plans on sharing what she has learned with her community. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Ten years from now I want to be an ethologist studying animal behaviour in Antarctica! As a fourteen year old, that seems like the characters in gladiator, ideal job to me being outdoors near animals and using knowledge to improve the world. Even more important, being able to study Antarctic wildlife would mean that the ice flows haven’t melted and that the habitat of existing animals hasn’t been destroyed. San Jose, California, USA.

Carman was born and raised in California’s Bay Area. She began playing piano at age 5, and subsequently developed an essay on parents appetite for music, then art, then beauty in all forms. Carman recently started learning to play the viola. When she is Play Should College Athletes Essay not studying for school pr practicing an instrument, she cooks, bakes, reads and writes at her leisure. Essay On Parents? While not much of an artist, she is characters in gladiator willing to learn the fundamentals in order to essay on parents, improve. She is history of performance enhancing drugs also learning lion dance, a traditional aspect of essay, Chinese culture.

She applied to participate in the Students on Ice Antarctic youth expedition to see things she may never see otherwise, and to “learn beyond the book”. Antarctica, being so remote and removed from civilization, is much of a mystery to her one she will relish exploring. Upon returning home, Carman looks forward to college and aspires to become a veterinarian. She is not so foolish to think there is no chance that her mind might change, so while she has set her goals, her mind remains open. Carman will take things step by step, day by day: she will get accepted before attending college; she will survive senior year before graduating. Chelsea, Québec, Canada. Hi, I'm Alex and I live in Québec, Canada. I have 1 brother and a puppy. With Cancer Major Challenges? I'm a very athletic person: I play soccer and volleyball.

I'm currently playing competitive soccer year-round, on 1 team in essay, the summer and 2 teams in the winter. I play the piano a bit, love to dance, and I'm taking dance in school. Challenges Essay? I also love art, drawing, painting and sketching. I'm part of the Free The Children group at on parents my school, where we work on an 'Adopt A Village' program. This work helps out countries in need by building wells, schools and health clinics, and provides families with the necessities to live healthy and educated lives. We also organize food, clothing, toy and book drives for those in need, such as people who live in enhancing drugs, shelters. Going on this expedition is going to be an amazing experience. I'm looking forward to essay on parents, getting to Criminals Essay, meet new people from around the world, seeing the impacts of modern climate change, and essay, the incredible scenery.

This will be a once in breathing, a lifetime experience and I can't wait. Deerfield, New York, USA. Laryssa Lyszczarz is a 16 year old from Deerfield, New York. She i s currently in the 11th grade in Whitesboro High School. Throughout the years at Whitesboro, Laryssa has gained many interests in the music and arts. Up until 9th grade, Laryssa was very much into art, but come the 9th grade, Laryssa took a large interest in band. She had participated in essay on parents, the school orchestra, playing the violin, from 3rd until 9th grade. In 9th, she took up the wilbur, oboe, and by essay on parents, the next year, she was in the school band.

Laryssa has took part in many of the Criminals Essay, school sponsored music programs, such as the concert and symphonic bands, full orchestra, pep band, pit orchestra (for school musicals), and the NYSSMA solo festival. In her down time, Laryssa likes to spend time with her family, watching movies and just hanging out. She also has come to pick up the hobby of essay, cooking on the weekends. Saturday evening, she hosts a movie party for her and her family to enjoy the meal she cooked. Once Laryssa is finished high school, she dreams of going to Albany College of in gladiator, Pharmacy (ACP). Once graduated, she plans on moving to Alaska, working as a pharmacist, retiring early, and then moving to the United Kingdom.

From this Students on on parents, Ice experience, Laryssa hopes to gain a new outlook on life, and memories that will last her a life time. She also hopes that she will be able to gain some intellect on richard, the wildlife that inhabits Antarctica and its surrounding waters. Gabi Mastro is 17 years old. Essay? She was born in Chicago, IL and is currently living in How Women Cope with Major Challenges, Houston, TX. She is a junior at The Village High School. She lived in Geneva, Switzerland last year to help improve her French. She plays volleyball and helps coach fifth graders. She has been on the European Heritage trip with People to essay on parents, People as well as Australia. She really loves traveling and knows that this expedition to Antarctica with Students on Ice will be incredible.

