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Treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in a Veteran pdf

Nov 12, 2017 Essay on Insufficient Treatment of PTSD Victims, order essay online -

Treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in a Veteran pdf

Best Powerpoint Resume Templates for Download. The time of traditional CVs has passed. Of course, you should still have a one copy of a traditional resume but visual resumes are becoming more and more popular and if you make them right they can make your resume special and better than others. It is hard to make a great visual resume. On Insufficient Of PTSD? You can think that you did a good job but in the end, your resume can be bad.

Thats why I created this article, to bisodol effects help you with this. First, lets take a look why you should choose virtual resume. Main advantage of visual resume if the opportunity to be creative. You can use your imagination here and Essay Treatment of PTSD Victims create a stunning resume that will attract lots of attention and make you stand out and hope among the others. Another great thing is on Insufficient Victims, that you are able to provide lots of information in balogun hailey a simple and cool way. Why is Treatment, that? Well, everything in visual resume is (if you make it good) clearly available and it is structured in some order. And, like we already mentioned, visual resumes are becoming more and more popular but not everyone is using them already so chances that your visual resume will be the only one from all applications are pretty good. But, there are also some disadvantages of visual resumes. One of those disadvantages is dishonest information. Chances that people will lie on visual resume are lot bigger than chances for the needs of individual children lying on Essay on Insufficient Treatment traditional paper written resume.

Quality visual resume can cost a lot of explain how the meets the needs, money if you dont know how to make a good one yourself. And there is thin line between simple and cool resume with lots of information and complex visual resume that is hard to on Insufficient Treatment read so be careful with that. Now that you know something about explain environment meets the needs of individual, visual resumes you should know that the best tool for creating one of those is on Insufficient Treatment Victims, Microsoft PowerPoint. When you heard the word visual resume maybe you thought that the resume should be like a video. Well, youre wrong.

You can make a video resume if you want, but a lot better solution is PowerPoint. Why? It takes a lots of time to make a good video resume. You must look good, decide what you are going to say and what you shouldnt say and try to film everything right at the first time but you will probably need at least 10 shots before everything is right. Another important thing about video resumes is environment of individual children, that you will probably look silly and Essay bad in that videos. People who look good are mostly people who know how to work with camera like the one who work in news, marketing or similar. And the last thing I should mention is that the the needs PowerPoint visual resume gives you more opportunities to Treatment be creative than you get with video resume. So, PowerPoint should be your option. But, how to create resume in PowerPoint? Dont worry, it is very easy.

There are three very simple steps to create a basic PowerPoint resume: Open PowerPoint and make your slide show. Balogun? Now if you want to show it as slideshow then save it and upload it to SlideShare. If you want to show it as a movie then click on Slide Show option and choose rehears timings. Then practice your reading of each slide and set intervals for changing slides. Essay Victims? Save your slide show as a movie and upload it where you want. And thats it. Sounds easy, right? Well, it is! But the hard part is to make it great. Its not enough just to drones essay create a simple movie or slide show because that wont attract enough attention from the employer to actually make you stand out in on Insufficient the large group of other applications. This is where your creativity and imagination should work.

Best PowerPoint resumes for inspiration. If you still cant imagine and create something great maybe you need some inspiration. I created a small list that contains some of the best resumes made with PowerPoint that should get your creativity flowing. List of best Powerpoint Resume Templates. Ways Cyberbullying Essay? Now you got everything you need. On Insufficient Treatment Victims? Well, almost everything. I explained what is visual resume, why is it better than traditional resume, why you should create PowerPoint resume and not video and Modern Others: I gave you instructions on how to create it and some of the best resumes to Essay on Insufficient Treatment of PTSD give you some inspiration. What did I forget? Oh yeah, the thing from the tittle.

You got everything you need to experimentation create your own resume from on Insufficient Victims, scratch. But if you dont want to design everything you can always use finished templates. Luckily, there is a lot of bisodol effects, them. It can be hard to Essay Treatment pick the right ones and drones essay thats why Im here (once again). Essay Of PTSD? Below you will find the list of drones essay, best templates for creating a PowerPoint resume. Enjoy and please show us your resume. #128578; Tinker PowerPoint Resume Presentation. Tinker is Essay on Insufficient Treatment Victims, a powerful and creative PowerPoint template for everyone. Effects? You can be photographer, designer, business man or from Treatment Victims, any other category because this template will suit you well. Tinker comes in 5 different colors (pink, green, aqua, orange and Modern Ways to Bully Cyberbullying Essay yellow) and two themes dark and light. Presentations will be in full HD resolution and you get 50 custom slides, great transition animations and Essay of PTSD fully editable shapes and icons. Download here.

Showcase PowerPoint Resume Presentation. Second template we included on our list is called Showcase. Driving? It is on Insufficient Treatment of PTSD Victims, another great template for the needs of individual every type of business and it comes with 27 different animated slides, customizable text and colors and awesome font. You also get 18 master slides and fully editable layout. Great template. Download here. Corporate Presentation PowerPoint. Corporate is perfect PowerPoint presentation template for some business companies or agencies. You can also use it for other business categories but it will suit the Essay on Insufficient best for some corporate style. It comes in full HD resolution and you get 18 different slides with some great custom animated effects for your slideshow. Template comes in two colors, grey and blue-gray.

There is also keynote version of drones essay, this presentation. Download here. Retro Milk PowerPoint is vintage and cool template for PowerPoint presentations that is perfect for any kind of on Insufficient of PTSD Victims, business. It is fully customizable, contains 24 different icons, 19 slides that come with cool animations and bisodol side full HD resolution. And it also comes in three different versions with three different fonts.

Download here. Personal CV PowerPoint template is one of the most detailed templates out there. This template has over 360 different slides with 40 completely unique slides. It is retina ready and comes in full HD resolution. You get 6 different versions with black and light color schemes. Every part of content you get is fully customizable and you get a detailed instructions and help file. On Insufficient Victims? This template is creative, comes with some amazing effects and animations and will surely serve you very well. Download here. Big Presentation is one of those templates that will surely help you to effects get the next job if you use this. This template is very creative, gives you an option to create an amazing movie as your job application and comes with large amount of different features.

Some of those features are 8 different color schemes, fully customizable photos, icons and text, animated pages, help files and on Insufficient Treatment of PTSD HD resolution. Download here. Flux PowerPoint Presentation Template. Another great template on our list is called Flux. Flux is multi-purpose template because it comes with 64 different and customizable slide layouts with master and Modern Ways to Bully Others: Cyberbullying Essay non-master versions of on Insufficient of PTSD Victims, those slides. You also get great animations, 5 color schemes and HD resolution. This is great template that will serve you well and help you to present your projects, company or make your own resume. Download here.

BizMotion PowerPoint Presentation Template. BizMotion is great template that comes with 32 unique animated slides and fully customizable elements. You get 6 complete color schemes and option to change the color as much as you want. If you dont like the animations you can use non-animated version of the template and if you like infographics, dont worry because BizMotion has a large number of handmade infographic like flow chart, timeline, gallery, stage diagram, SmartArt infographics and similar. Download here.

Management Profile Presentation Template. This is to Bully Cyberbullying, a simple template that will allow you to present yourself in a simple but creative way. Essay On Insufficient Treatment Of PTSD? You get 30 unique slides, highly customizable elements and unlimited number of color schemes. You also get two different styles of animal, template, resume style and profile style. Management Profile is a creative solution for your virtual CV. Download here. And the on Insufficient Treatment of PTSD Victims last theme on our list called Pribadi Personal CV is, with Personal CV PowerPoint on number 5, the most detailed presentation template. In this package you get an balogun, incredible number of more than 820 different slides in 9 color schemes and on Insufficient with light and dark versions.

Sounds amazing? Well, it is. Bisodol Side? Pribadi Personal CV is one of the best ways to create your own CV and present your work and experience to the employer. Download here.

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Treatment - Treatment for Posttraumatic Stress

Nov 12, 2017 Essay on Insufficient Treatment of PTSD Victims, write my essay -

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Nightclub Security Expert Guide to Bar Security. Bouncers, Doormen and Security Guards. Authors note: I am a nightclub security expert witness. Ive never worked in of PTSD Victims, a bar. What qualifies me as an side effects, expert is my decades-long experience in security management.

Security personnel are known under many different titles such as, most commonly, bouncers but they are also called ushers, greeters, door men, crowd control specialists, etc. The truth, however, is that there are basic tenants to any security program, regardless of business environment, and bars and nightclubs are no different with the exception of Treatment of PTSD Victims alcohol. Bouncer = Security. Alcohol-fueled guests present a variety of issues that can ultimately lead to serious injury or death. Modern To Bully Others: Essay. Litigation or law suits follow these incidents and the club is generally poorly prepared to defend themselves in court. I am providing some insight into the common areas that I explore as a nightclub security expert when working for the plaintiffs attorney. This should not be considered legal advice. Always consult with your attorney on Essay on Insufficient Treatment of PTSD Victims, security matters. Hopefully this will assist in preparing a workable security plan. (PDF Version).

Update: The horrific mass shooting at The Pulse, in balogun hailey, Orlando, Florida demonstrates the on Insufficient Treatment importance of security planning. While there is little, if anything, that can keep a heavily armed terrorist out of explain how the meets the needs any location, the focus on emergency planning is critical. If a venue does not have a basic fire evacuation plan, then how will the Essay Treatment staff react to against experimentation, a shooting? What are the managements expectations for Essay an emergency in and hope, a usually dark, loud, alcohol-on-board, crowd? If there is not a written plan, then it does not exist.

Plan, train, test, reviewrepeat the process. 1. Formal Application. A written application should ask for references, job history, and if the applicant has been convicted of any crime (other than traffic offenses) for a specific time frame. Essay Treatment Victims. A common time frame is 7 years. 2. Background check. A background check should be conducted on every potential employee.

This may include calling references and hailey, conducting a criminal check. Essay Treatment. Regardless of what a companys background check process is, the same method must be followed and should be consistently documented. Failure to conduct a backrgound check may result in hiring a person who has been repeatedly fired from previous similar jobs or the hiring of bisodol someone with a violent criminal history. These omissions may expose a club to liability in the event of a law suit. 3. Job description. It should never be assumed that a person applying for a job knows the expectations of an employer. A bouncer may have had a previous employer who had their security personnel take a very aggressive approach with customers. That may not be appropriate for your particular clientele or vice versa. Create a written job description, train to those requirements, and place a signed copy in their personnel file. If new duties are created, have a document for signature outlining changes in responsibilities.

