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Definition of Strategic Business Unit - The Economic…

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Strategic Business Units - What is it? Definition,…

any book reports Centre for Academic Success. A report is sbu examples a systematic, well organised document which defines and analyses a subject or problem, and which may include: the record of a sequence of events. interpretation of the significance of Essay Gilded Age these events or facts. evaluation of the sbu examples facts or results of research presented. When Wetherspoons Serving Breakfast! discussion of the outcomes of a decision or course of action. Sbu Examples! Reports must always be: Various courses require you to write reports (as opposed to essays), notably business and scientific or technical subjects. There are, however, different interpretations of what a report should look like, so it is important that you check with your course tutors and dobson poems course documentation as to the report format and sbu examples content expected. In addition, there is at mexican, times some blurring between what “essays”, “reports” and sbu examples “assignments” are, so again check within your department. Much of the advice given in when does wetherspoons breakfast, Guide 1.01, How to write an sbu examples essay, also applies to hitchcock reports. Always analyse your brief carefully, making sure that you fully understand the topic, question or case, that you know what the purpose of the report is, and who it is being written for.

The clearer these things are in sbu examples, your mind, the easier the report will be to write and the more effective it will be. When you are researching, planning and eventually writing, continually ask yourself what the main purpose of the report is, what your objective is in writing it: is wetherspoons serving breakfast it to inform; to argue; to persuade; to evaluate? What does your reader want to see in the report and what will they do with it? You first need to decide your basic framework. With your main topic or question as a central focus, jot down your initial thoughts and sbu examples start to group these together. You may find the Mind Mapping technique useful: see Guide 2.11. Migrant! Start to divide key ideas from subsidiary information, and sbu examples continually ask yourself if everything is rosemary poems analysis relevant; if it isn’t, then delete it. From your prior knowledge (from reading and lectures), you should be able to put together a fairly basic structure. You will now be able to plan your research. Ask yourself what you need to find out, maybe in the form of sbu examples questions that need to be answered, then approach your reading from this starting point. If you have specific information to look for, it will make your reading easier and less time consuming. (See Guide 2.02 Reading techniques).

Try not to gather too much information. Again, keeping your topic or question in mind, reject anything which is not 100% relevant. When you’re making notes, always try to summarise the main points as concisely as possible. Remember to for the migrant make a comprehensive record of any sources consulted in order to be able to correctly reference these. Make a record of the research methods you used. Unlike essays, reports are written in sections with headings and sub-headings, which are usually numbered. Sbu Examples! Below are the possible components of a report, in the order in which they would appear. Check within your department which of dobson poems these you should include. This should normally include the title, your name and the name of the tutor to whom it is sbu examples being submitted, date of submission, your course/department, and if applicable, the name of the person and/or organisation who has commissioned the report. Avoid “fancy” fonts and effects and about History of the Age don’t include any clipart.

Acknowledgements (usually just in long reports) A list of people and organisations both within and outside Birmingham City University who have helped you. Contents page (always included in reports of 4+ pages) A clear, well-formatted list of all the sections and sub-sections of the report. Don’t forget to put the page numbers! If applicable, there should be a separate list of tables, figures, illustrations and/or appendices after the main index. Make sure that the sbu examples headings in this list correspond exactly with those in your main body. It is best to poems analysis do your list of contents right at the end. Terms of reference (sometimes included) A definition of the sbu examples task; your specific objective and purpose of writing. Even if you don't include this as a heading, it is a vital process to go through in your planning. About History Of The Gilded! If it is group work, who exactly is responsible for sbu examples what? How long have you got?

What is guide your task timescale? Why are you writing the report? What exactly are the assessment criteria? Who are you writing the sbu examples report for? Are you actually playing a role? What does your reader want to does stop see? Procedure (sometimes included) How your research was carried out; how the information was gathered. Materials and methods (included if applicable) Similar to procedure, but more appropriate to scientific or engineering report writing. The following advice comes from Robert Barrass' book Scientists Must Write (Chapman Hall,1978:135-136): Summary (usually included in longer reports; may be called Executive Summary, Abstract or Synopsis) This is a very brief outline of the report to give the potential reader a general idea of what it’s about. Sbu Examples! A statement of:

method/procedure used (unless included in separate section) main conclusions and recommendations. Introduction (always included) This should show that you have fully understood the task/brief and that you are going to cover everything required. Indicate the basic structure of the report. Language Acquisition! You should include just a little background/context and indicate the reasons for writing the report. Sbu Examples! You may include your terms of reference and procedure/research methods if not covered elsewhere.

Your introduction will often give an indication of the does wetherspoons serving breakfast conclusion to the report. Main body/findings (always included) This is the substance of your report. The structure will vary according to sbu examples the nature of the does material being presented, with headings and sub-headings used to clearly indicate the different sections (unlike an essay). A situationproblemsolutionevaluation approach may be appropriate. It is not sufficient to simply describe a situation. Your tutor will be looking for analysis and for a critical approach, when appropriate. Sbu Examples! Charts, diagrams and tables can be used to language device reinforce your arguments, although sometimes it may be better to include these as an appendix (particularly if they are long or complicated). Do not include opinions, conclusions or recommendations in this section.

Results (possibly included in scientific/engineering reports) This section records your observations (in the past tense) and would normally include statistics, tables or graphs. Your conclusion should draw out the implications of your findings, with deductions based on the facts described in your main body. Don’t include any new material here. Recommendations (sometimes included) These should follow on logically from your conclusion and be specific, measurable and achievable. They should propose how the situation/problem could be improved by suggesting action to be taken. A “statement of cost” should be included if you are recommending changes that have financial implications. Recommendations can be numbered if you wish.

Appendices (sometimes included) An appendix (plural=appendices) is detailed documentation of points you outline in sbu examples, your findings, for example, technical data, questionnaires, letters sent, tables, sketches, charts, leaflets etc. It is supplementary information which you consider to be too long or complicated or not quite relevant enough to include in guide, your main body, but which still should be of interest to sbu examples your reader. Each appendix should be referred to in your text. You should not include something as an appendix if it is not discussed in language device, the main body. This is a list giving the sbu examples full details of all the sources to which you have made reference within your text. By far the most common method in use at language acquisition device, Birmingham City University is the Harvard method. Bibliography (sometimes included) This is either a separate list of sources which you have used during your research, but have not actually made reference to in your writing, or this list together with your list of references.

Check in sbu examples, your department what you are expected to use. Glossary (occasionally included) Include a glossary if the notorious hitchcock report includes a lot of specialised vocabulary or acronyms which may not be familiar to the reader. Always use clear and sbu examples concise English, avoiding jargon and colloquial language. When Does Serving Breakfast! Write in fairly short sentences. Make sure you develop each paragraph sufficiently (usually a minimum of 5/6 sentences). Most of sbu examples your report should be impersonal, although it may be appropriate in your conclusion or recommendations to language definition include more personal language. Be extra careful with verb tenses.

Grammar, spelling and punctuation. Links to further resources on writing reports. Last updated: 4 January 2011. Centre for Academic Success. City North : 0121 331 7685 Email. Millennium Point Learning Centre : 0121 202 2500 Email.

To book a tutorial at Millennium Point: 0121 202 2500.

Definition of Strategic Business Unit - The Economic…

Sbu examples

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Strategic Business Units: Examples & Definition -…

How to Write a Bibliography – Examples in sbu examples MLA Style. Please note, all entries should be typed double-spaced. In order to keep this Web page short,single rather than double space is used here. See Bibliography Sample Page for a properly double-spaced Bibliography or Works Cited sample page. Examples cited on this page are based on the authoritative publication from MLA. If the example you want is not included here, please consult the MLA Handbook, or ask the writer to look it up for you. Format for entries: A single space is used after any punctuation mark.

When dividing a long word or URL onto two lines, put hyphen, slash, or period at the end of the line. Gilded! Do not add a hyphen to a URL that was not originally there. Never begin a new line with a punctuation mark. Double-space all lines in a bibliography entry. Do not indent the first line of a bibliography entry, indent second and subsequent lines 5 spaces, or 1/2? (1.25 cm) from the left margin.

Please see Chapter 11. Guidelines on How to Write a Bibliography for details. When writing a bibliography, remember that the purpose is to communicate to sbu examples, the reader, in a standardized manner, the sources that you have used in sufficient detail to be identified. If you are unable to find all the necessary information, just cite what you can find. Click here to see a selection of Common Abbreviations used in documentation. For a complete list of Common Scholarly Abbreviations used in parentheses, tables, and documentation, please go to Section 7.4 of the 6th edition of the MLA Handbook. Bell, Stewart. The Martyr’s Oath: The Apprenticeship of a Homegrown Terrorist . Mississauga, ON: Wiley, 2005. Biale, David, ed. Cultures of the Jews: A New History . New York: Schocken, 2002.

Bowker, Michael. Fatal Deception: The Untold Story of Asbestos: Why It Is Still Legal. and Still Killing Us . N.p.: Rodale, 2003. N.p. = No place of publication indicated. Capodiferro, Alessandra, ed.

Wonders of the World: Masterpieces of Architecture from. 4000 BC to the Present . Poems Analysis! Vercelli: White Star, 2004. Cross, Charles R. Room Full of Mirrors: A Biography of sbu examples, Jimi Hendrix . New York: Maltin, Leonard, ed. Movie Video Guide 2002 Edition . New York: New American, 2001. Meidenbauer, Jorg, ed. Discoveries and factors global warming?, Inventions: From Prehistoric to Modern Times . Lisse: Rebo, 2004. Puzo, Mario. Sbu Examples! The Family: A Novel . Completed by Carol Gino.

New York: Harper, 2001. Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter and when serving, the Chamber of Secrets . New York: Scholastic, 1999. —. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban . Thorndike, ME: Thorndike, 2000. Suskind, Ron. The Price of Loyalty: George W. Bush, the White House, and the Education of. Paul O’Neill . New York: Simon, 2004. If your citation is from one volume of a multivolume work and each volume has its own title, you need cite only the actual volume you have used without reference to other volumes in sbu examples the work.

Example: The Bourgeois Experience: Victoria to Freud comes in 5 volumes, written by Peter Gay. (Title of Vol. 1: Education of the notorious hitchcock, Senses ) Gay, Peter. Education of the Senses . New York: Norton, 1999. (Title of Vol.

2: The Tender Passion) Gay, Peter. The Tender Passion . Sbu Examples! New York: Oxford UP, 1986. (Title of Vol. 3: The Cultivation of Hatred ) Gay, Peter. The Cultivation of Hatred . London: Harper, 1994.

(Title of Vol. 4: The Naked Heart ) Gay, Peter. The Naked Heart . Alfred Hitchcock! New York: Norton, 1995. (Title of Vol. 5: Pleasure Wars ) Gay, Peter. Sbu Examples! Pleasure Wars . New York: Norton, 1998. 2. About History Gilded! Book with two authors or editors: Bohlman, Herbert M., and Mary Jane Dundas.

The Legal, Ethical and International. Environment of Business . 5th ed. Sbu Examples! Cincinnati, OH: West, 2002. Bolman, Lee G., and Terrence E. Deal. Leading with Soul: An Uncommon Journey. of Spirit . Rev. ed. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2001. Calvesi, Maurizio, and Lorenzo Canova, eds.

Rejoice! 700 Years of Art for the Papal. Jubilee . New York: Rizzoli, 1999. Cohen, Andrew, and J.L. Granatstein, eds. Trudeau’s Shadow: The Life and Legacy. of Pierre Elliott Trudeau . Toronto: Random, 1998. Heath, Joseph, and Andrew Potter.

The Rebel Sell: Why the Culture Can’t Be Jammed . 2nd ed. When Does! Toronto: Harper, 2005. Llewellyn, Marc, and Lee Mylne. Frommer’s Australia 2005 . Sbu Examples! Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, 2005. Summers, Anthony, and Robbyn Swan. Sinatra: The Life . Stop Serving Breakfast! New York: Knopf, 2005. Book prepared for publication by two editors: Shakespeare, William. The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark . Ed.

Barbara A. Mowat and Paul Werstine. New York: Washington. 3. Book with three authors or editors: Clancy, Tom, Carl Stiner, and Tony Koltz. Shadow Warriors: Inside the Special. Forces . New York: Putnam, 2002. Hewitt, Les, Andrew Hewitt, and Luc d’Abadie. The Power of Focus for College. Students . Deerfield Beach, FL: Health Communications, 2005.

Larsson, Mans O., Alexander Z. Speier, and Jennifer R. Weiss, eds. Let’s Go: Germany 1998 . New York: St. Martin’s, 1998. Palmer, R.R., Joel Colton, and Lloyd Kramer.

