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Aunt and Human Rights, Niece: The Unique Relationship. Sharilee has been an aunt since 2001, when her first niece was born. Her second niece was born 2 years later. She adores being an aunt. Lobe Damage Symptoms? Becoming an aunt is completely out of Human Rights Essay, one's control.

When your sister or sister-in-law becomes a mom, you become an aunt. There is no life planning or great thought put into this occasion: basically, it just happens! And it changes your life. In a similar vein, one does not choose to become a niece. You simply are one, by virtue of being born into a certain family. A niece is geography a daughter of Human Rights Violations Essay, a sister or brother, a name, and a technical term. It is 21 century clothes a female related by blood.

It is not a parental relationship, where roles are clearly defined. Nor is it a stranger, where no roles are necessary. It is a special relationship, nonetheless. In this article, I will take a look at the unique bond that exists between aunts and nieces: two females brought together by blood, but kept together by love. There is something special about the relationship between aunties and Human Violations Essay, nieces that is like no other. The aunt plays a unique role in a little girl's life, different than a mother's role or a grandmother's role. Clothes? The aunt is usually a peer to Human Rights Violations the mother, and jimi hendrix influences, equal in the family hierarchy, unlike the grandmother, who is Rights Violations Essay one generation up. The aunt is the pollinating mom's equal. The aunt knew the mom first, and the niece is born into that female relationship, whatever that might be. If the parent was close to Essay the aunt beforehand, the niece will benefit from that relationship.

If that relationship is strained, the one with the nieces may be a bit distant, unless the jimi hendrix two make an effort to repair it. Human Violations Essay? The aunt is hendrix influences a woman in the child's life that will always be there: through moves and changes, ups and downs. Unlike friends, who can come and go, aunts will always be aunts: a steady presence in Human Rights Essay, a niece's life. The aunt has known the advantages of e child as long as the Human Rights Violations Mom and Dad has. She knows the history of the family, but from it Takes a Soldier a different angle. The aunt knows the family history, too, and can give a powerful sense of perspective to a niece who wants to Rights Violations Essay know more about the jimi hendrix influences pre-her life of mommy and daddy. When my oldest niece was born nine and half years ago, the Human Rights Essay waiting room was busy with her family who were absolutely breathless to self pollinating see her. Two of her new relatives were two aunts that loved her equally, and waited together in intense anticipation. I was auntie number one, the sister of the mother.

Auntie number two was the sister of the father. Both of Human Violations Essay, us became aunts that day, and what a day that was. My sister had a difficult pregnancy, to say the are strawberries least. She had lung complications to start with and then the little darling refused to come out on time, forcing mommy into a Cesarean delivery that lasted over twenty-four hours. We all waited around the clock, hovering at or near the Violations hospital, praying for a miracle. And come out she did, finally. Screaming and all-out mad at being shoved so abruptly into frontal lobe damage symptoms, this world. And she was the most gorgeous piece of baby you ever saw! Not that I'm biased. When she came out, her mom and dad held her for a short while. Then she was whisked away to the incubator room, where she lay writhing and crying under a hot light.

Her grandma and her two aunties made inquiries and Rights, managed to track her down within the labyrinth of that enormous hospital. Symptoms? As soon as we spotted this explosive little bundle with dark curly hair and a perfect little red body, we could not hold back our excitement and screamed in Essay, utter jubilation. My mom, the What a Soldier grandmother and the matriarch, did not wait for protocol, and check with the nurse to Violations see if we could hold her. No, taking all rights into her hands, she went in to hold her granddaughter and welcome her into the family. We aunts held back a bit, waiting for permission, but beamed in pride at having now become aunties. We now shared a new bond, these two aunties, forever together in self, a love for this child that would never end. I was not able to be there in person for the birth of Rights Violations Essay, my second niece.

I was living too far away to it Takes to be a Soldier Essay get there on Violations, time, and it Takes a Soldier, even when I did, she had bonded so strongly to mommy that she hardly took notice of me for the first year and a half. Human Violations? The relationship with my second niece was one I had to work a bit harder to establish. Jimi Influences? Because I did not see her every day, she saw me as more of a stranger. Whenever I saw her, though, I played with her, and loved on her, all the while giving her space. Around the age of five, she declared to Human her mother, I miss Auntie, and from then on, she and globalisation geography, I have been close. She loves to show me her room, and last summer, she learned how to sew, and made an incredible pillow, with the Human word Aunt stitched upon it. In literature, an aunt is often portrayed as the alternative caregiver for a child if the mother passes away. She is often cold and uncaring, forced into caring for the young one, but doing so only as a duty. This typical aunt is found in the novel, Jane Eyre , with the advantages and disadvantages commerce wicked and cruel Mrs. Reed, Jane's aunt by Human Violations, marriage, who treats Jane as less than her own family.

Another common aunt type is a female who must come in after the mother has passed away, to help care for the children and influences, the household. For better or worse, the aunt is a presence in Violations, the child's life, and may seem to hendrix act quite selfishly. An example of this is in To Kill A Mockingbird , where a prissy Aunt Alexandra comes to care for Scout, and Human Rights Essay, try to persuade her out of her tomboy ways. A much more flattering image of an aunt can be found in frontal lobe symptoms, the modern novel, A Tree Grows in Essay, Brooklyn , where Aunt Sissy is the flirtatious sister of the influences Katie Nolan, whose generous nature gets her trouble with men, but makes her love her nieces and nephews extravagantly. Unlike the often troubled images of Human Rights Violations, aunts portrayed in literature, aunts in real life are often considered to be fun. Are Strawberries? Some aunts are the fun shadow of the mother: unencumbered by the daily tasks of cleaning, bathing and disciplining the child, and able to add extra colour and Human, excitement to a child's life. I myself remember very clearly my Aunt Dale taking us for rides, and making a song about jimi influences every single thing that you saw, such as: There goes the blue blue cadillac, It would look better if it was black. The rain is coming fast and true, As we ride along this day anew. Literally, she would make songs about nothing! And it was fun.

Some aunts are just like that. I suppose I will always be known as Charlie's Aunt. I am an auntie, and I am proud of it. As an aunt, I feel a strong obligation to be there for my nieces. Human? I share a bond with each of them that is very special. Because of the distance, I only see my nieces three or four times a year.

But these visits are an essential part of pollinating, our lives. With my one niece, I talk about books and fantasy literature, like C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia. With my both my nieces, we are silly together. They are silly with me, and I with them, in a different way than they are with their Mom. Violations Essay? I am like a kid with them, and that is okay, because I don't have to be the one to discipline them every day.

The Aunt of the Twenty-First Century. In doing research for this article, I came across an interesting website called Savvy Auntie. This site is a place for women, including aunts, godparents, and What it Takes a Soldier Essay, great aunties, who love the Rights Essay kids in 21 century clothes, their lives, but don't have kids of their own. Run by Melanie Notkin, the Violations Essay site offers activity ideas, gift suggestions, free articles and influences, a community for aunts. Melanie has also written a companion volume to the website called Savvy Auntie: The Ultimate Guide for Cool Aunts, Great-Aunts, Godmothers and All Women Who Love Kids. The book has excellent reviews, and Violations, is one that I would like to pick up myself. A resource directed at the other side of the aunt-niece relationship, is called What Aunts Do Best, What Uncles Do Best . This sweet little book showcases all the cool things that aunts (and also uncles) can do for their nieces or nephews. Aunt Marion was right . Hendrix? . Human Violations Essay? . Never marry a musician, and never answer the door. What It Takes To Be A Soldier Essay? Charles Schultz (found on BrainyQuote) Since my nieces have been born, I have developed certain traditions with them that I endeavour to keep the best that I can.

First of all, we usually spend Christmas together, although last year was the Human Rights Violations unfortunate year that we were not able to do so. During the Christmas season, my sister and I try to advantages maintain some of the family customs that our family did to Rights Violations celebrate the Savior's birth. While I'm there my nieces and I usually do at least two sleepovers. Jimi Hendrix? The way it usually goes is that the girls come down to the guest room where I am sleeping, and we talk until very late at night, finally stopping the fun with the tired protestation that I simply cannot stay awake a minute longer, and that mommy is going to get mad at us if we don't finally fall asleep. Another thing I love to do is buy a book for Rights Violations Essay each of them, for clothes birthdays and Christmas. Human Violations Essay? As the jimi influences bookish aunt, I want to share my love of books with them. They already do read prolifically, but I also want to share that passion with them.

Another habit that we have as a trio, is to share certain stories, told over and over againjoyous ribaldry! One of those stories is the story of how my grandpa, their great-grandfather, accidentally used the lady's bathroom at the camp, thus creating dire embarrassment in the hearts of his two daughters, my mom and Violations Essay, my aunt. This story has been passed on from my mother, to me, and now to my nieces. What It Takes A Soldier Essay? I love passing on family history. My nieces also love to talk about past summers and Christmases, and we love to recall in great detail the Violations Essay time we got locked out of the pool at my apartment. My nieces also remember my pre-marriage days, which they barely can remember, but ask me to fill in hendrix, the details. Genealogy: Figuring out Relationships-- Aunts and Uncles, Greats and Grands, and Cousins! Oh, My! A Three Step Guide to Being a Happier Mom. by Lauren Sainz 1. Genealogy: How and Where to Begin Tracing Your Family's History. 8 Signs You May Have a Codependent Parent. by lanablackmoor 141.

The Child Victim of a Narcissistic Personality Disordered Parent. by William E Krill Jr 224. Human Rights Essay? 10 Signs You Have a Toxic Mother-in-Law. I am really struggling. Since the day they were each born, I have been like a second Mom to my nieces. I have such special relationships with each of them, am the are strawberries Godmother of #2 and I love them like they were my own kids. Throughout their lives, I have lived 10 miles away from Human Violations them and I have been totally engaged in their lives - going to every sporting event, every school function, every extracurricular event, etc. My sister-in-law always made a point to include me in everything and make me aware of every single one of their events. Patterns were established over the course of their early years as to my interactions with them/my level of involvement with their lives. My sister-in-law and I had an 21 century clothes amazing relationship, as did she and my Mom.

Over the course of the past five years, my sister-in-law has become someone I don't even recognize anymore. See acts like she is bipolar - you just never know who you are going to get when you see her. She yells at Human Rights Violations the kids more and her fuse is very short. I feel so bad for the kids (they have 2 girls and 2 boys). What Essay? Her and my relationship has been incredibly strained and she is often condescending, rude and Violations, downright mean to me - many times in front of the kids. And she is very passive aggressive. Every time she has been, I have taken the high road and not responded - for the sake of the kids.

I don't want them to feel more uncomfortable than they already do. Recently, she blocked me from Facebook and globalisation geography, stopped talking to me. Human Violations? I was finally able to talk to my brother the other night and they are basically blaming me for all of symptoms, her hurt and anger the last several years - because I am too close to the girls and am sabotaging her efforts to build her relationships with them. Rights Violations Essay? My nieces are 14 and 15 and her relationship with the 15-year-old is very strained because her daughter just doesn't like her - which I don't blame her quite frankly. I hug them too long and too much, I have all the fun with them - which makes her look bad because she is the one that has to discipline them, I take too many pictures with them on special occasions, I spend too much time with them at family events, we look at frontal damage pictures on Human Essay, our phones too much when we are all together (Maybe if I start printing them, that would make it ok?), I text/Snapchat with them too much (which is pollinating now my only way to Human Rights Violations communicate with them), I go to too many of their events - basically everything I have always done with them throughout their lives. My brother says that even though I may think I am acting in the best interest of the kids, I am really being selfish and doing it all for my own happiness when I do all this because I am trying to self pollinating fill a void in my life (I am single with no kids).

I was flabbergasted. Rights Essay? He said this has bothered her for a long time and now it is are strawberries self making it near impossible for her to be close to the girls. I am supposed to Rights Violations Essay stop having the 21 century clothes type of relationship I do with the Human Rights Essay girls and am supposed to ask my sister-in-law what I can and can not do / how I can and can not act with the girls and fall in jimi, line with what they think is acceptable. Basically, she would be happy if I just disappeared altogether. Rights Violations Essay? Beside myself, the ones who are really suffering here are the jimi hendrix influences kids.

They all walk on eggshells when they are with me and their Mom is also there. Human Violations Essay? It's like none of us know how to act for fear of globalisation geography, setting her off. She doesn't think she plays any role at all in the deterioration of Human Rights Violations, our relationship and that it is all because of how I act. She will never take any form of accountability. My brother said the ONLY way this will be resolved is if I approach her and apologize (for being myself, basically) and ask her what the rules of engagement are.

And I am SICK of having to be the bigger person and take all of the globalisation geography abuse and bullying from her. Human Rights Violations? Yet, my youngest niece, my Goddaughter - with whom I have such a close/lovey relationship - has told me she is sad that her Mom and I don't get along anymore. All the kids are torn because she is their Mom and they love me dearly. And I am torn because I don't even want to clothes see her, much less talk to her, yet the kids are the Human Essay loves of my life. And Disadvantages Of E? tayba zafar 2 months ago. Rights Essay? ah, i love aunties, i love my puwa kaneez. It Takes To Be? love you aunty kaneez. Hi, I know it is a bit late to comment, but I just feel so related to this article. I'm currently 18 and I have a 2 and a half year old niece (brother's daughter), it was love at first sight and lately we have been closer than ever! she wants to see me everyday and visits me often. What makes me sad is that I'll be leaving for college (to europe) in august and Human Rights Essay, we won't be able to see each other that often. I know there's skype and clothes, stuff but how can I keep that bond alive? it hurts me so much to Rights leave her every afternoon and hear her cry for me. If mom is not there, she calls for auntie, she trusts me, she loves me and I love her deeply too. I usually feel sad after 2 days witouth seeing her and now I will only see her twice a year! any tips would be extremely appreciated.

It hurts so much! Hi. I am a Dad and lobe symptoms, have a 3 sisters in law- 1 unmarried, 1 divorced and 1 married. Human Violations Essay? The divorced one who is not so close to my wife and lives interstate has made a habit of visiting every month for the last year to pollinating see our first born daughter who is 3 years old. We feel this is excessive and believe its unusual as sometimes when she goes back, 3 year old says she misses her and we don't feel this is fair on the child.

Is auntie fulfilling her motherhood needs at Human the expense of the child somewhat becoming rather attached to interstate auntie? Sharilee Swaity 6 months ago from Canada. @peachpurple, thanks so much for your comment. I guess it depends on how close the frontal lobe damage sisters and brothers are. Have a wonderful day. peachy 18 months ago from Human Essay Home Sweet Home. I never had an aunt who loves that much, I wish I had one.

Sharilee Swaity 2 years ago from Canada. @Stephanie Mclain, I am sorry I missed your comment so many months ago. I have been away from HP for quite some time, but just wanted to thank you for clothes the comment. It sounds becoming an aunt has truly been a life-changing experience for you. I am so glad you have such a close and loving relationship. Human Rights Essay? Take care and thanks for the comment!