It is recommended that all job descriptions and subsequent changes contain the date created/revised. 4. Skills. A bouncers strength and commanding presence should not be the first line of defense. Their ability to communicate and attempt to defuse and de-escalate situations will be used more often. There are recognized barriers present such as loud music, poor lighting, and, of Essay Treatment course, the Modern Ways Cyberbullying person(s) involved are probably intoxicated, impaired on drugs or both. Clubs also serve a mixture of Treatment Victims alcohol and energizer drinks which may cause a patron to be easily agitated. In short, the use of force should be the last resort, not the only resort. Appropriate skills for security personnel: a. Good listener.

b. Of Drink Driving. Focus on customer service. c. Firm but fair approach. d. Calm under stress. e. The ability to control emotion in potentially volatile situations. 1. Do you even have a written plan? A written security plan can help owners and managers plan responses to on Insufficient Treatment Victims, specific situations. Without a plan, employees do what they think is dangers, best which may not be effective or may actually compound a problem. The security plan should also include the on Insufficient of PTSD emergency plan in case of fire, a shooting or robbery, or some other emergency that would require the bisodol immediate evacuation of the building.

The plan should be part of the Essay Victims initial and on going training of all staff and it should be practiced. Having no formal plan in place will prove to be problematic, if not catastrophic, in the event of an emergency. All one needs to do is dangers driving, research club fires over the years to understand the absolute need for a plan. 2. A clubs genre, such as a dance club, strip club, country and western, or hip hop, presents their own unique problems. A club does not need to on Insufficient Victims, have a reputation for strong-arm tactics to be successful in maintaining peace. However, some clubs have a general reputation of not calling police in environment, an effort to build street credibility or in an effort to avoid potential investigation by the States Alcohol Control Board. It is highly recommended that clubs adopt a very firm but fair ejection policy and that the police are called if anyone is Essay Victims, belligerent and refusing to leave. Keep in mind that in litigation, a clubs policy and history of calling the balogun police may, in fact, be a positive factor. Check with your State Alcohol Control agency to ensure understanding of any reporting requirements they have.

3. Parking lots are crime attractants. Offenders know your patrons may have diminished capacity of recognizing a threat which allows crimes such as robbery, rape and assault to occur. The parking lot is an important facet of security planning and should be considered for staffing, lighting, and physical security. This is Treatment of PTSD, especially true when a club has designated remote parking. Designated is the important term. If your club has an agreement (verbal or written) with a nearby parking lot owner and employees direct customers to park there then there may be a legal duty regarding security for club patrons.

Check with your attorney and ensure how the law is structured in your state. There is also case law that suggests if a customer is directed to an overflow parking area that has no relationship with the club, the club may bear some duty regarding the safety of those patrons. If your staff directs customers to other parking lots, the practice should be reviewed by legal counsel and appropriate policies/training be put in against animal, place. Training is key for Essay of PTSD any type of company as it establishes a base line of policies and procedures and balogun and hope, dictates the desired behavior of employees. Training, regardless of style and delivery, is Essay on Insufficient of PTSD Victims, critical. Documenting that training is also important.

Whatever process is used to train personnel, it should be documented as to what the side topics were and who provided the of PTSD Victims training. Training checklists are helpful especially for dangers driving on-the-job training because it ensures consistency. Any individual who is conducting training should have absolute clarity on Essay of PTSD, how the club wants the balogun and hope security function to perform. 1. Essay On Insufficient Treatment Of PTSD Victims. If there is no documentation of training there is no way to prove it exists or what topics were covered. 2. When can I use force? Do you have a written policy on drones essay, this topic? Do bouncers and other security personnel understand the term reasonable force? Do they understand the exact moment when they have made a detainment or an arrest?

3. Essay On Insufficient Of PTSD. What role is customer service in their training? Bouncers are should always be an ambassador for drones essay a club first and security second. Essay Treatment Of PTSD. Most situations can be resolved without resorting to force. 4. Ejecting unruly patrons is explain how the meets the needs of individual children, not uncommon but club management must establish the policy and procedures related to that. Does management need to give approval before ejecting a customer? Is there a report written every time or does it have to involve force? Is a photo copy of a drivers license maintained?

Is a photo taken of the customer? Is there a document that the Essay on Insufficient Treatment Victims customer signs acknowledging they have been given a trespass warning? 5. Ejected patrons may be told not to return to the club. Balogun And Hope. Management should dictate the Essay Treatment of PTSD length of time for the violation. It is effects, difficult, at best, to recall every ejected customer much less to manage a list of ejected patrons. If management decides to ban a patron and they return, call the police.

6. Verbal abuse of a bouncer is common during a confrontation. It is very important to remember the on Insufficient of PTSD effect alcohol has on a persons ability to manage their emotions. Verbal abuse IS NOT a basis for the use of force. 7. Enforcement of house rules. Bouncers and bar staff are always tasked with identifying dress code violations or other violations of in-house rules. Those rules should be clearly visible to all patrons in multiple areas of the business. 8. Drones Essay. Fair warnings. Sometimes people just need to be reminded that their behavior is disruptive. This is a difficult conversation at times because the person is intoxicated and has no concept of disruptive. These calls are certainly subjective but should always be courteous and Treatment of PTSD Victims, professional. Disruptive behavior is the area where bouncers commonly become the Attitude Police. Bouncers are not employed to Modern to Bully Others: Cyberbullying Essay, decide what is Essay on Insufficient Victims, particularly disruptive and bothersome to them personally.

While it is a judgment call, there should be sound basis by Ways to Bully Essay club policy as to actions taken. Warnings can quickly escalate if the security personnel allow an argument to become personal. When making decisions based on emotion there is a certain flash point where the Essay Treatment Victims bouncer feels that the only resolution is to eject the patron. The security staff, depending on the circumstances, always have the option of simply walking away after the warning has been given and not engage the person further. If the behavior continues, a protocol should be in the needs children, place that guides the security person as to their authority to eject the person, how it is to be accomplished, and what, if any, actions (call police) are to be taken afterwards. 9. Calling the police. Calling the police seems to be discouraged except in the most extreme situations. There may also be a feeling by security personnel that they are not capable of doing their jobs if they have to call police. Again, there should be a written policy that is consistently followed in this regard.

If it takes physical force to restrain a customer, I recommend that police be called. This protects the bouncer, the club, and the patron. If a customer is injured during an ejection the police should be called. Club staff should be trained regarding the on Insufficient of PTSD need for EMS. Side. Regardless of the circumstances, an unconscious person should be given the benefit of on Insufficient of PTSD Victims immediate emergency aid.

There are no standards as to the correct ratio of security personnel to patrons. The ratio of 1 security person to every 50 patrons has been mentioned in many recommendations but that number has no basis. That number may be appropriate for dangers of drink driving a country club dinner but may not be for a post Super Bowl party or a live broadcast of an MMA title fight. Many factors should be considered; cost should not be one of them. 1. Staffing is dependent on the type of attendees/patrons, venue/building size, and Essay on Insufficient, the duties needed to explain how the meets children, reasonably secure people and property. 2. Consider the hot spots within your club, such as restrooms, where criminal activity is likely to occur. Restrooms are the most likely place for fights, drug activity, and sexual assaults to take place. Make appropriate staffing assignments to Essay of PTSD Victims, be at balogun and hope, or visit them regularly.

Restroom visibility is important as well. 3. On Insufficient Treatment Of PTSD. What is the staffing plan when multiple security personnel must react to drones essay, a situation? Planning is needed to ensure an appropriate response is effective but does not pull everyone from their assigned areas. Keep in mind that diversions can be created to draw personnel to another part of a club to facilitate criminal activity. Additionally, having too many people involved in an altercation may, in fact, exacerbate the situation. Have a plan. 4. Doormen are the first and last layer of defense. Essay On Insufficient. They are critical for age verification and crowd control. The area around the main entrance is the most likely place for fights to take place among patrons if they were involved in an earlier altercation. Staff must be trained as to the reasonable steps they can take when fights start outside the drones essay club.

Your legal counsel should be consulted and appropriate policy and procedures created. Ejected customers who demand to be allowed back into the club are always a challenge. If verbal warnings are not sufficient to make the person leave, call the police. It is not reasonable to further engage a person who has already been ejected from a club. Bouncers are not the Attitude Police and simply cannot allow themselves to Essay on Insufficient Treatment, reengage in drones essay, verbal exchanges outside the club.

Those patrons who insist they come back into Essay on Insufficient Treatment of PTSD the club are problematic. Bouncers should clearly understand the difference between assaultive behavior and a person merely trying to push their way in. Policy should be in place to dictate what steps are to be taken. I recommend the police be called immediately. 5. If your club has a right to search policy, it is drones essay, recommended that the policy is heavily signed throughout the club and at the entrance. Your search policy should be well defined and appropriately trained (and documented). The use of metal detection wands at the entrance is a reasonable practice when staff is trained on the proper use of the wands and how to best investigate activations. Pat down searches should be discussed with legal counsel and policy and procedure written accordingly. Essay On Insufficient Victims. Males should not pat down female patrons. Formal meetings with all security staff (in-house and/or contract guards) may be difficult so it is important that there is time set aside before opening for short huddles. These are quick, to-the-point, discussions about assignments, equipment checks, and the time for Modern Ways Essay supervisors to reinforce policy and procedure.

1. Ensure all radios have fresh batteries and functioning ear pieces. Essay Of PTSD. Conduct radio checks with each unit. Check to ensure each person has a working flashlight. 2. If the and hope hailey club has a CCTV system, check each camera individually to ensure it is working. Ensure that the date/time on on Insufficient Treatment, the DVR is correct. 3. Assign someone to walk the parking lot to check for any lighting issues and to ensure it is dangers of drink, clear of any potential hazards. Document any light checks. 4. Check all emergency exits.

This is one of the Treatment of PTSD Victims most important pre-opening tasks that should be done. Ensure all exits are clearly marked and that they are not blocked in any way. Ensure the doors are not locked in any way. Driving. If they have a panic bar alarm, check to ensure it is working properly. This also prevents people from unauthorized use of the door as an exit. Make certain the area outside the Essay on Insufficient door is clear of any obstructions. If there is bisodol side effects, any possibility that a car can be parked in front of an emergency exit, the Essay Treatment Victims doors should be checked throughout the night. 5. Utilize this time to also discuss incidents. This is a training opportunity to both reinforce correct behavior when dealing with customers and to bisodol side effects, openly discuss areas of improvement.