Gabi wants to Lullabies, go to Antarctica because she thinks it will be absolutely beautiful. She also wants to visit Antarctica because she loves remote places that force you to be disconnected from our busy lives. She is interested in the wildlife of Antarctica, particularly the fish and how they have adapted to essay on parents, surviving the winters. Kaitlyn Erin Mitchell was born in Chicago, Illinois into a very loving and caring family. She has one brother named Will, and a sister, Mackenzie. She loves both of them very much and is very committed to her family. Kaitlyn moved to richard wilbur the writer, Florida from essay Chicago in characters in gladiator, 2000, because her parents hated the essay on parents, cold Chicago weather. Wilbur The Writer? She returns to on parents, her hometown about Play Be Paid? Essay, 3 or 4 times a year to visit her extended family, who are all still living there. Kaitlyn has enjoyed international travel with her family and with People to People.

She has been to essay, China, Turkey, Italy, Greece, France, Scotland, England, Mexico, and almost all of the Caribbean islands. Kaitlyn in a National Champion competitive cheerleader, experienced competitive equestrian rider, and regularly volunteer to support worthy causes. After college, she would like to become a Marine Biologist, as she absolutely loves animals and nature. She is also considering a career as an Event or Wedding Planner as she also enjoys planning and organizing events. During her free time, she loves to Cancer, spend time with her family, go boating or tubing, and hangout with her friends. One thing that Kaitlyn is very passionate about and devotes a lot of time to is photography. During the summer of 2011 she studied digital photography under Kevin Gilbert. Kaitlyn is excited for the Antarctica expedition because she realizes it truly is the trip of a lifetime. She plans on making many lifetime friends, taking some mind blowing pictures, and generating stories that she can amaze her family and friends with. She also is very ecstatic to learn about global warming and how it is affecting the animals. Mark is sixteen years old and is currently attending grade 12 at Colonel By Secondary School in essay, Ottawa.

Mark is very passionate about the environment and Lullabies Criminals Essay, is one of the leaders in his schools’ environmental leadership program. He is also a steward in an out of school program with the Ottawa McCoun Marsh Project. During the summer Mark spends most of his time at his cottage in the remote Canadian wilderness expanding his knowledge of the local flora and fauna. In the Antarctic Mark is most interested in essay on parents, the effects that climate change will have on the area, how these changes will affect the for Pay: Should College Be Paid?, biomes that he studies and the global community. Amanda Perry is a sixteen year-old high school junior, born and essay on parents, raised in the south Bronx, New York, who has attended the Academy for Scholarship and Entrepreneurship from sixth grade to the present. Always showing initiative in meeting high academic standards, she has set goals that will lead her to a bright future. Amanda intends on meeting her predestined future through permanent commitment to characters, schoolwork and always taking advantage of educational opportunities. Through personal readings of The Autobiography of Malcolm X , Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery , The Isis Papers and others, she has become infatuated with African-American studies.

After majoring in biochemistry, Amanda plans on pursuing a career as an Anesthesiologist. Through participation in the Students on Ice program, Amada believes her outlook on the environment will change. Hi, my name is Michael Petagumskum. I'm from Kujjuaq, QC. I live with my mom and 3 younger sisters. On Parents? I go to Cope Cancer Challenges, the Jaanimmarik School. On Parents? I'm in Secondary 4 and after school I like to go play hockey with my friends. Our team is called the Kuujjuaq Umimmaks. I coach the how does exercise affect breathing rate, girl's hockey team 3 times a week and the pre-novice group twice a week. Being a coach is really interesting because I get a chance to coach my sisters and also the essay on parents, little kids who are just getting started in skating.

I'm involved with the Canadian Junior Rangers every Tuesday. We go camping and learn how to survive on rate, the land. We also learn how to use a compass and a map which is really fun. I am also a police cadet. I've been a cadet for 2 ½ years. We do activities as a group at least 4 times a year. We travel to different communities to do different activities. I like being a cadet because when we get to together here or in another community we always make new friends.

In my free time I like going hunting. I mostly hunt for ptarmigan and on parents, caribou during winter and geese during spring. We also go camping during the summer by boat with my grandfather. How Women Cope With Essay? We go to his cabin just to relax and essay on parents, do some fishing. How Does Affect Breathing Rate? After high school, I plan on going to college to become a pilot. My grandfather was a pilot. He's the essay, one who inspires me. Jayden Rae is Lullabies for Little very involved in essay, her community and is motivated to show her peers how important it is to protect the with Major Essay, environment. She is a member of the Whitby Youth Council, the Whitby councillor on the Durham Youth Council where she sits as the Chair of the Environment Committee and she is also on the Ontario Nature Youth Council.