Sharilee Swaity 2 years ago from Canada. Globalisation Geography? @Chastity, I am so sorry I missed your comment, and obviously, you have already written your paper. Rights Violations? I am honoured you were able to globalisation geography use the quote, and hope your paper turned out well. Human Violations? Take care. @kerlund74, I apologize for the late response to your comment, but I am still glad that the advantages and disadvantages of e hub had a good effect in your life. Violations Essay? Thanks for the comment. Hendrix Influences? Take care. kerlund74 3 years ago from Sweden.

You bring up something important here; how wonderful close relatives are:) I will remind my children to call their aunt she lives in England. It is far away but they have a special bound. Great that you share your own experiences as well, a great hub! Hi i am using a quote from the Human Rights Essay aunt and nieces unique relationship and I have to quote it in APA style using author tags, the What Essay year this was published and the page number.. I was wanting to know if someone would please help me with that? I also loved reading these stories because I can relate to Human Violations them with my neice:) Sharilee Swaity 3 years ago from Canada. Flourishanyway. that is frontal damage symptoms so nice that you have such a close relationship with your niece. That's great that you show your nieces and nephews a different side of life than their parents might offer. Thanks for Rights Violations Essay the comment, and have a good night!

Sharilee Swaity 3 years ago from Canada. @Toytesting . I am so glad to meet a fellow auntie here on Hubpages and I am happy that the hub resonated with your experiences. Have a wonderful night! Patricia Scott 3 years ago from sunny Florida. And Disadvantages? Lovely reminder of Violations Essay, how much I love my nieces . I have a bunch and each one is special and unique. Jimi? there is one that I am much closer to than the Human Rights Essay others because she lived with us at globalisation geography our home for several years and Human Rights Essay, we have remained close. 21 Century? I also have such fond memories of five of my Aunts. There were 8 of them altogether.

The five treated me like a little princess. the others I really did not get to know very well. thanks for the memories. Angels are on the way to you ps. Stephanie 3 years ago from Texas. The day my niece was born was the Violations Essay first time I decided I wanted kids of my own one day. What A Soldier? I got to teach her all sorts of things and learn right along with her. She's so precious to me and continues to inspire me every time we are together!

Thanks for writing and sharing! :) Sharilee Swaity 4 years ago from Canada. @Idigwebsites, I am so sorry for the long delay in commenting back! There really is nothing like being an auntie, is there? Thanks for Essay the comment, and take care! FlourishAnyway 4 years ago from USA. This is a cute reminder of my own nieces. One in particular is so strongly bonded to me that you'd think she were my child, although she lives in another state. I love giving them experiences that they do not get with their parents, as I am more adventuresome and off the wall.

Nephews are fun, too, of jimi hendrix, course. I tease them that they will need to take care of me when I am old. I am half hoping they'll at least tenderly remember me. Toy Tasting 4 years ago from Mumbai. Human Rights Violations? Lovely! It reminds me of my nieces and the beautiful bond I share with them..Thanks for sharing :) idigwebsites 4 years ago from self United States. I've been doting on kids of my cousins (what do you actually call them? Are they also nieces or nephews or second cousins?) But nothing really beats the feeling when I became an aunt to Rights an authentic niece, who is my first. Now she's a toddler and we would enjoy our time together. :) Sharilee Swaity 4 years ago from Canada. It Takes A Soldier Essay? Victoria, I am sorry that you are losing your girl to college, but I am sure your relationship will always remain close.

It sounds like you are so lucky to have each other! It's so nice to meet a fellow non-parent auntie, too. I don't have children of Human Rights, my own, either, so my nieces are so important. And Disadvantages Of E? Thank you so much for Human Essay your kind words, and also for pinning! It's great to self hear from Essay you again. I hope you are done teaching for the year? I still have a week left and just counting the days! Victoria Lynn 4 years ago from Arkansas, USA. I love that you wrote this, Sharilee! I don't have children of my own but have been an active part of my two nieces' lives.

My oldest, now 17, and globalisation, I have spent many a night together. The past few summers, she will come one week per month and go to work with me or stay home with me since I started working from home. Rights Essay? We laugh, we cook, we talk--I am the cool aunt. I am sad that she is working now, going to college in a year, and will have her own life. What It Takes To Be? I am hoping she and I will always be close. Her little sister is 12, an I need to start developing that relationship more with her now. Beautiful hub about aunts and nieces. Essay? I might make a copy of this for my Emily when she turns 18 or graduates from college just to let her know that I will always be here for advantages and disadvantages her! Love this! Voted up and more! Pinned this to Rights my Family Stuff board!

Sharilee Swaity 4 years ago from Canada. K, thanks for the comment! Being an globalisation geography aunt is Rights amzing, and it is nice to meet a fellow auntie! I became an aunt to my gal G (niece) 8 years ago. My sister-in-law and her husband adopted her from China and I was there to see her come off the plane when they brought her home and I'm still here at home joyously waiting for 21 century her visits. 8 years later. Unfortunately her mom and dad are now divorced and Human Rights, it's been a nasty one for sure.

But G knows that I'm right here for clothes her and no matter what happens to her little world. she can 10000000% count on me because I'm her auntie K and I'd rather die than let that little gal down. Sharilee Swaity 4 years ago from Canada. Mary, that is so cool that you are already an aunt at ten years old. Human Essay? I am sure you are an amazing auntie. Thanks for the comment! i am only 10 and an aunty i love being a aunty. T4an 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario. I have a feeling I will have to wait for grand daughters. :) Now that is a scary thought! Have a wonderful day! Sharilee Swaity 5 years ago from Canada. T4an, thank you!

That is so cute that your nieces are the clothes daughters that you never had. Rights Violations? I know what you mean, because I have two stepsons but no daughters. We need girl time, don't we? Thanks again for the comment. T4an 5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario.

Wonderful hub. I also have neices whom I adore. Clothes? I am lucky enough to have four and although I love my sons so very much, they are the daughters that I never have. Voted up! Sharilee Swaity 5 years ago from Canada. @Jess, I don't know of Essay, any journals like that but it is a wonderful idea! I wish there was something like that and it makes me think it would be great to publish it! You could start a journal by writing questions on the pages of a beautiful journal. Wonderful idea and thank you! @Perry the Cat, that's great that you have just spent time with your nieces. Nieces truly are a major blessing!

Thanks for the great comment. Perry the Cat 5 years ago from self Mouskin, Texas. Here here! My favorite niece and one of her children just left for New York after visiting me in Texas. I'd love to have a place to get to know my little Flathead and her kids better. And thanks to Essay my brothers' wayward pasts, I keep finding out that I have more nieces about once a year! Are there any journals for niece's and aunts that don't live in the same state but want to self get to know each other better, for Rights example I saw a mother , daughter journal but haven't seen one for aunts and nieces?

Sharilee Swaity 5 years ago from Canada. Michele, it does sound like you have a rich understanding of the meaning of auntie! I know what you mean about the joy you felt at being an aunt. I can relate! Have a great night and thanks for are strawberries the comment. A great hub. I understand the Human Rights Essay bond between an aunt and a niece. I have a total of 11 aunts. My parents come from large families.

I am closer to my mom's sisters. They have always been present in my life. Two of my younger aunts are like sisters, best friends, and moms. They wear every hat in my relationship with them. I am an aunt, and my niece calls me Auntie. I love to commerce hear her say it. The first time I laid eyes on her I cried. I was so happy to Human Violations Essay have a lil girl via my sister. Our relationship gets stronger and damage, stronger. What I respect about our relationship is how much she trust me. Sharilee Swaity 5 years ago from Canada.

Diane, I so sorry for Human Essay your loss but it sounds like you had a blessing in advantages commerce, the midst of it. I will have a look at your story. Violations Essay? Thanks SO much for the comment! Diane Bartok 5 years ago from Sydney Australia. Wow, this touched a chord with me. Having lost my mother and sister close to advantages and disadvantages of e commerce each other, my nieces have become closer to Rights me- as their mother's sister, the closest blood to them and What it Takes a Soldier Essay, I in Violations, turn have become closer to my favourite aunt who reminds me so much of mum.

With my losses, I am researching the family history. You may want to read my latest story on that - Return to Sicily. I look forward to globalisation reading more of your articles. Best of luck. Sharilee Swaity 5 years ago from Canada. Jools, nice to meet a fellow auntie! That is so awesome that you also buy your nieces books, and that you were that kind of influence: how good that must make you feel! You are blessed indeed to have four wonderful nieces. Human Violations Essay? Thanks so much for the comment. Take care! Jools99 5 years ago from North-East UK.

PP, I loved this article - I have 2 sisters and four nieces, no nephews (seems to be a shortage of boys on my side of the family, I'm one of 3 girls, no brothers). We share a habit - I also buy books for my nieces (more lately book tokens) and Essay, one of my nieces always lets me know that I was an influence on her choice to study Literature, she is Violations Essay set for university next year. I admire all four of them , they are unique girls, fun, feisty, savvy young ladies and it Takes a Soldier Essay, I love em all. I am Godmother to one of them too. Human Rights Essay? Perry the Cat 5 years ago from What a Soldier Mouskin, Texas. Me too. I have seven nieces but am really only Violations Essay close to a couple of geography, them. Two I have never met in person but have contacted via facebook, three are quite young and then there's the niece-in-laws.

And then my nieces have children, girls, so I should count them as well. Human Violations? Hmmm. seven more. Yikes! This aunt thing could really get out of hand! Sharilee Swaity 5 years ago from What to be Essay Canada. Perry, that's funny! That's awesome! I hope I can be that good of an aunt to my two nieces.

Take care. Perry the Cat 5 years ago from Mouskin, Texas. Happy to do it. She was terrific. Human Rights Violations Essay? Big Yankee fan, too. She loved the athletic guys and used to say, You mean there's a ball in 21 century, the game?

Obviously her attention wasn't on the box scores. Sharilee Swaity 5 years ago from Canada. Perry the Cat, she sounds like a wonderful aunt that was truly a huge part of Human Essay, your life. I am sorry for your loss and thank you so much for sharing. Pollinating? Perry the Cat 5 years ago from Mouskin, Texas. My favorite aunt died last year. I saw her just a week before she died and wasn't able to make her funeral, which my cousins understood.

We used to talk at Rights Violations least once a week, laughing and telling each other jokes, discussing the hendrix influences families, keeping up with events, sharing sightings of strange and hysterical stuff. After a year without my aunt Mimi I still reach for the phone when my grandson does one of Human Rights, his crazy, goofy stunts, when I see a funky bumper sticker, when I spot something so bizarre that I just have to call her and report the sighting. I miss her. She was my best friend. Her funeral, I understand, was huge in What it Takes to be, our hometown. That was because, as everyone I'd meet there would say, Everybody loves Mimi. And it was so true.

I miss you Auntie Meems. Sharilee Swaity 5 years ago from Rights Essay Canada. ytsenoh, nice to meet you! Thank you for your kind words; I appreciate your assessment. There really is a beauty to aunthood; you are so right. Advantages Of E? Take care! Cathy 5 years ago from Rights Essay Louisiana, Idaho, Kauai, Nebraska, South Dakota, Missouri. What a really nice thoughtful and caring hub. It Takes To Be Essay? Thank you.

You did a great job emphasing the beauty and value of aunthood as well as paying attention to Human Rights Essay the relationship between aunts and nieces. Geography? Sharilee Swaity 5 years ago from Canada. Bumpsy, that is so awesome that they were able to re-unite. An aunt really can be such a special role for both niece and aunt. I am so glad that it brought back some good memories for Human Violations you, too. We often don't realize how significant people are in our lives until years later! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a great comment. Take care. Bumpsysmum 5 years ago from Cambridgeshire.

How true this is. My daughter was reunited with her Neice nearly 2 years ago after an 11 year gap, the Neice is lobe now 20 and dotes on Human Rights Violations Essay, her 'new' aunt who is old enough to offer advice but young enough to understand the problems of young women. Are Strawberries Pollinating? Great hub, brought back so many memories of Rights, my youth when my aunts were still with us, sadly now all passed on, but I had the pleasure for self many years and loved my aunts who were more like older sisters. Sharilee Swaity 5 years ago from Human Rights Violations Essay Canada. PC, it is a wonderful feeling, for sure! You and I are blessed, right?

Take care and it Takes, thanks for your kind words. Sarah Carlsley 5 years ago from Minnesota. Proud auntie here! It is truly a great feeling, isn't it? Wonderful hub :) Sharilee Swaity 5 years ago from Canada. MIM, you sound like an awesome aunt and I am sure you are going to be an amazing Mom, too!

Have a wonderful day! motherinthemaking 5 years ago from Australia. I have three nieces, one blood, two by marriage. I love them all and Violations, my huband jokes that his sisters girls 3 5 are in love with me. I love seeing their faces light up when they see me (and push right past my husband). I am going to have a baby and frontal lobe symptoms, make my sister an aunt I can't wait to see her with my bub. Sharilee Swaity 5 years ago from Canada. Pia, that is such exciting news! I am so happy for you and Human, it will be very special for you, I'm sure. And yes, aunts have kind of self, received a bad rap in literature but you are so right that reality is Rights Violations very different. Thanks so much for taking the geography time to comment and congratulations on becoming an auntie soon!

PiaC 5 years ago from Oakland, CA. I'm looking forward to becoming an aunt later this month! Cant wait! I'll keep all your advice in mind. It's true that aunts in literature are not often portrayed positively, but nothing in life really reflects literature, does it? :) Sharilee Swaity 5 years ago from Canada. Giselle, I appreciate your lovely comment so much! It was a hub that I had on my heart for quite a while and was glad to see that the topic resonated with other people as well. Take care and I apologize for not getting back to you sooner.

Giselle Maine 6 years ago. Human? Voted UP and Beautiful! What a great hub on an important topic which needs some much-deseved attention: aunties and nieces. Thanks for sharing this topic from lobe symptoms both viewpoints - personal experience, and Human Rights, from how the relationship is portrayed through examples in literature. Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from Canada. Gm, thank you for visiting, and I agree that aunties don't have to be blood. So true! An aunt can be anyone that is not the Mom that cares deeply about the child. Great insight! Take care.

Grace Marguerite Williams 6 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York. To prairieprincess: Great hub! Aunties come in all categories-blood and nonblood related. And Disadvantages Of E? I enjoyed this hub immensely. Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from Human Rights Canada.

Ic, it's always so nice to hear from a fellow auntie! Those care packages sound amazing! What a wonderful idea to send surprises: that is a great way of showing love. Thank you so much for commenting! lcbenefield 6 years ago from Georgia. What a wonderful hub! I found myself nodding and smiling in agreement through the geography whole thing. Rights Violations? I have two nieces I am totally in love with. We live about geography three hours drive apart and I keep in touch with them through care packages that include scool supplies, craft projects, new clothes, anything I think they might enjoy.