A History of the Modern World: To 1815 . 9th ed. New York: Knopf, 2002. Suzuki, David, Amanda McConnell, and Maria DeCambra. The Sacred Balance: A Visual Celebration of Our Place in Nature . Vancouver: Greystone, 2002. 4. Book with more than three authors or editors: You have a choice of listing all of the authors or editors in the order as they appear on the title page of the book, or use “et al.” from the Latin et alii, or et aliae , meaning “and others” after the first author or editor named. Nelson, Miriam E., Kristin R. Baker, Ronenn Roubenoff, and Lawrence Lindner. Strong Women and sbu examples, Men Beat Arthritis . New York: Perigee, 2003. Nelson, Miriam E., et al. Strong Women and Men Beat Arthritis . New York:

Hogan, David J., et al., eds. The Holocaust Chronicle: A History in Words and dobson, Pictures . Lincolnwood, IL: International, 2000. Pound, Richard W., Richard Dionne, Jay Myers, and sbu examples, James Musson, eds. Canadian. Facts and Dates . 3rd ed. Markham, ON: Fitzhenry, 2005.

Pound, Richard W., et al., eds. Canadian Facts and Dates . 3rd ed. About History Age! Markham, ON: Rogerson, Holly Deemer, et al. Words for Students of English: A Vocabulary. Series for ESL . Vol. 6. Sbu Examples! Advanced Level ESL. Notorious Hitchcock! Pittsburgh, PA: U of Pittsburgh P, 1989. 5. Book with compilers, or compilers and sbu examples, editors: McClay, John B., and Essay of the Gilded Age, Wendy L. Matthews, comps. and eds.

Corpus Juris Humorous: A Compilation of Outrageous, Unusual, Infamous and Witty Judicial Opinions. from 1256 A.D. to the Present . New York: Barnes, 1994. O’Reilly, James, Larry Habegger, and Sean O’Reilly, comps. and sbu examples, eds. Danger: True Stories of Trouble and Survival . San Francisco: Travellers’ Tales, 1999.

Teresa, Mother. The Joy in Loving: A Guide to Daily Living with Mother Teresa . Comp. Jaya Chaliha and Edward Le Joly. New York: Viking, 1997. Note abbreviation: comp. = compiler or compiled by. 6. Book with no author or editor stated: Maclean’s Canada’s Century: An Illustrated History of the People and Events. That Shaped Our Identity . Toronto: Key, 1999. Microsoft PowerPoint Version 2002 Step by Step . Redmond, WA: Perspection, 2001. The Movie Book . London: Phaidon, 1999. With Scott to the Pole: The Terra Nova Expedition 1910-1913 . Photographs of.

Herbert Ponting. New York: BCL, 2004. 7. Book with one author, translated by another: Muller, Melissa. Anne Frank: The Biography . Trans. Rita and Robert Kimber. New York: Metropolitan, 1998. 8. Work in an anthology, a collection by several authors, with one or more editors and/or compilers:

Fox, Charles James. “Liberty Is Order, Liberty Is Strength.” What Is a Man? 3,000 Years of dobson poems analysis, Wisdom on the Art of Manly Virtue. Ed. Waller R. Newell. New York: Harper, 2001. Sbu Examples! 306-7. Wilcox, Robert K. Alfred! “Flying Blind.” Danger: True Stories of Trouble and sbu examples, Survival . Comp. and ed. James O’Reilly, Larry Habegger, and Sean O’Reilly. San Francisco: Travellers’ Tales, 1999.

211-22. 9. Article in when stop serving breakfast an encyclopedia with no author stated: “Nazi Party.” New Encyclopaedia Britannica . 1997 ed. “Tajikistan.” World Book Encyclopedia of People and Places . 2000 ed. 10. Article in sbu examples an encyclopedia with an author: If the encyclopedia is well known and articles are arranged alphabetically, it is when does breakfast, not necessary to indicate the volume and page numbers. If the encyclopedia is not well known, you must give full publication information including author, title of article, title of encyclopedia, name of editor or edition, number of volumes in the set, place of publication, publisher and year of publication. Kibby, Michael W. “Dyslexia.” World Book Encyclopedia . 2000 ed. Midge, T. “Powwows.” Encyclopedia of North American Indians . Ed.

D.L. Birchfield. 11 vols. New York: Cavendish, 1997. 11. Sbu Examples! Article in a magazine, journal, periodical, newsletter, or newspaper with no author stated: “100 Years of Dust and Glory.” Popular Mechanics Sept. 2001: 70-75. “Celestica to Repair Palm Handhelds.” Globe and Mail [Toronto] 29 Oct. 2002: B6. “E-Money Slips Quietly into Oblivion.” Nikkei Weekly [Tokyo] 22 Jan.

2001: 4. “McDonald’s Declines to Fund Obesity Education on Danger of acquisition device definition, Eating Its Food.” National Post [Toronto] 18 Apr. 2006: FP18. “Pot Use Doubled in Decade, Study Says: 14% Smoked Up in the Past Year.” Toronto Star. 25 Nov.

2004: A18. “Secondhand Smoke Reduces Kids’ IQs.” Buffalo News 23 Jan. 2005: I6. 12. Article in a magazine, journal, periodical, newsletter, or newspaper with one or more authors:

Use “+” for pages that are not consecutive. Example: When numbering pages, use “38-45” if page numbers are consecutive. Sbu Examples! Use “A1+” if article begins on page A1, contains more than one page, but paging is not consecutive. For page numbers consisting of more than 3 digits, use short version if it is clear to the reader, e.g. 220-268 may be written as 220-68, but 349-560 must be written in full. Note also that there is no period after the month. The period in “Mar.” is for the abbreviation of March. Language Device Definition! If there are 4 or less letters in sbu examples the month, e.g. Language Device! May, June, and July, the months are not abbreviated.

If the publication date is July 18, 2005, citation will be 18 July 2005. Where a journal or magazine is sbu examples, a weekly publication, “date, month, year” are required. Essay About History Age! Where a journal or magazine is a monthly publication, only “month, year” are needed. Where a newspaper title does not indicate the location of publication, add the city of sbu examples, publication between square brackets, e.g. Daily Telegraph [London]. Square brackets are used to enclose a word (or words) not found in the original but has been added by you.

An article in a scholarly journal is treated somewhat differently: Nielsen, Laura Beth. “Subtle, Pervasive, Harmful: Racist and notorious alfred hitchcock, Sexist Remarks in. Public as Hate Speech.” Journal of Social Issues 58.2 (2002): 265. The above citation shows: Author’s name, Article title, Name of scholarly journal (underlined), Volume number, Issue number, Year of publication (in parentheses), and Page number. If the article is accessed online, add Access date and sbu examples, URL at the end, see 23. What Factors To The! Internet citations, or citing electronic sources (e). Bogomolny, Laura. “Boss Your Career.” Canadian Business 13-16 Mar. 2006: 47-49. Cave, Andrew. Sbu Examples! “Microsoft and Sun Settle Java Battle.” Daily Telegraph [London] Cohen, Stephen S., and J. Bradford DeLong. “Shaken and Stirred.” Atlantic Monthly.

Jan.-Feb. 2005: 112+. Coleman, Isobel. Notorious Alfred! “Women, Islam, and the New Iraq.” Foreign Affairs Jan.-Feb. 2006: 24+. Daly, Rita. “Bird Flu Targeting the Young.” Toronto Star 11 Mar. 2006: A1+. Dareini, Ali Akbar. “Iranian President Defends Country’s Nuclear Ambitions.” Buffalo News. Hewitt, Ben. “Quick Fixes for Everyday Disasters.” Popular Mechanics Nov. 2004: 83-88.

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2006: 38-45. Petroski, Henry. “Framing Hypothesis: A Cautionary Tale.” American Scientist Jan.-Feb. Plungis, Jeff, Ed Garsten, and Mark Truby. “Caremakers’ Challenge: Green, Mean. Machines.” Detroit News and Free Press Metro ed. For The Mexican! 12 Jan. 2003: 1A+. Sachs, Jeffrey D. Sbu Examples! “A Practical Plan to End Extreme Poverty.” Buffalo News 23 Jan. 2005: I2. Saletan, William. “Junk-Food Jihad.” National Post [Toronto] 18 Apr. Of The Gilded Age! 2006: A18.

Thomas, Cathy Booth, and Tim Padgett. “Life Among the Ruins.” Time 19 Sept. 2005: 28+. Wolanski, Eric, Robert Richmond, Laurence McCook, and sbu examples, Hugh Sweatman. “Mud, Marine Snow and Coral Reefs.” American Scientist Jan.-Feb. 2003: 44-51. Wolanski, Eric, et al. “Mud, Marine Snow and Coral Reefs.” American Scientist. Jan.-Feb. 2003: 44-51. 13.

Article from SIRS (Social Issues Resources Series): Suggested citation example from SIRS: Bluestone, Barry, and Irving Bluestone. “Workers (and Managers) of the World Unite.” Technology Review Nov.-Dec. Rosemary Dobson Poems Analysis! 1992: 30-40. Sbu Examples! Reprinted in Age WORK . (Boca Raton, FL: Social Issues Resource Series, 1992), Article No. Sbu Examples! 20. Bluestone, Barry, and Irving Bluestone. “Workers (and Managers) of the World Unite.”

Technology Review Nov.-Dec. 1992: 30-40. Work . Ed. Eleanor Goldstein. Vol. 5. Boca Raton: SIRS, 1992. Art. 20. Put in square brackets [ ] important information you have added that is not found in the source cited. Build-a-Bear.

Advertisement. 7 Feb. What Contribute To The! 2005 GEICO. Advertisement. Newsweek 16 Jan. Sbu Examples! 2006: 92. IBM. Advertisement. Globe and Mail [Toronto] . 29 Oct. 2002: B7. Toyota. Advertisement.

Atlantic Monthly . Jan.-Feb. 2005: 27-30. 15. Booklet, pamphlet, or brochure with no author stated: Diabetes Care: Blood Glucose Monitoring . Burnaby, BC: LifeScan Canada, 1997. 16. Booklet, pamphlet, or brochure with an author: Zimmer, Henry B. Contribute To The Global! Canplan: Your Canadian Financial Planning Software . Calgary, AB: May use short forms: Rev. (Review), Ed. (Edition, Editor, or Edited), Comp. (Compiled, Compiler).

Creager, Angela N.H. “Crystallizing a Life in Science.” Rev. of Rosalind Franklin: The. Dark Lady of DNA , by sbu examples, Brenda Maddox. American Scientist Jan.-Feb. 2003: 64-66. Dillon, Brenda. “Hana’s Suitcase.” Rev. of language acquisition device definition, Hana’s Suitcase , by Karen Levine. Professionally Speaking June 2003: 36. Foley, Margaret. “Measured Deception.” Rev. of The Measure of All Things: The. Seven-Year Odyssey and Hidden Error That Transformed the World, by Ken Alder. Discover Nov.

2002: 77. Groskop, Viv. “Chinese Torture – at Five.” Rev. of The Binding Chair, by Kathryn. Harrison. International Express 6 June 2000, Canadian ed.: 37. Hoffman, Michael J. “Huck’s Ironic Circle.” Rev. of The Adventures of Huckleberry. Finn , by Mark Twain. Modern Critical Interpretations of Mark Twain’s. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, ed. Harold Bloom. New York: Chelsea,

Iragui, Vicente. Rev. of Injured Brains of Medical Minds: Views from Within , comp. and ed. Narinder Kapur. New England Journal of Medicine 26 Feb. 1998: Neier, Aryeh. “Hero.” Rev. of sbu examples, Defending Human Rights in notorious alfred hitchcock Russia: Sergei Kovalyov, Dissident and Human Rights Commissioner, 1969-2003 , by Emma Gilligan. New York Review of Books 13 Jan.

2005: 30-33. Onstad, Katrina. Sbu Examples! “A Life of Pain and Paint.” Rev. of Frida , dir. Julie Taymor. National. Post [Toronto] 1 Nov. 2002: PM1+.

Redekop, Magdalene. “The Importance of definition, Being Mennonite.” Rev. of sbu examples, A Complicated. Kindness, by Miriam Toews. Literary Review of Canada Oct. 2004: 19-20. Simic, Charles. “The Image Hunter.” Rev. of Joseph Cornell: Master of Dreams , by. Diane Waldman. When! New York Review 24 Oct. Sbu Examples! 2002: 14+. 18. CD-ROM, DVD: See also 35. Tape Recording: Cassette, Movie/Film on VHS or DVD (Digital Videodisc), Videocassette, Filmstrip.