At school she is a grade representative on her Student Council, and is a member of on parents, both the Development and Peace and history, the Ontario Mock Parliament clubs. On Parents? Jayden has a passion for politics and would like to pursue a career as a Member of Parliament in the future. She wants to Lullabies for Little Criminals Essay, take part in the Students on essay, Ice Antarctic Youth Expedition 2011 to learn about how governments worldwide need to make changes on how they are facing climate change. Jayden plans to take the knowledge she gains on this trip to make changes in Lullabies Criminals, her school and in her community. Jayden spends much of her free time outdoors snowboarding, biking, hiking and sailing because she loves how the only source of power is the essay on parents, wind. She is very excited to take part on this expedition and to How Women with Cancer Major, experience the natural environment of Antarctica. Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA. Milan is a sincere student with excellent academic success, so much that to his friends, he is a geek. He looks at the world with a pair of curious eyes, everything looks fascinating to him. Essay? He is hungry for all new and exercise affect breathing, cutting edge information, be it, astrophysics, chemical interactions, newest Java Script Codes or depletion of the on parents, ozone layer. He enjoys books about Roman, Greek and Hindu Mythology.

In his spare time he enjoys yoga and Play Should College Athletes Be Paid?, deep meditation. He is actively enrolled in the Editorial Committee of a yoga training institute. He is also deeply fascinated with the power of nature, natural phenomenon and inevitable change in nature over on parents the course of time. Antarctica is a rapidly changing ecosystem with the Should College Athletes, power of nature carving it out. Milan wants to explore and on parents, learn more about it. When Milan grows up, hopefully he will be open to a wide variety of choices to work with, accomplish, and explore. He hopes that the future will lead him to soon work with projects that involve Antarctica and its well-being, by contributing to change in human behavior which impacts Antarctica and the planet as a whole. Stephanie is a senior at richard the writer Long island City High School who is essay very interested in the environment, how it works and how people are saving it. Major Challenges? She spends her time playing sports and also doing community service such as walks and fundraising. Essay? She enjoys playing sports such as Golf at recreational centers in her community and Tennis at school.

Stephanie participates in an Honor society called Arista which consists of completing community service hours around the community in school. Culinary arts is How Women Major Challenges what is essay she passionate about. Camille Slack is 16 years old and lives in a small, eclectic town called Elora in Ontario. She is characters currently in grade 11 at Center Wellington District High School in essay on parents, Fergus Ontario. Last semester she participated in a program called C.E.L.P. (Community Environmental Leadership Program), which absolutely changed her life. She has always had a deep love for the natural world but being a part of C.E.L.P. opened her eyes even more widely to the vast beauty of our world. She loves to travel and has visited many provinces within Canada, several states within the U.S., Frankfurt and Wiesbaden in characters in gladiator, Germany and will be traveling to France as well as Costa Rica next year. She loves to swim and essay on parents, is part of characters in gladiator, her school swim team, the C.W. On Parents? Falcons. She is very community minded and loves to be a part of community projects and characters in gladiator, volunteers with several groups within Elora. Her latest environmental endeavor (and yes this is a little odd) was to start an urban chicken flock.

For her 16th birthday she received four chickens, which she built a coop for on parents in her back yard. They live very happily back there and for Little Essay, have just recently started laying eggs! Camille does not know yet what she wants to do when she is older but believes that participating in programs such as Students on Ice and C.E.L.P. will help shape her life and essay on parents, guide her towards an exciting future. She is very excited for this expedition and all that she will learn. How Does Affect Breathing? She feels very special to get the opportunity to explore a corner of the world so unexplored by most. The chance to gain knowledge of such a diverse and unique area with such delicate eco-systems and then to get the chance to return home and on parents, share the experience with her community is incredible. Camille is eagerly awaiting this expedition and couldn’t be more excited!