They look forward to their Aunt's packages in the mail. It's always a surprise when they receive them. What a wonderful job being an aunt! Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from Canada. Stephanie, they certainly are!

I'm glad you enjoyed the hub. Take care. Rights Violations? Stephanie Henkel 6 years ago from USA. Nieces are certainly special, and hold a special place in our hearts whether we see them frequently or seldom. Are Strawberries Self Pollinating? I also think often of my own aunts who I admired and loved. Even now when they are all gone, I remember the Violations things I learned from them and how much I admired them. Thanks for a very nice hub! Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from Canada. Cathy, that is so heart-warming. It Takes A Soldier? Yes, it absolutely is! I have such incredible times with my nieces, and Human Rights Violations, intend to never lose that.

That is so cool that you are at that point in your relationship with them, that they actually advise you, and it's reciprocal. Go aunties go! :) Cathy I 6 years ago from New York. Great hub which had me reminiscing about are strawberries pollinating my 3 wonderful nieces and all the fun times we have had together. Now that they have grown up, our relationship has moved to another level and i can take advice from them as well as give it. Isn't it wonderful to have nieces. Essay? Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from Canada. Sorry for the long delay in commenting. I have been away from HP for lobe damage a while. That is so cool that you have such a close relationship with your niece. It sounds a lot like me and my nieces!

Thanks for the great comment! Decal, thank you so much for commenting! WallStickerDecals 6 years ago from US. They are so cool! I would like to have the same relationship like them too. Sharon Smith 6 years ago from Northeast Ohio USA. Violations Essay? Really enjoyed this. Advantages Of E Commerce? I don't have any children but my two sisters have a total of seven. The first was a niece.

When my sister was pregnant, I was the one who went to Lamaze classes with her since her husband was working and in school. You would have thought I was the one having the baby with all my excitement. When my niece was born, I couldn't get enough of her. Violations Essay? For the it Takes a Soldier Essay first year or so, I seemed to be the only one who could get her to go to sleep. Human Violations Essay? My sister would call me all hours of the night to geography come over and help. I loved it! This niece is Rights Violations Essay 25 now and a mother of a 6 year old. But she will always be my lil girl. I have another niece and also five nephews. These kids have made my life complete and I feel extremely blessed.

Thanks for this very enjoyable written work. Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from Canada. Hi Denise, thank you so much for your kind words! This is one I had in draft for a Soldier Essay quite some time, but finally finished it up. Take care! Denise Handlon 6 years ago from North Carolina. Very cool hub, prairieprincess. what a unique hub topic and I love how you brought the role of the Human Rights Essay aunt in frontal, literature into it. Voted it up. :) Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from Canada. Sun-Girl, thank you so much! I am glad you enjoyed it.

Take care. Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from Canada. Kashmir, thanks for your kind comment. Take care! Sun-Girl 6 years ago from Nigeria. Violations Essay? Great work you actually did in here and i must confess that i so much love your hub.thanks for writing.

Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from frontal lobe damage Canada. Marellen, that is so cool that you grew up around such good aunts. It sounds like your Mom was close to her sisters and Human Violations, you benefitted. Sometimes it doesn't work out like that but it's awesome when it does. Thanks for the great comment! Take care. Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from globalisation Canada. Sally, that's awesome! I bet they are very close, especially since she does not have kids of Human Essay, her own. I also feel like my nieces are somewhat mine, too!

Thanks for the great comment. Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from Canada. KoffeeKlatch, thanks for a Soldier Essay your great commment. That's so great that you had a woman in your life that was there to help guide your way. I agree, aunts are very special people! Thomas Silvia 6 years ago from Massachusetts. Human Rights Essay? Hi prairieprincess, a very beautifully written and awesome hub, which made it a very enjoyable read ! Very touching. you're right about Aunties. some we will never forget and advantages and disadvantages of e, that is Human Rights Violations so true in my family. I had many Aunts, my Mom's sisters who we all love and miss dearly.

I'm also an Aunt to one niece but unfortunately we are not close and this saddens me. Jimi? Truckstop Sally 6 years ago. Human Violations? Wonderful read! I do not have a relationship with any aunts or nieces, but my sister and my daughter have an amazing bond. Advantages Of E? My sister does not have any children of her own, so she thinks of her niece and nephews as her children-on-loan. Human Rights Violations? I love the books you mention. Thanks. Susan Haze 6 years ago from Sunny Florida.

When I was growing up I had an Aunt Bea that filled all those parental spaces that had been left unfilled. Pollinating? She was my greatest supporter and Rights, a friend, as well as an adult authority figure. Aunts are indeed special people. Rate up and awesome. rpalulis 6 years ago from NY. Great job! this is such a precious hub that I have voted up and beautiful. Love how you have defined the frontal role of the Auntie and shared with the reader your experience of becoming an aunt for the first time. Excellent hub. Sharilee Swaity 6 years ago from Human Rights Violations Essay Canada. Hey Auntie, right on!

Go, aunties! And aren't nieces wonderful? :) Kristen Burns-Darling 6 years ago from Orange County, California. I couldn't agree with you more! When I was little I had an Auntie who I thought of as my own personal fairy god-mother. My oldest niece was born on 26 July 1989, for all of her life she has had not two, but three parents, and I have had enjoyed the privilege of being her third parent for all of these years. She and are strawberries pollinating, her husband and their son, recently moved 1200 miles away, but we still talk on Human Rights Violations, the phone everyday, several times a day. Lovely hub about a great subject!

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Liquid Biofuels for Transport Prospects, risks and opportunities. 5.1 What will be the short-term impacts on Human Essay, food security? 5.1.1 At the national level 5.1.2 At the household level 5.2 How could biofuel production stimulate agricultural growth and pollinating, poverty reduction in the longer term? 5.3 How could biofuel production affect income distribution and womens status? 5.1.1 At the national level 5.1.2 At the household level. The source document for Human this Digest states:

Many factors are responsible for the recent sharp increases in agricultural commodity prices, including the growth in influences demand for liquid biofuels. Biofuels will continue to exert upward pressure on commodity prices, which will have implications for Human Rights Essay food security and poverty levels in developing countries. Chapter 6, Section Key messages, p.85. For the poorest households, food accounts for a major part of their expenditures, and food prices directly affect their food security. As a commonly accepted denition, food insecurity exists when people lack secure access to sufcient amounts of are strawberries, safe and nutritious food for normal growth and Human Violations Essay, development and an active, healthy life. Already, the recent increase in staple food prices has triggered demonstrations and riots in a number of countries. FAO estimates that some 850 million people worldwide are undernourished (FAO, 2006b). Jimi Hendrix? Given the potential scale of the biofuel market, the uncertainty relating to long-term price developments and the large number of poor households, the question of what impact expanding biofuel production will have on Human Rights, the food security of the poor should be high on the political agenda. This chapter explores the implications of damage, biofuel development for the poor and for food security. Typically, four dimensions are considered in discussions of Human Violations, food security.

Availability of food is determined by domestic production, import capacity, existence of food stocks and are strawberries, food aid. Access to food depends on levels of poverty, purchasing power of households, prices and the existence of transport and market infrastructure and food distribution systems. Stability of supply and access may be affected by weather, price uctuations, human-induced disasters and a variety of political and economic factors. Safe and healthy food utilization depends on care and feeding, food safety and Human Violations, quality, access to clean water, health and sanitation. Although expanding demand for biofuels is and disadvantages commerce only one of many factors underlying the recent price increases (see Chapter 4, page 41) the rapid growth in biofuel production will affect food security at the national and Human Essay, household levels mainly through its impact on food prices and frontal lobe symptoms, income. In terms of the four dimensions, the Rights Essay discussion focuses on the impacts of higher food prices on availability and access at the national level, as well as the household level.

At both levels, the initial focus is on short- term impacts, before moving on to address the longer-term impacts. In the medium- to-longer term, higher agricultural prices offer the potential for a supply response and for strengthening and revitalizing the role of agriculture as an engine of growth in hendrix developing countries.* * [The dynamics of the rapid rise in commodity prices are covered in greater detail in Human Rights Essay The State of Agricultural Commodity Markets 2008 (FAO, forthcoming, 2008c), while the impacts of soaring food prices on the poor are the jimi hendrix subject of The State of Food Insecurity in the World (FAO, forthcoming, 2008d).] The source document for Human Rights Violations this Digest states: At the country level, higher commodity prices will have negative consequences for net food-importing developing countries. Especially for are strawberries the low-income food-decit countries, higher import prices can severely strain their food import bills. Chapter 6, Section Key messages, p.85. Food-security impacts at the national level. Chapter 3 discussed the strengthened linkages between energy and Violations Essay, agricultural commodity prices resulting from the growth in demand for 21 century biofuels and Chapter 4 considered the implications for agricultural commodity prices. How individual countries will be affected by higher prices will depend on whether they are net agricultural commodity importers or net exporters. Some countries will benet from Human Essay, higher prices, but the frontal lobe damage symptoms least-developed countries*, which have been experiencing a widening agricultural trade decit over the last two decades ( Figure 27 ), are expected to be considerably worse off. *[Least-developed countries are classified as such on the basis of: (a) a low-income criterion (a three-year average estimate of per Human Essay, capita gross national income of advantages of e commerce, below US$750); (b) a human-resource weakness criterion; and (c) an economic vulnerability criterion.

For more detail and a list of least-developed countries see UN-OHRLLS (2008).] Rising commodity prices have pushed up the cost of imports and Violations Essay, food import bills have reached record highs. Based on FAOs latest analysis, global expenditures on imported foodstuffs. in 2007 rose by it Takes a Soldier Essay, about 29 percent above the record of the previous year (FAO, 2008a) ( Table 11 ). The bulk of the increase was accounted for Human Violations Essay by rising prices of imported cereals and vegetable oils commodity groups that feature heavily in biofuel production. More expensive feed ingredients lead to higher prices for meat and dairy products, raising the expenditures on imports of those commodities. The rise of international freight rates to new highs also affected the import value of all commodities, placing additional pressure on the ability of countries to cover their food import bills. Although growing demand for biofuels accounts for only part of the frontal lobe damage symptoms recent sharp price increases, the table nevertheless illustrates the signicant impact higher agricultural commodity prices can have, especially on the low-income food-decit countries (LIFDCs). High food prices have been accompanied by rising fuel prices, which further threaten macroeconomic stability and Human, overall growth, especially of low-income net energy-importing countries. Table 12 lists 22 countries considered especially vulnerable owing to a combination of high levels of chronic hunger (above 30 percent undernourishment), high dependency on imports of and disadvantages of e, petroleum products (100 percent in most countries) and, in Human Rights Violations Essay many cases, high dependency on imports of major cereals (rice, wheat and maize) for domestic consumption. Countries such as Botswana, Comoros, Eritrea, Haiti, Liberia and the Niger are especially vulnerable as they present a high level of all three risk factors. Chapter 6, Section food-security impacts at the national level, p.72-74. The source document for this Digest states:

In the short run, higher agricultural commodity prices will have widespread negative effects on household food security. Particularly at risk are poor urban consumers and poor net food buyers in rural areas, who tend also to be the majority of the rural poor. There is a strong need for establishing appropriate safety nets to ensure access to food by the poor and self pollinating, vulnerable. Chapter 6, Section Key messages, p.85. Food-security impacts at the household level short-run effects * *[A comprehensive assessment of the food-security impacts of higher food prices can be found in FAO (2008a).] At the household level, a critical factor for food security is access to Violations, food. 21 Century Clothes? Access to food refers to the ability of households toproduce or purchase sufcient food for their needs. Two key indicators can help assessthe impact of biofuel developments on food security: food prices and household incomes. The more income a household or individual has, the more food (and of better quality)can be purchased. The precise effects of food prices on household food security are more complex. Higher food prices are expectedto make net food-buying households in both urban and rural areas worse off, while better-endowed rural households, who are net sellers of Human Rights Violations, food, stand to gain from the increased incomes resulting from the higher prices.

Higher world food prices do not necessarily affect household food security: the impact will depend on the extent to which international prices pass through to domestic markets. Frontal Symptoms? The depreciation of the United States dollar against Rights, many currencies (for example the euro and the CFA [Communaut nancire africaine] franc) and government policies designed to avoid large domestic price shocks tend to advantages and disadvantages of e commerce, reduce the Human transmission of world market prices to domestic markets.* Sharma (2002), in a study of eight Asian countries in 21 century clothes the 1990s, found that price transmission was strongest for maize, followed by wheat, and least for rice, which is the staple food for most of Asias poor. The degree of transmission is always stronger over Violations the longer term. *[Recent work by FAO (2008a) Soaring food prices: facts, perspectives, impacts and actions required. Document HLC/08/INF/1 prepared for the High-Level Conference on World Food Security: The Challenges of Climate Change and clothes, Bioenergy, 35 June 2008, Rome. confirms that country-level impacts require case-by-case analysis as different countries have experienced different exchange-rate movements and Human Rights Violations, employ different commodity market policies.] In many Asian countries rice is globalisation designated as a special, or sensitive, commodity for food security, and FAO (2008f) found that transmission varies signicantly from country to country, depending on the instruments, if any, that are used to insulate the domestic economy from price increase on international markets. For example, India and Human Rights Essay, the Philippines make use of globalisation, government storage, procurement and distribution as well as restrictions on international trade. Essay? Bangladesh applies rice tariffs to stabilize domestic prices, while Viet Nam uses a range of influences, export restrictions. On the other hand, countries such as China and Rights Essay, Thailand have allowed most of the changes in self pollinating world prices to pass through to domestic markets.

Maize is a feedgrain in Human Asia and subject to much less price intervention. FAO (2004b) found that price transmission is generally weaker in Africa than in Asian countries. Domestic price policies can help stabilize prices but they do require scal resources. Jimi? In the longer run they may also impede or slow down an effective supply response to higher prices. Impacts on net food buyers and net food sellers. While almost all urban dwellers are net food consumers, not all rural dwellers are net food producers. Human Violations Essay? Many smallholders and damage, agricultural labourers are net purchasers of food, as they do not own sufcient land to produce enough food for their families. Rights? Empirical evidence from a number of self pollinating, sub- Saharan African countries, compiled in Barrett (forthcoming) in Violations no case nds a majority of clothes, farmers or rural households (depending on Rights Violations, the survey denition) to be net food sellers. Empirical evidence prepared by FAO (2008a) conrms this pattern, as illustrated in Table 13, which shows the share of net staple food-selling households among urban and rural households, respectively, for a series of countries.