A Place in the Sun . Dir. George Stevens. 1951. Guide For The Mexican! DVD. Paramount, 2001 . Encarta 2004 Reference Library . CD-ROM. Microsoft, 2003 . Encarta 2004 Reference Library Win32 . Educ. ed. DVD. Microsoft, 2003. LeBlanc, Susan, and Cameron MacKeen. “Racism and the Landfill.” Chronicle-Herald.

7 Mar. 1992: B1. CD-ROM. SIRS 1993 Ethnic Groups. Vol. 4. Art. 42. Links 2003: Championship Courses . Sbu Examples! CD-ROM. Microsoft Game Studios, 2002. Toronto-Central West Edition , 1998.

CD-ROM. Montreal: 19. Computer service – e.g. BRS, DIALOG, MEAD, etc.: Landler, Mark. Guide Mexican Migrant! “Can U.S. Companies Even Get a Bonjour?” New York Times , Late Ed. – Final Ed., 1. 2 Oct. 1995.

DIALOG File 472, item 03072065. When citing a definition from a dictionary, add the abbreviation Def. after the word. If the word has several different definitions, state the number and/or letter as indicated in the dictionary. “Mug.” Def. 2. The New Lexicon Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary of the. English Language . Canadian ed. Sbu Examples! 1988. Short forms may be used, e.g. dir. (directed by), narr. (narrated by), perf. (performers), prod. (produced by), writ. (written by).

A minimal entry should include title, director, distributor, and year of release. May add other information as deemed pertinent between the title and the distributor. If citing a particular person involved in guide for the mexican migrant the film or movie, begin with name of that person. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory . Dir. Sbu Examples! Tim Burton. Based on book by Roald Dahl. Perf. Johnny Depp. Warner, 2005. Depp, Johnny, perf. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory . Dir.

Tim Burton. Based on book. by Roald Dahl. Warner, 2005. Burton, Tim, dir. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory . Based on book by Roald Dahl. Perf. Johnny Depp. Warner, 2005. Monster-in-Law . Dir. Robert Luketic.

Writ. Anya Kochoff. Prod. Paula Weinstein, Chris Bender, and J.C. Spink. Perf. Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda. New Line, 2005. Nanny McPhee . Dir. Kirk Jones. Based on Nurse Matilda Books Writ.

Christianna. Brand. Prod. Lindsay Doran, Tim Bevan, and Eric Fellner. Perf. Wetherspoons Serving Breakfast! Emma Thompson, Colin Firth, and Angela Lansbury. Universal, 2005. One Hour Photo . Sbu Examples! Writ. and dir. Mark Romanek. Prod.

Christine Vachon, Pam Koffler, and Stan Wlodkowski. Perf. Robin Williams. Fox Searchlight, 2002. Titanic . When Wetherspoons! Dir., writ., prod., ed. Sbu Examples! James Cameron. Prod. Jon Landau. Notorious Alfred! Twentieth. Century Fox and Paramount, 1997.

The Tuxedo . Dir. Kevin Donovan. Prod. John H. Williams, and Adam Schroeder. Perf. Jackie Chan and Jennifer Love Hewitt. DreamWorks, 2002. Cite government document in the following order if no author is stated: 1) Government, 2) Agency, 3) Title of publication , underlined, 4) Place of publication, 5) Publisher, 6) Date. Canada.

Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. Sbu Examples! Gathering Strength: Canada’s Aboriginal Action Plan . Ottawa: Minister of Public Works and. Government Services Canada, 2000. United States. What Global Warming?! National Council on Disability. Carrying on the Good Fight – Summary Paper from Think Tank 2000 – Advancing the Civil and Human. Rights of People with Disabilities from Diverse Cultures . Washington:

Note: GPO = Government Printing Office in Washington, DC which publishes most of the U.S. federal government documents. In citing a Congressional Record, abbreviate and underline the term, skip all the details and indicate only the date and page numbers. Example – for the following record: United States. Sbu Examples! Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 . PL 104-193. Device Definition! Congressional Record. Washington: GPO, July 31, 1996. Cong.

Rec . 31 July 1996: 104-193. For examples on how to cite more complicated government documents, please see Section 5.6.21 in MLA Handbook for sbu examples, Writers of Research Papers, 6th ed. 23. Internet citations, or citing electronic sources: Basic components of an Internet citation: 2) “Title of Article, Web page or site” in quotation marks. 3) Title of Magazine, Journal, Newspaper, Newsletter, Book, Encyclopedia, or Project , underlined. 5) Indicate type of material, e.g. advertisement, cartoon, clipart, electronic card, interview, map, online posting, photograph, working paper, etc. if not obvious.

6) Date of mexican migrant, article, of Web page or site creation, revision, posting, last update, or date last modified. 7) Group, association, name of forum, sponsor responsible for Web page or Web site. 8) Access date (the date you accessed the sbu examples, Web page or site). 9) Complete Uniform Resource Locator (URL) or network address in angle brackets. Note: An exception is made in referencing a personal e-mail message where an when does wetherspoons breakfast individual’s e-mail address is omitted for privacy reasons. Skip any information that you cannot find anywhere on the Web page or in the Web site, and carry on, e.g. if your Internet reference has no author stated, leave out the author and begin your citation with the sbu examples, title. Always put your access date just before the URL which is placed between angle brackets or “less than” and “greater than” signs at the end of the citation. Generally, a minimum of does stop serving breakfast, three items are required for an Internet citation: Title, Access Date, and sbu examples, URL. If the URL is too long for guide for the mexican migrant, a line, divide the address where it creates the sbu examples, least ambiguity and confusion, e.g. do not divide a domain name and about History Gilded Age, end with a period such as geocities . Do not divide a term in the URL that is made up of sbu examples, combined words e.g. SchoolHouseRock . Never add a hyphen at the end of the guide mexican migrant, line to indicate syllabical word division unless the hyphen is actually found in the original URL.

Copy capital letters exactly as they appear, do not change them to lower case letters as they may be case sensitive and be treated differently by sbu examples, some browsers. Remember that the factors contribute to the, purpose of indicating the sbu examples, URL is for readers to guide migrant, be able to sbu examples, access the Web page. Guide! Accuracy and clarity are essential. a. Internet citation for an advertisement: IBM. Advertisement. 23 Mar. 2003 TheraTears. Advertisement. Sbu Examples! 2003.

8 May 2004 b. Internet citation for an article from an what factors to the online database (e.g. SIRS, eLibrary), study guide, magazine, journal, periodical, newsletter, newspaper, online library subscription database service, or an sbu examples article in PDF with one or more authors stated: Bezlova, Antoaneta. “China to Formalize One-Child Policy.” Asia Times Online . 24 May 2001. 10 Oct. 2005 Clifford, Erin. “Review of Neuropsychology.” SparkNotes . 10 Oct. 2005. Machado, Victoria, and George Kourakos.

IT Offshore Outsourcing Practices in Canada . Ottawa: Public Policy Forum, 2004. 10 Oct. Guide For The! 2005 Marshall, Leon. Sbu Examples! “Mandela in Retirement: Peacemaker without Rest.” 9 Feb. When Serving Breakfast! 2001. National Geographic 10 Oct.

2005 Thomason, Larisa. “HTML Tip: Why Valid Code Matters.” Webmaster Tips. Newsletter . Dec. Sbu Examples! 2003. NetMechanic. 10 Oct. 2005 If using an about of the online library subscription database service, add the name of the sbu examples, service, the name of the library or library system, plus the location of the library where the database is when does, accessed, e.g.: Gearan, Anne. “Justice Dept: Gun Rights Protected.” Washington Post . 8 May 2002.

SIRS. Iona Catholic Secondary School, Mississauga, ON. 23 Apr. 2004. Note: 8 May 2002 = date of publication, 23 Apr. 2004 = date of access. Indicate page numbers after publication date if available, e.g. 8 May 2002: 12-14.

Leave out page numbers if not indicated in source. Pahl, Greg. Sbu Examples! “Heat Your Home with Biodiesel”. Mother Earth News . 12 Jan. When Stop Serving Breakfast! 2003. eLibrary Canada. Twin Lakes Secondary School, Orillia, ON.

10 Apr. 2006. Note: If citing the above source but information is obtained from accessing eLibrary at home, leave out the location of the school. Pahl, Greg. “Heat Your Home with Biodiesel”. Mother Earth News . 12 Jan. 2003.

eLibrary Canada. 10 Apr. Sbu Examples! 2006. c. Internet citation for Essay about of the Gilded, an article from an online encyclopedia: Duiker, William J. “Ho Chi Minh.” Encarta Online Encyclopedia . 2005. Microsoft. 10 Oct.

2005. “Ho Chi Minh.” Encyclop?dia Britannica . 2005. Encyclop?dia Britannica Premium Service. 9 Oct. Sbu Examples! 2005 “Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC).” Britannica Concise Encyclopedia . 2005. Encyclop?dia Britannica.

8 Oct. 2005 d. Internet citation for an article from an online magazine, journal, periodical, newsletter, or newspaper with no author stated: “Childcare Industry ‘Should Welcome Men’.” BBC News Online: Education .7 June 2003. 10 Oct. 2005 “Taiwan: A Dragon Economy and of the Age, the Abacus.” BrookesNews.Com . Sbu Examples! 8 Dec. 2003. 10 Oct. 2005 e. Internet citation for an article in device definition a scholarly journal: Nielsen, Laura Beth. “Subtle, Pervasive, Harmful: Racist and sbu examples, Sexist Remarks in.

Public as Hate Speech.” Journal of Social Issues 58.2 (2002), 265-280. 7 June 2003. f. Internet citation for a cartoon, chart, clipart, comics, interview, map, painting, photo, sculpture, sound clip, etc.: “Islamic State of Afghanistan: Political Map.” Map. Atlapedia Online . 1993-2003. Latimer Clarke. 7 June 2003 Kersten, Rick, and rosemary poems analysis, Pete Kersten. “Congratulations!” Electronic card. Blue Mountain Arts . 2000. 7 June 2003 Lee , Lawrence.

Interview. . Feb. Sbu Examples! 2003. 10 Oct. 2005. Schulz, Charles. “Peanuts Collection – Snoopy Cuddling Woodstock.” Cartoon. . 25 Apr. 2004 “Woodhull, Victoria C.” American History 102 Photo Gallery. 1997. State.

Historical Society of Wisconsin. 10 Oct. Factors To The Global! 2005 g. Internet citation for an e-mail (email) from an individual, a listserve, an organization, or citation for an article forwarded from an online database by e-mail: Barr, Susan I. “The Creatine Quandry.” Bicycling Nov. 1998. EBSCOhost Mailer. E-mail to E. Interior.

11 May 2003. Kenrick, John. “Re: Link to” E-mail to I. Lee. 10 May 2003. “NEW THIS WEEK for September 8, 2005.” E-mail to author. 8 Sept. 2005. PicoSearch. “Your PicoSearch Account is Reindexed.” E-mail to John Smith. h. Internet citation for an online government publication: Canada.

Office of the Auditor General of Canada and the Treasury Board. Secretariat. Modernizing Accountability Practices in sbu examples the Public Sector . 6 Jan. 1998. 10 Oct.

2005 United States. National Archives and Records Administration. The Bill of Rights . 29 Jan. 1998. About Of The Age! 10 Oct. 2005 i. Internet citation for sbu examples, an online posting, forum, letter to the editor: Kao, Ivy. “Keep Spreading the Word.” Online posting. 4 June 2003.

Reader Responses, Opinion Journal, Wall Street Journal Editorial Page . 10 Oct. 2005. Seaside Harry . Guide For The Mexican! “My Friend Drove My Car with the sbu examples, Parking Brake On!” Online. posting. 10 Oct. 2005. Forum Index – Prius – Technical . 10 Oct. 2005 j. For The! Internet citation for an online project, an sbu examples information database, a personal or professional Web site:

The MAD Scientist Network . 1995-2001 or 30 Feb. 1906. Washington U. School of Medicine. 10 Oct. 2005. O’Connor, J.J., and E.F. Robertson. “John Wilkins.” Feb. 2002. U of what to the global, St.

Andrews, Scotland. 10 Oct. 2005 Officer, Lawrence H. “Exchange Rate between the United States Dollar and Forty. Other Countries, 1913 -1999.” Economic History Services, EH.Net, 2002. 13 Apr. 2006

Savill, R. Richard. “Jazz Age Biographies.” The Jazz Age Page . 23 Oct. 2000. 12 Apr. 2006 Sullivan, Danny. “Search Engine Math.” 26 Oct. 2001.

Search Engine Watch . 10 Apr. 2006 Wurmser, Meyrav, and Yotam Feldner. “Is Israel Negotiating with the Hamas?” Inquiry and Analysis No. 16. 23 Mar. 1999. The Middle East Media and. Research Institute.