The ultimate goal of Essay Treatment Victims these discussions is to lay the foundation of how security personnel are to respond. It is the responsibility of club management to ensure that the actions of side security personnel are predictable in the sense of Essay Treatment consistency of their actions. These discussions are also invaluable for management to receive feedback from their staff. The use of force by bouncers and Ways Others: Cyberbullying, other security personnel or bar staff should be foreseen as highly probable and potentially high risk. Clear written policies must be in place and documented training should be in a personnel file.

Reinforcement of this topic should be frequent. Club management is responsible for the method and manner in which patrons are handled during altercations. This includes the actions of contract guards. The security person is responsible the actual manner and on Insufficient of PTSD, method they employ. The vast majority of litigation comes from this facet of security operations.

It should be clearly understood that force can be defined as mere touching as in an effort to redirect someone. When any level of force is employed against a patron, that patron may be considered, depending on State law, under arrest. A club should carefully review their use of Cyberbullying force policy. Force by security personnel is usually met with force from the patron. Essay Treatment. It is not something that can be undone. 1. Develop written policies. Train to those policies and discuss prior to every business day. 2. Know where your property line (thus your authority) ends. An angry, mouthy ejected patron on the sidewalk is not a threat to the club or their personnel.

Do not verbally engage these situations. Call the police. Teaching someone a lesson by bisodol side assaulting them is battery and comes with criminal and civil liability. 3. The use of handcuffs should be thoroughly reviewed by legal counsel. On Insufficient Victims. If handcuffs are allowed then proper training should be mandatory and documented. Handcuffs are a restraining device and not a weapon.

Serious injury can occur if handcuffs are improperly applied. If a patron is ever handcuffed, law enforcement should be called. 4. Restraining a person often involves grappling on the floor or pavement. Using a takedown technique should only be used in extreme circumstances. Security staff, bar management and bar employees should understand the term positional asphyxia and be trained to eliminate those conditions. Positional asphyxia, in short, is death that results from when a persons position (usually on their chest/stomach) restricts their ability to breathe. The National Law Enforcement Technology Center published Positional Asphyxia Sudden Death in 1995. and the AELE published in a Monthly Law Journal an balogun hailey, article, with case law citations, entitled Restraint Ties and Asphyxia, 2009 ( ). These papers also discuss use of choke holds and pepper spray.

5. Foot chases of customers must be prohibited. 6. Use of force to prevent re-entry of ejected patrons. If you go on YouTube you can find numerous videos of bouncers/door staff having to Treatment of PTSD, deal with someone who feels they were wrongfully ejected. There are two immediate problems at hand: 1.: the person(s) are intoxicated and have reduced mental resources to full understand what they are doing. And 2.: They are standing (as usually is the bouncer) on a public sidewalk and not on the property of the club. At times the person is so insistent on returning they begin to threaten the bouncer and even get chest to chest. The reasonable action: Do not re-engage someone who is no longer your customer and who is not on your property. Call the police and let them handle the drunk.

Have a written plan. Another situation that often occurs is where several patrons are involved in some sort of altercation and are escorted out the same door. While the situation is slightly different, the bouncers, knowing that all the and hope combatants are now clustered at the door, should ensure they all go on their way. A person who is attacked and injured by another patron, in full view of the security staff, may have a legal course of action. Create your policy and procedure to handle these specific occurrences. Additionally, understand where your property ends and Essay on Insufficient of PTSD Victims, the publics begins. An injury of any kind should be reported immediately to club management and against animal, should be thoroughly documented in on Insufficient of PTSD Victims, a report. This policy and procedure must be in writing.

Security staff should have the immediate recourse to contact EMS for any set of circumstances. Balogun And Hope Hailey. This includes apparent medical emergencies. Protocols should be established to reduce the amount of Victims time required to make decisions regarding emergency medical service. 1. If a patron is injured (for any reason) ask them if they want an Modern to Bully Others: Cyberbullying Essay, ambulance called. Keep in mind a person who is intoxicated may not be the best judge of the extent of their injury. 2. If a patron is Essay Victims, unconscious, call EMS. 3. Balogun Hailey. Where possible, consider having your staff trained on Essay on Insufficient Treatment of PTSD, basic first aid and CPR. 4. Bisodol Side. Consider having AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) on site.

Here is a link to a Red Cross article on AEDs. ( ) 5. Document all cases of injury. Supervision is the ultimate layer of responsibility and accountability in any business. Bouncers and other security staff must have a supervisor. It could be the club manager but they may not be working every day. There should be a person who is directly responsible for the security function any time the club or bar is open. This would require a designated person for given shift regardless of who they ultimately report to. Essay Treatment Of PTSD. This could be a senior security staffer, the bisodol head bar tender, or a manager on duty.

Someone must be able to make management-level security related decisions at any time. Supervision extends beyond a person on duty. Ultimately it means that operational information is passed to the ultimate authority for review and possible action. This is of PTSD Victims, why policies and procedures are critical to a security function. Within those policies and procedures there should be a methodology to advise the appropriate person, such as the animal club manager or owner, about incidents. Verbal communication is unreliable and on Insufficient Treatment of PTSD Victims, simply cannot be recalled years after the fact. How The Environment Meets Children. Written reports are often seen as dangerous records of past activity but, ultimately, they could prove to be vital to show adequacy of supervision. Treatment Victims. Important note: Record retention is environment, a usual and Essay, customary business practice. The length of that retention is environment the needs, dictated by the individual business as it relates to of PTSD Victims, incident or security-related reports.

Whether that time frame is 10 days or 10 years, there should be a written policy that establishes the duration, manner and method for document retention. A bouncers should have a job description and drones essay, their duties outlined writing. If a club is using uniformed contract security guards, their contract should outline in what is known as Post Orders. There are no standards within the industry for Essay on Insufficient Treatment a list of required tasks or functions. These are dictated by many factors thus the importance of against having them in writing. Many times security personnel are hired because of their prior experience.

It is critical that the new-hire bouncers or contract guards know exactly the manner and method the club management wants their duties carried out. On Insufficient Of PTSD. If policy and bisodol side effects, procedures are not formalized then a persons actions are going to be based on past experience or on their interpretation of what they were told. In the event of litigation, polices and Essay Treatment, procedures will be requested by the plaintiffs counsel. If there are only verbal policies there is no way to confirm what they actually are. Drones Essay. Have a plan. The simple mantra: If you have it, it must work and work adequately. 1. Essay On Insufficient Treatment Of PTSD Victims. Cameras. Security cameras can be an drones essay, excellent tool and they are even more cost effective today than ever. When a camera goes down, call your vendor as soon as possible to arrange repair or replacement. Talk to your security camera vendor about the amount of video your DVR will maintain. Essay On Insufficient Treatment Of PTSD. When planning your camera system, try to archive at least two weeks of video so that prior incidents can be reviewed.

A DVR with a DVD burner is recommended so that a permanent record can be stored and filed away. 2. Against. Emergency exits were mentioned before but they are critical to life safety. Test and check the exits daily and ensure there is nothing being stored in this evacuation route. 3. Communication is vital in a club environment. Radios and earpieces are the best combination to on Insufficient Treatment Victims, enable quick response to problems. Dangers Of Drink. Cell phone communication between bouncers and management is slow and ineffective. Dont forget the bar staff.

Some of them may need to have radios as well. 4. Metal detectors are becoming more common in the club environment. Hand held wands have pluses and minuses in their implementation so the decision to use these should be considered carefully. On the positive side they are easy to use, quick to scan, and have a low rate of false alarm. The negatives include delays at the door, a perceived intrusion on privacy, and Essay on Insufficient of PTSD, deciding what is to be done if the wand alerts. If wands are utilized, they are generally ineffective on a womans purse. Bisodol Effects. Those would need to Essay on Insufficient Treatment Victims, be visually inspected.

Protocols should be established for searching a purse. 1. Hailey. Hotspots. There are certain places within every club where additional emphasis may be needed for physical security or personnel security. Hotspots such as restrooms are ideal locations for fights, drug activity and Essay Victims, sex crimes to be committed. Every club has experience where problems most frequently occur. Use that knowledge to plan security accordingly. 2. Parking lots. Bisodol Side Effects. Parking lots are ideal locations for assaults and robberies. Patrons who are walking to their car may not be able to on Insufficient of PTSD Victims, judge a threat and may not be paying attention to their surroundings. They make easy prey for offenders looking for a quick victim who may have trouble identifying them. If your club has experienced violent crime on the parking lot, the side security of the on Insufficient of PTSD particular lot should be reviewed.

Is the lighting adequate? Should we employ a guard service? Property crimes such as car break ins and vandalism could potentially threaten the balogun and hope hailey safety of a customer as well. Consider those in your overall crime assessment. On Insufficient. The local police department can provide crime statistics. Dangers. A security consultant would be able to provide a crime analysis and assist in the decision making process. 3. Guard companies.

Guard companies are often hired for numerous functions. Regardless of their particular duties, they should be well written in what are known as Post Orders. Security guards are typically minimum wage personnel with little training. They clearly are not trained for your particular establishment. Keep your contract guard service under close scrutiny and limit their duties to fit your basic needs. On Insufficient Treatment Of PTSD. The hiring, training, and supervision triangle is partly a clubs burden as well. 4. Weapons: Non-lethal weapons use in a bar and club environment should be carefully reviewed by legal counsel.

The use of pepper spray, Tasers, ASPs, or any other potential weapon carries a great deal of explain how the environment of individual children responsibility and, ultimately, accountability. Training is absolutely mandatory and Essay, all efforts in this regard should be documented. Any use of weapons during the course of balogun hailey business should be documented in a report. Check with your State and local administrative law as to reporting requirements to those agencies. Essay Treatment Victims. Reminder: a bouncer or security guard has no more power/authority than a person walking the street. It is balogun and hope hailey, paramount that this is clearly understood. 5. Emergency Procedures: Someone thinking it would be funny tosses three or four large firecrackers into the crowd. Patrons thinking its gunfire panic and flee to the closest exit. People fall over each other and are trampled in Essay Victims, the process. The doorways become clogged with humanity and soon death and serious injury.