Serena Tansy Soucy is 16 years old and characters, comes from a small town where community is essay on parents a big part of her life. She has always felt connected to nature, but it was never more present than last semester when she took part In Community Environmental Leadership Program where her love for the environment and teaching kids was really brought to light. While running a month long environmental program for grade 5 students, she realized how much she loves inspiring people with the beauty of nature; it holds so. much power over us all. Serena Tansy is How Women Cope Cancer Essay a really active person and essay, enjoys playing almost every sport except field hockey and baseball (both of which she’s terrible at). How Does Exercise Affect Breathing Rate? Her passions lie in dancing, writing, playing her guitar and anything that involves being outside. Serena Tansy’s not 100% sure what she wants to do after high school, but she does know that she wants to study environmental sciences and get into essay a field where she’s working towards healing the Earth and for sure working outdoors! Serena Tansy is absolutely ecstatic about How Women Cancer Major Challenges Essay, this expedition and can’t wait to travel to on parents, the Antarctic. Something she hope to gain from this experience is knowledge about Lullabies for Little, the. ozone hole over essay the Antarctic how it heals itself and wilbur, how humans are preventing the healing process from taking place.

My name is Pamela Stevenson. I am 16 years old and I am a proud Canadian Inuk from Kuujjuaq, Quebec. I am a full time student and part time employee. Between my studies and work, I love to goal tend for my community ice hockey team, participate in Canadian Junior Rangers, the Police Cadet program, sew, and essay, I love to travel. Recently I visited the national park of Pingualuit, Alberta, Vancouver, the for Pay: College Essay, east coast of essay, Canada, Florida, New York and my favorite places, all of the in gladiator, communities of Nunavik.

My goal is to explore and note the essay, differences from the land my grandparents grew up on characters, and Antarctica. Other goals of mine are to take 3,584 pictures of the new friends I will make in my life, to bring home with me the memories from Antarctica, and to share my laugh. To me, my family is important because of their encouragement and support to excel at the activities I am involved with. I am anxious to participate in this expedition, take photos and make new friends. It’s always been my dream to go to on parents, Antarctica, ever since my older sister participated in a Students on in gladiator, Ice Arctic expedition.

She told me that when I’m older I would be able to become a Student on Ice. Abhilaksh Sundaram loves traveling and on parents, learning about new countries, interacting with the How Women Cope Cancer Challenges, different cultures and sampling the various sounds, sights and smells during these adventures. He is an American that hails originally from India. Abhilaksh finds a good balance between academics and other activities and is outgoing and loves people by nature. He enjoys playing a variety of sports such as tennis and basketball and is also a drummer.

He is a veteran of the People to essay, People programs and has participated in trips to Holland and Australia and has learnt a lot and made many new friends. He is looking forward to making new friends, learning about the polar regions and seeing penguins in their natural habitat. He hopes to transfer this learning to his fellow classmates when he returns in order to encourage them to avail the Criminals Essay, wonderful opportunities for growth offered by the P2P and Students on Ice programs for today’s youth. My name is Maren Swainston, I am 16 years old and recently moved to Anaheim, California from Los Angeles. I am a junior at Canyon High School. I live with my parents and essay, dog named Bob. I have an older brother who lives in Northern California, named Matthew. I have a passion for enhancing music: I play the piano as well as the on parents, flute.

Along with music, I also love photography and taking landscape shots; Ansel Adams is my hero because he is exercise affect breathing such a great inspiration and I love his work of Yosemite. In my spare time I hangout with friends, watch movies and essay on parents, work on a mural I have started on a wall of my bedroom. I have traveled to Canada, Mexico, France, Italy, Greece, China, Australia, New Zealand and how does rate, Fiji. I love traveling. When I go to college I want to study tourism and possibly international affairs.

Since traveling is on parents my main passion in life, I want to richard the writer, pursue a job in essay on parents, it. I am quite excited to go on our Antarctic expedition and am counting down the for Pay: College Athletes Be Paid?, days. 14 year old Malaika is a adventure enthusiast and on parents, fiercely protective on environmental issues. Characters In Gladiator? Her specific interests and concerns are Tiger, Shark and Whale protection. Polar Sciences interest her and she is already mentally preparing herself to participate in a Students on Ice Arctic youth expedition. She is a voracious reader and a good Horse rider.

Malaika is on parents also a certified PADI Scuba Diver. She has tried her hand at College Athletes many adventure sports including Skiing, Surfing, Paragliding and Windsurfing. Malaika won the 3rd position at the All India Windsurfing Nationals this year. Essay? A member of the public speaking youth Toastmaster’s club, she was chosen to be the in gladiator, student ambassador for the Indian Navy, to promote careers among youth and women in Aviation. To do justice to essay on parents, her dream, to be the best Television anchor and producer focused on adventure and in gladiator, wildlife programs, she has attended and been the youngest participating student in many wildlife, herpetology and snake protocol, and film making related programs.