10 Oct. Sbu Examples! 2005 k. Internet citation for when does wetherspoons serving breakfast, a software download: It is not essential to include the file size. Do so if preferred by sbu examples, your instructor. RAMeSize . Vers. 1.04. 15K. About Of The Gilded Age! 24 Sept. 2000. Blue Dice Software.

12 Oct. 2004. l. Internet citation for a speech taken from a published work with an editor: Lincoln, Abraham. “The Gettysburg Address.” 19 Nov. Sbu Examples! 1863. The Collected Works of. Abraham Lincoln . Ed.

Roy P. Basler. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers UP, 1955. Abraham Lincoln Online. Guide Mexican Migrant! 10 Oct. 2005 m. Internet citation for a work translated and edited by another: Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. Confessions Enchiridion . Trans. and ed. Albert C. Outler. 1955.

Dallas, TX: Southern Methodist U. Digitized 1993. 10 Oct. Sbu Examples! 2005 Blair, Tony. Interview. Prime Minister’s Office. 31 May 2003. 13 Apr. Stop Breakfast! 2006. Chirac, Jacques. Interview.

Time 16 Feb. 2003. 10 Oct. 2005. Longin, Hellmut. Telephone interview. 3 May 2006. Neilsen, Jerry. E-mail interview. 28 Apr. Sbu Examples! 2006. Wyse, Randall. Personal interview. 24 July 2005.

State name of speaker, title of lecture in quotes, conference, convention or sponsoring organization if known, location, date. Bradley, Vicki. “Marriage.” Agnes Arnold Hall, U of dobson analysis, Houston. Sbu Examples! 15 Mar. 2003. Wilson-Smith, Anthony. “Hello, He Must Be Going.” Editorial. When Stop Breakfast! Maclean’s 26 Aug.

2002: 4. Lange, Rick. “U.N. Has Become Ineffective and Ought to Be Disbanded.” Letter. Buffalo. News 23 Jan. 2005: I5. Woods, Brede M. Letter. Newsweek 23 Sept. 2002: 16. Kolbert, Elizabeth. “Six Billion Short: How Will the Mayor Make Ends Meet?” Letter. New Yorker 13 Jan.

2003: 33-37. Geens, Jennifer. Sbu Examples! Reply to letter of Bill Clark. Toronto Star 29 Sept. 2002: A1. A letter you received from John Smith: Smith, John. Of The Age! Letter to the author. 15 June 2005. Twain, Mark. “Banned in Concord.” Letter to sbu examples, Charles L. Webster.

18 Mar. What Factors Contribute Global! 1885. Letter 850318 of Mark Twain . Ed. Jim Zwick. Sbu Examples! 2005. 10 Oct. 2005. Treat citation as if it is a book with no author stated. Indicate if the citation is for a chart or a map.

2004 Andex Chart . Chart. Windsor, ON: Andex, 2004. Canada . Map. Ottawa: Canadian Geographic, 2003. “Dallas TX.” Map. 2005 Road Atlas: USA, Canada, Mexico . Greenville, SC: Michelin, 2005. Components: 1) Name of composer. 2) Title of dobson analysis, ballet, music or opera, underlined, 3) Form, number and key not underlined. Beethoven, Ludwig van. Fur Elise.

Strauss, Richard. Traumerei , op. 9, no. 4. Components for a published score, similar to a book citation: 1) Name of composer. 2) Underline title of ballet, music, opera, as well as no. and op., important words capitalized, prepositions and conjunctions in lower case. 3) Date composition written. 4) Place of publication: 5) Publisher, 6) Date of publication.

Chopin, Frederic. Mazurka Op. Sbu Examples! 7, No. 1 . New York: Fischer, 1918. Ledbetter, Huddie, and John Lomax. Goodnight, Irene . Mexican Migrant! 1936. New York: Spencer, 1950. Stier, Walter C. Sweet Bye and sbu examples, Bye . London: Paxton, 1953. Weber, Carl Maria von. Invitation to the Dance Op. 65 . 1819.

London: Harris, 1933. 29. Painting, photograph, sculpture, architecture, or other art form. Components for citing original artwork: 1) Name of artist. 2) Title of artwork, underlined. 3) Date artwork created. 4) Museum, gallery, or collection where artwork is housed; indicate name of owner if private collection, 5) City where museum, gallery, or collection is located. Ashoona, Kiawak.

Smiling Family . 1966. McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Brancusi, Constantin. The Kiss . 1909. Tomb of Essay about History, T. Rachevskaia, Montparnasse. The Great Sphinx . [c. 2500 BC]. Giza.

Ingres, Jean-Auguste-Dominique. Odalisque . 1814. Louvre Museum, Paris. Raphael. The School of Athens . 1510-11. Stanza della Segnatura, Vatican Palace, Rude, Francois. Sbu Examples! La Marseillaise . 1833-36.

Arc de Triomphe, Paris. Components for when does stop breakfast, artwork cited from a book: 1) Name of artist. Sbu Examples! 2) Underline title of artwork. 3) Date artwork created (if date is uncertain use [c. 1503] meaning [circa 1503] or around the year 1503). 4) Museum, art gallery, or collection where artwork is house, 5) City where museum, gallery, or collection is alfred, located. Sbu Examples! 6) Title of book used.

7) Author or editor of book. 8) Place of notorious, publication: 9) Publisher, 10) Date of publication. 11) Other relevant information, e.g. figure, page, plate, or slide number. Abell, Sam. Sbu Examples! Japan . 1984. National Geographic Photographs: The Milestones . By Leah Bendavid-Val, et al. Washington, DC: National Geographic, 1999. Carr, Emily. A Haida Village . [c. 1929]. McMichael Canadian Art Collection,

Kleinburg, ON. The McMichael Canadian Art Collection . By Jean Blodgett, et al. Toronto: McGraw, 1989. 134. Kasebier, Gertrude. The Magic Crystal . [c. 1904]. Royal Photographic Society, Bath. A Basic History of Art . By H.W.

Janson and Anthony F. Janson. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice, 1991. 412. Leonardo, da Vinci. Mona Lisa (La Gioconda) . [c. 1503-5]. Louvre Museum, Paris.

Favorite Old Master Paintings from the Louvre Museum . New York: Abbeville, 1979. 31. Michelangelo. Notorious Alfred! David . 1501-04. Sbu Examples! Accademia di Belle Arti, Florence. The Great. Masters . Guide Mexican Migrant! By Giorgio Vasari. Sbu Examples! Trans. Gaston Du C. de Vere. New York:

Park Lane, 1986. 226. Sullivan, Louis. Wainright Building . 1890-91. St. Louis, MO. A Basic History of Art . By H.W. Janson and Anthony F. Janson. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice, Tohaku, Deme.

Ko-omote Female Mask . Edo period [1603-1867], Japan. Naprstek. Museum, Prague. The World of Masks . By Erich Herold, et al. Trans. Dusan. Zbavitel. London: Hamlyn, 1992. 207. Vanvitelli, Luigi, and Nicola Salvi. What Factors To The Warming?! Chapel of sbu examples, St.

John the Baptist . Guide Mexican Migrant! 1742-51. Sao Roque, Lisbon. By Rolf Toman, ed. Baroque: Architecture, Sculpture, Painting . Sbu Examples! Cologne: Konemann, 1998. Notorious! 118. Components for a personal photograph: 1) Subject (not underlined or put in quotes).

2) Name of person who took the photograph. 3) Date photograph taken. War in Iraq: Operation Iraq Freedom on CNN. Personal photograph by sbu examples, author. Great Wall of China, Beijing, China. Personal photograph by Cassy Wyse. 28 July 2005. Components: 1) Patent inventor(s) or owner(s).

2) Title of patent. 3) Issuing country and Essay about History Gilded Age, patent number. 4) Date patent was issued. Arbter, Klaus, and sbu examples, Guo-Qing Wei. “Verfahren zur Nachfuhrung eines Stereo-Laparoskope. in der minimal invasiven Chirurgie.” German Patent 3943917. Rosemary! July 1996. “Conversion of Calcium Compounds into Solid and sbu examples, Gaseous Compounds.” US Patent 5078813. Kamen, Dean L., et al. “Transportation Vehicles and Methods.” US Patent 5971091.

31. Acquisition Device! Performance: (ballet, concert, musical, opera, play, theatrical performance) Disney’s The Lion King . By Roger Allers and Irene Mecchi. Dir. Julie Taymor. Music and lyrics by Elton John and Tim Rice. Sbu Examples! Princess of Wales Theatre,

Toronto. 9 June 2002. The Hobbit . By J.R.R. Tolkien. Dir. Device Definition! Kim Selody. Perf. Herbie Barnes, Michael. Simpson, and sbu examples, Chris Heyerdahl. Living Arts Centre, Mississauga, ON.

The Nutcracker . By Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Chor. and Libretto by James. Kudelka. Cond. Ormsby Wilkins and language acquisition device, Uri Mayer. National Ballet of. Canada. Hummingbird Centre, Toronto. Sbu Examples! 30 Dec. 1999.

Phantom of the Opera . Alfred! By Andrew Lloyd Webber. Lyrics by sbu examples, Charles Hart. Dir. Harold Prince. Based on novel by Gaston Leroux. Pantages Theatre, Toronto. 20 Sept. 1998. The Shanghai Acrobats . By Incredible!

Acrobats of poems analysis, China. Sbu Examples! Living Arts Centre, Mississauga, ON. 4 Mar. Mexican! 2005. Components: 1) Title of sbu examples, episode, underlined; or in quotes if appropriate. 2) Title of program, underlined. 3) Title of contribute global warming?, series. 4) Name of network.

5) Radio station or TV channel call letters, 6) City of sbu examples, local station or channel. 6) Broadcast date. The CFRB Morning Show . When Does Wetherspoons Stop Breakfast! By Ted Woloshyn. CFRB Radio, Toronto. 12 Sept. 2003. Law and Order . Prod. Wolf Film, Universal Television.

NBC Television Network. WHEC, Rochester, NY. 16 Oct. 2002. “New Threat from Osama?” By Jim Stewart. Sbu Examples! CBS News . WBEN, Buffalo. “New York Museum Celebrates Life of Einstein.” By Martha Graybow. Reuters, New York. WBFO, Buffalo. 13 Nov.

2002. “The Nightmare Drug.” By Bob McKeown, Linden MacIntyre, and when wetherspoons stop breakfast, Hana Gartner. The Fifth Estate . Sbu Examples! CBC, Toronto. Alfred Hitchcock! 16 Oct. 2002. “U.S.: Tape Sounds Like Bin Laden.” AP, Washington, DC. On Your Side . WGRZ-TV, Buffalo. 13 Nov. 2002. 33. Recording – Music CD, LP, magnetic tape:

1) Name of author, composer, singer, or editor. 2) Title of song (in quotation marks). 3) Title of recording (underlined). 4) Publication medium (LP, CD, magnetic tape, etc.). 5) Edition, release, or version.

6) Place of sbu examples, publication: Publisher, Date of publication. When Does Serving Breakfast! If citing from Internet, see Item 23. Backstreet Boys. Larger than Life . Millennium. CD. Exclusive Management by. The Firm, Los Angeles, CA. Mastered by Tom Coyne, Sterling Sound, NYC. Burch, Marilyn Reesor.

Mosaic . Sbu Examples! CD. Writ., dir. and prod. Marilyn Reesor. Burch. Choirs dir. Don and notorious hitchcock, Catherine Robertson. Barrie, ON: Power. Plant Recording Studio, n.d. Burch, Marilyn Reesor. Mosaic . CD.

Writ., dir. and prod. Marilyn Reesor. Burch. Choirs dir. Don and Catherine Robertson. Barrie, ON: Power. Plant Recording Studio, [c. Sbu Examples! 1997]. Note: “n.d.” means “no date” available. Does Wetherspoons Serving Breakfast! [c.

1997] means “circa 1997.” McDonald, Michael. No Lookin’ Back . Sbu Examples! LP. Prod. Michael McDonald and. Ted Templeman. Engineered and mixed by R. ThinkPad ACP Patch for ThinkPad 600, 770, and 770E . Breakfast! Diskette. Vers. 1.0.

Tape Recording: Cassette, DVD (Digital Videodisc), Filmstrip, Videocassette. Covey, Stephen R. Living the 7 Habits: Applications and Insights . Cassette. tape recording read by author. New York: Simon, Audio Div., 1995. Ginger . Solid Ground. Cassette tape recording from album Far Out . Vancouver: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban . Dir.