This scenario can be altered in animal experimentation, a number of ways but, without a plan, disaster is always the end result. Every company should have an emergency plan that takes into account the worst scenarios. The nightclub and bar industry have an added dynamic during an Essay of PTSD, emergency that is drones essay, unique: intoxicated people. There are going to be people in various stages of on Insufficient Victims sobriety who may over react or who may not have the capacity to appreciate the nature of the danger. Have a plan. Practice the bisodol plan. These guidelines and suggestions are not intended to of PTSD Victims, provide a club manager or security supervisor with a comprehensive security program for their specific bar or nightclub. These topics are intended to provide discussion points and against, considerations when mapping out Essay on Insufficient Treatment of PTSD, a plan. Driving. Use the services of your legal counsel and your insurance carrier to thoroughly review policies and procedures. On Insufficient Treatment. Where possible, retain the dangers of drink driving services of a security consultant as another source of information. Bouncer killed in nightclub shooting.

Use of Force in Retail Loss Prevention and Premise Security. Deaths Resulting From Shoplifting Incidents and Expert Witness Studies. Attorneys: Call for a Free Consultation to Discuss Your Case. Search our Expert Security Archives. We provide guidance and expertise for both plaintiff and Essay Treatment of PTSD, defendants involved in security related matters. Our approach is simple: dig deeply for policies, procedures, training and hiring practices to establish reasonable care. There are no national standards for security applications.

Security components adopted by any company are, at a base level, dictated by incident history to that specific location. The proactive and reactive approach taken by Ways to Bully Cyberbullying a company will be unique. The question is was the approach reasonable.

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an academic essay A major change that has occurred in the Western family is an increased incidence in divorce. Whereas in the past, divorce was a relatively rare occurrence, in recent times it has become quite commonplace. Essay. This change is side effects, borne out clearly in census figures. For example thirty years ago in Australia, only one marriage in ten ended in divorce; nowadays the figure is more than one in three (Australian Bureau of Essay on Insufficient Victims, Statistics, 1996: p.45). A consequence of this change has been a substantial increase in the number of single parent families and the attendant problems that this brings (Kilmartin, 1997) . An important issue for sociologists, and indeed for all of society, is why these changes in experimentation marital patterns have occurred. In this essay I will seek to critically examine a number of Essay Victims, sociological explanations for the #039;divorce phenomenon#039; and also consider the bisodol side effects social policy implications that each explanation carries with it.

It will be argued that the best explanations are to be found within a broad socio-economic framework. One type of explanation for rising divorce has focused on on Insufficient Treatment Victims, changes in laws relating to marriage. For example, Bilton, Bonnett and Jones (1987) argue that increased rates of divorce do not necessarily indicate that families are now more unstable. It is possible, they claim, that there has always been a degree of marital instability. They suggest that changes in the law have been significant, because they have provided unhappily married couples with #039;access to a legal solution to pre-existent marital problems#039; (p.301) . Bilton et al. therefore believe that changes in divorce rates can be best explained in terms of changes in the legal system. The problem with this type of explanation however, is that it does not consider why these laws have changed in the first place.

It could be argued that reforms to family law, as well as the increased rate of against animal, divorce that has accompanied them, are the product of more fundamental changes in society. Another type of explanation is one that focuses precisely on these broad societal changes. Essay Of PTSD Victims. For example, Nicky Hart (cited in Haralambos, 1995) argues that increases in Ways divorce and marital breakdown are the result of economic changes that have affected the Essay on Insufficient Treatment family. One example of these changes is the raised material aspirations of families, which Hart suggests has put pressure on drones essay, both spouses to become wage earners. Women as a result have been forced to become both homemakers and economic providers. According to Hart, the contradiction of these two roles has lead to Essay on Insufficient of PTSD Victims, conflict and this is the main cause of marital breakdown. It would appear that Hart#039;s explanation cannot account for balogun hailey all cases of divorce - for example, marital breakdown is Essay on Insufficient Treatment Victims, liable to occur in families where only the husband is working. Nevertheless, her approach, which is to relate changes in family relations to drones essay, broader social forces, would seem to be more probing than one that looks only at legislative change.

The two explanations described above have very different implications for on Insufficient Treatment of PTSD Victims social policy, especially in relation to how the problem of increasing marital instability might be dealt with. Bilton et al. (1995) offer a legal explanation and hence would see the solutions also being determined in this domain. If rises in divorce are thought to be the consequence of liberal divorce laws, the obvious way to stem this rise is to make them less obtainable. This approach, one imagines, would lead to a reduction in divorce statistics; however, it cannot really be held up as a genuine solution to the problems of marital stress and breakdown in society. Modern Others:. Indeed it would seem to be a solution directed more at symptoms than addressing fundamental causes. Furthermore, the experience of social workers, working in the area of family welfare suggests that restricting a couple#039;s access to divorce would in some cases serve only to Essay of PTSD, exacerbate existing marital problems (Johnson, 1981). In those cases where violence is involved, the consequences could be tragic. Apart from all this, returning to how the environment meets children, more restrictive divorce laws seems to be a solution little favoured by Australians. (Harrison, 1990).

Hart (cited in Haralambos, 1995), writing from a Marxist-feminist position, traces marital conflict to on Insufficient Victims, changes in the capitalist economic system and their resultant effect on the roles of men and driving women. It is difficult to Treatment Victims, know however, how such an analysis might be translated into practical social policies. This is because the Hart program would appear to require in the first place a radical restructuring of the economic system. Balogun. Whilst this may be desirable for some, it is not achievable in the present political climate. Hart is right however, to suggest that much marital conflict can be linked in some way to the economic circumstances of families. This is borne out in many statistical surveys which show consistently that rates of divorce are higher among socially disadvantaged families (McDonald, 1993). This situation suggests then that social policies need to be geared to providing support and Essay on Insufficient of PTSD security for these types of driving, families. It is little cause for optimism however, that in recent years governments of all persuasions have shown an increasing reluctance to fund social welfare programs of on Insufficient of PTSD Victims, this kind.

It is difficult to offer a comprehensive explanation for against experimentation the growing trend of marital breakdown; and it is even more difficult to find solutions that might ameliorate the problems created by on Insufficient Treatment of PTSD, it. Clearly though, as I have argued in this essay, the most useful answers are to be found not within a narrow legal framework, but within a broader socio-economic one. Finally, it is worth pointing out that, whilst we may appear to be living in a time of increased family instability, research suggests that historically, instability may have been the norm rather than the exception. As Bell and Cyberbullying Essay Zajdow (1997) point out, in the past, single parent and step families were more common than is assumed - although the disruptive influence then was not divorce, but the premature death of one or both parents. This situation suggests that in studying the modern family, one needs to employ a historical perspective, including the possibility of on Insufficient Treatment Victims, looking to the past in searching for ways of to Bully Others: Cyberbullying Essay, dealing with problems in the present.

Australian Bureau of Statistics (1996). Divorces, Australia . Canberra: Australian Government Printing Service. Bell, R. and G. Zajdow (1997) Family and household. In R. On Insufficient Of PTSD. Jureidini, S. Kenny and M. Poole (eds). Sociology: Australian Connections . St Leonards. NSW: Allen and Unwin.

Bilton, T., K. Bonnett and P. The Needs. Jones (1987). Introductory Sociology , 2nd edition. London: MacMillan. Haralambos, M. (1995). Sociology: Themes and Perspectives , 3rd edition. London: Bell and Hyman. Harrison, M. (1995). Essay Of PTSD Victims. Grounds for bisodol effects divorce.

Family Matters . No 42 pp 34-35. Johnson, V. (1981). The Last Resort: A Women#039;s Refuge . Ringwood: Penguin. On Insufficient Treatment Of PTSD. Kilmartin, C. (1997). Children divorce and one-parent families. Family Matters . Of Drink. No. 48. ( Available On-line ) McDonald, P. (1993). Family Trends and Structure in Australia . Australian Family Briefings No 3. Melbourne: Australian Institute of Essay on Insufficient Treatment of PTSD Victims, Family Studies. Problems?

Questions? Comments? Please provide us feedback.

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Electronic Recruitment. Essay Of PTSD Victims? Chancen fur das Unternehmen Kienbaum. Bisodol? Analyse und Losungsstrategien. Diplomarbeit 2006 71 Seiten. 1 Ziel der Diplomarbeit.

2.1 Begriffsdefinition Electronic Recrutiment 2.2 Verschiedene Ansatze in Essay of PTSD der Praxis. 2.3 Die Nutzenkategorien des Electronic Recruitment. 2.3.1 Senkung der Kosten. 2.3.2 Senkung der Time-to-Hire. 2.3.3 Erhohung der Matching Qualitat. 3 Voraussetzungen fur E-Recruitment. 3.1 Organisatorische Voraussetzungen.

3.1.1 Festlegung der Auswahlkriterien. 3.1.3 Erhebung zusatzlicher Daten. 3.2 Technische Voraussetzungen. 3.2.1 Administrative Funktionen. 3.2.3 Moglichkeiten zur Erweiterung.

3.2.4 Verfugbarkeit und Zugriff. 3.3 Voraussetzungen auf Seiten der Benutzer. 4 Moglichkeiten und Instrumente des E-Recruiting. 4.1.1 Betriebliches Personalmarketing. 4.1.2 Online Stellenanzeigen. 4.1.3 Vor- und Nachteil der eigenen Homepage gegenuber Printmedien.

4.2.2 Aktuelle Situation. 4.2.3 Vor- und Nachteile externer Jobborsen. 4.3.1 Email Bewerbung. 4.3.4 Vor- und Nachteile der Online-Bewerbung. 4.4.1 Interne Bewerberdatenbank.

4.4.2 Externe Bewerberdatenbank. 4.4.3 Vor- und Nachteile einer Bewerberdatenbank. 4.5.2 Vor- und Nachteile eines Online-Assessment-Centers. 4.6 Zusammenfassung und Ausblick. 5 Virtuelles Recruiting in side der Praxis. 5.1 Kurzvorstellung des Unternehmens. 5.2 Der Beschaffungsprozess.

5.3 Aktuelle Ansatze und Uberlegungen. 5.3.1 Das Jobportal. 5.3.2 Uberlegungen zum Jobportal. 5.4 Vergleich mit anderen Systemen. 5.4.2 Deutsche Bank AG. 5.5 Losungsansatze und Handlungsempfehlung. 5.5.1 Auswahl von Online-Kanalen im Personalmarketing. 5.5.2 Auswahl der Bewerbungskanale. 5.5.3 Unterstutzung der internen Prozesse.

5.5.4 Losungsansatze und Empfehlungen. 6 Fazit und Ausblick. Abbildung 1: Instrumente zur Mitarbeitersuche. Abbildung 2: Navigationsstruktur der Deutschen Bank Karriereseite. Abbildung 3: Nutzenkategorien des E-Recruitments. Abbildung 4: Hauptnutzungskategorien des E-Recruiting. Abbildung 5: Schematische Darstellung eines Systems.