Only in two instances does the commerce share of net selling households exceed 50 percent. Distribution of poor net buyers and sellers of food staples. Even in rural areas, where agriculture and staple food production is an important occupation for the majority of the poor, a vast share of the Rights Essay poor are net food buyers ( Figure 28 ) and are strawberries self pollinating, thus stand to lose, or at least not gain, from an increase in the price of tradable staple foods. The proportion of poor smallholders that are also net sellers never exceeds 37 percent and for four of the seven countries is 13 percent or less. The proportion of poor that are net buyers ranges from 45.7 percent in Cambodia to over 87 percent in Bolivia, and for ve of the seven countries the proportion is over 50 percent.

Poverty impacts of higher food prices. For the Violations poorest households, food typically accounts for half, and advantages of e, often more, of their total expenditure. Violations? It follows that food price increases can have marked effects on welfare and nutrition. As an example, Block et al. (2004) found that when rice prices increased in Indonesia in the late 1990s, mothers in poor families responded by reducing their caloric intake in order to feed their children better, leading to advantages, an increase in Human Essay maternal wasting. Furthermore, purchases of more nutritious foods were reduced in order to afford the more expensive rice. This led to a measurable decline in blood haemoglobin levels in young children (and in their mothers), increasing the probability of developmental damage. Farmers who are net food sellers and will benet from higher prices will typically be those with more land, who will also tend to be better off than farmers with only little land. Moreover, farmers with more surplus production to 21 century clothes, sell will benet from high prices more than farmers with only a small surplus to sell.

In any case, poorer farmers are unlikely to Human Rights Violations Essay, receive the bulk of the benets from higher food prices and are the most likely to be negatively affected. Average welfare gain/loss from a 10 percent increase in the price of the main staple, by influences, income (expenditure) quintile for Human Rights Violations rural and urban households. Estimates of the short-term welfare impact on rural and self, urban households of a 10 percent increase in price of the main staple food are shown in Rights Violations Essay Figure 29 for seven of the countries listed in hendrix influences Table 13 . Violations? These estimates do not allow for household responses in production and consumption decisions and thus they represent an upper bound of the commerce likely impact. However, in Violations Essay the very short run, the potential for adjustments in crop production is limited, and on the consumption side the very poor are likely to have only minimal substitution possibilities. What Figure 29 highlights is that the poorest expenditure quintiles are worst affected in both urban and rural areas they experience either the largest decline or the smallest increase in welfare. Even in some of the countries where rural households gain on clothes, average, for example Pakistan and Viet Nam, the poorest quintiles in the rural areas still face a negative change in welfare as a result of the staple price increase.

Unsurprisingly, all urban households are expected to lose in Violations Essay all countries, but to 21 century, varying degrees, with the poorest experiencing the largest decline. FAOs analysis of the welfare impacts of staple food price increases also indicated that female-headed households in most urban, rural and national samples typically fare worse than male-headed households, in that they face either greater welfare losses or smaller welfare gains. This strong result emerged even though female- headed households are not systematically overrepresented among the poor in Human Violations all, or even most, of the countries. One explanatory factor is that, other things being equal, female-headed households tend to spend a greater share of their income on food. Moreover, in rural contexts, they generally have less access to frontal, land and participate less in agricultural income-generating activities and thus cannot share in the benets of food price increases (FAO, 2008a). While higher food prices will tend to have a negative impact on the purchasing power of the rural poor, there is also the potential for benets to this group as a result of Human, increased demand for agricultural labour, which is a prime source of What to be Essay, income for the poor. Indeed, poor and landless families typically rely disproportionately on unskilled wage labour for their income (World Bank, 2007). Higher agricultural prices, by stimulating the demand for unskilled labour in rural areas, can lead to Human Rights Violations Essay, a long-run increase in commerce rural wages, thereby beneting wage-labour households as well as self- employed farmers. Ravallion (1990), using a dynamic econometric model of wage determination and data from the 1950s to Rights Violations, the 1970s, concluded that the globalisation geography average poor landless household in Bangladesh loses in the short run from an Human Violations Essay increase in rice prices (because of higher consumption expenditures) but gains slightly in the longer run (after ve years or more).

Indeed, in the long run, as wages adjust, the increase in household income (dominated by unskilled wage labour) becomes large enough to exceed the increase in household expenditures on rice. However, this study used relatively old data, compiled when rice farming was a larger sector of the economy and lobe damage symptoms, thus had a more profound impact on labour markets. Violations Essay? Rashid (2002) found that rice prices in 21 century clothes Bangladesh ceased to have a signicant effect on Rights Essay, agricultural wages after the mid-1970s. If higher rice prices no longer induce higher rural wages in Bangladesh, where agriculture represents a larger share of the pollinating economy and rice dominates the agriculture sector to a greater extent than in most other Asian countries, it seems unlikely that higher cereal prices will provide a signicant stimulus to the rural labour market in economies with a more diversied range of employment opportunities. Higher food prices may also have second- round multiplier effects, as the higher incomes of farmers create demand for other goods and services, many of which will be locally produced.

However, if this additional income simply represents a transfer from the Human Essay rural landless and are strawberries self, urban poor, these new multiplier effects will be counterbalanced by Human Rights Violations Essay, negative multiplier effects generated by the reduced incomes of the poor, who will have less money to and disadvantages of e, spend on non-food items as their food bills increase. The net multiplier effects will depend on the change in income distribution and the different spending patterns of the Human winners and losers from the new set of relative prices. On balance, at the global level, the globalisation immediate net effect of higher food prices on food security is likely to be negative. For example, Senauer and Sur (2001) estimated that a 20 percent increase in food prices in 2025 relative to a baseline will lead to Rights Violations, an increase of 440 million in the number of undernourished people in the world (195 million of frontal lobe damage symptoms, whom live in sub- Saharan Africa and 158 million in South and East Asia). The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) estimated that biofuel expansion based on actual national expansion plans would raise the prices of maize, oilseeds, cassava and Violations Essay, wheat by 26, 18, 11 and 8 percent, respectively, leading to a decrease in calorie intake of between 2 and 5 percent and an increase in child malnutrition of 4 percent, on average (Msangi, 2008 Biofuels, food prices and food security. Presentation at the Expert Meeting on Global Fuel and Food Security, FAO, Rome, 1820 February 2008 - available at These, however, are global gures, and the outcome will vary across countries and regions within countries. Biofuels may affect the utilization dimension of food security, but less directly than for other dimensions. Geography? For example, some biofuel production systems require substantial quantities of water, both for feedstock production and for conversion to biofuel.

This demand could reduce the availability of water for household use, threatening the health status and thus the Violations food-security status of affected individuals. On the other hand, if bioenergy replaces more polluting energy sources or expands the availability of energy services to advantages and disadvantages, the rural poor, it could make cooking both cheaper and cleaner, with positive implications for health status and food utilization. Chapter 6, Section food-security impacts at the household level-short run effects, p.75-79. 5.2 How could biofuel production stimulate agricultural growth and poverty reduction in the longer term? The source document for Rights this Digest states:

In the longer run, growing demand for biofuels and the resulting rise in agricultural commodity prices can present an opportunity for promoting agricultural growth and rural development in developing countries. They strengthen the case for focusing on agriculture as an engine of growth for poverty alleviation. This requires strong government commitment to enhancing agricultural productivity, for which public investments are crucial. Jimi Influences? Support must focus particularly on Human Rights Violations, enabling poor small producers to expand their production and gain access to markets. Production of biofuelfeedstocks may offer income-generating opportunities for farmers in developing countries.

Experience shows that cash-crop production for markets does not necessarily come at the expense of food crops and that it may contribute to improving food security. Promoting smallholder participation in biofuel crop production requires active government policies and are strawberries, support. Crucial areas are investment in public goods (infrastructure, research extension, etc.), rural nance, market information, market institutions and legal systems. In many cases, private investors interested in Human developing biofuel feedstock production in jimi influences developing countries will look to the establishment of plantations to ensure security of supply. However, contract farming may offer a means of ensuring smallholder participation in biofuel crop production, but its success will depend on an enabling policy and legal environment. Chapter 6, Section Key messages, p.85-56.

Biofuel crop production as an impetus for Human Rights agricultural growth. Biofuels and agriculture as engines of growth. The discussion so far, and much of the public debate, has focused on the immediate adverse food-security impacts of higher food prices. Over the medium-to-longer term, however, there could be a positive supply response not only from smallholders who are net sellers but also from those on the margin and those who are net buyers who are able to react to advantages of e, the price incentives. The emergence of biofuels as a major new source of demand for agricultural commodities could thus help revitalize agriculture in developing countries, with potentially positive implications for economic growth, poverty reduction and food security (see Box 12 ). Many of the worlds poorest countries are well placed, in agro-ecological terms, to become major producers of biomass for liquid biofuel production or to respond in general to higher agricultural prices. Human Violations? However, they continue to and disadvantages commerce, face many of the same constraints that have prevented them in the past from taking advantage of Rights Violations, opportunities for agriculture-led growth.

Their ability to take advantage of the of e commerce new opportunities offered by biofuels either directly as biofuel feedstock producers or indirectly as producers of agricultural commodities for which prices have gone up will depend on how these old constraints (and a few new ones) are addressed. The expansion of biofuel production, wherever it occurs in Human Rights the world, contributes to higher prices; countries are affected whether or not they grow biofuel feedstocks. At the same time, higher energy prices have led to advantages and disadvantages commerce, higher input costs for commercial fertilizer. Increased farm productivity will be fundamental in Human Rights Violations Essay preventing long-term increases in food prices and excessive pressure for expansion of cultivated area, together with the 21 century clothes associated negative environmental effects (including increased greenhouse gas emissions). While, historically, on-farm innovations helped drive productivity gains in Europe and the United States of America, the considerable resources required to carry out research on modern agricultural technology means that publicly funded research is essential. Essay? Government support to technology diffusion through extension services and improved infrastructure is also indispensable. Biofuels strengthen the case for considerably enhanced investments in agricultural productivity growth in geography developing countries. Biofuels, commercialization and agriculture-sector growth. Crops cultivated for biofuels, at least from the farmers perspective, are no different from Human Rights Violations Essay, other commercial crops and globalisation geography, can be instrumental in transforming agriculture from semi-subsistence, low-input and low-productivity farming systems, which characterize many parts of the developing world. Experience has shown that cash-crop development by smallholders need not come at the expense of food-crop production or food security in general (see Box 13 ), although this has occurred in Rights some instances (Binswanger and von Braun, 1991; von Braun, 1994). Several studies on 21 century, sub-Saharan African countries have concluded that commercialization schemes can help overcome credit market failures, a common feature of rural areas (von Braun and Kennedy, 1994; Govereh and Jayne, 2003).

In addition, the introduction of cash crops to a region may stimulate private investment in distribution, retail, market infrastructure and Human Rights, human capital, which ultimately also benets food-crop production and other farm activities. Where farmers have timely access to frontal lobe damage symptoms, credit and inputs, and to extension services and equipment, they are able not only to boost their incomes, but also to intensify food production on Rights Essay, their lands. Conversely, poor agro-ecological conditions, weak input and infrastructural support and poor organization of smallholder cash-cropping schemes can lead to failure (Strasberg et al., 1999). In terms of the advantages employment effects, net job creation is more likely to occur if biofuel feedstock production does not displace other agricultural activities or if the displaced activities are less labour-intensive. The outcome will vary, depending on Human Rights Essay, a countrys endowments in land and labour, on the crop used as feedstock and on the crops that were grown previously. Even within a single country and for one individual crop, labour intensity can vary substantially; in Brazil, for example, sugar-cane production uses three times as much labour in the northeast as it does in the centre-south (Kojima and Johnson, 2005) Research by von Braun and Kennedy (1994) found that the employment effects of commercial crops for poor households were generally signicant. In Brazil, the biofuel sector accounted for geography about 1 million jobs in 2001 (Moreira, 2006).

These jobs were in Human Violations Essay rural areas and mostly for unskilled labour. The indirect creation of employment in manufacturing and frontal lobe damage symptoms, other sectors was estimated at about another 300 000 jobs. Promoting smallholder participation in biofuel crop production. Involving smallholder farmers in biofuel feedstock production is important both for reasons of equity and for employment. Are biofuel crops more likely to Human Rights, be produced on plantations or by small farmers? Hayami (2002) points out that smallholders have certain advantages over plantations in that they can avoid problems related to supervision and damage symptoms, monitoring and can be more exible.

Indeed, many plantation crops are also grown successfully by smallholders somewhere in the world. In Thailand, for example, where smallholders are generally prominent in terms of numbers and production, they compare favourably, in efciency terms, with large- and medium- sized sugar farms in Australia, France and the United States of America (Larson and Borrell, 2001). By the 1990s, Thailand was exporting more rubber and Human Essay, pineapples than Indonesia and the Philippines, where plantations are dominant for these crops. However, when processing and jimi influences, marketing become more complex and centralized, plantations represent a solution to the need for vertical integration of production with other processes as is the case for palm oil, tea, bananas and sisal. The need for large-scale investments is another example where plantation-style farming may be advantageous.

If investors have to build supporting infrastructure such as irrigation, roads and docking, the scale of the operation necessary to offset the costs will be even larger. Rights? In unpopulated or sparsely populated areas, biofuel crop production is therefore more likely to globalisation, develop on Human Rights Violations, the scale of plantations. This is one key reason why sugar cane in the Philippines is produced by geography, smallholders in Human Violations Essay old settled areas of of e commerce, Luzon while plantations dominate in areas of Negros that were settled more recently (Hayami, Quisumbing and Adriano, 1990). Smallholder productivity and protability are often held back by poorly working commodity markets, lack of access to nancial markets, poorly performing producer organizations and signicant input market failures, especially for seed and fertilizer in sub-Saharan Africa. Government policy can promote smallholder farming.

Key areas for policy intervention are: investment in Rights Violations public goods such as infrastructure, irrigation, extension and research; the sponsoring of jimi hendrix, innovative approaches to rural nance; the creation of Human Rights Violations, market information systems; improvements in output and input markets in rural areas so that small farms are not at a disadvantage relative to What a Soldier Essay, larger farms; the enforcement of contracts. Producer organizations that foster collective action can also help reduce transaction costs and achieve market power to Violations, the benet of smallholder competitiveness (World Bank, 2007). The experience of the Green Revolution shows how responsive small-farmer productivity and output supply can be to public investment in research, irrigation and input supply. At least in the early years, when biofuel crop production is gaining momentum, investors ready to inject the globalisation necessary capital are likely to look for some security of supply. Human Violations Essay? One way to frontal damage, achieve this is by establishing a plantation of the crop on which production is based. However, smallholder participation in the form of contract farming (also referred to as outgrower schemes) is perhaps the most obvious approach to building the necessary market while safeguarding staple-food production and ensuring pro- poor growth.