Alfonso Cuar o n. Based on novel. by J.K. Rowling. Perf. Sbu Examples! Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson. DVD. Warner, 2004. Jane Austen’s Emma . Migrant! Videocassette. Meridian Broadcasting. New York:

New Video Group, 1996. Kicking Screaming . Dir. Jesse Dylan. Writ. Leo Benvenuti and Steve Rudnick. Perf. Will Ferrell and Robert Duvall. DVD. Sbu Examples! Universal, 2005. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants . Dir.

Ken Kwapis. Based on novel by. Ann Brashares.Perf. Amber Tamblyn, America Ferrera, Blake Lively, and Alexis Bledel. DVD. Warner, Dungaree, 2005. Super Searching the Web . Videocassette. Lancaster, PA: Classroom Connect, The Wizard of Oz . Dir. Victor Fleming. Analysis! Based on book by Lyman Frank Baum.

Perf. Sbu Examples! Judy Garland, Frank Morgan, Ray Bolger, Bert Lahr, Jack Haley, Billie Burke, Margaret Hamilton, Charley Grapewin, and the Munchkins. MGM, 1939. VHS. Warner, 1999. State author, title of unpublished dissertation or thesis in quotes, label Diss. or MA thesis, name of guide for the, university, and year. Elmendorf, James. “The Military and the Mall: Society and Culture in Long Beach, California.” BA.

thesis. Hampshire College, 1995. Jackson, Marjorie. “The Oboe: A Study of Its Development and Use.” Diss. Columbia U, 1962.

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Plagiarism - What it is and how to sbu examples avoid it. Plagiarism is a serious academic offence. Each year a number of cases of notorious alfred, plagiarism are brought to sbu examples the attention of the what factors warming? Dean of Arts and the President#146;s Office. Depending on the severity of the offence, students found guilty of plagiarism may lose credit for sbu examples the assignment in question, be awarded a mark of zero in the course, or face suspension from the University. Most simply, plagiarism is intellectual theft. Migrant! Any use of another author#146;s research, ideas, or language without proper attribution may be considered plagiarism. Because such definitions include many shades of accidental or intentional plagiarism, these need to sbu examples be described more fully. This is the most obvious case: a student submits, as his or her own work, an essay that has been written by someone else. Essay Of The Gilded! Usually the original source is a published journal article or book chapter. The use of unpublished work, including the work of sbu examples, another student , is Essay about History Gilded, just as serious. In such cases, plagiarism cannot be avoided by paraphrasing the original or acknowledging its use in footnotes . The work is the property of another author and should not be used.

See Example #1. A student may also lift portions of another text and use them in his or her own work. For example, a student might add her or his own conclusions or introduction to an essay. Or a student might scatter his or her own comments through a text taken substantially from another source. These practices are unacceptable. Even with some attribution, the bulk of the work has been done by sbu examples, another. See Example #1. In many cases, a student will lift ideas, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs from a variety of sources and stitch them together into an essay. These situations often seem difficult to assess. Most essays, after all, are attempts to bring together a range of sources and arguments.

But the line between plagiarism and original work is acquisition, not difficult to draw. See Example #2. Lazy plagiarism crops up in many student essays, and is usually the result of sloppy note-taking or research shortcuts. Examples include: inadvertent use of another#146;s language, usually when the student fails to distinguish between direct quotes and general observations when taking notes. In such cases, the presence of a footnote does not excuse the use of another#146;s language without quotation marks. use of sbu examples, footnotes or material quoted in other sources as if they were the results of your research. sloppy or inadequate footnoting which leaves out sources or page references. Although it may not be the acquisition definition student#146;s intention to sbu examples deceive, it is acquisition device, often difficult for instructors to distinguish between purposeful and accidental plagiarism. See Example #3. This is not intended to discourage students from pursuing specific interests. If you want to use a previously completed essay as a starting point for new research, you should receive the instructor#146;s approval and provide her or him with a copy of the original essay. Sbu Examples! If you want to use substantially similar essays to satisfy the requirements of Essay History Gilded Age, two related courses, you should get approval from all the instructors concerned.

It is not hard to draw the distinction between original and sbu examples thoroughly plagiarized work. But the grey areas between these extremes are more vexing. Students should avoid any hint of dishonesty by guide for the mexican, maintaining good research habits and paying attention to a few basic rules of writing and documentation. Most written assignments begin with the collection of research notes -- a combination of ideas or quotes from other sources, and the student#146;s own ideas. Whether you keep notes on index cards, in a loose-leaf binder, or on old envelopes in a desk drawer, it is sbu examples, important to record and organize them in such a way that vital information is not lost. Keep careful and complete track of sources. Accurately copy the author, title, and other information about the migrant source publication, including the number(s) of the page(s) from which notes or quotes were taken. Distinguish carefully between your ideas and the ideas of others. This is sbu examples, a simple question of intellectual honesty. If you use another#146;s conclusions, acknowledge them. If you come to the same conclusions as another on your own, you should still acknowledge the agreement.

Distinguish carefully between your own words and those of others. If necessary, highlight or use coloured index cards for guide for the mexican directly quoted material. As you begin to tie your ideas together in written form, consider the following: Begin by organizing your essay in an original manner . Avoid mimicking the pattern or order of argument used by others. Remember: this is your humble contribution to a debate or a body of research; it is not (in most case) an attempt to summarize or paraphrase the work of others. As you weave the ideas and language of others into sbu examples, your work, make clear choices about the use of alfred, quoted material . In other words, either quote directly, or state the idea(s) in sbu examples, your own language. Do not mess around with close paraphrases or purely cosmetic changes. See Example #4.

Read the first draft carefully . Is the distinction between your work and rosemary dobson poems analysis the work of others clear and unambiguous? You might even take an early draft and highlight all those passages that summarize, paraphrase, or quote other sources. Is there enough of sbu examples, your own work left in the essay? Many cases of plagiarism occur in factors contribute, the documentation rather than the body of the essay. You should have a clear idea of the variety of purposes a footnote (or endnote) may serve, and many different ways you can acknowledge the work of others. For specific cases See Example #5 . Also note the following: Always record your source of the information; never use or rely on another author#146;s footnotes.

The footnote should allow the reader to find or check the material being cited. Sbu Examples! Provide exact page numbers for direct quotes, and a range of page numbers for more general points. If you included more than one source or reference in a footnote, the Essay of the Gilded relevance or order of the sbu examples various sources should be clear to the reader. Once your essay is complete, consider each portion that is drawn from another source, and ask yourself the following: Is the idea or argument expressed entirely my own? Is the general language or choice of words (including even phrases or rough paraphrases) my own?

If either answer is no, the hitchcock work must be credited to the original author. And if the answer to the second question is no, the passage should either be quoted directly or rewritten in the student#146;s own words and credited directly. Complete or Near-Complete Plagiarism. Despite minor changes to sbu examples the text, the passages are substantially unchanged. In the first case, the dobson plagiarist also lifts the footnote from the original. Note that the use of even very brief passages (such as the wings of aspiration) constitutes plagiarism. Use of such passages throughout an essay would constitute complete plagiarism ; use of such passages occasionally would constitute near-complete plagiarism . [This example is drawn from a longer discussion regarding plagiarism in the graduate school essays of Martin Luther King Jr. Students interested in a well-illustrated discussion of student plagiarism, might want to consult this: Becoming Martin Luther King -- Plagiarism and sbu examples Originality: A Round Table, Journal of American History (June 1991, pp.

11-123. The example used below is on p. 25.] The second case illustrates a more typical instance of does wetherspoons stop serving, student plagiarism. Even the footnote to the original does not excuse the substantial use of the original#146;s language. It is sbu examples, Eros, not Agape, that loves in proportion to the value of its object.

By the pursuit of value in its object, Platonic love is let up and away from the world, on wings of aspiration, beyond all transient things and persons to the realm of the Ideas. Agape, as described in the Gospels and Epistles, is spontaneous and #145;uncaused#146;, indifferent to human merit, and creates value in those upon when does wetherspoons stop, whom it is sbu examples, bestowed out of pure generosity. It flows down from God into this transient, sinful world; those whom it touches become conscious of their own utter unworthiness; they are impelled to forgive and love their enemies. Poems Analysis! because the God of grace imparts worth to them by sbu examples, the act of loving them.* [footnote* is to migrant Anders Nygren, Agape and Eros . (New York, 1932), pp. 52-56] As Nygren set out to contrast these two Greek words he finds that Eros loves in proportion to the value of the object. By the pursuit of value in its objects. Platonic love is sbu examples, let up and away from the world, on wings of aspiration, beyond all transient things and persons to the realm of the Ideas.

Agape as described in the Gospels and when does stop serving breakfast Epistles, is sbu examples, spontaneous and uncaused, indifferent to human merit, and creates value in those upon whom it is bestowed out of pure generosity. It flows down from God into the transient, sinful world; those whom it touches become conscious of their own utter unworthiness; they are impelled to forgive and love their enemies, because the God of Grace imparts worth to them by when does wetherspoons serving breakfast, the act of loving them.* [Footnote* is to Nygren, Agape and Eros , pp. 52-56] The strike officially began on May 29, and on June 1 the sbu examples manufacturers met publicly to plan their resistance. Their strategies were carried out on rosemary dobson two fronts. They pressured the sbu examples proprietors into holding out indefinitely by refusing to send new collars and cuffs to any laundry.

Also the language definition manufacturers attempted to undermine directly the sbu examples union#146;s efforts to weather the when serving strike. They tried to create a negative image of the union through the press, which they virtually controlled. They prevented a few collar manufacturers in other cities from patronizing the unions#146; cooperative laundry even though it claimed it could provide the same services for 25 percent less. Under these circumstances, the collar ironers#146; tactics were much less useful. The strike began on May 29, and on June 1 the manufacturers met publicly to plan their response. They had two strategies. They pressured the proprietors into holding out indefinitely by refusing to send new collars and cuffs to any laundry, and they attempted to undermine directly the union#146;s efforts to weather the strike. Sbu Examples! They also tried to create a negative image of the union through the newspapers, which they virtually controlled.

They prevented a few collar manufacturers in other cities from using the wetherspoons serving unions#146; cooperative laundry even though it could provide the same services for 25 percent less. Under these circumstances, the collar ironers#146; tactics were much less useful. 1. 1. Carole Turbin, And We are Nothing But Women: Irish Working Women in Troy, pp. 225-26 in Women of America . Sbu Examples! Edited by Mary Beth Norton (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1979).

Here two sources are combined to create a new passage. As it stands, the passage is clearly plagiarized. If a footnote were added acknowledging the sources, the substantial use of the language of the original passage would still open the student to charges of plagiarism. An example of an honest and factors contribute acceptable use of the information derived from these sources is provided at the bottom of the page. Note that the acceptable version uses the facts of the original sources, but organizes and expresses them in the student#146;s own language. Despite the strong public opposition, the Reagan administration continued to install so many North American men, supplies, and facilities in Honduras that one expert called it the USS Honduras , a [stationary] aircraft carrier or sorts. (Walter LaFeber, Inevitable Revolutions (New York, 1989), 309.) By December 1981, American agents--some CIA, some U.S. Special Forces--were working through Argentine intermediaries to set up contra safe houses, training centres, and sbu examples base camps along the Nicaraguan-Honduran border. (Peter Kornbluh, Nicaragua, in what factors to the global, Michael Klare (ed), Low Intensity Warfare (New York, 1983), 139.) Despite strong public opposition, by December 1981 the Reagan Administration was working through Argentine intermediaries to install contra safe houses, training centres, and base camps in Honduras. Sbu Examples! One expert called Honduras the poems USS Honduras , a stationary aircraft carrier or sorts. In the sbu examples early 1980s, the Reagan Administration made increasing use of rosemary, Honduras as a base for the contra war.

The Administration set up a number of military and training facilities--some American, some contra, and some housing Argentine mercenaries--along the border between Nicaragua and Honduras. The country, as one observer noted, was little more than a [stationary] aircraft carrier, which he described as the USS Honduras . 2. 2. See Walter Lafeber, Inevitable Revolutions (New York, 1989), p. 307-310 (quote p. 309); and Peter Kornbluh, Nicaragua, in Michael Klare (ed), Low Intensity Warfare (New York, 1983), 139. In this example, the sbu examples student may have made a sincere effort to write an original passage, but sloppy research and documentation raise the possibility of plagiarism. When Does Stop Serving! Note the characteristic errors: confusion of sbu examples, original and student#146;s language, quotation marks in the wrong place, improper or incomplete footnotes. Despite the strong public opposition, the Reagan administration continued to install so many North American men, supplies, and facilities in to the global warming?, Honduras that one expert called it the USS Honduras , a [stationary aircraft carrier of sbu examples, sorts. (Walter LaFeber, Inevitable Revolutions (New York, 1989), 309.) By December 1981, American agents--some CIA, some U.S. Special Forces--were working through Argentine intermediaries to set up contra safe houses, training centres, and base camps along the Nicaraguan-Honduran border. (Peter Kornbluh, Nicaragua, in Michael Klare (ed), Low Intensity Warfare (New York, 1983), 139.)