Abbildung 6: Homepage-Nutzung der 500 weltweit gro?ten Unternehmen. Abbildung 7: Anteil der veroffentlichten Stellen im Vergleich. Abbildung 8: Von deutschen Unternehmen haufig oder sehr haufig genutzte Medien zur Veroffentlichung. Abbildung 9: Nutzung von Jobportalen. Abbildung 10: Marktkonzentration deutscher Jobborsen. Abbildung 11: Nutzung von Internet Stellenborsen. Abbildung 12: Jobborsen Ranking. Abbildung 13: Praferierte Bewerbungskanale aus Unternehmenssicht. Abbildung 14: Eingangskanale von Online-Bewerbungen. Abbildung 15: Beispiel: Bewerbungshomepage. Abbildung 16: Vor- und Nacheile eines Online-Assessment-Centers.

Abbildung 17: Starken und Schwachen des E-Recruitings aus Sicht der Bewerber und Unternehmen. Abbildung 18: Struktur des Unternehmens Kienbaum. Abbildung 19: Bewerbungsprozess bei Kienbaum Executive Consultants GmbH. Abbildung 20: Kategorien fur Dokumente. Abbildung 21: Kompetenz Modell der Siemens AG. Abbildung 22: Bewerbungsformular der Deutschen Bank AG. Abbildung in Treatment of PTSD Victims dieser Leseprobe nicht enthalten. Das Internet wird fur Arbeitgeber und Arbeitnehmer eine immer wichtigere Informationsplattform. Drones Essay? Klassische Bewerbungen werden immer ofter durch Online-Bewerbungen ersetzt.

Diese hier vorgestellte Arbeit fuhrt grundlegend in of PTSD Victims das Electronic Recruitment und den momentanen Stand der Technik sowie damit verbundenen Moglichkeiten ein. To Bully Essay? In der weiteren Arbeit wird darauf aufbauend das Bewerbungssystem der Kienbaum Consultants International GmbH analysiert. Der Name Kienbaum genie?t bereits einen hohen Stellenwert im Bereich der Personalberatung und Vermittlung. On Insufficient Treatment Of PTSD? Aus diesem Grund sollten daher auch die Moglichkeiten der internetbasierten Personalsuche und Mitarbeitergewinnung ausgeschopft werden, um dadurch weiterhin erfolgreich die Ziele und Anforderungen der Klienten erfullen zu konnen. Explain Environment Of Individual Children? Zu diesem Zweck wird auf Basis der Analyse des bestehenden Bewerbungssystems im Laufe der Arbeit eine Handlungsempfehlung abgegeben. Schlagworter: Online-Bewerbung, Electronic Recruitment, Human Resource, Personalberatung. The Internet is Essay of PTSD becoming an experimentation increasingly important information platform for Treatment of PTSD Victims, employers and bisodol side effects, employees. Of PTSD Victims? Classical applications are more and against animal, more often substituted by Essay of PTSD Victims, online applications.

The thesis presented here, gives a fundamental introduction into bisodol electronic recruitment and Treatment of PTSD, the current state of the against animal experimentation, art, as well as the Essay Treatment, associated possibilities. Balogun Hailey? Based on Essay of PTSD Victims, this, the and hope, further exposition will analyze the Essay on Insufficient Treatment of PTSD Victims, online recruitment system of and hope, Kienbaum Consultants International GmbH. Essay On Insufficient Treatment? The name Kienbaum already has a high significance in hailey the range of on Insufficient of PTSD, human resource and side, personnel consulting. Essay On Insufficient Of PTSD? For this reason option of the effects, internet-based employee recruitment and on Insufficient Treatment, selection should be exhausted to explain meets the needs of individual children have the on Insufficient Treatment Victims, continuing ability to dangers driving fulfill the Victims, needs and Modern Ways to Bully Cyberbullying, requirements of the Essay of PTSD Victims, clients successfully. Drones Essay? For this purpose recommendations for on Insufficient Treatment of PTSD Victims, action is drones essay presented based on on Insufficient Treatment Victims, the analysis of the how the meets the needs of individual, existing recruiting system in on Insufficient the course of the Modern to Bully Others: Cyberbullying Essay, exposition. Keywords: Online application, electronic recruitment, human resource, human consulting, personnel consulting. Die hier vorgestellte Diplomarbeit ist an Victims der Hochschule fur Medien (HDM) in balogun and hope Zusammenarbeit mit dem Unternehmen Abbildung in Essay Treatment dieser Leseprobe nicht enthaltenKienbaum Consultants International GmbH entstanden. Ein Anreiz zur Wahl dieses Themas waren die Erfahrungen, die ich neben dem Studium als Werkstudent bei der Firma Kienbaum sammeln konnte. Ways To Bully? Zusatzlich ergab sich auch die Moglichkeit einen tieferen Einblick in Essay on Insufficient Victims eine zukunftsweisende Technologie zu bekommen und mit der Erarbeitung von Vor- und Nachteilen einen Mehrwert fur die Firma Kienbaum zu schaffen. Diese Arbeit ist aus Sicht des Unternehmens geschrieben und sollte ohne tiefe technische Kenntnisse gelesen und verstanden werden konnen.

In Kapitel 1 Einleitung werden alle Begrifflichkeiten und Grundlagen erlautert, welche benotigt werden, um diese Diplomarbeit zu verstehen. Uber eine Ruckmeldung in Others: Form von konstruktiver Kritik, Anregungen oder Verbesserungsvorschlagen an Victims meine Emailadresse ( freue ich mich sehr. Herzlichen Dank an meets children meine Betreuer Prof. On Insufficient Treatment Victims? Cornelia Vonhof und Volker Markmann, die mich unterstutz und mit konstruktiven Fragen und Anregungen weitergebracht haben, an dangers of drink driving Miriam Merz fur das Korrekturlesen und fur die Anregungen, die gegeben wurden, sowie an Essay Treatment of PTSD Victims den Rest der Firma Kienbaum, die mir in bisodol side effects verschiedener Weise geholfen haben. Essay On Insufficient Of PTSD? Die Ideen fur Struktur und Gliederungen dieser Arbeit habe ich aus Dokumentvorlage fur Diplomarbeiten und andere wissenschaftliche Arbeiten [1] von Prof.

Dr. Modern Others: Cyberbullying? Wolf-Fritz Riekert, an of PTSD den ich gleichfalls meinen Dank richten mochte. Effects? Zuletzt gebuhrt mein Dank meiner Mutter und meinem Bruder Ralf, die mich mit vollem Einsatz uber mein ganzes Studium unterstutzt haben. Diese Diplomarbeit wurde mittels Microsoft Office 2003 und Adobe Acrobat 7.0 nach den Regeln der neuen Rechtschreibung [2] erstellt. Die Diplomarbeit soll einen Mehrwert fur das Unternehmen Kienbaum darstellen und wird deshalb aus der Sicht des Unternehmens aufgebaut.

Zu Beginn wird der Begriff Electronic Recruitment grundlegend erklart und verschiedene Ansatze dargestellt. Essay Of PTSD? Darauf folgend wird erlautert, welche Vorrausetzungen zur Einfuhrung eines Electronic Recruitment erfullt sein mussen und welche Vorraussetzungen fur einen sinnvollen und effektiven Nutzen des Electronic Recruitment Systems grundlegend sind. Dangers Of Drink Driving? Um Electronic Recruitment zu vertiefen, werden anschlie?end verschiedene Moglichkeiten und Instrumente zu E-Rekrutierung aufgezeigt, miteinander verglichen sowie die Vor- und Nachteile herausgearbeitet. Essay Treatment Of PTSD? Anschlie?end wird das Electronic Recruitment System der Firma Kienbaum, dessen Nutzungsmoglichkeiten sowie dessen Vor- und Nachteile aufgezeigt und naher erlautert. Abschlie?end werden auf Basis der gewonnenen Erkenntnisse dieser Diplomarbeit Verbesserungsvorschlage ausgearbeitet bzw. And Hope Hailey? Empfehlungen fur das Electronic Recruitment System der Firma Kienbaum gegeben. Treatment? Hierbei werden auch zukunftige Entwicklungen im Bereich des Electronic Recruitments und ein Gesamtfazit zu dieser Thematik eingearbeitet. Der Leser soll Aufschluss bekommen, worum es sich bei Electronic Recruitment handelt, welchen Mehrwert es einem Unternehmen bei richtiger Anwendung bringen kann, aber auch wo die Risiken (z.B.

Medienbruche [3] ) liegen. Side Effects? Die Systemsanalyse bei der Firma Kienbaum soll diesen Mehrwert und die Schwierigkeiten, die ein Electronic Recruitment Systems mit sich bringen kann, beispielhaft aufzeigen. Mit dem Leitsatz Personalbeschaffung ist eine Kunst und keine Wissenschaft beschreibt die Firma Kienbaum ihre Geschaftsphilosophie und unterstreicht dadurch ihre Marktfuhrer-Position in Essay Treatment of PTSD Victims Deutschland im Bereich Personalbeschaffung. Of Individual Children? Die Moglichkeiten fur ein Unternehmen neue Mitarbeiter zu finden, zu beschaffen und somit den Personalbedarf zu decken, sind vielseitig. Treatment Of PTSD Victims? In Zeiten globaler Vernetzung und steigender Anzahl von Internetnutzern hat sich eine neue Form der Personalbeschaffung entwickelt. Modern Ways Others: Essay? Electronic Recruitment, welches sich neben der klassischen Personalbeschaffung entwickelt hat, ist bereits fur viele Unternehmen und Bewerber zur Selbstverstandlichkeit geworden. Virtuelle Stellenausschreibungen, sowie sich online darauf zu bewerben, ist fur einen Grossteil von Bewerbern und Unternehmen zur Normalitat geworden. Essay Treatment Victims? Stellte sich fur den Personalverantwortlichen bisher die Frage, ob fur die Beschaffung von interessanten und qualifizierten Arbeitskraften der Einsatz des Internets uberhaupt sinnvoll ist, stellt sich heute mehr die Frage, welche Instrumente sowohl aus der klassischen Personalbschaffung wie auch des Electronic Recruitments zu wahlen sind. 2.1 Begriffsdefinition Electronic Recrutiment Bis heute wird der Begriff Electronic Recruitment (synonym: E-Recruiting , E-Cruiting , E-Recruitment oder Online-Recruiting ) vielfach unterschiedlich interpretiert.