She has been to Steve Irvin’s Farm in Australia and been a student member at Rom Whitaker’s Crocodile Farm. Malaika anchors her own television program called “spotlight with Malaika”. She was the intern script student for AXN channels program shot at the National Defence Academy’s Equitation Centre. She was recently chosen to be on a TV Program of NBC Universal which was shot in Malaysia. Another of Malaika’s dreams is to on parents, Summit Mount Everest in the next three years. Last but not least, though Malaika is a proud Indian she believes in the ideals from the lyrics of John Lennon’s iconic song Imagine . Emilie Welles was raised in New York City. She is a junior in high school and loves science and Play for Pay: Should Be Paid? Essay, math. She participated in the Students on Ice Arctic Youth Expedition 2010 and on parents, can’t wait to continue her journey to the other end of the world. Emilie loves horses and Cope Cancer Challenges, spends a lot of her time at the barn. She also spends time on the tennis court and softball field as well.

Her goal is to make a difference in her new school and help make it as earth friendly as possible. Essay On Parents? Erica Whaley is a 14 year old 9th grade student from Rhode Island. She loves animals, and strongly connects with her environment. She reaches out to people through her music and she feels that music heals. She writes her own music, in fact her first song she wrote was about stopping global warming.

Erica plays guitar and sings at open mics and fundraisers. She loves performing and feels great on a stage. She is currently entered in the Battle of The Bands and raising money for the Boston Children’s Hospital. Erica is a member of the National Junior Honor Society, which means she is affect recognized at a national level for academic success and community outreach. She loves writing, and creative writing and poetry are her strong subjects. By participating in this expedition, Erica hopes to raise awareness about global warming in her town, state, country, and around the world. Erica doesn’t know where her future will bring her, but she hopes to work with animals and essay, the environment. She works well in of performance drugs, a collaborative environment and she likes a challenge. Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. Justine Wild is 14 years old and in on parents, Grade 9 at South Kamloops Secondary School. Justine enjoys a wide range of outdoor activities including camping, backpacking, kayaking and canoeing in summer, and downhill skiing in winter.

She plays violin, piano and trombone, and sings in her school choir. At school, Justine’s favourite subjects are math, science, social studies and band. Justine is looking toward a career in engineering or architecture with an eye to perhaps starting her own company. Her idol is W. Brett Wilson, an engineer, and a key person in a Canadian reality TV show about entrepreneurs. Her favourite comic book character is Green Lantern and her favourite hockey team is the Edmonton Oilers. Justine volunteers with the Thompson Valley Rockhounding club, helping with displays and teaching others about rocks. In her spare time, she can be found crocheting and doing encaustic wax art. Justine is passionate about the environment and architecture. She is Play College Athletes Essay excited to be participating on this expedition, to learn all she can about Antarctica and its ecosystems, and to meet the scientists and other participants on the trip! Hey, my name is essay on parents Mary Williams. I’m a 16 year old student from New Zealand, and am currently in richard wilbur the writer, sixth form at Wairarapa College.

I was born in England but moved here with my family when I was younger. I love taking part in on parents, pretty much everything, and my favourite subjects at school are Chemistry, English and Physical Education. I really love sports, and take part in as many as I can, from cross country to soccer; I just love to be running around having fun. A little bit contrasting, but I also really like being on stage in musicals. I’m a part of the choir and was the lead in this year’s production. Richard? When I leave school, I’d love to be a nature show presenter, and my goal is to one day be a photographer for the National Geographic. I absolutely cannot wait to take part in essay, this expedition! I can’t wait to Cope with Essay, meet new people, to have an awesome time and to partake in this once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s going to essay on parents, be an in gladiator amazing experience and I’m so excited to go!

Juliana Zaloom is a 16 year old high school student from Staten Island, New York, USA. She was born and raised in Staten Island and is a junior at The College of Staten Island High School for International Studies. Juliana is an Editor-in-Chief of her high school newspaper and has a deep interest in journalism, photography, chemistry, and environmental sciences. She is an experienced figure skater and cheerleader as well. Juliana is a frequent traveler and has ventured to Italy (with her high school), Mexico, St. Maarten, and on parents, most of the Essay, states on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. On Parents? Juliana is an avid reader and enjoys literature in her spare time. She is a very family oriented person and history enhancing, enjoys the company of good friends. Juliana has a part time job in a pizzeria near her house and has a very spirited, independent personality. In school, Juliana spends her time working on her school newspaper, participating in UNICEF Club, and cheering on her school’s basketball team at seasonal games. On the Students on Ice Antarctic Youth Expedition 2011, Juliana hopes to make new friends, develop a greater appreciation for her already deep love of the environment, encounter the amazing animals that inhabit the Antarctic Peninsula, and carry on her expedition experiences even after the trip has come to a close.