Despite strong public opposition, the Reagan Administration continued to install so many North American men, supplies, and facilities in Honduras that one expert called it the USS Honduras, a stationary aircraft carrier or sorts. 3. In December 1981, American agents--some CIA Special Forces--were working through Argentine intermediaries to guide set up contra safe houses, training centres, and base camps along the Nicaraguan-Honduran border. 4. 3. Walter Lafeber, Inevitable Revolutions (New York, 1989), p. 309. 4. Michael Klare (ed), Low Intensity Warfare (New York, 1983). Students anxious about committing plagiarism often ask: How much do I have to change a sentence to be sure I#146;m not plagiarizing? A simple answer to sbu examples this is: If you have to ask, you#146;re probably plagiarizing.

This is important. About Gilded Age! Avoiding plagiarism is not an sbu examples, exercise in inventive paraphrasing. There is no magic number of words that you can add or change to make a passage your own. Original work demands original thought and when does stop serving organization of thoughts. In the following example, although almost all the words have been changed, the student has still plagiarized. Sbu Examples! An acceptable use of this material is also provided below. Shortly after the when two rogues, who pass themselves off as a duke and a king, invade the raft of Huck and Jim, they decide to sbu examples raise funds by performing scenes from Shakespeare#146;s Romeo and Juliet and language acquisition definition Richard III . That the presentation of Shakespeare in small Mississippi towns could be conceived of as potentially lucrative tells us much about the position of Shakespeare in the nineteenth century. (Lawrence Levine, Highbrow, Lowbrow: The Emergence of a Cultural Hierarchy in sbu examples, America (Cambridge, 1986), p. 10) Soon after the two thieves, who pretend they are a king and a duke, capture Huck and Jim#146;s raft, they try to make money by putting on two Shakespeare plays ( Romeo and notorious alfred Juliet and Richard III ). Because the production of Shakespeare in tiny Southern towns is seen as possibly profitable, we learn a lot about the status of sbu examples, Shakespeare before the twentieth century. As Lawrence Levine argues, casual references to Shakespeare in History Gilded, popular nineteenth century literature suggests that the identification of sbu examples, highbrow theatre is guide mexican migrant, a relatively recent phenomenon.

5. Note that this version does not merely rephrase or repeat the material from the passage cited above, but expands upon sbu examples, it and device definition places it in the context of the student#146;s work. Varieties of Footnotes. The use of sources can be clarified in a number of ways through careful footnoting. Consider the sbu examples different forms of documentation and acknowledgement in the following: With the election of Ronald Regan, covert operations in Latin America escalated rapidly. 6 The influx of American funds, notes Peter Kornbluh, determined the frequency and destructiveness of contra attachs. 7 In the guide mexican early 1980s, the sbu examples Regan Administration increasingly used Honduras as a base for the contra war. Analysis! The Administration set up a number of military and training facilities--some American, some contra , and some housing Argengine mercenaries--along the sbu examples border between Nicaragua and Honduras. [T]he USS Honduras , as one observer noted, was little more than a [stationary] aircraft carrier.

8 These strategies seemed to migrant represent both a conscious acceleration of American involvement in the region, and the inertia of past involvements and failures. 9. 6. The following paragraph is drawn from Walter Lafeber, Inevitable Revolutions (New York, 1989), p. 307-310; and Peter Kornbluh, Nicaragua, in Michael Klare (ed), Low Intensity Warfare (New York, 1983), pp. 139-149. Note: FOOTNOTE 6 provides general background sources. 7. Sbu Examples! Peter Kornbluh, Nicaragua, in Michael Klare (ed), Low Intensity Warfare (New York, 1983), p. 139. Note: FOOTNOTE 7 documents a quoted passage, noting the exact page location. 8. Observer quoted in Walter Lafeber, Inevitable Revolutions (New York, 1989), p. 309. Note: FOOTNOTE 8 documents a secondary quotation. 9. Mexican! Peter Kornbluh, Nicaragua, in Michael Klare (ed), Low Intensity Warfare (New York, 1983), stresses the renewal of sbu examples, counterinsurgency under Reagan; Walter Lafeber, Inevitable Revolutions , stresses the ongoing interventionism of the U.S. (New York, 1989), p. Hitchcock! 307-310. Note: FOOTNOTE 9 distinguishes your argument from that of your sources.

Dr. Colin H. Sbu Examples! Gordon. (Department of History, UBC) Professor Peter Simmons. (President#146;s Advisory Committee on Student Discipline, UBC)

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20 Essential Korean Recipes to Know and Love. Kimchi, Korean barbecue, and jjigae—your starter guide to sbu examples, the great wide world of Korean food. A delicious verve of heat runs through Korean recipes. The cuisine is as rich as it is communal, with meals often beginning with many side dishes known as banchan . Korean recipes are often accompanied by serving kimchi, a spicy fermented vegetable dish mostly consisting of cabbage and root vegetables and spicy seasoning. Meats feature prominently in Korean recipes, such as Korean fried chicken, barbecued meats, and sbu examples, spicy stir-fried pork. To start, we've rounded up our favorite Korean recipes so you can enjoy the food of this fiery peninsula. Korean Fried Chicken. Double-frying chicken wings is the secret in Korean recipes to achieving the delicate, crackly crust that is the hallmark of this popular Korean specialty, made famous in this country at the Los Angeles restaurant Kyochon. Cathy Danh wrote about alfred hitchcock, this snack in The Other KFC for sbu examples, our March 2010 issue. Essay History Of The Gilded? Korean Spicy Stir-Fried Pork Belly. Jeyuk bokkeum stir fried pork.

Bokkeum is an umbrella term given to sbu examples, dishes—often made with inexpensive, strong-flavored cuts of meat—that are stir-fried over high heat. Alfred? Pork belly is the most popular version, but other classics include octopus, mackerel, and dried anchovies. The sweet and spicy gochujang-laced marinade helps the meat caramelize as it cooks. Sbu Examples? Get the recipe for does wetherspoons stop serving, Korean Spicy Stir-Fried Pork Belly ğ Ssamjang korean barbecue paste. While this thick, spicy-sweet paste—a combination of doenjang and gochujang—is primarily used to glaze barbecued meats or as a condiment for sbu examples, lettuce wraps, it can also be a dip for cold vegetables like carrots, cucumber, or Korean peppers. The inclusion of poems, walnuts is chef Hooni Kim's personal touch, which adds earthiness and gives the sbu examples, sauce more texture. Get the mexican, recipe for sbu examples, Ssamjang (Korean Barbecue Paste) ğ Make this quick and easy dipping sauce as an accompaniment to Gamjatang (spicy pork neck and factors global, potato stew). This recipe is adapted from Koreatown: A Cookbook.

Get the sbu examples, recipe for Gamjatang Sauce ğ Quick Basic Kimchi. Getting tired of your plain winter root vegetables? Throw some homemade kimchi on about History, there to spice up a standard dish. Get the recipe for Quick Basic Kimchi ğ Doenjang Jjigae (Fermented Soybean Stew) doenjang jjigae korean soybean stew. It took chef Hooni Kim one year to perfect his recipe for dashi, which he uses as the base of this everyday Korean stew. Gochujang adds a subtle layer of heat to the broth, and sbu examples, doenjang boosts its richness and silkiness. Language Device? Get the recipe for Doenjang Jjigae (Fermented Soybean Stew) ğ Korean Rice Cakes. Arang, a Korean restaurant in New York, takes a Korean recipes classic—ddukbokki, or spicy rice cakes—and adds on an oh-so-American layer of sbu examples, melted cheddar for a stroke of fusion brilliance that recalls nachos as much as Korean cooking. This recipe is based on co-owner Sunny Lim's notes, plus korean recipes in Matt Rodbard's Koreatown: A Cookbook. Breakfast? Korean Grilled Beef Ribs (Kalbi) Pineapple juice sweetens and sbu examples, tenderizes beef short ribs in acquisition, this classic Korean grilled dish.

Ask your butcher for bone-in short ribs cut in half crosswise. Get the recipe for Korean Grilled Beef Ribs (Kalbi) ğ Korean Rice Cakes. This spicy pork recipe comes from the sbu examples, kitchen of Arang, in New York, where it's used to make ddukbokki, spicy rice cakes. Get the full recipe here. Get the recipe for Korean Rice Cakes ğ korean scallion pancakes. These crispy fried scallion pancakes from chef Hooni Kim, traditionally paired with a refreshing makgeolli, or Korean rice beer, can be a vehicle for any number of ingredients. Instead of, or in addition to, the scallions, you can fill pajeon with garlic chives, ramps, chrysanthemum leaves, small squid, shrimp, thin slices of Korean chile, or julienned carrots. To get the pancakes as crispy as possible, make sure the batter is very cold and the pan smoking hot and slicked with plenty of oil.

Get the recipe for notorious, Pajeon (Scallion Pancakes) ğ Su jung kwa is a traditional Korean tea made from cinnamon, ginger, spices, sweet dried dates, and sbu examples, pine nuts that's commonly served as an after-dinner drink or dessert. Chef Hooni Kim serves a chilled cocktail version at warming?, his New York restaurant Danji that gets a smoky kick from rye whiskey. Date jujubes, also known as red dates, Chinese dates, or Korean dates, are commonly used in Korean cuisine for their natural sweetness and purported medicinal properties. Sbu Examples? Both jujubes and when does stop, dried persimmons can be found online and in most Korean and Chinese grocery stores. Get the recipe for Su Jung Kwa ğ Korean Clam Soup. A simple, light soup not short on heat or spice.

It's traditionally served over sbu examples, a butane flame, so the broth remains hot, and for the, a heavy dose of sbu examples, heat is delivered from two types of thinly sliced chiles. Language Acquisition? Get the recipe for Korean Spicy Clam Soup ğ A classic hearty Korean stew made with meaty pork neck, potatoes, and nutty perilla seeds. Sesame seeds cannot be substituted for the perilla in this recipe; seek perilla seed, also called wild sesame seed, out at sbu examples, Asian markets. Optional but recommended: Serve this dish with its accompanying dipping sauce. Notorious Alfred? Get the recipe for Gamjatang ğ Korean Soba Salad. Sbu Examples? A medley of thinly sliced vegetables is about, piled up with a mound of cold buckwheat noodles. Get the recipe for Korean Cold Buckwheat Noodles ğ Korean Noodles with Beef and Vegetables (Chap Chae) Korean Noodles with Beef and Vegetables (Chap Chae) Penny De Los Santos. When I was growing up in Korea, my grandmother would make chap chae for family reunions. Whenever she started stir-frying the sbu examples, shredded beef and vegetables together in a big wok, I would wander into what factors contribute to the her kitchen, wondering when the party was going to begin. The finished dish is sbu examples, festive and delicious. I love the rosemary dobson, combination of slippery sweet potato noodles turned golden from the cooking juices and soy sauce, crunchy vegetables, and tender, juicy beef.

For my own family, chap chae is still a sign of celebration: Whenever I make it, my son walks in, asking when the party is starting. Kyung Up Lim Get the recipe for Korean Noodles with Beef and Vegetables (Chap Chae) ğ Ginger Cookies Dipped in Honey (Yak Kwa) Ginger Cookies Dipped in Honey (Yak Kwa) Deep-fried and sbu examples, then drenched in a honey syrup, yak kwa are a traditional Korean sweet flavored with sesame oil and fresh ginger juice. Get the recipe for alfred hitchcock, Ginger Cookies Dipped in Honey (Yak Kwa) ğ Korean Rice Cake (Songpyeon) Korean rice cakes, known as songpyeon , are half moon-shaped dumplings that are stuffed with fillings like sweet potatoes, chestnuts, red beans, or nuts, and then steamed and served with honey. Get the recipe for Korean Rice Cake ğ Fish Ssam with Spicy Chile Sauce. Ssam , which is Korean for wrapped, refers to the lettuce wraps that enclose spicy grilled fish in this recipe from sbu examples, Matthew Rudofker, executive chef at New York City's Momofuku Ssam Bar. When Does Wetherspoons Stop? Get the recipe for Fish Ssam with Spicy Chile Sauce ğ Korean kimbap is similar to Japanese sushi, but typically uses cooked or pickled ingredients. In this version, bulgogi (marinated beef) is paired with vegetables and egg. Get the recipe for Kimbap ğ Homemade dumplings take some work, but they're worth the effort for sbu examples, a rich pork filling livened up with funky kimchi. Get the recipe for Pork and Kimchi Potstickers ğ At Saveur, we recommend all kinds of products we think you'll love. In some cases, we receive a commission for alfred hitchcock, purchases made through this site, but if a product link shows up in an editorial article, it's there for sbu examples, one reason: We love it.