Contract farming implies the availability of credit, timely supply of inputs, knowledge transfer, provision of Human, extension services and access to a ready market. Clothes? From the Violations contractors perspective, this type of arrangement can improve acceptability to stakeholders and overcome land constraints. In many countries, contract farming is encouraged by governments as a means for enabling rural farming households and communities to 21 century clothes, share in the benets of commercial agriculture while maintaining some independence (FAO, 2001). Contract/ outgrower schemes are more likely to succeed if they are based on proven technology and an enabling policy and legal environment. Default by contract farmers can be a major problem in the operation of such schemes. A weak legal system, weak insurance services and Human, the associated high transaction costs lead to considerable risk for companies (Coulter et al., 1999). Innovative solutions to support smallholder farmers producing biofuel crops continue to emerge (FAO, 2008g). In Brazil, the advantages and disadvantages of e government created the Social Fuel Stamp programme to encourage biodiesel producers to purchase feedstocks from small family farms in poorer regions of the country.

Companies that join the Human Violations scheme benet from partial or total federal tax exemption. By the end of 2007, some 400 000 small farmers had joined the programme, selling mainly palm oil, soybeans and/or castor beans to rening companies. Chapter 6, Section Biofuel crop production as an impetus for agricultural growth, p.79-82. 5.3 How could biofuel production affect income distribution and What it Takes to be a Soldier, womens status? The source document for this Digest states: Development of biofuelfeedstock production may present equity- and gender-related risks concerning issues such as labour conditions on plantations, access to land, constraints faced by smallholders and the disadvantaged position of women. Generally, these risks derive from existing institutional and political realities in the countries and call for attention irrespective of developments related to Human Violations Essay, biofuels. Governments need to establish clear criteria for determining productive use requirements and legal denitions for what constitutes idle land. Effective application of land-tenure policies that aim to protect vulnerable communities is no less important. Chapter 6, Section Key messages, p.86.

Biofuel crop development: equity and gender concerns. Important risks associated with the development of biofuels relate to hendrix, worsening income distribution and a deterioration of womens status. The distributional impact of developing biofuel crops will depend on initial conditions and on government policies. Human? The consensus with regard to the impact of cash crops on inequality appears to hendrix influences, lean towards greater inequality (Maxwell and Fernando, 1989). However, evidence from the Human Rights Violations Green Revolution suggests that adoption was much less uneven than was rst supposed. Moreover, governments can actively support small-scale farming, as discussed above. The impact on inequality will depend on the crop and technology employed, with a scale-neutral technology favouring equal distribution of benets.

Other important factors are: the distribution of land with secure ownership or tenancy rights; the jimi influences degree of access by Human Rights Violations Essay, farmers to input and output markets and to credit; and clothes, a level playing eld in terms of policies. Expansion of biofuel production will, in many cases, lead to greater competition for land. For smallholder farmers, women farmers and/or pastoralists, who may have weak land-tenure rights, this could lead to displacement. A strong policy and legal structure is required to safeguard against Violations, the undermining of livelihoods of households and communities (see also Box 14 ). In some countries or regions, biofuel crop development may lead to the emergence of commercial real estate markets. At the 21 century same time, land rental values are likely to rise and poor farmers may not be in a position to secure land through buying or renting. Indigenous communities may be particularly vulnerable if their land rights are not guaranteed by the government. Bouis and Haddad (1994) found that the introduction of sugar cane in the southern Bukidnon province of the Philippines led to a worsening of the land-tenure situation, with many households losing their access to land. The establishment of large sugar haciendas without a net increase in demand for labour meant that income inequality also deteriorated. Rights? On the other hand, those smallholders who were able to enter sugar production did well. FAO (2008h) suggests that female farmers may be at are strawberries self, a distinct disadvantage vis- -vis male farmers in Rights terms of beneting from biofuel crop development.

To start with, there are often signicant gender disparities with regard to access to land, water, credit and other inputs. Are Strawberries Self? Although women are often responsible for carrying out much of the agricultural work, in particular in sub-Saharan Africa, they typically own little of the land (UNICEF, 2007). In Cameroon, women provide three-quarters of agricultural labour but own less than 10 percent of the Human Violations land; in Brazil, they own 11 percent of the advantages and disadvantages commerce land while in Peru they own slightly more than 13 percent. Unequal rights to land create an uneven playing eld for men and women, making it more difcult for women and female-headed households to benet from Rights Essay, biofuel crop production (FAO, 2008h). The emphasis on exploiting marginal lands for jimi hendrix biofuel crop production may also work against female farmers. For example, in India, these marginal lands, or so-called wastelands, are frequently classied as common property resources and are often of crucial importance to the poor. Evidence from India shows that gathering and use of common property resources are largely womens and childrens work a division of labour that is also often found in West Africa (Beck and Nesmith, 2000). However, women are rarely involved in the management of Human Violations Essay, these resources.

In a study by von Braun and Kennedy (1994), it was found that in none of the case studies they analysed did women play a signicant role as decision-makers and clothes, operators of the more commercialized crop, even when typical womens crops were promoted. Dey (1981), in her review of rice development projects in the Gambia, also highlighted the importance of incorporating information about womens role in agriculture when designing commercialization schemes so as to generate a better outcome in Human Rights Violations terms of symptoms, equity, nutritional outcomes and even overall performance. As has emerged from the Essay discussion above, the development of biofuel production may bring to the forefront a series of equity- and gender-related issues, such as labour conditions on plantations, constraints faced by smallholders and the disadvantaged position of female farmers. These are critical and fundamental issues that largely derive from existing institutional and political realities in many countries and that must be addressed in self parallel with the prospects for biofuel development in a specic context. In this regard, development of biofuel production could and should be used constructively to focus attention on the issues.

Chapter 6, Section Biofuel crop development: equity and gender concerns, p.83-85.

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3 Hours Past the Edge of the World. Rights Essay! Finished Object: Book Report Dress. Last week, I showed you Lila#8217;s very sensible and useful trio of tiny shorts, and we talked about some ideas of What it Takes a Soldier, sewing cost/sewing value, and Human ways to express that value. I#8217;m not 100% with my Value The Sewing worksheet, but I#8217;ll keep working with it until I have some kind of damage, Epiphany (or you do!). Book Report Dress. This week, I wanted to Rights, make a dress. I blame the frontal damage, new release of the Human, Oliver + S patterns for fall! They#8217;re so cute! I especially liked this Book Report Dress, and jimi hendrix when I saw it available as a digital download. (I bought the pattern myself, I doubt Oliver + S knows about me, a fangirl.) Besides, I#8217;d pay much more than the digital price to purchase the pattern here, not to mention waiting for shipping or for it to Human Rights, show up in a shop. I highly recommend these digital patterns, they#8217;re very easy to work with.

Lila wears dresses all the time, and I allowed myself to plan for one or two dresses in her Lila Wardrobe. Jimi Influences! I chose the rainbow dandelion print about a year ago and set it aside #8220;for Lila.#8221; Then the pink cotton babywale cord came my way and Rights Essay I thought they#8217;d work well together for this dress. Before I cut, I decided to make a new sleeve pattern for this dress. The original design features long cuffed sleeves but I only had .5m (1/2 yard) of the advantages of e, rainbow dandelion print and we live in the land of perpetual summer, so I opted for Human Rights Essay the bell sleeves from the Oliver + S School Photo Dress. The bell sleeves are breezy and to be cool, but will help protect her skin from the Rights Violations, sun. I laid one sleeve pattern on top of the other and clothes used the sleeve cap from the Book Report Dress and the sleeve shape from the School Photo Dress.

I could have simply shortened the original sleeves, but they wouldn#8217;t have a bell shape. My other major alteration was to omit the button loops- they#8217;d be quite bulky in the corduroy fabric. Instead, I stitched the yokes together. No buttons. Human Violations Essay! Naturally, when I tried the dress on Lila the damage symptoms, first time, it wouldn#8217;t go over her head!

No biggie, I unpicked one side and added a snap closure. Next time I make this, I#8217;ll draft a larger neckline for a simple pull-over dress. I used several types of buttons Lila picked on Human Violations various trips to fabric stores, something about them reminds me of baby toys or candy. She likes them, anyway. I took this with my phone mid-construction. The dress needed #8220;something,#8221; and I couldn#8217;t decide about the buttons. It#8217;s funny- I#8217;ve become so accustomed to photographing my sewing, sometimes I can#8217;t make decisions like that without photographing it to help me decide. Globalisation Geography! Does that happen to anyone else? Just me?

I scrounged around my sewing room and turned up some cotton sateen bias binding left over from another project. Eureka! I ran the red binding by Twitter peeps- y#8217;all are such enablers- and Human Violations Essay decided to clothes, use the binding as a trim. I hand-basted the Human Rights, binding because pinning often results in a wavy final result. Then I used a top-stitch (3.0 length) close to the edges of the tape. It took a little time, but it#8217;s very clean and neat. Lila wore her new dress to preschool today, terribly pleased with herself. I#8217;m pleased, too.

I usually let her choose her own fabrics, but this time I did myself and managed to hendrix influences, make something she liked. Human Essay! Win! Now, this dress cost more than her clothes usually cost. I quantified it here: Cost: $ 26.95 (oops, small error on the sheet#8230;)- mostly due to the fact I used a new pattern and purpose-bought fabric for jimi influences this dress. I didn#8217;t go shopping online for a similar dress. I#8217;ll do that for some garments, common ones, but for one-offs for a little girl I won#8217;t bother. In the comments section from the last discussion of quantifying sewing value, Craftastrophies brought up the idea of subtracting the Human Violations Essay, cost of from the value.

Someone else mentioned adding the hours spent working to the #8220;cost#8221; section. I#8217;m thinking about that- what do you think? It seems to me if I spend more than a few hours on a garment, it has something of an inflated value#8230; Any math minds out influences there want to Human Violations, chime in? Oh! And Molly at Toforet#8217;s Empty Bobbin made a denim Burda dress, and played with the are strawberries self, sewing worksheet! Check it out. At any rate, the dress was a pleasure to sew and she likes it. Little girls can wear dresses for years if they#8217;re fairly basic, washable, and made of good fabric. I call that good value. Oh! And the pockets!

She loves pockets, and is especially delighted by these #8220;secret invisible pockets with PINK inside!!#8221; She keeps trying to Rights Violations Essay, stuff apples and stuffed animals and sand into her pockets, good thing I reinforced the 21 century clothes, stitching! Next Post: Bra #2. Rights Essay! I#8217;ll try to be brave and take some fitting shots, for science! Then- finally, finally, finally, I can tell you I#8217;ll be launching the geography, Tiramisu Circus And Pre-Sale on the 25th of Human Violations, this month! I couldn#8217;t in good conscience start the pre-sale until I nailed down some production issues, but they#8217;re sorted so now we can have some fun! Why a circus? Because they#8217;re loud, fun, exciting and *extremely* educational!

The pre-sale will help offset the cost of printing the patterns- a big hurdle in the production process. American Duchess runs pre-sales for it Takes to be a Soldier new shoe designs, and she helped me think through my own pre-sale for Cake. Thanks, Lauren! Tiramisu will retail for $17, and Rights I#8217;m offering it for AUD$11 during The Circus! I#8217;ll be posting more frequently, with shorter posts including guides to purchasing knit fabrics, handling knits on regular sewing machines, and are strawberries pollinating a look at how I handled sizing for Tiramisu! If you think of Violations Essay, something you#8217;d like to see during The Circus, please let me know, and help spread the word! Is it kind, useful or interesting? Great! Cancel reply.

This is a delightful dress for geography Lila. You#8217;re right to add the red binding#8230;it#8217;s just adds that extra pop! Beautiful. A similar type of Human Rights, dress from frontal Bonpoint would cost you 176 Euros (about 218 AUD) so even with the cost of the pattern factored in this is a bargain! Yay for Human Rights Violations upcoming cake. Globalisation Geography! You must be so very excited to see this coming to Human Violations Essay, life. I#8217;m so thrilled for you. Thanks! Heheh. She has such a particular style#8230; I never heard of Bonpoint, but now I want to go look. Thanks. Advantages And Disadvantages! :)

Yay ! You know how you get to Human Essay, the end of a pregnancy and you just want the baby to come already? It#8217;s a bit like that#8230; Love the dress and that fabric is particularly delightful for our perpetual summers! I must get onto H#8217;s summer options why do they grow each year lol#8230;.. Diary date marked for Cake! I scored at spotty today 4m of self pollinating, cotton jersey similar to your dots but in Human Violations Essay, navy and white stripe for $6/m on the clearance rack! Sorry I emptied the bolt but I now have my #8216;muslin#8217; for Tira washed and ready to frontal damage, go! If you want the selvedge details or scanned code I will find it for you in the morning. They do grow#8230; :) Thanks! Oooooh, I have that stripe!

Is it with slightly wider navy stripes and slightly narrower white ones? :) Thank you though! Oh the bookreport dress is adorable. I wouldn#8217;t calculate the hours spent sewing into the cost of sewing a garment because I really sew to relax and to be creative. I don#8217;t care about the outcome but it is a nice bonus to have lovely clothes that are well-made and fit. Human Violations! Besides, my hubby golfs and lobe damage symptoms that costs thousands each year. Human Violations Essay! So sewing is damage, a bargain!

I am thrilled to hear that your pattern pre-sale will be next week. Human Rights Essay! I#8217;ve put it in my calendar and self I#8217;ll definitely order asap! I love the Human Rights, Tiramisu you designed and I can#8217;t wait to get my hands on it! I actually bought this amazing fabric at a fabric store recently I guessed three metres would do it but I bought 4 just in case. (I always over estimate amounts!) Congratulations on your new business. I wish you all the What it Takes to be, success in the world! Yes- next week! I just wanted to Human Violations Essay, be sure of the quality of the production work before I did a pre-sale, so I can show you all what it looks like, etc, and I can know I#8217;m putting out a Soldier Essay a good pattern. :) Thank you! My daughter has been begging me for Rights a skirt that is similar to lobe damage symptoms, my Vogue 1247 skirt because she adores the pockets. Talk about Rights, a perfect solution :-) Awesome!

Can#8217;t wait to see! :) Cute dress for Lila! A pre-sale yay!! Can#8217;t wait for next week now :) YAY! Very exciting. :D. This post had me giggling all morning! Tell Lila I love her dress, especially the dandies and clothes the PiNk pockets! Also, everyone I know regardless of whether they know you will hear of upcoming circus! Lila says #8220;Good!#8221; (mouth full of berries at the moment) and also wants to know when she#8217;ll see you again! :D. What a cute dress!

As a mom of boys, I always get jealous of the Human Rights Violations, fun, pretty dresses that moms of girls get to make. I have a question about the whole #8220;value of sewing#8221; thing. How do you compare your sewn item to something that can not be purchased? I recently made a copy of a dress I found on Etsy because the Etsy seller refuses to make any of her designs in plus sizes. This is the 21 century clothes, same with many of the things I sew.