Jacob Zeiher was born in Iowa City, Iowa. Since then he has lived in Indianapolis, Indiana for 9 years, and he currently resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan where he has lived for almost 8 years. Jacob has one older brother, Alex. Jacob lives with his mom, dad, and 3 year old Dalmatian, Lucy. In his free time he enjoys playing football and baseball for his high school, spending time with his family, and essay on parents, generally being active. Criminals Essay? During the journey, Jacob hopes to on parents, learn more about how the wildlife in Antarctica is able to survive in the extreme conditions. In addition, he would also like to Cope with Essay, learn more about essay, how global climate change has affected the continent.

After his expedition, Jacob hopes to bring home valuable, firsthand information about the incredible continent of Antarctica to his community, and inform them as to drugs, what they can do to essay on parents, save/protect its unique environment.

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Essay on Parents and their Children - 1171 Words |…

Nov 12, 2017 Essay on parents, buy essay online help and buy professionals essays -

Essay on Parents and their Children - 1171 Words |…

Essay: Maintenance of share capital. A share may be described as “ an interest of essay on parents a shareholder in a company measured by a sum of money for the purpose of liability in the first place and of interest in wilbur the writer, the second ”[1]. Shares also represent the statutory contract between a shareholder and all the other shareholders of the company[2]. The share affords certain rights to the shareholder, such as to receive dividends, to vote on fundamental decisions and rights to participate in surplus assets. Where a company is brought to essay on parents an end, any surplus assets are shared after creditors have been discharged[3]. In practice, where the Cope Cancer Challenges Company has gone into liquidation, there is often insufficient money to pay its creditors and since the creditors’ rights come before those of the shareholders, the investment can be seen as a risky one in which the investor may lose all of their money[4]. Similarly, creditors considering lending funds to a limited company will need to be aware that under the Companies Act 2006 (“CA2006”), the liability of members of essay on parents a company limited by shares to such parties, is the balance that remains unpaid on enhancing, any shares held by them[5]. Such liability can only come to an end by payment in full of that balance[6], at which point the amount paid is termed ‘paid up’ capital[7]. Essay On Parents? Once all capital is paid up, in the absence of any other agreement (such as a director personally securing his assets against How Women Cancer Challenges a bank loan), the members will not owe the essay creditors any unpaid amounts – but the creditors have access to this information and so can make an informed decision on whether to lend or not, although in practice, other factors will usually have more bearing on this decision.

Where a lending institution or creditor is considering offering facilities to a company, they may want to Criminals know how much the shareholders paid for their shares, and the amount that remains unpaid. Under Section 542(1)[8], shares in a limited company must have a fixed nominal, or ‘par’, value. This indicates the minimum price to essay on parents be paid for the shares. When the exercise breathing Company is registered, certain information is required which will be available to others to view, including the on parents names and the writer addresses of the original members of the Company, the total number of shares in the Company, the aggregate nominal value and the amount paid/unpaid on essay on parents, each share[9]. For most private companies this will be ?1, and this is unaffected by for Little Criminals, the market performance of the Company[10]. If it were possible for a company to return the equity that its shareholders had invested to them during its lifetime, the on parents rules discussed that put a creditor’s interests first would be undermined.

If the equity was returned to the shareholders and then the characters Company went into liquidation, the on parents remaining assets would be insufficient to pay the How Women Cancer Challenges Essay liabilities to on parents the creditors, and the shareholders’ interests would have taken priority in effect[11]. Therefore, there are rules in place that generally dictate that share capital should be both discoverable, and should not be reduced. Where the company is limited by shares or by guarantee, the fixed amount of the company’s capital cannot be changed, except by How Women Cope with Challenges, alteration of the memorandum of association by one of the methods that the CA2006 permits[12]. Essay? For private companies, there is history of performance, no minimum share capital, whereas for public companies there must be a minimum authorised and issued share capital for it to carry on on parents, business, currently ?50,000[13]. Lullabies Essay? Under CA2006, companies must comply with certain requirements regarding the maintenance and reduction of share capital, for the benefit of essay creditors in a winding up. Over time, the rules relating to how does breathing rate the maintenance of on parents share capital have changed, and history various provisions have been introduced which allow share capital to be reduced in certain circumstances. Companies have the essay power to buy back shares they have issued before. They can also finance an outside party’s purchase of shares, which has the effect of reducing assets.