End of story. Copyright 2017 SAVEUR. A Bonnier Corporation Company. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.

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Lambeaux pİnninsulaires en chirurgie reconstructrice cutanİe. Utilisİs depuis les annİes 80 chez l'animal, les lambeaux pİninsulaires dits mod¨le axial jouent un r´le prİpondİrant en mİdecine vİtİrinaire. Sbu Examples! Ils reprİsentent le plus grand progr¨s en chirurgie cutanİe de ces dix derni¨res annİes. When Does Wetherspoons Serving Breakfast! Rİsumİ / Summary €˘ Les lambeaux axiaux pİninsulaires sont des lambeaux pİdiculİs qui incorporent dans leur base une art¨re et une veine cutanİes directes. Sbu Examples! Les lambeaux cutanİs pİninsulaires ont ainsi une meilleure circulation que les lambeaux pİdiculİs, dont la vascularisation est assurİe uniquement par le plexus subdermique. Il en rİsulte que les lambeaux pİninsulaires de grandes tailles ont la capacitİ d'Ştre transfİrİs en un temps unique pour couvrir des pertes de substance importantes.

Mots-clİs : chien, chat, chirurgie, peau, lambeaux axiaux. Acquisition Device! €˘ Axial pattern flaps are pedicle grafts that incorporate a direct cutaneous artery and vein in sbu examples their base. When Breakfast! Axial pattern flaps have better circulation compared with pedicle grafts, whose circulation is sbu examples derived from the language acquisition device, subdermal plexus alone (subdermal plexus flaps). As a result, axial pattern flaps of sbu examples considerable dimension have the language device, potential for sbu examples, single-stage development and transfer to about of the Age, cover large cuta-neous defects. Sbu Examples! Key words : dog, cat. When Breakfast! surgery, skin, axial patterns ‰laps. Chez l'homme, l'immobilitİ de la peau limite l'emploi des lambeaux cutanİs. Sbu Examples! La chirurgie reconstructrice a alors recours des greffes libres, qui nİcessitent la suture d'un lit donneur. Notorious! A l'inverse, chez le chien et le chat, le caract¨re İlastique et l˘che de la peau des rİgions de la tŞte, du cou et du tronc permet de mobiliser de tr¨s grandes surfaces et de fermer des plaies de grande taille. Sbu Examples! Fruits du travail de recherche du docteur Pavletic, les lambeaux axiaux pİninsulaires permettent le comblement des pertes de substance cutanİe majeures en une seule intervention chirurgicale. Une greffe pİdiculİe est un lambeau de tissu sous-cutanİ conservant ses attaches vasculaires. Rosemary! Dİplacİ d'un endroit du corps un autre, il reste solidaire de la peau par sa base, dont la vascularisation intacte assure la survie du lambeau.

Chez le chien et le chat, la plupart des lambeaux pİdiculİs sont utilisİs sans art¨re et veine cutanİe directes. Sbu Examples! La survie des lambeaux dİpend des plexus profonds et subdermiques de la base du pİdicule. Notorious Hitchcock! On parle alors de lambeaux subdermiques. Leur alimentation est assurİe par les branches terminales des art¨res cutanİes directes, associİes aux muscles peauciers. Sbu Examples! Une greffe pİdiculİe incorporant une art¨re cutanİe directe et une veine est appelİe lambeau pİninsulaire ou lambeau mod¨le axial (greffe pİdiculİe artİrielle) (figure 1). Language! Cette vascularisation permet la survie d'un lambeau cutanİ dont la surface peut dİpasser de 50 % celle du lambeau classique basİ sur la circulation du plexus subdermique. Sbu Examples! Le lambeau artİriel insulaire est une variation du lambeau mod¨le axial. Hitchcock! Ce lambeau est identique au lambeau pİninsulaire, mais la base est sİparİe de son attache. Sbu Examples! Le lambeau n'est plus reliİ son point d'origine que par la circulation artİrielle et veineuse entourant l'art¨re cutanİe directe. En raison de la raretİ de leur indication, ces lambeaux ne sont pas dİcrits. Essay About! Six lambeaux pİninsulaires sont classiquement utilisİs chez le chien et le chat.

Ils sont basİs sur les art¨res cutanİes directes suivantes l'art¨re omo-cerviale, l'art¨re thoraco-dorsale, l'art¨re brachiale superficielle, l'art¨re İpigastrique superficielle caudale, l'art¨re circonflexe iliaque profonde et l'art¨re gİniculaire (figure 2). Figure 1. Sbu Examples! Lambeau pİninsulaire (greffe pİdiculİe artİrielle) chez le chien et le chat. To The! Un lambeau crİİ sur un vaisseau cutanİ direct a une vascularisation intacte, permettant le dİplacement d'une tr¨s grande surface cutanİe sans nİcrose. Figure 2. Sbu Examples! Quatre art¨res cutanİes directes apparaissent ainsi que leurs points de rep¨res anatomiques. Le lambeau omo-cervical est utilisİ pour la reconstruction des pertes de substances faciale, auriculaire, cervicale et axillaire, ainsi que pour la reconstruction de pertes de substance situİes au-dessus de l'İpaule. Ce lambeau a aussi İtİ utilisİ pour la reconstruction de l'cesophage cervical [6]. What Global! Les rep¨res du lambeau omo-cervical sont l'İpine de la scapula, son rebord cr˘nial, l'articulation scapulo-humİrale et l'extrİmitİ supİrieure dorsale de la scapula. Sbu Examples! La branche cutanİe cervicale de l'art¨re omo-cervicale prend son origine au niveau du ganglion prİscapulaire localisİ en avant de la scapula, . Notorious Alfred Hitchcock! mi-distance entre l'articulation scapulo-humİrale et l'extrİmitİ dorsale de la scapula [7].

L'animal anesthİsiİ est placİ en dİcubitus latİral. La tonte intİresse toute l'encolure, la face latİrale de l'extrİmitİ proximale du membre et du thorax. Sbu Examples! Une ligne est dessinİe sur l'İpine de la scapula, marquant le rebord caudal du lambeau. Acquisition! La dİpression cr˘niale situİe en avant de l'İpaule est palpİe. Sbu Examples! Elle dİlimite l'İmergence de la branche cervicale superficielle de l'art¨re omo-cervicale au niveau du ganglion prİscapulaire. To The! Une incision cr˘niale est dessinİe sur la peau parall¨lement la ligne d'incision caudale, une distance İgale celle comprise entre la dİpression cr˘niale de l'İpaule (ganglions lymphatiques prİscapulaires) et la ligne d'incision caudale (figure 3). Sbu Examples! Les tracİs d'incision cr˘nial et caudal se poursuivent, de mani¨re parall¨le et symİtriquement au premier c´tİ, jusque sur la face latİrale du membre controlatİral, en passant sur l'encolure de l'animal. For The Migrant! Une incision transversale rejoint alors l'extrİmitİ de l'incision cr˘niale celle de l'incision caudale situİe du mŞme c´tİ. Sbu Examples! Le lambeau est İlevİ sous le muscle cutanİ, en İvitant tout traumatisme des vaisseaux cutanİs directs.

Figure 3. Notorious Alfred Hitchcock! Lignes de rİfİrence pour les lambeaux omocervical, thoracodorsal, iliaque circonflexe profond et İpigastrique superficiel caudal. Le lambeau brachial superficiel est utilisİ dans le recouvrement des pertes de substance majeures intİressant l'avant-bras et le coude [1] (figure 4). Il est dessinİ autour de l'art¨re brachiale superficielle qui trouve son origine au niveau de l'art¨re brachiale, 3 cm. au-dessus de la partie cr˘niale du coude. Sbu Examples! Une branche cutanİe de ce vaisseau vascularise la partie cr˘nio-mİdiale de l'avant-bras. Rosemary Analysis! Cette petite art¨re cutanİe directe se dİveloppe mİdialement par rapport la veine cİphalique.

La base du lambeau est centrİe sur le creux du coude (figure 5). Sbu Examples! Les incisions cutanİes mİdiales et latİrales sont parall¨les au fğt humİral. When! La limite supİrieure correspond la pointe du grand tubercule. Figure 4. Sbu Examples! Art¨res du membre proximal droit en vue mİdiale. Global! A = Axillaire, B = subscapulaire, C humİrale circonflexe proximale, D = brachiale, E = superficiel brachial, F = transverse cubitale. Sbu Examples! Figure 5. A : limite du lambeau brachial superficiel ; B : dissection du lambeau ; C : suture du lit donneur et rotation du lambeau dans le lit receveur. L'animal est positionnİ en dİcubitus dorsal et le membre prİparİ aseptiquement. Les incisions chirurgicales suivent les limites du lambeau dİcrites ci-dessus. Une attention particuli¨re est portİe la prİservation de l'art¨re brachiale superficielle, qui est un vaisseau fragile. When Stop Serving! Le lambeau est İlevİ depuis l'extrİmitİ de l'humİrus proximal jusqu' sa base, Le plexus subdermique, ainsi que la vascularisation brachiale superficielle et la veine cİphalique adjacente sont protİgİs.

Le lambeau est ensuite retournİ latİralement au-dessus de la perte de substance de l'avant-bras. Sbu Examples! Il est suturİ aux limites du lit donneur l'aide de points simples. Definition! Ce type de lambeau permet de couvrir les pertes de substance jusqu' la partie supİrieure du carpe. Sbu Examples! Les photos 1 4 illustrent le cas d'un Boxer m˘le de six mois prİsentant une fracture ouverte de stade 3 du radius-cubitus. Device! Le traitement par fixateurs externes a permis la guİrison de la fracture sous-jacente. Sbu Examples! La vue latİrale de l'extrİmitİ carpienne distale de l'antİrieur droit montre la plaie persistante sur la surface dorsale, radiale et carpienne distale droite (photo 1). La vue cr˘niale de l'antİrieur droit montre les limites (photo 2) du lambeau basİ sur l'art¨re brachiale superficielle et la plaie intİressant la partie radio-cubitale distale. Essay Gilded Age! La perte de substance proximale est suturİe par des points simples et le lambeau est appliquİ sur la face dorsale radio-cubitale et carpienne distale.

Photo 1. Sbu Examples! Vue latİrale de la plaie radiocarpienne droite faisant suite une fracture ouverte radio-cubitale du troisi¨me- degrİ. Analysis! Noter la qualitİ du tissu de granulation. Sbu Examples! Photo 2. What Contribute Global! Vue cr˘niale per-opİratoire de l'intİrieur droit dİlimitant le lambeau brachial superficiel proximal et la plaie caudio-cubitale distale et carpienne. La plaie carpienne distale ne peut Ştre recouverte enti¨rement par le lambeau sans risque de nİcrose (photo 3). Sbu Examples! Une greffe en pastille est alors appliquİe.

Une vue dorsale radio-cubitale distale et carpienne permet de juger de la guİrison du lambeau brachial superficiel Je la prise des greffes en pastilles complİtant l'İpidermisation de la plaie distale (photo 4). Photo 3. Poems Analysis! Le lambeau brachial superficiel est retournİ et suturİ distalement, recouvrant la quasi-totalitİ de la plaie. Une greffe en pastille complİmentaire sera nİcessaire en rİgion carpienne distale. Sbu Examples! Photo 4. Guide For The! Vue de l'extrİmitİ distale de l'antİrieur droit 21 jours apr¨s l'intervention. Sbu Examples! Le lambeau brachial superficiel a cicatrisİ. Notorious Alfred Hitchcock! La greffe en pastille compl¨te la cicatrisation par deuxi¨me intention avec İpithİlialisation.

Le lambeau thoraco-dorsal est basİ sur la branche cutanİe de l'art¨re thoraco-dorsale et des veines associİes (figure 2). Sbu Examples! Cette art¨re cutanİe, de taille modİrİe, a son origine en arri¨re du creux de l'İpaule au niveau de l'extrİmitİ infİrieure de l'acromion. For The Migrant! Elle arborisİ la peau en direction dorsale derri¨re la scapula, ainsi que la rİgion du garrot et la partie caudale de la scapula du membre controlatİral. Sbu Examples! Les lambeaux thoraco-dorsaux peuvent Ştre d'une surface considİrable, ce qui permet la couverture des pertes de substance intİressant l'İpaule, le bras, le coude, la rİgion axillaire et le thorax. L'animal est maintenu en dİcubitus latİral.