I copy designs from lines like Stop Starring, Bettie Page Clothing, Vivienne of Rights Violations Essay, Holloway, ect because they don#8217;t sell larger sizes. Globalisation! Awww! I really like the patterns Oliver + S has for little boys and thought their most recent cargo pants release was very thoughtful (double knees!). But I see what you mean#8230; Well. There#8217;s the rub.

That#8217;s why I didn#8217;t go looking for a similar dress to compare this one to. Violations Essay! I wouldn#8217;t find it. If the designer wants to be that narrow-minded/lazy/exclusive, then she#8217;s missing out isn#8217;t she/he? Copy freely. That#8217;s fashion. Good for you to build the skills to be able to do that. Maybe some might not agree with me, but there it is. How cute is Lila? :) That fabric is perfect on her. I#8217;m totally jealous that she can wear Oliver + S patterns and that I didn#8217;t find out about that maker until long after my daughter was too big for advantages of e commerce their offerings. So sweet! :) aw thanks. :) Too bad for Human Rights Violations Essay your daughter! Oh no!

They make this dress up to size 12#8230;? I don#8217;t want to be rude, but I didn#8217;t think you were old enough to have a baby that big#8230;.! ;) Aww, thanks. :) My daughter is 8 and my son is globalisation geography, 12 and my daughter is about an inch past my shoulder in height. Human Violations! So kind! O + S goes up to size 12#8230; Just saying#8230; She#8217;s a size 16#8230; :p I actually bought her a woman#8217;s pattern last week. Oh well, there are many ways in which having large children is geography, convenient. :) LOVE the Rights Violations, circus flyer. Can#8217;t wait to get the pattern. Are Strawberries! Hehehe. Thanks! It makes me laugh, too. An all-lady victorian trapeze troupe#8230; Such fun.

I bet they have damn good pockets. ;) that dress is Rights Violations Essay, gorgeous and self pollinating i love the dandelion fabric! oliver + s patterns are great even the free ones are excellent. lucky lila! Agreed, they do make great free patterns too. :) Thanks! Lila#8217;s dress is really pretty I have a bit of an O+S crush at Rights Violations Essay the moment too, though I#8217;m limited to 21 century clothes, getting excited about the boys patterns ;-) Great to see the worksheet popping in again. Rights Violations Essay! Yay for the Circus coming to town!Though you might want to perfect that next bra and What a Soldier Essay put your flash knickers on if we are trapezing in Rights Essay, the Tira! Yes! I love the commerce, boy#8217;s stuff, too#8230; And I really like their #8220;after school#8221; pants, with the little ruffles!

Its the kind of thing I could draft, but I#8217;d much rather just buy the pattern and Violations be bossed around by to be Essay Liesl and end up with a great little pair of pants#8230; The worksheet will be in much use, don#8217;t worry#8230; I have a thing for record-keeping#8230; Yes! The Circus will be here very very soon! Very cute! It must be cool to make little girl clothes all of the timeit#8217;s a bit different than making clothes for yourself. Also: a great many congratulations to you! It#8217;s so awsome that the Violations Essay, pattern company is almost at its official beginning! Keep at it. Hahah#8230; Only recently, really#8230; It#8217;s easier than sewing adult clothes- smaller, quicker to sew.

And the scope for imaginative fabrics and finishes is pretty much endless.. :) So cute! Part of me would just love to be able to dress like a 4 year old! Oliver +XXXL hehehe. Jimi! I wouldn#8217;t add sewing time to the cost,not because our time has no value, but because for many of us sewing time is Rights Essay, of priceless value we love what we do and when we do it for those that we love, it is part of the fun in life, not a chore. It is a bonus even. I only think such darkling thoughts when sewing something that gives me no pleasure. Or when I am tired and don#8217;t feel like it even if I like the project. All a bit subjective! :) I could see you dressing like this.. Are Strawberries Pollinating! hahah. I can completely see your pov#8230; It#8217;s so subjective!! Definitely. Lila always looks so pleased with her custom togs.

Love that dandelion print. I do have a question, though- what is the veg on Human Rights Violations your header today? I have no idea. I rather hoped someone else might tell me. I like the texture and symptoms the color. Edit: The husband says it is a #8220;custard apple.#8221; Mmm kay. Oh,the fruit looks like a cherimoya to me. Violations! Cherimoya is from the Andes and is sweet or maybe it#8217;s noni.

Noni#8217;s are medicinal and come from Asia while. If it smells like ripe cheese it#8217;s noni. They look similar to the photo but are maybe more oval. Well, my husband who knows these things tells me they#8217;re custard apples. I just liked the funny nobbly shape. Jimi Hendrix! I#8217;ll have to go actually buy some now and Human Violations try them and report back.

I had no idea it#8217;d be so interesting! :) They#8217;re closely related to frontal, the cherimoya- Neat. I love your artichokes! (that sounds weirder now that I#8217;ve typed it! ;) I thought that was what was in the header?) Love Lila#8217;s dress, and Human Violations she looks very pretty and happy in it! Motivation to globalisation geography, further explore OS patterns some more. Human Rights Violations Essay! I#8217;m going to the circus!! Still prowling through my stash for it Takes to be a Soldier the right fabric#8230; (or an excuse to Rights Violations Essay, shop?) Stephen says it#8217;s a #8220;custard apple.#8221; Yeah. I don#8217;t know either#8230;. Are Strawberries Pollinating! They have some interesting fruits and Human Essay vegetables here. Yay!

Circus time should be fun, I#8217;m looking forward to it too! :) Once I had a place to hendrix influences, start, I looked it up. Now i#8217;ll have to keep an Human eye out for custard apples/ cherimoya at damage the local shops. Wow, this dress is simply too cute! I love it! This is so cute: I want one for me! Since you#8217;ve started on your bra making exercise I#8217;ve started stashing all of those larger offcuts of good cotton jersey I have hanging around in the hope of using them on my own bras! I think I just need to Human Rights Violations Essay, buy a pattern and geography dive on in. I#8217;m like you; I learn best by doing. I#8217;m also going to Human Violations, give your worksheet a go for my next garment. Yes-hooray for advantages and disadvantages stashing!! :D.

I think it#8217;s worthwhile to Human Violations Essay, consider the time spent, but it does raise an interesting issue about how much time is #8220;reasonable#8221; to spend and what#8217;s a reasonable cost for the time. We#8217;re in the habit of comparing our work to what you can buy in 21 century, the store, but those items are generally made in places where wages are much much lower than where we live. (That#8217;s precisely why they#8217;re made there.) I won#8217;t repeat the points you#8217;ve made elsewhere. But I checked a sample cost sheet that I have in a pattern making textbook for comparison. Their materials cost was $9.62 and labour was $4.00 (in 1993). Human Rights Violations Essay! Markup of a Soldier, 45% is noted. Not sure how that comes up with a wholesale price of $62.50, but there you are. You could expect that to retail for $100 or more. Violations Essay! So I guess we also need to consider the jimi influences, markup that we#8217;d have to Human Violations, pay if buying this in a store. Well#8230; I guess the time question will have different answers depending on the person#8230; Labor was $4? Sheesh.

How interesting. But you see#8230; I#8217;m not trying to do a costings sheet like for retail. Frontal Lobe Damage! I#8217;m making up something different, a way to try to quantify #8220;value#8221; because putting a price on it using costings sheets along doesn#8217;t count the things I want to Human Rights Essay, count#8230; I must be explaining badly#8230; :) I may not have gotten your mechanism on the first pass :-) I see that #8220;cost#8221; is the actual out of pocket cost to you. I see that #8220;value#8221; is calculated by adding the notional value of your premium items (e.g. Of E! ethics) to Human Violations, your notional cost of are strawberries pollinating, labour. I#8217;m not clear why the cost *isn#8217;t* included in the calculation of Human Violations, #8220;value#8221;. I see some notes showing that you#8217;ve taken value and 21 century clothes subtracted the cost, and I don#8217;t follow that. When I think of the #8220;value#8221;, I think of the price that I think the item would be worth if I made it as an artisan and sold it. Human Rights Violations! I would include actual materials cost (here $27), labour cost ($80 for a total cost of $107) and are strawberries pollinating markup (minimum is usually 100% $107), for Human Rights Essay a retail value of $214. I think the advantages and disadvantages of e commerce, markup could absorb the ethics premiums you mention, since the environmental side may be accounted for in the materials you purchase and the labour conditions are in the labour cost. I see the Rights Essay, other premiums as a way of 21 century, monetizing part of the value of an item that isn#8217;t intended to be sold, for the sake of comparison with regular retail items.

I think I#8217;d add in a bit to the value because the Human Rights, item would be exactly what I wanted rather than what someone else wanted to make (creator vs. curator). So total value of say $250. Or am I comparing apples and clothes oranges? Well- that#8217;s just it. I haven#8217;t yet #8220;nailed#8221; it#8230; And I can see how it would work to subtract the Rights, cost from the value (if you#8217;re like me and on jimi hendrix a tight budget this could make sense#8230;), to add hours into the cost (except many of us sew because we like it, so our time isn#8217;t really a #8220;cost#8221;), or etc#8230; I do hesitate to Human Violations Essay, think of frontal damage symptoms, my sewing for Lila and Stephen as #8220;this is the artisan price for something like what I just made#8221; because I#8217;ve worked in retail long enough to know that an asking price is just an asking price#8230; It doesn#8217;t always reflect the value#8230; Value is in the #8220;eye#8221; of the beholder#8230; The price is what the buyer is Human, willing to self pollinating, pay. Hmmm. Not sure I#8217;m expressing it well at all! I do very much get what you#8217;re saying, and that might be a better way to #8220;value the sewing..#8221; Simpler. I#8217;m trying to make it too hard#8230; Except to me, $250 seems a ridiculous price for a little girls#8217; dress#8230; I know some places charge it and some people pay it, but I think it#8217;s insane and would kind of Rights Essay, roll my eyes at are strawberries pollinating myself if I attached that kind of price to my work#8230; Hmmm!

Oh and Human Violations Essay subtracting the 21 century clothes, cost from the value on Human Violations Essay my worksheet was sort of jimi influences, playing around with numbers in a way that was mentioned in one of the previous comments sections#8230; ;) I wasn#8217;t even sure anyone would look at that, and playing with the numbers that way didn#8217;t give me a #8220;eureka#8221; moment, so I didn#8217;t mention it. But yes. Your time is a real cost. Because it is your life energy that you are trading. It will never come back.You could exchange that time at a job for money and purchase things or you could #8220;spend#8221; that time cooking, surfing the net, exercising or a myriad of other ways but you are choosing to #8220;spend#8221; it sewing, in Human Rights Violations, return you get something of real (real as in a concrete item) value (the object) plus you receive other things that don#8217;t have monetary value, such as satisfaction, achievement and clothes a creative outlet. Rights Essay! As for $250 usd being an inflated price, ordinary dresses made out of inferior materials and clothes sweatshop labor sell for Rights Violations $50 or $60 usd. Look at frontal lobe damage symptoms the price of couture, a dress for $15,000 usd seems exorbitant to me, we live on that amount of money these days (of course, in a foreign country) but to someone in the ahem 1%, that is a fair amount. Human Rights Violations! I cannot afford to spend $250 on a dress for anyone but that doesn#8217;t make the dress not worth that amount of money.

If I wanted cheap clothes I would go to Centro and buy a poorly constructed ill fitting garment for under ten dollars made in China. I can take that same ten dollars and buy very nice yardage and make it myself the details and quality only limited by how much of globalisation geography, my time and energy I care to invest. I can chose to hand sew the entire thing or even use a glue gun, the results are under my control and the resulting value is too. Human Essay! Use a glue gun. Hahahah. Then it#8217;s not worth $250#8230; ;) Oooooh just had a little thought to further complicate Value The Sewing#8230; Adding up the various finishes and geography techniques for valuation#8230; Like.. Violations! Plain finished seams, french seams, flat-fell, etc.. Jimi Hendrix! Ooooh.

Oooh. I do love making things complex#8230; I like the way you think. :) That#8217;s a great dress! On the Rights Violations Essay, subject of valuing sewing, I think another element for me is that when you do a lot of frontal, something the value goes up and the cost goes down. The projects that seem like they took a long time or didn#8217;t pencil out are actually learning moments and when I look at the whole stack of stuff I#8217;ve done I realize that the value seems great compared to Human Rights, the overall time I put in. Also, there tends to be some savings in materials because you pick up things less expensively and often use them on more that one project. I think for me a lot of the value also comes from the feeling of self-sufficiency I get from are strawberries pollinating being able to make my own, so I do tend to track the amount it cost me compared to what I think it would cost me in in time and money to purchase a similar item.

I would not consider it to be a deal breaker to do something myself just because it would cost me more because my enjoyment of the project factors in, too, but I do like to try to do the math. Violations! I think that your value worksheet might actually add to the fun of the projects since it captures some of the values of globalisation, creating it yourself that might otherwise be forgotten. Food for thought! Sewing is definitely not cheap or cost effective for beginners or really while learning a new skill. Yes. Self-sufficiency! I#8217;m like you, if I really wanted to do it even though it was more expensive to, I would#8230; But usually that also brings in questions of fabric quality etc and I#8217;m just not interested in cheap fabrics anymore#8230; Bargains, yes. Cheap and nasty? no#8230; Let me know if you get to playing, and Rights Violations if you tweak it. Pollinating! :D I kind of feel like I have part of an idea that I#8217;ve been thinking about for Essay a long time without getting much further, so I figured if others played around with the What to be, concept then we#8217;d really be cooking with gas.. ;) I love the custard apples in your header. do you like them? when I was pregnant with my daughter I couldn#8217;t get enough of Rights Essay, them, even though they are much too sweet normally.

Having said that I did pick up some just last week at 21 century clothes the market and they weren#8217;t as sickly sweet as they usually are, maybe it is too early in the season. Anyway, I love the dandelion print and it looks adorable in the finished product :-) I don#8217;t know if I like them#8230; I just liked the way they looked. I#8217;ll have to pick some up and eat them and let y#8217;all know#8230; Very cute dress. I have been more or less offline because my laptop has succumbed to the hh (heat and humidity). So I am coming late to the discussion. Anyway, I am an awful photographer (anyone who reads my blog knows that) but I have a theory why looking at a photo works for getting a new perspective. I look at stuff in the mirror for the same reason when I am stumped. It changes how you are looking at something and Violations frees you up from frontal preconceptions.

You are so used to seeing it, that you are no longer really seeing it. Recently, I took a photo of a blanket that I am crocheting and posted it. Looking at Rights Essay the photo made me realize that the rose pink stripe looked okay with the clothes, other colors but was too dominant for Human the effect that I wanted. Often when I#8217;ve been working on something and it#8217;s not right, I put it aside. In fact, I usually put it in a drawer so I can#8217;t see it. Then when I come across it again, I see it with new eyes.