Sometimes, reducing the capital is a good option for the Company’s health and does not affect the creditor’s interests – for with example, where the Company has issued more shares than it needs, or has made significant losses, a reduction would effectively recognise the Company’s true position. There are various rules which govern under what circumstances such activity can take place[14]. A company may reduce its share capital, for essay example, by extinguishing or reducing the outstanding liability on unpaid or partly paid shares; cancelling unpaid share capital which is lost or unrepresented; or repaying unpaid share capital that is in excess of the company’s needs[15]. Its members must pass a special resolution and directors must make a statement as to solvency within 15 days before the resolution, to say the Company can pay its debts within a year of the statement being made[16]. This applies to private companies; but there is a second method for private and all other companies whereby the shareholders pass the special resolution and for Little Criminals Essay then the Company applies to on parents Court to confirm the reduction.

This will be approved if satisfactory arrangements have been put in place to protect the Company’s creditors[17]. Redeemable Shares and Buy Backs. Where a company seeks to ‘buy back’ some of its shares, this means that the Company is returning the shareholder’s investment. This appears primie facie to breach the rules regarding maintenance of capital; and there is a provision in How Women Cope with Essay, the CA2006[18] relating to this which states that the Company may not acquire its own shares. There are, however, exceptions, subject to stringent rules.

Under Section 684(1)[19], companies may issue redeemable shares (i.e. On Parents? shares that may be bought back) where the company has issued only non-redeemable shares previously[20]. Rate? Where the Company is public, they may only issue redeemable shares if this is permitted in their Articles of Association. Essay? The terms, conditions and manner of redemption of the redeemable shares is set by how does affect breathing, the Directors before the shares are alloted[21], authorised by an ordinary resolution of the Company’s members or by the Articles[22]. On redemption, the shares to be redeemed have to be fully paid up[23]. The effect of essay on parents redemption is that the shares are cancelled, and the nominal value of them is deducted from the Company’s issued share capital[24]. A company may also want to in gladiator buy back its shares as an investment, perhaps because a major shareholder wishes to leave the business.

Under s.690(1)[25], this is possible regardless of whether the shares were issued as redeemable or not. There are rules regulating this as for redemptions; for example, that the articles must not prohibit the buy-back[26] and on parents a special resolution must be made before the contract to buy-back the shares is created[27]. This can be contrasted with redeemable shares which can be redeemed at any time without further resolution; the resolution relates only to the issue of such shares. Redemption and buy-back does not always reduce capital. Under the CA2006, it is preferable that sources other than capital are used to Play for Pay: Be Paid? fund such activities. Only when no such sources exist can a Company resort to using capital to make the transactions. Companies may use distributable profits (usually available for payment of dividends), or the proceeds of a new issue of shares made especially for the purpose of essay on parents funding redemption or buy-back[28]. Where the buy-back is funded by new shares, there is no reduction in share capital, because the amount bought back is replaced by the new shares[29].

Where distributable profits are used, the Company has to replace the share capital that has been redeemed or bought back. It is richard, required to on parents record that the payment has reduced the amount available for dividends, and must therefore transfer an amount equal to the nominal value of the shares being bought back, from the account representing distributable profits, into a capital redemption reserve. This is regarded as part of the Company’s permanent investment, replacing the reduction in share capital[30]. Private companies who find that distributable profits and the proceeds of an issue of How Women Cope Major Challenges Essay shares will not cover the purchase price required for the buy back, can fund the transaction from capital where the Articles of the Company permit this[31]. Because the reduction could potentially harm creditors’ interests, there are a number of essay on parents requirements; for example, that the payment of Lullabies for Little capital has to be approved by on parents, special resolution[32], and richard the directors have to make a statement of solvency[33] supported by an auditor’s report[34]. Financing the on parents Acquisition of Shares. There is a general prohibition on the giving of financial assistance to acquire shares under Sections 678 and how does exercise affect breathing 679 CA2006. On Parents? This is affect breathing rate, because such a transaction could reduce share capital. However, this applies only to essay public companies, and their subsidiaries[35]; not to private companies. Assistance given to purchase shares before or at the time of the how does breathing rate acquisition of shares will be unlawful[36].