L'incision cr˘niale correspond l'İpine acromiale du membre intİressİ et rejoint l'İpine acromiale du membre contro-latİral. Guide For The Mexican Migrant! L'incision caudale est parall¨le la premi¨re, une distance İgale celle comprise entre l'incision cr˘niale et le rebord caudal de la scapula. Sbu Examples! A ce stade, deux types de lambeaux peuvent Ştre crİİs : - l'un, classique, est prolongİ selon les mŞmes rep¨res en arri¨re de la scapula du membre contro-latİral, avec une position limite correspondant l'İpaule du membre contro-latİral ; - l'autre, plus court, peut Ştre dİveloppİ suivant les nİcessitİs et l'importance de la perte de substance couvrir. Factors Contribute To The Warming?! Une configuration en L peut aussi Ştre crİİe (figure 3). Sbu Examples! Le lambeau est tunnelisİ partiellement jusqu' la perte de substance et son extrİmitİ est ensuite suturİe aux bords de la plaie. Notre deuxi¨me exemple est celui d'un Griffon Korthal prİsentİ pour une fracture ouverte du coude du troisi¨me degrİ, avec perte de substance considİrable intİressant le tiers distal de l'humİrus, la partie dorsale du coude et sa face latİrale, ainsi que la moitiİ proximale radio-cubitale. Guide! Cette plaie est traitİe plusieurs jours ciel ouvert l'aide de compresses stİriles, jusqu' l'apparition du tissu de granulation (photo 5). Sbu Examples! Un lambeau basİ sur l'art¨re thoraco-dorsale est alors dİtachİ et retournİ distalement (photo 6).

La souplesse de la peau, sur la partie latİrale et dorsale du thorax, permet d'effectuer une suture bord bord de la perte de substance crİİe par le prİl¨vement du lambeau thoracodorsal (photo 7). Definition! Ce lambeau est insuffisant pour couvrir la partie distale de la plaie en partie radio-cubitale distale. Sbu Examples! Une greffe de peau d'İpaisseur totale est appliquİe sur la perte de substance. Language Acquisition Definition! La vue latİrale du coude et de la partie proximale du radius-cubitus montre la plaie guİrie apr¨s six semaines (photo 8). Photo 5. Sbu Examples! Vue cranio-latİrale de l'antİrieur gauche chez une Griffon Kortal ˘gİe de cinq mois et demi. Definition! La perte de substance n'est pas comblİe immİdiatement du fait de la contamination prİsumİe.

Photo 6. Sbu Examples! Vue per-opİratoire montrant la plaie recouverte d'un tissu de granulation jeune cinq jours apr¨s le parage chirurgical et le traitement de la fracture supracondylaire humİrale gauche. Alfred Hitchcock! Noter les limites du lambeau thoraco-dorsal. Sbu Examples! Photo 7. Vue post-opİratoire immİdiate apr¨s fermeture et suture des lits donneur et receveur. Of The Age! Noter la greffe de peau totale complİtant le lambeau. Sbu Examples! Le dİveloppement d'un lambeau thoraco-dorsal en L aurait İvitİ la greffe de peau totale. Hitchcock! Photo 8. Sbu Examples! Vue du membre six semaines apr¨s l'intervention.

Le lambeau thoraco-dorsal a une pilositİ abondante. What Factors Warming?! La greffe de peau totale est glabre. Lambeau İpigastrique caudal superficiel. Le lambeau İpigastrique caudal superficiel s'organise autour de l'art¨re cutanİe directe İpigastrique superficielle caudale. Sbu Examples! Cette art¨re est la source artİrielle principale des glandes mammaires III, IV et V. L'art¨re İpigastrique superficielle cr˘niale et sa veine s'anastomosent en gİnİral avec l'art¨re İpigastrique superficielle cr˘niale au niveau des glandes II et III. Does Wetherspoons Stop Serving! Le lambeau İpigastrique superficiel caudal est un lambeau permettant la couverture de tr¨s larges pertes de substance cutanİe de l'abdomen caudal, du flanc, de la rİgion inguinale, du prİpuce, du pİrinİe, de la cuisse et du membre postİrieur. Le lambeau comprend les trois ou quatre glandes mammaires caudales et toute la peau vascularisİe par les vaisseaux İpigastriques superficiels prenant naissance au niveau de l'anneau inguinal. Sbu Examples! Les chiens de races chondrodystrophiques dont les pattes sont relativement courtes permettent au chirurgien de dİvelopper des lambeaux de taille suffisamment grande pour couvrir l'extrİmitİ du membre. Analysis! Toutefois, il est important de rappeler que les glandes mammaires restent fonctionnelles et se retrouveront en position anormale chez la chienne et la chatte. Sbu Examples! L'ovariohystİrectomie peut Ştre conseillİe lors de l'intervention.

Les limites du lambeau sont pour l'incision mİdiale la ligne abdominale sagittale (figure 6). Chez le m˘le, la base du prİpuce est inclue dans l'incision afin de conserver la vascularisation İpigastrique adjacente. L'incision latİrale est parall¨le l'incision mİdiale une distance İgale des mamelles par rapport l'incision mİdiale. La longueur du lambeau est variable et peut inclure les quatre glandes mammaires caudales. Figure 6. Dobson! Schİma de lambeau İpigastrique superficiel caudal transfİrİ sur la face mİdiale de la cuisse gauche. Sbu Examples! Le lambeau est retournİ de 180 degrİs. L'animal est placİ en dİcubitus dorsal. Hitchcock! Le lambeau est dissİquİ en-dessous des glandes mammaires et au niveau de l'aponİvrose recouvrant le muscle oblique abdominal externe, depuis la partie cr˘niale jusqu'en direction caudale. Sbu Examples! L'art¨re İpigastrique superficielle cr˘niale est identifiİe et protİgİe Le lambeau est retournİ et suturİ aux rebords de la plaie. Acquisition! Un lambeau İpigastrique superficiel cr˘nial peut Ştre crİİ partir de l'art¨re et de la veine correspondantes. Lambeau circonflexe iliaque profond.

L'art¨re circonflexe iliaque profonde sort de la paroi abdominale, cr˘nio-ventralement par rapport l'aile de l'ilium. Sbu Examples! Elle se divise en une branche dorsale et une branche ventrale. Chaque branche peut Ştre le support d'un lambeau mod¨le axial. Language Definition! La branche dorsale courte a de plus grandes applications pour le traitement de perte de substance du flanc ipsilatİral, la rİgion lombaire latİrale, le thorax caudal, la face latİrale de la cuisse et la face latİrale du bassin. La branche ventrale s'İtend sur le flanc et la partie cranio-latİrale de la cuisse. Sbu Examples! L'emploi de ce lambeau est le plus utile pour la crİation d'un lambeau insulaire permettant la fermeture des pertes de substance majeure recouvrant le sacrum et la face latİrale du bassin. Les limites de l'incision du lambeau basİ sur la branche dorsale de l'art¨re circonflexe lape profonde sont pour l'incision caudale le corps de l'ilium et pour l'incision cr˘niale, le rebord cr˘nial de l'aile de l'ilium, les deux incisions İtant parall¨les.

Le lambeau peut s'İtendre par dessus la croupe, sur le c´tİ contro-latİral jusqu'au pli du flanc. Rosemary Dobson Poems! Les limites du lambeau basİ sur la branche ventrale d l'art¨re circonflexe iliaque profonde sont pour l'incision caudale une ligne localisİe au niveau du grand trochanter (figure 3) et pour l'incision cr˘niale, une ligne passant par le rebord cr˘nial de l'aile de l'ilium. Le lambeau peut Ştre İtendu distalement jusque au-dessus de la rotule. Sbu Examples! Lors de l'intervention, l'animal est placİ en dİcubitus latİral. Language Acquisition Device! Le membre est İlevİ et prİparİ aseptiquement. Sbu Examples! Les lignes d'incision suivent les rep¨res dİsignİs pour le lambeau dorsal au niveau de la ligne sagittale dorsale de la croupe.

Le lambeau gİniculaire est basİ sur la branche gİniculaire courte de l'art¨re saph¨ne et de la veine saph¨ne mİdiale. About History Age! L'art¨re gİniculaire s'İtend cr˘nialement au-dessus de l'aspect mİdial du grasset et se termine sur la surface craniolatİrale de la cuisse. L'art¨re gİniculaire, comme l'art¨re brachiale superficielle, est un petit vaisseau capable de supporter une circulation sur une surface cutanİe importante. Le lambeau gİniculaire peut Ştre utilisİ pour le comblement des pertes de substance de la surface latİrale et mİdiale du tibia. Sbu Examples! Il peut Ştre İtendu distalement au niveau de l'articulation tibio-tarsienne, suivant la configuration de l'animal. Le lambeau est dİlimitİ distalement par sa base. Acquisition! caractİrisİe par deux points, dont l'un est 1 cm au-dessus de la rotule et l'autre 1.5 cm latİralement, au-dessous de la tubİrositİ tibiale. Sbu Examples! Le lambeau s'İtend dorsalement, parall¨le au fat fİmoral.

Il se termine proximalement la base du grand tro-chanter (figure 7). Figure 7. Guide! Points de rep¨re du lambeau gİniculaire. Sbu Examples! La base est marquİe par une ligne commen§ant proximalement 1.0 cm au-dessus de la rotule et s'İtendant distalement t.S cm en-dessous de la tubİrositİ tibiale. Language Device Definition! Le lambeau est dİveloppİ proximalement de part et d'autre du fğt fİmoral jusque en-dessous du grand trochanter. Le dernier exemple est celui d'un Braque Allemand m˘le de Il ans, prİsentİ pour une arthrite septique d'origine hİmatog¨ne, avec sphacİlisa-tion de la peau en regard de la rİgion tibiale, cr˘niale, mİdiale et caudale (photo 9).

Un lambeau gİniculaire est dİveloppİ sur la face latİrale de la cuisse droite (photo 10), Le lambeau est retournİ 1800 (photo 11) et suturİ sur la face cr˘niale et mİdiale du tibia. Sbu Examples! La plaie tr¨s İtendue n'est pas recouverte enti¨rement, mais la fermeture est possible gr˘ce la cicatrisation par deuxi¨me intention. What Contribute Global Warming?! La perte de substance sur la face latİrale du membre fait l'objet d'une suture immİdiate (photos 12 et 13). Sbu Examples! Le rİsultat postopİratoire permet de constater une cicatrisation totale, douze semaines apr¨s l'intervention (photos 14 et 15). Photo 9. Does Stop Serving Breakfast! Vue mİdiale de la plaie en regard du tibia droit chez un Braque Allemand de 11 ans.

Photo 10. Sbu Examples! Limites du lambeau gİniculaire sur la face latİrale de la cuisse droite. What Contribute To The! Photo 11. Sbu Examples! Le lambeau gİniculaire est retournİ 180°. Dobson! Il recouvre la perte de substance en partie cranio-mİdiale du tibia. Sbu Examples! Les parties non recouvertes guİriront par deuxi¨me intention. Poems! Photo 12.

Vue latİrale de la cuisse droite apr¨s sutures primaires du lit donneur. Sbu Examples! Photo 13. What Factors To The Global Warming?! Vue postopİratoire apr¨s suture du lambeau gİniculaire. Sbu Examples! Photo 14. Dobson Analysis! Vue latİrale douze semaines apr¨s l'intervention du membre. Sbu Examples! Photo 15. Vue mİdiale au membre apr¨s douze semaines.

L'utilisation des lambeaux pİdiculİs artİriels pİninsulaires ou insulaires constitue un progr¨s majeur en chirurgie plastique reconstructrice chez les carnivores. Rosemary Dobson Poems! Ces lambeaux permettent le transfert en une seule İtape d'une surface cutanİe de tr¨s grande dimension, recouvrant des pertes de substances majeures survenues la suite de traumatismes ou de l'excision de tumeurs volumineuses. Sbu Examples! En raison de leur longueur, ces lambeaux sont aussi utilisables dans le traitement des plaies des extrİmitİs jusqu'au niveau du carpe et du tarse. Les plaies intİressant le tarse peuvent mŞme Ştre recouvertes du lambeau saph¨ne [1]. Guide Mexican! Les lambeaux peuvent Ştre complİtİs par d'autres techniques de chirurgie plastique telles que les greffes, afin d'obtenir une guİrison cutanİe rapide, İvitant ainsi les temps de guİrison prolongİe associİe la cicatrisation par deuxi¨me intention.

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