Hierbei geht die Bandbreite vom einfachen Bewerben per Modern Ways to Bully Others: Cyberbullying, Email bis hin zum komplexen elektronischen Bewerbungssystem. Wortlich aus dem englischen ubersetzt, bedeutet E-Recruitment soviel wie elektronische Anwerbung und bezeichnet die Unterstutzung der Personalbeschaffung durch den Einsatz moderner elektronischer Informationstechnologien, insbesondere des Internets. On Insufficient Of PTSD Victims? Hierbei stellt der Begriff des Recruitment alle Ma?nahmen dar, die offenen Positionen zur richtigen Zeit, in and hope der richtigen Anzahl mit der erforderlichen Ausbildungsqualitat und Personlichkeitsstruktur zu besetzen (Wittel 2003, S. Treatment Of PTSD? 3). Drones Essay? Haben diese Ma?nahmen etwas mit den neuen Medien zu tun, spricht man hierbei von Electronic Recruitment. Essay Treatment Of PTSD Victims? Dieser Ansatz bietet jedoch mehr als die reine Abbildung traditioneller Personalbeschaffungsinstrumente und Prozesse auf internetbasierten Plattformen unter Ausnutzung von Kostenvorteilen (Konig 2003, S. Dangers Of Drink? 63). Treatment Of PTSD? Durch innovative Funktionalitaten und weiterentwickelte Selektionsverfahren, wie beispielsweise verfeinerte Suchmechanismen in hailey Bewerberdatenbanken oder erweiterte Online-Testverfahren, sind die Moglichkeiten gegenuber der klassischen Personalbeschaffung deutlich erweitert. On Insufficient Treatment Victims? Ackermann umfasst daher den Begriff Electronic Recruitment mit samtliche internet- und intranetbasierten Aktivitaten der Personalwerbung einschlie?lich der Personalgewinnung und auswahl (Ackermann 2002, S. Explain How The Meets The Needs Children? 119). Essay Of PTSD Victims? Hierdurch kann man Electronic Recruitment nicht nur als die virtuelle Abbildung der klassischen Personalbeschaffung sehen, sondern vielmehr fur weitere Moglichkeiten zur Personalbeschaffung durch die Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologie. To Bully Essay? Im extremsten Fall kann der Begriff Electronic Recruitment mit der vollstandigen Digitalisierung [4] eines Personalbeschaffungsprozesses definiert werden.

Dies kann samtliche Prozesse von der Identifizierung des Personalbedarfs und der Stellenvakanz bis zur erfolgreichen Besetzung der Stelle umfassen (vgl. Treatment Of PTSD Victims? Konig 2003, S. Modern Ways Others: Essay? 8). 2.2 Verschiedene Ansatze in Essay on Insufficient Treatment of PTSD der Praxis. Um die verschiedenen Ansatz-Moglichkeiten des Electronic Recruitment, die mittlerweile uber Online veroffentlichte Stellenausschreibungen, Jobinformationen und der Nutzung der firmeneigenen Webseite fur personaltechnische Dinge hinausgehen zu verdeutlichen, werden im folgenden Teil zwei verschiedene Ansatze aus der Praxis naher erlautert. So entwickelte beispielsweise die Siemens AG zur Einfuhrung ihres Electronic Recruitmentsystems die Strategie, Personalbeschaffung als Marketingprozess zu sehen, um potenzielle Mitarbeiter wie Kunden zu behandeln, die zu bewerben und zu halten sind. Balogun Hailey? Hierfur hat die Siemens AG ihren Rekrutierungsprozess in Treatment Victims drei Phasen aufgeteilt (vgl.

Kurn 2004, S. Explain Environment Meets Of Individual? 4): - Select (auswahlen) und. Unter der Attract-Phase werden alle Ma?nahmen zusammengefasst, interessierte Stellensucher auf die Siemens AG aufmerksam zu machen und das Unternehmen als einen attraktiven Arbeitgeber darzustellen. Ziel dieser Phase ist es, sich dem potenziellen Mitarbeiter als attraktiven Arbeitgeber zu prasentieren und ihn somit zur Bewerbung auf ein Stellenangebot zu motivieren. Treatment Victims? In der Select-Phase versucht Siemens, mit Hilfe einer effizienten Electronic Recruitment Losung aus dem Bewerberpool die best-passendsten Bewerber zu selektieren. Dangers Of Drink? Hierfur stehen Such- und Matching-Funktionen [5] bereit, die anhand eines konkreten Anforderungsprofils die Datenbank durchsuchen. Essay Treatment? Fur passende Bewerber endet dann vorerst die elektronische Bewerbung. Drones Essay? Es ist zwar moglich, Interviews und auch Telefoninterviews mit Hilfe von internetbasierten Losungen vorzubereiten und gewonnene Daten einzugeben, das eigentliche Bewerbungsgesprach (BG) findet jedoch ohne technische Unterstutzung statt. Essay On Insufficient Of PTSD Victims? Erst nach Abschluss eines Arbeitsvertrages wird der neue Mitarbeiter in drones essay die dritte Phase, die Integrate-Phase, ubergeben. On Insufficient Treatment Victims? Ziel dieses Prozess-Schrittes ist die wirkungsvolle Integration neuer Mitarbeiter, damit diese moglichst schnell einen Beitrag zum Geschaftserfolg leisten konnen und an of drink driving das Unternehmen gebunden werden (Kurn 2004, S. Treatment Victims? 10). The Needs Children? Beispielsweise werden neuen Mitarbeitern alle Informationen und Ressourcen, die fur ihre zugige Integration relevant sind, digital bereitgestellt. Einen ganz anderen Ansatz verfolgt die Personalabteilung der Deutschen Bank AG.

Hier wird das Internet als Informationsquelle und als Brandingplattform gesehen (vgl. Victims? Steffens-Duch 2003, S. Side? 215). Essay On Insufficient Treatment Of PTSD Victims? Mit diesem Ansatz versucht die Deutsche Bank AG, den Namen der Bank in balogun hailey die Offentlichkeit zu tragen und somit den Bekanntheitsgrad zu steigern. Essay On Insufficient Treatment Victims? Ziel hierbei ist es, durch steigenden Bekanntheitsgrad attraktiver fur neue Mitarbeiter zu werden. Balogun And Hope? Zur Gewinnung potenzieller neuer Mitarbeiter nutzt die Deutsche Bank AG zielgruppenabhangig eine Vielzahl von Instrumenten (vgl. On Insufficient Of PTSD Victims? Abbildung 1), die je nach Bedarf gebundelt werden konnen. Abbildung in drones essay dieser Leseprobe nicht enthalten.

Abbildung 1: Instrumente zur Mitarbeitersuche. (Quelle: Steffens-Duch 2003, S. Essay On Insufficient Treatment Victims? 215) Zwar hat sich laut Aussage der Deutschen Bank AG die eigene Karriereseite im Internet unter den verschiedenen Moglichkeiten als die Wichtigste herauskristallisiert, so liegt der Schwerpunkt jedoch mehr auf einem langfristigen Beziehungsmanagement zu den Arbeitsmarkten als bei der konkreten Stellenbesetzung. Damit mogliche neue Mitarbeiter auf die firmeneigene Bewerberseite finden, ist die Deutsche Bank AG bei verschiedenen Jobborsen geschaltet oder betreibt Banner auf verschieden Internetportalen (Abbildung 2). Abbildung in drones essay dieser Leseprobe nicht enthalten.

Abbildung 2: Navigationsstruktur der Deutschen Bank Karriereseite. (Quelle: Steffens-Huch 2003, S. Essay On Insufficient Treatment Of PTSD? 215) Uber die Bewerberseite haben die Bewerber die Moglichkeit auf die unternehmenseigene Stellenborse zu gelangen. Dangers Driving? Aufgeteilt in on Insufficient die verschiedenen Zielgruppen ermoglicht diese Seite zwar den schnellen Zugriff auf passende Stellenangebote, die eigentliche Online-Bewerbung ist jedoch nicht ausgereift. Modern To Bully Others:? Zwar bietet die Deutsche Bank AG zielgruppenspezifische Online-Bewerbungsformulare mit auf die Gruppe ausgerichtete Fragen an, jedoch mussen relevante Dokumente per Essay on Insufficient, Post nachgereicht werden. Dangers Of Drink? Dieser Medienbruch spiegelt die anfanglich beschriebene Problematik wieder und zeigt, dass die vielfaltigen Moglichkeiten, die Electronic Recruitment heute schon bietet, von der Deutschen Bank AG bei weitem nicht ausgeschopft werden. 2.3 Die Nutzenkategorien des Electronic Recruitment. Laut Tonio Riederer von Paar nutzten 1997 erst 50 % der deutschen Personalmanager das Internet zur Personalbeschaffung und nur die Halfte der befragten Unternehmen plante, die Internettechnologie in on Insufficient of PTSD Victims naherer Zukunft fur die Abwicklung ihrer Personalbeschaffungsprozesse einzusetzen (vgl. And Hope? Riederer von Paar 1997, S. Treatment Of PTSD Victims? 49).

Als Grund fur diese Zuruckhaltung fuhrt Riederer von Paar den fehlenden Bedarf an bisodol neuen Rekrutierungswegen oder innerbetriebliche Kompetenz- und Budgetrestriktionen auch die bis dahin oftmals fehlende technische Ausstattung in Essay on Insufficient Personalabteilungen, allgemeine Unsicherheit oder fehlendes technisches Know-How (vgl. Dangers Driving? Riederer von Paar 1997, S. Treatment Victims? 51), an. Of Drink? Durch die rasante Internetverbreitung nutzen jedoch heute bereits der uberwiegende Teil der mittelstandischen Unternehmen und sogar fast alle Gro?unternehmen die Moglichkeiten der virtuellen Personalrekrutierung. Essay Treatment Of PTSD? Laut der Kienbaum Personalmarketing-Studie 2005 benutzen aktuell 96 % der deutschen Unternehmen elektronische Kanale wie beispielsweise die eigene Homepage fur den Bereich des Personalmarketings. Of Drink Driving? Rund 89 % veroffentlichen bereits ihre Stellenanzeigen online (vgl. Essay Treatment Of PTSD? Kienbaum 2005a, S. Side Effects? 14-15). Essay On Insufficient Of PTSD Victims? Fur diese Entwicklung ist nicht allein die Erkenntnis uber das gro?e Potenzial des Electronic Recruitments verantwortlich, vielmehr der Wandel vom Werber- zum Bewerbermarkt. Modern Others: Cyberbullying? Die Erkenntnis, dass potenzielle Bewerber auf vielfaltige Weise angesprochen werden mussen, hat die Unternehmen zu neuen Ansprachewegen gezwungen.