Further, assistance given after the acquisition to reduce or discharge a liability in connection with the acquisition, will also be unlawful[37]. For example, if the Company paid off a loan that the shareholder used to acquire the shares, this would have the effect of indirectly returning the shareholder’s investment, which would reduce share capital. The shareholder’s interests would then take priority over those of the creditor, which the law seeks to prevent. Essay? There are, however, some exceptions to the rule at Section 681(2) CA2006; for example, where lawful dividends are paid to a shareholder (even if these are to be used to purchase further shares[38]). The fact that these provisions do not apply to private companies is something of Play Should College Athletes a puzzle.

If providing financial assistance in acquiring shares risks prejudicing the interests of the essay creditor, as well as of any shareholder who does not accept the offer to acquire their shares or to whom the offer is the writer, not made[39], why abolish the restriction in its entirely for private companies? The reasons given by the Company Law Steering Group are that the financial assistance prohibition is not required for capital maintenance purposes, and that existing company and insolvency law is sufficient to on parents create the protections which the prohibition would provide if it covered private companies also. Further, there is wide agreement that the old provisions of ss 151–158 of CA1985 cause inconvenience, cost and irritation in the course of private company share sales, particularly in relation to situations where reasonable commercial terms could be agreed that were non-prejudicial to shareholders and Criminals Essay creditors alike, but which fell under the head of “unlawful financial assistance”[40]. The rules relating to the maintenance of on parents share capital have been criticised as an unnecessary restriction of companies, since in practice, share capital is regarded as a “relatively unimportant measure of a company’s ability to repay its creditors”[41]. The argument here is exercise affect breathing rate, that creditors can, and on parents do, ‘look after themselves’ by inserting provisions in loan agreements to in gladiator protect their interests. These might prevent the Company from disposing of certain assets until the debt is repaid in full.

Such agreements will take a ‘charge’ over the asset, allowing the creditor to seize it in the even of non-payment. Essay? It is also possible for a creditor to retain ownership of the goods they are supplying until the wilbur the writer Company has paid the price for them[42]. The fact that in practice, the share capital has no particular relevance to lenders and the way that the rules are relaxed, for example, in relation to private companies who may fund the acquisition of shares in essay on parents, effect reducing the share capital, shows that the assertion by Lord Watson in Trevor v Whitworth as to the state of the law is incorrect, but also that the law is evolving to reflect the fact that share capital maintenance provisions are somewhat unnecessary since creditors do not tend to base their lending decisions on share capital values, and history enhancing drugs have other means in which to secure their loans. Bedford, J (3 March 2006) Throwing the baby out with the bath water? New Law Journal 156 NLJ 354. Halsbury’s Laws of England: Companies (Volume 7(1) (2004 Reissue) Hill, C., Hubble, P., Longshaw, A., Morgan, T., and on parents Roberts, S. For Little Essay? (2007) Company Law and Practice, Manual 2, The Open University. [1] Borland’s Trustee v Steel Bros and Co Ltd (1901) 1 Ch 279, in Hill (2007) pp.7-8. [2] Borland’s Trustee, ibid; CA2006 s.33. [6] Ooregum Gold Mining Co of India v Roper [1892] AC 125 at 145, HL, per on parents, Lord Macnaghten. [7] Halsbury’s Laws of England: Companies (Volume 7(1) (2004 Reissue) 522.

Paid up capital. [9] CA2006 ss9(1), 9(4)(a), 761-763; Hill (2007) p.30. [12]Halsbury’s Laws of England: Companies (Volume 7(1) (2004 Reissue) 528. Alterations to capital. [13] CA2006 s761, 763. [15] CA2006 s.641 in Hill (2007) p35. [16] CA2006 ss.641(1)(a) and 642(1); Hill (2007) pp.36-37. [17] CA2006 s.645(2); Hill (2007) pp.36-40. [30] CA2006 ss.733(1) and (2) [34] CA2006 s.714(6); Hill (2007) pp.66.

[36] CA2006 s.678(1) and 678(2) [37] CA2006 s.678(3) and wilbur the writer 678(4) [39] Chaston v SWP Group Ltd [2002] EWCA Civ 1999, [2002] All ER (D) 345 (Dec) per Arden LJ. [40] Bedford, J (3 March 2006) Throwing the baby out with the bath water? New Law Journal 156 NLJ 354. Search our thousands of essays: If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom Law essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact question? There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. Each of us is qualified to a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to your essay question.

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