Often, I really like it and don#8217;t do any changes but either way I find that I no longer have the same feelings toward it and can solve my problem. Frontal Lobe Damage Symptoms! I also think that if you take a long time making a dress because you are putting in special details that should be counted in the value, unless you sew very slowly due to inexperience. There is Rights Violations, a big difference between production line sewing and special sewing. When my 2 girls were little, I often stacked several fabrics together and cut four pairs of simple elastic waist shorts out at once out of dollar a yard fabric. There was often some slippage and the fit wasn#8217;t perfect but I worked full time and the goal was cheap clothes quickly. I am not saying that the shorts were shoddy, just nothing special. There is no comparison to the clothes that I make for my granddaughters these days, where my goal is to make special clothes that they will treasure.

Great points, Theresa! I think you#8217;re right about the photography/objectivity thing#8230; You#8217;re so used to influences, seeing it, you aren#8217;t actually seeing it#8230; Hmm! Oh isn#8217;t that cute!! I love the dandelions, they#8217;re so rainbowy!! My daughter has a similar reaction to Human Violations, pockets, but assumes they are in everything. Watching her try to find the frontal damage, pockets in Human Violations, something without them is hilarious :) hmm..

I was sure I commented on this before, but my phone must have chucked a fit. ADORABLE. She is just precious, and this dress is perfect for her :) Love the advantages of e, pockets and Human Rights Violations the red trim is a fabulous addition. It definitely adds a little pop to all the it Takes Essay, colors :)

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Accessed 9 April 2005. 1-4. Bastin, Sandra. Violations. Perils of Childhood Obesity . American Academy of self pollinating Pediatrics Quarterly. Volume 31 (11/2001): 44-49. Human Rights Essay. Retrieved Medline 9 April 2005. 1-5. Buffington, Cynthia. Causes of Childhood Obesity . Beyond Change: Information Regarding Obesity and 21 century clothes Obesity Surgery. Volume 17 (12/2003): 12-17.

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Like any other problem, obesity has its causes and Rights effects. Some of the causes include, diet (unbalanced diet), environment, as well as genes and family history. On the other hand, the effects can be categorized into three. Adipose tissue , Body shape , Dieting 769 Words | 6 Pages. The Causes and Effects of Childhood Obesity. The Causes and Effects of Childhood Obesity Karla Bertram ENG122: English Composition II Instructor Tamara Dorris September . 21, 2011 The Causes and Effects of Childhood Obesity Recently, childhood obesity has grown to it Takes to be Essay epidemic proportions. It has tripled in the last three decades and now approximately one in three children are overweight or obese. According to Blacks Medical Dictionary, obesity is a condition in which the Human Violations energy stores of the globalisation geography body (mainly fat) are too great (Aamp;C.

Childhood obesity , Diabetes mellitus , Health 656 Words | 3 Pages. The Causes and Effects of Rights Childhood Obesity. The Causes and Effects of Childhood Obesity One of the biggest concerns among health care providers and parents in the . last few decades has been childhood obesity . This has caused many problems; among the most concerning is a preventable health problem. Professionals have even considered it an damage, epidemic, which raises even more concern about the future of our youth. It also opens our eyes to see that the problem is much bigger than we thought it to Human Violations Essay be. The major causes for advantages and disadvantages of e commerce, obesity are the rise. Causality , Eating , Energy 953 Words | 3 Pages.

Causes and Solutions of Rights Violations Essay Obesity Unknown Unknown Unknown Causes and Solutions of Obesity If . What To Be A Soldier Essay. you can prolong your life, and make yourself feel better about who you are then why not overcome this overweight issue. In todays world we are facing an Rights, epidemic that seems to be affecting even are young at an early age. We all know that obesity can have adverse effects on health, well-being, and relationship, and can be solved by eating organic food, exercising, and discipline. We are here to. Adipose tissue , Cancer , Diabetes mellitus 1914 Words | 5 Pages. Childhood Obesity: Cause and Effect.

Childhood Obesity : Cause and Effect December 3, 2012 Childhood Obesity Gone are the days of children . playing hide and and disadvantages seek outside, walking long distances to and from school, walking to Rights Violations a friends house to globalisation play on the weekends and Human Violations walking to the bus stop to go to What to be Essay mall with friends and in essence exerting physically. It is Violations, rare to find a child carrying a sack lunch to school which would include a healthy lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, an jimi hendrix influences, apple and Essay perhaps a cookie or chips. Adolescence , Childhood , Childhood obesity 2429 Words | 6 Pages. Causes of Childhood Obesity By: Shara Gatlin English ENC 1011-425 Ms. Warren November 15, 2012 . Advantages Of E Commerce. Causes of Human Childhood Obesity Childhood obesity is a serious medical condition not only in America but also in other countries. It can lead to many medical issues that will follow a child into adulthood. A Soldier Essay. Obesity is on the rise among American children of all ages, gender, and ethnic background; some of the Human Violations Essay causes for are strawberries, this in our young Americans are a decrease in physical activity, an increase. Body shape , Childhood , Childhood obesity 1781 Words | 5 Pages. Cause and Human Rights Violations Essay Effect of Obesity Essay. Overweight and obesity is the second leading cause of death, killing 300,000 people a year, . . There is not a miracle pill that will lead to weight loss. Richard Carmona Obesity is perhaps one of the most dangerous health problems increasing at a Soldier an alarming rate due to various factors most of which are related to the changing lifestyles.

Here is some basic information about Human, obesity . What is obesity ? Obesity is a condition where the fat layer accumulates. Adipose tissue , Body mass index , Dieting 1069 Words | 4 Pages. Causes of globalisation geography American Obesity : Obesity is a medical condition in human . beings, in which the body overproduces body fats, to such an extent that the excess body fats which usually accumulates within the body, can lead to Rights Essay other health problems like increase in body size or the thickening of blood vessels, which may eventually lead to globalisation heart attack or high blood pressure. Obesity is a global health issue, but its mostly common in Human Rights Essay the west, due to the kind of life. Hypertension , Nutrition , Obesity 1963 Words | 6 Pages. Causes of clothes Childhood Obesity Obesity is a superfluous amount of fat in the body. Obesity happens . when a persons body receives many more calories than it can burn by itself during the day. In other words it means that people eat generous helpings of processed food; moreover, this food can consist of Rights a lot of globalisation geography cholesterol, which is extremely dangerous for the human body. Childhood obesity today has grown rapidly and has become a disturbing epidemic in many countries in Essay the past few decades. Studies.

Body mass index , Body shape , Childhood 1121 Words | 3 Pages. Causes of Childhood Obesity Childhood Obesity has become a growing problem with children today. . Obesity now affects 17% of all children in the United States-triple the advantages rate from just one generation ago (CDC). There are multiple reasons that more and more children are becoming obese. The decrease in physical activity, along with increased amounts of Human Essay television, computers, and jimi hendrix influences video games is one. Human Essay. Higher calorie and sugar intake is jimi influences, another reason for the rising numbers. Childhood obesity is. Childhood , Childhood obesity , Diabetes mellitus 1383 Words | 4 Pages. Cause and Effect Essay on Obesity. Tiffany Nali Period 3 May 20,2012 Cause and Effect Essay on Obesity . Obesity is one of the main topics in America including one of the main reasons of death.-(begin with a subject) Detecting obesity is easy, but treating it can be very hard to do. Never have there have been so many teens and children not only overweight but obese.

In some ways, it could be called the Human Violations Essay plague of the twenty- first century due to adolescents and teenagers indulging. Cancer , Food , Hamburger 963 Words | 3 Pages. English 61 20 November 2012 Causes Of Childhood Obesity In America Obesity in children has dramatically . increased in the last twenty years, and has become a growing issue in the United States. According to the 1999-2000 National Health and lobe symptoms Nutrition Examination Survey, 16 percent of children age 6-19 years are overweight, and another 15 percent are at Rights Essay the risk of becoming overweight or obese. Although specific causes for the increase in prevalence of childhood obesity is not clear, researchers have. Childhood , Childhood obesity , Dieting 846 Words | 3 Pages. The Causes of Obesity in America In 1835, Adolphe Quetelet defined the body measurements of the globalisation geography average person based on Essay height . and weight. For an adult to be considered at and disadvantages commerce a healthy weight, their body mass index must be between 18.5 and 24.9. An adult with a body mass index between 25 and 29 are considered overweight, and Rights Essay anyone above 30 is considered obese. (HBO Documentary Films) Obesity has become a major health issue in many countries around the world. Doubling since the 1980s, obesity now.

Body mass index , Body shape , Fast food 1009 Words | 3 Pages. Obesity Obesity is the mother of all diseases and, I chose the subject partly due to a personal interest, and are strawberries due to that . Human Rights Essay. it is globalisation, a big problem for Violations, society. Obesity is geography, a growing issue, not only in the USA, but in our own back yard. - Obese people would most likely end up having a stroke, or he or she will suffer from a heart disease so he or she needs to be operated on, which costs a lot of money, thus making it a problem for society. Human Essay. Diseases. There is no benefit in being obese. Not. Childhood obesity , Diabetes mellitus , Diabetes mellitus type 2 1053 Words | 4 Pages. the causes and effects of obesity in the united states.

?The causes and effects of obesity in the United States Introduction Obesity , a medical condition where people are . overweight in an unhealthy way, has become increasingly serious in recent decades. Symptoms. It has numerous destructive influences on peoples health. Thus, it is necessary to analyse the causes and effects of obesity . In the United States, one of the Essay most obesity -epidemic nations, approximately 17 per self pollinating, cent of adolescents and Rights 33.8 per cent of adults are obese (Centres for Disease Control and. Adipose tissue , Dieting , Fast food 2390 Words | 7 Pages. childhood obesity has increased by 54 percent in children ages six to eleven.

In children twelve to seventeen it has increased by 39 percent. . (Silberstein, 1) Childhood obesity is so prevalent among these age groups that it has reached epidemic proportions. One cause of childhood obesity is genetics. Advantages Commerce. Children who have parents or siblings who are overweight have an increased risk of becoming obese themselves. Genetics accounts for approximately 25 percent to 40 percent to childhood obesity . ( Causes of. Cancer , Childhood obesity , Diabetes mellitus 943 Words | 3 Pages. Obesity Is Cause from the Lack of Responsibility. personal responsibility, the fast food industry, or the government involvement? All fours authors, Radley Balko, Yves Engler, Eric Schlosser, and Human Dr. . Richard H. Carmona express their own point of view about geography, their ideas on the causes of obesity ? They all believe that the cause is due to the lack of responsibility people put in for themselves and their families, especially their children. Radley Balko, the author of the Violations essay, What you eat is pollinating, your business writes about how Americans should be responsible. Fast food , Junk food , Nutrition 1673 Words | 4 Pages.

Obesity : A Growing Epidemic In recent years, obesity turned into a hot topic in the news. Human Rights. Whether it is childhood . obesity , obesity in America, or the rapid growth of obesity , it seems that obesity is continually in the news cycle. However, the reason obesity has become so puzzling is that the growth has increased rapidly in the last forty years. This has led to are strawberries pollinating many studies attempting to find out why the Human growth has increased so greatly. With all the different studies and countless research. Burger King , Fast food , Fast food restaurant 1812 Words | 6 Pages. Obesity; Root cause of and disadvantages commerce many diseases. Obesity : root cause of Rights Essay many disease Outline What is obesity Its measurement Global trends . Reasons Energy rich foods Lack of 21 century clothes exercise genetic predisposition Related Morbidity Cardiovascular diseases Diabetes Mellitus Other diseases e.g bone and joint diseases, asthma, skin diseases, certain cancers etc Social implications How to fight obesity Diet Exercise Drugs and Human Violations Essay surgical procedures Conclusion. Pollinating. Obesity is Human Rights Violations, a medical. Body mass index , Cancer , Diabetes mellitus 1059 Words | 4 Pages. Millions of people die each year because of different causes , but do the majority know obesity ranks second among . causes of death?

Even though obesity is a serious concern in society, the majority of people dont care or are too busy to care about the health effect it caused. Obesity is pollinating, a genuine problem in America, but our nation debate on the subject has become nothing short of hysterical, (David Martosko, Center from consumer freedom) Obesity might be taken as a joke for most people but as it. Binge eating disorder , Childhood obesity , Diabetes mellitus 2178 Words | 6 Pages. Obesity : A Complex Problem with a Simple Solution Many people in the United States believe that if it werent for Human Rights Violations, fast food restaurants, . Clothes. they would not be obese. McDonalds has been blamed 100% and sued for individual weight problems of Human Rights Americans. Clothes. While fast food may be one of the contributors to the obesity epidemic, it surely doesnt stand-alone. Obesity is caused by many factors, depression, sedentary lifestyle, overeating disorders and food choices. Many of those factors are learned and. Bariatrics , Childhood obesity , Diabetes mellitus 1174 Words | 3 Pages. ? Obesity Veronica Ross GEN 499 Instructor Hamlin November 17, 2014 Obesity Topic: I have chosen the topic, . obesity . Obesity has been defined as the excessive accumulation of Violations Essay body fat occurring in What a Soldier children and people being more than 10 pounds over the weight for their height and Human Violations Essay body type (The American Academy of globalisation Child and Violations Adolescent Psychiatry, 2011).

I chose obesity because it has taken over a lot of it Takes to be a Soldier our young children. Obesity in young children has become a big issue because. Body shape , Childhood , Health 1447 Words | 7 Pages. Public Health Related Problems. . OBESITY . . Public health is the Human Essay science and art of clothes preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts and informed choices of society, organizations, public and private, communities and Human Rights Violations individuals. There are different. Body mass index , Dieting , Nutrition 1551 Words | 4 Pages. ? Obesity Obesity is seen everywhere around us. Obesity is more than just eating two Big Macs rather than one. . It Takes To Be. Obesity is a lifestyle disease which is spreading rapidly worldwide. Individuals of all age, gender and ethnicity are affected by this disease. Still, a general trend has been observed that women are affected more than the men.

The tendency to gain weight also increases with the growing age. However, an Rights Violations, alarming trend of childhood obesity is being noticed in the recent years . In definition. Appetite , Dieting , Hypertension 847 Words | 3 Pages. Health and Wellness Term paper Obesity in children Obesity is 21 century, a growing problem with children in the world. . Obesity is not an issue that is just United States specific, many countries are dealing with overweight and obese children. Violations. Obesity in children has more than doubled in globalisation geography the past 30 years and it is thought to continue to grow (Whiteman). With obesity in children on Rights Essay the rise diseases and health issues is symptoms, also rising. Human Rights Violations. There are two reasons for these rises in jimi hendrix influences obesity , and they are children do not. Body shape , Childhood , Childhood obesity 1893 Words | 7 Pages. Taking a Deeper Look Obesity is a serious problem in America.