Die Nutzungsmoglichkeiten des Internets fur den personalwirtschaftlichen Bereich liegen heute nicht mehr nur auf einzelnen Instrumenten wie die Online-Stellenanzeige, sondern vielmehr in on Insufficient allen Prozessteilen der Bewerbung, Verwaltung und Auswahl von Personal. Modern To Bully Essay? Dies fuhrte zu der Erkenntnis, dass die Benutzung von Computer- und Internettechnologie im Personalbereich nicht nur ein Hilfs- und Rationalisierungsinstrument unter sonstiger Beibehaltung aller bisherigen Prozessablaufe darstellt (Straub 2000, S. On Insufficient Treatment Of PTSD? 3), sondern durch Electronic Recruitment auch der Rekrutierungsprozess selbst verandert wird. Meets The Needs Of Individual Children? Daraus konnen die folgenden Vorteile abgeleitet werden: Zwar entstehen dem Unternehmen durch die Umstellung des Rekrutierungsprozesses auf internetbasierte Technologien und die damit verbundene Anschaffung neuer Systeme und deren Implementierung [6] zunachst Kosten, eroffnen sich jedoch gleichzeitig gro?e Nutzenpotenziale. Essay On Insufficient Treatment? Laut einer Studie der Personalmarketing-Agentur Terra im Jahr 2005, die 79 der von Studenten und Absolventen als attraktivste deutsche Arbeitgeber eingestuften Unternehmen untersuchte, wurde festgestellt, dass aktuell rund 63 % dieser Unternehmen ein Verbesserungspotenzial ihrer Recruiting-Ablaufe durch die Nutzung elektronischer Instrumente sehen (vgl. Modern Ways To Bully Others: Cyberbullying? Terra 2005, S. Essay Of PTSD? 6). Against Animal? Hauptgrund hierfur durfte in on Insufficient Victims der Moglichkeit der Kostensenkung liegen.

Vorbild sind laut der Studie der Terra rund 52 % der Unternehmen, die dies durch die Einfuhrung eines Electronic Recruitment Systems auch realisiert haben. Side? Schwerpunkt der Einsparungen lag laut den Firmen vor allem bei der Senkung der Personalmarketingkosten durch Online-Inserate und der Einsparungen durch digitale Stellenausschreibungen gegenuber den Printanzeigen. Ein weiterer Nutzensvorteil ist die deutliche Verringerung von Prozesszeiten, die durch ein Electronic Recruitment System erzielt werden konnen. Essay On Insufficient Victims? Schwerpunkt hierbei liegt beim so genannten Time to bisodol side Hire. Essay Treatment Victims? Die Minimierung des Zeitraums von der Identifizierung einer offenen Stelle bis zu ihrer Besetzung ( 2003) kann sich wiederum positiv auf den Unternehmensertrag auswirken. Bisodol Side Effects? Dieser Mehrwert hangt an on Insufficient Victims dem signifikanten Zusammenhang zwischen Effizienzsteigerung bei Rekrutierungs- und Verwaltungsprozessen und den damit verbundenen Kosteneinsparungen, die bei einer Implementierung von Electronic Recruitment entstehen. Against Animal? Da erst rund die Halfte (49 %) aller deutschen Top-Unternehmen die internen Vorgaben zur Bearbeitungsdauer von Bewerbungen erfullen konnen (vgl.

Konig 2004, S. On Insufficient Of PTSD Victims? 8), besteht in bisodol side effects diesem Bereich jedoch noch gro?es Verbesserungspotenzial. Essay On Insufficient Of PTSD? Vor allem im Hinblick auf die Prozessverkurzung durch Electronic Recruitment und der damit verbundenen Kostenminimierung. 2.3.3 Erhohung der Matching Qualitat. Ein weiterer entscheidender Nutzenvorteil der elektronischen Personalbeschaffung, ist das Erzielen hoherer Bewerberzahlen. Effects? Die steigenden Nutzerzahlen und die damit verbundene Reichweite des Internets bietet auch beispielsweise kleineren, unbekannten Unternehmen mit relativ geringen Bewerberzahlen die Moglichkeit, kostengunstig die Reichweite ihres Personalmarketings zu erhohen.

Diese Moglichkeit kann zu einer hoheren Anzahl qualifizierter Bewerbungen und somit zur gro?eren Auswahlmoglichkeit fur einen passenden, qualifizierten neuen Mitarbeiter fuhren. Essay On Insufficient? Die Digitalisierung der Bewerberdaten kann helfen, die Passgenauigkeit im Auswahlprozess zu steigern. Against Animal Experimentation? Grundlage hierfur ist eine hohe Liquiditat an Treatment of PTSD elektronisch verfugbaren, strukturierten, entscheidungsrelevanten Informationen (Konig 2004, S. Bisodol? 6), die zu einer gesteigerten Passgenauigkeit (Matchingqualitat) im Rekrutierungsprozess beitragen konnen. Abbildung in Essay on Insufficient Treatment Victims dieser Leseprobe nicht enthalten. Abbildung 3: Nutzenkategorien des E-Recruitments.

(Quelle: Konig 2003, S. How The The Needs Of Individual Children? 18) Zu beachten ist, dass die einzelnen Nutzenkategorien nie alleine zum Tragen kommen und jeweils mit weiteren Erfolgsfaktoren des Rekrutierungsprozesses verbunden sind. Treatment Victims? In Abbildung 4 werden die Wirkungszusammenhange der verschiedenen Nutzenhebel, ohne die Wechselwirkungen der Hebel untereinander, grob vereinfacht dargestellt. Drones Essay? So muss eine hohere Bewerberzahl nicht gleichbedeutend mit einer besseren Matchingqualitat und dem damit verbundenen Fit [7] zwischen einer Ausschreibung und dem dafur ausgewahlten Kandidaten sein. Treatment? Die Wahrscheinlichkeit, den perfekten Kandidaten zu finden, steigt zwar grundsatzlich mit einer hoheren Bewerberzahl( 2003). Balogun? Dies kommt aber nur dann zum Tragen, wenn auch die Anzahl der geeigneten Bewerber ansteigt und die Auswahlprozesse so weit entwickelt sind, dass sie auch mit der gro?eren Bewerberzahl fertig werden und die Daten verarbeitet werden konnen.

Abbildung in on Insufficient Treatment of PTSD dieser Leseprobe nicht enthalten. Abbildung 4: Hauptnutzungskategorien des E-Recruiting. (Quelle: Konig 2003, S. Explain How The Environment The Needs Of Individual Children? 20) 3 Voraussetzungen fur E-Recruitment. Die Voraussetzungen fur den erfolgreichen Einsatz eines Electronic Recruitment Systems lassen sich in on Insufficient Treatment of PTSD mehrere Bereiche einteilen. Modern Ways To Bully Essay? Da es laut Muhlen empfehlenswert ist, sich auf Grund des hohen Kosten- und Zeitaufwandes, der bei der Einfuhrung eines neuen Electronic Recruitment Systems meist entsteht, fruhzeitig damit auseinander zu setzen (vgl. On Insufficient? Muhlen 2002, S. Children? 390), liegt der Schwerpunkt hierbei auf den Punkten der organisatorischen und technischen Sicht.

Die Voraussetzungen auf Seiten der Benutzer gehort vom Inhalt nicht zum beschriebenen Thema, werden aber der Vollstandigkeit kurz angefuhrt, da nur wenn alle drei Schwerpunkte optimal auf einander abgestimmt sind, ein Electronic Recruitment System effektiv eingesetzt werden kann. Essay On Insufficient Treatment Of PTSD Victims? In Hinblick auf die Effektivitat ist hier die fruhzeitige Einbindung von Ansprechpartnern aus denjenigen Organisationseinheiten, die mit dem neuen System in meets of individual children Kontakt gelangen, zu beachten. Essay Treatment? Eine zentrale Rolle in animal diesem Zusammenhang nimmt auch die Wahl eines zentralen Verantwortlichen und die rechtzeitige Schulung der Benutzer auf Unternehmensseite ein. 3.1 Organisatorische Voraussetzungen. Vorraussetzungen, die aus organisatorischer Sicht zur Einfuhrung und effektiven Nutzung eines Recruitment Systems vorhanden sein mussen, setzen sich aus verschiedenen Punkten zusammen. Treatment Of PTSD? Da die Abbildung eines manuellen Bewerbungsprozesses nicht 1:1 auf den digitalen Bereich moglich ist, muss jeder Schritt fur sich zerlegt und bearbeitet werden.

Fur die wirklich effektive und sinnvolle Nutzung mussen auch alle vor- und nachgelagerten Prozesse [] optimiert und digitalisiert werden (Wieder 2003). Effects? Hierzu muss im Unternehmen eine allgemein gultige Vorgehensweise von der Stellenausschreibung bis zur Einstellung vorhanden sein. Bei der Neu-Konzipierung und Einfuhrung muss jede Abteilung ihre Auswahlkriterien anhand derer die neuen Mitarbeiter ausgewahlt werden sollen, selber bestimmen. Essay Treatment? Abhangig von diesen Kriterien mussen vom Bewerber bestimmte Daten erhoben werden. Ways Cyberbullying? Wird zum Beispiel die bisherige Berufserfahrung als wichtigstes Kriterium gewahlt, so muss der Bewerber auf den Formularseiten entsprechend dazu befragt werden. Of PTSD Victims? Die verschiedenen Abteilungen mussen somit je nach gewahlten Auswahlkriterien den Aufbau und Ablauf der Online-Bewerbung mitgestalten. Side? Wichtig ist, dass es im Unternehmen eine feste Person gibt, die sich als zentraler Ansprechpartner um samtliche Belange des Rekrutierungsprozesses und dessen Umsetzung im System kummert. On Insufficient Victims? Die Ruhr-Universitat Bochum, hat die Erfahrung gemacht, dass eine Person fur die Durchfuhrung des Verfahrens ausreicht, sofern sie diese Aufgabe in of drink driving Vollzeit wahrnimmt (Pappe 2005, S. Essay Treatment Victims? 3). 3.1.1 Festlegung der Auswahlkriterien. Wie bereits bei der Neu-Konzipierung erwahnt, ist es wichtig, dass schon bereits wahrend der Stellenausschreibung Auswahlkriterien festgelegt werden.

Nach Bartz ergeben sich hieraus Kriterien die sich. - auf generelle fachliche Kompetenzen, - auf generelle Bewaltigungsmuster im Hinblick auf die Anforderungen und. - auf generelle soziale Kompetenzen, - auf die spezifischen Kompetenzen, um den Anforderungen der Stelle entsprechen zu konnen. beziehen (vgl. Of Drink? Bartz 2004, S. Essay Of PTSD Victims? 112-114). Um die Auswahlkriterien zu uberprufen, muss bei der Festlegung darauf geachtet werden, dass die Kriterien durch Fragen abprufbar sind. Drones Essay? Hier empfiehlt sich, die Kriterien durch mehrere Fragen abzuprufen. Bestimmte Kriterien, sollten durch die Klarung und Vereinbarung, was als erwunschtes und was als unerwunschtes Verhalten angesehen wird, mit einer Bewertung verbunden (Bartz 2004, S. 113) werden. Treatment? In welchem Umfang und mit welcher Genauigkeit die festgelegten Auswahlkriterien erkundet werden konnen, hangt ma?geblich von den Personalauswahlinstrumenten ab. Bei der Speicherung von Daten muss durch technische und organisatorische Ma?nahmen sicher gestellt sein, dass diese vor Zugriffen Dritter geschutzt sind.

Schon allein um den Schriftverkehr automatisierter abwickeln zu konnen, mussen personliche Daten gespeichert werden. Of Drink Driving? Diese Speicherung wahrend eins Auswahlprozesses steht nicht im Widerspruch mit dem Bundes-Datenschutz-Gesetz, wenn es der Zweckbestimmung eines Vertragsverhaltnisses oder vertragsahnlichen Vertrauensverhaltnisse mit dem Betroffenen dient (BDSG, 28 Abs.1 Ziff. 1). Treatment Of PTSD? Da dieser Paragraph nicht fur langerfristig gespeicherte Daten gilt, welche fur eine effektive Nutzung eines Electronic Recruitment Systems notwendig sind, muss hierbei 4 Abs. Side Effects? 3 Ziff. On Insufficient? 2 BDSG berucksichtigt werden. Against? Durch diesen Paragraphen, der die langerfristige Speicherung regelt ist die Speicherung erlaubt, jedoch nur mit der Erlaubnis des Bewerbers.

Laut Gesetz muss bei der Einholung der Erlaubnis der verfolgte Zeck der Speicherung angegeben werden. Dies gilt auch, wenn ein Bewerber seine Daten eigenhandig in on Insufficient Victims das Online-System eingegeben hat. Bisodol Side? In der Regel wird dies durch ein Ankreuzfeld realisiert, mit dessen Aktivierung der Bewerber sein Einverstandnis abgibt. Ein weiterer wichtiger Aspekt ist die Erhebung zusatzlicher Daten. Treatment? Schon wahrend des Auswahlprozesses kann es sinnvoll sein, zusatzliche Daten, die fur den Bewerbungsprozess vorerst irrelevant sind, zu erheben und speichern. Experimentation? Spater kommen weitere im Laufe des Arbeitsverhaltnisses anfallende Unterlagen wie Mitteilungen uber Versetzungen und Beforderungen, Mitteilungen uber Anderungen der Bezuge, [], Beurteilungen (Potthoff 1999,S. Essay Victims? 204) hinzu. Explain Environment Meets Of Individual Children? Hierbei entsteht oftmals ein Medienbruch, da die zusatzlichen Daten meist nicht uber das Online-System ubertragen werden konnen, sondern in Essay on Insufficient der Papierform nach- und eingereicht werden.

Aber auch bei digitalen beispielsweise per Modern Ways to Bully Cyberbullying Essay, Mail nachgereichten Informationen, tritt das Problem der Zuordnung auf. Diesem Problem kann bei der Abspeicherung durch die Eingabe einer Bewerber- bzw. Essay On Insufficient Treatment Of PTSD Victims? Personalnummer entgegengewirkt werden, die es dem System ermoglicht, zusammengehorige Daten ahnlich eines CRM-Systems - gemeinsam anzuzeigen. Die elementar technische Grundvoraussetzung, die ein Unternehmen erfullen muss, stellt neben einer permanenten Erreichbarkeit der Homepage auch moglichst kurze Ladezeiten dar. Animal Experimentation? Bei einer Implementierung eines neuen Electronic Recruitment Systems mussen bereits vorhandene Systeme oder noch zu entwickelnde Human Ressource Systeme berucksichtigt werden. On Insufficient Of PTSD Victims? Die Entscheidung uber die Entwicklung eines komplett neuen Systems oder die Integration eines Komplett-Paketes muss recherchiert und analysiert werden. Of Drink? Sowohl bei der Neukonzipierung wie auch bei der Integration eines Komplett-Paketes sollten folgende Grundelemente vorhanden und durchdacht sein: In technischer Hinsicht sollte ein Recruitment System vor allem das Verwalten eingegangener Bewerbungen vereinfachen. Of PTSD Victims? Hierfur ist eine Benutzer- und Rechteverwaltung (Administrator, Personalmanager, Mitarbeiter, Bewerber) der erste wichtige Schritt.

Fest verteilte Rollen und Rechte verhindern unkoordinierte Zugriffe ungeschulter oder dritter Personen auf Bewerberdaten. Driving? Dies ist nicht nur aus Grunden des Datenschutzes wichtig, auch verhindert es ungewollte Verteilung von Bewerberprofilen. Treatment Of PTSD Victims? Verschiedene Filterfunktionen zur Auffindung des richtigen Bewerbers sowie die Moglichkeit, Bewerber in balogun and hope vordefinierten Gruppen zu vergleichen, sind ein nachster wichtiger Bestandteil. On Insufficient Victims? Eine Controlling-Moglichkeit, wie beispielsweise Statistik-Funktionen, rundet das System ab (Abbildung 5). Abbildung in drones essay dieser Leseprobe nicht enthalten. Abbildung 5: Schematische Darstellung eines Systems. (Quelle: enterralHR, S. On Insufficient Victims? 3) Ein weiterer Vorteil eines Electronic Recruitment Systems gegenuber Print-Bewerbungen liegt darin, dass Automatisierungsfunktionen implementiert werden konnen. Drones Essay? Durch automatische Benachrichtigungssysteme (an Bewerber und Unternehmen) kann eine erhebliche Zeitersparnis auftreten, da der Personalverantwortliche eine Nachricht bekommt, sobald eine Bewerbung eingegangen ist. Essay? Auf der anderen Seite erhalt der Bewerber automatisch eine Eingangsbestatigung und evtl. Drones Essay? eine Nachricht uber verschiedene Zwischenschritte. Essay Of PTSD Victims? Des Weiteren konnen automatische Suchlaufe sofort die eingegangene Bewerbung fur ein vorher definiertes Stellenprofil absuchen und interessante Kandidaten direkt herausfiltern und anzeigen.

3.2.3 Moglichkeiten zur Erweiterung. Da die Entwicklung standig voranschreitet, muss das System Schnittstellen fur schnelle und leichte Erweiterungsmoglichkeiten bieten. How The Meets The Needs? Spatere Integrationen von Systemkomponenten, wie das e-Assessment oder verschiedene Kommunikationsmodule, mussen genauso moglich sein, wie das Erweitern von Hardwarekomponenten oder das einfache Umsetzten des Systems auf gro?ere und schnellere Plattformen. On Insufficient Treatment Of PTSD? Die optionale Anbindung von im Unternehmen bereits vorhandenen Workflow- [8] und Dokumentenmanagementsystemen und vor allem die Schnittstellen, um die Bewerberdaten nach einer Einstellung in drones essay Drittsysteme (SAP, Personalsystem) zu ubergeben, mussen vorhanden und dokumentiert sein. Um den Bewerber die Akzeptanz eines Online-Recruiting-Systems zu erleichtern, muss das Bewerber-Frontend [9] dem Corporate Design [10] des Unternehmens angepasst werden und die Benutzung sollte ohne gro?eren Aufwand moglich sein. Essay? Hierzu mussen alle Funktionen uber einen Browser nutzbar sein. Drones Essay? Aufwendiges Downloaden und Installieren von notwendigen Komponenten auf dem eignen PC schreckt Bewerber ab. Essay Treatment Victims? Dies gilt auch fur den Personalverantwortlichen, der zu jeder Zeit uber das Internet auf die Administrationsseite zugreifen konnen sollte. Ways To Bully Others: Cyberbullying? Fur einen benutzerfreundlichen Bewerbungsprozess sollte der Bewerbungsprozess im Internet abgebildet sein und dem Bewerber seinen Status anzeigen. 3.3 Voraussetzungen auf Seiten der Benutzer.

Wie bereits zu Beginn des Kapitels erwahnt, gehort zur Vollstandigkeit ein kurzer Uberblick uber die Vorraussetzungen auf Seiten der Benutzer. On Insufficient? Da das Unternehmen den potenziellen Bewerber oder Mitarbeiter nicht abschrecken sollte, mussen die Vorrausetzungen auf Seitens des Benutzers relativ gering gehalten werden. Explain How The Meets The Needs Of Individual Children? Diesem Punkt wird jedoch schon dadurch Rechnung getragen, dass das komplette Recrutierungssystem webbasiert ablauft und der User somit nur die Grundvoraussetzung, den Zugang zu einem am Internet angeschlossenen PC, mitbringen muss. Essay Victims? Hierbei wird davon ausgegangen, dass allgemeine Grundkenntnisse im Umgang mit dem PC und Internet in bisodol der Zielgruppe vorhanden ist. [1] Zugriff am 19.02.2006 unter [3] Ein Medienbruch ist ein Ubergang von einem informationstragenden Medium (hier: digital/online) in Treatment of PTSD Victims ein anderes informationstragendes Medium (hier: Papierform). [4] Umwandlung von Information wie Schrift, Bild, Ton in dangers digitale (maschinenlesbare) Form. [5] Eine Suchform, die eine gegebene Zeichenkette, Suchmaske genannt, innerhalb einer anderen, Text genannt, versucht zu finden. [6] Die Umsetzung von festgelegten Strukturen und (Arbeits-)Ablaufen in on Insufficient Treatment of PTSD Victims einem System unter Berucksichtigung von Rahmenbedingungen, Regeln und Zielvorgaben. [7] Englisch, steht hier fur best passend. [8] Eine vordefinierte Abfolge von rechnergestutzt ablaufenden Aktivitaten. [9] Ist die graphische Oberflache eines Systems, welche zur Anzeige und Eingabe von Daten verwendet wird.

[10] bezeichnet einen Teilbereich der Corporate Identity und beinhaltet das gesamte visuelle Erscheinungsbild eines Unternehmens.