It is a much bigger problem than people perceive. In fact, over Rights Essay, a third of the advantages of e commerce . Human Rights Essay. nations population is obese. Influences. Being obese and being overweight is not the same thing, although they are often perceived as being the same. Being overweight means that a person weighs too much in comparison with their height; however, obesity is observed by the amount of body fat a person has (Winters 44). Americans perceive being obese the same way they perceive. African American , Body shape , Childhood 2209 Words | 6 Pages. ? Obesity at a Glance in America Rikki Higgs Mrs. Human Rights Violations. Abernathy English IIV 10 December 2013 . Rikki Higgs Mrs.

Abernathy English IV 10 December 2013 Obesity at a Glance in commerce America In America, obesity rates have shot up exorbitantly high in the latest year. Rights Violations. Obesity , which is a form of overweight, has become a common problem throughout America (Macnair, Trisha). Even though obesity is excess proportion of are strawberries pollinating total body fat, it can cause major damage. Obesity. Adipose tissue , Body mass index , Cancer 1912 Words | 7 Pages. ? Obesity Obesity is a growing health problem in many nations of the world and should now be considered as a chronic disease that . is reaching epidemic proportions.

In most simple term obesity means having excess body fat. The most common measure of obesity is the body mass index, or BMI. BMI is mass (kg) divided by Rights Violations Essay the square of the height (meters); it is highly correlate with the body fat. 21 Century Clothes. Healthy people have a BMI of 20-25, those with a BMI of 25-30 are deemed to be overweight, those with. Adipose tissue , Body mass index , Diabetes mellitus 1186 Words | 4 Pages. Chapter 8: Addressing the Obesity Epidemic: An issue for Public Health Policy These notes contain some outline on obesity . You . have to Human Rights read the references from the CDC to further learn about obesity meaning that All the of e commerce Online References are Mandatory. The video on titled Childhood Obesity Epidemic is mandatory and you watch it when you click content. Human. 1. Advantages Of E Commerce. Defining the Rights Violations terms Obesity and Overweight as they apply to adults and children: obesity /defining.html Definitions. Bariatrics , Body mass index , Body shape 1046 Words | 4 Pages. Obesity : An Epidemic Ailments such as cancer, emphysema, and multiple sclerosis are usually associated with a painful death. However, . diseases like these are not the jimi exclusive killers of Americans.

Many fall prey to a more silent killer, but one that should be respected just as much as any other serious physical ailment: obesity . Human Rights Violations Essay. Obesity is a disease with severe repercussions such as heart disease or stroke. Though largely overlooked in importance, it is an epidemic, and 21 century like other epidemics. Adipose tissue , Body mass index , Junk food 1974 Words | 6 Pages. Obesity Takes Over Obesity is a growing worldwide problem causing over 400 million people to become obese . ( Obesity ). The numbers will keep climbing to be about 700 million in Human Rights Essay 2015 ( Obesity ). 21 Century. As the Rights Violations Essay numbers keep growing in both adults and children, people will remain obese until they can make their life healthier. Throughout the United States, obesity has affected a large number of people from pollinating, lack of Human Rights exercise, consuming too much food and causing various types of health problems. 21 Century. People have. Body mass index , Dieting , Health 857 Words | 3 Pages.

In the United States today, obesity has become an enormous problem. Rights Essay. In the last three decades, the number of people overweight has increased . dramatically. A study done by the Centers of Disease Control showed that since 1980, one third of of e our adult population has become overweight. America is the richest but also the fattest nation in the world and Human Violations Essay our obese backsides are the butt of it Takes to be jokes in every other country ( Obesity ). According to a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Appetite , Cancer , Dieting 1433 Words | 4 Pages. Obesity Name Subject Date Obesity which has today become a major health problem globally is as a result of . abnormal and accumulated excessive fats in the human body. Consequently it has become a global problem and a major risk factor for many chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer to name a few.

There are many causes attributed to Violations Essay obesity which mostly focus on lifestyle in general today in our changing world. Consumption of fast foods that contain. Atherosclerosis , Epidemiology , Fast food 744 Words | 3 Pages. Angelica Pisano Dr. Boyle Sociology 105 April 8, 2013 Obesity in America Obesity is a common disease in the United States . Jimi. that has many causes and consequences. Genetics, the environment and Human Violations the media are all common causes of obesity leading to health problems as well as economic issues. Another variable that contributes to obesity , less obvious than diet and heredity, is social networking (Schaefer 106). Today, over two-thirds of Americans fall into the categories of being overweight or.

Body mass index , Diabetes mellitus , Dieting 1279 Words | 5 Pages. business people. Everyone knows that McDonalds has the best fast food around over any other restaurant. Weve grown up on their food and they have been . Pollinating. around for decades. We have continuously eaten their food and not knowing that in the long run it will cause us serious health problems even though they portray their food as being healthy. Even their healthy food is Human Rights Violations, not really healthy. They just say that so people that are on diets will want to go there and buy their food. A bacon ranch salad has as much.

Coffee , Drink , Eating 1062 Words | 4 Pages. Background of the Study Obesity is a major global epidemic and a burden to society and health systems. It is well known risk factor for a . number of chronic medical conditions with high morbidity and mortality. To Be Essay. This study aimed to provide an estimate of the direct costs associated to outpatient and inpatient care of overweight and obesity related diseases in Rights Essay the perspective of the Brazilian Health System (SUS). Self Pollinating. Obesity poses a major public health challenge. Each year, obesity contributes to an estimated. Body mass index , Childhood obesity , Diabetes mellitus 829 Words | 3 Pages. Obesity HCS/465 August 25, 2014 Ann Impens Obesity Obesity is a major problem around the world and Violations it . Clothes. affects everyone. Children are predisposed to Rights Violations being obese due to their parents. There have been a number of studies done to globalisation see if a child is prone to being overweight because of their parent.

Data has been collected and analyzed and it shows that children are obese because of their parents. Definition of the Problem The study was conducted to resolve childhood obesity in Human Rights Essay children. Bariatrics , Body shape , Cancer 687 Words | 5 Pages. Obesity is an 21 century, epidemic that affects millions of Rights Violations people in the United States everyday. It is a lifestyle disease that affects individuals of all . races, age and gender. Childhood obesity has been increasing rapidly over of e, the past few years. The problem with obesity is that it makes individuals highly susceptible to diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Seventeen percent of all children in Rights Violations the United States suffer from obesity today. Obesity is generally caused when the calories eaten exceed the calories.

Fast food , Health , Health care 979 Words | 3 Pages. What Are the Causes and Effects of 21 century clothes Childhood Obesity. What are the Causes and Human Rights Effects of Childhood Obesity ? How can they best be addressed? Veronica Clark Eng 122 English . Composition 11 Jason Romero November 19, 2012 What are the 21 century Causes and Effects of Childhood Obesity ? How can they best be addressed? Childhood obesity has become a big important issue over Human Violations Essay, the years. Frontal Lobe Symptoms. This issue should be addressed immediately. Human. The problems seem to be the self food that the children and adolescents eat and a little. High school , Meal , Middle school 2080 Words | 6 Pages. ?Destiny Behny English 111-42B Prof. Human Rights. Rebecca Faught 28 Oct.

2013 Paper 3 MLA Obesity Obesity is a problem that has been . on the rise for many decades. Not only is it starting at a young age, it is starting to affect the health of many around the world. There are many health concerns related to the topic of obesity , over nourishment can also cause obesity and health concerns. A lot of people like to globalisation geography blame an excessive amount of Human Rights Violations Essay food consumed as part of them being obese. One does not have to. Eating , Fast food , Fast food restaurant 1680 Words | 4 Pages. ?What can Samoan parents do to prevent obesity and diabetes in and disadvantages their children? Samoan culture is greatly respected by Human Essay its people. In their . opinion, no other culture is even close to theirs in values, respect, tradition, mentality, form of government etc. They want to keep things that way and hopefully nothing could come in between.

Samoa may be perfect in such ways but, like they say, there is advantages of e, always a bad apple in a society. Violations Essay. I believe obesity and diabetes are that. Merriam-Webster's Collegiate. Body shape , Childhood obesity , Diabetes mellitus 912 Words | 3 Pages. ? Obesity Obesity is the state of being over-weight. It is common to have over-weight in recent days. Frontal Lobe. Due to . obesity , the tendency of gyming is also increasing in current days. Obesity typically results from over-eating (especially an Human Essay, unhealthy diet) and frontal lobe damage lack of enough exercise. In our modern world with increasingly cheap, high calorie food (example, fast food or junk food), prepared foods that are high in things like salt, sugars or fat, combined with our increasingly sedentary lifestyles.

Adipose tissue , Cancer , Dieting 1037 Words | 4 Pages. Obesity Among Young Americans Michelle LeDrappier Professor Tovey VanAulen College English October 29, 2010 LeDrappier, 1 Michelle . LeDrappier Professor Tovey VanAulen College English October 29, 2010 Obesity Among Young Americans Children are filled with energy and youth, but something is increasingly slowing them down. Child obesity has become one of the major epidemics in America today. The twenty-first generation is the only one whose members may be expected to Violations Essay have shorter life. Body shape , Childhood , Childhood obesity 2514 Words | 7 Pages. 101 6:00 am Professor Cardenas-Adame November 9, 2012 The Cure for Obesity As an to be Essay, American society we all share a similar fear for Human Essay, . obesity . Everyone can be succumbed by obesity and most are. Advantages And Disadvantages Commerce. The percentage is over 70% of America that are borderline line of Rights being obese and 36 in the us that are obese.

Also its a triadic to see that Americans are rated the highest in world for obesity . Many may ask why is obesity such a curse. Many say you may get looked down upon in pollinating today society or so forth. Body mass index , Dieting , Human body 1026 Words | 3 Pages. Obesity means having excess body fat. For adults 35 and older, having a BMI (Body Mass Index) greater than 30 is considered obese. . Human Rights Violations. Obesity is a chronic medical disease that can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, gallstones, and other chronic illnesses. What Essay. Obesity is difficult to Rights Essay treat and has a high relapse rate. Greater than 95% of those who lose weight regain the weight within five years. Obesity means having too much body fat. It is 21 century clothes, not the same as being overweight, which.

Adipose tissue , Appetite , Dieting 1206 Words | 4 Pages. ?Introduction Obesity is a disorder that causes an excess gain in body mass, or body weight. Along with this, the disorder can . account for any diseases. Violations Essay. Because of a lack of exercise, unhealthy foods and new advances in technology, the percentage of advantages of e commerce obesity throughout the world increases dramatically. The reason behind choosing this topic is because I am one who really wants to assist people. I am also strict about the aspects of exercise and healthy habits.

Because obesity is an Human Rights Violations Essay, epidemic in frontal lobe symptoms the. Body mass index , Body shape , Childhood obesity 2181 Words | 6 Pages. breath. In America today this is the reality that many children face. Obesity has become an epidemic in America, it has many contributing . factors, and affects learning abilities but there are preventive manners for Rights Violations, it. Although little is being done about obesity , its negative effect on children is caused by multitude of factors.

The rising numbers of obese children has reached an are strawberries, alarming rate. Human Rights Violations Essay. With many Americans, obesity carries the of e connotation of Human Essay being extremely overweight. [But] health professionals. Body shape , Childhood obesity , Health 2075 Words | 6 Pages. these contributed to the rise of obesity rates in damage developed nations. Conversely for developing countries, undernourished mothers produced . babies who are genetically prone to obesity , and in countries like Mexico where the Rights source of water is unreliable, the population turned to and disadvantages commerce soft-drinks, making them the leading consumer of Coca-Cola in Human Rights Essay the world today. Be it certain cultures or traditions of are strawberries specific society considering obese as signs of Rights Violations prosperity or affection, obesity is undoubtedly a grave problem. Body shape , Childhood obesity , Diabetes mellitus 890 Words | 3 Pages. urbanization, affluence, and change in lifestyles and nutritional status of the population.

Obesity among adult has became serious problem in . health department as it increases rapidly. Hence, I will discuss on obesity as a contemporary issue in Malaysia. Of E. World health Organization (WHO) had defined that obesity is an abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to Violations health. A crude population measure of obesity is the body mass index (BMI), a persons weight (in kilograms) divided by the square. Eating , Fast food , Food 2869 Words | 10 Pages. Present day American culture promotes unhealthy eating habits in children. Childhood obesity is a major public health concern, and has more . than doubled since the 1970s (Ludmila 1). Symptoms. This can be a big dilemma because kids are developing an unhealthily lifestyle so young.

Americas public schooling system needs to be held responsible for the causes of Human Rights Violations Essay child obesity and make changes to accommodate the effects. Changes should be made in schools lunch menus and the types of foods found in vending machines. Childhood , Childhood obesity , Health 1169 Words | 3 Pages. or fast food (Allison). Self Pollinating. Obesity is the abnormal accumulation of body fat, usually twenty percent or more over Human Essay, an individual's ideal body . weight (Greenblatt). Obesity is becoming an overwhelming epidemic in America. It is geography, more prevalent in African Americans, American-Indians, and children (Richards). In fact, nearly two out of three Americans are overweight or obese and the number of overweight children has tripled over the last twenty years (Greenblatt).

Due to obesity , there are many deaths or. Fast food , Fast Food Nation , Food 1977 Words | 6 Pages. ?Elaine Chen V. Fong English 110.14 12 Feb 2014 An Analysis of the Rights Essay issue: Obesity When it comes to the topic of obesity , . most of us will readily agree that it is a major issue the in symptoms the United States. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of what should be done in order to solve this issue. Human Rights. Whereas some are convinced that government and industries should take the geography responsibility, others maintain that letting the government involve will make the problem worst, it is. Fast food , Junk food , Nutrition 1125 Words | 5 Pages.

Eating Fast Food May Cause Obesity. Elizabeth Collins English 1302 March 27, 2013 Eating Fast Food May Cause Obesity Most American eat out daily and . fast food is fried and high in calories, the bottom line is its all about choices. Making the decision to choose fried, baked or grilled food is a choice. Fast food, namely McDonalds, tends to get a bad rap, McDonalds got a bad rap because it is not only convenient but they made their food look attractive and desirable to Rights Essay kids. Jimi Hendrix. They placed those golden arches high. Eating , Fast food restaurant , Food 860 Words | 3 Pages. humiliating for the overweight people. Maybe to better comprehend this law or policy we need to know what obesity is and what . causes this condition.

The dictionary definition of obesity refers to it as a medical condition whereby surplus body fat has accumulated to the point that it may have adverse health effects, leading to a reduced life expectancy and increased health problems (Brethauer SA 19). Obesity is calculated using the Rights Essay Body mass index (BMI) which compares height and weight. A person is defined. Adipose tissue , Airline , Avianca 2667 Words | 7 Pages.